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Cela Vient Naturellement

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Marinette poked the little box with the longest knitting needle she could find. It was just there, on her desk.

She sure as hell didn’t know where it came from. Her mother and father wouldn’t leave something for her without warning. Her gege didn’t know how to keep a secret from her for a long time. There was no one who would leave something out like this for her without a note or a letter. Marinette poked the box again, her eyes narrowed.

Was this a trap? Like a purple butterfly would pop up out of nowhere? She was so sure this wasn’t how people normally get akumatized. Marinette sighed, open mysterious box or not to open mysterious box. That is the question at hand, “I’m home!”

Or she could open the mysterious box with her gege around and make sure she doesn’t stay akumatized for a long time and he could know and see what the akumatized object was. Marinette liked this plan, it worked out theoretically better than any other scenario. “Gege, I need you.”

Multiple footsteps come up to Marinette’s room, inwardly she groaned. Ever since Luka had shown up at her school and basically demanded another chance at a relationship, an unnecessary protection squad made up of her brother, Kim, and Nino. It was a headache and a half because now they believed every male in Marinette’s life wanted to apparently “get in her pants” according to Kim and thus her adorable gege took all males as a potential threat against his “innocent angel-faced” little sister. “I swear, if someone other than gege enters my room, I will spend the entire week making their lives hell. Starting with calls to parentals, then girlfriends, and then openly flirt with every single male that even says the smallest of hellos to me!”

It was like suddenly, only one other person was in their house. Marinette huffed and glared at her opening door. Gege poked his head out, “Did that creepy stalker boy come back, Miling? Should I get mama’s bo staff? The others are ready to help, you just give us the word!”

Honest to Kwami, Marinette’s eye twitched. She jabbed her arm at the mysterious, tiny box on her workstation and glared at her brother harder. His eyes followed her arm, down the knitting needle, and then landed on the box. Blinking twice, her brother’s face lit up. “It’s cool, guys, just go up to my room. She found a gift I left her. I forgot to tell her about it.”

Marinette’s eyes narrowed at her brother pointing the very sharp looking knitting needle at him. Mikael thought he should maybe drag his sister to Master Fu and just point her in his direction. That needle looked long, point, and like it could hurt if Miling decides to stab him. “Talk. Now.”

He gulped. No one would believe him if Miling decides to stab him. He had crocodile tears while explaining what a Miraculous was and how she could have possibly gotten one from the Guardian.

There was a cute floating pinkish tiger looking plushy in front of her. Marinette’s hands twitched. Tikki had explained that Kwamis are divine, spirit-like beings who embody abstract concepts and give certain powers to people with Miraculous jewelry while transforming them into animal-themed super beings. It was not dignified to cuddle said divine, spirit-like beings as if they were plushies. Marinette moved to sit on her hands.

The kwami floated in front of her, almost daring her. Marinette steeled herself. She would not break. “I am Roaar. The kwami of the Tiger Miraculous.”

Without squealing from the cuteness, Marinette said, “Hen gao xing neng ji hui he nin men he zuo.” [Very please to have the opportunity to cooperate with you.]

The tiger kwami looked pleased, so Marinette thought she did well. “Very polite. I like this human. I’m keeping it.”

“Her,” Tikki said with a sigh. It seemed like everyone else was going to get polite humans, while she had to dodge Mikael’s attempt at swatting her while calling her a flying mouse-bug. Roaar got Marinette, who was polite, and Plagg got Adrien, who was very into being a superhero. She got swatted with a broom and put under a glass cup.

It wasn’t fair, Tikki pouted as she watched Roaar and Marinette study each other.

“Roaar, go for the kill!” Marinette cried out. There were the bright lights that were associated with a miraculous transformation before she stood in front of her transformed brother. Her hair was braided and pulled back in what felt like a Dutch braid. She was also in a skin-tight costume that she was praying she could avoid, but understood why the skin tightness as needed. Instead of just gloved hands, Marinette studied the sharp claws.

She looked like a French Fuchsia version of Chat Noir.

Marinette twirled. Well, a more fashionable French Fuchsia version of Chat Noir. The suit felt more like a catsuit she would wear for gymnastics classes when she was little. Her feet were more platform booties than the flats when she was transformed with Tikki. There wasn’t an immediate weapon like a yoyo or a staff, Marinette wondered what exactly Roaar meant when he said that she would figure out the attack before she de-transformed.

It was like all these tiny gods were competing on who was the better fortune cookie.

“I suddenly remember why I never picked you to be a Miraculous Holder,” Mikael mumbled as he studied the catsuit that Marinette had donned on after transforming. He sighed, it was bad enough that she was kept a not-so-secret relationship with an older boy in the past. Now he was going to have to deal with potential boys fawning over his adorable little sister. “Ready to go for a run, Azrael?”

Marinette smirked, following her brother out of his room. The night scene of Paris was significantly more breathtaking from bouncing on the rooftops' point of view than looking up. Somehow, between getting used to bouncing on rooftops and scaring her gege, the Dupain-Cheng twins' competitive streaks came to life and the two were racing to the Eiffle Tower. Mikael was planning on introducing Azrael to Chat Noir so he wouldn’t try and attack her and telling his superhero partner that he was permanently retiring Rena Rouge and Carapace. “Bet you, Coccinelle-gege!”

Mikael smiled. It was like his sister became more care-free when she was with family members. Normally his sister was serious, especially with Lila Rossi making herself a pain. The familiar thud of Chat Noir caught his attention, Mikael turned to greet his partner, “Who the hell are you?”

Only to have this desperate need to start praying to the Kwami that his sister wouldn’t kill Chat Noir.