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Cela Vient Naturellement

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“Kim! What the hell?!” Kim ignored his god-sister, basically his little sister, as he dragged her to her home. His grip on her wrist was never tight enough to cause a bruise, but it was tight enough to make sure the university attending adult male would not be getting any attention from her. Marinette was the type of person to see to a guy’s first aid after being sucker-punched in the face. “Kim, let me go.”

“Bi zui, Miling,” Kim growled out. He nodded to an amused Auntie Sabine before pushing Marinette up to the Dupain-Cheng’s home. As he muscled her up the stairs, he fished out his phone and sent a text message to Nino and Mikael to get their asses over to Marinette’s room because this creepy uni student, who might be Juleka’s older brother, was making Marinette go tense and coiled uptight in front of the school. (Chinese: shut up/shut your mouth)

Marinette growled when he pushed her onto the Dupain-Cheng’s living room couch. Kim bared his teeth right back at her, Mikael and Nino might roll over and play by Marinette’s directions; but Kim only did that when it was obvious her temper was speaking. He learned exactly when to fight with Marinette and when to be a submissively little bitch, for a couple of reasons; one, the parents always side with Marinette, and two, when Marinette hits you, she makes sure you hurt. Three, she knows when to bring up shit you thought you hide from everyone at the worst time during family dinners. Like a Chinese literature exam that you bombed. “Ni suan shenme dongxi!” (Chinese: Who the hell do you think you are!)

“Nin de qi di.” Marinette scoffs, turning her head to the side and dutifully ignoring him. Kim rolled his eyes at her childishness. So he was a dick to Mikael for not listening to his side of the story and for siding with the foreigner; it didn’t mean that he was going to just turn the other way and walk while some creeper, who is going to a University and has no business in even talking to his little sister who was only a second year in lycee, makes her feel like she needs to be defensive.  (Chinese: Your godbrother.)

The doors slam open with Nino and Mikael rushing inside, both speaking at the same time. Marinette glared at Kim when she put together that he texted her brother and Nino. Kim would have smirked in triumph, if he could get the two to stop throwing words at him, at the same damn time. “DUDES, SHUT UP!”

“Miling,” Mikael said, before tackling his sister into a hug. “Are you okay? Kim said a creeper tried to kidnap you outside of the school-”

“What?! No, I didn’t! I said that a creeper was making her feel like she needed to defend herself!”

“And that he was a university student! And that he had his hands all over you. He was going to kidnap you forever and have his wicked ways with you, then you would have had to stay because of the children, and then, I would never get to see you again,” Mikael leaned back and studied his sister for any bruises or hand imprints. Kim smacked his forehead and remembered how dramatic Mikael could be.

“What exactly happened, Kim?” Nino said calmly. Kim turned to the only other sane person in the room, to see his just as dramatic as Mikael. The normally laidback music-obsessed boy was cracking his knuckles as if he was two centimeters to asking for a description of the university male to finish the job that Kim had started.

“He sucker-punched Luka in the face before dragging me home,” Marinette said, pushing her older brother away from her. Mikael fell to the floor.

“Kitty Section guitarist?” Mikael asked before turning to Kim, he fished out his phone to pull up a picture of the Quantic Kids with Kitty Section. Kim nodded his head when Mikael zoomed in on the guitarist.

Nino glanced over at the phone before turning to Marinette, “Isn’t Juleka’s older brother?”

“Yup,” Mikael said, nodding from the corner of Nino’s eye. Kim was more relaxed now that Nino had stopped popping his knuckles like some low-level mafia muscle. Nino’s eyes narrowed as he tried to remember all the relevant information about the older boy.

“He’s like three years older than us?”

“Yea, just about,” Mikael turned to his sister, Marinette, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber while her brother, her god-brother, and her brother’s childhood friend all stared her down. “How did you two even meet? Was it at one of Quantic Kids’ gigs or competition? Wait, Felix let you out of his sight long enough for you to socialize and make buddy-buddy with our enemies? Was he taking advantage of you?”

“Why must everything with you be an East-Asian drama troupe?” Marinette asked.

“Answer the question!”

“I’ve known him since my third year of college. We met after Felix’s beginning of the year project where I sang a song he wrote for a music video. He asked me out, we dated a bit, we broke up, end of story.”

“You what?”

“Dated him, for most of my third year of college.”

“How the hell did none of us notice?” Nino asked Kim, who merely shrugged. Marinette didn’t seem like the kind of person who would actively hide the fact that she was in a relationship. Did they seriously not see that their sister figure was dating a third year in lycee while she was in college?

Mikael, on the other hand, had a very different response. Like it was perfectly normal for him not to know that his only twin sister would hide a relationship from him. “But. . . why?”

His question was answered with silence and two facepalms. Kim dragged his hand down his face, trying to think of a way to explain it to his sister-con god-brother why she would date someone. “Dude, she touched his face. With her face. Because she thought he was pretty. That’s why they dated.”

“Oh. . .” Mikael turned to his sister, searching for something in her eyes, “Miling? Why did you break up then? Luka’s still pretty.”

Marinette’s body tensed. She turned her head to the side and stubbornly clammed up. It was hard enough to talk with her mother about breaking up with Luka before they actually broke up; she wasn’t about to talk about it with her protective brother squad who looked ready to pummel the guy without knowing the whole story.

“What’s done is done, gege.”