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Fourth Times The Charm

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Harry hoped that as he stood there and watched Voldemort's wand raise that his mates won't be hurt by this. He hoped that the green light racing towards him didn't hurt as bad as leaving his mates.

Harry leaned against both Hermione and Ron as he slowly walked back to the castle. He chuckled as Ron kept complaining about the fact that he broke the wand. Hermione, however, was just staring at Harry quietly. 

He looked up at her from where he was leaning instead of their usual eye to eye height. "Hermione are you okay?" He asks her. She smiles at him and lets out a small chuckle. "I'm supposed to be asking you that Harry. I guess I'm just glad that it's mainly all over. All the rest can be left to Aurors. I'm happy but still a little shocked."

"At least this means we can all get on with what we want to do in our lives and even get to know our mates huh." Harry nudged Ron with his elbow when he said this. While on the run both Hermione and Ron who had each other's names on each other's wrists for about 3 months - they rejected each other after deciding that they were to sibling-like found their new soulmates mark coming up. 

Ron to the surprise of the trio had nonother then Viktor Krum. Viktor had sent an owl while they were camping asking to stay in correspondence but Ron tested their luck not wanting to get caught but sent back an owl saying they were trying to hide and when they won the war he would owl him again. Thankfully no matter how much Ron wanted to talk to his soulmate Viktor decided to not take the risk and another owl never came back. 

Hermione's was even more of a shock however, now that the war has ended it may end up working out especially because we know which side Draco is on now. Hermione even admitted that if he ends up changing that if Draco doesn't immediately reject her then she would take the chance.

Seeing Bill standing by his brother Fred who was in shock having almost died filled Harry with joy. Not only for all the people who still lived but Bill does not look bad and Harry never saw any of his mate's marks go gray. 

When Bill finally looked up and saw Harry his eyes widened and he looked to slump in relief. Only then did he realized that he technically died so both Fleur and Bill would have noticed their mark go dull and Gray. 

Harry heard another gasp and looked to his right and saw that Fleur had just noticed him. He smiled shakily at her then at Bill before deciding to just look back and forth. Harry took a little step as if to run to them before stopping not sure if they would enjoy it. 

That little step seemed to kick them out of whatever haze was covering their thoughts because as soon as he showed the tiniest bit of hesitance they took it upon themselves to finish what he had started and run towards him in a hurry almost tripping over there own feet and all the rubble on the floor. 

The four arms that surrounded him seemed to shake away his shock and soon he found himself on his knees with his head in Bill's chest crying his heart out and Fleur holding him from behind, both already on there knees so he fell against them. 

He started crying because it was over and because he died, but also survived, because no Weasley's had died, because Remus and Sirius are still alive, because his friends were still alive, because he could finally do what he wants and live his life freely. 

 But mainly because now he can be what he wants to be the most.

Just Harry.

It took a little time but Harry gladly settled into shell cottage or as Fleur keeps reminding him 'home'. And Harry had to keep reminding her that he was trying to remember that. Ron, after sending an owl to Viktor went and decided to stay in Bulgaria with him and after reassuring Ron that it was okay because he was just a floo call away Ron happily packed up and went to live with his mate. Hermione however after going to find her parents and having a fight with them is now living with the Weasley's and talks to Draco every day over floo or on dates. Harry has been around a couple of times in their conversations and is slowly building a friendship with him now that his attitude is much better. 

Harry found living with his mates nice. He has people who care about him and will love him around all the time. There are little things he had to get used to though like Bill not wearing a shirt almost every day while he was around the house and even Fleur would walk around with just a sports bra on the upper half of her body sometimes. Bill did as he promised and cleaned out the third study that no one used so Harry could decorate it how he wanted. Harry hadn't yet told them what his job was as he was waiting until Monday when they go back into work since Gringotts needed to fix their building. He was hoping to surprise them with his job and his smarts. 

He has a job like Fleurs where instead of studying the magic in an object he studies runes and solves arithmancy problems for the goblins. His job is even why he wants lots of shelves in his study. He designed it so that if you stood in the doorway and looked into the room the desk would be right in front of you in the middle of the room. Behind the desk and the wall, you see first would be a giant bulletin board that goes corner to corner so he could pin artimancy problems and runs designs on the wall to help him work better. Both the left wall and right wall were the same. He had selves go from one side of the wall to the other and went from waist height to the ceiling. There was a small ladder next to the right wall of bookshelves which when standing on it and thinking moves left and right and goes back and forth between all the walls so he can even you the top of the back wall. The last wall which you can't see unless you step in and turn around to face the door is covered in chalk paint so he can write on the wall all around the door and even erase when he needs to. 

When Bill and Fleur both saw the room once it was done they were shocked and slightly confused about what the back and door wall was made out of. Harry just smiled and pulled a trunk out of his pocket when he got from his vault at Gringotts. He set it on top of the desk and put his hand on top of it to unshrink it. Once that was done he unlocked it. As soon as the little locks litter up the trunk snapped open and items started flying out of the trunk and onto the shelves. After all the items that were going onto shelves came out, the paper that looked to be in stacks came flying out and landing on the desk. Next, about over five thousand books came flying out and just landing on the floor in front of the desk in different piles and spread out from the desk to the door. After a minute of nothing else flying out of the trunk, it gave a little jump before a small box floated out. Harry had to reach out and quickly grab it before it fell since it had do designated spot for it. He took the lid off of it and stuck it under the box so the box fits into the lid. Inside the box were about 20 pieces of white chalk. 

After that Harry kicked his mates out of the room and said they weren't supposed to see the final product until after work Monday. He did, however, walk over to the floo and floo call Hermione to come to help him finish setting up. Bill and Fleur were a little upset that Hermione was allowed to see it before them but they understood that it was a surprise for them and that he needed help setting up.

That Sunday night before everyone goes back to their jobs Harry packed all three of them lunches and prepared things for breakfast so he would have time to make it and eat it tomorrow before going to work. 

When they were all laying in bed together - which took both Bill and fleur about an hour to convince him that yes they did want to share a bed with him - Harry cuddled up to both his mates from in between them and as he was drifting to sleep after getting a kiss from both of them he couldn't help but think he couldn't wait to surprise his mates tomorrow.