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let's get coffee and leave our tears here

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Hitoshi rubbed his eyes, the screen of his computed illuminating his face in the dark room. His insomnia has been getting the better of him, especially considering how he needs to stay up late anyway to finish his school work due to Dad training him after school. 


Knowing that Pa would be asleep and that Dad wouldn’t be home from patrolling until around 04:00, Hitoshi packed his backpack with his school work, threw on a black hoodie with a Present Mic insigna on the back, put on his shoes, and headed out to one of his favorite cafes, Green House. It was more commonly known as The Insomniac’s Bar, because it was the best cafe that is open 24/7. 


Hitoshi quite liked it. 


After quietly leaving the house, Hitoshi wandered Musutafu’s streets until he found Green House, the neon signs of bars and clubs causing him to view the city in a different light. Everything seemed softer, yet brighter as his black Converse hit a puddle. 


“Shit,” Hitoshi said under his breath, feeling the water get inside the old shoes and get his sock - his fucking favorite sock - wet. Groaning quietly, Hitsohi continued to the cafe, his formerly good mood disipating. 


Hitoshi opened the door, the soft and warm light causing him to blink a few times. At a first glance, the cafe seemed deserted, aside from the baristas cleaning a little from their rush hour. Upon closer inspection, Hitoshi saw a puff of green hair sitting at the high bar across the cafe, his face turned towards the window as he cupped his hands around his white mug. 


The boy wore a large and obviously soft sweater, the sleeves covering most of his scarred hands. He was wearing dark blue jeans and black combat boots, of which looked extremely comfortable. Hitoshi recognized him as Midoriya Izuku.


Midoriya was sitting next to a girl with medium length blonde hair. She was wearing a dark red beanie, her round tortiseshell glasses, sitting on the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were a sort of stormy blue, a color Hitoshi could get lost in for hours. A soft and dreamy look adorned her features, as if she were existing in her own little world. 


The girl was wearing a light beige crop top with a mountain scenery design on it, the words ‘adventure with me’ boldly standing out in the bottom right corner of the design. Atop her crop top she wore a red bomber jacket that was the same color as her beanie - a deep, almost maroon red that contrasted with her pale skin drastically. She was wearing of black leggings with a pair of Doc Martins, which added to the low-key hippie vibes she was radiating. 


Hitoshi turned towards the barista, who was already placing his prefered coffee - black with a tiny bit of milk - on the counter, and Hitoshi simply slid his debit card across the counter next to the muted green mug. Soon enough, the barista handed him his card back, and Hitoshi made his way over to where Midoriya was, scalding hot coffee in hand. 


“Hey,” He said, sliding into the open seat next to the boy, causing Midoriya to startle, and nearly spill his French afternoon tea, the blue liquid sloshing around in his mug. “Woah, sorry for startling you.”


Midoriya laughed lightly, his eyes crinkling at the corners ever so slightly. “No, no, you’re fine, Shinsou. I was just spacing out.” 


“Makes sense. Hey, who’s the chic next to you? I haven’t seen her here before.” 


“Oh,” Midoriya said, turning to look at the girl beside him. “That’s Seo-Ah - she’s a part of U.A.’s new forgeign exchange program. She’s Korean.” 


The girl, - newly named Seo-Ah, - looked at him and flashed a peace sign, bringing her strawberry milk carton up to her lips, biting down on the straw with absolute silence. She looked awkward, yet as if she appreciated having Midoriya introduce her. 


Hitoshi blinked before responding. “Nice to meet you, Seo-Ah. What’s-” 


“Seo,” She said, interrupting him with a quiet voice. “Just call me Seo. It’s easier.” 


“Ah, alright then. What’s your quirk?” Hitoshi asked, mentally flinching at how he sounded like every single pretentious little brat who only cared about quirks.


“I’m… I’m quirkless, actually.” 


And so, the conversation continued, the three laughing lightly and talking until Seo said, “I’m sorry, I need to go… Nedzu asked me to write up an essay concerning the government and how we, collectively as one race, have come to rely on quirks and heroes. I came out here to get a change of perspective, but I think I’m good now.” 


“Oh, okay,” Hitoshi said, deflating slightly. “I’ll see you around?” He internally hoped she would say yes - Seo-Ah was very interesting and easy to talk to. She, like Midoriya (Izuku, he asked you to call him Izuku, goddamn it), didn’t care about his quirk. And honestly, Hitoshi liked her. She was chill and easy going, despite having heaps of issues when it comes to anxiety. 


And to his surprise, Seo-Ah said, “Yeah, I’ll see you around.”


Thus, Shinsou Hitoshi, Midoriya Izuku, and Mun Seo-Ah became insomnia buddies.