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Cela Vient Naturellement

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Mikael and Marinette stared down Nino. He had rushed over after hanging up on Mikael, who was talking to Claude and Allan about the band performing in a televised contest. The bakery was a bit busier than normal though, Marinette was planning on helping and Mikael knew his parents would appreciate the help. Mikael had not realized that Nino had hung up until he showed up at the bakery. “Well, I just… I haven’t heard you play anything in forever, dude. So I thought, I would help out with the parentals. You and Marinette should go with your band, okay? It’s televised so we’ll see you play.”

“Who are you and where the hell have you been?” Marinette demanded, earning a smack from Mikael. He ignored her complaining that of abuse. Mikael searched Nino for any sort of deception or a sign that he was playing a trick. “What? It’s true, gege.”

“This isn’t a game, Nino,” Mikael said, as serious as he could. It was one thing to bail on him, Mikael did not have it in his heart to forgive someone for bailing on his parents. “If this is some sort of ploy by Lila, you should just leave.”

“It’s not!” Nino shouted, before cowering. He turned to Sabine, pleading, “Please Auntie Sabine! I want to help. Let me help instead of Marinette and Mikael.”

Sabine looked to her children who were still staring at Nino, studying him to find out his true intentions, then back to Nino. “Auntie, let me be the friend I was supposed to be.”

She sighed, drawing the attention of her children to her. “You’ll be with Tom in the kitchen. You know the drill, apron on, cell phone on the charger in the front, hands washed. And, Nino, does your mother know that you’re here?”

It was harder to play a bad prank like this on someone as sweet as Tom. At least if he was in the back, he’ll be too busy to try and sneak away.


With Nino taking their place at the bakery, under Sabine and Tom’s watchful eyes, Mikael and Marinette were able to join Mikael’s band. The Quantic Kids was the name of their small group. It was the masterful baby of music, acting, and the Dupain-Cheng twin’s little touch of fashion and graphic design. It was just a fun project that keeps seven friends in touch with each other.

Apparently, Claude had entered them into a televised contest, without telling anyone because he thought that their band was not going to be picked. It was so like Claude to do such a thing that no one was really mad at the boy, they were annoyed that they were told at the last minute about the contest. It seemed like everyone was shifting around their schedules to try and make it.

Mikael was just overjoyed, though. Everyone had been so busy lately, and he didn’t want to pressure anyone to meet up for practice because he was feeling lonely and isolated by his classmates. “What do you mean you lost your voice?!”

Mikael blinked at Claude’s declaration. Who lost their voice? He looked over and saw Marinette standing next to Felix as they both argued about something, Allan shaking his head in amusement as Allegra tried to strangle Claude; didn’t Allegra have that music competition at their school? “What’s wrong?”

“Allegra-Lost-Voice,” Claude somehow was able to say while Allegra was choking him. “Felix-Talk-Nette!”

Allan motioned over Mikael as he held up their entry form. “Claude had signed us up as a dual vocalist group, but Allegra just finished the Concordia for the vocal section yesterday and her voice hasn’t had enough time to recuperate. Felix wants Nette to sing in Allegra’s place because she helped Felix write the song.”

Meaning his sister sang the parts that Felix demanded because that was the only way he would write the duets for the band to play. If someone sang whichever part and Felix’s choice was usually always Marinette. Not that Marinette wanted to go on any stage and sing, she was under the distinct impression that no one would really care for it if she was the one singing compared to Allegra, who had a massive online following and dreams of being a professional vocalist.

His sister was so silly sometimes.

“Fine! I’ll do it! But you owe me, Felix Picard,” Marinette said, grabbing everyone’s attention while she poked Felix in the chest. “It won’t be something small either.”

Felix grabbed Marinette’s hand, in a grand gesture and to Mikael’s shock, brought the hand to his lips, before declaring, “As the lady demands.”

Marinette stole her hand away, much to Mikael’s relief, his sister was just too precious to be getting her hand kissed. Marinette turned and went straight to Allegra, gently pulling the girl’s hands away from Claude. Then, she turned to leave, smacking Claude in the back of the head. “Uh…”

“Marinette’s going to sing Allegra’s part in Señorita. We haven’t recorded it yet so Allegra’s voice isn’t associated with the song. Mikael, we’re going to need to change a few things in the chords and pitches from the usual,” Felix said, with his usual business-like tone of voice when he was dealing with last-minute changes to Quantic Kids. Between Claude, Allegra, and fashion disasters, Felix takes on the role of manager and handler of all chaos rather well.

“How the hell did you get Marinette to agree to sing?” Allan and Mikael asked at the same time. Felix just smirked at the two boys. They were all thankful and very scared at the same time.


“Next up, the Quantic Kids singing an original song, Señorita!” The stage darkened. It wasn’t until the music started playing that there was any movement on the stage. The one good thing about having Marinette sing with Claude was her ability to sing and dance at the same time. Claude is was just like acting, and acting with Marinette was always fun. The fact that they could react to each other so seamlessly, and they had one hour to create and stage-ready only the dance was also helpful.

“I love it when you call me señorita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya,” Marinette’s voice rang out in the studio. Other groups looked on, especially Kitty Section as they never knew that the younger sister of Mikael was associated with Quantic Kids or that she could sing. Well, not all the members were surprised that she could sing, one member was just shocked that she was singing on stage as he remembered her saying that she didn’t feel comfortable singing in public. “But every touch is ooh-la-la-la! Ooh, I should be running… Ooh you keep me coming for ya.”

Claude took control of the stage, with Marinette dancing just out of his hands, “Land in Miami; the air was hot from summer rain, sweat drippin' off me.
Before I even knew her name, la-la-la, it felt like ooh-la-la-la, yeah, no! Sapphire moonlight, we danced for hours in the sand. Tequila Sunrise, her body fit right in my hands, la-la-la! It felt like ooh-la-la-la, yeah!”

Marinette and Claude mirrored their movements while singing the chorus of the song together, “I love it when you call me señorita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya. But every touch is ooh-la-la-la! It’s true la-la-la. I love it when you call me señorita. I wish it wasn’t so damn hard to leave ya, but every touch is is ooh-la-la-la!  Ooh, I should be running… Ooh you keep me coming for ya.”

Locked in the hotel, there’s just some things that never change. You say we’re just friends.” Marinette started singing after a short dance break. “But friend don’t know the way you taste, la-la-la.”

“La-la-la,” Claude echoed after her. Marinette smirked at him before continuing on with the song and performance. Mentally keeping track of the choreography, the music, and the lyrics made it harder to act in the way that Claude wanted, but she was doing this as a payable favor from Felix. It was hard to get Felix to have to owe anyone in the group.

Cause you know it’s been a long time coming. Don’t ya let me fall, oh,” she sang out before Claude and Marinette came together again.

“Ooh, when your lips undress me, hooked on your tongue. Ooh, love your kiss is deadly, don’t stop! I love it when you call me señorita, I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya. But every touch is ooh-la-la-la! It’s true la-la-la. I love it when you call me señorita. I wish it wasn’t so damn hard to leave ya, but every touch is is ooh-la-la-la!  Ooh, I should be running… Ooh you keep me coming for ya.” The duet dance a bit more to the rhythm of the music before they sang the outro, “All along, I’ve been coming for ya [Cladue: for you]. And I hope it meant something to you (Marinette: Oh). Call my name, I’ll be coming for ya (Coming for you), coming for ya (coming for you). (For ya), for ya [Oh, she love it when I call]. For ya, ooh I should be runnin’… Ooh, you keep me coming for ya!”


When Luka Couffaine woke up this morning, he didn’t think he was going to see his ex-girlfriend sing on a televised stage with one of her brother’s bandmates. When they were dating, he wanted her to shine and show off her talent instead of staying backstage to help with the wardrobe. Marinette said that she didn’t feel comfortable out in the spotlight. He respected that, ignoring how he wanted to tell her of the songs he wrote just for the two of them to sing together.

When Luka got to the studio where Kitty Section was competing against other bands, he didn’t expect to see the low life XY and his father with the same mask design that Luka and Kitty Section spent hours creating to fit the image of their band. The masks and their outfits, Luka wanted so desperately to get Marinette’s opinion on this color with that material.

They had started dating in the middle of the summer before Marinette started Lycee, Luka didn’t even know that she was Mikael’s younger twin sister. She had mentioned that her father and older brother were protective of her, so their relationship was more casual than he had come to want. Her song was so strong and steady, so clear to the world…

“If you do that,” Bob Roth growled while grabbing Luka’s sister’s arm pulling her back from marching over to the televised set. “I’ll tell them you’re the copycats not me.  I’ve got all the music biz eating out of my hand. So, who do you think they’re gonna believe or a group of nobodies. You’ll never have a future in this business. You’ll never make another costume. And, there will be no more music for your buddies because as far as everyone’s concerned you’ll be the ripoff artists!”

Luka growled low as Quantic Kids received their applause and left the stage. This was not how he wanted to Marinette and him to meet after their platonic breakup. He gripped the masked that he ripped off the head of XY. The blonde solo artist turned and grabbed Marinette, ignoring his father and Juleka to flirt with the talented girl. His blood felt like it was boiling.

“Silencer,” A voice whispered in his head. “I am Hawkmoth. This man is the voice of evil. I’m giving you the power to silence him for good. All I ask of you in return are Coccinelle and Chat Noir’s miraculous. Do we have an agreement, Silencer?”

“Luka?” Mikael asked he had seen the black butterfly fly over to the older boy while they were exiting the stage. He tried to get the boys attention, to help him fight off the akuma. Luka was a good guy, he didn’t deserve Hawkmoth whispering empty promises in his head. “Hey, Luka!”

Instead of responding to Mikael and possibly ending Hawkmoth, Luka’s eyes were fixated on Marinette who pushed away from the taller artist. Her band coming to her defense, circling around her like a protective group of bodyguards. He saw Marinette reach out of smack away Bob Roth’s hand from Juleka. “Just because you’re group got some attention from you shaking your ass like a stripper on the stage, doesn’t mean you’re a star. Got that, sweetheart?”

“I’ll take your silence as a yes.”

Black clouds engulfed Luka, Mikael yelped as he jumped back. Luka had succumbed to Hawkmoth’s empty promises and manipulation. The only good thing was that he knew where the akuma was located, he just needed to find a spot and transform. But by the time that Mikael had gotten his bearings, Luka has pushed two fingers to his lips. Mikael’s eyes widened and he watched with horror as a tiny little octopus figure floated out of his mouth and into the helmet Luka was wearing.

That… That’s not good.