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Scent Like Home

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All the times they had cuddled and scented, and Dean had teasingly played around with Cas’ mating gland… Cas had been ready and prepped for a mating bite. All it would have taken was one well-timed bite to the right place.

Now, though, things were suddenly more complicated. Dean had Cas on his back as he was slowly fucking into him, scenting along his neck to search for the right place—only he didn’t find it. The mating hormones were weak, even though Dean was giving Cas his best moves.

It had been Cas’ idea to get mated outside of his heat because while in heat, they might both feel the raw need to get mated, while outside of it, it was their own free will. Of course, that meant getting the omega to the point where mating was possible was a lot harder. But he’d managed it before, so he was a bit stumped as to why he was getting nowhere.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a bit nervous,” Cas said. “Just bite me, maybe it’ll take.”

Dean stopped short mid-thrust and left Cas’ neck alone for a moment to look down at the omega. “I’m not going to ‘just bite you.’ It’ll hurt if your body isn’t ready for it.”

“Maybe it’s—”

“It isn’t ready for it. Believe me, I can tell.” Alpha instincts had to be good for something, and being able to tell when an omega was ready to be mated was one of his alpha superpowers.

He leaned down to kiss Cas, hoping to reassure him. “Hey, it’s okay. We can try another time. Doesn’t have to be today, right?”

After that, Dean didn’t try to go for Cas’ mating gland again that night. They made love slow and sweet, and Cas didn’t smell nervous anymore at all.

It wasn’t until the next day during breakfast that Cas brought up their failed attempt at getting mated by telling him, “I’m not having second thoughts.”

“Didn’t think that you were.” Dean took a sip of his coffee and added, “Kinda thinking it now, though.”

Cas rolled his eyes, which was such a Cas thing to do that Dean had to smile. Yeah okay, maybe he really wasn’t having any second thoughts.

“I want to mate you. It’s just… Getting mated was something I was scared of for a long time. You know, alphas mating omegas in heat against their will is a thing. And yesterday, I was very aware of the fact that what we were doing was supposed to end in a mating bond, and… my omega got a little spooked, that’s all. So, maybe we should do it during my next heat, after all.”

This time, Dean was the one to roll his eyes at Cas’ self-sacrificing antics. “Yeah, no. We’re not doing that.”

“Why not? If we do it during my heat, we won’t have to wait around for my body to ‘get ready.’ One bite and we’re mated.”

“That’s exactly why we won’t be doing it then. Don’t worry about it. I got a plan.”

Apparently, Dean’s so-called ‘plan’ was to postpone any mating attempts or discussions.

Over the next few days, he repeatedly played around with Cas’ mating gland, but that was as far as it ever went, and Cas could tell that there was no real intent behind it.

They were essentially back to the days when Dean had teased him by softly licking his mating gland, and while that felt great, Cas couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Dean was the one who was having second thoughts. After all, Cas had ruined the mood when he had unwittingly sabotaged their mating.

So, the next time they were in bed together, Cas tried to look seductive as he said, “Mate me.” His heart was beating erratically in his chest because apparently, his omega was still a bit on edge.

They did mate—but only in the sense that they had sexual intercourse. Again, Dean nibbled on his mating gland some but didn’t bite down hard enough.

“We’ll get there,” Dean promised later as he kissed his temple.

Saturday was date night, which this time around meant dinner and a movie with some handholding in the last row of the movie theater.

Since they weren’t teenagers and couldn’t just start full-on making out, they did a lot of hand flirting. They’d intertwine their fingers, Dean’s thumb would lightly caress the inside of his wrist, and Cas was sure he could feel his pulse fluttering because… well, he was an omega in love, and having Dean touch him always made his heart do funny things. Nothing new there.

Partway through the movie, Dean’s hand had found its way to Cas’ thigh and was idly stroking it.

With all those touches in a public place where they couldn’t do more, it was no wonder that they were kissing each other deeply and sensually as soon as they were home.

Clothes were left strewn on the floor, and soon enough Cas was kneeling on the bed and Dean’s tongue was in his ass, licking it on the inside and teasing his inner walls to the point where his hole was leaking a steady stream of slick.

“Touch me,” Cas said.

It had taken a while, but he was finally completely comfortable asking Dean for what he wanted when they were being intimate.

Dean complied by sliding a finger into his ass and going straight for his prostate. One of his favorite games was seeing how wet he could get Cas before he mounted him. He liked teasing Cas to the brink of orgasm a few times using his tongue and fingers until Cas couldn’t take it anymore.

He got fucked soon after, Dean’s cock sliding in from behind, an easy, fluid motion with all the slick lubrication his ass had produced during foreplay.

Dean fucked him for a long time after that, alternating between doing him slow and deep, and speeding up to a hard and fast rhythm, only holding off when they were close to orgasm.

Just as Cas wished Dean would kiss him (he loved when Dean was deep inside of him and pushed his lips apart to lick into his mouth), Dean pulled out so that he could push Cas onto his back and enter him again.

He was back to his tender, lazy rhythm, and Cas used the opportunity to pull him down for a deep kiss.

Of course, with Dean giving him such a thorough fuck in his wet ass, Cas was soon overcome with the urge to bare his throat for his alpha.

As usual, Dean leaned down and began to suck on his flesh to mark his territory as soon as he saw Cas inviting him to do so.

Nibbling all along his neck, he passed his mating gland multiple times without paying it any attention. Every time, Cas thought he might give it a lick, which sent tingles of anticipation all through his body, but Dean just licked all around it. Cas could feel his mating gland swell anyway because of all the love he was given.

Dean began fondling his dick then, and the sensations were too much. When Cas finally found sweet release, Dean fucked him right through his orgasm with long, deep strokes as he told him, “Love you, so much!” before kissing him again.

Dean shoved in once more and Cas’ hole fluttered around it. His stomach coiled tightly, his muscles tightened and the tremors of a second orgasm hit him just as Dean’s cock throbbed deep inside of him and his big balls started pumping him full.

His knot locked into place easily, and by now they knew each other well enough to find the perfect post-orgasmic knot-in-ass cuddle position that worked for both of them.

They were still sharing sweet kisses because coming down from an orgasmic high was always so much better if accompanied by assurances of love and expressions of affection. Some scenting was of course part of their post-sex routine as well. Cas might like Dean’s smell best when he was all bursting with love, so he pressed his nose up against his scent gland and inhaled deeply.

“You wanna?” Dean asked, and for a moment, Cas had no idea what he was even talking about. A second round? They were still connected from the first one.

But then Dean softly, almost tentatively grazed his mating gland with his thumb. Oh. Cas was ready for a mating bite. That was, in fact, the one thing missing from making this moment perfect.

In response, he bared his throat and said, “Please.”

This time when Dean went for his mating gland, nibbling and sucking on it, there was no apprehension. Just happiness.

Most alphas and omegas probably did this during sex, not after it, but Dean and Cas weren’t ‘most people.’ They had always done things just a little bit differently.

The moment Dean bit down for real, the tingling sensation in his mating gland increased to the point where he thought his heart was going to explode with how much he loved that alpha. And how much he felt loved in return.

When it was over, Dean licked the mating bite with broad strokes of the tongue, and Cas could feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes.

Dean stopped in his ministrations to wipe away a tear that had spilled out. “Hey, you okay?”

Smiling at his mate, Cas said, “More than you’ll ever know.”

And with that, he pulled Dean in for their first kiss as a newly-mated couple.