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Fourth Times The Charm

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Soulmates are something the Wizarding world holds dear to their beliefs and traditions. When your twelfth birthday appears the name of your soulmate or soulmates mark will appear on either one or both ankles. If you have a Dominant mate(s) the name(s) will appear on your right ankle. If you have a Submissive mate(s) the name(s) will apear on the left ankle.

(Harry will have two names on his right ankle. Fleur has Bills on her right and will have Harrys on her left. Bill will have two names on his left.)

Everyone has four chances to a mate. If your mate rejects you it can take up to four years for a new name to appear. If the fourth chance at a mate rejects you (rare) a thin black line will appear around both ankles. If the bond is complete the names will move from the ankles to the wrists. (With the same left and right concept)

If a two people are already mated and don't have a third name then the only way they will get a third name is if the third name is on their last chance at a mate.

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Harry gasped when on his way to the Gryffindor tower after the welcoming feast he was pulled into a alcove. He looked up not expecting to see Draco Malfoy. Harry opened his mouth but before he could get a word in Draco cut him off with a glare and a hiss. "Listen here perfect Potter. I want nothing to do with you. Least of all to be your stupid mate when I could do so much better. So 'I Draco Lucius Malfoy hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be.'" 

Draco let go of the wrist he was still holding onto not thinking of the bruises he left. He stood up straighter looked down his nose at his ex-mate 'hmmped' and walked away like they did nothing more then have a discussion they disagreed about. Harry however did not feel this way. He slowly walked towards the hospital wing. When he got there he did nothing more then walk to the bed he was on his first year and climb onto it. He sat on the edge with one leg hanging over while his right leg was pulled up to his chest and was rubbing the ankle with his right hand. 

He sat there for a few minutes still doing the same thing when Poppy came in feeling the wards around the hospital. "What have you done already Mr.Potter." Poppy tutted. She slowed down when he looked up at her with a heartbroken look on his face. She finally noticed him rubbing his ankle. She slowly approached him this time. "What can I do for you Mr.Potter?" She asked carefully not wanting to upset him more. She knew by the look and his actions that his soulmate must have just rejected him. 

"Can I have some bruise paste please?" He whispered holding up his left hand so she could see his wrist. She nodded then disappeared into her office. After everything was done Harry slowly stood back up and walked out of the hospital wing. When he finally made it to the common room he ignored his friends calls and walked to his bed. When he laid down he finally allowed his emotions to flood him and started crying into his pillow. 'I wish I had someone to love me'



Harry knew when on the first day back at Hogwarts and he saw the name on his ankle that it wasn't going to last. If someone his own age didn't want him then why would someone older? Sadly for Harry, Remus did not do anything about it till after a Patronus lesson. When Remus sat down next to Harry on a stair and looked at him Harry knew this was not going to end well. 'Couldn't he have done this from the start and not now. Why wait and get my hopes up?' Harry looked down into his lap where he was holding a piece of chocolate. "Can you just get it over with?" Harry asked quietly. He didn't want this to go on. It already happened once and he had really hoped it wouldn't happen again.

"I'm sorry Harry. I tried but I can't think of you as anything but a son or a friends son and I hope after this you might still see me as a Uncle or even just a friend. 'I Remus John Lupin hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be.' I'm sorry Harry." Harry just sat there not even noticing when his hand slowly drifted to his ankle again to rub at it. Harry suddenly stood up and turned to face Remus. 

He put on the most biggest and fakest smile in the world. The tears in his eyes that had yet to fall did not help. "It's okay Remus it's not the first time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I'll see you next lesson." Harry quickly left before Remus could get a word in. He quickly ran down the corridor before finally running into a unused classroom where he sunk to the floor with his back to the door and started crying. He barley noticed when he pulled his legs to his chest and both hands squeezed his right ankle tightly giving himself bruises. 'I hope third time is the charm' 



Harry knew that on his fourteenth birthday that he was going to get rejected again as the name on his ankle again, was the name of his best friends brother who was always away. When Harry finally got to the Burrow that summer he knew it was going to end up like all his other mates. Harry stepped out of the fire. When he saw the two older Weasley brothers Harry sighed. He made sure to shake Bill's hand first before facing the other. When he looked into Charlie's eyes all he saw was a little bit of pity and regret. Harry just grabbed Charlies wrist and pulled him out the back door and away from where the rest of the family could hear them without using magic. "I know what you are going to do so just get it over with." Harry whispered not feeling like he could talk any louder.

"I hope you know it isn't really you but I love my dragons to much to stay here or be away from them to long. I also know so much about you from Ron that I see you more like a brother. 'I Charles Weasley hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be." Harry just looked to the side at the Burrow while feeling the tingly feeling on his ankle. "I don't blame you. Thanks for trying to explain yourself." Harry finally looked at Charlie and gave him a small smile that wasn't real. When Charlie gave him a nod and turned around to walked back to the Burrow, Harry gave himself a minute before following him back towards the house too. Harry just gave everyone a small smile to calm everyone down when he walked back inside but not big enough for it to be too fake. 'I just want to be loved'  

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Harry stopped moving after he buttoned up his last button when he felt his ankle tingling. His breath got caught in his throat making him choke a little. Harry quickly ran down the stairs and threw open the door and stuck his head out. "Hermione can- I need to talk to you." Harry yelled out to her. Hermione looked over at Arthur to see if she could leave. Arthur was about to tell her they still needed her when Harry choked out a "Please" that almost sounded like he was close to sobbing. Which if someone were to look at him they would see he was. Arthur sighed but nodded his head at her. 

Hermione gave him a thankful smile before jogging back to the house. "What's wrong Harry." She asked when she saw him. "I can't do it again mione. I can't go through that again." Harry told her. It took her a moment but then she saw Harry rubbing his right ankle with his left foot like he was trying to rub something off it. "Oh Harry." She whispered before wrapping her arms around him and leading them up to Ron's room.

Harry sat on Ron's bed facing the window making room for Hermione. When she sat down next to him Harry pulled both legs up to his chest and wrapped both arms around his legs before curling into Hermione's side. "Have you looked at it yet Harry?" She asked him. Harry let out a loud sob. "I can't do it again mione. I can't. It hurts. I can't go through that again." Harry cried out. 

"Can I see it?" Hermione asked moving her hands to the leg of his trousers. Harry quickly leapt out of her reach to the top of the bed making the pillows fall to the ground. "NO" Harry cried out. He quickly wrapped both hands around his right ankle so she couldn't get to it. Hermione sighed knowing she would need to get him to look at it. "Harry you're going to have to look at it sooner or later. Please let me look. I'll be here with you. You don't have to do this alone." She told him gently. Harry looked up at her with more tears in his eyes not counting the streaks on his face where most already fell.

Harry nodded knowing he had no choice. He slowly let go of the leg of his trousers and slowly pulled them up. Harry stared at the names on his ankle before letting go of his trousers and letting out a loud sob. He wrapped his arms around his legs again so tight that it hurt to breath. Hermione let out a sad sigh. She moved him till he was laying on his side with his head in her lap. He curled around her body putting his face in her stomach crying. "Oh Harry" She whispered. She knew there was nothing she could say that would make this better because she didn't know how Bill and Fleur were reacting to the situation. 

Slowly Harry cried himself to sleep because on his right ankle were two names who were downstairs about to get married in a couple of hours. 

William Arthur Weasley

Fleur Isabelle Delacour


Seconds after Hermione walked into the house Fleur came running out. Even if everyone thought Ron was slow it didn't take long for him to show he wasn't when he quickly understood why Fleur was here and Bill's face was pale white. Ron opened his mouth to say something when everyone heard a noise from the house. Everyone started running towards the house only to stop when they realized it was a sob. Ron looked up seeing his bedroom window open. He doesn't know who but he knows someone cast a listening charm when all of a sudden they could hear everything that was happening on the fifth floor. 

"Have you looked at it yet Harry?" They heard Hermione ask. They all jumped when another loud sob came out of Harry. "I can't do it again mione. I can't. It hurts. I can't go through that again." Ron saw two people out of the corner of his eye flinch. "Can I see it?" The all looked at each other confused when they heard someone moving before hearing Harry yell out "NO". "Harry you're going to have to look at it sooner or later. Please let me look. I'll be here with you. You don't have to do this alone." They heard more rustling before hearing another loud sob again. Ron knew that he saw they names on his ankle by the way both Fleur and Bill flinched. Everyone stood there a little longer listening to Harry crying till he fell asleep. 

When Hermione finally came back down the stairs and outside again the group looked on in shock when she conjured a chair and sat down putting her head in her hands. They had never see her look so devastated. Ron turned to face the group. He pulled out his wand and threw up a silencing spell around them before conjuring his own chair. "Conjure your own chair and sit down." Ron order his brother and his fiance while sitting down. While they did what was ordered so did everyone else wanting to hear this conversation. 

"I'm not supposed to say this but I think you deserve to know. Harry didn't want anyone to know but you probably thought he was on his second maybe third but this is his fourth and last option of a mate." Ron paused when everyone gasped. "I want no interruptions because Harry is not going to sleep long so this needs to happen now. Harry's first mate was Draco Malfoy. Now I know that you think it was probably for the better seeing as it was a Malfoy but all Harry cared about was being loved. His first mate rejecting him didn't take long for Harry to get over because he figured it out on his own that he and Malfoy would probably never go together." Ron paused again letting everyone process the information.

"Harry's second mate however was Remus." Everyone snapped their heads to Remus who was trying to shrink into his chair as if it would hide him from their stares. "Remus probably didn't mean to but he did the worst thing possible. He spent time with harry for at least six months before rejecting him. He thought that if he tried he would be able to see Harry as someone other then a son or friends son. Harry came back to the common room that night and walked straight up to Hermione and pulled her book out of her lap then curled up in her lap and started crying. Everyone in the common room had looked at him in shock because he never showed that much emotion in front of people but me and Hermione knew quickly what happened because the only other time he cried like that was after Malfoy rejected him." Everyone again looked at Remus who was hunched in on himself with a few tears running down his face because of guilt.

"Finally his third mate. Harry had so much hope because he used to tell himself third times a charm. However Harry's third mate happened to be Charlie." They all quickly look at Charlie this time who also tried to hide in his chair. "Charlie without straight out saying it told Harry that he rather be with dragons then be his mate." Slowly the stares Charlie was getting turned into glares. "Harry knew as soon as he got to the Burrow that Charlie was going to reject him because he looked at Harry with pity and regret. Again that night Harry left his own bed and crawled into mine. I stayed awake knowing it was going to happen and a few minute late Hermione had come into the room and we both tried to help Harry stop crying and go to sleep."

Ron took a deep breath before focusing on just Bill and Fleur who noticed the attention and gave it right back to Ron. "Bill, Fleur I know you're about to get married and never even thought of having another mate but I need you to really think about what you are going to do because either way your are going to have to make him sit through your wedding either thinking about how he is never going to get to do that or he can't wait to get up there and do that himself. You need to decided if you are going to get to know Harry or not because every single one of you sitting here may think you know Harry but you don't. I could put it into a million words or more about all the things you don't know about him and I don't have a very high vocabulary." Ron stopped when he saw his mother open her mouth like she was about to disagree with him. 

"You don't know that Harry is severely self conscious and has so many insecurities.

You don't know that sometimes Harry acts like a child without meaning too because he never got to when he was supposed to.

You don't know that Harry purposely dumbs himself down and doesn't try to hard at school so he can see Hermione smile when she gets top grades no matter how much we try to tell him to stop.

You don't know how he never tries to learn chess just so I can beat him even though he knows there are a ton of other people I could beat easily.

You don't know that he spends at least an hour with Neville every week talking about the latest herbology thing even if he doesn't understand it.

You don't know that after a week of getting to know Luna, everyone that stole her stuff stopped because he cursed them and they had to go to him to get the curse removed even if they were Ravenclaw because they couldn't figure it out. 

You don't know that while Fred and George were still at school Harry would offer to test their products, help with ideas, or even just get them to take a break letting himself be what they needed at that time to stop stressing themselves. 

You don't know that sometimes Harry will go down to the kitchens to say hi to Dobby and just thank the house elves for all they do. 

You don't know that he will go get a food basket and drag me and Hermione to the lake to have a picnic to get away from everyone and their expectations and just have a relaxing day.

You don't know that the days we go have our relaxing days he will send all the teachers even Snape their favorite tea and biscuits with a note telling them that everyone needs to relax every once and a while. 

You don't know that he will walk up to the Ravenclaw table and asks Luna how she is doing and tell her she is beautiful. 

You don't know that Harry asks to help with cooking every time he is here because even though Mom says no Harry knows that one day she is going to need the help and he wants to be there when she does. 

You don't know that even though he didn't have a good time with muggles he still tries to explain everything he can to dad when he asks. 

Finally you don't know that no matter how much stress is already on his own shoulders he will take as much as he can of our own and add it to his not caring about how he will feel later.

So you may think you know Harry but all you know is that he stands up for his friends, the things he believes in, and people he considers family.

By the time Ron was done talking everyone had tears in their eyes and Hermione was crying into her hands. "That's not counting for the other people he does things for. Harry doesn't know love. We may all love him but he doesn't see it. I don't think Harry will ever see we love him till he finds love with someone else. He probably fell asleep up in that room thinking he will never know love because at the same time he doesn't think he deserves it."

When Bill noticed Ron was finally done he looked at Fleur to see she was already looking at him with tears in her eyes. He was about to open his mouth and say something but the front door burst open with and a smiling Harry came running out looking down at something in his hands. "Ron look Luna finally found a creature she was looking for forever." Harry stopped just next to Ron never noticing the silencing spell come down. When he looked up he stopped when he noticed everyone was there. He looked at Bill and Fleur before blushing. "Oh um I'm sorry. It looks like I interrupted something. I.. I will just go back inside." Before someone could stop him he quickly ran back inside. 

"That's not good." Hermione mumbled. When everyone looked at her to explain what she meant she continued. "He is ignoring everyone already meaning he is either thinking everyone will blame him for ruining the wedding day even though he can't make his mark appear on certain days. Or he is running from Bill and Fleur and hoping to go as long as he can before he gets rejected. Now if you excuse me and Ron we need to go make sure Harry isn't crying again.


Bill and Fleur looked at each other and nodded knowing the choice they were going to go with. While everyone else started talking about what they just learned they walked back to the house. When they saw the trio in the living room they shared a look with Ron and Hermione to get them to leave the room. They nodded and walked out. Harry turned around to ask where they were going but stopped when he saw his mates standing there. He looked ready to run before Bill gave him a firm look. Knowing that look meant he needed to stay Harry walked over to the single seat across from the couch. 

He pulled his legs up to his chest while the couple sat across from him. "Harry we know some people don't meet their mate for years even if it is the first name they have like me and Fleur. We also know we weren't expecting a third name to come up." Harry winced and tried to hide his face in his knees. "Honestly everyone else tried giving their reasons why they couldn't love me thinking it may help but it doesn't help hearing why you're so unlovable so if you could skip that part and just get to the rejecting part it would help me get over it sooner." Harry whispered so sure they were going to reject him. 

Bill sighed and stood up and started walking towards Harry. He stopped for a second when Harry flinched but continued on. When he reached the chair Harry was sitting in he sat on the arm of the chair and wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulders pulling him into his side. Harry who even though he thought he was going to be rejected still turned his head into Bill's side loving the comfort of someone other then his best friends. Bill however smiled down at Harry. He looked over to Fleur who was also smiling at Harry. "Harry were not going to reject you. I mean this is probably a bad time for the mark to pop up but we both want to get to know you." Fleur told him.

Harry stiffened when she first started talking. When she finished however Harry started crying again into Bill's side. "Yo-yo-you really wan-want to get to know me. Your not going to just reject me straight away?" Harry asked still unsure if he was dreaming. "We want to get to know you Harry. All we know is from Ron and while it may sound like he was talking about a brother I don't know enough to just assume you as a brother." Bill patted Harry's shoulder before standing up. Harry let his feet fall to the floor before rubbing his eyes. 

"Now I know this happened today but do you mind waiting till tomorrow to talk about it because me and Fleur would still love to get married?" Bill asked. Harry nodded quickly. He didn't tell them he also agreed because he still thought that if they rejected him then they would still be together like he never happened. Bill nodded before walking out of the room with his fiance. Harry slowly walked to the kitchen still a little confused. "How did it go?" Harry jumped when he heard Ron's voice. "They want to get to know me." Harry answered slowly like he didn't believe what he was saying. 

"That's awesome Harry." Hermione smiled and hugged him. She hugged him while he slowly processed what happened. When she felt something holding onto her dress tightly she knew he finally understood what just happened. "They didn't reject me. They didn't reject me mione." Harry smiled the biggest smile either friend had ever seen on his face. He gave a small giggle before he full out laughing and jumping around the kitchen. He ran outside the house pulling Hermione with him and started jumping around with her while laughing. 

"Hermione I wasn't rejected." Harry whispered into her shoulder where he was hugging her after calming down still not believing it.

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Harry didn't talk much after they buried Dobby. He always made excuses to be outside and at the edge of the cliff. "One of these days I'm going to think you fell in." Harry jumped as Bills voice came out of no where. "Usually people can't sneak up behind me but I'm too lost in though these days." Harry told him. "Well you've been sitting out here all day and haven't really talked to anyone for awhile and figured I should make sure your okay." Bill sat down next to Harry, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and pulled him into his side. "So. Are you okay?" Bill asked. Harry gave a little huff of amusement before laying his head on Bill's shoulder. "I don't think I'm going to be okay for a long time Bill. Honestly even when this does all end - not counting the lives we probably haven't even lost yet - I think I'm going to have problems just living a normal day to day life. Since I got to the wizarding world all I have done is fight, fight, fight. What do I do after I win the fight?" 

Bill stared out at the water so long that Harry didn't know if Bill would give an answer. After listening to the sea for a couple more minutes he finally answered. "Honestly I don't know Harry but whatever you decided to do or if you need help me and Fleur want to be there with you and for you." Bill told him honestly. Harry however just blushed and turned his head into the side of Bill. He didn't know how to handle something like that being told to him especially not by his mates. 

"Well now that I've talked to you do you want to come in for dinner? Sirius is also here he stopped by for awhile." Bill asked standing up and offering a hand to Harry to help him up. When Harry grabbed the hand he didn't expect that even though he let go of his hand Bill wrapped it around his waist and pulled him back into his side before they started walking back to the house again.

Sirius smiled when she saw Harry blushing walking back inside the house. "Hey prongslet how are you doing?" Sirius asked and went in for a hug when he saw Bill let go to move over to Fleur. "I've been worse." Harry wrapped both arms around his godfather and squeezed missing the smell and warmth of him. Harry just smiled before they all sat down to have dinner. Bill and Fleur smiled when they got Harry to sit in between them keeping Harry with a blush all of dinner.


The next day Harry woke up in the living room where the golden trio were sleeping. Bill and Fleur never offered their bed as they thought it would be too soon. If Harry had even thought of the option he would of agreed. He slowly stood up and made his way to the kitchen. Seeing as the sun was just rising Harry decided to start on Breakfast for everyone.

He doesn't know how long he stood there making food but when he finally heard someone else stirring upstairs Harry realized the sun was much higher in the sky. He quickly set up a plate and left it on the counter for whoever was up and was moving slowly this way. 

Harry turned around and blushed bright red like the hair of the person who decided to come downstairs without a shirt on and very low pajama pants. Bill noticing Harry's blush smirked. "Do you want me to go get changed? Sorry I've never been really productive after I just woke up." "No no its fine." Harry quickly looked away after clearing his throat when he felt a rock was lodged there. Bill just smirked again before letting out a moan as he tried Harry's cooking. "I don't know how you do it but your food is to die for Harry." Harry just continued looking at the stove so even though his face still felt warm no one would be able to tell if he blushed harder or not. 

Soon Harry was making more plates as more people woke up. He made sure to give the biggest plates to Bill and Ron as they were Weasley's and always ate a lot of food. Harry finally sat does with his small plate of food after he served everyone else still not used to a lot of food especially after being on the run. "You really should eat more Harry." Fleur scolded him. Harry flinched while Ron and Hermione tensed. Before anyone else could comment Hermione cut in. "Harry why don't you go get my bag so we can do some more research." Harry quickly put his empty plate in the sink and rushed upstairs.

The married couple looked at the other two thirds of the trio hoping they would get an explanation for what just happened and why it got tense after Fleur's comment. Hermione sighed before putting her focus on them. "Harry doesn't have a good childhood. He doesn't do good with compliments because he is not used to them. He knows how to cook because he was forced to but while he was forced to cook he was also not allowed to eat anything he cooked so he would go long times without food. They would starve him. He eats very little because other then at the Burrow and Hogwarts he doesn't get much food. This camping thing we have been doing doesn't help. That's one thing you also need to learn about Harry. Sometimes you are going to have to remind him that he has to eat because he will easily forget to and doesn't think about it till it's too late." She told them seriously.

No one said about the subject after that as Harry had come back from getting their things. They spent the couple of hours up until lunch researching possible horcruxes and places they could be. Just like Hermione said earlier in the day Ron and her had to stop Harry when it looked like he was going to skip lunch. 

When they reached the kitchen Harry saw Luna and decided to sit next to her this time. When he sat down he pulled his plate closer and scooted himself against Luna's side and curled up next to her. "Hi Luna how are you doing today? Your earrings are pretty by the way." Harry told her while he picked up his sandwich to nibble on it. "Thank you Harry. The Blibbering Humdingers were laughing at them while I was making them outside yesterday." Luna said dreamily like she always did. 

"Well I think that was quiet rude of them because they are quiet lovely." Harry said so firmly the Luna gave him a even bigger smile before she turned to her own sandwich. Bill and Fleur watched when Harry's smile turned into a sincere small one. They looked a little confused that Harry could have such a true smile on his face just for making one of his friends smile. 

"When Harry makes his friends truly smile some of the Wrackspurts leave him alone." Luna answered. The married couple jumped in shock and looked at Luna suspiciously, feeling like their questions were just answered but not understanding the answer. The gold trio however just chuckled knowing how it felt when Luna did the same thing to them. Harry however also blushed having some what of a understanding of what Luna meant by her comment. 

Small Time Skip 

Later the evening after dinner and everyone was relaxing in the living room after deciding it would be a night where they could relax a little Harry was sitting in between Bill and Fleur on the couch designing the room that would be his study. While on the top floor there was the main room which was Bill's and Fleur's room and two guest rooms, the bottom floor had three rooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining room. With a huge blush Harry was told that the house could easily be added to if they had more than two children. Harry told him with a no small amount of self consciousness that if he was allowed to carry children that he would love to have a couple himself. Bill just answered back with a smirk.

The three rooms on the bottom floor were a study for Bill and his curse breaking job, a study for Fleur for her Gringotts job where she studies magic in things, and the third was being used for a study but with the promise of Bill that he would clear it out. Fleur questioned him when he said that he would want lots of shelves in his study but Harry just smiled at her. She huffed amused and knew she would figure it out one day. 

"Harry can you come help me with this problem?" Hermione interrupted their designing when she had a problem with an arithmancy equation. He nodded and sat on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and looked at the table in front of them. He pointed to where she had gone wrong and helped her fix up the rest of the equation before sitting back down in between his mates. 

When he settled down curled into Fleur's side with his feet up on the couch against Bill's thigh he when back to making his study the perfect way. "Harry how did you do that. It usually takes people at least half and out for one equation not three minutes and you don't even take arithmancy do you?" Bill asked at the same time Fleur said "You should look for a job at Gringotts when this is all over. Harry hummed like he was think about that idea while answering Bill. "No I don't but I do a lot of self studying. I have read everything in Hogwarts library and am working on books that I order." They looked on in shock while Harry continued drawing. 

Ron and Hermione just smirked at each other when no one else was looking. They knew all along how smart Harry was and how much people underestimated him. They also knew things like Harry would want a lot of shelves and not just for books. They also knew one other secret that even they knew that if they didn't find Harry doing it accidentally then even they wouldn't know it. They just hoped that Bill and Fleur don't hate it for they knew it was a big part of Harry that he would hate to give up because Harry would feel like he was giving up a big part of him and his submissiveness. 

That night when Harry went to sleep he had a smile on his face even with the troubles up ahead he was happy that he was getting his try at mates for once and that it was going so well. 

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Harry hoped that as he stood there and watched Voldemort's wand raise that his mates won't be hurt by this. He hoped that the green light racing towards him didn't hurt as bad as leaving his mates.

Harry leaned against both Hermione and Ron as he slowly walked back to the castle. He chuckled as Ron kept complaining about the fact that he broke the wand. Hermione, however, was just staring at Harry quietly. 

He looked up at her from where he was leaning instead of their usual eye to eye height. "Hermione are you okay?" He asks her. She smiles at him and lets out a small chuckle. "I'm supposed to be asking you that Harry. I guess I'm just glad that it's mainly all over. All the rest can be left to Aurors. I'm happy but still a little shocked."

"At least this means we can all get on with what we want to do in our lives and even get to know our mates huh." Harry nudged Ron with his elbow when he said this. While on the run both Hermione and Ron who had each other's names on each other's wrists for about 3 months - they rejected each other after deciding that they were to sibling-like found their new soulmates mark coming up. 

Ron to the surprise of the trio had nonother then Viktor Krum. Viktor had sent an owl while they were camping asking to stay in correspondence but Ron tested their luck not wanting to get caught but sent back an owl saying they were trying to hide and when they won the war he would owl him again. Thankfully no matter how much Ron wanted to talk to his soulmate Viktor decided to not take the risk and another owl never came back. 

Hermione's was even more of a shock however, now that the war has ended it may end up working out especially because we know which side Draco is on now. Hermione even admitted that if he ends up changing that if Draco doesn't immediately reject her then she would take the chance.

Seeing Bill standing by his brother Fred who was in shock having almost died filled Harry with joy. Not only for all the people who still lived but Bill does not look bad and Harry never saw any of his mate's marks go gray. 

When Bill finally looked up and saw Harry his eyes widened and he looked to slump in relief. Only then did he realized that he technically died so both Fleur and Bill would have noticed their mark go dull and Gray. 

Harry heard another gasp and looked to his right and saw that Fleur had just noticed him. He smiled shakily at her then at Bill before deciding to just look back and forth. Harry took a little step as if to run to them before stopping not sure if they would enjoy it. 

That little step seemed to kick them out of whatever haze was covering their thoughts because as soon as he showed the tiniest bit of hesitance they took it upon themselves to finish what he had started and run towards him in a hurry almost tripping over there own feet and all the rubble on the floor. 

The four arms that surrounded him seemed to shake away his shock and soon he found himself on his knees with his head in Bill's chest crying his heart out and Fleur holding him from behind, both already on there knees so he fell against them. 

He started crying because it was over and because he died, but also survived, because no Weasley's had died, because Remus and Sirius are still alive, because his friends were still alive, because he could finally do what he wants and live his life freely. 

 But mainly because now he can be what he wants to be the most.

Just Harry.

It took a little time but Harry gladly settled into shell cottage or as Fleur keeps reminding him 'home'. And Harry had to keep reminding her that he was trying to remember that. Ron, after sending an owl to Viktor went and decided to stay in Bulgaria with him and after reassuring Ron that it was okay because he was just a floo call away Ron happily packed up and went to live with his mate. Hermione however after going to find her parents and having a fight with them is now living with the Weasley's and talks to Draco every day over floo or on dates. Harry has been around a couple of times in their conversations and is slowly building a friendship with him now that his attitude is much better. 

Harry found living with his mates nice. He has people who care about him and will love him around all the time. There are little things he had to get used to though like Bill not wearing a shirt almost every day while he was around the house and even Fleur would walk around with just a sports bra on the upper half of her body sometimes. Bill did as he promised and cleaned out the third study that no one used so Harry could decorate it how he wanted. Harry hadn't yet told them what his job was as he was waiting until Monday when they go back into work since Gringotts needed to fix their building. He was hoping to surprise them with his job and his smarts. 

He has a job like Fleurs where instead of studying the magic in an object he studies runes and solves arithmancy problems for the goblins. His job is even why he wants lots of shelves in his study. He designed it so that if you stood in the doorway and looked into the room the desk would be right in front of you in the middle of the room. Behind the desk and the wall, you see first would be a giant bulletin board that goes corner to corner so he could pin artimancy problems and runs designs on the wall to help him work better. Both the left wall and right wall were the same. He had selves go from one side of the wall to the other and went from waist height to the ceiling. There was a small ladder next to the right wall of bookshelves which when standing on it and thinking moves left and right and goes back and forth between all the walls so he can even you the top of the back wall. The last wall which you can't see unless you step in and turn around to face the door is covered in chalk paint so he can write on the wall all around the door and even erase when he needs to. 

When Bill and Fleur both saw the room once it was done they were shocked and slightly confused about what the back and door wall was made out of. Harry just smiled and pulled a trunk out of his pocket when he got from his vault at Gringotts. He set it on top of the desk and put his hand on top of it to unshrink it. Once that was done he unlocked it. As soon as the little locks litter up the trunk snapped open and items started flying out of the trunk and onto the shelves. After all the items that were going onto shelves came out, the paper that looked to be in stacks came flying out and landing on the desk. Next, about over five thousand books came flying out and just landing on the floor in front of the desk in different piles and spread out from the desk to the door. After a minute of nothing else flying out of the trunk, it gave a little jump before a small box floated out. Harry had to reach out and quickly grab it before it fell since it had do designated spot for it. He took the lid off of it and stuck it under the box so the box fits into the lid. Inside the box were about 20 pieces of white chalk. 

After that Harry kicked his mates out of the room and said they weren't supposed to see the final product until after work Monday. He did, however, walk over to the floo and floo call Hermione to come to help him finish setting up. Bill and Fleur were a little upset that Hermione was allowed to see it before them but they understood that it was a surprise for them and that he needed help setting up.

That Sunday night before everyone goes back to their jobs Harry packed all three of them lunches and prepared things for breakfast so he would have time to make it and eat it tomorrow before going to work. 

When they were all laying in bed together - which took both Bill and fleur about an hour to convince him that yes they did want to share a bed with him - Harry cuddled up to both his mates from in between them and as he was drifting to sleep after getting a kiss from both of them he couldn't help but think he couldn't wait to surprise his mates tomorrow.