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Drabble Collection (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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After knowing you as long as he had, Fugo could always tell when you were going to have a panic attack before it even happened. This was not only because he was well-read and knew enough about anxiety from his own personal research, but also because he was incredibly observant. The first time it happened, it took him by surprise, and as he held your shaking body in his arms, he promised to be there for you every time you had an attack. He kept good on his promise, and whenever you started to feel overwhelmed, he was by your side in an instant, and would remain there until you recovered from the incident.

This time, however, was different.

You and he were going to meet the rest of the gang at a restaurant that had just opened in Naples. It was the talk of the town, and Giorno had invited the two of you to tag along. Everything seemed to be going well - you had gotten ready for the outing, dressed in one of your favorite outfits, and once you and Fugo were all set, you left the house and started to make the trek to the designated meeting place. Since it wasn’t too far from where you and he lived, you had decided to walk.

Unfortunately, you found this wasn’t the best decision by the time you and he had walked a few blocks from your house. The marketplace that housed the restaurant was very busy that evening, so full of people that a crowd had gathered in the street. Fugo didn’t seem to mind this and kept walking, but you started to trail behind him, your pace becoming slower as you navigated through the throngs of people. You happened to stop for half a second, and when you looked back in his direction, he was nowhere to be found.

It was then that you started to panic. Your pulse quickened, and your head started swimming as it became hard for you to breathe. You looked around for him frantically, but didn’t see him anywhere. As the panic attack grew more intense, you lost the ability to think coherently and stopped looking for him entirely, instead going to sit on a park bench to try and collect your thoughts.

It had been about ten minutes before Fugo noticed you weren’t following him. He had been so focused on trying to get through the crowd that he simply hadn’t realized you weren’t there. As soon as it hit him that you were probably lost somewhere, he turned around and started bolting through the sea of people, pushing them out of his way as he went. He didn’t care if he was being rude; he needed to get to you as soon as possible to make sure you were okay.

It didn’t take long for him to find the bench you were sitting at, and when he finally found you, he slowed to a halt and knelt down so he was at eye-level with you. He could tell from a single glance that you were having a rather nasty panic attack, and he kicked himself for being so careless and inadvertently leaving you behind.

“Look at me, love,” he murmured, clasping your hands in his. “You’re okay, you’re safe, I’m here now.”

You looked up at him with tear-filled eyes, and he pulled you into his arms, rubbing circles into your back as he waited for you to stop hyperventilating. His presence calmed you down almost immediately, as it always did, and soon, your crying turned into sniffles as you buried your face into his shoulder. Fugo didn’t care if your tears soaked his jacket, though - all that mattered to him was helping you calm down. Once the attack had finally passed, you looked back up at him, and he moved to hold your face in his hands.

“I promise, I’ll never leave you alone like that again,” he told you, and you could tell from the concern in his voice that he was just as hurt as you were by his mistake. “I would never knowingly do anything to scare you this badly. You know I care too much about you for that.”

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Josuke loved music, and when he heard that one of his favorite bands would be having a concert in Morioh, he practically begged you to go with him. He was so excited he even got the tickets in advance. You were a bit nervous, but you couldn’t say no to that endearing look on your boyfriend’s face.

The night of the event, the two of you took the bus to the venue the band was playing at. You arrived an hour in advance to ensure you could get good seats, and once the music started, everything seemed to be just fine. The loud music was a bit overwhelming for you, but having Josuke by your side made it manageable. He held your hand the entire time, and swayed with you to the music, cheering in between songs. He was in his element, and it made you so happy to see him enjoying himself.

About halfway through the concert, you told him you needed to use the bathroom, and he told you he would wait for you by the seats so no one would take them. It was all well and good, and you didn’t feel too nervous as you left the arena to find the bathrooms.

What you didn’t expect, however, was the entrance to be blocked by the time you tried to get back. People had gathered around the entrance, and you were stuck outside the arena, unable to get back in. You tried to get past them, but the music was so loud they couldn’t hear you asking them to move over. Too shy to speak up, you shrunk back and opted to sit it out, trying not to get upset at the current situation.

It wasn’t long before the panic set in, and you started shaking uncontrollably, trying to fight back the tears welling in your eyes. It would be at least an hour or two before the concert ended, and the sun had already set, leaving you alone in the dark. You were afraid, and there was nothing you could do to fix the situation.

Josuke soon realized that you had taken a suspiciously long time just to go to the bathroom, and he was starting to get worried. After waiting another few minutes to see if you would return, he finally got up to go looking for you. He made his way through the crowd and pushed through the people blocking the exit only to find you curled up on a bench, bawling your eyes out.

His concerned boyfriend instincts kicked in immediately, and he ran to your side immediately, sitting down next to you.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Josuke asked, worry evident in his voice. “Look at me. What happened?”

You slowly looked up at him, sniffling. “I couldn’t get back into the venue, people were blocking the doors, and it was so loud, and I got overwhelmed, and-”

You babbled on about how scared you had felt, and Josuke listened to every word as he held you to his chest. After a few minutes of tearfully rambling, your breathing finally evened out, and you fell quiet, relaxing into your boyfriend’s arms. Once he was sure you were done talking, he pulled away from you and clasped your hands in his.

“I’m so, so sorry, it was careless of me not to check on you sooner. I’m gonna do better next time, I promise.”

This caused you to start crying again, but this time, they were happy tears. You jumped up and hugged Josuke tightly; you knew he cared about you, and that next time, he would be there to protect you before you could have a panic attack.

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After Giorno had taken over Passione, word had gotten around quickly that the gang was under new management. Even most of the civilians of Italy were aware of the change. It was the talk of every town for quite some time, and a rumor had started spreading that the new boss would be making some major changes to the organization.

The buzz finally died down a while later, and everything went back to normal, albeit with less violence and decreased drug trade throughout the country. You worked at a cafe in Naples, one of the most popular restaurants in the town. It received hundreds of customers daily, but one in particular stood out to you.
He was blonde, with gorgeous eyes and the most charming smile you had ever laid eyes upon. He was a regular visitor, and would go to your cafe a few times a week. The two of you would make casual conversation now and then, talking idly about the weather or the different pastries that were for sale at the restaurant. He grew on you quickly, and, as his visits because more frequent, you noticed he seemed to have taken a liking to you too.

It wasn’t until one of your coworkers noticed his bodyguards keeping watch over him from a few tables away and alerted you to their presence that you realized just who he was; the man you had been talking to was none other than Giorno Giovanna, the new Don of the Italia mafia. Your heart sank; how hadn’t you realized sooner that you had been talking to the most dangerous man in the country?

You started avoiding him, and Giorno, being the perceptive man that he was, noticed your change in behavior pretty quickly. Whenever he tried to get your attention, you would pretend not to notice him, instead busying yourself with cleaning glasses or serving the other customers. He was really disappointed that you were so afraid of talking to him - he had always looked forward to talking to you on his visits to the cafe, and now you wouldn’t even look at him.

This went on for a while, and he started visiting the cafe less often. This was a major relief for you, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit sad; he was one of your favorite customers, and despite your fear of the mafia, a part of you still enjoyed seeing him. He was charismatic and handsome, and you often found yourself thinking about him whenever your mind would wander. If only he weren’t part of Passione, you might have even asked him out.

About a month later, one of your friends from the cafe handed you an envelope, stamped with a golden wax seal. She said it was given to her by a mysterious man who only told her to deliver it to you; confused, you went to the break room in the back and opened it. It was a letter from the don of Passione himself, addressed to you by name.

‘It seems we got off on the wrong foot - please forgive me. I never meant to scare you; I actually quite enjoyed our conversations together. I would like to make it up to you; perhaps we could meet in private and get more properly acquainted? I promise I would never put you in danger. Passione has changed for the better; we no longer focus on violent crimes, instead trying to keep the streets of Italy cleaner than they ever were before. I hope you will consider my invitation, but you are certainly free to decline if you so wish.’

At the end of the letter, he left a phone number, along with his signature. As you finished reading, a smile had crept its way onto your face. You couldn’t wait for your shift to end, and made a note to call Giorno as soon as you got home.

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“I’m home!” you called out, shutting the door behind you. You had been working late at the library that day, and once your shift finally ended, you rushed back home to see your boyfriend. A shipment of new books had arrived that day, and you had found one that you thought he would like. “I have something to show you.”

Rohan sauntered out of his office and looked at you expectantly. “What is it?”

Setting down your backpack, you fumbled with the zippers and pulled out the book. “It’s an American comic book, I thought it might be of interest for you. It has a lot of unique character designs,” you said, flipping through the pages. “Perhaps you could find some inspiration for your manga in this?”

He peered over your shoulder at the book, a look of intrigue crossing his face. You were right; the art style was like nothing he had ever seen before. As he watched you turn the pages, hundreds of ideas sprang into his mind.

“I’ll be needing this,” he said, snatching the book out of your hands and darting off. “I might be able to use some elements from this in the next chapter of Pink Dark Boy.”

To anyone else, his response would have seemed rude, but you just giggled. Though he didn’t say so, you could tell he was appreciative of your gesture from how eager he was to study the novel.

After setting your bag down, you made a mental note to pick up the second volume of the comic the next day. Dating Rohan could be difficult at times, but seeing how excited he got whenever you helped him with his manga was one of the many things that made it worth it.

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Back when Abbacchio first became a police officer, he was practically a different person from the one he was after joining Passione. He was like any other young man fresh out of high school; full of energy, life, and hope for the future. He dreamed of protecting people, and was glad to finally have the opportunity to do so.

You were employed at a small family-run restaurant near the police station Abbacchio worked at. He would frequently stop by on his breaks and when his shift ended to grab a coffee or a snack, and would always chat with you when he visited. He was kind and very passionate about his career, and you would spend hours talking to him after he got off work. Over time, his visits became more frequent, and his behavior towards you went from just friendly to flirtatious.

He was a constant in your life; even when your parents became ill, or when business was slower than usual, you could always count on seeing Abbacchio each day. However, one day, things changed - when he didn’t stop by the restaurant that evening, you were concerned. It wasn’t like him to break his routine, but sure enough, weeks passed without you seeing him. Rumors were spreading around that a police officer was killed and his partner left the force, but you had no idea the man they were talking about was the one you had grown to have feelings for.

Your family had fallen on hard times after your parents’ health deteriorated, and once they finally passed away, you were forced to close the restaurant. A few days before the restaurant would finally be closing, a man you hadn’t seen before paid you a visit. After serving him his coffee, he struck up a conversation with you. Noticing the sign on the counter stating the cafe was going out of business, he asked what was wrong, and you begrudgingly told him everything - about your parents, the restaurant, and how you weren’t sure how you were going to make ends meet going forward.

It was then that he offered you a new job; if you joined Passione, you wouldn’t have to worry about finances ever again. You were hesitant to agree, but after thinking it through, you realized it might be your only choice left. After all, you had no surviving family left and there was no way you could pay for school with them gone. Reluctantly, you decided to take him up on his offer.

The initiation process was difficult, but you survived and developed a stand, and even had the badge to prove it. Upon hearing the news, the man from before (who you had later learned went by the name Buccellati) brought you to meet his gang. You met him outside the prison after talking to Polpo, and he brought you to a different restaurant, at which the other members of his gang were gathered around the table. He had you introduce yourself, but none of them really seemed impressed…. except one of them, that is.

Looking around at the people seated at the table, you noticed a pair of violet eyes staring back at you. At first, you didn’t recognize him, but he recognized you. Shocked, he stood up from the table, attracting the attention of the other gang members. “Is…. is it really you?”

It was then that it finally hit you who you were talking to. “Abbacchio?” you asked.

He looked so different now - his hair was much longer, and he was dressed in leather, unlike his previous attire. Even the way he held himself was different; he seemed less proud, less lively than he used to be, yet somehow, you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

You ran forward and wrapped your arms around him, ignoring the questioning looks the other men were giving you. Later, you would ask him how he ended up in this situation, and what drove him to join the mafia, but for now, you were just happy to finally be seeing him again.

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After he started dating you, Fugo had been having his outbursts less and less frequently. This was partly due to the fact that he didn’t want to scare you away, and partly because you were always there to comfort him whenever he started to become angry. On his worst days, he felt like he was a ship tossed around in a storm, at the mercy of his emotions; yet somehow, you were always there to keep him stable and bring him back to shore.

The mission you and he were on one night was one of the most difficult tasks Giorno had assigned in quite some time. The objective was simple; the target was a known drug dealer, one who had been causing quite a stir recently in a nearby city. He was known for being particularly violent, and once Don finally decided he needed to be dealt with, he sent you and your boyfriend to find and get rid of him.

Everything seemed to be going fine at first. The two of you were told to wait at a nightclub he was known to frequent and wait for him to solicit Fugo. Once he lured him away, you were to sneak around and take him out. What you weren’t prepared for, however, was for the target to have brought along backup.

You were hiding behind some old boxes in the alley, watching the drug dealer talk to Fugo, when another man crept up behind you and tried to attack. You yelped as he grabbed you, attracting the target’s attention, but managed to fend him off the assailant with your stand. Once he was dead, it was just you, your partner, and the target.

Fugo quickly realized what was going on and went into a full on rage. He punched the drug dealer square in the jaw, and had even called out his stand, ready to beat the life out of him, before you finally managed to kill the target.

Even after the man you two were after was taken care of, Fugo was still angry. He called out his stand and turned around, ready to stomp off, until you rushed forward and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Panni, love, talk to me,” you said. “Everything’s okay, we completed the mission! We can go home now-”

“You could have been killed!” he shouted, cutting you off.

Hearing him yell caught you off guard, and you stepped back, shrinking away from him. Fugo noticed this, and turned around to face you. You could see the look of anger on his face change into one of concern, and he hesitated for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have raised my voice at you,” he mumbled, tears beginning to fill his eyes.

Pulling him into your arms, you rubbed soothing circles into his back. You could hear him choke out a sob, and he threw his arms around you, hiding his face in your neck. The two of you stayed like this for a while, Fugo crying harder than he had in years, until his bawling faded into sniffles.

With a sigh, you pulled away from him, moving your hands to cup his cheeks. “I understand that you’re upset, but you don’t have to worry about my safety. I didn’t get hurt, see?”

Fugo nodded, more tears flowing from his eyes. This time, however, he wasn’t crying out of fear; it was out of happiness that you cared enough to understand his feelings, and to comfort him when they got out of control.

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You couldn’t help but feel drawn to Risotto from the moment you first met him. He was stoic, mysterious, and practically untouchable; this made it all the more surprising that he asked you out on a date.

He had asked you to meet him at the restaurant at six that evening, and you spent the whole afternoon fretting over what to wear. You wanted to impress him, but how could you impress someone as imposing and striking as your squad leader? He was so effortlessly handsome, seemingly without even realizing it.

After sorting through your entire closet, you finally decided on nice black ensemble that reminded you of Risotto’s usual style. Once you had styled your hair and double checked your outfit in the mirror, you were all set to go, and nervously began your trek to the restaurant. It was walking distance from your house, so you didn’t see a need to drive.

When you got to your destination, you saw that Risotto had already gotten a table for the two of you, to which he waved you over. As you sat down across from him, you had to keep yourself from staring at him; somehow, he looked even more amazing than usual in regular clothing. He was dressed in black pants and a dark purple button up, the top few buttons of which, you noticed, were left open to partially expose his chest. Despite you trying not to gawk at him, he noticed you giving him a once-over and flashed a little grin.

A waiter came over to take your orders, and after placing some drinks on the table, you were left alone with your date.

“I’m glad you could make it,” he said. “I’m sure you’ve been busy, what with your new position in Passione.”

You shrugged. “I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been a hectic few weeks, but it was nothing I couldn’t manage,” you told him. “Besides, I couldn’t decline your invitation even if I wanted to. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.”

Risotto chuckled slightly, and your eyes widened as you realized the implications of what you just said. “Is that so?”

Luckily, the waiter had finally arrived with your meals, keeping him from teasing you even more. The food was better than you imagined, and it didn’t take long for you to relax and immerse yourself in conversation with your capo. The atmosphere of the restaurant was calming, and Risotto was surprisingly pleasant to talk to. He was much friendlier now than he was at his squad meetings, and you just barely noticed how he subtly flirted with you, laying his hand on yours and nudging his leg against yours under the table. A bit of a blush made its way onto your cheeks, though whether that was from the wine you ordered or the heated looks he kept giving you, you couldn’t tell.

It soon became dark outside, and after you each finished your meals, the waiter stopped by and handed out a couple of dessert menus. You flipped through yours casually, and he did the same at first. A few seconds later, however, you noticed him look back up at you, an unreadable expression on his face. You met his gaze, and he pushed his menu to the side, fixing you with a smirk more seductive than you would have expected from him.

“As much as I enjoyed this outing,” Risotto said, leaning in closer to you, his nose almost touching yours, “I think you would be much sweeter than any of the desserts they offer.”

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Most people who met Abbacchio wouldn’t say they found his company to be particularly pleasant - but, lucky for you, you weren’t like most people. While everyone else would have been put off by his snarky attitude and blunt way of speaking, you only found yourself wanting to get to know him more. This proved to be a good decision on your part; after you got past his cold exterior, he was actually much nicer than most would expect.

After your initial meeting, you began to spend more and more time with Abbacchio. Getting on his good side wasn’t easy, but once he finally started to trust you, he proved himself to be charming in his own way. There was just something about his sarcastic quips that left you hanging onto his every word.

Both of you were starting to develop feelings for each other, but neither of you were aware that it was mutual. Whenever you were out of earshot, the other members of your team would tease him relentlessly, commenting on how often he would stare at you, and how he followed you around like a lost puppy. Despite their reassurances otherwise, he didn’t believe that you could really feel the same way about him; it seemed that, if either of you wanted to take this relationship any further, you would have to make the first move.

And sure enough, you did. One night, after Bruno dismissed everyone from a meeting, you pulled him to the side and invited him to get hot chocolate with you that weekend and go for a walk afterwards. Much to your disbelief, he agreed, albeit in a disinterested tone. Little did you know, however, that he was over the moon that you had asked (even if he didn’t show it outwardly).

A few days passed, and finally, Saturday arrived. It was a chilly December evening, and you had dressed yourself in your favorite winter coat, along with a new scarf you had just purchased earlier that week. Abbacchio was a bit late to meeting you, but when he finally got to the cafe, he was rendered speechless for a moment at how cute you looked, all bundled up and nose red from the old. You didn’t notice him at first, your attention instead focused on the ground as you nervously shuffled your feet.

He cleared his throat, and you jumped before realizing it was him. “Oh, you made it!”

Abbacchio raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t I have?”

You shrugged. “I guess I’m just surprised you agreed to do this with me.”

After purchasing your drinks, the two of you set out on your walk, choosing to stroll through a nearby park. He held your hand as you made idle conversation with him, talking about nothing in particular. Neither of you were bored, though; it was nice to see each other without the stresses of work looming over your heads.

You both soon fell into a comfortable silence, simply enjoying the beautiful scenery as you walked with your hand in his. Caught up in admiring the snow-covered landscape, you failed to notice a bump in the sidewalk, and with a yelp, you lost your footing and tumbled forward.

Expecting to fall on your face, you closed your eyes and pushed out your arms in an attempt to break your fall. You stayed like this for a few seconds, before realizing you hadn’t hit the ground, and upon opening your eyes, you were greeted with the sight of Abbacchio staring back at you.

As if in a romantic movie, he was holding you as if he had dipped you, face mere inches away from yours. You chuckled nervously, feeling heat rush to your cheeks. Instead of letting go after he caught you, Abbacchio’s lips twitched into his signature smirk, and he leaned in closer, nose brushing against yours.

“Falling for me already?”

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“You need to focus, Narancia,” you said. “We have to finish these worksheets by the end of the day, you know.”

Narancia sighed. “But this is so boring! Wouldn’t you rather watch a movie, or go get dinner or something?”

You rolled your eyes, opening the textbook to the section you were working on. Neither of you were very good at math, so when you first joined the gang, you offered to work with Narancia in the hopes that it would help you both improve your skills. That was months ago, and by now, the two of you had made significant progress. He had finally mastered basic multiplication, and together you moved on to more difficult problems. Right now, you and he were practicing basic algebra.

“We only have five problems left. When we finish them we’ll be done for the day.”

He scowled, mumbling to himself as he turned back to his worksheet. You did the same, and were about to start writing out the next problem when you got an idea.

“Hey, Nara,” you said. “Why don’t we make a deal?”

He looked back at you, raising an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“If I finish these problems first, you have to buy me ice cream later, and if you finish them first-”

Narancia cut you off. “If I finish them first you have to kiss me!”

You gasped, blush tinting your cheeks. “Wait, what?”

“Don’t look at me like that! It was your idea in the first place,” he said, grinning.

You and Narancia had been dating for a while now, and though you hadn’t kissed him before, you figured it wouldn’t be such a bad consequence - you just hadn’t expected him to be so forward.

“You’re on!” you agreed, laughing. “Just be ready to buy me ice cream when you lose.”

Narancia feigned a look of annoyance before picking up his pencil and beginning to work. As you started writing, you couldn’t help but notice how furiously he seemed to be scribbling on his paper. You didn’t think he would be so excited about the prospect of getting a kiss from you; the thought left you so flustered you could barely concentrate.

About twenty minutes later, you were almost finished with the last problem when Narancia slammed his pencil down.

“I’m done!” he shouted. “Let me check the answer key to see if I got them right.”

You nudged the textbook over, and he flipped to the back, scanning the page to see if his solutions were correct. Sure enough, he had solved all five of the questions perfectly. This was rare for Narancia; usually, it took him at least a couple of tries to get this far.

“See? I won! Now you gotta pucker up, babe,” he said.

You stood up from your chair, and Narancia practically leaped over the table in his hurry to get to you. As you hesitantly leaned in, Narancia became impatient and closed the gap himself, pressing his lips to yours. Your noses bumped together in the process, and you pulled away, face even redder than before.

“At least I know how to motivate you now,” you giggled. Instead of admonishing you for your teasing, however, Narancia just beamed.

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There’s nothing Dio hates more than a brat.

Dio expects complete submission from all of his followers, and you were no exception; he wasn’t going to go easy on you just because you were his favorite. Anything less than that would warrant punishment, a fact you knew all too well. It wasn’t uncommon for him to deny you release after talking back to him, or to refuse to touch you for days afterward.

Some days, however, you didn’t care about the consequences. Some days, you wanted nothing more than to resist his demands, if only to rile him up more.

This was one of those days.

“Get on your knees and crawl to me, darling,” Dio commanded. He draped himself over his chair, limbs sprawled out lazily. “You know what I want from you.”

You stayed in place, not moving an inch from the kneeling position you were currently in. When you didn’t comply, Dio furrowed his eyebrows, frowning in dissatisfaction.

“You heard me, didn’t you?” he asked, tone becoming more forceful. “Get over here, now.”

“I heard you,” you said, smiling ever so slightly. You knew what was coming, but didn’t care in the slightest; it was worth it just to annoy him.

Dio’s frown quickly morphed into a wicked grin. “Is that so? I know what you’re doing, little one,” he drawled, “but you know what I do to my pets who don’t behave.”

With that, he got up from his chair and made his way across the room. You squirmed in anticipation, eager to see what he had in store for you.

Now stood in front of you, Dio leaned down to grab at your collar, pulling your face dangerously close to his crotch. It was then that you realized just how hard your teasing had made him.

“Now, let’s put that mouth to good use.”

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Needless to say, Risotto wasn’t the best at comforting his teammates, even if said teammate was also the person he was romantically involved with.

The day before, you had gotten injured while on a mission for La Squadra. The enemy you were sent to take care of had caught you off guard, and landed a blow on you before you could defend yourself.

Even though you managed to take out the target, your capo wasn’t pleased; this was the first solo mission you had been assigned while working for the group, and you were barely able to complete it.

Risotto wasn’t angry with you, however; he was simply concerned for your well-being. After all, if you couldn’t make it through your first mission by yourself without getting hurt, how were you going to survive any solo missions you got sent on in the future?

There would be time to worry about that later, though. For now, Risotto was dead-set on helping you recover. The next day, he had told you to stay in bed and to not worry about work - you were in no condition to do anything else, given how weak yesterday’s incident had left you.

But staying in bed by yourself was lonely, you had come to find out. Being confined to your room all day would just bore you to death, and you were going to tell your boyfriend that, even if he didn’t want to hear it.

Unfortunately, you body didn’t agree with you either. As soon as you got out of bed, a wave of dizziness overcame you, and you toppled to the floor with a loud thud.

Risotto, having been seated in the next room over doing paperwork, heard the noise and rushed to your room immediately. There he found you, collapsed on the carpet, groaning in pain.

“Get back in bed, you’re not healed yet!” he said, leaning down to help you up.

As he helped you back into bed, you sighed in frustration. “I hate having to lay here alone like this… can’t you at least stay with me for a while?”

Risotto stopped for a moment, considering your offer, before rolling his eyes in mock-annoyance. “If that’s what you wanted, you should have just told me,” he said, lifting the covers. “Now move over and give me some room.”

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If there was one thing you and your boyfriend had in common, it was your shared tendency to overwork yourselves. The both of you were so dedicated to your work that having days off were almost unheard of in your household.

However, neither of you would let the other work themselves to death. There were many nights where you would have to coax your lover to bed, to abandon his paperwork in favor of a good night’s sleep; it wasn’t always easy, but you cared about Bruno’s well-being and were determined to help him take care of himself.

On one such night, you arrived home from some errands to find Bruno sitting at his desk, hunched over a pile of paperwork. It had been dark outside for quite some time, but, as usual, sleep seemed to be the last thing on his mind.

“Bruno, love?” you called, putting your bags down on the counter. “It’s awfully late, why don’t you get some sleep?”

He glanced up at you wearily, and you immediately noticed how flushed and red his face was. He looked sick.

You crossed the room and bent down to his level, pressing the back of your hand to his forehead. It was just as you expected.

“You’re burning up,” you said, cupping his face in your palms. “Bruno, you must be feeling awful!”

He shook his head dismissively. “I’ll be fine, I promise. I just need to finish writing this report-”

You crossed your arms in defiance. “No, you’re sick. I can’t let you work like this,” you chided. “Please just come to bed, you really need to rest. Besides, if your fever gets worse, you might not be able to work at all for a while - you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Bruno sighed. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll go and get ready for bed,” he said, standing up from his chair.

“I’ll get you a cold glass of water and some ibuprofen,” you said. “Make sure to open the window when you get to the bedroom, it’ll help you cool down.”

“Will do,” Bruno replied. “And I’m sorry for worrying you, tesoro.”

He leaned down to kiss your forehead, and you giggled. “No need to apologize, just go to bed!”

Bruno did as you said, chuckling under his breath. “As you wish.”