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Fourth Times The Charm

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Harry gasped when on his way to the Gryffindor tower after the welcoming feast he was pulled into a alcove. He looked up not expecting to see Draco Malfoy. Harry opened his mouth but before he could get a word in Draco cut him off with a glare and a hiss. "Listen here perfect Potter. I want nothing to do with you. Least of all to be your stupid mate when I could do so much better. So 'I Draco Lucius Malfoy hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be.'" 

Draco let go of the wrist he was still holding onto not thinking of the bruises he left. He stood up straighter looked down his nose at his ex-mate 'hmmped' and walked away like they did nothing more then have a discussion they disagreed about. Harry however did not feel this way. He slowly walked towards the hospital wing. When he got there he did nothing more then walk to the bed he was on his first year and climb onto it. He sat on the edge with one leg hanging over while his right leg was pulled up to his chest and was rubbing the ankle with his right hand. 

He sat there for a few minutes still doing the same thing when Poppy came in feeling the wards around the hospital. "What have you done already Mr.Potter." Poppy tutted. She slowed down when he looked up at her with a heartbroken look on his face. She finally noticed him rubbing his ankle. She slowly approached him this time. "What can I do for you Mr.Potter?" She asked carefully not wanting to upset him more. She knew by the look and his actions that his soulmate must have just rejected him. 

"Can I have some bruise paste please?" He whispered holding up his left hand so she could see his wrist. She nodded then disappeared into her office. After everything was done Harry slowly stood back up and walked out of the hospital wing. When he finally made it to the common room he ignored his friends calls and walked to his bed. When he laid down he finally allowed his emotions to flood him and started crying into his pillow. 'I wish I had someone to love me'



Harry knew when on the first day back at Hogwarts and he saw the name on his ankle that it wasn't going to last. If someone his own age didn't want him then why would someone older? Sadly for Harry, Remus did not do anything about it till after a Patronus lesson. When Remus sat down next to Harry on a stair and looked at him Harry knew this was not going to end well. 'Couldn't he have done this from the start and not now. Why wait and get my hopes up?' Harry looked down into his lap where he was holding a piece of chocolate. "Can you just get it over with?" Harry asked quietly. He didn't want this to go on. It already happened once and he had really hoped it wouldn't happen again.

"I'm sorry Harry. I tried but I can't think of you as anything but a son or a friends son and I hope after this you might still see me as a Uncle or even just a friend. 'I Remus John Lupin hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be.' I'm sorry Harry." Harry just sat there not even noticing when his hand slowly drifted to his ankle again to rub at it. Harry suddenly stood up and turned to face Remus. 

He put on the most biggest and fakest smile in the world. The tears in his eyes that had yet to fall did not help. "It's okay Remus it's not the first time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I'll see you next lesson." Harry quickly left before Remus could get a word in. He quickly ran down the corridor before finally running into a unused classroom where he sunk to the floor with his back to the door and started crying. He barley noticed when he pulled his legs to his chest and both hands squeezed his right ankle tightly giving himself bruises. 'I hope third time is the charm' 



Harry knew that on his fourteenth birthday that he was going to get rejected again as the name on his ankle again, was the name of his best friends brother who was always away. When Harry finally got to the Burrow that summer he knew it was going to end up like all his other mates. Harry stepped out of the fire. When he saw the two older Weasley brothers Harry sighed. He made sure to shake Bill's hand first before facing the other. When he looked into Charlie's eyes all he saw was a little bit of pity and regret. Harry just grabbed Charlies wrist and pulled him out the back door and away from where the rest of the family could hear them without using magic. "I know what you are going to do so just get it over with." Harry whispered not feeling like he could talk any louder.

"I hope you know it isn't really you but I love my dragons to much to stay here or be away from them to long. I also know so much about you from Ron that I see you more like a brother. 'I Charles Weasley hereby reject my mate Harry James Potter. So mote it be." Harry just looked to the side at the Burrow while feeling the tingly feeling on his ankle. "I don't blame you. Thanks for trying to explain yourself." Harry finally looked at Charlie and gave him a small smile that wasn't real. When Charlie gave him a nod and turned around to walked back to the Burrow, Harry gave himself a minute before following him back towards the house too. Harry just gave everyone a small smile to calm everyone down when he walked back inside but not big enough for it to be too fake. 'I just want to be loved'