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Cela Vient Naturellement

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You,” Adrien flinched back. There was a lot of pure rage in his voice on the screen. Plagg looked over to him, floating over after he got no reaction. Adrien had found a video on his phone that he didn’t remember recording, and instead of just deleting it, he curiously pressed on it to play. The timestamped stated it was during the last akuma attack. Adrien was hoping it was an explanation of why his pictures and videos of Marinette had been erased and permanently clears from his phone. “I can’t believe you. Of all the stupid, inconsiderate, selfish, self-fulfilling, dumbass shit to do; This. Was. Not. On. That. List.

Plagg stuffed the cheese in his mouth. There was silence as Adrien watched himself on a video he did not remember recording, just glare at him through the screen. Plagg told the kid that it wasn’t really right for him to have pictures of the girl without her permission, and if her temper says anything, she wasn’t going to be very forgiving of him when she finds out. “If it were possible, I would sucker punch you. And if you flinch or dodge or block it, I would get Marinette to sucker punch you. And she punches hard, gave us time to run away from the akuma. She didn’t even flinch, but that’s beside the point of the matter. You… You better find some headphones or something because I will be having words with you right now.

How dare you!” Adrien immediately went to turn the volume of the video down, the growl of his voice echoed in his head. He did not need Natalie or any of the staff to come in and hear this. Apparently, he’s done something offensive enough to have his Oblivio-self wanting to sucker punch him. “And yes, I’m saying you and not us or we or anything like that! There is no way that I would ever want to be associated with that kind of behavior. So, I will address you in the most disrespectful and offensive way possible I can… You just make me so mad!

“How ashamed our family must be of us. Marinette is a sweet darling person and you’re just stalking her and taking creepy pictures of her and recording her all without her permission. I’ve deleted all the pictures of her by the way. And the videos.” The Adrien on the screen was still glaring at him, and it honestly hurt a little. The Oblivio-self is the purest reaction of the person, according to what he could understand from the very confusing LadyBlog post.

Well, that explained who deleted the pictures and videos, Adrien slumped. He just got nervous around the confident girl, his tongue always feels so heavy and he somehow his filter between his mouth and brain never really worked. As Adrien or as Chat Noir, and she always somehow maintains her cool image.

“I don’t care if I can’t remember who I am right now. Marinette wasn’t hit by the akuma because her brother had pushed her out of the way and locked her in a room, but she remembers everything just fine. And told me that she never gave you permission to take any pictures of her. Do you know how violated she felt?” Plagg snickered at Adrien’s pathetic whimper. He told the kid she wasn’t going to like it. “Probably, not, asshole. If you like her, just tell her that you like her instead of being a creepy weirdo who takes pictures of his classmate’s sister without her permission.

“And what’s this I heard about you telling other people that little white lies don’t hurt people?! What do you think they’re going to feel when they find out they were lied to? When they go on living their lives believing those lies were the truth? And what about your classmate, Mikael? How could you just tell someone else how to act! Don’t you know how stifling it feels to be told how to react to something that hurts? Like you’re not human enough to show emotions, so you have to play to someone else’s tune?”

There was a moment where the Oblivio-Adrien was talking to someone off-screen. Adrien never thought people were going to get hurt. It’s just, little white lies were how he was getting out to be Chat Noir. It was how he was able to go to school on the first day. It was how he had survived living in a house with an absentee father, who only cared about trying to keep whatever image of the family was before his mom disappeared.

The video cut off, but Adrien didn’t move from his desk for a while. He was thinking over his past actions, what Mikael and Marinette have been telling everyone, and how much Lila’s lies have hurt Mikael. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt, Adrien brought his palms up to rub his eyes. He just didn’t want Coccinelle and Chat Noir to have to fight Volpina again.

Plagg patted the blonde hair of his chosen and sighed. He honestly didn’t know how to feel about Adrien finally understanding his poor choice of actions when it came to Tikki’s bug, bugs? The only part that was important to Plagg was what Adrien was going to do now that he understands… And to get more camembert because being comforting took a lot of effort and he was hungry again.