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Up All Night - I Can't Sleep Thinking of Him

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Being seventeen and filled with lustful fantasies about her mentor keeps her awake 

Her thoughts turn to Batman. 

She shouldn't want him.

She shouldn't fantasize about him.  

She shouldn't lust after him.

But she does.

He's attractive, of course, but it seems that he doesn't notice her. 

Either that, or he tries to ignore her.
She wants him and wishes that he would do something.... something wonderful.

Kiss her. 

Ravish her.

Make wild love to her 

But he doesn't.

He's probably too old for her.

She shouldn't desire him, but she can't help it. 

That rock-solid body, that chiseled chin, and those dark brooding eyes set her on fire. 

Not to mention his tightly fitted costume.

Those muscles, and that ass!

It makes her burn for him.

There's only one solution... she's gonna have to do something very soon, or explode!



I need to get some sleep tonight, but sleep is toying with me. It's been like this for weeks. 

I'm too aroused to sleep just yet.

The more I try, the more my thoughts run around in my mind like they're laughing at and teasing me enough to keep me wide awake.

And, God, I'm so horny!

Okay, the thrills I got from earlier, and the adrenaline rush from catching criminals tonight with Batman might have something to do with this, and I do love the feeling I get from it...


There's still a part of me that needs to get approval from Batman.

He somehow acts as if it might kill him if he ever gave out a compliment on my work.

An occasional word, saying, 'Good job, Batgirl", would go a long way to making him appear human.

That man must be made of stone.

He can be so harsh and insensitive.

The other thing I should have resolved by now is that lustful fascination I still have for him.

I can't control it.

Just standing near him gets me so hot and horny.

He never admits he's aware of it,

But Batman never misses anything.

How can he know how I feel and yet act so coldly?

He behaves indifferently, of course, but me?

Well, I'm not very good at hiding my emotions at all!

I blush so easily.

I never was as good at hiding my feelings as he is, that's his skillset, not mine.

We're such opposite personalities.

Oh, I want him so much!

So why do I begin fantasizing about him when I'm too wound up to sleep, even though he barely bothers to give me a glance?

It's always about the mission with him.

Why do I keep hoping he would finally pull me against him and kiss me some night after our patrols?

I wouldn't avoid him.

Should I make the first move?

Kiss him just because, I -- well,

Just because I want to.

Because I need to.

So the question is, if he's aware of how I feel about him, why doesn't he do anything, say anything besides, "Focus, Batgirl"?

Of course, he must be aware, he knows everything about everyone, he's the god-damned Batman!

He's probably aware of when I eat, sleep, or piss, for God's sake, because he must know everything about you at all times.

He probably knows my identity from our first meeting. 

He doesn't trust others easily.

Doesn't he realize how much I desire him, wanting him to shove me up against a wall and fuck the living shit out of me?

Use me like a damned sex toy and screw me until I scream!

That's what I want, I want him to fuck me relentlessly hard and fast until we both come, screaming!


All right, at least I have my rabbit vibrator stashed under the bed. 

I suppose that it's time to relieve the aching need in my cunt, the need that will go unfulfilled again tonight.

But he can be a part of my fantasy, he can't control that part of my world, that's all mine!

I imagine I'm stripping my clothes off slowly for him.

I remove my things one piece at a time, gradually, teasing, as I'm imagining he's watching me.

He's staring, powerless to look away.

His eyes squint and narrow, he presses his lips together and stares hard at me, as his heart beats faster.

Then he bites his lip.

He's scrutinizing me, he's mesmerized and aroused.

His cock grows harder, larger, and I'm staring at him now, too.

His hand heads for his erect member.

I strip deliberately for him.

I give him a great performance.

My bra and panties follow, and now I'm fully revealed.



He's definitely staring hotly now, gnawing and sucking at his lips.

Panting with lust.

He yearns for me, my strip-tease has him heated up, and his self-control is becoming hard to maintain.

I turn on my rabbit and tease my outer lips. I imagine that it's his tongue teasing me, refusing to satisfy me too soon.

I turn up the dial on my vibrator and feel those sweet vibrations penetrating my core and soon they're going through my entire body, making delicious sensations shoot from my toy as it touches my throbbing pussy, as I'm rubbing sweet torturous circles around my clit.

In my trance it's his huge callused fingers that are stroking me, he knows exactly how I want to be touched --  firmly, deliberately, intensely, and kinda rough.

 I'm beginning to pulse and throb in all of the right places as my walls contract and I feel those thrills build and begin to moan...

"Oh, Batman, that feels so good, please don't stop yet."

Oh yes!

I'm gasping in pleasure as he touches me, as one of his meaty fingers slips inside, curling and doing something delicious to me, pumping in time with his strokes and licks..




 I imagine that he's creating nice lazy circles around my slippery pink lips and clitoris, I'm so wet thinking about him...

His eyes are aflame as I begin to fall apart, while my whole body climaxes beneath his skilled fingers.

He nudges my thighs apart and samples my juices, licking me like I'm an ice cream cone, and he doesn't want to waste a single sweet drop.

Oh, that tongue!

He's so talented, so good...

His fingers roll my hard nipples between them, driving me wild with desire and need.

"Oh, Batman, yes, YES!" I cry.


He murmurs in my ear, "Come for me now, Batgirl", as he slowly teases my pussy with his huge cock against me, and I can't help but obey his orders.

As I'm climaxing he enters me with one hard thrust, and oh, I feel so full, he's ginormous.

He's pumping me so hard.

In, out, in, out, in, out ...

My bed is shaking with his every thrust.

My body is trembling, throbbing, dripping...

I'm crying out...

Climaxing again -- and again ... and I scream,

"Oh, oh, oh yeah!!!"

My entire body convulses, my toes curl from all the pleasure he gives me, oh fuck me... Oh!


I'm so wet, I'm sweating, dripping, gasping for breath!

God, I needed that release... I wonder if the real thing will even compare with my fantasy?

As soon as my heart stops pounding, and my body stops spasming and settles down again I can go to the bathroom and clean up, then I'm finally ready for a good night's rest.

Now, I can finally let myself sleep as my eyes begin to dreamily close, I'm still feeling all of those delicious aftershocks...

Throbbing,  pulsating,  falling...

Goodnight, my Dark Knight, you'll never return my feelings, will you, but I really wish you would. I'd bone you any time, any place!

I could give you so much happiness. I'll make you cum like a fountain over, and over. 

You could make me so happy too.

Just screw me good, Batman, fuck me now!

If only you'd try.

Perhaps both of us will be together one day.

If the stars align perfectly...

Sharing a bed, screwing each others brains out...