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Up All Night - I Can't Sleep Thinking of Him

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Our patrol began as it normally did, except that he seemed a bit preoccupied and on edge tonight.

And it wasn't like Batman to just talk his feelings out.

Either he would bring something up or just turn it into rage, as usual. 

Rage was the one emotion he embraced. 

We'd been following a henchman from a distance for a couple of hours, and it wasn't giving us any more intel then we already had. It was frustrating, but detective work wasn't all fistfights and flying from roof to roof. Sometimes an hours-long surveillance just sucked all the energy out of things, it was necessary but boring, and there was no idle banter to break up the endless stretches of silence, not from him, that's for sure.

He'd been side-eyeing me a lot tonight, was there something in my teeth, did I screw something up, cough too loudly and give away our position?

Who knew with mister tall dark and silent around? It was so frustrating. He turned to face me so suddenly that his cape cracked in the evening's silence like thunder, startling me.

"We need to get to the cave, something's wrong, this is all wrong," he bluntly stated.

The rage.

No argument from me. His word was law, so I followed him. He ran to the roof's far edge and shot his grapple, and I did the same. We covered the rooftops until we came to where he'd parked and camouflaged the Batmobile.

"Get in," his gruff voice commanded. It was another order, and I obeyed, besides, I was kind of curious. I'd rarely been to his secret headquarters and wondered what clues he'd suddenly recalled that might help us crack this case. He was always ten steps ahead of everyone else, he was amazing like that.

He seemed to have more on his mind than usual, if that were even remotely possible. He seemed very preoccupied. I started feeling uneasy as though I anticipated something big was waiting there, but couldn't quite place my finger on it. I looked myself over, there was obviously no blood on me, we hadn't done more than observation tonight, but my nipples were hard and tingling from anticipation of... well, something. 

Wait, wasn't he going to blindfold me? He always blindfolded me on trips to his headquarters.

I even asked, "Um, Batman, no blindfold?" I couldn't believe he'd forgotten something that important, he really was distracted tonight. 

He mumbled something under his breath and dug one out of the glove box, handing it to me. Huh?

That was different. And at least a little bit weird. I suppose he trusted me enough to put it on by myself.

As we drove I recalled my hot fantasy of a few nights ago and I began grinning to myself, and then I remembered dancing the other night with Bruce. Was I only imagining what I only wished was true?

Had I correctly gleaned his secret identity, or did he want me to figure it out? Or was the whole thing a misdirection? I didn't think it was. But then, he's probably got a plan for that. He's got a plan for everything. 

Oh lord, if it's true he must know now how hard I'm crushing on him!  Shit.

I wasn't as quiet at the bar as I should've been, in hindsight I practically mentally begged to have his babies. I grinned too much and my heart was pounding so hard I could swear he could hear it loud and clear. 


I became uncomfortable with the thoughts running through my brain and my breathing sped up from anxiety. And lust. I was embarrassed and nervous, was I in for some squeamish lecture about taking care of my sexual needs now? Oh, no, no! I couldn't listen to that!

So. Embarrassing. 

His voice softly cut into my thoughts, "Hey, are you alright?" He sounded concerned. He sounded like Bruce...drove like him too.

What, I'm right? Am I right?

I would've blinked fast if I hadn't been wearing a blindfold.

"Oh, I'm just lost in thought, it's been a long night, I'm --- I'm alright -- I think." The last bit I'd muttered to myself, but I swear he heard me, and gave a long, soft exhale. And since when does he speak to anyone gently?

I played it over in my head, those were the exact words Bruce had said to Barbara the other night, just like that. 




"Umm...?" I mumbled.

Oh jeez... I thought hard, did I really figure out his secret, and he had known mine?

A part of me kind of hoped he did, The Great Detective and all. But it seemed too easy, like he was practically feeding me the information. Did he want me to know? I wanted to say something, I wanted to ask, no, I wanted to declare that he was...

- that he did...

- but I was frozen and couldn't speak. 

"Is something bothering you? Want to talk?" he asked again. 

Fuck, I was right. "Oh! It is you, isn't it?" I asked, more for confirmation now.  I shivered involuntarily. I felt so exposed, my crotch was damp, and my nipples were scraping against my clothes. 

He merely went "Mm," in agreement. Almost tenderly. Should I say more? Take off the blindfold?  I felt nervous and confused.

As if reading my mind, he reached over and took my blindfold off of me, carelessly tossing it into the back.

I nervously glanced at him, a half smile was in the corner of his mouth.



Before I realized it we'd entered a long tunnel and stopped in the middle of the Batcave. 

He leaped out, and I followed. But I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or do here now.

He walked, well it kinda felt like he stalked up to me, physically tenting me in with his arms against the computer console. He was standing so close to me that I had to lean back a little to see his face. 

With one hand he pulled off his mask, and the other lifted my chin...  then he kissed my lips so gently. Nice, oh, god, it felt so nice!  I forced his mouth open and dueled his tongue with mine, I needed more. He pulled my body against his and there was no mistaking what was hot and hard against my stomach. It certainly wasn't a cup... had he meant not to wear one? Oh, yeah, he was hard for me, so very hard.


His hands roamed my body slowly, experimentally, as if asking permission. I rubbed myself up against him, and felt his manhood quiver between our bodies. This had to be another wet dream of mine, this couldn't be happening. No way could this be real. His kissing became hungrier, his hands became bolder, gliding over my costume and teasing me until I could barely breathe. I abruptly pushed his lips off mine to catch my breath. I was panting and flushed with desire. 

"If I've gone too far," he began to say. 

"No, no, thats not it, I just need to breathe before I faint... your kisses are so ... so...  intoxicating," I panted.

He grinned and just held me close. I was falling hard and fast. Batman.

Batman was seducing me!

Finally.  . .