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Am I A Freak, Dad?

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You are waiting for your son to come out of school. However, he never comes out. You become more and more fretted as time goes by. Where is he?

 “What’s wrong?” A low baritone voice makes your jump. You look at your husband, who is looking at you in his concerned gaze. “Victor! Our Taehyun still-“ You stop your words as your eyes fix on your son beside Victor. His small hand holding his father’s large hand.

“Taehyun! Where were you?” You kneel, cupping his face.

“Dummy... He has been out for a while now, and you don’t see him walk past you?” Victor said, watching you cooing over your son. You glare at Victor for calling you an idiot in front of your son.

“Mama, I’m fine. Stop squishing my face.” Your son squirming, trying to escape from you. Victor sighs and carries Taehyun in his arms. You get up, pouting. You then realize your son’s eyes were a bit swollen.

“Are you okay? Did someone upset you?” You caress his eyes softly. A concern looks on your face, making Taehyun cry. “Mama... Someone called me a freak.” He wails as he reaches his arms out for you. Flabbergasted, you carry him as you look at Victor for an answer.

“They called him freak for being an evolver,” Victor says, patting his son’s back slowly. You can see his eyes wavering holding in his anger. You continue to comfort your son while you and Victor walk to the car.

“Do you want to talk about it, sweety?” You ask as soon they are inside the car. Taehyun leans his head against you, sobbing. You pat his back, waiting for him to calm down. Victor starts the car and drives home. After a while, Taehyun tells both of you.

“I used my evol to make a portal because I want to go to the restroom so bad. Then, someone saw it and told everyone about it. Now, everyone is calling me a freak.” Taehyun's eyes start tearing up again before he cries. Victor listens silently, his hand's grip on the steering wheel hard. You hug your son tight, caressing his hair slowly.

“Am I a freak, mama?”

“No, you’re not, sweety. Your papa is also an evolver, and he looks dashing. You have seen how he uses his power, right? You are like your papa. You can control time-space, like your papa.” You say, gushing over Victor. You hear Victor clearing his throat beside you, but you grin, wiping some tears on your son’s cheek. 

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face,” Victor says, focusing on his driving but you start teasing him with gushing over Victor. Victor stern face getting waver with your constant teasing before he ruffles your hair, asking you to stop. You laugh. Taehyun let out a small chuckle watching his parents bantering, sniffing. You look at your son, smiling.

“You two are so easy to be pleased,” Victor complains, but he smiles at the sight of his beloved family. “Once we arrive home. I’ll cook you something, and I’ll show you how great and elegant it is to be an evolver. I will teach you how to control your power. But, you have to stop crying first.” Victor continues, stretching his free hand to pat his son’s head.

“Okay… I want pudding” Taehyun sniffing, trying to hold his tears.

“You and your mother…” Victor sighs but agrees to his son’s request. Taehyun snuggles against you, absorbing your warmth. Victor glances at you, feeling envy at his own son getting a hug from you.

“Don’t you have a meeting today?” You look at Victor after your son fell asleep from exhaustion. You know how important works for Victor.

 “I told you, right?”


“Idiot, I keep telling you that you and Taehyun are far more important to me than my work.” Victor pokes your head, looking at you softly. You hold your head where he poked you, puffing your cheeks. You couldn’t help but feeling bubbly when he said it.

“But, I need a down payment for showing my power to him.” He says with a serious expression and you know it is his business face. “What? He’s your child!” You hissed at him. 

“I didn’t ask him to pay.” Victor lazily plays with your hair, his eyes still on the road. You stare at him before realizing what he meant. You can already feel your face reddening. Victor glances at you and chuckles.


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A door slam causes you to jump and pop your head out of the kitchen. Kiro walks inside looking at your five years old daughter’s room.

“What’s happening?” You ask, wiping your hands with an apron you wear. Kiro let out a sigh.

“I can’t believe someone calling her a monster for being an evolver, and she manages to even resist my power,” Kiro whines at you, hugging you tight. You stumble as he sways left and right. “What? Who dares calling our Heeyoung a monster?” You say, squirming in his embrace. However, Kiro tightens his hugs, burying his face on your neck. You end up patting your husband’s back until he calms down.

“I should check on her…” You say after a while. Kiro pulls back, shaking his head. “No, I should go… She must be overwhelmed, and I think I should help her… You go finish up dinner.” Kiro says in a calm tone, smiling. You smile back at him, kissing his cheek. “A good luck charm.” You grin and make your way back to the kitchen. Kiro grins, before walking to his daughter’s room.

“Mini chips… May I come in?” Kiro knocks, waiting for her to answer. “Well, even if you don’t answer, I’ll come in.” He says, opening the door. There, on the bed, his bundle of joy was still sniffing. Kiro walks to her and sits on the bed, caressing her hair.

“You want to tell me what happened, mini chips?” Kiro waits for her response. Heeyoung finally gets up and curls herself on Kiro’s lap, hugging him tightly.

 “I… I just… It was an accident… I… I didn’t mean to… read his… mind… I liked him… daddy, he said I’m a monster…” She sobs, burying her face on Kiro’s stomach. Kiro’s heart is broken into pieces seeing his daughter, who is always full of joy crumbling apart. “It’s okay, mini chips. Daddy is here.” He hugs Heeyoung, comforting her with his evols. He lets his daughter cry on his lap.

“Do you know, I was also called a monster when I was your age too,” Kiro says after making sure Heeyoung calms down. Heeyoung looks up. Kiro gives her his charming smiles. “Really? B-but everyone loves you. It’s your evol.”

“Oh… That’s not just it, mini chips. You wanna know?” Kiro asks and Heeyoung nods quickly. Kiro tells her how he caused chaos in his school. All because he couldn’t get to go on a field trip.

“Did you really do that?” Heeyoung sniffles, wiping her tears. “Scary, huh?” But, she shakes her head fast. Her eyes sparkle with admiration. “No. It’s cool! Daddy is so cool” Kiro laughs at how different Heeyoung reacts. Usually, people will creep out. Kiro smiles.

“That’s why you are not a monster. We both are special and what’s important that you have daddy and mommy love you for who you are.” Kiro says, kissing her cheek. She finally let out a giggle. 

“You are just like your mommy when you giggle.” He says, nuzzling his nose with Heeyoung as he wipes his daughter’s tears. “I am a mommy’s little girl.” She says proudly. 

“Oh? Then what about daddy?” Kiro pouts. 

“I’m your mini chips!” She grins happily, hugging Kiro. 

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Within a few minutes after your phone call, Gavin arrives home. He walks inside to see his daughter crying. He looks at you, but you shake your head, telling him his little girl doesn’t tell you anything. Gavin walks to the couch where his daughter sits, crying with her face buries on her knees. You walk to the kitchen to prepare your daughter’s favorite snacks. He kneels in front of her, gazing at his daughter lovingly.

“Hey, my little bluebird. What’s wrong?” Gavin reaches out his hand, holding the little hand. Bomi lifts her head to see his father’s look at her in concern. Gavin smiles, caressing her hand.  “Did something happen at school?” He asks. A nod from her. Gavin shifts his position to sit next to Bomi, hugging her. Bomi hugs her father, leaning her head on his chest.

“Want to tell me about it?” Another question, but Bomi doesn’t say anything nor nod, only cries. They both stay idle for a while as Gavin controls the winds to make the room breezy and chill. “I…” Bomi is finally gaining some strength to speak. She looks up at Gavin who waits for her patiently. Gavin’s caring gaze makes her feel calmer.

“Today… A kitty stuck on the tree… Nobody was able to get the kitty… I thought nobody was watching me, so I flew to get the kitty… Somebody saw and shouted at me before calling everyone. I got overwhelmed and lost control of my evol, and I fell…” She talks, softly while sniffing and holding her tears. Gavin holds his urges to check on his daughter if she hurts anywhere.

“The kitty… I almost let it go… Then, everyone knows about me flying, and everyone starts calling me a witch.” Tears roll over her cheeks again, remembering the moment. Gavin wipes the tears off her cheeks, kissing her head. “Hey… I’m proud of you.” Gavin finally speaks after making sure his daughter is finished with her story.


“You saved a kitty today, right? I’m proud of my little bluebird.” Gavin smiles, affecting his daughter. She gives him a small smile, sniffling her tears. “Did you hurt anywhere?” Gavin asks, checking her. Bomi nods.

“Mommy already put this on me.” She shows Gavin her plastered elbow and knee. Gavin let out a relieved sigh. “Good. You must be feeling awful, hmm?” She nods, hugging Gavin tight. Gavin caresses her hair, comforting her. Gavin gives a thought, trying to find the right words to say. What should he say? 

“Do you want me to arrest them for calling you that?” Gavin playfully asks. Bomi giggles, shaking her head. “I just feel upset… I’m upset I can’t control my evol yet.” She then leans near Gavin's ear, whispering as he listens.

“I think I like being call witch.” Gavin laughs, ruffling her hair. He is glad to see his daughter is feeling better again. He knows how quickly his daughter’s emotions change. Reminding him of you. “How about this? On my next day off, I’ll show you how cool our evols are and teach you how to control them. Then we can take mommy to fly.” Gavin suggests and chuckles, seeing Bomi’s eyes spark with excitement.

“Yeah!” She smiles widely, wiping her last trace of tears. Gavin fixes her hair, smiling. She really is the most beautiful gift he ever got after you. 

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The drive home from the twins' school is unusually silent. Lucien looks at the rear mirror, his daughter, Hanbyul is staring out of the window while his son, Hanbin, plays his game console. Lucien focuses back on the road, thinking about why his daughter is not chirpy as always whenever she’s with him.

“How was school, kids?” He asks, smiling. “Fine…” Both of them answer in unison. However, Lucien senses something is wrong. He let it slide for now as the silence continues. Hanbyul runs to her room and locks in before you could greet her. You look at Lucien, confused.

“Did something happen at school?” You ask, worried. Lucien looks at his son, waiting for his response. Hanbin fidgets his bag. “Her friend called Hanbyul a freak because her space folded and disappeared,” Hanbin says slowly, if he has evol like his sister, he will give them a piece of mind. Lucien always told him some evolvers are a late bloomer to make him feel better.

“What? That’s not nice.” You say, walking to Hanbyul’s room after telling Hanbin to clean up and ready for lunch. Lucien follows you quietly. “Sweety?” You knock slowly, waiting for her response. You look at Lucien when there’s no response from her. Lucien took out the key to unlock the door, and both of you walked inside slowly, looking at your daughter on the bean bag, curling.

“Sweety…” You kneel beside her, caressing her hair. “Want to tell us what happens? You know I”m always here to listen.” Lucien says, sitting beside her. Hanbyul is always known to be daddy’s little girl due to their similarity. Both of them are intelligent and love to ramble about theories to you. Hanbyul takes after Lucien’s personalities while Hanbin, on the other hand, takes after you. Noticing your daughter is using her evol, you look at Lucie

“Should I leave you two alone?” You smile. “I’m sorry. I will call you if we need you.” Lucien smiles back, kissing you. You leave the two of them alone and check on your son. Lucien turns to look at his daughter, who hasn’t moved since then.

“You can turn off your shield now, sweetheart.” A faint of force shield can be seen around her, disappearing slowly. Hanbyul lifts her head to look at her father, her eyes swollen from crying. 

“Sweetie, who made you cry like this?” Lucien wipes her tears, comforting his daughter. “You must be so upset, hmm?” He pats her back softly. It’s hurt to see his caterpillars cry. Hanbyul nods, finally stretching her arms to Lucien. He gladly hugs her, caressing her back.

“I won’t ask what happened… However, you can always lean on me until you feel better.” He kisses her head, hoping for her to open up eventually. Lucien takes a deep breath, fighting the urge to find the one that called his daughter a freak.

‘They are just kids… I should tell their parents that their children are bullying our daughter verbally. Yeah, I should do that, and if the parents defend their children, I will destroy them slowly and painfully.’ Lucien’s thoughts run wild, he pulls his daughter closer as if he will be her cocoon. 

“Daddy… you're squishing me.” Hanbyul squirms in his embraces. Lucien pulls away, looking down. Hanbyul wipes her tears, sniffles. “I’m sorry. Are you okay now?” She nods. It doesn’t bother her much, but she got overwhelmed by how her friends call her that. It’s upset her, but being in her father’s embrace, she feels safe and knows nothing can hurt her. She knows how powerful her father is.

“Then, want to tell me? I’ll listen to everything.” He smiles a sincere smile. Hanbyul finally opens up and tells the truth about what happened in the school. “So, your friends saw you disappeared and saw you pop out of the school building…” Lucien calculates the distance between the school’s ground and the rooftop. Impressive.

“I honestly agree with your friends, sweetheart.” Lucien says, smiling. Hanbyul looks at her father, disbelief. Her eyes are getting watery.

“You are freaking impressive. I’m proud of you.” Lucien pokes her nose, his smile widening. For seven years old kids to be able to use evol in such distance, it is a great improvement. She blinks fast, eventually smiling back at him before breaking into giggles. Daddy is proud of me and uses words he rarely uses. Lucien chuckles, feeling the warmth inside.

Everyone is enjoying their lunch together. Hanbin tells them about his classes as you listen to him. Hanbyul focused on her food, eating it slowly.

“Uncle Gavin will come soon to bring you out. Be nice to him, okay?” You say to your twins. You and Lucien will have a company dinner tonight, and the only person that can take care of their kids last minute is Gavin since their caretaker is busy tonight. So, they eventually ask Gavin whenever they need it. Hanbyul eyes sparkle, Uncle Gavin is coming?

“Daddy,” Hanbyul calls him. She looks at him in the eyes. You and Hanbin stop chattering and look at her. “Yes, sweetheart?” Lucien fixes his gaze softly on his daughter.

“When I grow up, I want to marry Uncle Gavin.” The seven years old, the little bundle of joy of his drops the bomb. Lucien froze and the chopsticks in his hand drop. You, taking a deep breath, shaking as you try to hold your laughter from bursting out. Hanbin mouth gaps in awe.

“W- What? Why?” Lucien stammers, his smile wavers. For the first time in a while, Lucien loses his compostures. “Because he is cool and kind. He is so nice to everyone and handsome too.” Hanbyul says, oblivious with her Lucien shattering heart. You can practically see his soul flying out of him.

 ‘Why does she want to marry Gavin? Why not me? I thought every girls’ first lover is their father? What so great about Gavin? I’m cool too.’ Lucien’s mind runs fast as he couldn’t comprehend the bomb his daughter dropped. You finally burst out laughing, unable to hold on. However, Lucien still froze in his place.

“I think you just broke your father, Hanbyul.” You say, still laughing with tears in your eyes. Hanbyul and Hanbin look at you, confused.

“Hello, Gavin. I hope you have lived your life to the fullest. Why? Oh, nothing. Just because. I’ll see you later.” Lucien calls Gavin as soon as they finish their lunch. He is smiling but his smile is not genuine at all. It’s a father with a broken heart smile.