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Cela Vient Naturellement

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When Marinette left for her grandpapa’s house this morning, she just wanted to extend the invitation to her father’s party and maybe bake a couple of loaves of bread. She did not expect her brother to forget that she knew their grandpapa and sneak into his bakery, pretending to be a delivery boy of all things.

For someone that is as smart as her gege, he sure is stupid silly sometimes.

Marinette made a mental note to herself as she dodged her akumatized grandpapa, to sucker punch Hawkmoth in the balls when she had the chance. It wasn’t even for akumatizing her grandfather, the baby, the pigeon man, or even the director! Today was an Agreste free day, which meant that she could be at home right now enjoying the comforts of her home. Instead, her brother forgot the invitation to give her their grandpapa. Instead of telling the man who he was, the boy lied to him.

After the whole mess with Rossi, one would think that her brother would just be as blunt as Kagami. A hand reached out and grabbed Marinette, pulling her into an alleyway; and she thanked every Kwami in existence for her reaction time. Elbowing the gut of her attacker, she spun around and uppercut punched them before delivering a spinning back kick.

Only to find out that it was Chat Noir, who had pulled her into the alleyway and not opportunist rapist. Marinette thought it over, while Chat Noir was groaning in pain. “And, just, what exactly did you think you were doing?”

“Pulling you to safety?”

“From what?” Chat Noir gave the girl a pointed look while gesturing to her grandpapa.

“Nonsense, grandpapa is irritated with gege for lying to him. Annoyed with papa that he didn’t come and invite him over to his birthday himself, let alone ever telling him that he had twin grandchildren. Grandpapa is very traditional, but he’s willing to make an effort,” Marinette defended her family with a passion. Chat Noir started to blush and daydream in front of the girl, who started to narrow her eyes at the boy with cat ears. Marinette growled lowly, “Or are you saying that my grandpapa would purposefully put his only granddaughter in danger, Chat Noir?”

With the dangerous growl of a teenage girl, Chat Noir jumped out of his daydream stammering and stuttering to get out any words that might appease the girl. He had his hands up walking away from her when he heard the shout of his partner Coccinelle, “Chat Noir! Get over here and stop flirting with that civilian!”

“I’m not flirting!” He immediately responded, face more red than his partner’s suit. He stammered when he turned around and met with Marinette’s unimpressed face, “I-well-I mean unless you like the flirting? Cause, I’m the coolest cat in town! There ain’t no cat-like Chat Noir?”

Chat Noir watched Marinette’s face go from unimpressed to annoyed with an eyebrow twitching as she ground her teeth together, probably to keep from yelling at him. He noticed that she would start yelling at people when she was at the annoyed with twitching eyebrow and grinding teeth. Her accent in Chinese was awe-inspiring, she had no accent at all! She was so talented, “Go help Coccinelle get my grandpapa back to normal before I give into my violent urges to skin you like the roadkill you’re asking to become!”

Personally, Chat Noir thought her eyes sparkled like sapphires when she was angry. It wasn’t her prettiest face. But she would actual talk (read yell and lecture) him when she was like this. “Chat Noir! I could really use your help right now!”

Marinette was tempted to punch the boy with cat ears again, apparently when she punched him the first time it knocked the only active brain cell he had out of focus. Marinette looked over at her grandpapa and her brother, she smacked the cat boy, “Akuma. Now.”

“Oh, right!” Chat Noir said before bouncing away. It was a sign, Marinette decided.

A sign that she could blame this on Adrien Agreste. His stupidity had infected other Parisians, and now she had to deal with it even on days she didn’t have to deal with Agreste. Her brother had said that Chat Noir had a soft spot for Agreste, going as far as to hide him away during akuma attack apparently.

Marinette just wanted to get her father and grandpapa to talk to each other today. She made them matching father-son-grandson aprons, so mama could tease them. Then, they would have cake, because the chocolate raspberry cake was the only way they would celebrate papa’s birthday, it was his favorite after all. Marinette would finish a couple of orders, and turn in for an early night.

But, of course, Agreste’s brand of stupidity just had to infect other Parisians. She put the full blame on the boy that she disliked the most in her brother’s class.