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Scent Like Home

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Their first ‘scenting appointment’ took place on a Friday night, which gave Dean the perfect excuse as to why he couldn’t hit the bars with his alpha friends. Not that there was anything wrong with hanging out with them—sometimes he just preferred a quiet night in.

Of course his “Sorry, got to let an omega scent me” had made him the perfect target for teasing, but so what? He’d be home early enough for Dr. Sexy, which wouldn’t have been the case had he gone out and gotten drunk in some bar or other.

When Cas opened the door, he was talking on his cell phone.

“Yes, I will. Talk to you later,” Cas said to whomever was on the other side of the line, and then he hung up and motioned Dean inside, explaining, “My brother. Just in case you’re thinking about robbing me or killing me—he has contacts in the police department and he’ll call the cops if I don’t call him back in an hour.”

“Uhm… okay?”

Wow. Trust issues much? Well, he had known Cas was a strange little omega when he had signed up for this. No backing out now, he assumed, when he watched Cas start the timer on his cell phone and put it into his pocket.

Dean took off his jacket and looked around for somewhere to put it. Cas’ apartment was very homey. Although, that might be because the whole place smelled like him. Dean couldn’t believe he was getting paid to hang out in the best-smelling place on Earth.

“So…” Cas said while Dean was hanging his jacket on a coat hook next to Cas’ trench coat.

When Dean turned around, ready to break the ice with a joke, Cas took a step forward and the next second, the omega was nosing along Dean’s neck, just behind his ear, and then he found the scent gland and just latched on, taking deep breaths.

His hair tickled Dean’s chin and Dean had no idea where to put his hands. Around Cas’ shoulders or onto his hips would be the obvious solution, but both seemed way too intimate.

Of course that was a ridiculous thought, considering that he was standing here, being scented by an omega within an inch of his life. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been scented in such a blatant way.

Couples scented each other. Family scented each other. Mates scented each other. Dean didn’t even feel comfortable letting omegas scent him during sex. It just didn’t seem to be appropriate for one-night stands. Maybe he should have thought of that when he had answered the ad…

 “So… How was your day, honey?” Dean asked, trying to make light of the situation.

“Stressful,” Cas replied on a sigh. He obviously hadn’t picked up on the fact that it had been a joke.

They lapsed into silence once more.

“So, we just keep standing here for a whole hour?” Dean asked after a couple of minutes when his legs began to ache after a day on his feet.

That got Cas to stop scenting for a second and take a step back. Dean had already started to think he was a vampire or something, not moving away an inch from Dean’s neck for a second.

“Uhm… Of course. We can sit down on the couch if you’re uncomfortable.”

Cas led them into the living room and as soon as Dean’s ass hit the couch, Cas was pressed against his side to get better access to his neck.

This time, Dean ended up putting his arm on the couch behind Cas, which was way more comfortable than standing in the hall.

After another few minutes had ticked by, Dean had to admit to himself that he had not thought this all the way through when he had agreed to this.

Cas’ little sniffs along his scent gland were like foreplay. Correction—like the weirdest foreplay session without hands-on action ever.

Since Cas’ head was right there, even though Dean wasn’t scenting him, Cas’ alluring scent was all around him. On top of that, Cas kept bumping his scent gland with his nose, nuzzling into him as if he wanted to climb inside of him.

Great. Now he was starting to get aroused. Talk about inopportune moments. Of course, since Cas had his nose pressed against Dean’s scent gland, the omega immediately picked up on the change in his scent. He inhaled deeply and—sighed contently. Huh. Maybe Cas hadn’t realized that the change in scent had come from the fact that Dean was starting to get horny.

Still, if this continued, things could get awkward, so Dean quickly thought of the most unsexy thoughts he could think of. Luckily, Sammy in tights did the trick as per usual.

But there was simply no way he could sit here for a whole hour without going insane.

“I’m getting bored,” he said because he couldn’t very well say, ‘I’m getting aroused.’

“I told you to bring a book,” Cas’ voice rumbled against his neck.

Great—when Cas talked, his lips were almost brushing against Dean’s skin. ’Cause that was gonna help matters…

“I thought you were joking.”

“Why would I be joking about bringing a book?”

Cas sat back to look at him with furrowed brows, and Dean almost let out a sigh of relief. His scent gland was quickly becoming the most sensitive spot of his body, and a reprieve from having Cas tease it mercilessly was just what he needed.

“You can borrow one of my books if you want,” Cas offered, motioning to the wall that was lined with bookshelves full of what seemed like hundreds of books.

“Great!” Dean quickly got up and ambled over to see if Cas had any Vonneguts.

“So, you really like books, huh?” He called over his shoulder as he browsed through the bookshelves.

“Yes,” came the prompt answer.

Not the most chatty omega he had ever met, apparently.

Dean was just about to pick any book at random when his eyes landed on one half-hidden behind a huge volume of some encyclopedia.

It was old and worn—it had obviously been read a lot, and when Dean looked at the title (‘Knot Your Typical Alpha’), he realized that it was some sort of romance novel. The cover suggested it might even be an erotic novel. Perfect!

If Cas’ scenting should make his dick misbehave, and Cas picked up on the scent of alpha arousal, Dean could simply blame the book.

Satisfied with his choice, Dean walked back over to the couch.

When Cas saw the book he had chosen, his cheeks turned an adorable shade of pink, and he snatched the book out of Dean’s hands with a scowl on his face.

“Not that!” he said, putting it between the couch cushions out of sight. “That isn’t even a book for alphas! It was just a prank gift from my brother.”

“Ah.” Dean smirked. “That why it looks like it’s been used so much?”

Cas’ blush expanded down to his neck and he shot Dean a dark look, but didn’t comment one way or another.

Dean decided to stop teasing him for now, even if making the omega blush was kind of fun. Instead, he said, “Okay, if you don’t approve of my choice of books, let’s get back to the scenting—but let’s at least not sit here in silence.”

Cas squinted at him.  “Should I put on music?” he asked.

Yes, because that would make this scenting ‘date’ a whole lot less romantic…

“I meant talking,” Dean clarified.

Cas narrowed his eyes. “I’m not good at talking to strangers.”

Dean grinned, sure he would win this argument. “Well, if we tell each other a bit about ourselves, we won’t be strangers anymore. Here, I’ll start.” He motioned for Cas to continue scenting, and once the omega’s nose was pressed to his scent gland once more, he began, “I’m an Aquarius. I’ve got a little brother Sammy, who goes to law school, and when I’m not making money letting omegas scent me, I’m a handyman and do all kinds of contract work.”

Dean smiled, pleased with his initial description of himself.

He had not expected Cas’ unimpressed, deadpan answer, though. “I know.”

His scent must have turned surprised because Cas elaborated, “What, you thought I would let an alpha into my home without doing research first? I googled you.” After a beat of silence, he added, “And let my brother run a background check on you.”

“Wow.” Someone sure had done a number on that omega, to make him that cynical. “First the threat to call the cops, now the background check… You really went all out to make sure I don’t murder you, huh?”

“Better safe than sorry,” Cas mumbled into his neck.

Another minute ticked by in silence before Dean gave it another try. “So… You seem to have me at a disadvantage here. I didn’t run a background check to make sure you didn’t plan to lure me here in order to eat me or whatever.”

“Well, you’re an alpha. You could have easily overpowered me anyway.”

The rest of the hour, Dean managed to get Cas out of his shell a bit. He learned that Cas was working at a local book shop, that the brother with the contacts in the police department was called ‘Gabriel’ and was older than Cas, and that this strange scenting arrangement had apparently been suggested by Cas’ therapist—even though he still wouldn’t explain why.

There were also quite a few things Dean could tell Cas that a background check hadn’t been able to reveal. They talked about favorite books and TV shows and before long, the hour was almost up.

Dean had also managed not to get a boner, even though at the end of the hour, he was pretty sure his scent gland had turned into a huge erogenous zone.

When Cas’ timer went off, Dean almost couldn’t believe that it had already been an hour.

They both looked at each other, surprised, which Dean supposed meant that Cas hadn’t realized the time was already up, either.

While Cas was turning the timer off, Dean joked, “Better go before the cops show up.”

Cas nodded and got up to walk him to the door, where he held out a couple of bills that Dean quickly put away. Dean put on his jacket and when he turned back around to Cas, he wanted to say “This was fun” because it really had been—but getting paid reminded him that this hadn’t been about fun.

So instead, he said, “Thanks. Scent you later.”

Cas tilted his head and squinted at him. “No, you won’t.—If anything, I’m the one who should be saying that.”

“Cas—it was a joke. Just fake-laugh at it and say goodbye.”

That made Cas tilt his head even further. “Fake-laugh?”

“I didn’t say it was a good joke.”

“Ha ha?” Cas said and Dean couldn’t help but roll his eyes affectionately.

Unsure of how to say goodbye to someone who had intimately scented him for an hour, Dean said, “See ya,” and gave him an awkward little wave before he walked out the door.

Once outside, he took a deep breath. He couldn’t wait to get home. Not necessarily to watch Dr. Sexy, but definitely to get rid of his sexual frustration. A jerk off session in the shower sounded like just what he needed.