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Gou entered the house, beads of sweat clinging on her hairline, her face moist from the unbearable humidity, plaguing the air. It was the hottest day of the year and she was miserable, the woman much preferred cold winter days. Layering clothes and drinking hot chocolate under the kotatsu was more appealing.

"Haru i'm home... I bought ice-lollies" attempting to sound cheerful but the heat made her unable to mask her discomfort. Especially when her shorts and sleeveless top was glued on every crease and crevice of her body.

She was left hanging, kissing her teeth, Gou recalled leaving her significant other in the garden. Relaxing in their (more like his) inflatable pool, while she dragged herself to the local convenience store - to stock up on some icy goodness.

Sliding open the back door, her crimson orbs found themselves on Haru's tranquil face, his eyes shut, his whole body was so relaxed it made her envious at how peaceful he looked. A stark contrast to her irritated, sweaty body.

His head titled up, resting on the rim of the pool; Gou's field of vision trailed the droplets of water making its way down his slender neck. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.

"How long are you gonna stand there for?" he angled his stupidly-gorgeous face to the side, his heavy-lidded eyes drooped down her body - drinking in the sight of her - and then back up to her face. Despite the fact she was clothed, Gou felt exposed. She swore he was doing this on purpose - making her flustered in this already deadly heat.

"Sh-shut up" She puffed her cheeks. Haru sighed.

Swinging the bag containing the ice lollies, Gou swayed her way to Haru "I bought ice-lollies, do you want one?"


Standing next to him, she swept his wet hair from his eyes. Haru grabbed her wrist mid-stroke. Curious; she spoke,


He responded with a smirk and immediately instinct told Gou to be on red-alert. Before she could question him about his smug expression, Haru yanked Gou into the pool. The bag out of her grip; abruptly toppled onto the grass and she unceremoniously fell into the crisp water.

"Wh-what the hell!" Gou spluttered.

In-between Haru's legs, she removed the stray pieces of red tresses from her damp face. Mesmerised by her chest rhythmically rising and falling, he listened to the tune of her heavy breathing.

"Why would you do that?" she scowled.

"Pink" he smirked. Again. The audacity.

"What the hell, i'm wet! it's hot!...and what do you mean 'pink' you really are a-"

Haru pointed at her chest mid rant and she followed his finger. A gasp left her mouth at the sight of her now transparent top, accentuating her bright pink bra.

"That's what you meant by 'pink' huh" she grumbled, her eyes narrowed at him but there was no bite behind her tone.

Haru wrapped his arms around her waist, the buoyancy of the water easily pulled her closer to him. He fused their lips together and her palms rested on his shoulders. His hands slid up and down the expanse of her sides and the water rippled as Gou shuddered. His skilled mouth manoeuvred to her jaw; peppering open mouth kisses, tracing down the column of her neck.

"Sorry about the ice lollies" he breathed against her ear and Gou's body prickled with goosebumps.

"Ice lollies? what about me?" she scoffed.

"But you're enjoying this" to prove his point, his hand disappeared under her wet shirt and he caressed her breast. Gou moaned his name, locating her head on his broad shoulder; the water splashed as she blindly grabbed his thigh for support.

His hand slipped out of her shirt and he gave her a versed kiss. There was no tongue or hormonal rush, just equal amount of pressure from both counterparts. Gou placed their foreheads together and smiled against his mouth.

"You're right, I am enjoying this"

She turned around and leaned against his chest, comfortable between his knees. Haru dipped his head into her shoulder, revelling in her pretty scent mixed with the water; and his arms secured around her stomach.

Yes, it was still hot. Yes, the ice lollies were probably all melted by now. But the serenity of the water relived her body from the blistering sun. And relaxing with her boyfriend made the heat a little bit bearable.