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Fourth Times The Charm

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Harry didn't talk much after they buried Dobby. He always made excuses to be outside and at the edge of the cliff. "One of these days I'm going to think you fell in." Harry jumped as Bills voice came out of no where. "Usually people can't sneak up behind me but I'm too lost in though these days." Harry told him. "Well you've been sitting out here all day and haven't really talked to anyone for awhile and figured I should make sure your okay." Bill sat down next to Harry, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and pulled him into his side. "So. Are you okay?" Bill asked. Harry gave a little huff of amusement before laying his head on Bill's shoulder. "I don't think I'm going to be okay for a long time Bill. Honestly even when this does all end - not counting the lives we probably haven't even lost yet - I think I'm going to have problems just living a normal day to day life. Since I got to the wizarding world all I have done is fight, fight, fight. What do I do after I win the fight?" 

Bill stared out at the water so long that Harry didn't know if Bill would give an answer. After listening to the sea for a couple more minutes he finally answered. "Honestly I don't know Harry but whatever you decided to do or if you need help me and Fleur want to be there with you and for you." Bill told him honestly. Harry however just blushed and turned his head into the side of Bill. He didn't know how to handle something like that being told to him especially not by his mates. 

"Well now that I've talked to you do you want to come in for dinner? Sirius is also here he stopped by for awhile." Bill asked standing up and offering a hand to Harry to help him up. When Harry grabbed the hand he didn't expect that even though he let go of his hand Bill wrapped it around his waist and pulled him back into his side before they started walking back to the house again.

Sirius smiled when she saw Harry blushing walking back inside the house. "Hey prongslet how are you doing?" Sirius asked and went in for a hug when he saw Bill let go to move over to Fleur. "I've been worse." Harry wrapped both arms around his godfather and squeezed missing the smell and warmth of him. Harry just smiled before they all sat down to have dinner. Bill and Fleur smiled when they got Harry to sit in between them keeping Harry with a blush all of dinner.


The next day Harry woke up in the living room where the golden trio were sleeping. Bill and Fleur never offered their bed as they thought it would be too soon. If Harry had even thought of the option he would of agreed. He slowly stood up and made his way to the kitchen. Seeing as the sun was just rising Harry decided to start on Breakfast for everyone.

He doesn't know how long he stood there making food but when he finally heard someone else stirring upstairs Harry realized the sun was much higher in the sky. He quickly set up a plate and left it on the counter for whoever was up and was moving slowly this way. 

Harry turned around and blushed bright red like the hair of the person who decided to come downstairs without a shirt on and very low pajama pants. Bill noticing Harry's blush smirked. "Do you want me to go get changed? Sorry I've never been really productive after I just woke up." "No no its fine." Harry quickly looked away after clearing his throat when he felt a rock was lodged there. Bill just smirked again before letting out a moan as he tried Harry's cooking. "I don't know how you do it but your food is to die for Harry." Harry just continued looking at the stove so even though his face still felt warm no one would be able to tell if he blushed harder or not. 

Soon Harry was making more plates as more people woke up. He made sure to give the biggest plates to Bill and Ron as they were Weasley's and always ate a lot of food. Harry finally sat does with his small plate of food after he served everyone else still not used to a lot of food especially after being on the run. "You really should eat more Harry." Fleur scolded him. Harry flinched while Ron and Hermione tensed. Before anyone else could comment Hermione cut in. "Harry why don't you go get my bag so we can do some more research." Harry quickly put his empty plate in the sink and rushed upstairs.

The married couple looked at the other two thirds of the trio hoping they would get an explanation for what just happened and why it got tense after Fleur's comment. Hermione sighed before putting her focus on them. "Harry doesn't have a good childhood. He doesn't do good with compliments because he is not used to them. He knows how to cook because he was forced to but while he was forced to cook he was also not allowed to eat anything he cooked so he would go long times without food. They would starve him. He eats very little because other then at the Burrow and Hogwarts he doesn't get much food. This camping thing we have been doing doesn't help. That's one thing you also need to learn about Harry. Sometimes you are going to have to remind him that he has to eat because he will easily forget to and doesn't think about it till it's too late." She told them seriously.

No one said about the subject after that as Harry had come back from getting their things. They spent the couple of hours up until lunch researching possible horcruxes and places they could be. Just like Hermione said earlier in the day Ron and her had to stop Harry when it looked like he was going to skip lunch. 

When they reached the kitchen Harry saw Luna and decided to sit next to her this time. When he sat down he pulled his plate closer and scooted himself against Luna's side and curled up next to her. "Hi Luna how are you doing today? Your earrings are pretty by the way." Harry told her while he picked up his sandwich to nibble on it. "Thank you Harry. The Blibbering Humdingers were laughing at them while I was making them outside yesterday." Luna said dreamily like she always did. 

"Well I think that was quiet rude of them because they are quiet lovely." Harry said so firmly the Luna gave him a even bigger smile before she turned to her own sandwich. Bill and Fleur watched when Harry's smile turned into a sincere small one. They looked a little confused that Harry could have such a true smile on his face just for making one of his friends smile. 

"When Harry makes his friends truly smile some of the Wrackspurts leave him alone." Luna answered. The married couple jumped in shock and looked at Luna suspiciously, feeling like their questions were just answered but not understanding the answer. The gold trio however just chuckled knowing how it felt when Luna did the same thing to them. Harry however also blushed having some what of a understanding of what Luna meant by her comment. 

Small Time Skip 

Later the evening after dinner and everyone was relaxing in the living room after deciding it would be a night where they could relax a little Harry was sitting in between Bill and Fleur on the couch designing the room that would be his study. While on the top floor there was the main room which was Bill's and Fleur's room and two guest rooms, the bottom floor had three rooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining room. With a huge blush Harry was told that the house could easily be added to if they had more than two children. Harry told him with a no small amount of self consciousness that if he was allowed to carry children that he would love to have a couple himself. Bill just answered back with a smirk.

The three rooms on the bottom floor were a study for Bill and his curse breaking job, a study for Fleur for her Gringotts job where she studies magic in things, and the third was being used for a study but with the promise of Bill that he would clear it out. Fleur questioned him when he said that he would want lots of shelves in his study but Harry just smiled at her. She huffed amused and knew she would figure it out one day. 

"Harry can you come help me with this problem?" Hermione interrupted their designing when she had a problem with an arithmancy equation. He nodded and sat on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and looked at the table in front of them. He pointed to where she had gone wrong and helped her fix up the rest of the equation before sitting back down in between his mates. 

When he settled down curled into Fleur's side with his feet up on the couch against Bill's thigh he when back to making his study the perfect way. "Harry how did you do that. It usually takes people at least half and out for one equation not three minutes and you don't even take arithmancy do you?" Bill asked at the same time Fleur said "You should look for a job at Gringotts when this is all over. Harry hummed like he was think about that idea while answering Bill. "No I don't but I do a lot of self studying. I have read everything in Hogwarts library and am working on books that I order." They looked on in shock while Harry continued drawing. 

Ron and Hermione just smirked at each other when no one else was looking. They knew all along how smart Harry was and how much people underestimated him. They also knew things like Harry would want a lot of shelves and not just for books. They also knew one other secret that even they knew that if they didn't find Harry doing it accidentally then even they wouldn't know it. They just hoped that Bill and Fleur don't hate it for they knew it was a big part of Harry that he would hate to give up because Harry would feel like he was giving up a big part of him and his submissiveness. 

That night when Harry went to sleep he had a smile on his face even with the troubles up ahead he was happy that he was getting his try at mates for once and that it was going so well.