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Stranger Wolf

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I love you!



That’s the last thing Rose heard right before falling into the Void. His voice echoed in her mind, lost forever, shouting those three words what were supposed to be said with happiness, not with grief and sorrow. 


Rose bit her lip, letting tears stream down her cheeks. It hurt. God, it hurt. Being ripped away from her Doctor so abruptly, it left her mind broken and raw and aching. Her hands clenched, and she brought them up over her chest, where her heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. 


Why! Why didn't she hold on just a little tighter? Why didn’t she tie herself down or, or, or… Rose sobbed, her voice echoing all around her. The tears were coming down faster now, and her shoulders shook. She just wanted her Doctor. She wanted to see him smile, and giggle, and go on and on and on about things she didn’t understand. She wanted to hug him, curl into his side and run her fingers through his spiky hair. 


Suddenly, Rose felt her body slam down, her back connecting with the hard, cold ground. She moaned, not expecting any sort of impact. She was in the Void, there was nothing there but dead space, right? So… 


Slowly, Rose willed her eyes to open (when had she closed them?), blinded by her tears for a few moments. She rubbed at her cheeks, sniffling. When her vision cleared, fear gripped her heart. All around her, the air looked dirty, thick, and there were these small particles floating about. The atmosphere felt dark, empty almost, and very, very wrong


Getting up was almost impossible. Everything inside of Rose felt stone heavy, almost as if her blood was made of lead. She gasped, and tasted something… weird. Poison. The air here was poisoned. 


When Rose was finally able to stand up, a bit shaky, she took in the world around her. It looked like Hell. A real, proper Hell. She could see little shops lined down a street, but they had these tendrils growing over them. A few buildings where caved in, with broken glass, and there was a phone booth tipped over. Upon closer inspection, Rose saw this black ooze splattered over what she assumed where trees and cars. 


She shivered. “Where am I?” 


Her answer came in the form of a loud growl. It sounded far away, but bounced off the atmosphere, and blood red lighting followed it. 


Rose jumped, swallowing down a scream. 


She didn’t have time to think, because a cold feeling washed over her in that moment, and something told her to run. So she ran. 


Rose ended up hiding in one of the rundown shop's storage closet, snatching a shovel to use as a weapon. She crouched down, pushing herself under a few shelves, and waited, praying the monster would just pass her by. Maybe it wouldn't notice her, maybe, maybe it wouldn't be able to smell or sense her. 


Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. 


Rose tensed when she felt a cold shiver run down her spine, and a moment later, she heard the tell tale signs of something large walking around outside. Rose held her breath and tightened her hold on the shovel. 


The heavy thud, thud, thud came and went. 


Rose took a deep breath. 


Putting the shovel down, she started rubbing her hands together, trying to generate some heat. “Okay, Rose, think. You’ve got to think.” She tried listing off all the things she saw so far.



Poisonous, dirty air. 

Tiny white particles floating all around. 

Run down town with tendril-thingies growing over everything. 

Monster running about outside.

Okay, that meant something, Rose just wasn't sure what yet. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. The Doctor would know. He was just brilliant that way, always going on about different planets and species, picking out unique traits and connecting the dots through that. 


She swallowed a sob and rubbed at her eyes, willing the oncoming tears away. Right now, she had to focus. She had to survive!




Rose covered her mouth and grabbed for the shovel, holding it up. Oh god, it was back!




Rose felt her eyes widen. 




Her breathing skyrocketed. 




Rose backed up more, pressing up against the cold, dirty wall. Her eyes are still blown wide, mouth dry and lips raw from her chewing on them. Rose listened as best she could, but when the loud banging stopped, she counted to thirdy. 


When there was still no noise, she counted up to fifty. 


After that, Rose shakily got to her feet and peeked out the storage closet, eyes scanning the store. The front windows were broken in, and to the right, shelves were knocked over, the rotted food and rusted cans splattered all over the floor. Rose covered her nose, but seeing as the monster was nowhere to be seen, she slipped out and ran down the street. 


She only got a few blocks away when the shop she was hiding in crumbled, and a large shadow stood over the remains, breathing heavily. 

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The Doctor staggered back to the TARDIS, rubbing his cheeks raw. The ship tried soothing his battered mind, but her own remorse and loss mixed with his, and the two exchanged tearful words. 


“I lost her.”


The TARDIS tried telling her Thief that it was not his fault, but he refused listen. 


“I lost her,” he repeated, falling to his knees, hands clutching the console. “I lost her, my precious girl.” 


Watching Rose fall into the Void, her eyes wide with terror, tore him apart. He shouted his love for her, not knowing what else to do. His brain had broken down, body freezing. The Doctor should have tried to save her! 


Worse of it, there was nothing that could survive in the Void. You either floated until death or you suffocated on the loneliness around you. That was his bond mates fate. 


The Doctor tightened his grip on the console. 


This was all his fault! Her blood was on his hands! His poor, precious girl…  


He hated himself more than ever.