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Am I A Freak, Dad?

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You are waiting for your son to come out of school. However, he never comes out. You become more and more fretted as time goes by. Where is he?

 “What’s wrong?” A low baritone voice makes your jump. You look at your husband, who is looking at you in his concerned gaze. “Victor! Our Taehyun still-“ You stop your words as your eyes fix on your son beside Victor. His small hand holding his father’s large hand.

“Taehyun! Where were you?” You kneel, cupping his face.

“Dummy... He has been out for a while now, and you don’t see him walk past you?” Victor said, watching you cooing over your son. You glare at Victor for calling you an idiot in front of your son.

“Mama, I’m fine. Stop squishing my face.” Your son squirming, trying to escape from you. Victor sighs and carries Taehyun in his arms. You get up, pouting. You then realize your son’s eyes were a bit swollen.

“Are you okay? Did someone upset you?” You caress his eyes softly. A concern looks on your face, making Taehyun cry. “Mama... Someone called me a freak.” He wails as he reaches his arms out for you. Flabbergasted, you carry him as you look at Victor for an answer.

“They called him freak for being an evolver,” Victor says, patting his son’s back slowly. You can see his eyes wavering holding in his anger. You continue to comfort your son while you and Victor walk to the car.

“Do you want to talk about it, sweety?” You ask as soon they are inside the car. Taehyun leans his head against you, sobbing. You pat his back, waiting for him to calm down. Victor starts the car and drives home. After a while, Taehyun tells both of you.

“I used my evol to make a portal because I want to go to the restroom so bad. Then, someone saw it and told everyone about it. Now, everyone is calling me a freak.” Taehyun's eyes start tearing up again before he cries. Victor listens silently, his hand's grip on the steering wheel hard. You hug your son tight, caressing his hair slowly.

“Am I a freak, mama?”

“No, you’re not, sweety. Your papa is also an evolver, and he looks dashing. You have seen how he uses his power, right? You are like your papa. You can control time-space, like your papa.” You say, gushing over Victor. You hear Victor clearing his throat beside you, but you grin, wiping some tears on your son’s cheek. 

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face,” Victor says, focusing on his driving but you start teasing him with gushing over Victor. Victor stern face getting waver with your constant teasing before he ruffles your hair, asking you to stop. You laugh. Taehyun let out a small chuckle watching his parents bantering, sniffing. You look at your son, smiling.

“You two are so easy to be pleased,” Victor complains, but he smiles at the sight of his beloved family. “Once we arrive home. I’ll cook you something, and I’ll show you how great and elegant it is to be an evolver. I will teach you how to control your power. But, you have to stop crying first.” Victor continues, stretching his free hand to pat his son’s head.

“Okay… I want pudding” Taehyun sniffing, trying to hold his tears.

“You and your mother…” Victor sighs but agrees to his son’s request. Taehyun snuggles against you, absorbing your warmth. Victor glances at you, feeling envy at his own son getting a hug from you.

“Don’t you have a meeting today?” You look at Victor after your son fell asleep from exhaustion. You know how important works for Victor.

 “I told you, right?”


“Idiot, I keep telling you that you and Taehyun are far more important to me than my work.” Victor pokes your head, looking at you softly. You hold your head where he poked you, puffing your cheeks. You couldn’t help but feeling bubbly when he said it.

“But, I need a down payment for showing my power to him.” He says with a serious expression and you know it is his business face. “What? He’s your child!” You hissed at him. 

“I didn’t ask him to pay.” Victor lazily plays with your hair, his eyes still on the road. You stare at him before realizing what he meant. You can already feel your face reddening. Victor glances at you and chuckles.