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love (the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket)

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“Feel good, baby?”

Taehyung traces the tip of a finger along the edge of the tapered head of Jimin’s dick, smiling as Jimin shudders and leaks even more. He looks like an absolute vision like this, all spread out in bed with his wrists tied to the headboard, at Taehyung’s complete mercy, breath heavy and eyes glassy like he's about to cry. 

Jimin looks the prettiest when he cries.

"Mhm, please, Tae - " Jimin whines, pulling at his restraints, canting his hips up uselessly. "Touch me, please, 'm so  -"

Taehyung wraps both hands around Jimin's dick and begins stroking him slowly, from his tip all the way down the thick shaft and its ridges and the wide, thick knot right at the base. Taehyung makes sure to  pay special attention to that magic spot right underneath the tip of Jimin's dick that never fails to make him leak like he's a broken faucet; he has even made Jimin come just by rubbing that spot over and over until Jimin's legs were shaking and his eyes rolling in his skull.

He could do it now. It would be fairly easy, considering Jimin is extra sensitive because of his cycle; he's twice as big as he usually is (and Jimin is already bigger than average for his species on a normal day), dick flushed a pretty cherry red instead of its usual pinkish purple, the scaly pouch right beneath his dick heavy and full with eggs. 

And Taehyung can't help the way he goes a little drooly, how his dick twitches and leaks, dampening the front of his underwear even more. He craves it, the feeling of being fucked dumb and full of Jimin's eggs and cum until he can't think of anything else, until he's been filled to the brim and ready to burst. 

And it feels all the more satisfying when Taehyung makes them both wait for it. 

“Such a pretty dick, Minie. All hard and swollen for me, isn’t that right?” Taehyung hums, wraps his fingers around the head of Jimin's dick, stroking over his spot with quick movements until Jimin's chest is heaving with dry sobs and he's pulling desperately at his restraints, begging Taehyung to please -

Taehyung stops, ignoring Jimin’s protests. He spanks his knot a couple of times in punishment, the side of his mouth lifting on a smile when he sees a small tear slip from the corner of Jimin’s eye.

“Baby, when I ask you a question, I want you to answer me. Is that clear?”

Jimin sniffles. There’s still a hint of defiance in his eyes, which has Taehyung’s smile growing. 

“Of course, Tae.” Jimin grits out. “It’s clear.”

Taehyung grins. “So what do you have to say now, hm?”

Jimin’s eyes flash. Taehyung almost shivers. He doesn’t doubt for a second that Jimin is gonna get back at him for this as soon as he unties him. 

“S-sorry. ‘m sorry, Tae. I’m just so - I just wanna - ”

“Aw, honey, it’s okay. I forgive you.” Taehyung leans forward to wipe at Jimin’s tears, to press his thumb to Jimin’s full bottom lip and sigh when Jimin opens his mouth and wraps his long, long tongue around his finger and sucks. “I know it must be very difficult for you to think of anything that’s not how much you wanna breed me right now, hm? Poor baby, all he ever wants to do is fuck and breed, fuck and breed and nothing else.”

Taehyung lets the hand that’s not playing with Jimin’s pretty mouth travel down his body until it reaches his pouch, all heavy and full and warm. He cups it with his hand at the same time that he shoves his fingers in Jimin’s mouth to muffle his keen when he starts squeezing it gently, feeling the little bumps of the eggs inside with his thumb.

“So full, baby, got so many eggs for me. I really can’t wait for you to pump me full of them.”

Jimin hums approvingly, eyes closed in bliss as he suckles on Taehyung’s fingers, his tongue wrapped snugly around all of them. It takes Taehyung a few tries before he can successfully pull his fingers out of Jimin’s warm mouth, not missing the way Jimin whimpers a little when he sees the trail of thick saliva connecting the tip of Taehyung’s fingers to Jimin’s mouth. 

Taehyung wipes it off on Jimin’s cheek, tsking. “Messy baby.”

“You better quit it with the teasing," Jimin grunts, shiny yellow eyes narrowing. "Or I swear I'll -" 

"You'll what, hm?" Taehyung pushes his underwear down enough to let his cock slip free, moaning in satisfaction when he wraps his wet hand around his aching dick, giving himself a couple of quick strokes to take some of the burning edge consuming him off. "What will you do, Jiminie? Gonna fuck my mouth and knot it until I'm choking? Gonna hold me down and make me take it, unload deep in my guts until I'm so full of your eggs I can barely move?" 

"Yes," Jimin pulls at the restraints again, but they don't budge. They had to invest in a special kind of rope sturdy enough to resist Jimin's strength; they tried using normal rope once and Jimin ripped it like it was paper on his first pull. "Wanna be inside you so bad. You feel so good around me, always take me so well - " 

Taehyung moans shakily, moving to take off his underwear fully to avoid the temptation of just jerking himself off to orgasm to the image of Jimin all needy and helpless, begging to be inside of him with tears in his eyes, but Taehyung doesn’t want to let himself come until he's sitting on Jimin's dick, until he’s been bred so full he feels like he could burst with it, until Jimin has to help him get on his back because he’s too big and helpless to do it on his own, to get all the eggs out of him.

“Is that so, baby? You want my tight little ass that bad?”

Jimin moans, eyes a little glazed over like he’s already feeling the wonderful pressure of Taehyung’s wet heat around himself. “You know I do, Tae. Can’t you see how much I need it? Please, please, baby, let me have your ass.”

“Hm. Well,” Taehyung tilts his head, taps his index finger against his cheek a couple of times as he pretends to think it over. “I suppose that since you asked so nicely… how about I sit on your face, and if you’re good and eat me out well I’ll untie one of your hands so you can help me open myself up? What do you say, honey?”

“Mhm, yes, please,” Jimin says, licking his lips. “Love eating you out, Taetae.”

Taehyung crawls his way up Jimin’s body, stops to bend down and give him a sweet kiss before positioning himself with his knees bracketing Jimin’s head and his ass hovering right above Jimin’s mouth. He grips the headboard tight as he lowers himself fully on Jimin’s waiting mouth, his skin prickling with goosebumps when Jimin’s warm breath makes his hole clench in anticipation before being replaced by the wet firmness of Jimin’s tongue, giving him a couple of broad licks from his perineum to the top of his asscrack before focusing on his hole, circling it with the forked tip of his tongue before pushing and pushing it inside, fucking Taehyung with it in the earnest. 

“Ah, shit Jimin - “ Taehyung pants, squeezing the headboard so tight his fingers turn white. “Right - right there. Don’t - don’t stop.”

Jimin hums, sucking on Taehyung’s rim as the tip of his inhumanly long tongue finds Taehyung’s prostate and rubs it relentlessly.  Taehyung wails, pleasure overtaking him completely as he rides Jimin’s tongue without abandon. One of his hands drops down to hold onto Jimin’s hair, while the other flies to his cock, hips bucking into his own hand desperately because it feels so good, too good, and Taehyung really wanted to wait until he was sitting on Jimin’s cock to come but he - he doesn’t think he can stop now, not when he’s so close. He’ll come again. He will just - he will just have to - come again -

“I’m - I’m gonna - gonna come -”

A hard jab of Jimin’s tongue against his prostate is all it takes for Taehyung to fall apart. He comes with a long, drawn-out satisfied little whimper, head thrown back and eyes closed as the trembles and twitches with the strength of the delicious orgasm wracking through his body. Taehyung pulls himself up on shaky legs so he can climb down Jimin’s body and sit on his lap; Jimin’s tongue slips from his ass when he does with a lewd squelch, hitting Jimin’s chin and neck with a wet sound. Jimin doesn’t waste any time in swallowing his tongue back into his mouth, humming in satisfaction, like Taehyung is the best thing he’s ever tasted. 

“Did so well, baby,” Taehyung sighs, sweeping Jimin’s sweaty bangs out of his face. Jimin blinks up at him, sweet eyes still shining yellow. “Ate me out so well, made me feel so good I couldn’t help but come on your tongue. Gonna let you have a taste, honey. You’ve earned it. Open up.”

Jimin opens his mouth obediently, knowing what’s coming. Taehyung raises his come-covered fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean, not leaving a single drop behind. He holds the cum in his mouth, positions himself with his mouth right above Jimin’s waiting one and purses his lips, letting the cum drip slowly until there’s nothing left, gathers saliva in his mouth and spits in jimin’s tongue a couple of times, adding to the mess and relishing in the way Jiimin whimpers as he tightens his grip on the restraints.

“Gorgeous,” Taehyung groans, closing his eyes briefly because the sight of Jimin with his tongue out covered in Taehyung’s come and spit is too much to bear. He’s already half-hard again. “You look absolutely stunning like this, darling.”

Unable to hold back anymore, Taehyung leans forward and kisses Jimin, slips his tongue into his mouth and behind his teeth, moaning when he tastes them on Jimin’s sweet mouth. They swap cum and spit locked in a heated kiss, and it’s - filthy, the wet sounds of their mouths catching and giving, of Jimin pushing his tongue deep into Taehyung’s mouth and down his throat. Taehyung lets his mouth go slack, eyes half-closed as Jimin fucks his mouth with his tongue, swallows greedily around it, chokes when it hits the back of his throat and does it again and again and again until Taehyung is shaking and he’s fully hard and leaking all over Jimin’s stomach. 

Jimin fails to notice, distracted as he is with his tongue down Taehyung's throat, when Taehyung starts to slowly inch down his body until his cock is nestled right in between his asscheeks, back arched and ass pushed up as he starts to move his hips up and down, rubbing his hole along the length of Jimin's dick, humming at the solid, warm weight of Jimin's dick nestled between his cheeks, at how lovely and wet the slide it and how much better it's gonna feel once Jimin is inside him. 

Jimin pulls away with a wet gasp, throwing his head back with a loud keen as Taehyung picks up speed, working his hips like he's actually riding Jimin and moaning a little higher every time he feels a string of precome hit his lower back. Taehyung leans forward, then, to lick at the drool that covers Jimin's mouth and chin. They always get so messy whenever they kiss like that, drool getting everywhere, and Taehyung loves it. 

Taehyung ducks his head down to suck an array of pretty marks of the skin of Jimin's neck. Jimin moans weakly, lost in the feeling of bucking his hips to meet Taehyung's, pulling at his restraints with such strength the headboard creaks in protest. 

Taehyung looks up. Hoseok told him once that Jeongguk actually managed to snap their headboard clean off its place the one time they decided to try bondage. By the look of sheer desperation in Jimin's face and how worked up he is, Taehyung guesses he's about ready to break the headboard as well if that's what it takes to get inside him.

"Taehyung," Jimin pants, voice wet like he's about to cry again. "Tae, please, you said - you said that if I was good and ate you out you'd let me open you up and I've been good, please let me - I need you."

Taehyung hums. "I did, didn't I? You're right, baby, you were such a good boy for me. I'm gonna untie one of your hands now, okay? So you can help me get ready to take you and your fat knot."

"Please, yes, need to be inside you so bad -"

Taehyung makes quick work of the ropes, not making another move to tease Jimin. He's feeling impatient, thinks they both have had enough teasing for now; Taehyung needs to have Jimin in him making a mess of his insides and he needs it now.

Jimin reaches for him as soon as his right hand is free, strokes Taehyung's face affectionately before it travels further down his body, tickling Taehyung when it reaches his side, making him giggle uncontrollably as he tries to squirm away, but his laughter soon breaks out into a shaky moan when Jimin gives his ass a light slap, followed by a tight squeeze. Taehyung pushes back against Jimin's touch almost subconsciously. He loves having Jimin's hands on him just as much as Jimin loves touching him. 

"Hurry up, Taetae," Jimin whines, the fingers slipping between Taehyung's asscheeks to rub at his hole betraying the innocent pout on his face. "I miss feeling your tight little ass around me. Wanna fuck it and breed it so bad."

Taehyung moans his approval, allowing himself to push back against Jimin's finger one more time, then he reaches for the bottle of lube conveniently left on their nightstand before moving to reverse straddle Jimin, inching back until his ass is as close to Jimin's face as it can get, arches his back to give Jimin the nicest view possible, shakes his ass playfully and groans when Jimin gives it a hard smack. 

"Okay, okay, I'll get on with it." Taehyung says, uncapping the lube and pouring some on his fingers. He lets out a little sigh of satisfaction when he reaches behind himself to rub at his hole with his lubed up fingertips, so sensitive that pushing in his pointer finger to the first knuckle has his skin breaking out into goosebumps. 

"Oh, Tae, I wish you could see yourself right now," Jimin purrs, pulling one of Taehyung's cheeks apart so he can have a better view of the way Taehyung pushes a second finger inside, fucking them in and out of his needy hole desperately. "You look gorgeous like this, fucking yourself with your fingers all quick and desperate because you just can't wait to sit on my cock and be breed like the little eggslut that you are."

Taehyung whimpers, squeezing in a third finger and spreading them, trying his best to avoid his prostate so he doesn't come when he shouldn't again. He's fully hard and leaking steadily all over Jimin's defined stomach; he's not entirely sure he's going to manage it with the accidental jabs of his fingers against his prostate and Jimin bringing out his filthy mouth. 

Taehyung usually never remains in control for much longer when that happens: Jimin dirty talks just as good as he eats ass. More often than not Taehyung just doesn't stand a chance against the force of Jimin's sharp tongue, quite literally. 

"Mhm, I do look beautiful like this, with my fingers up my ass, don't I, Jiminie?" Taehyung fires back. "But I bet I'll look even better when I'm taking your knot and your eggs, so full of you I can't think of anything that's not you, can't even remember my own name because you've me fucked all full and stupid -"

Jimin groans. Taehyung feels more than he sees him reach for the discarded bottle of lube resting against Jimin's thigh. "And that's all you want, don't you, Taetae? Oh, well, what am I saying. Of course it is. Taking dick and getting fucked full of eggs is all you're good for, anyway. Let me help you out, and we'll both get what we need real soon, hm?"

And even though he knew it was coming, Taehyung still gasps when he feels what undoubtedly is the hard plastic of the opening of the bottle of lube probing at his rim. He wordlessly removes his fingers from his ass so that Jimin can fit it in his entrance, already knowing and anticipating what Jimin is about to do.

Taehyung wouldn't really know how to describe the sound that comes out of his mouth when Jimin curls his fingers around the bottle and squeezes until it's pretty much empty: a cross between a moan and a sob, a little wounded sound high in his throat like he's in pain, but the pain feels incredibly good and he wants more. Taehyung's toes curl and uncurl and then curl again from the feeling of the excess lube leaking from the edges of his rim and running down his ass and dripping down his balls in thick little drops. Jimin discards the bottle; it lands on their bedroom floor with a hollow thud, watches, enraptured, as Taehyung's rim clenches and unclenches repeatedly around nothing, pushing lube out. 

Everything is just so - so wet, and filthy, and messy. Just like Jimin knows that Taehyung likes it. 

"Isn't it that much better? So wet and nice. Bet I could slip right into you." Jimin coos, running his hand over Taehyung's wet cheeks, squeezing them, delivering a swift spank when he sees fit. Taehyung whines each time, pushing his ass back for more each time. "Calling the shots is pretty exhausting, isn't it, baby darling? I can make you feel so good, if you just give it to me."

Taehyung lets his head hang in between his shoulders, pushes his ass back against Jimin's touch and he doesn't - doesn't care anymore who's in charge, he just - just wants. "God, Jimin just - shut up, shut the fuck up and touch me."

Jimin laughs, high and mocking, and Taehyung lets it settle over his skin like it's a warm blanket on a cold winter night. 

"Untie my other hand," Jimin says, licking his lips. "And I will." 

But Taehyung is not anything but stubborn. "No chance in hell, baby. Maybe, if you're good and stretch me out, maybe then - "

His next moan comes out like someone punched it out of his chest; Jimin slips two of his fingers inside him without a warning, fucking them in and out quickly, wastes no time in adding a third finger and curls them over and over until he makes Taehyung wail when he finally finds his prostate.

"Is this good enough for you, hm?" Jimin wiggles in a fourth finger and his already pretty stretched out rim accommodates it easily. Taehyung feels - loose, and wet, and full, so full. A common misconception people make about Jimin's fingers is that he must not be good at fingering because of how short his fingers are, not taking into account how thick they are. "How do my fingers feel in you, baby whore?"

"Hng, good, so good, but -  but if you - if you keep it up, I'm gonna - I think I'm gonna - " 

Jimin grins. "You're gonna what, Taetae? Gonna come again?" 

Taehyung grits his teeth, nods. His fingers twitch where they're gripping the sheets tightly. He's itching to get a hand around himself again, but he knows that the moment he wraps a hand around his cock he's a goner, so he's trying to - trying to resist the urge but Jimin isn't making it any easier for him. Of course.

"Oh, but where's the problem, then?" Jimin asks casually. His thumb is pressing against Taehyung's hole, dipping in slightly before pulling away again. "You had no problem with coming on my tongue, something you weren't supposed to do. Why is it a problem now? I know you wanna come again, sweetheart. Look at you, you're practically gagging for it."

"J-Jimin, Jiminie," Taehyung babbles, not sure he's making much sense - stringing up coherent sentences is hard right now and articulating them properly is even harder. "Please, you - you know why -"

Jimin slips his thumb fully inside, then. He's got all five of his fingers inside of Taehyung, now. Another little push and he will have his whole hand inside. Taehyung shivers at the thought of it. He loves the feeling of Jimin's fist stretching him out, although it doesn't quite compare to the heavenly feeling of having Jimin's thick knot in him. 

Taehyung can't see Jimin right now, but he can hear the smirk in his voice, knows it has a downright evil edge to it to match the smug tone of his voice when he says:

"Oh? Do I, now? Is it maybe because of how sensitive you get after you come?" Taehyung squirms. Jimin sounds positively gleeful now. "Hm, but that can't be it, because I know how much you love overstimulation and how good it hurts, or am I wrong, Taetae? Aren't you a little painslut?"

"Y-yes, I am, Jiminie, but I - " Taehyung's hips buck, like he's trying to get Jimin to push his whole hand inside of him and squirm away from it at the same time. "I wanna come on your cock, please - "

"And you will, baby, don't worry about that. But you can always come again, can't you?" Jimin makes as if to pull his fingers out, but Taehyung clenches down on him so tightly he can barely get one finger out. The angry flush on Taehyung's cheeks travels down to his chest as Jimin coos at him. "Oh, look at that, baby. Your greedy hole doesn't want to let me go."

"Jimin," Taehyung says. There's finality in his tone. Like he's giving in. "Jiminie, can you - can you please - "

Jimin hums. "Can I what, darling? You're going to have to use your words if you want to ask for something."

"Your hand," Taehyung grits out, pushing past the delicious feeling of shame bubbling underneath his skin. "Can you - I want your hand. In me. Please."

"See, that wasn't so difficult, was it?" Taehyung can pretty much hear the grin in Jimin's voice. "Of course I can, sweetheart. We need to stretch you properly, after all, I don't want you to get hurt when I give you my cock."

Jimin's fucks him with his five fingers a couple of times before slowly, very slowly, slipping the rest of his hand inside until his whole fist is inside of Taehyung. Taehyung's back arches, mouth dropping open as Jimin begins to fuck him with his fist. It's not - not as big as Jimin's knot but it feels just as good, he feels - nice and full, fucks himself eagerly on Jimin's fist as the coil in the pit of his stomach curls tighter and tighter -

"Oh, shit," Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, trying to hold it, but he can't - he can't. "Shit, I think I'm gonna - "

"Gonna come?" Jimin growls. "Gonna come on my fist like a slut?"

Taehyung nods desperately, holding himself up on one hand while the other goes straight for his cock, a litany of high-pitched, almost unconscious moans slipping past his lips as he strokes himself hard and fast until he's coming all over his hand and Jimin's stomach with a broken little moan, dropping down to his elbow as he pants, feeling half-delirious as he attempts to catch his breath. 

"I fucking hate you," Taehyung grits out, no heat in his voice as he twists his body so he can look at Jimin. He looks just as flushed as Taehyung feels, and there is a wild look in his eyes that suggests that playtime is over. 

"We both know that's not true, darling," Jimin laughs, carefully pulling all of his fingers out. Taehyung groans a little when Jimin traces his puffy rim with his pointer finger, battling his eyelashes at him. "How did I do, baby? Did I do well?" 

"Oh, you know you did wonderfully, baby boy," Taehyung replies in an overly sweet voice, slowly straightening up to get off Jimin's lap. He settles next to him, then reaches over to untie Jimin's left hand. "Here, I think you've earned - "

The world blurs and Taehyung suddenly finds himself lying on his back, looking up at Jimin and shivering at the predator glint in his warning yellow eyes as he gives Taehyung's body a thorough once over, like he's about to eat him up. 

"Finally," Jimin groans, running his hands up and down Taehyung's thighs, curling them around his ankles and squeezing. Jimin licks his lips when Taehyung wiggles his toes. Jimin's burgeoning foot fetish is something Taehyung feels like they're gonna have to address soon. "Gonna breed you so well, baby, fill you up so good."

Taehyung squeaks in surprise when Jimin uses the grip he has on his ankles to pull him closer, his legs resting on Jimin's shoulders and lower body lifted off the bed. Jimin grips his hips then, lifting him up a little higher until Taehyung's thighs are on his shoulders and only Taehyung's shoulders and neck are on the bed. 

"Mhm, you're so strong, Jiminie. Love it when you manhandle me." Taehyung groans, shuddering at the feeling of Jimin rubbing the tapered head of his dick over his hole and along his asscrack, occasionally dipping the pointed tip in but pulling back immediately before Taehyung can really feel it, repeating it a couple of times until Taehyung is in near tears, squirming impatiently. "Please, I need it."

Taehyung doesn't have a speck of doubt that if Jimin wasn't currently at the very end of his rope he would take his sweet time teasing him until he cried just like Taehyung did to him, say something about how Taehyung is nothing but a little greedy slut that needs to learn how to wait for his turn, but as it is, he merely grunts in response before he lines himself up and starts to push it in.

"Oh," Taehyung's lips part on a silent moan, hands scrambling to get a tight hold on the sheets for support as Jimin pushes the head of his dick in, rocking his hips back and forth slowly to give Taehyung time to adjust before feeding him a little more of his length. "Oh, it feels so good -"

He's - Jimin is not even halfway in yet but Taehyung is already feeling overwhelmed, in the best kind of way. Jimin is so big and so thick, filling him up in a way that's just so vastly different from how taking his fingers or his fist feels like. 

"You're taking me so well, baby slut." Jimin grunts, stilling his hips, using his grip on Taehyung's waist to rock him back on his dick, pulling him a little further down every time. The delicious burn of the stretch has him moaning desperately, spreading his legs as he begs for more. He wants Jimin to fuck him and breed him until he breaks. "So fucking tight for me still, even after we got your greedy hole all loose - "

Taehyung whimpers, feels like he wants to apologize but he's not sure what he should be apologizing for, half-delirious and dumb with pleasure as he is. He's already starting to feel the mind-numbing ache of overstimulation, a little sting of pain every time Jimin's dick drags along his oversensitive walls but he can't get enough, hurts so good, he wants more.

" - but don't worry darling," Jimin says, his grip on his waist so tight Taehyung knows there are gonna be pretty finger-shaped bruises in there tomorrow. " 'm gonna fuck your little hole open until it's so loose we have to plug you up afterward so you don't let any of my eggs go to waste."

"Want it so bad," Taehyung sobs. "Want it, please, faster, move - move faster -"

Taehyung chokes on his own spit when Jimin slides the rest of the way in until his knot is pressed against Taehyung's rim before pulling back and pushing in again, fucking Taehyung in earnest. Each roll of Jimin hips pushes a broken moan out of Taehyung's chest, he can't - can't do anything other than lie there and take it, take what Jimin is giving him, so overpowered with pleasure his mind is going blank - all he can focus on is how Jimin feels inside him, on the squelch of the lube and Jimin's precome as he fucks him and the way his tummy bulges obscenely every time Jimin pushes in.

"Oh, Jimin," Taehyung moans, arches his back as much as he can so that the bulge will become even more prominent. "So deep, you're so deep inside - "

"Yeah?" Jimin presses a hand on Taehyung's stomach. "Feel me here, darling?"

Taehyung cries out a "Yes", writhing with such force one of his legs slips off Jimin's shoulder. Jimin snarls, balls deep in him still as he manhandles him so he's lying on his side, lifts one of his legs to use it as leverage as he pistons his hips without holding back, now, chasing his release. Taehyung's body is shoved up the bed with each brutal thrust, coming untouched all over himself when Jimin finally fucks his knot inside him and stays there, grinding it mercilessly against Taehyung's abused prostate before pulling back and fucking back in again, his movements getting slower and slower as his knot starts to catch on Taehyung's hole, until Jimin can't pull back anymore.

Until Jimin's dick gives a hard twitch where it's buried inside him as he starts to cum. 

Taehyung's eyes roll into the back of his skull, mouth dropping open and tongue lolling out of his mouth in sheer pleasure as his Jimin cums and cums and cums, until Taehyung's stomach is bloating with the excess of it, making him feel so impossibly fuller. Jimin slumps against Taehyung's body a little, panting hard, then rearranges himself carefully until he's spooning Taehyung with a hand on his belly and his face buried on Taehyung's shoulder, happy little thrills and words slurred in a language Taehyung doesn't quite understand coming from his throat as the first few eggs start coming, his hips twitching intermittently as he unloads deep inside of him.

Taehyung gurgles, drooling everywhere as Jimin's knot deflates enough that he can fuck his eggs into him with sharp little thrusts of his hips, nuzzling his nose into the baby hairs on the back of his neck contentedly as he tells Taehyung on a hushed voice full of affection how good he feels, how well he's taking him, how good he looks all fucked out and bred like this. The weight of the eggs inside him make his belly distent even more, and the way they're pressed up against his prostate has him almost crying again because he's so sensitive, didn't think he would be able to but he's gonna - gonna come again -

He's not sure of what happens next, thinks he blacked out for a second there because when he comes to Jimin is pulling out with as much care as he can, groaning a little at the stream of cum and eggs that follow straight afterward. 

"Mmf," Taehyung groans, gathering up all the strength still left in his body to roll over onto his back. He feels sluggish and heavy and tired."Jiminie?"

Jimin hums. He's moving to sit up against the headboard now, pulling Taehyung with him so that he's sitting between his spread legs. "Yeah?"

"'m tired. Want to - want to sleep."

"Okay, honey," Jimin coos, brushing his sweaty bangs off his forehead to press a kiss to his forehead. "Let's sleep, yeah? We'll get the eggs out of you tomorrow."

Taehyung nods, sighing in content when Jimin snuggles up behind him, his arms around him and hands cupping his belly. He drifts off, then, feeling well-fucked and sated in Jimin's embrace, all heavy and full of Jimin's eggs and cum.