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Cela Vient Naturellement

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“Miling?”  Mikael called his sister. Marinette looked up, her cheeks were full as they were having chocolate raspberry cake. Mentally, because, well, he likes being alive, Mikael saw a chipmunk with cheeks full of nuts instead of his sister. And he was never going to tell his sister that. Ever. “Uh, how do you know grandpapa?”

“You were there,” was all the girl said before returning to her cake. Mikael blinked. He was there? There, where? What? A very pointed look from their mother made the girl groan before turning back to her brother. “Remember the field trip in college with your class and my old class to the Abbey?”

Mikael thought back and cringes. There was the one time that their school went on a field trip without Chloe’s father sending a couple of police to accompany them. It was the middle of the day when they were getting lunch when two men tried to kidnap a couple of the girls who were furthest away from the teachers and parent volunteers; Marinette was one of those girls. Out of nowhere, an old man came out of a bakery swinging his baking peel around like a madman. Somehow hitting the two men so hard that they just dropped. “Yeah… that was a bad day.”

Marinette sighed, shaking her head. “That old man that saved me and Aurore was grandpapa.”

It took a minute for Mikael to process what Marinette just said because he swore she just said that the crazy old man who saved his sister’s life that day was their grandfather. Mikael turned to his mother, who nodded her head and then to his father, who was staring at grandfather in shock. It turns out that he wasn’t daydreaming, it has happened from time to time, and that Marinette did say that their grandfather had saved her from being kidnapped that day. “But…”

“Madame Vidal was thanking grandpapa once everyone had calmed down, and grandpapa said that he was just doing what people would have done in his day and that ‘Dupains never back down from a challenge’,” she explained. Grandpapa started to chuckle.

“And she said, ‘but papa backs down from mama all the time and he’s a Dupain’,” he said between chuckles. Marinette’s cheeks tinted a little bit pink, but she had turned around and was happily eating the chocolate raspberry cake again. It was a silent dismissal, he could almost hear her whining to leave her alone to eat cake. “Tiny little thing stood there, while the other girl was still crying, Marinette stood there as if nothing had happened. She wanted to know more about Dupains than to be comforted. Of course, Mikael was clinging to her like a barnacle. Then, she keeps asking me questions, like your mama does forgetting all sorts of manners before she stops and looks me straight in the eye, and says ‘I’m Marinette Miling Dupain-Cheng’ before asking me even more questions.”

“Sounds like my little baguettes,” Tom boasted, proud of his children and happy that he has his father in his life again.