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going at it like rabbits

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Much like a feather duster, Wei Ying’s midnight bobtail gave a spritely flick. The velveteen fur was soft despite how unkempt the man could be, not that he cared at this moment in particular. As of right now things as trivial of a well fluffed tail did not matter. 

Nothing mattered except the burning ache between his thighs, and the soft tantalising brush of his boyfriend’s robes against his supple skin. But it wasn’t enough! Why wasn’t Lan Zhan touching him?! It was too cruel, too cruel.


Dignity aside, Wei Ying could only rub his dampening cunt against the firm, clothed leg of his lover- a very much soaking trail in his wake. He had been leaking, gushing, for a while now and it was taking everything not to unclothe Lan Zhan and ride him like a brand new knot toy.


“Ah, Gege… Lan er-gege please,” Wei Wuxian tried to keep his voice reserved but his words were unbearably needy. Anyone who was not raised as fine as a Lan in self-preservation would have caved on the spot. He had to reaffirm himself; he was giving punishment and so, would not cave. It was worthy to note that- in all his thirty-six years of living- this was perhaps his greatest trial: to resist Wei Ying.


“Take care of yourself,” Lan Wangji curtly replied, doing nothing but pointing outward a simple, slender finger. The action seemed like mercy, however it was anything but. Lan Wangji knew his husband- his sweet ‘hunny bunny’- was a lascivious sexual deviant. (Not that he could judge). The wanting rabbit could not be sated by a finger alone, and to take the opportunity would only end in torture, it was what he deserved after all.


Yet, take the opportunity he did. Wei Ying was insatiable, his cunt taking in the finger gratefully; the scorching warmth enveloping Lan Wangj’s appendage. He wanted to curl his finger, dig in to where Wei Wuxian loved it best, the bunny’s tender walls so receptive to even the barest touch of a fingertip. Maybe in the back of Wei Ying’s delirious mind, he knew he had taken the bait. He clutched Lan Wangji’s wrist, reddening the moon skin; his knuckles were already coated in a layer of Wei Wuxian’s slick. 


“More Lan Zhan, more” The rabbit whined, his ears twitching in want, but his husband kept his reservations. One finger, one finger was nothing. Wei Wuxian was ready to lay down his soul then and there for his husband to just extend one more knuckle; give him a bit more.


“Bichen,” Lan Wangji spoke simply. Ah, yes… that.

“B-but Er-Gege,” Wei Wuxian started,letting one of his own fingers join Lan Wangji’s if not for it being swatted away, only to cause him to pitifully mewl. Wei Ying still tried desperately, closing his thighs around Lan Wangji’s arm, almost pretending that if he had enough pressure he could suck his entire fist up his cunt. “I was lonely, you were gone and what was I supposed to do?!” 


Any cultivator bold enough to respond to the question would likely tell you that one should not use a sword as a makeshift dildo.

But Wei Wuxian was not any cultivator. 

The punishment could be debated on it’s ethics, but it was not as if it was unwarranted. After all, Lan Wangji had faced his own sexual torture by the hands of his unruly mate. And when sex was concerned, Wei Wuxian was merciless. 


As if it was not intrinsically connected to Lan Wangji down to his very soul, Wei Wuxian had previously used the hilt in a much less than spiritual way. 


“Apologise,” Lan Wangji commanded as he pressed the pad of his finger into Wei Ying’s inner wall, his tail twitching in response. Wei Wuxian keened at the feeling, the taste of pleasure making him squirm. 


“I’m ... a-ah… I’m sorry!” The bunny gasped, “I’m sorry, gege,” Wei Ying leaned forward to cling onto Lan Wangji. 


“For what?”


Wei Ying flushed under Lan Wangji’s discipline, “Using Bichen… a-as a toy- hhah, wait-” Wei Wuxian flinched as Lan Wanji’s thumb came to his engorged clit, teasing the bud betwixt his swollen lips. The rabbit gripped harder on to his partner, rutting his hips, chasing that friction only Lan Zhan could give.  “More, Lan Zhan, please… please!” 


Even in his slutty, drenched state Lan Wanji knew Wei Wuxian too well to think he could be satisfied just by fingers.


“Your cock! F-fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Wei Ying trembled and whined like a spoilt brat, repeating ‘fuck me’ endlessly into the void of pleasure. Even after Lan Zhan slips his hefty length out of his robes, Wei Ying doesn’t know any words except the simple plea.


A moment passes and Lan Wangji shifts his fingers from Wei Wuxian’s entrance, now spreading the slick lips, the wet, flushed labia inviting for anything to enter him.

Before finally giving into mercy, Lan Wangji dragged his cock along those tender nether lips, as if applying a coat of gloss to those lips. Holding back a sob, Wei Wuxian bit his lip, his tail spasming. 


Lan Wangji slid his cock past, letting his hands slide away to grip the bunny boy’s luscious thighs.

“Lan er-gege!” Wei Ying cried out, followed by a few incoherent expletives. He clenched around the intrusion, as if testing the size but they both knew he had been penetrated like this countless times before. That wasn’t to say Lan Zhan didn’t like it.


Shamelessly, Wei Ying went on, playing the pretty little virgin, “Gege’s so big… I-I’m stuffed Lan Zhan!” 

It was almost humorous how Lan Wanji’s face barely moved, but his ears were aglow with arousal and his eyes molten with passion. He grunted before giving an enthusiastic thrust. 


The Jingshi was terribly loud with the sounds of the rabbits cries among the wet chorus of slapping. The rabbit’s wet cunt quivered as his lover’s sex pulsed within him. And then in a shuddering voice, the bunny leaned into his husband’s ear,

“C-come, Lan Zhan… come so hard we have kittens,” 


His eyebrow twitched as his lover’s wrecked voice permeated his mind. A brief fantasy of the rabbit swollen with his children passed his mind- and he was gone.


Like flicking a switch, Lan Wangji went into overdrive, gripping hard at his partner’s thighs before thrusting into him endlessly, ruthlessly and with a need he never thought he could possess.  Wei Wuxian was glowing with sweat, his thighs glistening with fluid. Lan Wangji briefly wondered how many times his mate had come. 


It was all very filthy, and so very overwhelming.


The cultivator felt the swell of pleasure, balls taut as he released into his pretty wife. 


It was a burst of euphoria as he rammed his cock into Wei Wuxian. Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian whined as he felt the scorching essence of his love spurt into him. His thighs trembled, his partners come oozing out of his spent hole around the rim of his partners dick. Aside from the slight leak, he was plugged up very well.


Even as they finished, they wouldn’t break apart, or rather, Lan Wangji had tried, but Wei Wuxian wrapped his legs around him with the strength of someone who had not just been fucked silly. 


“Give me a moment, Lan Zhan,”