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Up All Night - I Can't Sleep Thinking of Him

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I needed to escape my head for a while I needed some distraction, so I headed to a bar downtown that always plays live music.

I sat at the bar and ordered a Coke.

At least they don't have to check my I.D. for a soda.

My toes were lightly tapping to the music against the footrest, when my peripheral vision caught someone nice looking and really tall approaching me.

I definitely wasn't planning on getting hit on or picked up tonight, so I turned around to tell this dude that I wasn't interested.

But this wasn't just some stranger, to my surprise it was Dad's friend, Bruce Wayne.

I suspected he might be Batman for a while, but he somehow seemed too different, too foppish, too weak, too much of a womanizer.

Or, was that all just a clever ruse?

That would be a great cover story after all, wouldn't it?

It would've been nice if it really was him, though, huh.

He has that same kind of muscular build that drives me wild, but that's just impossible, he drinks too much, and doesn't seem to apply himself to anything. Though he's very smart, he just doesn't let it show often. He acts like a fool most of the time, but I can't believe he's as dumb as he pretends to be.

It is impossible, isn't it?!

He's so different...

He's just too wrong...

He started to say something flirtatious to me, and then it seemed like he must have mistaken me for somebody else.

Someone older, I guess. More gorgeous, just, more.

I'm no centerfold, and I'm so not his style. My brains aren't in my boobs, they're in my head, after all.

Anyone else but me.

I'm not exactly the kind of female that attracts his type.

I certainly wasn't the type a guy like him went for, no matter how much he drank. 

He recognized me by name, it wasn't like I'd never been Dad's plus one over the years, so we'd already been introduced, at least socially.

He'd even visited Dad sometimes when he had some new WayneTech goodies for the force, almost on the level of Batman's, which apparently sometimes got stolen now and then from Wayne's warehouses.

You'd think a guy that rich would have better security, right?

Then again, Batman would find some way to break in. They should just make a business deal, am I right?

As bad as his reputation made him seem, he had a secret side that tried to help this corrupt city, and I admired the contributions he gave away to the GCPD for nothing.

A tax write off, sure, but I sensed there was something more. Something good deep down inside of him. 

Dad explained that some of his weird quirks probably stemmed from his childhood trauma.

That, I understood, I'd lost my birth parents in an accident, too. 


Well, he started to talk to me anyway.

So iI thought, oh, why the hell not, I figured he was good-looking, you know, for an older man, and Dad was friends with him since Bruce was about twelve.

And I had to talk to someone soon, or I would burst.


I begged him, "Please dont tell my dad that you saw me hanging out at a bar, he would would have a heart attack." 

Surprisingly, he was cool  about it, and smiled at me and agreed, "Sure," and even bought us both a couple more Cokes.

My crush story kind of spilled out, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a secret.

He's really easy to talk to, and I felt if Dad could trust him, I could trust him.


I told him a little about the "mystery man" I liked, well, sort of.

(Why did I do that? That big mouth of mine! Damn.)

I said he was quiet and mysterious and handsomely built.

It was a little embarrassing to admit my secret feelings and I was probably blushing-- a lot!

He listened as I talked, and asked me if this 'guy' I was interested in was worth all this, and I replied, "I'm sure he is. Very much worth it, but my Father won't let me date anyone at all, he's so strict." 


Bruce was incredibly sympathetic, we talked for a while, then he surprised me and asked me to dance.

I had been dying to dance all evening and agreed, "Yes, please, I'd love to, thanks."



It was strange how dancing with him felt weirdly familiar.

Incredibly familiar.

Sense memories felt so powerful.

The way he moved almost soundlessly, the exact way his hand felt on my waist.

I remembered when Batman was training me how to navigate the rooftops, with him at my side promising he wouldn't let me fall as we went grappling from one roof to another, with one hand steadying me exactly like this.

This was mind-blowing!

I coyly glanced up to his face, he was genuinely smiling.

It was almost unnerving.

Batman never smiled, but Bruce was really smiling.

I wasn't sure if he knew my secret, but then again...that is if I'm right, well, I supposed I could play along and pretend stupidly..

We stayed on the dance floor for a second song, and time was flying by as we danced and talked.

An hour had flown by when Bruce checked his watch and remarked that it was getting late, and offered me a ride home.

I realized he was right, it was after 11pm.


Besides, I had school in the morning.

I accepted a ride, and even if he wasn't Batman, he wouldn't pull something weird on his friend's daughter.

Well, I kinda hoped he might be Batman, if my suspicions were correct.

I asked him to drop me off at the end of the block, so I could sneak back into my bedroom by climbing the fire escape.

I wondered again, he seemed to have such a strong sense of familiarity as we danced.

Did he share my feelings? Did he figure out my identity like I'd imagined?

Was that why he was smiling? Was he into me like I was into him?

Would he brashly change into his costume and climb up to my bedroom window?

If he was Batman and followed me that would be fantastic, I wouldn't put it past him doing something like that if he had feelings for me, too, that is.

Batman always took what he wanted without asking, and I sure wouldn't mind if he did. 

Not one little bit.

I noticed him watching me climb from the shadows. He had a good view, and I had on a dress. Sneaking a little peek, hm?

Sneaky. Oh yeah, it had to be him!

That clever bastard!

I pulled off my dress and put on a nightshirt, well, really an oversized tee.

I waited and listened for him, but then his car drove off after a few minutes.

Damn it.

Suddenly he turned back and made a U-turn, did he reconsider? No, he passed the house and headed  downtown.

Damn it again. Ah well.

Back to my trusty vibrator.