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Mamma Mia

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Jungkook caps his pen after finally finishing the three identical letters, the only difference in them being who they’re addressed to, and stands up from his desk. Clutching the letters in his hands, the omega looks over towards his bed, smiling at the sight of his alpha sleeping away, before quietly exiting the room, making his way through the night towards the island’s post office to leave the letters in the drop box to be sent out first thing in the morning.

“Let’s hope this works~” Jungkook mutters to himself as he slips the letters through the slot, stating the names of the intended recipients. “Jung Hoseok…Kim Taehyung…and Min Yoongi~”

Once his deed is finished, he heads back to his room at the hotel his father owns, being hit with the scent of a worried alpha as soon as he opens the door. He steps inside to see Yugyeom in the process of climbing out of the bed, presumably to go look for Jungkook. “Where did you go?” Yugyeom asks while sighing in relief, walking over to the omega and wrapping him in a hug. “I was so worried!”

“I’m fine, Gyeomie~” Jungkook assures the taller male, rising up on his toes so he can run his nose along the alpha’s scent gland. “I just had to go do something.”

“Next time, wake me up.” Yugyeom insists, squeezing Jungkook lightly before leading him to the bed. “Now, let’s go sleep~” Jungkook allows Yugyeom to lay him on the bed, the alpha even going so far as to tuck him in which causes the omega to giggle at the adorableness. Yugyeom climbs into the bed next to Jungkook and immediately wraps his arm around him, pulling him into his chest. “Goodnight, Kookie~”

Jungkook whispers his goodnight, leaning up to press his lips to Yugyeom’s briefly before snuggling back into his chest, letting the alpha’s scent calm and lull him to sleep. His last thought before he drifts off is that he hopes his plan works.


Hoseok claps as his current group of students finishes running through their newest routine. “Great job, guys! There are a few tweaks that need to be made, but for now, take a quick break, and we’ll regroup in ten.” Hoseok walks over to the back corner of the studio where his office sits. He grabs a bottle of water from his mini fridge before walking over to his desk and picking up the stack of mail he had just dropped on the furniture that morning as he had been running late to open the dance studio.

He falls back in his chair, using the break he’d given his students to look through what he knows is just a bunch of bills and sort them into piles of ‘important’, ‘can be put off’ and ‘utter bullshit’. He stops as he comes across an envelope that is very obviously not a bill, considering it’s from Nagwon Seom. Instead of tossing the letter onto one of his three piles, he opens it right then, his curiosity getting the better of him.


Taehyung enters the small house that serves as his home on the rare occasion that he is not traveling around the world. “I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon!” Bogum, Taehyung’s technical roommate, although he’s never there long enough for the term to truly fit, exclaims as he sees the alpha.

“Yeah, I was on my way to Casablanca after leaving Milan when I realized I had no clean underwear left.” Taehyung explains, dropping his bag on the floor. “Decided I might as well stay a couple extra days before going on to the Philippines.”

Bogum nods. “Well, perfect timing, because a letter came for you this morning.”

Taehyung looks at Bogum in confusion. “A letter?” The beta nods, holding out the item for Taehyung to take. Taehyung carefully opens the envelope, a part of him paranoid that its contents include some kind of airborne poison meant to kill him as no one ever sends him letters, due to his nomad lifestyle.


The door to Yoongi’s studio bursts open, causing the alpha to jump awake, hitting his knee on the underside of his desk. “Did you seriously sleep here again last night?” Yoongi turns around to glare at Kihyun, his friend and also his assistant. “I don’t even think you’ve seen the outside of this studio in a week!”

“I went out to dinner a couple of nights ago.” Yoongi grumbles, rubbing his eyes as he turns back to his computer, ready to continue working on the song from the night before.

“That was a company dinner, so it doesn’t count.” Kihyun deadpans, throwing a stack of papers on the desk in front of Yoongi. “There are your letters and memos for today.” Yoongi sighs and starts flipping through them, not in the mood to get scolded for missing out on important information again due to his tendency to just toss his letters in the corner to never be opened. “And don’t forget, you have a meeting with…”

Kihyun’s voice fades away as Yoongi’s eyes fall on a letter, the sender address causing a fluttering in his stomach from the memories suddenly rushing through his mind.


Dear Yoongi/Taehyung/Hoseok,

It’s certainly been a long time. How have you been? I’ve thought about you a lot since the last time we saw each other.

I know this may seem very sudden and unexpected, but my son, Jungkook, is getting mated on August 8th, and I would very much like to an extend an invitation to you to come spend the next few weeks here on the island as we prepare for the ceremony. We could use this chance to catch up and relive our memories together!

I hope to see you soon!




Hoseok walks back out to his class, hands shaking slightly. “I have an important announcement to make,” he states after getting everyone’s attention. “I know this is very short notice, but next week I will be going out of town on some very important business for a few weeks and I will be closing the studio for that time.”

His students start complaining, so he explains a little bit further about the closing of the studio and how he will make up a referral list of open studios where his students can go to get some practice in while he’s gone. Once his students are appeased, he starts the rehearsal back up.


Taehyung is furiously throwing his dirty clothes in the washing machine, trying to get the laundry going as soon as possible so he can get it done quickly. “What’s going on?” Bogum asks, leaning against the door frame and watching Taehyung practically turn into a feral being when he struggles to get the cap off the detergent.

“Forget me staying a couple of days, as soon as my clothes are clean and dry, and as soon as I finish repacking, I’m heading out.”

Bogum can’t even feel disappointed over his friend running off again, due to being used to Taehyung’s behavior, so he just nods. “That must have been some letter.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung says quietly, shutting the washer and pressing the button to start it. “It really was.”


Yoongi practically runs out of his studio, pushing his arms through his hoodie sleeves as he walks briskly down the hall, Kihyun following after him in confusion. “I’m taking a vacation, put that on my schedule.”

“You, a vacation?!” Kihyun asks incredulously, not believing that the alpha who practically lives out of his studio is willingly taking a break. “For how long?”

“I have no idea~” Yoongi says honestly as he pulls the garment over his head, stepping into the elevator. “I’ll let you know when I decide.” He presses the button to take him to the ground floor, leaving a dumbfound Kihyun watching the doors close.

Kihyun blinks as he finally turns away from the elevator that took Yoongi away. “He must be sick or something.” He mumbles to himself, lifting up his tablet to put Yoongi down for a vacation of an undetermined length of time. “It’s a good thing he has so many vacation days built up.”

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Jungkook is waiting at the pier as the most recent ferry from the mainland unloads, looking over the heads of the tourists and few locals in search of his absolute best friends. As soon as he sees them, he can’t keep himself from screaming in delight and running towards them. “BamBam, Seokmin!!” The other omega and beta are also incapable of holding back their screams as Jungkook jumps onto them, the three of them bouncing as they hug each other tightly.

“I still can’t believe you’re mating Yugyeom in only a few weeks!” BamBam exclaims as the three of them finally start to calm down. “I still remember when I first introduced you!”

“He’s still treating you well, I assume.” Seokmin comments, picking up his bag as the three of them start on their way to the hotel.

“Of course, he is!” Jungkook says, wrapping his arms around his friends as they walk. “I’m so happy you guys are here! There’s something I haven’t been able to tell anyone, and it’s been killing me!”

The two of them look at Jungkook wide eyed. “Please tell me you’re not pregnant!” BamBam practically begs him while Seokmin just rests his hand on Jungkook’s stomach.

Jungkook lightly smacks Seokmin’s hand away and shoots BamBam a playful glare. “No, I’m not pregnant!” Jungkook pauses to take a breath before telling them. “I invited my alpha dad to my wedding.”

“What?!” His two friends shriek, staring at him in shock.

“I thought your dad wouldn’t even tell you if it was a beta or alpha that knocked him up!”

“Did you figure it out yourself or did Sungwoon or Taemin tell you?”

Jungkook waves his friends’ questions off. “Guys, if you’ll let me explain, I will answer all of your questions.”

After dropping their luggage off at the hotel, the boys went to their normal spot, a shaded, secluded area at the corner of the courtyard. “So, you know how any time I asked about my other father, my dad would always tell me, ‘it was just a winter fling’, ‘I didn’t even know I was pregnant until long after’, ‘he doesn’t even know because I never saw him again’, and so on.” BamBam and Seokmin nod eagerly, leaning forward in an anticipation of the rest of Jungkook’s story. “Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was looking through the storage shed to find something for my dad, and instead, I found this…” Jungkook picks up the bag he had been carrying and pulls out a well-used journal. “This is my dad’s diary that he kept to commemorate his and his friends’ vacation here during their winter break. Which is when he got pregnant with me.”

The other two gasp in excitement, moving to read over Jungkook’s shoulder as he opens the diary. “November 25th. Yesterday was our first day on Nagwon Seom, and last night was crazy-

“Wait,” Seokmin cuts Jungkook off. “Do we really want to hear all the dirty details about your conception?”

Without any hesitation, BamBam responds with, “I certainly do! Continue please!” He waves his hand for Jungkook to pick back up.

The omega giggles a bit before reading the rest of the entry out loud. “There was this little bar we decided to check out. Sungwoon and Taemin immediately abandoned me to go flirt with a group of alphas they saw in the corner, so fuck them, but I was fine being left alone to myself at the bar with my drink. At least I was until some asshole alpha started harassing me and tried to drag me off to the bathroom to have his way with me. Then this really sweet guy that you wouldn’t think he was an alpha just by looking at him ran the guy off and made sure I was okay. He told me his name was Yoongi and he chose to sit with me for the rest of the night and we just talked about anything and everything. He told me that he just got a job as a producer at a small entertainment company back in Seoul and that he had come to the island as a small present to himself before he would have to buckle down and start working nonstop. We talked all night, and maybe had a drink or two too much, but one thing led to another and I ended up spending the night in his hotel room instead of my own. He was very sweet and gentle and nothing like any of the other alphas I’ve been with in the past. I really hope I’ll get to see him again soon.

“How are you not cringing at reading about the night you were conceived?” Seokmin asks seriously.

“Because that’s not the night I was conceived.” Jungkook says, turning a page in the diary. “November 27th, I ran into Yoongi again today. He was just as handsome and sweet as I remembered. I ended up abandoning Taemin and Sungwoon to spend the day with Yoongi (payback for the night at the club), and I can say with every fiber of my being that Yoongi is the one for me. I can seriously imagine myself spending the rest of my life with him, proudly wearing his mark and bearing his children.

BamBam awws loudly as Seokmin opens his mouth to ask another question, but Jungkook is already turning a few more pages and reading off another entry. ”December 12th. It’s been a few days since I’ve written, but I’ve had a very good reason. I went into heat…and I spent it with Yoongi.” BamBam and Seokmin both gasp as Jungkook continues reading. “It was the first time I’d ever had an alpha help me, and it was the greatest experience ever. I couldn’t ask for a better first than Yoongi. It’s like he was in tune with me, never had to ask me what I needed or wanted, he just always knew. I seriously can’t picture spending a heat with any other alpha, and I never want to.” Jungkook turns the page and reads off the last entry mentioning Yoongi. “December 14th. Everything I thought I knew about Yoongi turned out to be a lie. He’s just like any other alpha out there, preying on innocent omegas for their own pleasure. I found out yesterday that he’s been engaged to another the entire time he was with me. I feel like such a dirty whore. I wish I knew the name of the poor omega, then I would find them and tell them what a sick bastard their fiancé is. No one deserves to go through what I have. I hope I never see Yoongi again.

“What a jerk!” Seokmin exclaims. “I can’t believe your dad had to go through that!”

“Wait,” BamBam says, “so this alpha, Yoongi, he’s your dad.”

Jungkook holds his finger up as if to say, ‘one second’. He turns a couple of pages in the diary. “That’s what I thought at first but listen to this. December 17th. Taemin and Sungwoon said they were tired of me moping around, so they dragged me to a bar (a different one than where I met you know who) and told me to pick a rebound. I didn’t want to use anyone like I had been used, so I was planning on just drowning my sorrows in alcohol then heading back to the hotel. Then I met Taehyung. He caught my attention because he was the only alpha without a drink in his hand. We got to talking and he said he was only on the island for a few days and he would be leaving for Thailand the next day. He said he was hoping for one last night of fun before he headed out, and I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about any strings or messy feelings with him. So, I brought him back to my room and we were at it all night. Sure enough, he was already gone when I woke up this morning, but I’m fine with that. I don’t regret my decision at all, except for the fact that it didn’t help me forget like it should have.

Seokmin is about to voice his sadness for Jimin’s heartbreak but is cut off by Jungkook reading yet another entry. “December 20th. I met an alpha by the name of Hoseok on the dance floor last night, and the way he moved his hips would make any omega soak through their pants. Imagine my shock when he informed me that he’d never been with an omega before! Of course, I offered to give him a few tips, and it wasn’t long before we ended up in his bed. You could tell he was new to it, but it was still endearing. He was so shy and careful the whole time, it actually reminded me of someone else…

As soon as Jungkook finishes that entry, the three of them jump at the sound of his father’s voice. “I can’t believe you haven’t come to see me yet!” Jimin exclaims in mock offense, gladly opening his arms when his son’s best friends rush him for a hug, Jungkook quickly hiding the diary so his dad won’t see that he is in possession of it. “I’m pretty sure you two are taller every time I see you!”

“Or maybe you just keep getting shorter.” Jungkook teases his dad, earning a playful swat on the arm.

Jimin sighs happily. “Well, I would love to stay and chat with you two, but this hotel won’t keep itself up and running. Sounds like you three are already having a lot of fun.” The three of them nod as Jimin starts to walk away. “I remember all the fun I had when I was your age.”

“I’m sure you do.” BamBam mutters, Jungkook elbowing him, although Jimin seems to not have heard the omega as he disappears around the corner.

Jungkook then drags his friends to his room to finish their conversation in private.

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Groups of people have to dive out of the way as two alphas run down the dock, each with a suitcase in their hand. “Stop that ferry!” The taller one yells from a few feet behind the shorter one.

The shorter alpha reaches the end of the dock first but is just a split second too late as the ferry has already taken off for Nagwon Seom. He drops his suitcase and bends over, hands on knees while he tries to catch his breath as the second alpha arrives. “Shit~” Hoseok mutters, bringing his hand up to wipe away the sweat beading on his forehead.

Yoongi nods, still panting. “Couldn’t have said it better myself~” He agrees as he straightens up now that his breathing is starting to normalize.


Now in the privacy of Jungkook’s room, his two best friends turn to him with questioning glances. “So which alpha is your dad? Yoongi, Taehyung, or Hoseok?”

Jungkook shrugs. “I have no idea!”

“But you said you invited your alpha father!” Seokmin exclaims. “How could you have possibly done that when you still don’t know who he is?”

BamBam’s eyes widen in realization. “You invited all three of them, didn’t you?” Jungkook smiles sheepishly. “How do you know they’ll actually come? Most alphas I know would have a heart attack upon finding out they might have a son; they most definitely would not come to their possible illegitimate pup’s mating ceremony!”

“Well obviously I didn’t tell them that part!” Jungkook defends himself. “I may or may not have made it seem like the invitations came from my dad, and if this…” he holds up Jimin’s diary, “is anything to go by, then I have no doubts that they’ll be here.”


Yoongi speaks to the person in the ticket booth at the dock while Hoseok gets comfortable on a bench close by. “All I want is to get to Nagwon Seom to see the most ethereal being for the first time in decades…” The alpha mumbles under his breath. “Did you find out when the next ferry will be here?” Hoseok asks as Yoongi walks back over.

“Yeah, not until Monday~” Yoongi flops down onto the bench next to him.

“Shit~” Hoseok mutters again.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself~” Yoongi agrees again, deeply sighing. Yoongi looks over to see Hoseok pulling out a crumpled wedding invitation, the exact one that had been included in the letter he’d received not too long ago. “Which one are you going for?”

Hoseok looks up confused until Yoongi gestures to the invitation in his hand. “Oh, uh, the omega…but I’ve never actually met him…” Yoongi nods in understanding, not getting to respond that he’s in the same position as someone from behind them tries to get their attention.

“You’re heading to the wedding too?” The two alphas turn to see another alpha standing next to a sailboat as the owner tosses his luggage onto the craft. “I can give you a ride, Seojoon won’t mind~” The beta glares at the alpha as he pats him on the back, obviously not happy about Taehyung offering his services to complete strangers. But he owes Taehyung a favor, so he bites his tongue and just nods in agreement.


On the ferry, two omegas are struggling through the crowd to find two empty seats, so they don’t have to suffer the entire ride standing. They finally find some and sit down, squishing themselves between an older alpha who thinks its already 5:00 and an omega with a chicken in their lap. Why does she have a chicken? Taemin has no idea, but he already can’t wait to get to the island and away from the creature that keeps squawking at him.


Jungkook is helping his friends try on their traditional clothing for the ceremony when the door suddenly bursts open, Yugyeom running in and sweeping the omegas into a hug. BamBam and Seokmin excitedly hug Yugyeom back, having not seen him in a long time. “Careful, guys, remember that I’m about to be a mated alpha.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully at him as Yugyeom releases his friends, the two omegas immediately showing off their outfits to get the alpha’s opinion. “You guys look amazing!”

The youngest of the omegas snorts. “I’m surprised you think so, considering how long it took to convince you to even want the ceremony.” Jungkook says as his alpha comes over to hug him, nuzzling against his scent gland. “You just wanted to a wham, bam, bite, and be done with it.”

“You know I’m happy to do the ceremony!” Yugyeom exclaims, pulling back enough to look down at his omega. “I love you, and anything you want, I want too. Plus, the only reason I didn’t really want the ceremony in the first place is because they’re expensive and you’re always talking about how much your dad spends on you. I thought we’d be doing him a favor.”

“Please, he’d act like it’s the end of the world if we didn’t have a ceremony and allow him to do mostly everything.” Yugyeom flashes him a smile and kisses him on the cheek. “Now I’m kicking you out because we have lots to do that you can’t be in here for.”

Yugyeom clutches his chest as if in pain. “My own future mate doesn’t even want me around.” Jungkook, once again, rolls his eyes at his alpha, kissing him lightly on the lips before pushing him out of the room.

As soon as he’s gone, Jungkook’s friends stare at him. “You haven’t told him yet.” Seokmin states, referring to the three alphas possibly on their way to the island at that very moment.

“Of course, I haven’t told him!” Jungkook exclaims. “He would tell my dad and that would ruin everything!”

“You do know your dad will find out eventually.” BamBam says slowly.

“Yeah, but by the time he does, they’ll be here, and it’s not like he can kick them off the island.” Jungkook defends, and his friends opt to drop the subject, as it’s obvious the omega won’t budge.