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Dancing Wind

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I haven’t written in this fandom for quite some time now. If you spot any mistakes, just know that I will get back to the editing of the chapter(s) later.


This is set in the 2007 Movie. Oh how I wish that they would create a SEQUEL for it.


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Chapter 1: Welcome to New York City.


The landing of the airplane wasn’t that bad. What was the slowest part of any airplane trip was slowly coming into the gate. Her eyes looked around the concrete airport with a boring sigh.


Bethany looked down at the paper that was in her lap, rereading what she wanted triple check.


‘I will be meeting a man named: Mick Morter. He will hold a sign having my name in big bold letters, as he will be my new partner as well. Terrific,’ she thought to herself.


She wasn’t used to other people being around her while she worked her “magic”. Bethany was a photographer and paint artist. She would take pictures of what she was asked of and then painted it afterwards.


Many people; mostly people of government and office CEO’s, wanted her artworks of their cities or towns either the sun rising or setting.


Bethany would at times, go for months without work. But, it also gave her time to work on her website and to sell her pictures and merchandise.


When the plane finally pulled slowly into the gate, everyone stood up. Bethany, even though she was relieved to get off of the plane just like everybody else, just sat in her seat.


As the plane emptied of people, she stood up, got her carry-on bag and travel suit case. It was when she exited the plane that she looked around John F. Kennedy Airport. It was big, a lot of people coming and going and she walked to get her other suitcases.


So far, she didn’t see the guy with the sign, Mick.


Her cell phone started to ring as she pulled it out of her pants pocket.


“Hello, Bethany Dusan speaking; how may I help you?” she said, walking over to a wall to talk.


“Hello, Bethany?” a woman’s voice reached her ears.


“Yes, who am I speaking to?” Beth replied.


“Cara Dolly, here. I have Mick in my office, stating that you’re still at the LAX Airport,” Cara informed her.


“I actually am at the JFK airport, but its okay. I’ll head to my hotel and meet you after that,” Bethany told her, knowing that something like this would happen.


“You’re here? At the JFK airport?” Cara said just loud enough for Mick to hear.


“Yes. I will meet with you soon,” Bethany said and then hung up.


Walking through the airport, Beth walked outside and over to a yellow taxi that was waiting for travelers.


“Where to?” the man asked her after they got her suitcases into the trunk.


“The Oracle Hotel,” Bethany told him as they drove away.


The traffic of New York City was thick, no matter which time you left your house or apartment. Cars would be honking, bumper to bumper at other times and sirens of either the police or medic rushing through the heavily crowded streets.


Bethany smiled when they drove up to the u shaped covered area for the, The Oracle Hotel. The taxi man helped her get her suitcases out of the trunk and she paid the man, with a tip.


She saw a bellman get her suitcases and put it on the dolly, walking into the double sliding doors of the hotel.


They walked up to the long counter of where you checked in or out of the hotel.


“Hello, welcome to The Oracle Hotel. How may I be of service?” the young teenage girl asked Beth.


“Bethany Dusan and I’m checking in,” Bethany informed her.


“Alright, just one moment please,” the girl replied, looking it up on her flat screen computer.


Bethany watched in awe, that the girl was using touch screen to get where everything was at within the computer.


“Alright, you are in room 143, floor 40, and would you like anything to be brought up? Beverage, food?” the girl asked her.


“Yes, garden salad with green tea. But coffee in the mornings,” Bethany told her.


The girl nodded and checked some things off from the computer and then replied “That will be up within 15 minutes,”


“Thank you,” Bethany said and walked to the elevator.


She noticed that the bellman was walking with her in the massive elevator.


“What was her name?” she asked him curious.


“Amber Ellows. And I’m Jared Ridge,” he replied.


“Thank you,” she said, falling silent.


It took half of a minute to get up to the 40th floor and the bellman showed Beth to her room.


“This is your room. It’s a corner one, so that you won’t have any trouble with your work and is there anything else?” Jared asked her, after opening the door.


Beth walked inside and was looking around the spacious room and replied “This is wonderful, thank you,”


Jared nodded after he put her suitcases near the bed and then left her alone.


Bethany looked around now with her mouth slightly parted in awe. There were long almost aquarium like windows around her room. Giving her the perfect view of New York City.


‘I know that hotel rooms aren’t this glamorous but, still. This is nice,’ She thought to herself as she fished for her camera.


Snap, snap, snap.


Beth walked out to the small rectangle patio and continued to snap away. Joy spread through her veins as she felt like someone was telling her “take the picture….now”. It has been always like that with her.


Before she got too carried away, her cell phone’s alarm went off. She smiled and turned it off.


Bethany walked back into her room, closed everything up as she then saw her meal.


“Can you put it inside? I have to go, I’ll eat it later. I promise!” she said as the young man nodded.


She slipped back into the elevator and pressed lobby.


Her feet soon took her outside and back into the busy streets of New York.


“Where to?” a man asked her when she slipped into the back seat of the taxi.


“The Krytel Incorporated, please,” she told him.


The Taxi took off from the hotel and like always, Beth had her camera out and snapping away.


When they got to the tall building, Beth looked around the grand entrance and fountain.


“63.98,” The taxi man said to her.


“…I don’t have that much,” Beth said almost shamefully.




“I will take care of it,” a new voice entered the picture.


Beth looked and saw a young man in a fancy tuxedo suit with trimmed blonde hair and blue eyes.


“Uh…Thank you,” she told him, quickly getting out of the taxi.


“You’re Miss Dusan, correct?” the blonde young man asked her, after the taxi drove off.


“Yes, I am. I didn’t expect to”


“He was using you because, I’m guessing here, you were taking pictures in his car?” he interrupted her.


It never dawned on her until that point, that the taxi man was upset with her.


“I …I didn’t….know,” she stumbled over her words; worried that she had offend anybody.


“Don’t worry about it now. Just be mindful whenever you travel around here. Now, please follow me. My name is Derek Tyler and if you need anything during your stay here in New York City, please contact me,” Derek introduced himself to her.


“Is Cara upset with me?” she asked, easily keeping up with him as they walked into the building.


“No. Not at you,” Derek replied, heading towards the elevator.


Bethany then muttered “That’s comforting,”


Derek smiled but kept quiet. They headed up to the top floor. Even though a lot of people would be chatting and such during the ride up, Bethany was silent. She had a lot of thoughts and worries pass through her mind.


“Don’t be nervous,” Derek stated.


Beth looked at him.


“Cara is mostly mad at the new guy who didn’t want to pick up an “outsider” and drive all the way back into the city. If she offers you anything, I would take it,” Derek informed her more.




Beth nodded as the doors opened up and into this massive corner office.


“Only you can go in, I have to stay here,” Derek said.


She nodded and walked out of the elevator and took out her camera. Cara wasn’t in, but, Bethany just had to get this shot.


Snap, snap, snap.


Pretty soon, she heard the clicking sound of high heels and stopped taking pictures.


“Bethany!” Cara greeted her, smiling.


“Hello,” Beth replied, looking at the strawberry blonde woman before her.


Cara was around 5’8, strawberry blonde hair with these warm amber brown eyes and had a lovely face.


“Don’t be shy, come in and sit,” Cara said, walking over to the desk.


“Okay. Is there anything that you would like to know of me?” Beth asked her, taking her seat and looking at her new boss.


“First off, I will answer that soon, but I want to deeply apologize to you that Mister Morter did not pick you up at the airport. He was raised in the heart of Brooklyn and sadly they do get a bit ….testy to out of towner,” Cara began, sitting down too. “Second, is there anything that I can do you to help you for this work? It’s going to be probably more like 6 months instead of 3,”


“Okay…then I would like an apartment if it’s going to be that long. I would also like to have a prepaid taxi-”


“I can easily get the apartment and personal driver for you to take you anywhere within the city,” Cara interrupted her, taking note of this.


“Okay. You also stated in your email that you wanted a gallery of my work, from this gig, around the city?” Beth asked her curiously.


“Yes, I do. I don’t just want people thinking ‘oh look, it’s my office and with a view’. I want people to understand what you do and take pride of ‘yes that’s my city’ whenever they see your photography,” Cara replied, smiling.


Beth blushed and said “Sorry, but if you would like to see the two pictures, I honestly think you would want them in your gallery,”


“Oh? Alright, let’s see it then,” Cara said as Beth smiled.


She got up, walked over to Cara and pressed a button of the recent photos.


Even though the screen was the size of Beth’s palm, it showed the open and stillness of Cara’s office. How the buildings were all different from one another and the river was busy with ferries and boat goers.


“Okay. I admit, this is impressive,” Cara replied back.


“But, it’s not what you want?” Beth asked her.


“Correct. Show me something that no one has seen before, Miss Dusan. It’s a tall order, but I honestly think it can be done,” Cara told her.


“Alright. I’ll delete”


“No, no. Those shots there will be in my lobby. Do you think you can have it in something that isn’t black and white?” Cara interrupted her.


“Of course. I will have to go back to the hotel and get my things,” Beth replied, thinking things over.


“Already moved to an apartment complex; that isn’t completed just yet. Think you can handle the construction work there?” Cara asked her.


“Just as long it’s not in the night. I’m good,” Beth told her.


“They might be for some time, but you have the building to yourself,” Cara informed her.


Beth nodded and then said “Thank you. I’ll see what I can do and hope that I don’t disappointment you,”


“I know you won’t, Miss Dusan and welcome to New York City,” Cara replied and went back to work.


Beth walked back to the elevator; which was now open, walked inside and waited.


Derek accompanied her down and out towards the lobby. There a very fancy black car was waiting for her.


“Whoa,” Beth uttered in awe.


Derek chuckled and said “Well, Cara won’t like it when I have to tell her the story behind why I paid for your taxi,”




“No, no. I won’t hear any more fuss. Get in and I’ll see you on Thursday. Cara would like an update by then,” Derek interrupted her.


The apartment complex was down near the river. And even though the area was under construction, Beth noticed that there were a lot of gangs two blocks from it.


“Don’t worry, the latest security has all of the faces and profiles on them,” The driver told when she checked to see if the locks on the car were down.


“Well, I think this car, just became a massive target,” she replied, not liking how all of the gangs looked at it.


“Will tell Miss Dolly,” the driver said as they turned into an underground garage.


Beth saw that it was really big for an apartment complex.


“So that there’ll be room for the motorcycles if anyone has one,” the driver informed her.


“Oh,” was all she said back.


They slowly pulled into an empty slot and before the driver could do anything, Beth was already out of the car.


“Follow me, please,” the driver said, walking over to a set of stairs.


Bethany smiled when it came to these. Her muscles were aching to do some kind of work.


It was quiet as they climbed upwards. Even though it only had 5 floors, the stairs were not easy on Beth.


“This floor is your new home,” the driver told her, panting a bit.


They were on the very top floor and right in front of her new apartment.


“Thank you,” she replied, taking the key from him.


He nodded and headed back down after she unlocked the door.


Looking around, curiously, Beth saw the layout was very much open. There were brick throughout the area; the columns that were holding the building up, in the kitchen and bedroom.


Bethany walked further into the apartment and smiled when she saw that there was a skylight near the kitchen and extended into the dining area.


Like all buildings, there was a separate stairway that led up to the rooftop. Beth saw it when she walked to her apartment.


The view of the river was nice, but Bethany wasn’t that thrilled by it. If you’ve seen one river, you’ve seen them all.


“Can’t really call it a river; just a water way,” she muttered to herself.


 When she walked to her right, she saw that her bedroom was close to the kitchen. And her suit cases were all there near her queen sized bed.


She put away her clothes and put her toiletries in the bathroom.


After that, her body was tired. Deciding to take a nap, she lies on top of her bed and fell asleep.


Welcome to New York City indeed.

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Chapter 2: Ancestors.


The wind whipped around as Bethany heavily sighed. She was on her own private boat, taking pictures of the statue of Liberty and of the city.


It has been a few days and so far, the personal tours, the private driver and eating for free made Beth feel like she was some sort of celebrity or royalty. But that wasn’t her. She was just a normal person who loves to paint and take pictures.


“So, where to, captain?” a woman greeted Beth.


They were on another private boat tour, but this time, instead of what Cara wanted, it was going to be what Beth wanted. It was during those times; when she wanted to go with her gut, which captured what the buyer wanted.


“Oyster Island?” Beth replied back to the woman.


“Well, Kiddo, we have enough gas to do that and possibly go wherever you like. Now, tell me more about yourself,” the woman said, smiling.


Beth couldn’t help but smile as well and said “Alright. I’m Bethany Dusan; I grew up near the border of Oregan and California, where the Redwoods are. I am an only child, but, I don’t mind it. I have always loved painting and drawing, first and foremost. Photography just came second handily. It wasn’t that hard to do, so I thought, at age 14 years old, which I would go for it,”


“Interesting. I thought it would be the other way around; where you took up photography first and the painting came second. So what about your folks?” the woman asked her curiously.


“Both are retired and I stay in contact with them. But during the scouting and traveling of wanting to get what my boss wants, they don’t contact me, I contact them,” Bethany replied back.


“Good thinking there. I’m Minya Parker, by the way. I’ve lived all over the world, but have settled here in New York. I have two degrees within the same subject of writing but, overall I like this personal travel guide more,” Minya filled in the missing questions.


“Nice to meet you, Minya. Will you be my travel partner in all of this?” Beth asked, smiling.


“That I will. If you need a Helicopter, you got one! If you need a truck or anything else besides the travel limo? You got it. Now, you had a question mark at the end of the Oyster Island reply. Why?” Minya went right to the heart of the matter.


Beth chuckled and said “I want to see the docks. I think from that stand point, at dusk or so, would be good. And I also think it’s what Cara wants from me. But I would like to go to Ellis “Oyster” Island on a personal venture,”


“Oh? Looking up some ancestry stuff?” Minya asked.


“Yeah. My ancestors; just like many others, passed through there and I just wanted to see it for myself,” Beth replied, shrugging.


Minya nodded and then said “Alright, personal venture it is. But also there are some piers sticking up from the water, which face back to the city. Might kill two birds with one stone,”


Beth smiled and then said “Alright, let’s go, Skipper!”


“Oy! I’m no skipper!” Minya retorted back, all in fun.


They both laughed as the boat got nearer and nearer to the famous Ellis Island.


It didn’t take long for them to arrive and dock at the tour boat area.


“So, want me to stay here to watch the boat?” Minya asked her curiously.


Beth gazed at the chestnut brown haired with stunning blue eyed woman before and said “No. You can come too. Just tie the boat up good and let’s go see,”


“Alright. You’re the boss, Captain,” Minya joked back.


Beth smiled as she waited on the shore as Minya soon joined her.


There were two sides of this famous island: the quarters and hospital building on the left and the Ellis Island museum with a café, on the right. Bethany walked to her right as her heart speed up for an unknown reason.


When Beth gazed upon the bright reddish orange and white building, she felt like she had stepped back in time. Back to when men wore top hats, vest coats, and ran the ways of society.


Beth heavily sighed as she tried to imagine what her ancestors were thinking. Feeling of when they landed here.


“So where to?” Minya asked her.


“The museum first. I contacted the Director? Or is it the CEO? I don’t know which one, but I contacted him and he agreed to have me here for just an hour and half. As you noticed that there isn’t any tour boats, except ours,” Beth replied, taking her camera out and snapping away.


Minya nodded as they slowly walked towards the museum building.


A soft breeze floated about them, with the sun shining down. Bethany didn’t mind the sun; she just had a love-hate relationship with it. During the summer, she didn’t like it because of how hot it could get. But, she bit hard for the weather and never complained unless it was too hot; reaching 100 degrees is too hot for anybody.


Give her overcast skies with downpours of rain any day of the week and she’s a happy camper.


They met up with the CEO of the museum and looked around. Bethany was shown to the open books that is on display from when people passed through in the early 20th century.


Slowly flipping through the pages, Bethany searched for her ancestor’s signature. Minya was chatting away with the CEO until they both heard a gasp.


“Did you find anything?” Minya asked her curiously.


“I…I did. But not just one person. A whole family,” Bethany replied, looking up at her with warm tears.


Minya nodded, knowing that this was highly important to Bethany.


“What…I don’t understand …is why change their last name?” Beth asked, looking back down at the group of people that were her family.


“Back then, many people wanted a fresh start,” the CEO spoke up then “they didn’t want to be reminded or traced by their last name from Hitler and the war,”


They both nodded to him as Bethany shook her head.


“What were their names, Beth?” Minya asked her curiously.


“Their name was: Rosenberg. And they changed it to Dusan,” Beth replied, pointing to where their signatures were at.


Minya nodded and softly said “During those times, it was really bad. I’m shocked that they would choose something that is close to Germany,”


“Me too,” Beth said, shaking her head.


She took her camera and zoomed in really close.


Snap, snap, snap.






It was dark and surprisingly quiet down near the docks of the Statue of Liberty.

Four shadows hid behind a crate box, watching for anything.


“This ain’t gonna be easy,” a rough Brooklyn voice whispered low.


“No, it won’t, but Donnie said that there were reported robberies here,” another commanding voice whispered back.


“Why here?” a young fun voice asked in a whisper too.


“April told me that something was going to happen. She overheard it in her new job. Since Winters isn’t alive anymore, she was picked up by Dancing Wind. The CEO is by Cara Dolly,” another softer, but highly well depth of knowledge voice replied to the younger one.


“Why does that name sound familiar?” the rough Brooklyn voice asked the last one.


“Since Winters is no longer at the lead, other companies having slipped in and out of that slot, except Dancing Wind,” the softer voice answered.


“Donnie,” the commanding voice hissed at him.


They were suddenly silent as they saw black ninjas flipping through the air and then hiding in the shadows.


“What are we waiting for?” uttered the Brooklyn voice.


“We’re scouting, Raph. We don’t know how many there are,” the commanding voice hissed in warning.


“I don’t like this, Leo,” Raph whispered to him.


With a soft nod, Leo looked at where the black ninjas were at.


Like black crawling ants excited over a eaten apple, the ninjas were hurrying up and down the rows of crates. The red three toed dragon symbol gleamed brightly in the night.


Leo shook his head in disgust. He and his family with April and Casey, all thought that they weren’t active anymore.


“We have to tell Splinter of this,” Leo whispered really low.


With a silent pull on Raph’s shoulder, Leo lead his brothers out of their hiding spot and back to their home. It was best to not speak as they were jumping and running themselves across the roof tops of buildings.


They slid down to their lair and the hidden brick door opened to the left.


“My sons, what did you find out?” a wise old voice asked them when they first jumped down to the main floor.


“The foot, are active, again,” Raph told him the truth.


“This does not feel right. Donatello, send message to April and Casey. They need to be on the alert for anything else that could happen. Leonardo, your report on what they were doing,” the wise voice ordered.


Leonardo knelt and said “They are at the docks. Looking for something; I don’t know what it could be, but it can’t be good, Master Splinter,”


Master Splinter nodded thinking their next move.


“Keep an eye on the docks. If they are searching for something, then we need to stop them. I don’t know what it means in the bigger picture, my sons, but I sense a changing wind,” Master Splinter told them, walking to his room to meditate.


“Dude, are we going to save the world again?” the younger voice asked, smiling.


“No, Mikey. We’re not going to save the world, again,” Donnie scolded him.


“Aawe man,” Mikey whined.


Raph shook his head and stated “Get use to it, little brother. Let someone else save the world, we’re not always on call waiting,”


Leo walked into the dojo, something was off. He sensed it, just like Master Splinter could.


Donnie saw this and walked over to him.


“Get everything on Dancing Wind, Don. If what you say is true, then we need to know all of their products, stocks, everything. Blue prints of the building if need be. Something is not right and it’s making me on edge,” Leo said, pulling out his katana.


“I will get on that, but, try to relax Leo,” Donnie replied, gently putting his three finger hand on his eldest brother’s shoulder and then walked away.


Leonardo heavily sighed, closing his eyes while he turned his mask around. Raph watched in the doorway to the dojo as his eldest brother went about his training.

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Chapter 3: Silence.


 You know that feeling when everything is just at a standstill? Where everything is normal. People going to work, kids going to school, grandparents and the elderly going to and from stores. Everything Normal.


The deep breath before the plunge as many has called it?


It was like that but silently within the city. Sure there were robberies and crime but, something rubbed one of the turtles the wrong way.


Harsh thuds and grunts could be heard far beneath the streets of New York.


“Raph, you need to calm down,” Leo said to his younger brother.


“How can I? Can’t you just feel the city crawling with tension? That any day now, something big is going to happen up there?” Raph growled out.


“I can feel it, but it doesn’t mean that you need to waste your energy. Not like this,” Leo replied, stopping their training.


“And do what? Fiddle with my thumbs? I don’t think so, Leo,” Raph snapped at him.


“Raphael,” their father, Master Splinter walked into their dojo. “Leonardo is correct. Wasting your energy for something to happen is not going to solve anything. How about you go help Donatello with his search,”


“Fine,” Raph huffed, stomping away from them.


Leo knelt down and rested his forehead against his knee pad. They have been practicing for over 3 hours. Even though Leo is dedicated to his training, not even he wanted to go this long.


“Do not angry, with your brother, Leonardo. You know how he gets when he senses the danger and how close it is,” Master Splinter said to his eldest son.


“Yes, father. Though, I will be sore after this is over with,” Leo replied back, slowly standing back up.


Master Splinter nodded and watched his eldest walk away.


Leo walked over to the stairs and took them to the hallway to the right. The hallway had four bedrooms.


Going to the first one, Leo twisted the handle and pushed inward.


This was his bedroom.


It was spacious, clean and organized but very true to his heart.


Candles were dotted on some bookshelves, books of Japan and it’s culture and language. Long bamboo paintings of mount Fiji, temples and animals of different kind.


He had a desk where he kept his hobby hidden from his brothers. If they knew that he was writing, they would laugh at him for sure. Leo got away with keeping it a secret for all of these years; even though he felt bad for keeping this from his brothers, why tell them now?


He pulled his chair out and sat down, sighing.


It was exhausting to keep Raph in check whenever his temper flew off the handles.


 Every now and then, April would give him a magazine to read. This month it was National Globe. Flicking to the page where he left off, a picture caught his eye.


He stopped and flicked back to the picture.


It wasn’t just on one page, it was on several. The picture that had him looking really close at was of Mount Fuji, the red and white temple with cheery blossoms.


“What?” he said, looking over at the identical picture besides it.


“It’s not what many people call art, but it has helped Miss Bethany Dusan to live her dream of traveling and blending her love for art and photography. She is known for many portraits, if you are interested, please go to her website: BethnayDusandotcom,” it said.


Leo looked up and around his room.


He knows that name.


Getting up from his chair, he walked from one painting to the next. It wasn’t until he was standing beside his bed that he finally found it.


Unknowingly to him, he had a very rare painting from Beth.


Sure, she did have portraits of cities and landscaping but, the one painting that Leo had was that of a pod of Killer Whales.


One was breaching out of the water, another was surfacing and getting some air as another was diving down. Under the water line, there were babies from newborn to close to a year old.


Leo like this one a lot because despite the animal’s black and white bodies, the rest of the painting was a blue color. A color that matched his mask.


Bringing the magazine back up to see, he flicked through the pages of them hosting her art. And there, what many believed to be lost forever was reflecting back at him.


It was the Killer Whale painting featured in the magazine.


No one knows where this famous painting went to after the burglary and fire to one of the famous celebrities….yeah, yeah, yeah. But…hmm…in today’s market, this painting would fetch close to 3 million dollars. 3 Million dollars!” Leo read out loud and nearly yelled, looking up at his wall.


 That was a lot of money.


His eyes searched the spot where he left off.


Since Miss Dusan only made 1 portrait and this is the only picture that Miss Dusan has of it, it would be wonderful to have it back,” he finished, slowly looking up at his painting.


How he got this was by sheer accident.


Raph was being hot headed; restless after beating Shredder for good. As Raph was well, Raph, he got into a very nasty argument with Leo.


It took Donnie and Mikey to keep the two apart and exchanging blows. Master Splinter ordered the two brothers to take some time to think on things. Though, like always, whenever he just couldn’t handle it that much more, Raph escaped to the surface.


Leo couldn’t stay in the lair either. So he explored the sewers instead.


Not knowing how many turns or tunnels he went through, Leo came across a junction where it was circular and had a massive pump in the middle.


It lead straight to the surface, which was why it smelled so fresh.


Leonardo stumbled across the missing painting that was now worth 3 million dollars, along with other things.


He called Donnie to get where he was at; which was several miles away from their home. After taking as much as the unused stuff, they headed home.


What a find it was.


Leo’s brown eyes looked over the painting once more.


“I wonder what you’re doing now, Miss Dusan,” he mumbled low to himself.





“I can’t believe that he actually did that!” Minya growled low.


“Oh yeah. He was stupid enough to have said it and I told him, that I can’t be together with someone like him,” Beth replied, both women were at Beth’s apartment having a girl’s night.


“What happened then?” Minya asked, wanting to know.


“I walked away. Whatever happened to him, I have no clue and to be honest, I don’t want to know. So, tell me, how do you know this April O’Neil?” Beth replied, eating from her Chinese takeout box.


“She’s an archeologist and from time to time, will call me up if I need to help her out and what not. Her fiancé is …” Minya began, chuckling “A goofball in and of himself. Casey Jones is his name,”


“Oh. That’s cool. I would have asked her in the lobby from this afternoon, but I didn’t want to come off….unprofessional?” Beth told her.


“Hey, it’s okay. April is really cool. Maybe one of these days I’ll have her come with me to these girly nights,” Minya said, smiling.


“That would be great. So, you won’t be here for me for 3 days?” Beth asked her.


“Yeah. Just taking some time off to myself. Not that hanging out with my friends isn’t’ anything bad, just-”


“Just having some time alone to recharge is always good,” Beth finished, smiling.


“Yeah. So, going back to the boyfriend topic,” Minya said, eating her cheese pizza.


“What about it?” Beth asked her cautiously


“What kind of guys do you like?” Minya asked harmlessly.


Beth thought on this and said “Calm, mature, understands where I’m coming from, accepts me for who I am, won’t judge either. Uh…Nice, charming, playful but not out of control playful either. Uh….I think that’s it,”


“Tattoos, piercings, ect?” Minya asked.


“None of those. No offense to anyone who has them, it’s just …no,” Beth answered too fast.


Minya nodded and then said “Well, finding a guy like that is going to be hard. Anything else that you would like to add to this impossible list?”


“Yeah, no smoking or drinking,” Beth added to it.


Minya whistled and then said “Well, I’ll see what I can do,”


“What? Minya, No! I wasn’t listing all of that just for you to hook me up with someone; I won’t be here that long. Just 6 months remember?” Beth shrieked back.


“I know, but I can be on the lookout for a guy or man, like that,” Minya waved her off.


Beth huffed and said “Fine,”


“I might see what April thinks and if she knows anybody that’s like this list,” Minya muttered, almost to herself.


Shaking her head Bethany then said “If you do that, then might as well call April right now,”


Minya smiled and then whipped out her cell phone.


“God, your impossible!” Beth hissed out, playfully.


Minya chuckled and said “April? Hey, Minya here, want to come by and have a girl’s night?”


Beth heard the other woman reply back as Minya then asked “Who’s in the background? Is it Casey again?”


Bethany waited until the conversation was wrapped up.


“She’ll be here in 20,” Minya informed her.


“Joy, can hardly wait. So who was in the background?” Beth asked her curiously.


“Casey goofing off again; he’s like a big teenager,” Minya said, looking through her phone.


“How much of a big teenager?” Beth deadpanned.


Minya snickered and said “A lot. He’s …very unique. Always saying dude and has almost a California way of saying things. Though he was raised here, in New York,”


Beth nodded and smiled too.


Minya then showed her a group picture.


“Casey is the one with the…hockey mask, April is the red head and the others are their friends that they consider family,” Minya explained to her.


“Are they…at a Halloween costume party?” Beth asked, looking at the 4 other people wearing giant turtle costumes.


“She sent it around that time, so probably,” Minya shrugged.


Beth nodded and then the door bell rang. Minya got up and walked over to get it.


Not sure on what would happen, Beth did her best to calm down. But then again, she was always nervous on meeting new people.


“Hey April, come on in,” Minya’s voice echoed.


“Thank you. So, what’s for tonight’s dinner?” the new voice said, April.


“Chinese. We didn’t think of getting pizza,” Minya replied, their soft footsteps coming closer.


Bethany stood up when she saw the redheaded woman right in front of her.


“You must be Bethany Dusan,” April said, smiling.


“And you must be April. Nice to meet you,” Beth replied back.


“So, what’s been going on?” April asked, sitting on the couch as Minya handed her some boxes.


“Nothing much,” Minya said back “Just taking Beth here, around the city for our boss, Cara,”


“Oh? Why are you here, if you don’t mind me asking,” April asked politely.


“Just doing my job: taking pictures and painting them. Here, my card if you would like to visit my website,” Beth said, just out of habit now.


April took the business card and then gasped when she realized who she was talking too.


“What?” Minya asked her.


“You honestly don’t’ know who this is?” April asked her back.


“A down to earth person that I ever saw and met one?” Minya replied back, still not getting it.


“Bethany Dusan. The famous photographer and painter?” April tried to spell it out for Minya.


“Nope, not ringing any bells,” Minya said, shaking her head.


Bethany was silent on this. It wasn’t that she wanted to butt in and correct them, but she just didn’t know how to say the right words whenever this kind of conversation popped up.


April got her cell phone out and pulled up the search engine of Light and then searched.


“These are just some of the paintings and pictures that she took,” April showed Minya.


Minya looked them over, while drinking her water as Beth and April wisely got up and away from her. Water went everywhere after Minya spit it out in shock.


“Nice,” April deadpanned to her friend.


“Sorry, just holy fish buckets! You mean, I’ve been traveling around with this famous”


“I am not famous,” Beth finally joined in.


They both looked at her confused.


“I love painting and taking pictures. It’s not that hard to do because anybody can do it,” Beth heavily sighed to them.


“We’re sorry. It’s just, we normally don’t mingle with the higher uppers of the world,” Minya said, blushing.


“I do, from time to time, but, still. It’s pretty amazing on what you can do,” April told her, smiling a little.


Beth nodded and said “I’m not famous. My work is, but I’m not. It’s something that people will well after I am no longer here,”


“You remind me of a friend of mine,” April said, an old smile gracing her face.


“Your….turtle friends?” Beth asked her curiously.


April’s eyes widened in pure horror.


“I showed her that Halloween picture that you sent me,” Minya further explained to her.


A nervous laugh and shoulder sagging in relief, April then said “Oh, that one! Yeah,”


Beth stared at April for some time and then said “They look cool, the costumes I mean. What are their names?”


“Well, they think, for every Halloween, they should dress up as…ninja turtles with renaissance names: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo,” April said to them both, showing another picture of the guys.


“Oh, well that’s creative,” Minya said back, smiling.


“Which one is which?” Beth asked, looking at them with curiosity.


“Easy: Blue is Leo, Purple is Donnie, Red is Raph and Orange is Mikey,” April said almost too easily.


Bethany looked up at her and then looked at the picture again.


“Which one reminds you of Beth?” Minya then asked April.


“Leo. He’s always so calm, level headed, thoughtful, caring and worry about everyone else if they are not going to hurt him or his friends and family,” April said, again almost too easily.


It wasn’t Beth’s imagination on this, but she held her questions in for some other time.


Minya nodded and said smiling “That’s Beth to a T,”


“I am not,” Beth argued back.


“Are too. Besides, you and Blue-y over there look cute,” Minya teased her some more.


Shaking her head, Beth smiled and started to eat more of her food.


What the girls didn’t realize was that, outside; just below the window was a turtle who was keeping an eye on his best friend.





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Chapter 4: Wrong place, wrong time.


Bethany waited and waited.


She was sitting at the docks and was waiting for the sun to set.


Her day was a busy one. Getting her photos developed and showing them to Cara.





Cara was running late that day and so when she saw Beth, she was snappy and irritable.


“I’ve seen this picture too many times,” Cara snapped, flinging the picture copy away.


Beth held her breath, then, knowing that she never saw this side of this stranger’s anger before. And also her heart went out to the copy of that photograph.


“Not this one either, too much buildings,” Cara snarled, fling another copy to the ground.


“This is New York City,” Beth told her in all honesty.


“I know that!” Cara unleashed her anger at Beth.


But, instead of shrinking away, Beth stared blankly back at her.


Cara huffed as she then threw all of the pictures to the floor. Beth could only think of a little kid having a temper tantrum.


“None….” Cara began but then saw one picture that was facing up among the white.


Beth saw it too, but upside down from her angle.


“Where this is one?” Cara asked, snatching it up from the ground.


“Down at the docks. A little away from the Statue of Liberty,” Beth told her at once.


“I want this one but at sunset,” Cara told her, holding the picture out for her to take.


“Alright. It may take some time to get the-”


“However long it takes. Do it. Thank you for your time Miss Dusan,” Cara interrupted her and walked out of her office.

END of Flash Back



Bethany heavily sighed as she tried to get out of that memory. Her job wasn’t always that easy as many people tend to think.


“You’re just drawing what your camera caught,”


“It’s not Art,”


“Anyone can do this. How about an office job instead?”


Closing her eyes, Beth did her best to ignore those voices from many other people who wanted her work, but criticized her at the same time.


“Come on, let’s get this finished,” she spoke to herself.


She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky. The subtle change of color was pressing forward.


Checking her camera and settings, her finger lightly pressed on her highly sensitive camera button. Within a few snaps, she got what looked like either the sunrise or sunset of New York City.


These she wouldn’t give to Cara. It would be more for her website than anything else.


People slowly walked away from their jobs for the day and new ones going in for the night shift. Worrying her lower lip, Beth wondered if she should have asked for a partner to come along.


Minya was off for the next week.


Even though Beth was thankful for all that she did, she did miss talking with her.


“Come on, Dusan, you got this,” she muttered under her breath.


Her emerald green eyes looked up at the sky once again. Slowly, it was changing as the sun finally sinking away it seemed. Like a great noble ship, but instead of resting at the bottom of the ocean floor, the sun would rise again for tomorrow morning.


“And I am going to be sleeping in,” Beth muttered to herself.


Throughout the sun setting, Beth took as many pictures as her camera allowed her to. Reference to certain colors and shades, how buildings actually looked during the same sun set, what the sun looked like as it was setting and many other things that were going to be for this one painting.


With one last snap of the sun’s rays breaking through the darkening blue to black sky, Bethany smiled and started to get her equipment all back into her suit case.


The driver was there as she walked over to him and said “I will be out here for a little while longer, not taking any pictures. I got some money so, I can easily take a taxi back, but could you put my things in my apartment for me? Please?”


He nodded and said “I will do that, Miss Dusan. Be careful and have a good weekend,”


“Thank you so much and you too,” she replied back, smiling.


The driver drove away with her stuff as she turned back around to the little bench.


She walked through one of the area for cargo shipping and unloading. It was odd to see a bench next to a street light but, she’ll take it. Sitting down, she pulled out her cell phone. Her index finger hit the contacts button and then hit the word “Parents”.


Holding it up to her right ear, Bethany waited.


“Hello?” a man’s voice greeted her.


“Dad?” she said back, smiling.


“Beth, how are you? Hang on, let me get your mother up and you on the speaker,” her dad said.


“Alright,” she waited for a bit.


“Beth? Honey, you alright?” her mother’s voice came through.


“I’m fine, mom. Just finished getting my pictures done and soon I’ll be painting and probably heading home,” Beth replied back, leaning against the bench.


“Where are you this time?” her dad asked next.


“New York City,” she replied.


“Oh! You’re 3 hours ahead of us,” Her mother said.


“Yeah. How are you guys doing? What state did you travel to this time? And what did I miss?” Beth asked her parents.


They both chuckled at their daughter.


“We went to Tennessee, this time around,” Her mother began. “It was fun. A lot of farming and markets throughout the state. We bought these beautiful lamps for only 20 dollars!”


“Whoa? Really? That’s cool. But why Tennessee?” Beth asked them curiously.


“Because we’re finding that going to the sight-seeing areas are getting over crowded,” Her dad grumbled out.


“Dad, sorry to bring this to your attention, but there is like nearly 10 billion people on this planet. I agree, it’s too much, but what can you possibly do about it?” Beth reasoned with him.


All she got was a heavy sigh and unheard grumbling words from her dad.


“So what else did you get?” Beth asked her mom.


“Some cute clothes, there is some for you and you won’t believe what I had found,” her mom gushed.


“What?” Beth asked, looking at the evening sky as the shadows came out to play.


“You know how much I love the racehorse, Goldting?” Her mom got excited.


“Well, yeah. I grew up hearing and watching about him. How he broke the track records for the Triple Crown and the Iole Cup, with no other racehorse to beat them at,” Beth drawled, almost rolling her eyes at this.


“Yes, well, I had found some pictures signed with his jockey, trainer and owner. And bought them!” Her mom said, smiling.


Beth’s jaw dropped and said “That’s a huge treasure mom! Congrats on getting them!”


“After today, we’ll be heading to Kentucky to go out and see him,” She told her daughter.


“Ah man! And here I am stuck, in a busy, noisy, overly crowded city and you guys get to have all the fun? No fair,” Beth half teased her parents.


Her dad chuckled and said “That’s what you get when you’re retired, dear,”


“Ha, ha, not funny,” Beth retorted back.


They all chuckled at this.


“Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update, on where I’m at and how I’m doing. After this, I’m thinking of taking a break,” Bethany said, looking up at the street light that suddenly came on.


“You always say that dear and then head right back out. After a few days of resting,” Her mom teased her this time.


“Ah, to be young,” She teased them back.


“Very funny, Beth. Now, we’ll let you go, and we love you dearly,” her dad said to her.


“Alright. Good night mom and dad. I love you guys too,” she replied to them both.


“We love you too, good night honey,” her mom said and then hung up.


Not realizing how dark it got while she was talking with her parents, Beth put her cell phone in her jean short-shorts pocket. Her blue large hoodie was what she wore with her auburn long hair down.


Suddenly the street light was shattered; the glass rained to the ground. Beth sank to the ground behind the bench.


Her eyes tried to take in the darkness all at once, but couldn’t. It happened gradually.


“Where did she go?” a soft male voice hissed.


“We don’t have time for this. If we find that woman again, we snatch her and take her with us! The boss told us our orders. Do you want to get on the bad side of him? …I didn’t think so too,” another irritated soft male voice snarled at the first.


Bethany hugged the bench as she saw a lot of shadows moving around some crate boxes. Her curiosity got the better or worst of her, and peaked through the slots of the bench.


What were these men doing? Why were they here and looking inside of the crate boxes?


With her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the night, she looked to her right and saw more men near her. They were hurrying up and down the docks.


But then, another question popped into Beth’s head: Who or why did they break the street light out?


Suddenly looking over her shoulder, Beth saw no one, but that didn’t mean her heart was in her throat from fear.


‘Were…no…are these the same gangs that were hanging out near the apartment complex?’ she thought, looking at the men.


There were some who were not running around; the bosses maybe? Generals? She didn’t know but, they were doing something that she couldn’t quite see.


A low metal groaning sound was then heard.


Not sure of what to do, Beth then crawled under the bench and stayed still.


One of the crates was lifted by one of the massive fork lifters and carried it away.


Like with all things, Beth’s luck ran out.


Yelping in pain when someone grabbed a fistful of her wavy/curly dark brown hair and yanked her out from under the bench.


“Well, well. It looks like I caught you,” a man softly gloated at her.


“Let me go, please,” she said back, struggling to get free.


A cool object rested against her skin on her throat. She stilled at once as she knew it was a long sharp sword of some kind.


“Now why would I let you go when our boss has said that you will be a nice …body bag when the news hears of this place tomorrow morning?” the man softly snickered at her.


Bethany looked at the masked man with wide eyes filled with horror.


“Why are you doing this? What could you possibly gain with hurting other people?” she asked, desperate now.


“I guess you are an out of towner. Us Foot Clan rule over the city. We are everywhere and we fight for those who are against us. We take in the outcasts, the young teenagers of this hateful city and turn them into soldiers, warriors if they know their place,” the man answered to her.


Beth wiggled and squirmed hard stating “That doesn’t make you a good person! That just makes you filled with Hate and revenge on those who you think did you wrong. This city hasn’t turned its back on you! It was trying to show you how much you need to grow to understand it all,”


The blade pressed more threatening into her skin which stilled her movements at once.




Crying out and landing on the ground, Beth looked up at the foot soldier above her with her hand shakily holding her face.


“You know nothing of any of us,” was all he snarled back, holding his long sword at her face.


Warm hot tears swelled and trickled down her cheeks as she then closed her eyes. Hoping, praying that this would be a swift ending.




“Get away from her,” a commanding calm but highly livid new voice said next.


Beth opened her eyes and looked up at the person who was standing before her with one of his own swords out. The round shape of his back was most interesting since it had another sword resting there in its sheath.


Gasping out of the hands that were suddenly scooping her up and then running away from the scene.


“You’ll be alright. Leo has this covered Miss,” a soft warm intelligent voice whispered to her.


“Leo?” Bethany said in confusion.


Pretty soon she heard metal against metal with fighting grunts and thuds behind them.


“Yeah. Now, let me look at your throat. It wasn’t easily trying to contain Leo when he saw how close you were to dying,” the warm intelligent voice replied back.


“What’s your name?” Beth asked, tilting her head slightly back; wincing.


“Mm…Didn’t cut any major arteries but, it will leave a faint scar. My name is Donnie. Leo won’t be too happy when I tell him that I revealed our names to you. We are the ones who fight against the Foot. Strike hard, defend and protect. Then fade into the night,” Donnie replied back, gently cleaning her cut.


“What they’re doing is wrong. I didn’t even know that they were that well spread out here,” Beth stated, looking over at Donnie.


Her eyes widened again as she saw that he wasn’t a human.


Donnie locked eyes with her and gulped out “Not a costume either,”


Bethany looked slowly down his body and asked “You’re a…turtle?”


“Ehh…Leo won’t like this either,” Donnie squeaked out again.


“Can you finish healing me, please?” she asked him trying to get back to normal.


He nodded and quickly bandaged the cut up.


“Leave it on for a few days. I got to go,” Donnie said nervously now.


“Wait,” Beth said, grabbing his wrist.


Donnie stilled as he looked at her.


“They said that they were going to do something here. Something that would catch the News attention. You got to stop them, Donnie,” Beth informed him, worried.


“That can’t be good,” Donnie nodded and then ran back to where the fighting was still happening.


Bethany didn’t know what she could do until it dawned on her.


“Call the police. Call the police,” she muttered fast, frantically searching and pulling out her cell phone.


“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” the lady on the other line asked.


“Hello, hello? I’m down near the shipping docks, near the statue of Liberty and I just got attacked by some terrorists who are going to blow this area up!” Beth frantically spoke fast.


This got the lady’s attention and said “What’s your name miss?”


“Bethany Dusan, but I don’t want the media to know my name. Please you got to hurry down here! I got hurt by the Foot Clan,” Beth panicked when suddenly a loud explosion was heard.


Flying for covering, screaming, Bethany was on the ground, protecting her face with her arms.


Her eyes looked over at the massive red and orange flames that licked through the crate boxes and black smoke bellowing up into the sky.


Not seeing those…turtle people, Bethany slowly got to her feet. But noticed a long sword with blue wrapping around the handle.


No one had any time to gather anything, the sirens and helicopters were racing towards the scene.


Instead of the tension that filled the air before, panic took over. A lot of the foot people ran away; as if their life depended on it. The turtle people were running away as well.


Bethany slowly hobbled over to where the flames were. Her eyes were locked onto something and gently bent down and pocketed it.


Soon the Red and the Blue lights of the police, the red and the white from the ambulance with the S.W.A.T. team all screeched to a halt.


Not realizing how much blood that Beth lost from the blast, her world was getting fuzzy and wobbly.


“Miss…put…the sword down,” a man’s voice entered her mind.


“Not going to hurt, hostage,” she mumbled before fainting.


“Quick! Get the medical team over here now!” that man’s voice echoed as a lot of police and S.W.A.T. men searched the area.


Fire trucks soon appeared on the scene as the medical staff put Bethany on a stretcher and then into the ambulance to be taken to the closet hospital.


A pair of rich brown eyes had watched the whole thing and gritted his teeth.


He would just have to get his katana whenever she healed up. For now, he knew that the Foot didn’t get what they were searching for. He headed home.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5: Possible answers.


Staring at the sword in her living room was something that she has been doing these past couple of days.


The media had swarmed around the latest news of what had happened down at the shipping docks. She couldn’t go out without bodyguards moving in on all sides and people coming up to her.


Bethany heavily sighed as she drank her hot honey and lemon water.


It was night and she decided to stay in. It felt like her “wings” were clipped somehow.


Beth had stayed in the hospital for several days; the cut on the back of her head was stitched up, her concussion faded slowly but no lasting damage or so said the doctors. The bruises and faint cuts would disappear with time.


Minya, April and Cara all visited her. Her parents made a surprising trip to see her too, but what she kept from everybody; including the police and her report to them, was the turtle men.


‘Mostly because of this sword,’ she thought to herself. ‘Excuse me, katana,’


Beth eyed the weapon as she couldn’t stop her mind from being so curious.


The handle was black, the steel in tip top shape and super sharp. The Sheath that she had it in was brand new but, her mind went over to that night.


‘Why did they all run away?’ she asked herself, sipping slowly on her hot beverage.


She needed answers but how can she get them if the turtle men weren’t around?


Heavily sighing, Beth stood up and paced around her living room. She had canvases all throughout her dining room area; she’s never going to use that area of her apartment so why not put her artwork there?


“How can I get in contact with these guys?” she asked herself out of frustration.


She could head back to the shipping docks.


“Will they even be there is the question,” she said, almost talking to herself now.


Her emerald eyes slid back over to the Katana and knew that what she was about to do was going to be so stupid.


“The things I do to clench my thirst for knowledge,” she muttered, taking her cup and walking into the kitchen.


After she put it in the sink, she headed towards her bedroom and got dressed in all black clothes; black pants, black shirt, a black beanie and black tennis shoes.


Taking the strap of the Katana, Beth was shocked as to how light it was as she slipped through it. It rested snuggly across her back and snuck out of her apartment bedroom window.


She thankfully didn’t need climb down the gutter drain; the fire escape was just right there.


A smirk fell upon her face when she ran from her apartment bodyguards who were fast asleep in their car.


Bethany pulled out her cell phone and looked for a map. Finding where she was at, she headed through the streets.


A pair of curious eyes watched her, following her at a distance.


45 minutes later, Beth was standing within the shipping dock area next to the brand new bench and street light.


It was the first time that she was back here.


Her eyes looked around the place, but found nothing. What had happened was already cleaned up; the fire was put out and left very little marks.


“Alright, now what?” she asked curiously, looking around.


“Why don’t you just ask what you want?” a voice floated to her.


Her heart slammed in her ribcage as she looked upward.


“And will you answer my questions?” she asked him.


“Will you give me my Katana back?” the voice almost demanded.


“…Leo,” she said, her memory coming back on the lesser finer details.


Silence was all she got back.


“Why were those people here?” Beth asked, looking and turning around.


Shadows were everywhere where a shipping crate box was at.


“They were stealing to gain more footing within this city. I’m sorry that you were hurt in all of it,” the voice said much closer to her now.


Turning around, Beth took a step backwards. There, just casually resting against one of the shipping crates was a pair of glowing white eyes and a dark figure with his arms crossed over his chest.


“Who is their leader?” Beth asked this man.


“Their called the Foot. They’ve been here for some time now and even though their leader is dead, he’s called: The Shredder. I don’t want you involved in this, Miss,” He answered her.


“It’s kind of hard when you almost get blown up,” Beth replied, staring at him.


“And now you’re on their radar. I understand that you are curious, I understand that you want more answers to your questions, but Miss-”


“It’s Bethany Dusan,” Beth cut in, glaring a bit.


He nodded and said “Leonardo, though Donnie already gave our names away,”


Bethany heavily sighed and then asked “Why haven’t the police done anything to stop them?”


“The police are on the fence, Miss Dusan,” Leo replied “They are paid by the Mayor and it’s messy with politics,”


“That’s just wrong,” she told him, slipping from the strap and handing the katana over.


“Yes and thank you,” Leo replied, his eyes locking with hers.


“Will I see you again?” she asked him curiously.


“We shall see. We protect those who need it, defend and fade into the night. We know you surface dwellers don’t or won’t accept us for who we are,” Leo answered, putting his katana back where it should always be.


“We are just as cruel to each other,” She pointed out to him.


Leo nodded and then said “Head back home. I’ll be with you until you enter your apartment,”


Bethany found her courage once again and took a step closer to Leo. He held still.


“You’re eyes aren’t….white…” she said, looking into the rich warm brown color that appeared.


“No, it’s just a reflection. Now, head home,” Leo said, fading into the darkness.


She gasped and looked around curiously.


“Come on, Miss Dusan, I don’t have all night,” Leo’s voice echoed around her.


“Can you be anymore rude to me?” she replied back, shaking her head.


Silence was all she got as she slipped the strap back on. She headed back to her apartment.


From above on the rooftops, Leo followed her. He felt bad for being so rude to her, but he just wanted her safe. Then again, he was also trying to protect his family.


Bethany made it back to her apartment some time later.





“How are you doing?” April asked, trying to stay calm.


“I’m worried. What else does this Bethany Dusan know about us?” Leo asked her in return.


“Not much else. She never talked to me of seeing you guys. That has to count for something, Leo,” April said to him; she was visiting the turtles in their lair.


“I can’t believe that you allowed yourself to talk to her. Weren’t you the one going on, up on that rooftop, how the safety of our family is more important?” Raph snidely asked his oldest brother.


Leo glared at him and said “I won’t talk to her, not any time soon,”


“That still doesn’t add up on why you shove-”


“Raphael, Leonardo,” their father’s voice swiftly cut in.


They all looked at him curiously.


“If the Foot have this young woman’s name, then she is no longer safe up there. Watch out for her safety, make sure that nothing happens,” Master Splinter said to them both.


“Not going to punish us for what we did?” Raph asked, stunned.


“We did cause her to get injured, Raph,” Donnie spoke up.


“Watching over this young woman will be your punishment, my sons,” Master Splinter then told them all.


Mikey whined and Donnie glared at Raph with stating “Thanks Raph,”


“Fine, but that still doesn’t answer what I said earlier,” Raph shrugged, his eyes locking onto the one turtle who wasn’t saying anything right now.


“If you think that risking our family’s safety was on my list, then think again, Raphael. I didn’t want to reveal to her what we looked like or who we are. It just happened,” Leo commented back.


“I understand that, Fearless. What I can’t understand is you wanting it both ways: not revealing ourselves to her but yet doing so when we saved her life from the Foot,” Raph stated, glaring at him.


Leo heavily sighed; for once his younger brother was right. He couldn’t have it both ways.


“Fine. She knows of us, but we interact with her at the bare minimum,” he said, defeated for now.


Raph nodded and said “I can do that. I noticed that you got your stick back,”


Leo ignored the nickname for his katana and replied “Yeah,”


“Did she say anything?” April asked him curiously.


“About?” Leo fished for more.


“How she’s doing, what she’s going to be doing next…I just…I know her to a certain degree,” April commented.


“I didn’t ask that kind of stuff. Though, she wearing black to blend better into the night was a surprise,” Leo said, shrugging.


April nodded to him “I’ll stop by her place then,”


“It would be best if you did that,” Leo told her “I’m going to go train,”


Raph shook his head and they watched Leo enter the dojo.


“Is anybody going to comment on the fact that he has her rarest painting up on his wall above his bed?” Mikey asked anyone.


“He does?” Raph asked in shocked.


“Yeah. Kind of creepy,” Mikey replied, nodding.


“It isn’t creepy, Mikey. I have some artwork from different artists in my lab,” Don said.


“Sure, dude,” Mikey replied, walking into the kitchen.


“What else can you tell us about her?” Raph asked April.


“There isn’t that much that you can’t find on the net. I know it’s vague, Raph, but it’s true. She’s really nice, polite….almost like Leo but also like Donnie too,” April answered her friend.


Raph nodded and then said “I better go see if Leo needs any help,”


“Dude, Leo doesn’t need our help,” Mikey said, smiling as he ate some leftover pizza.





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Chapter Text

Chapter 6: Enter the Dragons.


The next week, Beth was out and about. She walked without her bodyguards as she told Cara, that she appreciated the thought, but can live without them. Cara had agreed to not have them follow her everywhere she went.


This evening, she was at a Farmer’s Market. She needed some fruit since she discovered that fruit smoothies were really good with ice cubes, yogurt, and honey.


As the sun was setting, Beth noticed that the crowds were thinning a little. Traffic was getting heavy as another day was done.


She had just bought some apples when someone rammed right into her side. Apples flew everywhere and were bruised or busted open as they rolled away.


“Ah!” she exclaimed in surprised.


“AJ!” a man’s voice snarled at.


The teenage boy with the red dyed hair looked at the tall blonde hair man and then said “I’m sorry Miss. Let me buy you another bag of those apples,”


“Thank you,” Beth said, unsure of what else to say.


“He’s a good kid,” The blonde hair man then said, walking towards her.


“Uhm…sure,” she balked at how tall this man truly was.


Reaching 6’8, he towered over everybody. Bethany wished that she wasn’t a 5’4 ½ shrimp.


“Is there anything else that we can do for you miss?” the blonde man asked her, being polite.


“Uh…no I’m good, thank you,” Beth replied, slightly shifting her weight from one foot to the other.


What she soon found was that the blonde man had unique scars on the right side of his face. She didn’t stare at him too long as the red dyed hair teenage boy held a bag full of different apples to her.


“Here you go, Miss. And I am sorry for ramming into you. Good evening,” AJ said and then hurried away.


“If there is anything else that I can do for you, Miss, here is my card,” the blonde tall man then said to her, handing her his business card.


“Uhm…thank you,” she said, holding her bag of new apples.


She watched this guy walk away the same way that the teenage boy did. Soon she continued on her way back to her apartment.


Her week went by slowly; painting more of the picture that she took and healed a bit more from her encounter with the Foot.


The Turtle brothers were in sheer agony. They didn’t like to “babysit” Beth during the night, mostly Raph.


“She can easily take care of herself! Why do we need to look after her?” he snarled at his father during training one morning.


“Because Raphael, we protect those who live within this city. We do not skirt around our problems,” Master Splinter said back with a firm stare.


“Whatever,” Raph huffed and continued to train.


“Besides, Raph,” Leo chimed in “It was our fault to have her in this position to begin with,”


“Huh? How could it be our fault?” Mikey asked, tucking and flipping out of the way of Don’s bo staff.


“We herded the Foot in that area. Not completely realizing that Bethany Dusan would be there to begin with,” Don then said to him, knocking Mikey’s feet out from under him.


“Ooff!!” Mikey grunted as he lay on the floor.


“Great, so why are we training when we haven’t had a good night’s sleep?” Raph asked, jumping high above Leo and then landing behind him.


“Because we need to train,” Leo deadpanned to him, blocking the kicks.


Raph growled and tried to best his oldest brother, but like always Leo won with Raph flat on his back.


“Don Vs Leo. Joy,” Mikey sarcastically said, sitting on the sidelines with a very irritated Raphael.


“Don’t take it easy on me, Leo,” Don told him, smiling.


“Like I could, Donatello,” Leo replied, smiling too.


“Begin!” Master Splinter called out and the training between the two brothers began.


So it went on like this, day after day. The brothers would train either in the Dojo or up on the rooftops. Bethany went about her life, not really knowing that something else was coming onto the horizon.


She was back at the same Farmer’s market, a couple of weeks later.


The fruit and bread were all bought and she was just heading home when she got ran into again.


“AAH!” she cried out, landing on the ground hard.


“get out of my way!” The guy snarled and ran away.


“You get back here you thief!” Hun’s voice echoed throughout the tight quarters of the market.


Slowly getting her wind back, Bethany was on her hands and knees; her left side was hurting her badly.


“It just seems as if you’re a magnet for trouble, miss,” Hun said right behind her.


Glancing over her shoulder, she stood on her feet.


“Yes…but this time it wasn’t that kid,” she said, knowing that she had to say something.


Her gut was telling her that this very tall massive man wasn’t a good person, no matter how much he projected to be.


“Let me buy”


“No, I’m good. It’s okay. Thank you for stopping to see if I’m alright,” Beth cut him off.


Hun silently nodded and then walked away.


Bethany soon picked up her bag and saved what wasn’t thrown on the ground. An idea suddenly hit her as she took her very light bag and hoped that this worked.


She fished for her cell phone.


“Hello, April speaking,” April’s voice came through.


“April, I need you to stay on this line,” Beth said uneasily.


“Are you alright?” April asked her back.


“Kind of. I got ran into down at this farmer’s market,” Beth then whispered low.


“I’m coming to you. Tell me in person what had happened. How has your day been, Beth?” April asked her, but there was a soft voice in the background.


“Who is it? Is it another Carl party thing?” said the voice in the background.


“SHH Mikey!” a different voice hissed.


“Uhm…It’s been good, just…ever heard of Hun?” Beth asked her, skipping the talking in person.


“Hun?” April asked in surprised.


“Yeah. Hun Wyler?” Beth asked again.


“That is a name that I haven’t heard in a long time,” Leo’s voice came over in the background.


“Leo?” Beth asked curiously.


A soft sigh and then phones being changed over with Leo stating “Hi, Beth. Tell me exactly how this meeting happened?”


“I got rammed into by a teenage kid with red dyed hair and then Hun ordered the kid to apologize to me and buy me new apples,” Beth retold to him.


“This isn’t good. I can easily see you from the alley way,” Leo’s voice said, as Beth looked around curiously.


People were walking to and fro as she then spotted the alley way. A pair of white eyes appeared and then disappeared.


Without even being told, Beth walked over to it and slipped behind the shadows.


She smiled a little at Leo but it slipped when she saw the Red turtle standing there, glaring.


“Raph…” Leo began “Isn’t going to harm you. He’s just here for back up,”


“Are you alright?” April’s voice then said, closer now.


Beth looked at her and said “My side hurts but, yeah,”


“May I see what’s in the bag?” Donnie asked Beth next.


She handed the bag over as he looked through it.


Leo stayed silent during all of this as his eyes were on Beth. He didn’t know her for very long, but for her to call April for help was a plus in his books.


“May I see your side next?” Donnie then asked, standing up.


“Yeah,” Beth mumbled; blushing, as she lifted her left side of her shirt up.


Donnie was extra careful of putting any pressure on her hurt skin.


“I don’t know how hard he rammed you, but there will be light bruising. Water, aspirin and taking it easy should help it,” He said, gently letting her shirt fall down.


Beth looked at Raph who was shaking his head and then said “He’s not a good person,”


“He gave me his business card,” Beth then told them all, handing it over to Donnie.


Donnie looked at Leo and said “Whatever he is up to, it can’t be good,”


“Is there anything in her bag that the kid bought for her?” Leo asked him.


“Nothing. But, I can go and get what you lost for you, Beth,” Donnie said, looking at her again.


“I would appreciate it Donnie. I never felt so small in all of my life,” Beth mumbled the last.


Leo gently put his three fingered hand on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her middle. Strangely enough, she didn’t mind his weird hand, the comfort was what mattered and softly rested her head on his shoulder.


Something happened then; it wasn’t big or bad, just that something had passed. Mikey was gazing at his oldest brother; Leo was doing his best but Mikey knew that he couldn’t hide from it forever.


“How big is this Hun?” April asked them, looking at Beth.


“Close 7 feet tall. And since he’s so tall, he is also massive in muscle too. His thigh is as big as Red’s waist,” Beth replied shivering.


Raph snorted and then said “It’s Raph, Miss Dusan,”


“I’m horrible with names,” She replied, sticking a little closer to Leo.


“What else did you see?” Mikey asked her, never seeing Hun before.


“He has blonde long hair that he has in a low ponytail with these strange scars on his face,” Beth replied as Leo glared at the ground.


“Did the marking look like an m?” Raph asked her curiously.


“Yeah, they did,” she told him.


Raph growled low and took out his sais twirling them around.


“Raph, calm down,” Leo commanded to him.


Beth had taken a step backwards, away from Raph.


Raph turned around and walked to the back of the alleyway; kicking at a dumpster.


“What are we going to do now, that this Hun guy has entered the picture?” Mikey asked Leo curiously.


“We wait,” Donnie then said, jumping down to them with a white bag full of what else Beth needed.


“Why?” Raph huffed out, agitated.


“Because, if we act now, it will put Beth more in danger,” Leo said, glaring at his younger brother.


Raph stubbornly was quiet as Donnie handed the bag to Beth.


“Thank you Donnie,” she told him, giving him a soft hug.


Donnie’s eyes widened before he softly returned the hug. Mikey smirked when he saw Leo’s shocked face.


“Y-y-you’re welcome,” Donnie stuttered back.


“You’re not freaked out that we’re giant walking, talking turtles?” Raph bluntly asked her as Leo gave a stern look.


“I got over it when I saw you guys down at the docks. Sure, it’s still shocking but, it’s slowly becoming normal,” Beth answered him back.


Raph nodded and said “Yeah, I guess. But you’re the first one to not go running away from us, screaming that we’re monsters,”


“Why would I do that? In any case, I am more curious on you guys then being frightened,” Beth said, looking at him confused.


“You would be the first,” Raph said, smirking.


Beth shrugged and then asked Leo “What are we going to do now?”


“Take you home. You go about your life the same as always. And we will continue to watch over you,” Leo answered, looking up at the fire escape.


The turtles soon jumped up to the rooftops as April walked forward, smiling at Beth.


“Come on, let’s go to your place,” she told her friend.


“Yeah,” Beth replied and then smiled “We can order pizza and watch movies.


“I second that dudette!” Mikey’s voice came from above them.


“Mikey, will you shut it!” Raph growled.




“Oow!” Mikey whined.


“Besides, it’s not for us,” Leo’s voice soon entered the picture.


“I can order for you guys,” Beth offered to them.


“No, just go to the apartment, we’re good,” Leo replied, hopping down a bit to look at her.


“Alright, Big Blue,” she told him, smirking before she and April walked out of the alley way.


It was now dark out.


Mikey chuckled and said “Big Blue, huh? I think someone likes you,”


“Can it, Mikey,” Raph ordered him.


“What? I think she does like him,” he replied, running over the rooftops with ease.


“She doesn’t like me, Mikey,” Leo told him “Besides, I don’t have time for a relationship anyway,”


“Sure, just like you don’t blush whenever that Ninja lady was around last time,” Mikey teased him, dodging his oldest brother’s swipe.


“Quiet Mikey,” Leo huffed in annoyance.






Bethany was walking around outside, near dusk time. The shadows were creeping upon the buildings more and more as summer was fading away.


‘This city is beautiful but, I miss my country. I miss the quietness of it all. The slow moving thinking and such,’ she thought to herself.


Sure, she didn’t mind being in a busy city for her job. She did everything that her boss at the time, would need or want for that painting or picture. But it wasn’t the same.


‘it just goes to show you that someone will miss that kind of living; city or country,’ she again thought to herself.


She was a block away from her apartment when she noticed that pair of street gang men was following her at a distance.


Somewhere up on the rooftops, someone was watching the scene unfold.


Bethany heard someone whistle behind her. God she hated when men do that. Sure, she wasn’t gorgeous but, more the girl next door kind of beauty, but still.


“Leave me alone,” she muttered angrily.


Another man was walking towards her. She stopped just because of his appearance alone.


He had a tattoo that curved and slithered about on his face that was a purple dragon just above his left eyebrow. The short dark brown Mohawk added more to his features. His earrings were made of gold as his outfit was that of old torn brown working pants, ripped off sleeved black and gray shirts, and brand new black hiking boots.


Taking a step backwards, Beth looked at the other two men who suddenly were a few feet from her.


One of them was completely bald but the piercings made up for it on his nose, ears and lower lip. And the purple dragon tattoo was on his face.


“Please,” she said, not sure of how to handle this one.


The first guy that she saw took hold of her wrist and dragged her into the nearby alleyway.


Struggling and digging into the concrete, Beth tried to get away.


“Stop struggling and this will be over with!” the third guy said, snickering.


The darkness was hard to adjust to as she was then thrown onto the ground. The smells from here were horrid; garbage, old meats and someone peed back here.


Beth held her breath the best that she could.


Clink, clink, clink!


“What the hell?” one of them said, backing away and looking up towards the rooftops.


No one heard anything except Beth throwing up because the smells were too much for her.


“AH!!” the second man cried out.


Beth looked around but only saw 2 of them standing.


The first guy took out the wooden baseball bat and swung down on Beth’s ankle.


She screamed so loudly that it echoed from all around.




The first guy was down and out, before the third blinked. A sudden foot connected to the third and last guy.


Tears were trickling down her face as her ankle was broken.


“Easy,” the voice said, gently approaching her.


“P-p-p-please,” she begged him.


“It’s okay Beth. It’s me, Leo,” He said, his shadow came forward but his eyes lit up.


She looked up and saw the white showing as she started to cry.


Leo sighed as he then softly knelt before her; very carefully lifting her up in his arms and heading out of there.


“Rest your head,” he whispered low, gently flicking his foot against the manhole cover.


The dizziness from the smells of the alley was getting to her, so she closed her eyes just as Leo hopped down into the sewers. He didn’t stop after he slid the manhole cover back into place.


“You really are a magnet for trouble,” he muttered to himself as he ran towards the lair.


A short while later, he pulled one of the pipes and the door slid open.


“Donnie! Donnie!” Leo cried out.


Donatello came out from his lab area and gasped out “What happened this time?”


“Purple Dragons,” Leo growled low.


“My medical area, stat,” Donnie said, his eyes wide when he saw the swollen broken ankle.


“Donatello? Leonardo?” Master Splinter said walking out of the dojo area.


“Bethany got ambushed and one of the purple dragons broke her ankle,” Leo informed him, moving to the medical area quickly.


“This girl is just a magnet for trouble,” Raph said, shaking his head.


“Have you forgotten that Hun is a double agent?” Mikey asked them all.


That alone made them all stop and looked at Mikey.


“Not only does he work for the Purple Dragons but, also for the Foot. He’s Shredder’s second in command,” Mikey explained further.


“This can’t be good,” Raph said looking at Master Splinter.


“Get her healed up first and foremost. We will deal with this later,” Master Splinter said, jarring Don and Leo back into motion.


Donnie cleaned Bethany up as Leo was telling them all on what had happened.


“So the guy just took out his baseball bat, swung backwards and hit her ankle for nothing?” Raph said, looking at Leo in utter disgust.


“Yes. They won’t be getting far,” Leo snarled low.


“Did ya tie ‘em up at least?” Raph asked next.


“I was only worried about Beth after they were down,” Leo replied, knowing where his hot headed younger brother was going now.


“What else can we do?” Mikey asked them.


“Just let her sleep. I gave her a pain killer, wrapped her ankle and for her to sleep throughout the night,” Donnie said, looking at Leo.


“I’ll watch over her,” he said, walking over to the chair and sat down.


“Inform me if anything happens,” Don said as he pulled Mikey away.


“Aawe,” Mikey said; making a lovey-dovey face at Leo.


“I don’t like her in that way, Mikey,” Leo then told him.


Mikey chuckled as he and Don walked out towards the kitchen.


“Why does your brother say otherwise, Leonardo?” Master Splinter asked Leo when they were alone.


“I honestly don’t know, Master Splinter. I know that the last time that she was with us, Raph was there and made her a bit fearful of him because of his bulky frame,” Leo said, looking at the young who was slowly changing his life.


Sure, Leo was highly upset when the Foot was there down at the docks and yeah, again tonight with the Purple Dragons. However, something was missing from this entire picture.


But did he like Bethany as Mikey kept hinting at? No; he didn’t know her that well enough to have those kinds of emotions for her.


“I will have a talk with him on the…birds and the bees once more,” Master Splinter stated and walked out.


Leo looked at the closed door with wide eyes and he couldn’t help the blush that soon followed.


“Good thing I’m not Mikey,” Leo whispered low as then he heard Mikey shriek.




A soft giggle made him look at the other person in the room. Emerald green eyes stared back at him.


“What is Mikey doing now?” Beth asked, smiling a little.


“Uh…having an adult conversation with our father, that he already spoken about to us when we were kids,” Leo said, blushing more.


Beth smiled and then stared at Leo for a long time.


Now that she could easily see him, she lowered her eyes over his body.


“It’s not a costume,” Leo said, almost glaring at her.


“I know it’s not, Leo. I just …I’m sorry that my race is so harsh with what isn’t normal,” She told him, slowly sitting up and leaning against the headboard of the bed.


“I’m still waiting for you to run away and start screaming,” He replied, looking at her with a hard gaze.


“I’m not going to be doing that. Besides, I have a broken ankle, so running is out of the picture,” she said, shaking her head.


“Why didn’t you at least kick the man in the shin?” he asked her, changing the subject.


“Because I don’t know how to defend myself,” she replied back; in the same kind of tone as his.


Leo heavily sighed and said “I have a feeling that you getting hurt won’t be the last time, while you stay here in New York,”


“I’m getting that feeling too,” she agreed with him.


Gently taking her hand into his, Leo looked up into her eyes and said “If it means for you to come down here and you to meet up with this …Cara Dolly, then that option is still open,”


“I think I need to, to stay out of sight from the Foot and these…dragon people?” she said, looking at him in confusion.


He chuckled and said “Purple dragons. Hun is the leader of that gang group but, also the second in command of our old enemy: The Shredder,”


“The what?” She asked him, even more confused.


“My father, Master Splinter, was a normal pet rat. He was owned by you…humans,” Leo began to tell the story to her.


Bethany listened to it and was a great audience to Leo: she gasped in all the right places and glared at the mention of this Shredder guy.


“But if he is dead…then why have the Foot back in business? Why have Hun chasing after his own men? It’s like the Shredder is still alive somehow,” Beth commented, looking at Leo.


“I know. It makes no sense,” Leo said, thinking on this.


The yawn didn’t escape his notice as Beth slid back down to rest on her pillow.


“Sleep, I will be here,” Leo told her, gently tucking her in.


She nodded and said “I hope my things are brought down here. Mostly my camera stuff,”


“Shh,” Leo cooed as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


When he knew that she was in deep sleep, he got up and walked out of the medical area.


Raph was panting on the couch.


“What happened?” Leo asked, walking over to him.


“Her apartment is torched. I could only grab her camera stuff, her cell phone and laptop. Other than that, everything is gone,” Raph told him, coughing a little.


“Hun knows that she isn’t in there,” Leo gravely said.


“I don’t know, but he targeted her, Leo. She can’t stay up there on the surface,” Raph replied, looking at their father.


“She may stay here until she has to leave, but even then, I fear she is going to be in constant danger,” Master Splinter told them all. “Once you come into the Shredder’s network, it is difficult to truly leave it,”


“So…we can keep her?” Mikey said excitedly.


“Mikey, remember our talk,” Don warned him.


“For now, she has no other place to go, so she can stay here. She can sleep in my room,” Leo offered up first.


Mikey grinned widely but, Don put his hand over his mouth to keep him quiet.


“Very well. When she wakes up, we will tell her of the news,” Master Splinter said, shaking his head slowly. “For now, get some sleep my sons,”


“Yes, sensei,” they all said together.






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Chapter Text

Chapter 7: Beginning.


It was swift, cutting through the air silently.


She watched him like how someone studied an art painting in a museum. She couldn’t understand why she decided to watch him. Decided to just stop whatever she was doing and hobble into the dojo; the question that formed in her mind died when she saw him practice through his Katas alone.


Leo’s eyes were closed. His focus was so much more than tunnel vision that Beth suddenly felt the air rise in tension, just from him focusing so much.


“What can I help you with?” Leo asked her, his eyes still shut.


“Uh…” was all Beth could say; her mind trying to find that question.


The mutant turtle stopped his practicing and turned to look at her. He waited patiently for her to gather her thoughts once again.


“I…honestly forgot what I was going to ask you,” she told him, looking up at him in utter defeat.


“You’re not the only one who has done this. Ask April, she was silent for a whole half of an hour,” Leo teased her, smirking.


Beth smiled softly at this and said “I’ll ask her about it whenever she comes over,”


Leo walked over to her slowly; his training and then practice on top made his muscles exhausted.


“Did you hear back from that Dolly woman?” he asked her curiously.


“I did and since I’m …her words not mine… am such “a danger” and “couldn’t get” the order in on time, she let me go,” Beth replied, sadly looking at the floor.


Everyone knew that Beth was called here to do this 1 job. But, like everything else whenever it involved the turtles, it didn’t go as planned.


“I’m terribly sorry,” Leo told to her, gently taking her hand into his.


It seemed like the air was suddenly let out of her; her shoulders sagged, her body shrinking, sadness gripped her face and danced heavily within her emerald eyes.


“Is there any way that you can do any work here?” Leo asked, not wanting her to leave.


“I can do some things; just…this was a big project for me,” she replied, looking up into his worried brown eyes.


“Again, Bethany, I am sorry,” Leo said, not knowing what else to say.


Shaking her head she then said “It’s a slim chance of happening. Just got to get over it and move forward,”


Leo nodded and then said “If I can do anything…just let me know, please,”


“Know any tricks to relieve the pain?” Beth asked, half joking.


“Yeah, come with me,” Leo replied, gently taking her hand into his large one.


She slowly followed after him; hobbling a bit and not putting that much weight on her ankle. Her ankle was still in medical wraps and medical gauze.


Leo led them over to where Donnie was tinkering with something and looked up at them.


“Donnie, Beth is in pain. Can you check what is wrong?” Leo asked him, gently bringing her to a medical bed.


“Sure. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Donnie asked her, walking over to get the medical supplies.


“Because you’re always busy and the last time that I bothered one of you, he got upset and stormed out stating that I shouldn’t even be here,” she replied back, looking directly into his brown eyes.


Both brothers heavily sighed and said at once “Raph,”


“Don’t worry too much about him. Now, let’s see what is causing you some pain,” Donnie soothed her and started to unwrap the miles of medical wrappings.


Beth bit her lower lip; worrying it between her teeth, as Donnie shook his head.


“You’re lucky that we caught this in time,” he remarked, getting the antibacterial medical tube.


“It’s starting to get infected,” she stated, not asked.


“Yeah, it is,” Donnie replied, gently getting a wash cloth with warm soapy water.


She hissed with the warm damp wash cloth hit the small round wound that she got from the baseball bat that had a nail hammered through it.


Leo gently took her hand into his and whispered “Squeeze my hand. It’s Okay,”


Bethany looked at him and then squeezed hard. Leo was a little shocked at how strong she was, but gritted through it as Donnie cleaned the puncture round wound.


“Almost finished,” Donnie said, softly swiping at it.


“AAH!” she shrieked out, letting go of Leo’s hand and moving her leg away from the wash cloth.


“It’s okay,” Donnie said, calmly.


“Okay my ass! That hurt!” she retorted, starting to tuck her legs under her body.


“It will be over with soon. Come on, Beth,” Leo tried to help.


She swung her pale emerald eyes at him and said “It’s not Ok. And to think otherwise …”


“I know,” Leo replied, gently taking her hand again.


Beth heavily sighed and uncurled her legs, hesitant.


“I know it hurts and I’m sorry that this happened, but on the bright side, I got a leg cast for you,” Donnie reassured her; gently swiping at her wound again.


“How did you get that?” she asked through gritted teeth.


“We have a homeless network and with what they find, in the city dump, we exchange clothes and blankets for them as they give us items that might be useful,” Donnie explained to her.


Beth took hold of Leo’s hand and squeezed hard.


“AAH! Donnie, stop!” Leo cried out, grinding his morals from the pain.


Donnie gulped as he stopped and said “Well, now you know what it feels like for a woman to grip your hand Leo. You know, whenever they go into labor,”


“Don’t need to know this!” Beth retorted to him.


“And she’s not going into labor; let alone pregnant, Donatello. But, jeeze Beth, that hurt,” Leo voiced to them both.


“Sorry, it just hurts,” she told him, feeling bad now.


Donnie snickered behind his hand and then softly began swiping at her wound once more. Beth hissed and gripped the medical bed with all her strength; knuckles turning white.


Leo stood really close to her, wanting to give her some kind of comfort, but she didn’t hold his hand again.


Pretty soon it was over with as Donnie put the antibacterial on her wound and wrapped her shin up.


“Alright, all finished. Now, let me put this on you,” Donnie said, holding up the big gray plastic, foot and leg in one brace.


Beth nodded and then gently slipped her foot into the brace. Leo helped stable her balance by letting her lean on him.


“How long will she have to have this one, Donnie?” he asked his brother.


“Between 6 to 12 weeks,” Donnie replied, kneeling as he did the straps.


Beth took a step forward and felt weird. It felt like she needed to waddle a bit to just get the swing right.


“You alright with it?” Leo asked her, seeing her turn around and waddles back.


“Yeah, just need to waddle to get it right,” She replied, smiling up at him.


He didn’t know what that strange sensation of his stomach turning warm and then his breath was in his throat. Donnie was staring at him before gently nudging him with his own foot.


“Come on, let’s get out of my brother’s lab area,” Leo said, clearing his throat.


Beth nodded and followed after the blue masked brown eyed leader.


Donnie smirked and whispered when Leo was the one who was closing his door “Falling for her, Leo,”


“Shut up, Don,” he whispered back, shutting the door behind him with his brother chuckling.


“May I see you practice some more?” Beth asked Leo next.


He smiled softly and said “Not today. Normally I would be practicing all day long, but my body is sore,”


She nodded and then said “A hot and cold bath?”


“Sure, but I’ll be done soon. Go pick out a movie,” Leo told her, gently leading her over to the massive beaten down brown couch.


“Hello,” Mikey greeted her, smiling.


“Hi, Orange,” she greeted him back.


Leo soon left her be with his youngest baby brother.


“Mikey,” he corrected her.


“Like Michael Jordan,” She said excitedly.


“Right on, Dudette,” Mikey said, smiling wider.


“So what kind of movies do you guys have?” Beth asked him curiously.


“Do you like Horror?” Mikey asked, hope in his voice.


“No, I do not. Got anything besides, Horror, thriller or anything like that?” she asked him in return.


“Yeah…look through Leo’s section. Marked with the blue tab,” Mikey said, pulling out a shoe box filled with DVDs.


“Thank you, Mikey,” Beth told him, pulling it onto her lap and flicked through the slim black sleeves.


“So, you’re not completely weirded out by us?” Mikey asked her, flipping through the channels.


“Like I told Leo, I will tell you: No, I am not. I love reptiles and wish that I had a lizard or a non-venomous snake,” Beth said, looking directly into his clear blue eyes.


“Got it,” he eeped out.


“So did you guys pick out a movie?” Leo’s voice entered the conversation.


“That was a quick bath,” Beth teased him.


“Shower instead,” he smirked, heading into the kitchen.


She giggled softly and Leo felt his heart speed up. It was light, contagious and he couldn’t hold back a smile.


He quickly got the pizza box, two bowls of popcorn and some drinks for them all. Mikey quickly got up and helped him out; laying it all out on the table and giving Beth a plate of pizza to her.


“Thank you Mikey Jordan,” she teased.


“Oh, you haven’t seen me do some hoops yet!” he teased right back, winking.


Leo shook his head and softly said “Don’t encourage him,”


She giggled and patted his arm. Beth soon picked out a movie for Leo and her to enjoy.


Mikey got up, took his bowl of popcorn and walked to his bedroom yelling “Enjoy your movie date night Leo!”


Leo shook his head as Beth ignored that.


They watched a couple of movies, but talked right through them on many different topics.


“So you were sent to South America, for more training because?” Beth asked him, trying to understand it.


“Because I needed to be a good leader, but also be on my own,” Leo replied back.


Beth nodded and said “I bet your brothers weren’t that happy when you got back,”


“Don and Mike were happy to see me, but Raph? Raph took it the hardest. We have always been together, but after that …adventure… I guess you can call it, with Winters, my family and I are stronger now,” Leo said, surprised that she picked up on that part so fast.


“I’m glad that you guys are over it too. Though, could you help me get up the stairs? I have to go to the bathroom,” Beth asked of him, blushing.


Leo smiled softly and stood up, holding his hand out to her stating “Sure. Come on up, Ai,”


“What does that mean?” Beth asked him, placing her hand into his; her eyes locked onto his own.


“Got to figure it out on your own,” he snickered, lifting her up onto his shell.


Beth gasped as she clung around his back; her thighs gripping harshly against his shell edge.


“Easy. Just …close your eyes,” Leo panted out.


“Uh huh,” she dumbly replied, but didn’t loosen her grip.


Leo shook his head, and then started running. Beth ducked her head as they were flipping in the air and then she was lowered to stand safely on her feet.


“easy, easy,” Leo repeated, gently holding her as she shook a little.


“That was …unexpected,” she said, looking at him with very wide green eyes.


“Sorry. But, the bathroom is right behind you. And afterwards, I would like for you to get some sleep,” Leo said, nodding behind her.


“Thank you for hanging out with me. I know it’s not easy to get to know another person,” she told him, smiling softly.


“You’re welcome and yeah, but you’re really nice, Beth,” Leo replied back.


She nodded and walked into the bathroom.


Leo silently headed back down stairs.


Raph was sitting in Beth’s spot, flipping through the channels now.


“So, how was your date?” he grunted out.


“It wasn’t a date,” Leo got defensive.


“Uh huh, keep telling yourself that, big brother,” Raph smirked.


Leo heavily sighed and then said “Honestly it wasn’t a date. We’re were getting to know one another since she’s still a strange to us all,”


“I hear what you’re saying, but still. She seems to gravitate towards you,” Raph explained to him.


“I don’t see it, Raph. Besides, how can we date, when we both don’t know each other? There isn’t a standing foundation for that just yet,” Leo grumbled out.


Raph stared at him then and said “I know, Leo. Just teasing you on it, makes all of us laugh. It’s not every day where you get this goofy expression whenever she smiles at you. Or whenever she watches you practice-”


“If you say, that’s creepy, then don’t!” Leo cut in, glaring at Raph in warning.


Holding his hands up in surrender Raph then said “I wasn’t going to, but I wonder what she’s thinking to stare at you for that long,”


“Probably to study how I move. I see her watching me, but she’s watching how I move. When we practice tomorrow morning, watch how she looks at not just me, but all of us,” Leo protested more.


Raph nodded and said “Alright, but I will step in when need be,”


“Don’t worry about Bethany, Raph. She’s not an enemy,” Leo growled low, putting his DVD’s away.


Raph shook his head at his eldest brother.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8: Stay.


2 weeks later


A swish of the bristles on the canvas added the color that she needed.


Despite not delivering on what Miss Dolly wanted, Beth stayed in New York for some time. Her parents wanted her to come home, but Beth wasn’t one to give up that easily.


Deep down, she couldn’t or wouldn’t want to leave the turtles. It was a few weeks and already her ankle felt better than before; her shin wound was healing slowly.


She bit her lower lip and looked at the painting once more.


The painting had five figures that were blurred out but, you could still see the round oval shape of their shells. The different colored masks that each turtle wore and the dark rich brown as their knee and elbow pads.


“What’s that?” she heard from behind her.


Whirling around, Beth looked at the massive mutated rat that they all called: Master Splinter.


“Uh…you guys,” she simply said, moving out of the way and showing him.


“Mm, my boys will enjoy this,” he said, smiling at the painting.


“It’s almost finished,” she told him.


“Excellent. Now what are you going to do until your time here in New York is up?” Master Splinter asked her.


“Paint, paint the pictures that I took and sell them. Wait for an offer to come in and hopefully succeed in delivering what that person wants,” she honestly said, looking at the ground.


“But you do not want to leave,” Master Splinter said, studying her some more.


“…to be completely honest with you, no I don’t. Your sons are …unique but, fascinating. I know that Big Red, I mean Raphael doesn’t trust me. And he has every reason to not trust me since I am a complete stranger to him,” Beth answered, looking up at Master Splinter.

Master Splinter smiled at the nickname for his hot headed son.


“Out of them all, Leo is the only one who wants to get to know me. Mikey wants to play his video games or watch movies until his heart is content. Donnie is too busy working on things that I don’t even know what they are,” Beth continued, looking at her painting once more.



“Both Michelangelo and Donatello are very respectful to those who consider are a part of this family. They would not want to hurt any of their brothers. And since Leonardo has taken that step to get to know you, they do not want to hurt him,” Master Splinter supplied to her.


“What? They think I’m his girlfriend or something?” she bluntly asked him.


“In so many words: yes,” Master Splinter smiled.


“But I don’t know him that well to be in that position with Blue,” Beth protested.


“That is the first time that you have referred Leonardo to his mask color,” Master Splinter stated.


Beth blushed and looked down at the ground mumbling “I like to call him that in my head,”


Master Splinter smiled as he then said “When you do leave, you won’t be leaving friends behind, Miss Dusan, but family,”


Beth watched him walk away as she looked back at her painting. It was now; with clear eyes, that Leo was more focused on. His features and gear were more easily spotted instead of the rest of his brothers.


Swallowing thickly, Beth took up her brush and cleaned it; dipping it into another color and started to make the others the same as Leo’s figure.


Hidden in the shadows, a blue masked ninja turtle had listened to the whole conversation. He wanted to honestly hear what Bethany had to truly say about what his brothers were teasing him of her.


Leo quietly sneaked away and headed into the kitchen.


Later that night, he lay in his bed, but couldn’t fall asleep.

Getting up and out of his bed, Leo crept out of his room and down the hallway. When passed by the family room, he noticed that the couch was empty.


His eyes swung to the ajar dojo door and walked towards it. Peaking around the door, he saw Beth walking around the dojo.


He smiled as he crept over to her.


Silently planting his feet, springing from his platform and then flipping quietly through the air, Leo wondered if she would hear him. He landed silently right behind her but, she had stopped.


What Beth was seeing was a shadow with a round shell. She relaxed her shoulders and her body from the tension that seized her up.


“What are you doing?” she asked softly, afraid that someone would hear her.


“I could ask you the same thing,” Leo stated, walking around to her front.


With her emerald eyes locked onto him, she was silent.


Leo could play this game too, but moved his head in a nudge way for her to talk first.


Heavily sighing Beth then said “It’s what your father said to me,”


“What about?” he asked, his eyebrow ridge muscle rose up.


“About you, liking me more than a friend when I decide to leave,” she told him.


Leo groaned and then said “I don’t know you, is the thing, Beth. Why they are pushing this so much is beyond any reasoning now. I like you as a friend, but even still…”


“You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop,” She finished for him.


He nodded, understanding.


Beth shook her head and said “I’m not going to hurt you. I would rather die to protect you and your family than give your secret away and hurt you in the due process,”


“I wouldn’t want you to die for me or my family. Because like I said before, you have become a good friend,” Leo protested at that.


“I know, but if it ever came down to it, I would,” she replied, looking at the floor.


“What are you doing up anyway?” Leo asked, changing the subject for now.


“Felt restless. Can’t walk through the sewers in this cast, so walking around here was the best option,” She told him, walking a head.


Leo walked beside her and then said “you must be getting better if you’re feeling restless,”


“It comes and goes. It’s weird, on how the human body recovers from an injury,”


“You sound almost like Donnie,”


“I read a bit of stuff,”


“I didn’t mean that in a bad way, just that you remind me of him whenever he has found something interesting,”


“Oh. Well, it’s not that I’m a genius or anything,”


“Lean on me, we’re going back to the couch. You’re limping Beth,” Leo said to her in his commanding voice.


“Alright,” she said, swallowing nervously.


Leo help lay her right arm over his shoulder and shell area and walked out of the dojo. His eyes glanced to his left and spotted something.


“What’s that on your neck?” he asked her curiously.


“A tattoo of a simple butterfly. I had a scar there but, didn’t want people to stare, so I went to a tattoo parlor to get it covered up,” Beth explained as she was eased onto the couch.


“May I see it, please?” Leo asked, sitting down right next to her; their thighs and legs touching.


“Sure,” she replied, pulling back her hair and revealing jagged edge wings of a simple butterfly.


“Which is the real part of the scar?” Leo asked, looking at the wings more so then anything else.


“The left side. My cousins were rough housing and knocked me into a crystal lamp that our grandmother had standing up; it lit the whole room,” Beth started to explain while pointing to where the scar was at. “She could’ve cared less of the lamp, but rushed me to the closet hospital all the while yelling and scolding my cousins for being so careless that it wasn’t their house to do that in,”


Leo shook his head and asked “What happened to them?”


“They weren’t allowed back to my grandmother’s house until they learned what it means to go to her house for fun, but not that fun,” Beth replied, glancing over at him.


Leo nodded and said “If it was me, I wouldn’t have let them come back at all. The cut looks to be close to an artery,”


“Because it is. Another centimeter in, and I would have bled out,” She told him, turning to look at him.


Paling at this, Leo nodded once and said “Well I’m glad that you didn’t. I remember Raph wanted to go into the forbidden tunnels, when we were kids,”


“Uh oh,” Beth said, leaning back against the couch.


Leo copied her and smiled a little “Yeah; you can pretty much know where this is going,”


“Knowing how Raph is…yeah I do,” she replied, looking at him.


“Well we weren’t allowed to go there…” Leo began the story as Beth listened in.


High above on the second landing, the other brothers were listening in on them too.


“Do ya think she will stay?” Raph whispered low.


“She’s use to a life on the road. That kind of freedom is hard to curb, Raph,” Don whispered back.


“You never know, she might,” Mikey whispered too.


They heard laughing from Beth when Leo had finished the story.


“Seriously? He did that?” she said in between laughs.


“And you can’t tell me that he’s not blushing down there,” Raph whispered, looking at his other brothers.


“I don’t know, Raph,” Donnie whispered, looking at him.


“Leo has been telling us all that he doesn’t see her that way, just as a friend,” Mikey whispered too.


“He can deny it all he wants, but what I am seeing is exactly how Casey was reacting whenever April was around,” Raph whispered, looking down below.


Leo was doing something silly, giggling and laughter was softly coming from Beth.


“How can we get him to see that, dude? Beth is almost close to leaving,” Mikey stated softly.


“Then, we do things in the shadows: force them to see it,” Raph said, turning around and heading back to his bedroom.


Mikey looked at Donnie who was silent throughout this part of the conversation.


“I honestly think he doesn’t like her, but, if what Raph says is sound, then I don’t mind helping Leo see it,” Don commented to Mikey.


“He just doesn’t know it yet, Don,” Mikey tried but, Donnie had already turned to his bedroom.


Back down below, Beth was falling asleep as Leo watched her carefully.


‘What is it that my brothers see that I do not? Sure, she’s beautiful, but what is it?’ Leo thought to himself as he felt her head on his shoulder.


Unsure of what else to do, he wrapped his arm around her thus having her snuggle more into him. A faint blush appeared on his face from this small act of trust from her.


4 weeks later


Beth sighed heavily as she saw Leo limp about.


“You don’t have to tell me, that I messed up!” he snapped at her.


“Hey, I am just curious on when you will stop being injured all the time around here,” she snarled back, glaring at him.


He looked over his shoulder and ducked his head muttering “I’m sorry, Beth,”


She walked over to him and gently turned him around to look at her.


“I can understand some things, Leo, about your world, but there is one where you keep me in the dark completely,” she told him, steadily waiting for it.


“I keep you in the dark because I don’t want you to get hurt or worse,” Leo replied, staring into her eyes.


“Sorry to burst your bubble but, we all get hurt and someday we all will die. So if I learn about this myself, which I have my ways or, you can easily just tell me as to why you are getting hurt so often,” she leveled it with him; her arms crossed over her chest and she rolled her weight to the left.


He heavily sighed and said “We have enemies that want us dead. You know this just like I do. There is just more activity then normal from them,”


“You honestly think that I am still being hunted by them?” she asked, her gaze softened.


“Yes, I do. They give us reminders to see if we have any reaction to you,” Leo told her the truth.


“Which sends you into a complete anger because you know I am here safe, but also I’m your friend,” she continued, shaking her head.


He gently limped closer and put his hands around her waist; he didn’t dare go any further than this.


Leo had blushed at first because it was her body that he was holding and yes, she did give him permission to do so, but it was still her body that he was respecting at the beginning. Now, he was confident in what he was doing and the small gesture was wearing on him.


“I keep my emotions from them, but somehow their taunting is getting to me. So much so that Raph has to remind me before meeting up with the Foot,” Leo explained, looking at the ground in irritation.


Beth shifted and then took a step into Leo’s personal space some more and rested her hand on his cheek.


This surprised Leo a lot because for the longest time, he never saw Beth engage anymore then a hug or high five or three.


“Then let him or the others, or even your father, know of what is troubling you, Blue. They’re your family and if one is having too much to bear, then talking about it won’t hurt you in any way, shape, or form,” she told him, softly rubbing his cheek.


Leo swallowed as he knew how much his brothers disliked her calling them by their head bandanas. Now he understands it a bit better. He hummed as he leaned into her hand.


“I’ll talk to them,” he purred almost.


Beth smiled and then wrapped her arms around Leo’s shoulders, which shocked him. He stilled completely because, sure, he got hugs from April every now and then, but this was different. Bethany was different from April.


“Thank you and please, no more injuries and don’t try to hide it either. I don’t know how much more pain I can take from just seeing you …limp through it,” she whispered into his shoulder.


“Ha, ha, very funny,” He teased her, slowly smiling.


Beth pulled back and smiled brightly at him; her emerald eyes dancing with mirth and warmth in them that Leo stood there in awe.


2 weeks later


“You sure, that you don’t want to stay?” Leo asked her, trying to not step on her foot.


“Leo, I’ve healed up. My ankle is fine now. I need to get back to the surface world or my parents will think I have died or something,” Beth stressed to him, moving her body to the music that was playing in the dojo.


The others were dancing off to the side, but stopped to listen in.


Leo’s heart was in his throat.


Over time; no matter if it was his brothers doing or not, Beth and him were always together. They sat next to each other at the wooden table or on the couch whenever they wanted to watch something on the TV. Beth would seek Leo out if she had something to on her mind or he would see why she was so silent at times.


“I understand that, I mean, we have a phone that you’ve been using,” Leo commented back to her, his eyes locking with hers now.


“And I have, but even for us humans, hiding away isn’t always the best for us,” she replied, twirling away from him.


Leo growled low as he danced after her.


Beth had come up with an idea to get her blood flowing by dancing in the dojo. She honestly thought that Leo and Master Splinter would have a heart attack because dancing wasn’t something that you did in a dojo. But when Master Splinter had stated that dancing is just like how they all train, the brothers and herself have been doing ever since.


“When do you want to leave?” Leo asked, knowing that he couldn’t keep her down here against her will.


Bethany stopped and looked at him whispering “In a few days at least,”


Leo had stopped dancing too, but was in her personal bubble. His breathing was fast but soft, his chest moving up and down as his eyes were locked with hers.


“Let me know and I’ll take you back up,” he said, but his mind was fighting against of letting her go.


“I’ll miss you a lot,” she told him, not moving or looking away.


“Me too, Ai,” he mumbled her nickname.


“You know, I’ve never been able to look that up,” she said, smiling a little.


“You probably will when you return to the surface,” Leo smiled back.


It felt like the world had melted away for them both. Every little thing that they did or said the other copied it.


Don, Raph, Mikey and Master Splinter had all left the dojo by now. They knew when these two got like this, it was just better to leave it to them.


“Or you could easily tell it to me, Blue,” she teased him.


Leo chuckled and said “No, no. I’ll let you figure it out on your own, Ai,”


“Not fair,” she giggled.


“It’s not always fair,” he stated back, still smiling.


“Oh, I did some touch ups to your painting,”


“You did?”


“Yeah, it was fading and it was bugging me a lot,”


“If I need to”


“I already left you the brand of the paint that I use, with the color and numbers so that you can keep up on it yourself,” she cut in.


“Good. Now I’m curious on what it looks like,” Leo said, walking over to the stereo and turning it off.


“Well come on, froggie,” she teased and then ran out of the dojo.


Ooh you will regret calling me that, Ai,” Leo mumbled to himself, smiling as he then took off after her.


Beth was only barely getting to the landing on the second floor when she saw a blur land right in front of her.


He slowly stood to his full height, smirking at her.


“Uhh…” she said as Leo smiled more.


“One,” he counted, knowing her so well.


Her heart raced further in her chest as she looked around. She couldn’t go anywhere.


“Two,” he stepped closer to her.


Beth looked at him, smirked and backing up. Leo arched an eyebrow ridge up as to what she was going to do.


She ran, planted her feet before springing upwards, tucking her body tight into a ball as she flipped over Leo and landed with a solid thud right behind him.


Leo turned around and looked at her in shock.


“Remember, I watch a lot of what is going on around me. Plus, Master Splinter has been giving me private lessons on what to do on how to defend myself,” she revealed to him, turning around and walking towards his bedroom.


“Private lessons?” Leo asked, jogging up to her.


She giggled and then said “Yes, Leo, he has. Now, want to see what I did?”


Leo shook his head and then opened the door for her. She walked inside and then over to his desk.


Leo was too busy to see her as he gazed upon his painting that was freshly repainted.


“You didn’t just touch up,” he stated to her.


“No, but it was fading and needed it,” she replied, watching him carefully.


“I didn’t realize that you can do that to paintings,” he said, turning back to it.


“It’s…a lot of strain on the painting because you’re adding new paint, not the old paint that the artist had used back then. A lot of art museums do this and the public doesn’t know the difference,” Beth commented.


“They do?” Leo turned back around to her.


“Yeah. It’s why the Mona Lisa has lasted for this long,” she replied, getting up and walked over to his bed.


Even though that she had finally agreed to be in his bedroom, Beth still didn’t like that she kicked him to the couch.


“Where will you go next?” Leo asked her, sitting beside her on his bed.


“I don’t know. My work takes me all over; some into friendly countries and sometimes into… not so friendly countries,” Beth answered, taking his head bandana ties into her fingers.


Leo stiffened at this but, studied her as she just flicked the ends between her fingers.


“I bet you will like having your room and bed back,” she said, dropping the ends and looking into his eyes.


Leo nodded, gently lifting his hand and gently rubbing his index finger across her cheek.


Beth stared at him with uneasiness. They never talked about going further than friendship.


“I will miss you, Beth,” Leo whispered, his finger still stroking her cheek.


Knock, knock, and knock!


“Casey! Get away from there!” Raph’s voice snarled at him.


“But Leo needs to know of this dude,” Casey replied back.


“Not until he comes out of there!” Raph still snarled but yanked Casey away.


Leo heavily sighed and said “I better go and see what they want,”


Beth leaned over and softly pressed her lips on his cheek. Leo blushed heavily as he gazed into her eyes.


“I’m not going anywhere any time soon. At least not for the next few days,” she told Leo, getting up and walking out of his room.





Somewhere in Japan, there was a tall black building in Kobe. It was the financial capital of Japan. Nestled between Osaka and Kyoto, it was also nestled between the sea and the Rokko mountain range.


Kobe being on the list of the top 10 cities within Japan besides Tokyo, Kobe is also, though not mentioned, is considered the most attractive cities.


But the black building towered over the others of the skyline. The sleek built of it was sharp in an angry way.


Within the top floor, overlooking the city, there stood a man in a black full business suit.


A knock came from his office door.


“Enter,” He said flatly.


The door opened and the woman walked inside and then knelt to the ground.


“We have not found her, Master. We have tried to get the turtles to react, but nothing came from them. We believe this…Bethany Dusan is not in New York City anymore,” the woman softly informed him.


“Then forget about her. Bishop will look her up later. Have you found where the Turtles live?” the man asked the woman.


“No, just like how we cannot find the woman, we cannot find their home,” the woman replied, still kneeling on the ground.


“We need to keep them at bay. We cannot let them mess this up for us, Karai,” the man snarled at her.


“Yes, Father, I know. But, keeping them at bay will be dwelt with,” Karai told him, hoping that he would understand.


“Good. Now leave,” the man ordered her.


“Yes, Father,” Karai said, getting up and leaving the office quickly.


 When the door had closed, the man growled out to himself “She’s lying for whatever reason to protect the turtles. Find this woman, Bishop,”


A computer flickered on and a man with black glasses on with a black suit on replied “Don’t worry, Mister Saki. My men are entering the city as we speak. If they can’t find her, then she is no longer there,”


“Get her. I don’t care if she’s in another country, get her,” Oroku Saki snapped and killed the connection to Bishop.


Oroku Saki slid normal looking blue eyes towards the tank that had a pure white pet turtle.


“Don’t worry, she’ll meet you soon enough,” he cooed at the turtle who took a gulp of air and swam under a log to hide.

Chapter Text

Chapter 9: Ease dropping.


Beth walked along the sidewalks as she had just left her hotel. There were a lot of people out and about. She was now in Japan doing a lot more projects then she had in a long time.


Her mind flashed of New York and her heart constricted in pain.


She kept in touch with April since she left New York City but, other than that, Bethany forced herself to take projects that were closer to “home”.


Her eyes looked across the street and something about this woman amongst all the others tickled her senses. This woman wore all black; black long sleeved shirt, black tight fitting pants, and black boots, with black sunglasses on.


‘Leo, help me out,’ she thought privately as she held her camera up.


She didn’t follow the woman like most people would do, no. her camera is somewhat big, noticeable and she would get caught.


What Beth did was take a snap where the woman was going to be and then, take a different picture of the buildings, the street, back to the woman again and do it all over again. Something about her made Beth more on edge.


Beth walked with everyone else across the street of the busy road as pretended to look at her camera. Out of the corner of her left eye, she saw the woman meet up with a man that Beth already knew: Hun.


‘Leo….Leo…Leo….’ she thought, her heart pumping with fear.


It was then that her cell phone vibrated. Digging into her pocket, Beth walked over to a bench and sat down. She looked at the screen as it stated April.


Swiping to unlock the screen, Beth, softly glanced up through her camera. Hun and this…Japanese ninja woman had walked further down the street then she thought they could.


Her eyes darted back to her cell phone screen.


“Beth? Beth? What is going on? I have Leo here freaking out. Call me whenever you can. April” it read.


Beth glanced around and then walked in the opposite direction of where Hun and this ninja woman were heading.


“But why hook up? What’s the angle?” she muttered to herself as she needed to get out of this city for a bit.


While she caught a bus, she texted back to April that she was in Japan and saw Hun.


Her phone jingled a few seconds later; as she swiped it to accept the call.


“Hello?” she asked, leaning against the window for some privacy.


“Beth,” Leo’s voice echoed through.


“Leo,” she whispered out.


“What do you mean that you saw Hun?” Leo asked, getting to the point.


“I saw him with this ninja woman. She wore all black from her shirt to her sunglasses. It was…weird but frightening,” she whispered low, looking around as no one talked on the bus.


Normally, back home in America, people who got on the bus would talk to or with each other but, here in Japan; the people were silent while riding the bus or the train.


“This is bad. Beth, we need you to come home,” April’s voice soon greeted her ears.


“I can’t just ditch my clients here. Just tell me what I can do, Leo,” Beth hissed, noticing how her voice echoed.


“Just try to stay out of sight. Hun is the most dangerous person of the two. Karai, the woman that you saw in all black, used to work for the Shredder; one of our enemies here in New York,” Leo informed her, picking up on her whispering.


“Great,” she mumbled, looking at the floor of the bus.


“Where are you heading?” Leo asked her next.


“Honestly I don’t know. I just got onto a bus to get out of the city and away from them. I think…it’s heading to …Tokushima?” she said, spotting the destination on the board at the front of the bus.


“You got a 2 hour bus ride. You’re safe for now,” Leo replied, sighing.


“I’m sorry, Leo,” she whispered to him.


“Don’t be. It’s not your fault. Just a magnet for trouble is all,” he joked.


“Ha, ha. I am not,” She pouted.


Leo chuckled low and then said “Donnie has set up a message thing for us to talk, it would be better that way,”


“Okay, let me see how to get it,” Beth whispered again, looking through her cell phone.


“TApp,” Leo supplied to her.


“Nice,” she muttered, finding it with ease and downloading.


“Though to find it, you have to have April’s number or else it won’t show,” Donnie’s voice came through next.


“Hey Don,” Beth greeted him.


“Hi, how are you feeling?” he asked her worriedly.


“I’m alright now,” she said.


“Switching over to the apple. Put your headphones on,” Don instructed her and the call ended.


She did what he said and smiled when a live video came on. Leo was hovering over Donnie’s office chair, Raph was pacing as Mikey was keeping him busy as Donnie smiled at her from his chair.


“Hi,” Don greeted her.


She waved at them.


“You can talk to us,” he then informed her.


“Oh, well I didn’t know,” she softly replied, leaning in her seat.


Leo looked up at her and said “Hi, Bethany,”


“Hi Leonardo,” she whispered back, smiling.


“You look much better than the last time I saw you,” he said, a soft smile appeared on his face as Donnie got up and left the chair to him.


“My mom wouldn’t let me out of the house for an extra month while I was there,” She grumbled, shaking her head.


Leo chuckled behind his hand and said “That’s what parents are for,”


“Mmhm,” she hummed.


“Thank you for the paintings that you painted of us,” Leo whispered to her, sitting in the chair and leaning back.


“You’re welcome. Though I did leave you all something else too. Just haven’t found it yet, have you?” she whispered back, looking up as the bus had stopped.


The bus let off passengers and some came on; but no one sat near her which she was thankful for.


“You alright?” he asked, seeing how she looked around.


“Yeah, bus stopped to let people on and off,” she mumbled, looking back down at him.


Leo calmed down a bit and said “Good. I don’t like it, you’re that far away and I can’t do anything to help you,”


“I’m a big girl, Blue. Your father taught me some things,” Beth countered him.


“Yeah, but Hun is more skilled then you are, Beth,” Leo stressed to her.


“I know, but it’s all that I can do,” she said, letting it go.


“When you get to …Tokushima, blend in. Be a tourist. Buy things. Donnie is hooking you up with some money right now and please, don’t argue with this on me,” Leo informed her.


“Blue?” she said, looking at her phone.


“…Yes?” he replied, looking back at her.


“Calm down. If I get hurt, I get hurt. I know I am worrying you a lot, but, please, take a breath and calm down. Trust me,” she told him.


Leo nodded slowly. He knew that he was over reacting here, but he was meditating while she was thinking of him. For asking, nearly begging his name for help.


“I do trust you, I just don’t trust Hun and Karai,” Leo said, his eyes on the floor now.


“Care to tell me all about it? I got a long ride,” she suggested to him.


And just like old times, the world melted away, just leaving them two in focus.


“Karai is the daughter of Shredder. I don’t know how, or why, but he found her in Japan. Or so she has told me,” Leo began as Beth listened. “She was raised by him; knowing all that he knows of fighting and being a ninja. Her skill level matches that of my own. She can defeat Hun with ease, Beth. It’s the same reason as to why I fear for your safety. If she is at my skill level and can take down Hun, you…you are still beginning at this,”


“Yes,” she said, thinking.


Leo picked up on this right away and asked “What?”


She typed it out as Leo waited for her reply.


“I honestly think she fed you a lie there, Leo. She wanted your trust, that is a given as is the sky is blue. She may be an orphan but, she is not the …Shredder’s daughter. I honestly don’t think he wanted her, but someone changed his mind to keep her. I’m just sensing, Leo, that something is off with this Shredder guy. He may be one of your enemies, but what’s the point of keeping a baby when he doesn’t need one? What’s the End Game for him with Karai?” is what she wrote to him.


Beth was watching his face, curious as to what reactions she would see. Leo’s face didn’t change all that much; his eyebrow ridges rose a little but that was it.


He then looked at the keyboard and started to type back.


“How do you know? I know that you always tell me that something of a situation is always screaming through your …gut… but, still? I’m not that in-tuned with my ….gut…but, you are. I’m not saying that what you told me isn’t true; it could’ve easily been to gain my trust with her. With the little information that I gave you, you suddenly come back with you already know that something is off with the Shredder. Just…whoa,” was what he wrote back.


Beth smiled and then typed back to him.


“Leo, if I know anything from Mikey it’s this: The bad guy in all of his comics have weird strange ego boosting nicknames for themselves. I mean, who on earth would pick those names for their real life name? Only crazy people would. And I am so in tuned with my Gut that, I know you can’t see your brothers; mostly Raph by the way, making kissy faces and teasing you behind your back, without looking behind your chair, mind you,”


Leo blushed heavily as he peaked around the chair and saw his brothers teasing him with Beth.


“You are so going to get it, when I’m finished talking to Beth,” Leo hissed low.


His brothers jumped at this; Mikey screamed as he jumped onto Raph. Raph then stumbled backwards, flipped over the couch and a loud CRUNCH was heard.


“Beth, I’ll continue to text to you, I have a scolding for my brothers to hear,” Leo growled low.


Beth giggled and said “can’t wait, Blue,”


Her connection with the live video was gone as she heard Mikey screaming “I’M SORRY LEO! I’M SORRRRRRRRRRRRY!”


Beth and Leo texted back and forth to each other until Beth was off of the bus and walking around.


She had sent him one last text stating “With all of my love, I will bring a joy to thee of ever eternal spring. You cannot find where I am found, but in sight of the Brown. Figure it out the rest of the riddles for each of you and you will find what I have missed,”


Beth soon became a tourist within this town; going through the shops and buying what she liked. What the Turtles and April did not know was that she bought some things for them too.


Beth wanted some place to be away from the curious eyes of everyone. Heading towards the harbor or port, it was bare of people except for those who worked here.


She was standing just at the water’s edge behind some shipping containers where she saw a lot of massive ships docking, leaving and people going about their day.


‘What is it with me and shipping docks?’ she thought, sitting down and staring into the oily green polluted water.


“Report,” a soft woman’s voice snapped Beth out of her thoughts.


“We cannot find her. She has simply disappeared. May I ask, Mistress, why do we need her?” the man’s voice replied back to her.


“We need her because our master has future plans; which I’m not going to discuss this so…openly. I will inform our master that she is no longer our top priority for now. Did our men get the shipping container?” the woman asked her soldier.


Beth was confused but, stayed still as she listened in. What no one realized was that, her cell phone was still connected to the turtles. And it was picking up this conversation too.


“Yes, Mistress, we did. Inside however, there was nothing,” the man reported back.




Beth had a hand over her mouth as her eyes widened.


“What do you mean that it was empty? Where is the items that were suppose to go with it?” the soft woman’s voice because deadly sharp.


“We had some hiccups down at the docks within New York City. The Turtles….they keep interfering with us. After that explosion there, we have to go underground to get what we truly need, Mistress,” The man wheezed out.


‘Leo!’ Beth’s mind screamed in panic.




“We know how to handle them. That mistake shouldn’t make us fear of keeping our master’s business going! I don’t care if you have to set up guards around the docks, or buy that area out. You will go back to New York and get that shipment here. Once we are finished with Japan, and then its New York’s turn,” the woman snarled angrily.


Sharp boots clicked angrily away on the wooden dock.


“I don’t think so lady,” the man grumbled to no one or so he thought.


Beth remained silent and still as the man walked away. She stayed there for a good 15 minutes until her cell phone lit up.


She looked down at it, her heart hammering with fear as she saw it was Leo.


“Leo,” she said, accepting the live feed.


“Relax, we heard it all. And that was Karai with her henchmen. Beth, come home,” Leo told her, keeping calm.


“That was Karai? From what April had told me was that she helped you guys out with the Winters thing,” Beth said confused, looking around and then hurriedly walking back to the main road.


“She’s stuck, Beth. She’s not a good person, but doesn’t want the world to come to an end,” Donnie spoke up next with compassion.


“Still doesn’t make it right to physically hurt someone else, just because you’re not getting your way with life,” Beth countered back.


“Thank you, Princess!” Raph’s voice entered now.


“You’re welcome little beast,” Beth teased him back.


“Hey, I’m not a beast. Just don’t go hurting my family and I’ll play nicely,” Raph smirked.


“Yeah, sure, Big Red,” Beth replied, hurriedly getting on a bus that was heading back to Kobe.


“Are you safe?” Leo asked next as she put her headphones on.


“Yes,” She replied back.


“She’s a big girl, Leo. She can easily take care of herself. I hear nothing, so I’m guessing she’s on a bus or train,” Raph tried to ease his big brother’s worry.


“Correct, Raph,” Beth whispered low.


“When you get to the hotel, come home,” Leo said to her.


“That’s not how I do my business, Leo,” she reminded him.


“Your safety is more important,” he argued back.


All he got was silence as Beth knew better then to argue with a brick wall.


“We’re just worried, Beth,” Donnie supplied to her.


“I know, Don. I know,” she told him, looking out the window.


She took a few pictures of the changing scenery but the ride back was awfully quiet. The turtles kept in constant contact with her through texting and live video chat.


Beth got off of the bus and headed to her hotel as she got her canvases out and started to paint. She worked and worked well into the night.


The guys had to go patrolling like always and that left her alone. Within the 2 ½ to 3 hour gap that she was left alone, she got some of the canvases completed or nearly completed.


Cleaning up a bit, Beth texted Leo; that she was going to bed and hoped that he and his brothers were safe.


A simple text from Leo came back.


“Be safe, for you carry something more important than proving a point. I will see you when you are finished with your projects, Beth. Good night my Ai,”


Beth felt her throat constrict and swallowed the lump in her throat.


Her fingers flew over the keyboard; hit sent and then went to bed.


Back in New York City, underground within the Turtle’s lair, a blue masked turtle softly smiled at the text that he got.


“I will if you will, Blue. And: わかったよ レオ ,”


“I knew you would, Ai,” he mumbled to himself as he walked into the dojo to get his training started.






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Chapter Text

Chapter 10: Yamato Tower.


Soft footsteps walked the long, lonely corridor.


The woman came to a halt just outside of massive decorative wooden doors when she heard voices on the other side of it.


“Master, we cannot find her. But, why is this woman so important?” the thick voice of Hun carried out.


“Why not her? Why not have her as one of my own?” the too calm voice of their master answered back.


“But what about Karai, sir? I’m just trying to understand your plans for now,” Hun asked, trying to figure it out.


“Hun, Karai is none of importance to the key parts of this plan. She has her own mission to complete,” Oroku Saki stated.


Even though she never knew her real biological parents, Karai felt a pang of hurt from her adoptive father. Finer than the sharpest paper cut, those words hurt. Spinning around, Karai quietly walked away.


“When are we going to go after the turtles?” Hun changed the subject for now.


“When I tell you,” Oroku Saki hissed in warning.


“I’m sorry, for stepping out of line, there master. Please, forgive me,” Hun then said, sounding very sincere.


“How is your squad coming along?” Oroku switched topics again.


“They are restless, Master. They know who is in charge, but waiting around isn’t something that they like. They are teenagers after all,” Hun replied, desperate on how to control them.


It was silent for a minute.


“Tell them to rob these places. It will keep the …policemen, busy with who it is, but Hun,” Oroku Saki began slowly, “You better keep them out of sight or this will never work and you will pay for it,”


“Y-yes m-m-master,” Hun stuttered back, bowing and leaving the room.





“Another day gone and the welcoming of another evening,” Raph muttered bored from his perch on the building.


“Why are we doing this again?” Mikey asked any of his brothers.


“You’ve heard the news reports, Mikey,” Donnie told him, getting annoyed now.


Raph looked over at their eldest brother who was silently staring out into the city.


“She’ll come back, Leo,” he muttered low, not drawing their other two brothers into this.


“Just how did you know that I liked her, well before it even happened?” Leo asked, still staring outward.


“Unless you haven’t noticed, big bro, I am a ninja and I did see the glances and looks that you stole from her. Plus, it didn’t help that the signs were of what I saw before, from Casey. Along with master Splinter smelling your …hormones or something like that?” Raph expressed back, smirking.


Leo looked over at him in shock and blushed.


“Do you think she’ll ever come back?” Leo then voiced what was in his heart.


Raph stood up and walked over to him stating “I don’t honestly know. Like Donnie has told me in the past: she’s use to the road and curbing that kind of freedom, it’s going to be difficult. We’re use to staying here; she ain’t use to it at all. You saw how stir crazy she got in the lair for just staying close to 8 weeks or so,”


Leo stared at his younger brother in thought.


“I’m not saying that she won’t come back, I’m just not sure on when she will come back. Just, can you handle it is the question,” Raph quickly said, knowing exacting how he sounded just then.


“I could never understand why Don had a crush on April in the beginning, but now that I have found someone who …is the other half of my heart, I finally do,” Leo whispered low. “I miss Bethany, Raph. And I want her here,”


Raph heavily sigh and gently put his hand on his brother’s shoulder “I know you do. We all see it, that you miss her. Her calling …eh writing to you, and live chat isn’t enough for you, but these are the times that make you or break you,”


Leo nodded and smiled softly “Thanks Raph,”


“No problem, Leo. Wasn’t she the one who told you to talk about this stuff with us?” Raph teased him a bit.


Leo shook his head and said “I’ll never live this down,”


Raph chuckled but it was cut short when they heard that there was a robbery at some high end bank, up North.


“Let’s go,” Leo told his brothers and leapt away.





“Tell me again, on how you nearly broke your arm?” Beth asked from her live chat.


Leo groaned and snarled out “Donnie and I tagged teamed up, one of the robbers held me down just as Raph and Mikey had gone after the other ones. The banner that held up the mayor was cut. It fell and landed on my arm, but thankfully rolled off of me,”


“Hey! I’m not here just to get snarled at Leonardo. I’m only asking again because I’m worried,” Beth snapped back.


Leo closed his eyes, had his hand rubbing his eyelids as he breathed to calm down.


“I’m sorry; I just…why are you getting interrupted so much?” He angrily asked her.


“Because, I’m going on another long project and this client wants me there as soon as possible. I can’t leave until noon tomorrow,” Beth replied again.


Leo grumbled something low but Beth ignored it.


“So you guys stopped a robbery, but from what I have been reading, they are wildly spread out throughout New York City. Why? What’s the point?” Beth asked him, curious now.


Something clicked in Leo’s brain and said “To distract us. You just needed to ask that right question Beth,”


“I did? You’re welcome, I think? Did you get my presents from Japan, England and South America?” she asked, softly gazing at him.


“We did, thank you. Though, you could’ve not given me a dark cloak,” He grumbled.


Beth snickered and said “When I asked April of who this Ghost of the Forest was, she told me. So I bought your cloak and gave it back to you,”


Leo paled and looked at her asking “You did what?”


“I kept hearing this Ghost of the Forest, and how he saved people and the bad guys were never found. So I asked April on what she knew of this legend. She told me all about it and that it was you all along. I promise, Leo, I won’t tell anyone that it was you,” Beth told him, blushing.


“And how did you find my cloak?” Leo panicked.


“Someone found a cave not too far from the village. I asked if they could show it to me and I fell through the vines. Somehow, the vines looped around my ankle and stopped me before I got killed. I looked around it and saw signs of someone living there. I phoned April real fast and showed it to her. She told me to look thoroughly to see if you left anything behind. I did just that and found your cloak with this picture,” Beth explained to him, showing the picture of his family.


Leo faced palmed and groaned low.


“Are you having a whale or something, over there?” Raph’s voice echoed to them.


Beth chuckled and said “No, just giving him a hard time,”


“Oh, well carry on, he needs it from you,” Raph chuckled and went back to watching some football.


“I’m going to give him a difficult workout,” Leo growled low.


“Oh, stop. He knows just like I do, that you miss me,” Beth said, smiling.


Leo looked at her and said “Casey,”


“Kind of hard to not hear his voice when I was talking to April. Begging me to come back to New York. And I quote “He’s going nuts! You need to come back! HEEELP BETH HEELLP!” End quote,” She supplied to him.


“Oooh, he’s going to get help,” Leo huffed.


“Calm down, little Lion. He’s only teasing you,” Beth teased him.


Glaring up at her, Leo said nothing. This only made Beth laugh more.


“Oh, I got a surprise for you,” she told him, wisely changing the subject.


“And what is it this time, Ai?” Leo asked, smiling a little.


“Tomorrow night, 9PM, head to April’s,” Beth simply said back.


“Alright. But, honestly Beth, what else did you get me?” Leo asked, leaning against Donnie’s chair.


“Just you wait and see. But I got to go, Leo. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you, Blue,” Beth said in haste.


Leo looked up at her in shock but the lined was already cut off.


“Did I just hear her say, those three words to you?” Raph asked in utter shock.


“…Yes, she did,” Leo mumbled, numb.


“Well, we better get you to April’s tomorrow evening at 9PM,” Raph said, not sure of what else to say.


Leo slowly got up and headed to the dojo. He had trained all day long; his body was whining in protest to give it a rest, but he stopped, just outside of the doors.


Donnie, Mikey, Raph and even Master Splinter looked at him.


“This just in! Breaking news, of a mass robbery from the Yamato tower. Our reporter Malinda, is there. Malinda, can you give us any details as to what happened?” the news anchor asked.


Everybody stopped and looked at the TV screen.


“I honestly don’t have that many details to give you, Garry; except that its owned by Oroku Saki,” Malinda reported back.


There was a collective gasp from that lair.


“Did she just say!” Mikey screeched out.


There on the TV screen was Oroku Saki, alive.


“It can’t be. He died! We made sure that he died,” Donnie said, looking at Master Splinter.


“Oroku Saki has many tricks up his sleeve. You cannot douse out smoke when it is made out of air,” Master Splinter said dreadfully.


“Sensei, what …what do we do?” Leo asked fear enriched in his voice.


“I need to meditate,” Master Splinter replied and walked towards his own bedroom.


“I’m not going to live in Fear of this guy, Leo,” Raph growled low.


“I don’t want to either, Raph, but I have to consider on what to do. The Shredder, showing himself to us like this is just a warning. A warning to us that he is still a live,” Leo protested back.


“April and Casey need to be filled in,” Raph argued with him.


“Inform them. They are our friends and allies,” Leo agreed, not fighting with him on it.


Raph nodded and darted out of the lair.


Leo heavily sighed as he knew that they shouldn’t be out of the lair now. It would lead the Shredder right to where they live.


“Donnie. Start looking for another lair,” Leo stated to him. “I have a feeling that this one will no longer be our home for much longer,”


Donnie nodded “I get that feeling too. Come on Mikey. You get to help me with this task,”


“Why do I get to go?” Mikey whined.


“Because, it’s either sit here and get freaked out of your mind with fear or you can easily pick your new bedroom,” Donnie replied back, heading to his lab area where he kept his traveling gear and maps.


“I can do that!” Mikey instantly brightened at this.


Leo walked towards their father’s bedroom and knocked on the door.


“Enter,” Master Splinter said.


Leo opened the door and slipped inside.


“Kneel, my son,” Master Splinter said with his eyes closed.


Leo walked over and knelt in front of table.


Master Splinter opened his eyes and stared back at his eldest son.


“You seem to have formed a plan, my son,” Master Splinter stated.


“I have part of it together, Sensei. The most important part is for you to head to the Farm house,” Leo replied, waiting.


Master Splinter heavily sighed and said “I am not that old yet,”


“It’s not about age, father. It’s about knowing that you are our hidden weapon. If the Shredder thinks you are not alive, then when we strike back, it will surprise him,” Leo countered him.


Master Splinter thought on this for a bit, nodding.


“And what about Bethany Dusan?” he asked him next.


Leo swallowed and said “I don’t know how she works into this, but I cannot let her to come to this city, when our number 1 threat is back,”


“She will do so, no matter what, my son. Love is a strong emotion that needs to be handle with; with great care, like that of your katanas. Be mindful of her point of view as well, Leonardo,” Master Splinter told him.


Leo nodded and said “She told me that she loved me, but she had to get off of the phone,”


“I know, I overheard, just like everybody else, Leonardo,” Master Splinter countered him.


“I think it’s too early for that, father. I do love her, but I’m not ready to tell her,” Leo said, unsure of himself.


“There is no place or time, when someone says that they love another. It could be perfectly set up, but never perfectly timed. Just remember, she loves you. No matter if it’s said aloud or in silence,” Master Splinter said, hoping that this soothed his eldest son’s worry.


Leo nodded and said “Thank you, father. I have Donnie and Mikey looking for a new lair. I have a feeling that this one will no longer be our home,”


Master Splinter nodded and said “Very well. I will head towards the farm house when you are finished here. We will regroup there,”


“Be careful, sensei,” Leo said, knowing it was fruitless.


Master Splinter smiled and said “Same with you, my son,”


Leo nodded and then soon left to make a phone call to April and Casey.

Chapter Text

Chapter 11: surprise.


The group of them quickly moved from the black vans. They were all dressed up in the uniform that was given to them. The glaring blood red three toe dragon foot stamped upon their left breast area glowed it seemed in glee.


“Once we’re down, cover the manhole and then it’s a block forward, a couple of blocks east and then four blocks south, a block to the west and then we surprise them,” one of the soldiers said to the others.


“And all of this time, they were hidden in plain sight. How fantastic,” another sarcastically retorted back.


“Shut up, and get that manhole cover off,” the first one snarled at him.


“Enough!” a woman snapped at them “we’re supposed to be quiet. Like real ninjas here,”


The sarcastic one had gotten the manhole cover up and slid over.


“Don’t forget to line the area with explosives,” the first guy informed them.


The group jumped down into the sewers and walked briskly forward.





“Guys,” Leo complained.


“No, no. Shhh!” Donnie said, putting his hand over Leo’s mouth to keep him quiet.


“Besides, it’ll ruin the surprise dude!” Mikey joined in too.


“At least tell me where there is a step or so,” Leo commented back.


“Step up,” Raph chimed in.


The brothers had made it their business to not only blindfold Leo but to guide him to April’s. It was the next night and Leo wanted to know what Beth got him.


“I just don’t understand why you three are here,” Leo huffed, stepping over something.


“Beth called us to tell us to do this, so complain to her about it,” Raph said back.


Leo heavily sighed and said “There will be a lot more than that, when I do speak with her,”


“Just remember, Leo, she did this for you. So you got to thank her before you chew her head off,” Mikey pitched in.


This made Leo quiet. He forgot that this surprise was from Beth.


“Almost there, big bro,” Raph said, almost too calmly.


“Just what did she do to get you three roped into this?” Leo asked, feeling around with his hands.


“Nothing really,” Donnie said back, helping him through the open window.


“Nothing? What do you mean? And I take it we’re in April’s place,” he said, feeling how warm it was.


“Yes we are. Now, close the window Don. Leo, stand still…there and for the love of holy fish buckets, do not take that blindfold off!” Raph ordered him and moved him about.


“I’m not moving, Raph,” Leo huffed in annoyance back.


It was silent except Leo felt some quiet footsteps but then it was silent.


“Alright. Remove the blindfold,” Raph told him.


Leo yanked the blindfold off and right there in front of him was the one person who captured his heart.


“Bethany,” he breathed out in awe.


Since their time apart, her hair had grown longer, she lost a little bit of weight but still looked beautiful and she was in her Pj’s.


“Leo,” she greeted him back.


He walked over to her, looking her up and down and then wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled into him, smiling.


“What…how…” Leo began to ask, looking down at her bright emerald eyes.


“Remember me saying that I had a client who needed me ASAP? That would be your friend April,” Beth informed him, smiling up into his tan brown eyes.


Leo shook his head, smiling more and just hugged her closer to him.


“Daawe,” Mikey cooed at them.


“Shut up Mikey,” they both told him, smiling.


“What? I didn’t do anything!” He protested, not taking it seriously at all.


Leo pulled back and looked over at April who was smiling at him.


“I couldn’t stand how you were acting, so I put in an order for her to be here,” April explained further to him.


“You honestly didn’t…..” Leo began but looked back at Beth.


She softly encircled her arms around his waist and rested her head against his shoulder.


“No mushy stuff, you two love birds hear? Take it up to the rooftops,” Casey teased them, winking at Leo.


Leo shook his head as he softly wrapped his arm around Beth’s waist.


“I think it’s just the right punishment for you guys since you kept teasing Leo here during our conversations,” Beth told them all, except for April.


The other brothers and Casey looked guilty as Beth then lead Leo away to her room.


“What you want to bet that they don’t kiss right away?” Casey whispered to Raph.


“We heard that!” both Leo and Beth said at the same time, closing the bedroom door behind them.


Casey winced as he then looked at April who was giving him the look with her arms over her chest and her foot tapping.


“Wrong time, Case,” Raph whispered, shaking his head.





“How do we know that it’s their place?” the sarcastic ninja asked, looking at a brick wall.


“Look at the wear and tear through here. This isn’t just a normal brick wall,” the woman scuffed at him.


The first man knelt down and started to put the explosives near the brick wall.


The others all headed down a way and hid behind when the first man came running towards them. He was yanked to the right suddenly.




They moved back as the brick wall was gone.


“Spread out, search for anything that is useful!” the first man said as they all filed into the lair.





Leo sat on the bed, looking at Beth who was searching for something.


“I still can’t believe that April did this…” he said, almost in a warm haze.


Beth smiled and then walked over to him smiling; her hands were behind her back.


“I know, but, now I get to see someone who I have heard so much about,” she said, gently putting it around his shoulders.


Leo chuckled and then fixed his old cloak; putting the hood on and looked at her.


Beth stared him before her eyes slowly moved down and then slowly back up.


“I didn’t want them to be afraid of me when I was down there. And it’s Ghost of the Jungle, not Ghost of the Forest,” Leo corrected her, smiling.


“Still, same difference,” she teased, walking closer to him.


He turned around for her as she saw a singed area.


“So what made you think of grabbing this?” she asked him curiously.


Leo turned fully around and asked “Just how do you know that?”


“Again, I observe a lot. Your cloak is singed in one area, but it’s not badly burnt through. So what happened, Mr. Ghost?” she pushed for more.


Leo heavily sighed and sat down on the bed.


Beth sat down beside him as he then did something that made her gasp in surprise. Leo picked her up and gently placed her in his lap; his chin softly resting on her right shoulder while he arms wrapped around her.


“The first village that I was in was overcome with a lot of bad guys. I couldn’t take them on by myself. So, one night after weeks of planning, I struck. A lot of the villagers fled before the major blast went off, but I’m getting too far ahead of myself,” Leo began to tell her this tale.


Beth leaned back into him, closing her eyes but still listening to him.


“Thinking that it was alright to wander the village around as myself, I went around from hut to hut. I had stopped and tried to figure out a way to another village,” Leo continued, settling into the bed and snuggling Beth close.


“Did you take anything while you were running from one hut to the next?” She asked him curiously.


Smiling down at her, Leo then said “No. It wouldn’t have been right, but I did over hear some English that the trouble making groups were at it again,”


Beth opened her eyes and gazed up at him. Leo swallowed nervously as he leaned down to her.


Beth watched him carefully and whispered “I’m proud that you didn’t steal from them,”


“I’m better than that, Beth,” Leo murmured, softly kissing her cheek.


She smiled and asked “What happened next?”


He smirked and then said “Well, I decided that it wasn’t right for these guys to steal everything that these people had. So, I went to find them. To not make this a long story, I had found them, and decided to corner them in,”


“But?” she pressed further.


“But, one of them had a cigar and flicked the match away. It catch on some long dried grass, thus starting a massive fire,” Leo continued; his eyes lost all warmth in them.


Beth gazed at him as she knew he was catch in the memory of it.


“Some of the elderly didn’t make it. Children got trapped by the flames too. I did my best to guide them out, but they were too …terrified of how I looked. So, they died in the flames. I was in a hut where one of the children had gotten to safety but, the other sibling was still inside. I took the cloak that was on the dresser and put it on. I broke through the window and led him to safety,” Leo whispered, staring fully straight ahead of him.


Silence was all that was there.


“He guided me to the river and said ‘Go ghost. No one will know that you survived.’ And he ran away. A lot of people were screaming and yelling as their village was burnt to the ground. I don’t normally run from anything, but that night I ran. I ran and ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. Pretty soon I had found that small village that you and April had visited. I stayed there because…my training took less than 6 months to complete but, I didn’t want to return,” Leo concluded, looking down at Beth.


“You couldn’t have saved all of them, Leo. It’s not your fault,” she said back, feeling so bad for him.


“The cloak is the only reminder that I have of that first village,” Leo nearly spat.


Beth turned around and then wrapped her arms around his neck. He softly hugged her back at first, until he put some more pressure into it.


Outside of the door five people had heard that story for the first time in utter disbelief and sadness.





“They’re not here,” the woman said, looking around the place as it was just trashed now.


“Then blow this up. If they left it behind, we’ll bring them back,” the first man snarled.


“Yes, sir,” the woman said and walked away.





Leo snuggled more into Beth when they both felt the shaking.


“What is that?” Beth asked, looking around.


“Earthquake?” Leo asked next but getting her closer to the door.


“It doesn’t feel like that Leo,” Beth said, holding onto the doorframe.


“We got to get out of here!” Raph’s voice yelled from the living room.


“Get the girls out of here!” Casey roared.


The walls started to creek and moan horribly. Sharp cracks were appearing where the walls couldn’t hold up much longer.


“Beth! Get to my brothers!” Leo ordered to her.


“What? And leave you behind?” she shrieked back.


A low moan echoed throughout the apartment complex. Leo looked at Beth; pleading with his eyes for her to run.


He shoved her to the door.


“Go!” he told her again.


“No! I am not leaving you behind!” she refused, planting her feet.


“Bethany,” he whined low, huddling close to her.


Donnie, Raph, Mikey, April and Casey ran from the collapsing building as whole neighborhoods sunk a good 10 feet down below the streets.


“Leo!” Raph screamed loudly.


Casey and Mikey took hold of his arms stating “We can’t be seen. Not now,”


“Leo!” Raph protested still; pulling forward.


“Bethany is in there too,” April softly stated which stilled Raph.


“No,” Raph said, shaking his head in disbelief “it wasn’t supposed to end like this!”


“We have to go,” Donnie said with regret.


“And go where?” Raph snarled back.


“The Farm house,” Donnie told him.


“You want-!”


“You know that Leo would have found a way out. This is our eldest brother we’re talking about here. With him loving a girl now, do you honestly think that he would have let her and himself die? No. We all agreed, Raphael, that if anything to happened to us, we would all meet up back at the farm house,” Don cut him off.


No one said a word.


Raph stood there; every inch of him told him to go through that rubble.


“Raph, come on,” Donnie tried to get him to move.


“I can’t, Don. You’re asking me to leave one of my brothers behind,” Raph growled low, slowly looking up at Donatello.


“We can’t stay here. The police and such are already on their way here,” Don tried to level him with reason.


And it was true. The sirens of fire trucks, ambulances and police were getting closer as they screamed through the city.


“I let him down once,” Raph said shaking his head “I can’t let him down again,”


“And you won’t. You have us this time around but, I’m asking you to leave. It’s not an easy choice for me or the others, but we have to,” Don reasoned again.


Raphael heavily sighed and glanced over his shoulder muttering “You better be right,”


Don nodded and when the van pulled up, they hopped in and left the scene of cooling rubble and shatter glass behind them.

Chapter Text

Chapter 12: Not Right.


The van drove and drove. The highway leading out of the city was fairly decent, but within inside of that van it wasn’t. April refused to cry, but a tear or two slipped out when her emotions were getting to her too much. Casey would just grip the stirring wheel too tightly.


Raph shifted and gripped the seat tightly.


“Raph, I know you don’t you like leaving Leo and Beth behind,” Donnie began, feeling sorry. “But, it’s the only choice we had to do,”


“You weren’t there, Donatello,” Raph whispered low.


“The first time, no I wasn’t. But, from what did happen, afterwards, we rescued our brother. And we can easily do it again,” Don replied back.


“I can’t let him down, Don,” Raph whispered again.


“And you haven’t. Do you honestly think that being the leader of us all is any easier for Leo? No, I can’t imagine it is. He has to think things through, make decisions on the fly and hope that they don’t falter. Looking after us when things are calm and dealing with us during the troubled times of battle? Now add on something that comes from your heart that you have to look after? It’s a lot on his shoulders,” Donnie explained to him.


Raph stared at the ground silently. No one said anything else as they were listening in.


“I know leaving New York wasn’t on anyone’s lists, but it was all that I could do. The safety of our family is always at the top of our lists, but leaving behind a brother to fend for himself with his love in the same rubble? It wasn’t easy to make, Raphael,” Donnie finished, looking out the window.


Raph remained quiet throughout the entire ride to the farm house.


The farm house belongs to Casey’s family. Back in 1890’s Casey’s family bought it with over 150 acres that butted up against a national preserve. Since it was grandfathered in so long ago, no one dared to tell his family to move.


“So the only thing that you can do is just up keeps on the house, the barns and sheds?” April asked him curiously when they got to there.


“Yeah. The surrounding area belongs to my family, but the state or feds, has asked us not to cut down any of the trees. That’s why I asked if we could to the supermarket on the way here,” Casey said smiling at her.


“To buy some firewood. Makes sense now,” April replied back.


“Yeah. But come on, let’s get this place all warmed up and you guys can pick the attic for your room,” Casey told the turtle brothers.


“Why the attic?” Mikey asked him curiously.


“It’s big enough for all of you to sleep in,” Casey shrugged and unlocked the front door to his farm house.


“Where’s Master Splinter?” April asked curiously as they walked inside.


“Right here,” Master Splinter replied, coming from the kitchen.


“Sensei,” Raph said gravely.


“Where is Leonardo?” Master Splinter asked them.


“It’s a long story,” April began to tell him it all.


At the end, Master Splinter walked over to Raphael and said “It is never easy to leave someone behind. I know that you would have rather looked for him and Bethany, but the secret of you and your brothers were at risk,”


“But, what if they need our help? What if….” Raph started, worry clouding his eyes.


“If there is anything about your brother and Bethany, it’s this, Raphael,” Master Splinter spoke to him steadily “they will return. We can only hope for the best,”


Raph heavily sighed and said “Fine. I’m going to go train,”


Casey handed him the keys to the barns and everyone left him alone.


Donnie walked outside when it was a few hours had passed. He walked inside the open barn and looked around.


“I fought him that night when he was taken,” Raph’s voice barely reached Donnie’s ears.


The intelligent turtle walked slowly over to Raph who was worn out from punching the punching bag.


“I thought that by beating Leo, I would find something there. But I didn’t. What I had found that night was nearly me killing my own brother. And then on top of leaving him on the rooftop with his broken katanas beside him, the stone statues took him,” Raph continued, staring down at the ground.


Donnie and them knew that something had happened to Leo when Winters was trying to right things again. But to hear this from Raphael was an eye opener.


“That is why you didn’t want to leave him,” Donnie supplied.


“Yes. I mean, my mind keeps going on a loop, Don, of how that building crumbled beneath our very feet and Leo and …Bethany didn’t come out of there walking,” Raph admitted to him.


Don didn’t know what to say except he gently put his hand on Raph’s shoulder. The red mask turtle looked up at him with utter regret and sadness and worry.


“Thank you for telling me this,” Don said, sitting down next to him.


“Yeah, well…” Raph shrugged at him.


“We just need to wait,” Don told him.


“But, what if they never come here, Don?” Raph objected back.


“We wait, Raph,” Don firmly repeated himself.


Raph stared at him and then slowly nodded.





A few days had passed since April’s apartment building crumbled and everyone was regrouping. Mostly holding out on hope that any second of any time of the day, Leo and Beth would walk up to the house.


Donnie helped April find a new apartment building but, the more and more that they stayed out here; the more she liked the house itself.


The boys had started to chop up the wood. The wood shed got filled up pretty quickly. Casey expanded it with both Raph and Don’s help.


“Master Splinter?” Mikey asked when their father was at the card table.


“Yes, my son?” he replied, looking up at him from his solitaire game.


“Do you think that Leo and Beth survived?” Mikey asked, sitting down across from him.


“I do not think of worrying on the what if’s or do you thinks’ questions. If they have survived, they will find their way back to us, Michelangelo. We will stay here for a month,” Master Splinter said, gently resting his hand on Mikey’s.


Mikey nodded and then said “need any help with playing?”


Master Splinter gazed at his youngest and then said “And what would be our prizes? Who gets to see who doesn’t have to do chores for a month? Or have a free pass on training?”


Mikey started to smile and then it disappeared with him “No, no, no, Sensei. I mean…need any help to teach me more of the card games?”


 “Smooth, Michelangelo,” Master Splinter chuckled at him.


Mikey blushed deeply.


They both played the games that Master Splinter was learning himself.





“Hey Donnie,” April asked him “can I talk to you?”


He nodded as he walked over to her.


It had been another couple of days and so far, everyone was on pins and needles. Hope was fading into the reality of the situation back New York City.


“Yeah?” he asked her, looking at the paper in front of him.


“Do you know how much longer that they will be back?” she asked him, not daring to say Leo’s name.


“I don’t know,” He replied, looking at the ground.


April nodded and then said “I found an apartment that is close to the lair,”


“We’re no longer there,” Don told her.


“Oh, well …did you find a new place then?” she asked him curiously.


“Yeah, we did. Before the explosion, we found an old subway tunnel that is much bigger than the last,” Donnie replied, smiling.


“I am guessing that Mikey loved that?” she guessed, chuckling.


“He got the third biggest room. The others are for Master Splinter and …Leo,” Donnie said, looking down.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure that he will love it when he sees it,” April reassured him.


Donnie nodded and then said “I made sure that no one knows where we are at. But, it gives me worry on top of this,”


“What do you mean?” She asked him curiously.


“Why was the Shredder and them looking for Beth? Why do they even want Beth?” he asked the burning questions.


“I honestly don’t know, but now that I think about it…the more that they actually do go after her, the more that you guys seem to panic,” April said, looking at him.


“Leo panics over her safety. Maybe that’s what they’re seeing?” Donnie guessed, thinking things over.


“Maybe, but I do know one thing: if her being back brings him to life, then I have no regrets of asking her to come back to New York,” April smiled widely.


Donnie smiled too and said “Thank you for that. Him moping about was …depressing to say the least,”


April chuckled and then said “You’re welcome,”




It was night out and the storm that swiftly came from up north had arrived here in record time. Donnie and them had to run inside after the lightning bolt had struck down.


“Geez and here I thought a little bit of rain couldn’t hurt you,” Raph grumbled out.


“Something’s coming,” April said, feeling how thick the tension was.


“But of what?” Mikey asked anyone.


They didn’t know the answer to that.


Pounding rain on the slight sliver of being hail on the metal rooftop. Quick flashes of bright white light, lighting up the dark angry sky. The booming heavy thunder rocking the world with a commanding force.


“It will be over soon,” Master Splinter soothed Mikey’s fear as he hugged him close.


“Go get some candles,” Raph and Donnie said at once.


Casey and them soon got out and lit just in time as the power went out.


“Sensei, can you tell us a story?” Raph asked him when they all settled around the fireplace.


“I will do my best, my son,” he replied smiling.


They all settled into their pillows and blankets, listening to the story that Master Splinter was telling them.

Chapter Text

Chapter 13: Escape 1.


A soft moan escaped his lips as he felt his body start to wake up. Soreness was what he registered as he opened his eyes.


With a swift glance around, he saw that he wasn’t in the pile of rubble that he thought he was in. No. He was in a small cage.


“Beth,” he croaked out.


It was then that had his heart started racing: Where was Bethany?


He got up quickly and looked around the small room. No windows, a single door and that were it. Only the bed that he was on was the only other thing in the room, besides himself.


His eyes looked around for anything to get him out of this situation but, there wasn’t any.


“Beth, where are you?” he mumbled to himself.


It was then that he heard that high pitch screaming sound.


“Bethany!” He yelled worriedly.


Heavy silence rang in his ears as he looked at the door. He knew better then to go pounding on it. He knew that if he did that, they would withhold Bethany more and he wasn’t going to risk that.


He paced around in the small room. He couldn’t do anything else but pace.


An hour it seemed had passed by, when the door opened up.


Leo pulled his katanas out when he saw no one come in.


“Alright, what are you playing at?” He muttered low.


“Not playing anything. Get out of here,” a man’s voice hissed low.


“Right, and-”


“I mean it, turtle. Escaping with help on the inside is your only option,” the man cut him off.


Leo put his katanas away for now, and slipped outside staring at a man who was a redhead.


“Follow me,” he told Leo and walked hurriedly away.


“Where’s Bethany?” Leo hissed low.


“Being experimented on. I can’t do anything to get her out. I’m Nolton Reed. I can get Doctor Edgewood to help out but, that’s the extent of my abilities,” Nolton informed Leo.


“Being experimented on what?” Leo said, shocked.


“I don’t honestly know. The bad guys here are the Saki guy, Bishop and Karai. Bishop works for the government, watch out for him,” Nolton whispered again.


Leo nodded, storing those names away for later.


They hurried through the empty corridors until Leo noticed that Nolton wasn’t with him anymore. Leo crept through one corridor to the next, not sure where he was going but, when he heard that high pitch scream, he ran down the hallway.


Peaking through the door, he slipped through and stood in utter horror.


On the other side of the viewing glass window was Bethany hooked up to all sorts of tubes, heart monitors, strapped down by her wrists, ankles, waist and neck and was fighting to get free.


“Beth,” Leo uttered.


Suddenly loud alarm sounds went off. Leo shifted but, stayed put as many people ran about.


“I would get her out now, if I was you,” a soft woman’s voice greeted him.


He looked and saw a blonde woman with glasses on.


“Right,” he said, stepping back and then jump kicking through the view glass window.


The window shattered as he tucked and rolled until he landed on the ground safely.


Slicing through the tubes and straps, Leo bridle style lifted Beth from the bed and turned towards the door. That same woman was there but, dropped something on the ground.


“Get her to the west wing. Look for the W on the panels on the walls. From there you can escape through the sewers through the kitchens,” the woman said, barely moving her lips as she backed away from Leo.


Leo nodded and then ran from that room.


A soft moan escaped through Beth’s lips as Leo adjusted her in his arms muttering “We’re almost there,”


It seemed like forever to get through the maze of this building, but when Leo was finally in the kitchens, he knelt to the ground. Soft pants were heard from him as he looked at Beth.


Whatever they pumped her with; it seemed alright for her body.


“What did they do to you, Beth?” he whispered low.


“Filled her with antibiotics and fluids,” Nolton’s voice greeted him, stepping into the kitchens.


Leo pulled his katana from his sheath and glared at him, leaning more over her body.


“I won’t fight you. There are no cameras here in the kitchens. But, I can guide you through the cellars,” Nolton told him.


“Why are you and that woman helping me?” Leo asked through gritted teeth.


“Because, we didn’t realize that they would be experimenting on live humans. And Doctor Edgewood has a daughter the same age as this young woman. We won’t be with the Saki company for much longer,” Nolton informed Leo.


Leo looked at him and then slowly put his weapon away and stood up with Bethany in his aching arms.


“Your journey, blue turtle, is just beginning. We are in Canada. Lake Simcoe is where we at. If you can follow the roads back to the boarder, you will make it. I can only do so much,” Nolton told him, walking through the kitchen and then opened an old wooden trap door.


Leo walked slowly over to him and said “Thank you. If you see Bethany again, please help her out. I have a feeling that the Shredder and his goons will want her again,”


“I’ll do my best, or die trying,” Nolton vowed to him.


“Thank you,” Leo said and then walked down the steps under the kitchens.


Nolton soon followed, shutting the trap door.


Leo glanced behind him and nodded as Nolton followed him to a certain point. That certain point was at cage door with a computer lock.


“35274,” Nolton said aloud and the door opened.


Leo stayed silent and then said “Thank you, Nolton,”


“Get out of here, Turtle. And make sure that she stays out of the …Shredder you said? Clutches. He wants her for something but, I honestly don’t know what it could be. Good luck and god speed,” Nolton warned him and pushed him through the cage door.


Leo caught his footing as he whirled around, but then saw Nolton was gone.


“For people who work for the Shredder, they sure are like ninjas,” he muttered and then hurried through the cave.


The cave came out into a massive forest. Leo knelt down as he had to adjust Beth to his back. After that, he ran a lot faster and further and further away from the compound that they were withheld in.


Pretty soon, Leo was getting tired. It was night out and even though he ran and ran and ran for miles it seemed, the forest stretched out forever.


Finding a leaf tree to jump up and then into a pine tree, Leo made sure that Beth was comfortable.


“Mmm,” she moaned and then opened her eyes.


“Beth!” he exclaimed when he saw that she was awake.


“Where…where are we?” she asked with a hoarse voice.


“Shh…save your voice. We’re somewhere in Canada. Lake Simcoe,” Leo told her, scooting closer to her.


It was only then that Leo realized that she was only in a hospital gown.


He heavily sighed and scooped her into his lap, feeling her shiver.


“I’m sorry for this happening,” he whispered to her.


“I don’t….I-I,” she stammered but stopped as she hugged him for warmth.


“Let me guess, okay? You remember the building crumbling down at April’s and Casey’s place, right?” he asked her, looking around for something.


She nodded, tucking her knees closer to her chest.


“I know that you want to know, but I need to keep you warm. Stay here and I’ll be right back,” Leo said, gently putting her closer to the trunk of the tree and then jumped down.


Beth clung onto the tree with her life. She hated heights. But what she hated even more was her being in just a hospital gown high up in a tree.


It must have been over an hour when she heard a stick snap. She looked around with her eyes but found no one.


A sudden jump up to her branch had her gasping in fright.


“Easy, it’s just me,” Leo said, scooting closer to her.


“Don’t do that to me!” she hissed sternly at him.


He smiled and then put something around her.


“A blanket,” she exclaimed, smiling at Leo.


“Along with some winter clothes. I found them, in a gift shop,” Leo explained to her.


“You found these in a gift shop?” she repeated back, looking stunned.


“Well, where did you expect me to find them?” he replied back.


She nodded and then put the clothes on very carefully with Leo’s help. When she was fully dressed and hugging the hospital gown like a blanket.


“If you would like to sleep in a bed, you can be in my arms and I run like mad,” Leo stated, looking at her curiously.


“How is your body? I don’t know how hard you ran to get these clothes,” she asked, looking him up and down.


“I’ll be sore tomorrow morning, I know that, but at least it will have a shower,” Leo replied back to her.


“Go as fast as your body is going to allow you to,” She told him, gently getting up.


“Alright. Come here,” Leo said, gently picking her up in his arms.


Beth rested her right arm behind his head and gasped when he jumped down. She hid her face into his throat, her fear skyrocketing.


“We’re fine,” Leo chuckled.


“I hate heights,” she hissed into his skin.


“We’re on the ground now,” he informed her, chuckling more.


“It’s not funny and I can see that,” she deadpanned to him.


Leo chuckled, lightly jogged down the same path that he took minutes ago. This time, it took a bit longer since Leo’s body was close to running on empty but, he pushed the extra feet to just get there.


Beth stood when he placed her feet on the ground, his arms hovering around her in case she needed him.


“I’m sure that whoever owns these cabins will be okay if we use them for just one night,” she said, trying to calm her hectic memory.


Leo nodded, helping her walk inside the cabin. Even though she was like a newborn colt on wobbly legs, Beth made sure that she walked forward.


“You can take the bed,” Leo offered to her.


“No. You will sleep next to me, please,” she told him, looking around the cabin.


It was small, just the right size for everything from the kitchen to the dining room joined living room next to the old cast iron fireplace, to the shower/bath combo bathroom behind the kitchen wall and to the beds that were upstairs.


“Looks like Mikey will be missing out on smores,” Leo joked, opening the sliding glass door open.


“I highly doubt it. I know that they are worrying about us. Just how did we get out of that pile of rubble anyway?” Beth asked Leo curiously.


He helped her over to the futon and said “We were in the stairwell. It saved us from being hurt or worse,”


Beth tried her hardest to remember what had happened, but all she could remember was the too clean and too bright white room with nurses and doctors within it.


“You don’t remember, do you,” Leo stated to her.


“No. My memories of the building exploding or whatever are not there. I’m sorry,” she replied, looking up into his soft tan brown eyes.


“You don’t have to apologize, Beth. I remember bits and pieces but, that’s it. My questions are more of what was happening in that room you were held in,” Leo said, looking her over again.


Beth leaned back into the futon and said “I don’t honestly know. I just remember doctors and nurses being in the room, but what they were putting in me, not a clue,”


“Donnie will probably want some samples, so do you think we can find something to put your blood in?” Leo asked, standing up as he eyed the kitchen.


He got silence and looked over his shoulder. He saw Beth had passed out and looked a little pale.


“This can’t be good,” he said, heading towards the kitchen.


Leo searched for the cups and ran the sink facet for some water. He walked back to the futon, sitting besides Bethany and very gently pressed the cool glass edge to her lips. He watched how she slowly drank the water, making sure that she didn’t swallow it wrong.


“What did they do to you, Beth?” he mumbled to himself with worry.


What was it that Stockman and the Shredder wanted from her? What was the point of it all?


‘If it was to make our lives miserable then he failed,’ Leo thought to himself, irritated.


They weren’t out of the clear just yet. Leo knew that they were still in Canada and needed to head south after crossing Lake Ontario.


“That is we don’t get caught by the police,” Leo mumbled to himself, looking at Beth who was slowly getting color back in her face.


Gently putting the glass of water on the coffee table, Leo pulled the futon out and lay down next to Beth. He closed his eyes as he let sleep take him.


 A couple of days later, Leo was walking beside Beth. They had left the cabin behind; putting everything back and cleaning up their dishes while taking the food with them in a forgotten backpack that Beth carried.


“How are we going to do this?” Beth asked him, looking at the map that he had taken.


“Follow the streams I think. They can’t have a wall put up for that long,” Leo pointed out on the map.


“I don’t think so. Look here, the lake…Lake Ontario is our only way into New York. And if we go east, it would take much longer. I think…we need to head towards the city Rochester and sneak in that way,” Beth pointed out.


Leo nodded and said “Alright. Let’s head west, towards Hamilton and see if we can get back into the States. I don’t like being out of them,”


Beth laced her fingers with that of Leo’s and said “We’ll make it. Don’t worry. Besides we can see Niagara falls,”


Leo chuckled and pulled her closer to him.


They were walking through the woods in the daylight hours. But with the year coming to a close, the sunlight was short. It worked perfectly for Leo.


“Just don’t go over the falls,” he teased her, handing the map over to her again.


Beth took it, rolling her eyes and then gasped.


“What?” he asked her, worried.


“That’s it! Leo, you’re a genius!!” she exclaimed, kissing him on the lips.


The kiss took them both by surprise. Very softly, cupping her face, Leo closed his eyes. Softly sucking her lower lip into his mouth, he lightly nibbled it.


Beth whimpered as the butterflies exploded within her stomach.


Leo ended the kiss, pulling away and gazing into her green eyes asking huskily “Why am I genius?”


“The….the…River….there’s a small…river…” She stammered over her words.


Leo gently took the map again and then walked over to a fallen log. Beth breathed deeply as she then followed after him.


“Where is the river?” he asked, unfolding the map in front of him.


“Niagara, it’s a river. Most people think of the falls, but, they don’t think of it as a river. We can cross the river here, at the mouth of it that enters into Lake Ontario; Fort Niagara State Park. It’ll be easier to cross here then further down,” she explained to him, pointing out the fort and the said river.


“Thank god,” He breathed out, his eyes trained on her.


A blush painted her face as he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers again. Beth softly moaned into it as Leo tried his hardest to not churr.


It happened anyway as she pulled back, looking at him in curiosity.


Leo blushed harder and cleared his throat with “I’m sorry, it just…happens whenever …I’m sexually aroused,”


“It’s okay. It’s a part of you, Leo. Us humans don’t have that, we just get further …excited and wanting more,” Beth replied, gently taking his hand and kissing his knuckles.


Leo smiled and then said “Come on. We’re losing daylight hours, and I would like to cross the lake at sunset,”


“That’s days away, Leo,” She reminded him, standing up anyway.


He nodded and they continued on.




They finally made it to Lake Ontario and for once, Leo honestly thought that this was an ocean.


“Pretty big huh?” Beth said, looking across the way and seeing nothing but water.


“Yeah,” he said, looking for anything to help them cross.


They were in the Niagara-On-The-Lake area. Beth didn’t think it was a city, just a district of the area. They were on the Queen’s Royal Park shore.


“Found some canoes,” Leo whispered low.


It was dark out and they needed to cross tonight.


“Good, let’s go,” Beth whispered back, looking around.


They weren’t spotted just yet, but they didn’t see anybody either. Then again, it was at night and the conditions weren’t that great.


The winds were picking up, turning the water and causing white caps on the surface of the lake.


“Here; I want you to put this on,” Leo said, handing her a lifejacket.


“What about you?” she asked, her heart pounding heavily away.


“I am a turtle, Beth. I can swim,” Leo reassured her.


“Just don’t die on me….I don’t have room on this canoe,” she teased him.


“Ha, ha,” he retorted, rolling his eyes at her.


The mere mention of the famous movie, the Titanic, will always be a dig at him or at least his name.


The canoe that Leo had found was made out of wood and metal rims. The oras were neatly tucked on the seats and Beth put on her lifejacket.


“Beth?” Leo began, looking at her seriously. “If we tip over, you keep going forward. Don’t worry about me. Just get back into the canoe and paddle forward. I’ll meet you on the other side,”


“What? Leo, I can’t-” she began to protest.


He softly placed his index finger over her lips to silent her. Her panicked emerald green eyes locked with his calm tan-ish brown eyes.


“I’m a turtle and I can swim. Don’t worry about me if we tip over,” he reassured her.


“I’m going to no matter what,” she told him, looking him up and down.


“Come on, let’s try to cross now,” he said and pushed the canoe out into the water.


Beth took the front as Leo took the back.


The difference in color of the water was strange to see, but then again, like Beth had told him Niagara was a river. So as it was flowing into Lake Ontario, the ground was churning up.


“Keep paddling!” Leo yelled against the wind.


Beth sighed as she was doing just that: paddling their slow way across the channel.


Waves slammed into the canoe as the wind was relentless. Then it started to pour down rain.


Leo kept paddling; he was stronger than Beth as he knew that she was paddling too. But it was like walking through thick goopy mud. They weren’t making that much progress although they never gave up.


It was in the middle of the channel that the waves were just utterly wild. Rising three times their normal height, Beth gripped the paddle out of pure fear.


Something from the depths of the lake came up and decided to barrel roll exactly where Leo and Beth were. Beth slammed into the unforgiving water as the sky lit up with a lightning bolt. It roared overhead a few seconds later.


She opened her eyes under the water and saw a big dark creature swimming effortlessly around her and Leo.




Her frantic eyes tore through the blurry environment around her but she could not find that blue mask turtle.


With a force of not her own, Beth was thrusted upward towards the surface. She broke the choppy waves and gasped for air.


“Come on, Beth. Swim!” Leo snarled in her left ear.


“But, but…that creature!” she exclaimed to him.


“Ignore it and swim!” he ordered her.


Taking a deep breath, Beth sank under the churning and choppy waves. Leo followed her carefully under water too as it was much easier to do then be on the surface.


The creature that Beth saw swam closer to them. It’s long oval length head tilted as Leo had taken out his katana in warning.


Beth had to surface as her lungs were burning for fresh air.


It was like for a good hour. The creature kept away from them as they swam closer to their destination.


Beth’s body was getting tired and cold. The temperature of the lake water wasn’t ideal for swimming.


Leo kept an eye on her as the ground slowly rose up.


They broke the surface and hurried out of the water as fast as they could.


“Come on,” Leo said, knowing that by now no one will be outside.


Beth nodded and followed after Leo.


The creature had surfaced and with the timing of a lightning bolt, it roared.


“W-w-what was th-th-that Leo?” she asked him, her teeth chattering.


“No clue, keep running,” he said, putting an extra burst of speed from their spot.


The fort that they had seen on the map was covered in darkness and the lack of trees made Beth fear being out in the open.


Seeing a sign saying Scott Ave, Beth pulled Leo into the trees that were nearby.


“What the-?” he began but she put her freezing hand over his mouth.


“Listen to me, please?” she whispered low to him.


He nodded, letting her speak.


“Right now, we’re close to Youngstown and for in order for us to stay alive, I need a few things. We also need to find the highway 90 to get to April’s or Casey’s farm house,” Beth told him.


“So how are we going to get to this highway?” he asked, pushing her out of the rain.


“Walk is the only thing we have, but I can’t feel my toes,” she told him, shivering.


His eyes harden and then said “We find shelter, come on, Beth,”


She nodded and followed after him.





At the farm house, Donnie was up on the rooftop.


It had been more than a week since April’s apartment building crumbled to the ground. It was more than a week since they all last heard from Leonardo and Bethany.


Donnie had argued a lot with Raph and Master Splinter: their eldest brother and his girlfriend could be alive. And to leave the farm house now would only confuse them whenever they got here.


Heavily sighing, the fog was thick this morning; couldn’t see no more than a foot away. He gazed hard into it as he then heard someone walking up the driveway.


Crouching down, Donnie pulled out his Bo staff and waited.


“Donnie,” Leo’s voice greeted him.


“Leo,” He mumbled and then hopped down.


Leo was carrying Beth in his arms as they both looked really worse for wear.


“Get inside, we’ll discuss more of what happened,” Don told him, hurrying towards the front door.


Leo walked very slowly and with a lot of effort.


“Donatello, who is here?” Master Splinter asked from the kitchen.


“Leo and Beth. They’re alive, father,” Don replied, closing the door after Leo slowly walked in.


“We’re here, Beth. We’re here,” Leo mumbled and nuzzled her.


Beth slowly opened her eyes and said “Thank god,”


Leo chuckled and helped her stand as Don took her to the main floor bedroom.


“I need to see what happened,” he explained further to her.


“I stepped on a nail while fleeing the police,” she informed him.


“Fleeing from the cops?” Raph’s voice joined in now from the hallway.


“Get Leo in a blistering Bath, Raph. His body is so worn out,” Beth told him, worry held in her emerald eyes.


Raph nodded and said “One blistering bath for Fearless coming right up,”


Donnie looked at her foot and tended to it.


It took them an hour and half to settle in the farm house. Leo was fast asleep now; Donnie had given him some food and aspirin with water. Beth was snuggled close to Leo as she too was asleep.


“What happened to them, Sensei?” Raph asked him curiously.


“From what I got,” Donnie spoke up for him “they were on the run. Running from police and something that was hunting them,”


“Hunting them?” Mikey asked, looking at the closed door where his oldest brother and girlfriend were asleep.


“From what Leo had said for me to do was to look for any tracks,” Raph supplied, looking outside.


April and Casey were up and helped with the food and such.


“What is hunting them?” Casey asked, staring out the window.


“That we don’t know but, let’s give them both some time to recover,” Master Splinter softly stated as they all then saw a big black blur rush by the front porch.


April took a step back as the men took a step forward.


“What was that?” she mumbled in fright.


“Whatever is hunting them,” Raph growled low.