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Sero the Hero

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Sero had always felt like a side character. He’s average in his looks, with boring hair and eye colour. He’s average in his grades. Average in his quirk- not particularly strong, not particularly flashy. The only thing not average about him is his height. He’s fine with that. It’s comfortable living this way. 


He even made friends with other side characters attached to a protagonist. Bakugou is as strong and flashy a hero could get. The Bakusquad gathered around him like planets around a sun, revolving around him.


“Sero, Sero, can you make a hammock with your tape?”


Then there’s Kaminari, who defies all the logic in Sero’s world. Kaminari isn’t particularly handsome, but there’s a certain boyish charm in him that attracts everyone’s attention to him. His enthusiasm and friendliness melted the coldness of hearts. His grades are always dead last in the class even though he’s well read enough to constantly quote literature. His quirk isn’t that strong or finessed, but it certainly is very flashy. He doesn’t fit in any one category, making friends across their entire class from Bakugou to Mineta.


“Well, probably, I haven’t really tried it,” Sero contemplates. And there goes Kaminari’s puppy dog eyes, begging him to try it out. Kaminari’s full of wild ideas, and Sero’s always dragged into his pace. He’s not always the supporting character to Kaminari- the blond drags everyone into his shenanigans, and everyone loves to include the blond.


And Kaminari’s doubling the puppy-dog look with a low whining sound in his throat, much like a puppy would do. It’s painfully cute and ridiculously effective.


“I can try okay, stop that.”


The blond beams, a hint of smugness pulling at his lips that’s equal parts endearing and equal parts annoying. 


Well here goes nothing. Sero takes care to only make one side of the tape sticky, layering the tape and sticking it across the walls of his room. He knows he has a real hammock around. So does Kaminari. But his friend doesn’t care, it’s about the novelty of experimenting for him. 


“Woah!!” The blond clambers onto the makeshift hammock without a hint of caution. Didn’t he think that he might perhaps get stuck onto the tape? Like that time he asked Sero to make him into a mummy to scare the girls at night and cried while Sero peeled the tape off him? It was like an impromptu waxing, and Kaminari had been really hairless for a few weeks.   


Kaminari makes himself at home, whistling a little tune under his breath as he rocks the hammock side to side, amusing himself. Kaminari’s fantastic with that. When they were stuck listening to briefings on the field while sitting down, Sero saw Kaminari attempting to build a tower with little bits of rocks and leaves. Kaminari knows all sorts of games you can do with your hands, like the brain challenges where you have a draw a circle with one hand and a square with another. It’s like he can’t sit still, always fiddling with his hands, such as playing with Ojirou’s tail in class. Sero's traitorous brain supplies him with images of Kaminari playing with his fingers under the table while they studied together.


“You can totally use this for hostage rescue or something,” The blond comments. And he starts a new experiment, grabbing the edges of the hammock- and spinning himself upside down with a quick movement. At first, he giggles from the rush of adrenaline. Then he tries to flip himself upright and fails.


“Seroooooo,” he whines. “Help me!”


Kaminari’s ridiculously low maintenance and high maintenance at the same time.


“Dude, it’s like less than one metre high, you can just let go,” Sero scoffs, unable to look away from Kaminari’s scrunched-pout expression that just looks hilarious. Kaminari’s face is a living meme. He whips his phone out to take photos.


“What! Hey, stop that, tape boy! And I can’t, it’s scary!”


“Ladies and gentlemen, please look at our future hero Chargebolt, afraid of an one metre fall,” Sero narrates grandly as he takes a video. “Y’know, I’m so going to release this to the media when you’re a pro-hero.”


“Rude! When they ask me who my best friend is, I’ll say it’s Kirishima instead of you,” Kaminari makes the cutest of threats sometimes, and Sero’s heart warms with the knowledge that Kaminari considers him his closest friend.


“Fine, I’ll save you,” He sighs like it’s a huge bother. But to be honest, he likes going along with Kaminari’s antics. It’s nice to be relied on and needed. He flips Kaminari right side up- and finds himself face to face with wide golden eyes and pursed lips. He pulls back like he’s burnt.


His heart hammers in his chest as he turns away, blushing. 


It’s completely silent, and that’s never a good thing with Kaminari. The fan in his room is too loud as it whirls. Kaminari’s going to find him weird, damn it.


“Sero?” Kaminari calls his name, and Sero answers him, voice cracking. 



“Can you hang upside down like spiderman?” 


They’re okay.


Breathing out heavily, Sero laughs fakely, “I can try.” He could feel their friendship hanging on a fragile balance. One wrong move and they wouldn’t be friends any longer. He still wants to be with Kaminari. 


He shoots his tape of the ceiling and tugs, making sure it held. He jumps, wrapping it around his arm in a smooth movement, turning upside down and lifting his legs to wrap them around the piece of tape.


“See? I can do it,” Sero says victoriously, feeling the blood surge towards his face. Kaminari laughs, climbing out of the hammock, taking his phone out for photos. Sero’s not sure if he looks photogenic right now, but Kaminari looks so impressed and happy that it’s hard to say no.


“Amazing, you’re so amazing,” he praises as Sero’s cheeks warm again. Sparkling, Kaminari asks, like it’s the most natural thing in the world,


“Can you recreate the spiderman kiss?”


Time stops for a moment. Hope blossoms in his chest. Was Kaminari asking what Sero thinks he means? Swallowing dryly, he states, “But I don’t have anyone to do it with. Unless, you’re asking if I can, hypothetically.


“Well,” Kaminari’s hands drop, lowering his phone. His eyes are honest and shy as they look into Sero’s eyes. “I’m here. If you want to?” 


Sero hyper focuses on Kaminari biting on his lower lip. The blond’s cheeks are a pretty pink. Sero swallows painfully again. This feels like an important moment. A moment that might change everything. He feels like the main character right now. Sometimes, he wants to be the main character. Would that make Kaminari his ‘love interest’? 


“I want to,” Sero says quietly.


Kaminari nods and steps closer. His cold hands hold Sero’s warm cheeks carefully as he leans in, closing the distance. Sero’s given a very close view of the way Kaminari’s adam apple bobs nervously, pretty collarbones, and then their lips are pressed together, soft and chaste.


Sero’s cheeks feel warmer than ever when Kaminari steps away. The blond giggles nervously, covering his lips as he looks away, unable to meet Sero’s eyes.


Damn, for once Sero felt his quirk was really amazing.


“That was, um, nice,” Kaminari stutters, tugging at his collar when the room is suddenly way too warm.


“Yeah,” Sero agrees, very smitten. “Can I have another?”


Kaminari blinks in surprise, golden eyes meeting Sero’s black eyes. “Yeah, yeah! Of course, anything for my spiderman,” Kaminari agrees in a rush of enthusiasm, causing them both to snicker. Kaminari’s eyes are fond, vulnerable and full of love. How did Sero not notice all this time?


“Maybe after I get out of this pose though, I think my head might explode,” Sero laughs, and Kaminari laughs with him, helping him out so they could share more soft kisses.