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Am I A Freak, Dad?

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The drive home from the twins' school is unusually silent. Lucien looks at the rear mirror, his daughter, Hanbyul is staring out of the window while his son, Hanbin, plays his game console. Lucien focuses back on the road, thinking about why his daughter is not chirpy as always whenever she’s with him.

“How was school, kids?” He asks, smiling. “Fine…” Both of them answer in unison. However, Lucien senses something is wrong. He let it slide for now as the silence continues. Hanbyul runs to her room and locks in before you could greet her. You look at Lucien, confused.

“Did something happen at school?” You ask, worried. Lucien looks at his son, waiting for his response. Hanbin fidgets his bag. “Her friend called Hanbyul a freak because her space folded and disappeared,” Hanbin says slowly, if he has evol like his sister, he will give them a piece of mind. Lucien always told him some evolvers are a late bloomer to make him feel better.

“What? That’s not nice.” You say, walking to Hanbyul’s room after telling Hanbin to clean up and ready for lunch. Lucien follows you quietly. “Sweety?” You knock slowly, waiting for her response. You look at Lucien when there’s no response from her. Lucien took out the key to unlock the door, and both of you walked inside slowly, looking at your daughter on the bean bag, curling.

“Sweety…” You kneel beside her, caressing her hair. “Want to tell us what happens? You know I”m always here to listen.” Lucien says, sitting beside her. Hanbyul is always known to be daddy’s little girl due to their similarity. Both of them are intelligent and love to ramble about theories to you. Hanbyul takes after Lucien’s personalities while Hanbin, on the other hand, takes after you. Noticing your daughter is using her evol, you look at Lucie

“Should I leave you two alone?” You smile. “I’m sorry. I will call you if we need you.” Lucien smiles back, kissing you. You leave the two of them alone and check on your son. Lucien turns to look at his daughter, who hasn’t moved since then.

“You can turn off your shield now, sweetheart.” A faint of force shield can be seen around her, disappearing slowly. Hanbyul lifts her head to look at her father, her eyes swollen from crying. 

“Sweetie, who made you cry like this?” Lucien wipes her tears, comforting his daughter. “You must be so upset, hmm?” He pats her back softly. It’s hurt to see his caterpillars cry. Hanbyul nods, finally stretching her arms to Lucien. He gladly hugs her, caressing her back.

“I won’t ask what happened… However, you can always lean on me until you feel better.” He kisses her head, hoping for her to open up eventually. Lucien takes a deep breath, fighting the urge to find the one that called his daughter a freak.

‘They are just kids… I should tell their parents that their children are bullying our daughter verbally. Yeah, I should do that, and if the parents defend their children, I will destroy them slowly and painfully.’ Lucien’s thoughts run wild, he pulls his daughter closer as if he will be her cocoon. 

“Daddy… you're squishing me.” Hanbyul squirms in his embraces. Lucien pulls away, looking down. Hanbyul wipes her tears, sniffles. “I’m sorry. Are you okay now?” She nods. It doesn’t bother her much, but she got overwhelmed by how her friends call her that. It’s upset her, but being in her father’s embrace, she feels safe and knows nothing can hurt her. She knows how powerful her father is.

“Then, want to tell me? I’ll listen to everything.” He smiles a sincere smile. Hanbyul finally opens up and tells the truth about what happened in the school. “So, your friends saw you disappeared and saw you pop out of the school building…” Lucien calculates the distance between the school’s ground and the rooftop. Impressive.

“I honestly agree with your friends, sweetheart.” Lucien says, smiling. Hanbyul looks at her father, disbelief. Her eyes are getting watery.

“You are freaking impressive. I’m proud of you.” Lucien pokes her nose, his smile widening. For seven years old kids to be able to use evol in such distance, it is a great improvement. She blinks fast, eventually smiling back at him before breaking into giggles. Daddy is proud of me and uses words he rarely uses. Lucien chuckles, feeling the warmth inside.

Everyone is enjoying their lunch together. Hanbin tells them about his classes as you listen to him. Hanbyul focused on her food, eating it slowly.

“Uncle Gavin will come soon to bring you out. Be nice to him, okay?” You say to your twins. You and Lucien will have a company dinner tonight, and the only person that can take care of their kids last minute is Gavin since their caretaker is busy tonight. So, they eventually ask Gavin whenever they need it. Hanbyul eyes sparkle, Uncle Gavin is coming?

“Daddy,” Hanbyul calls him. She looks at him in the eyes. You and Hanbin stop chattering and look at her. “Yes, sweetheart?” Lucien fixes his gaze softly on his daughter.

“When I grow up, I want to marry Uncle Gavin.” The seven years old, the little bundle of joy of his drops the bomb. Lucien froze and the chopsticks in his hand drop. You, taking a deep breath, shaking as you try to hold your laughter from bursting out. Hanbin mouth gaps in awe.

“W- What? Why?” Lucien stammers, his smile wavers. For the first time in a while, Lucien loses his compostures. “Because he is cool and kind. He is so nice to everyone and handsome too.” Hanbyul says, oblivious with her Lucien shattering heart. You can practically see his soul flying out of him.

 ‘Why does she want to marry Gavin? Why not me? I thought every girls’ first lover is their father? What so great about Gavin? I’m cool too.’ Lucien’s mind runs fast as he couldn’t comprehend the bomb his daughter dropped. You finally burst out laughing, unable to hold on. However, Lucien still froze in his place.

“I think you just broke your father, Hanbyul.” You say, still laughing with tears in your eyes. Hanbyul and Hanbin look at you, confused.

“Hello, Gavin. I hope you have lived your life to the fullest. Why? Oh, nothing. Just because. I’ll see you later.” Lucien calls Gavin as soon as they finish their lunch. He is smiling but his smile is not genuine at all. It’s a father with a broken heart smile.