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Boys with Luv

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Y/N sighed into the winter air as she locked the door to the small café and brought down the metal shutters as well. Once she checked that everything was secured, she wrapped a scarf around her neck, put on a white face mask and a beanie that failed to cover most of her kinky, poofy hair.

Y/N had been living in Korea for a year now. She had decided to try studying abroad for a few months, with the scholarship she had. After the first month, Y/N decided that she'd fallen in love with the Korean lifestyle. It was very simplistic and a hell of a lot more affordable than living in New York. She was able to easily get an at home job in the field of illustration —which was her major in college— that paid well. Eventually, she was able to leave college even in her 3rd year. For safety money, she decided to also get a job at a small café, incase of emergencies.

It was a big risk to stay in Korea, all by herself and not know anyone there. It was still a foreign country and there was still so much to learn about Koreas culture and the country itself. Y/N was also a foreign and was black on top of that, so she was judged by appearances a lot of the time.

But she couldn't bring herself to care. It was not like she had anything left to lose, as she was an orphan and didn't have an family back home waiting for her. Y/N had few friends and none of them were very close to her anyways.

'Damn, it's cold as hell tonight.' Y/N thought, burrowing her nose deep into her scarf and trudging through the snowy but brightly lit streets of Seoul.

It was eerily quiet tonight, at least for Seoul standards, but it was freezing and it was a Friday night. Christmas was also coming up soon, and decorations could be found on every store and house you passed by.

'It's too bad I'll have to spend another Christmas all alone... oh well.' Y/N sighed

Y/N continued her journey through the cold weather to her 2 bedroom apartment.

'Ah... Can't wait to get home. I'll have some hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the tele-'

Her thoughts were cut off when she thought she heard mewling.

"Huh... I must have imagined it." Y/N spoke to herself before returning back to her daydreaming

The mewling sound returned, but it was louder this time. It sounded closer... it sounded... like a cat?

Y/N walked faster through the snow as she attempted to find the source of the mewling. As she trudged in front of an alleyway, she realized that the sound was coming from one of the open boxes that seemed to be haphazardly dumped next to a pile of trash. Y/N approached the box slowly and her heart almost stopped once she saw what was inside.

No, it wasn't just one cat in there.

There were seven cats.


They were all huddled together—probably to keep each other warm— and shivering, a heavy coating of snow covering all of them. You noticed that they were either malnourished, injured or very small. They could probably pass off as kittens. All of them seemed to be sleeping— well except one. One of the cats, the biggest one there, was weakly mewling and licking the head of the smallest cat, who was in the middle of the huddle pile. It was probably the oldest one there, based on it size. It barely looked like it was conscious...

"Oh no, you poor things." Y/N cried before taking off her scarf and jacket, without a second thought

Carefully, she picked up each cat, making sure to be careful of their injuries before placing them in a similar huddle circle as they were before. She then wrapped the scarf around them, before carefully placing them, scarf and jacket, into the box.

"Don't worry, little guys. I'll get you all nice and warmed up soon. Just hang in there." You spoke to them as if they could understand

She picked up the box and grimaced at the weird liquid that it seemed to have been sitting in. Not wanting to get hypothermia and also not wanting anything to happen to the cats, she sped home as quick as she could.

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Y/N grunted as she struggled to open her apartment door with her hands occupied with a box full of cats. As soon as she shut the door behind her, she scurried into the living room and gently set down the box to not wake up the cats.

It was already quite warm in the apartment but since the cats seemed to have been in the cold for so long, she grabbed a heating pad and some blankets from her closet in the hallway to wrap the small felines in. As she came back into the living room, she noticed that some of the cats were starting to move around in their sleep.

'They'll probably be hungry when they wake up..' Y/N thought and rushed to the cupboard to see if there was anything she could feed them.

'There's canned mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna... I guess I'll put a little bit of everything. They're probably starving.'

Y/N grabbed a can of each type of fish and carefully scooped half of the can into separate bowls.

"Oh, and cats like milk!" She spoke to herself before running to the fridge,  grabbing a carton of milk and pouring it into another bowl.

Y/N then slowly walked to the living room with the bowls of assorted fish and milk, careful not to spill anything on the floor. Most of the cats seemed to still be sleeping, but they weren't shivering anymore, which was a plus.

'That heating pad sure does come in handy in situations like this.' She thought to herself while placing the food for the cats near their makeshift bed.

Now that the layer of snow had melted of their fur, you could see the coat of dirt and what looked like maybe blood that was underneath. They would definitely need a thorough shower when they woke up. But since they weren't, Y/N decided to turn on the television and watch the news until the cats woke up or fell asleep.

"-hybrids, turn them in immediately or report your siting to the police. Those who do, will be rewarded with up to 100.000 won. Those harboring them in any facility, whether public or private, will be arrested and punished severely."

Y/N scoffed and changed the channel.

"-The uprising and riots of the hybrids continue to intensify each day. The police have arrested and detained over 100 hybrids and humans that have participated in these-"

She turned off the television and let out a groan, throwing her head back.

Hybrids and humans have always coexisted for over 50 years. They were first created in a lab in the United States during the 1940's as a use for a weapon during World War 2. The original idea was to create a mix between animal and human — a combination that could cause chaos and destruction, could kill without mercy and were 10 times stronger and faster than humans. To do so, they would use enlisted soldiers or volunteers from allies. It took months and months and thousands upon thousands of failed experiments. There was either no effect, the volunteers would die or developed deadly diseases and viruses.

Then they succeeded.

The hybrids were stronger and faster than normal humans. They were able to change between their animal and human form with ease. They were even more easier to train for combat than the human soldiers.

But their success can with many flaws.

There were many biological problems that didn't make them suitable enough for battle.

The type of animal DNA that infused with the human DNA would affect their strength and the way they acted. For example, if someone was a dog hybrid, they would always look forward to praise and affection. If not received, it would affect their performance.

Many hybrids were common animals like dogs, cats, mice, bunnies, and birds. They were the easiest to create in the lab which is why there were so many. Other hybrids that were animals like bears, lions, and wolves were a lot harder to create and because of the lack of funding and resources, the experimenters mostly stuck to small and common animals.

Heats also affected their performance. All hybrids had a sort of... mating season. Some more than others. A major problem was that all hybrids had to mate within a certain period of time, or else it could lead to depression or anxiety within hybrids. The hybrids also seemed to become attached to other humans easily after mating which  could cause complications if they joined the army.

In the end, there were more cons than pros and so the project was shut down after a few years. That didn't stop people from becoming curious and creating their own hybrids. As technology advanced, it became easier and cheaper to create hybrids. 

The hybrids that survived the experiment were quickly released to integrate into society. Most went back to their original countries and some stayed in the states, hoping for a better future and greater opportunities. 

Because of their differences in physical appearance and behavior, they became the outcasts of societies of all countries. And because they were dangerous and a threat to humans, terrible atrocities would be done against them. As their population increased, they were tortured, kidnapped and sold to the black market as pets and slaves for sexual pleasures. 

Of course, many people, humans and hybrids protested against such things that were occurring and not being reported on the news. Around the 2000s, hybrids started to obtain more rights through activism and peaceful protests, although it was mostly the Americas, that became more progressive in rights for hybrids.

In many countries however, South Korea being one of those countries, getting more freedom for hybrids was slow and they were still treated like garbage. They see them as a threat to human society and there have been... purges going on to decrease the population of hybrids in Korea, especially the more rare ones. They were either sending them out of the country or just outright murdering them. Any hybrid without an owner were at risk of being sent out of the country or even killed. There have been protests and even riots against the Korean government and their mistreatment towards hybrids but it just seems like there have been more humans and hybrids dying at the hands of the law...

It was all too much to think about. It was depressing. 

Y/N's head jerked up from her deep thoughts when she heard a shrill hissing sound. She looked around frantically before noticing that one of cats, the black tabby with blue eyes, was in a defensive stance. It's tail was puffed out and it was crouched low to the ground, teeth being bared.

"Hey there little guy.." Y/N slid of her space on the couch and approached the cat slowly, reaching out her hand towards it "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt-"

Apparently, Y/N moved too fast because the black cat swiped quickly at her hand with his claws out before getting back into its defensive stance. It was standing in front of the other cats, who seemed to be waking up with all the noise going on.

"Ack! Hey, that hurt..." Y/N whined before looking at the hand that the cat injured.

The scratch was bad and deep enough to leave a scar and it was starting to relieve small drop lets of blood. You always hated getting cuts that would scar.

"I won't hurt you. I- I promise." Y/N put her hands up and spoke to the raven colored cat that stared at her, as if it could understand her

"Look, I got you guys some fish and some milk that should be warm enough to drink. See — there's salmon,  mackerel, tuna and sardines." Y/N pushed the bowls closer to the cats

The black cat stared at you for a few seconds and Y/N stared back. It then strut it's way over to the farthest corner of the room and decided to sleep there.

'What a strange cat...' Y/N thought before turning around and noticing the other cats were staring at you.

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It startled you a bit to find 5 pairs of cat eyes staring at you from where they were huddled. Before you got the chance to move, the largest cat, which you recognized to be a Maine Coon, untangled itself from the blanket and slinked towards you.

"Oh! You're quite the bold one..." you chuckled and let the cat walk and sniff around you

After looking at it more closely, you concluded that it was probably the most beautiful cat you've ever seen, even though its fur seemed to be slightly matted with grime. Its fur was like salt and pepper -- its face was mostly a dark gray with speckles of black and white that soon became soft tufts of soft grey and white fur that covered its neck and chest. It's tail was just as fluff and was a gradient of grey and black.

Once it finished roaming around you, it nuzzled its head on your thigh and let out a soft purr as you scratched softly behind its ears. You cooed at the cat and turned back to the other cats once you left it alone to go and explore the apartment.

The next cat, a Persian long hair, was just as fluffy as the other cat but a bit smaller. Its, face, ears, tail and paws were a dark brown but the rest of its body was a soft crème color. It's fur was covered in dirt and grime but you could see that it had a small gash that seemed to have been half way healed on the side of its abdomen. You decided to not inspect it since the cat seemed to be a bit on edge. After surveying you for a while, it jumped out of the blankets and followed after the Maine Coon.

You squeaked a little as two cats jumped into your lap and rubbed their heads on your abdomen playfully. The movement tickled you and you giggled a bit before rubbing both other their heads softly

"A playful bunch both of you are." You smiled widely at them

The larger cat was a British short hair that was mostly a cantaloupe color with chubby cheeks and a mouth that seemed to leave a permanent smile on its face. It had a very short tail, as if it had been cut off but seemed to be all healed now. The smaller cat, a Siamese cat, seemed to still be a kitten, with bright blue eyes and a dusting of grey on the front of its face and ears. One of its ears looked as if part of it was bitten or cut off but seemed as if it had been that way for a long time. You watched as the two cats soon scurried after each other once you took your hands off their heads.

A small and meow caught your attention and your heart broke at the sight of the tiny kitten with short legs. It was a small Munchkin, that was a white and apricot color with darker orange stripes. Even though its fur wasn't as dirty as the rest, it seemed very malnourished and limped its way over to you.

"Oh no, you poor thing." you cried and gently rubbed your hand over its head and back

You grabbed the bowl of salmon and milk and placed it in front of the kitten. It looked at the food, then at you with its large eyes as if waiting for you to give it permission to eat.

"Go on. It's safe for you to eat." You said and pushed the bowls a little closer to the kitten

The kitten looked at you once more before sniffing the food a few times, then shoving its face in the bowl and chewing the salmon at an impossible speed.

"H-hey! Don't eat too fast..." you stroked it's back and moved the bowl of fish to replace it with the bowl of milk

"We have the leave some for everyone else- huh?" You lifted your head as you saw something pop out from the blankets and dive back into a burrow it made.

'That must be the other cat! Or kitten. I remember counting seven of them...' you thought

Y/N got up and crouched down on her knees to peek inside the small burrow in the blankets. A small kitten, no larger than her hand, was pressed into the furthest corner of the blanket, shivering violently. He seemed to be pretty clean, healthy and uninjured. But he seemed to be really scared for some reason... maybe you were too close?

"Its ok, lil' guy... I won't hurt you. " you said softly and tried to take the kitten out from it's small cave. It only started to mew loudly and you put it down, guessing that it was still scared and didn't want to be touched.

'I guess I'll have to win it's trust over later' you pout before turning to see where all the other cats were

Five of the seven cats were huddled around three bowls of food, the bowl of salmon, mackerel and milk were now empty. They must have been starving to have eaten that much...

You looked over to the black cat that was still in the same position as it was last time and prepared a fresh bowl of milk and a bowl of salmon for it and the small kitten hidden in the blankets. You left it next to them to eat when they were ready.

It was getting pretty late and even though the felines were quite dirty, you had to finish up a commission for next week and the cats would probably only put up a struggle.

"It's... 2 am?! I didn't realize I had been up for that long..." You yawned before dragging yourself back to the couch to see most of the cats settled there in another cuddle pile

Giggling, you quickly took a photo with your phone before heading to your bedroom and passing out as soon as you head hit your pillow.

Here's how the cat's look like! I do not own these photos, I found these on pinterest (I wonder if you can guess who is who ;9)

Here's how the cat's look like! (I wonder if you can guess who is who ;9)

^ Maine Coon

^ Persian Long Hair

^ Persian Long Hair

^British Short Hair

^British Short Hair

^British Short Hair

^ Siamese

^ Munchkin

^ Munchkin

 ^ Ragdoll

^ Ragdoll

^ Black tabby

^ Black tabby

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The black tabby sighed in relief once the human girl was gone and arched his back to relieve the stiffness of his back. He yawned loudly before moving from the small corner he was laying in and sauntered over to the couch.

If it wasn't obvious, Yoongi hated humans.

They were evil to a T and traitors, always breaking promises, hearts and the minds of hybrids.. He's seen and experienced the atrocities they have inflicted upon hybrids. Rape, murder, slavery, you name it, to the young and elderly. He would really rather die than be owned by one or even be around one.

"Ok guys, she fed us and everything. Now it's time to hit the road again." Yoongi announced loudly to his drowsy friends lounging on the couch

"What?! Yoongi, why would we leave? Right now?! It's so cold outside and there's a snow storm going on. If she wasn't there at that moment..." the British shorthair jumped up in shock out of his sleepy state

"Wait a minute. You want us to actually stay?! I'm not a house pet. " Yoongi snarled "Hoseok, you know we can't trust humans. Especially not... humans like her."

"B-but Hyung.. H-Hob-bi- hyung is right... We... W-We can't-"

"Jungkook, please stop talking if it's going to take you 3 hours to get one sentence out." Yoongi rolled his eyes and glared at the tiny ragdoll who squeaked scurried back into his blanket cave

"Yoongi." the Persian long hair looked at at Yoongi sternly "Don't talk about Jungkook like that. And as the leader, I get to decide what we do from here."

"Namjoon, she's human." Yoongi hissed before starting to pace up and down "You know what they do to us. What they did to you."

"Min." Namjoon growled "Stop it. You... We promised we wouldn't bring that up ever again. "

Yoongi scoffed before continuing to pace up and down. It was quiet for a moment until Jin spoke up in a strained voice.

"Yoongi-ah. I really don't think she's a threat. We would be able to sense it. And I searched the area. There's nothing suspicious around here." He said before licking at his injuries

"We don't know her, Jin-hyung! That's my point. She could be working for the fucking government for all we know. We can't trust her. Or any other human. Everyone is a threat to our kind. And you know we can't even trust some hybrids too. God damn class traitors-"

" I... I don't know, Yoongi-hyung. She... she even fed us. And she was nice to me. To us. If she was trying to hurt us, don't you think she would have already would have?" Jimin whimpered

"Jimin, you'd bow down to anyone if you were given even a second of attention, don't tell me-"

"Yoongi, that's enough!" Namjoon hissed and jumped down from the couch to glare at him

They both stared at each other with heated expressions- or as expressive as a cat could get. The 5 other felines froze and looked back and forth at Namjoon and Yoongi, praying that another fight wouldn't break out. The tension in the room continued to increase until Yoongi back away shamefully. Namjoon huffed at him before turning to the others and sighing.

"Hobi-hyung is right. We could have been frozen to death out there without her and if she wasn't there at the right time. It's too cold out there to be roaming around in this form. In hybrid form, we would be caught in no time. We don't have a choice but to be here."

"For now." the Siamese cat finally spoke up "I... agree with Yoongi. We don't know this human at all but we've only been here for a few hours. I think.. we should at least... stay here until the weather gets a bit better. At least here, we would get food and shelter and warmth and-"

"And what if she plans to send us to a shelter, Taehyung?" Yoongi gave him a deadpan look

Nobody answered for a while.

"We're fucking strays. For all she knows, we could have rabies. And there's seven of us. What do we do when she brings us to a shelter, huh?! What do we do when they find out we're hybrids?! You know what they do to stray hybrids?!"

The tension in the room grew tenfold as they all considered the option of being given away. The only sound in the room being Jimin's sniffling.

"Listen," Namjoon started "Let's make a compromise. Like Taehyung said, we can stay until it gets warmer. We can wait till the spring-"

"And if she plans to give us away?" Yoongi interrupted

"Then we'll leave. We'll escape. It's what we've been doing for the past 6 years." Namjoon said solemnly

Again, everyone was quiet for a few minutes to process everything in their heads.

"H-hyungs? Can... c-can we puh-please go to bed now? K-k-kookie is really t-tired n' it's so l...late..." Jungkook whimpered from his spot inside the blankets

"Alright, Jungkook's right. Why don't you hop on over here, 'Kook?" Namjoon motioned for him to jump onto the couch with the rest of them

"... K-kookie is too small to r-reach- ah! H-hyung!" Jungkook squealed as Yoongi gently picked him up by the neck with his mouth and jumped on the couch to place him near the cuddle pile they were starting to form

"There. Now shut it." Yoongi huffed before going back to his small corner in the living room

He stared after Yoongi, hoping he would see him staring at him and join in their little huddle fest. Eventually, Jungkook gave up and hesitantly joined the other 5 hybrids waiting for him.

The 6 hybrids on the couch slept peacefully that night, dreaming of warm milk and a full belly.




Here's a photo another Maine Coon uwu they are so beautiful!!




Chapter Text

"Meow" a small sound was heard following the feeling of something wet and a bit rough on Y/N's cheek

"Whuh?" You slowly opened a sleep crusted eye to see what had woken you up

A big fluffy cat sat on your pillow obediently and meowed again, a bit loudly.

' don't have... Oh wait-' the memories from last night resurfaced and you groaned

You had taken in seven stray cats last night during the snow storm last night. You remember them all being different breeds, extremely hungry and cold. And that one of them has scratched you.

You looked at the time.

"It's 1 pm?! I can't believe I woke up so late...I had planned so much to do for today, oh god...I guess I should feed you all now though." Y/N spoke hurriedly to herself before yawning as she stretched and hopped out of bed

You trudged all the way to the kitchen, passing by the living room to see all the cats - besides the Persian Longhair, who was following behind you- staring out the window, watching snow fall slowly from the sky. The older cat meowed, getting the attention of the others, who began to follow you into the kitchen.

"You guys sure are strange cats..." you chuckled and grabbed two tins of tuna and two bowls from the cabinet.

You filled one bowl with tuna and the other with water then placed it on the floor for the cats to eat. Surprisingly, the four largest pushed the younger three to eat first.

"Aww, you guys are the cutest things ever!" Y/N cooed before petting the British shorthair "I'm gonna have to get real cat food for you all though."

It purred loudly and rubbed it's head further into your hands before skipping away to get it's fair share of food.

"Ah... What am I gonna do with all of you guys?" you sighed

Although you made good money from the work you did, seven cats would be hard to take care of. Hell, you could barely take care of yourself! How were you supposed to keep all these cats alive past a year?

"Hmm. I'm gonna have to give you guys a wash. Your fur is so dirty! You guys probably haven't had a good wash in a while,huh?" You mumbled to them, as if they could understand you, before picking up the 3 kittens and cradling them in your arms

The ragdoll started meowed loudly and started to crawl up the sleeve on your arm with its sharp claws.

"Ow, ow... ouch! Hey- hey, not the hair!" You hissed before using one hand to pull the kitten away from your ripping out your hair

It swiped in its paws in the air like a child trying to grab a piece of candy. You glared lightly at the kitten who looked at you with it's big puppy-dog like eyes. You hated when people touched your hair. Absolutely hated  it. It was bad enough that a lot of people you encountered in Korea would tug on a strand of hair, wanting to know if it was real or not. 

'Gonna have to remember to start braiding my hair or something... They'll start thinking my hair is a piece of yarn.' You thought while using your free arm to open the door to the bathroom

The three kittens jumped out of your arms and hopped on to the counter, staring at you expectantly.

"Hmm... wonder if there's any animal friendly soap that I have here.." you bent down to search the cabinet under the sink "Ah.. I guess this will have to do."

You turn on the faucet and test the waters to make sure that the temperature is a bit warn. Then you pull the stopper to keep the water in the sink to make it easier for you to wash the kittens.

"In you go- hey, don't make a mess!" You lightly scold as the siamese kitten jumps into the water and splashes around

The munchkin kitten—'Munchkin... Munchkitten!' you thought in your head— tests the water with his paw before sliding in to join the other feline. The ragdoll steps in and rolls around in the water to get itself wet.

"I've never seen cats like you enjoy getting a bath so much." You giggled before putting your hair in a puffy ponytail and grabbing the soap to lather your hands. "Ok, who's first?"

The ragdoll stepped up first and looked at you with it's big brown eyes. She smiled at it before starting to message it's head to rub in the soap then work your way down. It closed it's eyes and started to purr in content.

"Aww, aren't you the cutest little thing?" You smiled widely at it

It meowed back at you as if to answer and you couldn't help but giggle. The other two kittens started to mew impatiently and climb out the sink.

"Alright, alright! I was getting to you two, you know..." you rolled your eyes but still held a smirk on your face

You made sure to lather both kittens with soap as you did with the first one before delicately washing them with warm water.

"Oh, look how skinny you are! You need to eat more, munchkin." you pouted after seeing the munchkin's malnourished body and pat dry the small orange kitten

It meowed softly before licking your hand and rubbing it's head against the palm of your hand. If you could, you definitely would have already been a puddle on the ground from how much these cats have made you melt. It had been so long since you have felt this giddy and excited, the last time being with someone you had trusted and gave your everything for.

'Let's not think about those times though... I'll only relapse into another depressive episode.' you thought, as you dried the other two kittens

As you opened the door, the three kittens ran out of the bathroom and down the hallway, into the living room. You looked down to see the other four cats looking at you expectantly.

"C'mon guys, it's your turn." you smiled at them and bent down to pick up the British shorthair, who jumped into your arms with ease. The Persian longhair sniffed around the edge of the bathroom before hesitantly walking in. The Maine coon sauntered in the bathroom after the other with it's tail slowly swinging back and forth.

"Huh? Where'd the other one go?" You looked around "I could have sworn that he was here a second ago..."

The tangerine cat you were holding wiggled and jumped out of your hold before walking then stopping to look back at you and continuing to walk into your bedroom. Confused, you followed the cat inside your room to see half its body under the bed, it's tail laying dormant. You bent down and peeked under the bed to see the black tabby hitched into the furthest corner under the bed, glaring at you. It seemed like the British shorthair was trying to drag the tabby out by the tail. As you expected, the hostile cat hissed at the orange cat before connecting its clawed paw with it's face.

"No, no, no. No cat fights in my apartment." You held onto the shorthair before the situation could escalate any further "I'll just wash him some other time... He's not that dirty anyways."

Sighing, you cradled the orange shorthair into your arms and padded over to the bathroom to see the two cats looking at you expectantly. You braced yourself for what was to come.

To put it lightly, trying to clean the three cats was... an experience. The Maine Coon only let you touch it in certain areas of its fluffy body and it swat your hand away anytime you were in dangerous territory. The Persian Longhair kept jumping out of the tub to  circle around and sniff you. Surprisingly, the hyper British shorthair was calm and content with you cleaning it.

Thank god that he was. You were soaked with bath water and exhausted by the time you finished with them. You rubbed them dry and opened the bathroom door, watching them scurry out of the enclosed room. The black tabby immediately ran out of your room as soon as the door opened and started rubbing itself all over the other cats.

'It seems to be fine around the other cats... why is it so hostile with me?' You wondered and stared at the sight in front of you

Well they were strays... You can't imagine how long they were out there and what they've been through. Your heart sunk at the thought of them being put in a shelter, putting them back into the system only for them to be potentially abused again. 

They were strange, that much was for sure. For strays, they were quite calm and relaxed. You could tell that they were still wary of you but that was to be expected. It had only been a few hours since you took them in, you were surprised the felines even let you touch them in the first place. 

You came out of your thoughts when you felt a tugging at your pajamas. You looked down to see the Persian long hair pawing at the fabric to get your attention before rubbing its head on your leg.

"Maybe...I'll keep you guys for a bit." you mused and rubbed behind the felines ear


Here's a pic of Jimin a munchkin kitten :,D cats are so cute guys


Chapter Text

It had been about five days since the foreigner human had taken Namjoon and his group of cats into her small adobe. She had made sure to feed them daily, she bought them an endless amount of cat toys, bought a few beds that they shared and was very gentle and patient with them. At least so far.

Yoongi, ever the rebel, loved to see her riled up and frustrated from the havoc he would cause in the apartment. He already had broken a few plates and bowls in the kitchen, tore holes into a few clothes that she would leave around, and had the curtains in shreds. At least he left the couch alone.

However, it seemed to stress the human out that he was always acting out but was still patient and gentle with him. Namjoon would always scolded his hyung about being such a menace but his words just seemed to go through one ear and come out the other.

Regardless, Namjoon was eternally grateful that she seemed to want them around. Why else would she have bought toys, beds and food for them, right? And he found himself actually wanting to stay. They knew nothing about the human girl --besides the fact that she seemed to draw for a living and worked part-time in some café (she smelled like coffee and dessert every time she came back home)-- but, Namjoon was... intrigued by her. Drawn to her. Of course he still had to be cautious, it's not like he trusted her yet. And either ways, he couldn't get attached so easily. He made that mistake once and he promised never to make it again. So he kept his distance and watched her interact with the others from afar.

He also stayed away because he had agreed with Yoongi that they would all leave once it started getting warm enough for them to not freeze to death outside in their cat forms. He didn't know how the others were keeping up though.

Namjoon sighed internally and stretched from his position under the human's bed.

He wished that things could be easier for them. Wished they weren't constantly running and hiding. Wished that they didn't have to live in fear. Wished that they could be the kids they never got to be.

Namjoon shook his head before padding out of the bedroom and into the living room. He couldn't think such negative thoughts. As their leader, he had to stay positive and formulate a plan so that-

His thoughts were interrupted when loud purring filled the room. His head whipped towards the direction of the sound and his jaw almost dropped at the sight.

The human girl was sitting on the window seat with his legs crisscrossed watching the soft white snow small from the sky. She looked like she was deep into thought and had a solemn expression on her face. What really shocked Namjoon was that Seokjin was relaxing between her crossed, with his eyes closed in absolute bliss getting belly rubs.

Belly rubs.

"J-jin?" Namjoon called out while slowly approaching

"Mmhm?" Jin's voice sounded slurred and sleepy as he opened one eye to look down at where Namjoon was standing

"Are you...are you alright?"

"Of course, I'm fine... More than fine actually... I see why humans love getting messaged so much... It feels... really...really good." Jin closed his eyes once again and answered back slowly

Namjoon was speechless.

Jin had always been the type to hate excessive touching. He wouldn't even let some of the others cuddle with him.

But Namjoon understood why of course. Jin was grown, literally, in a illegal underground lab that specialized in creating and breeding hybrids. He was one of those experiments that developed into a fetus out of the womb. Jin didn't know the specifics himself but he did know that he had grown up there for at least 20 years. At least thats what Jin claimed it said on his file.

He was poked and prodded at, tested and tortured, physically and psychologically. He never went into detail of what happened but he said he didn't have it off as bad as the others because he was obedient and grew to learn that the best way of surviving in that hell hole was to submit. Of course there were others, but if they did not show the development that they wanted, they would execute the hybrid. It was survival of the fittest.

At some point, Jin decided that enough was enough and somehow escaped when he was 20 years old. He never went into detail with that either or what pushed him to the edge that made him want to escape.

The point is, is that because of where he grew up for most of his life, Jin never really let anyone touch him for extended periods of time.   It made sense that him — and most of the others — would be wary of other peoples motives.

Not to mention that Jin was very protective of his impeccable looks.

So to see him, laying on his back and getting belly rubs like a dog was really a sight to see. For cats, laying on your back in-front of a human and letting them touch you was like an ultimate sign of trust.

"What the actual fuck?" Yoongi suddenly appeared in front "Jin?! You're just letting her fucking touch you like that?"

"Language, Yoongi." Namjoon scolded

"Yoongi, calm down for a second will you?" Jin sighed "I don't see what's the big deal. Try getting a belly message like this, maybe your asshole attitude will melt away."

"Oh, you little-"

"You're the little one here, Yoongi-ah."

"Don't use honorifics on me, you overgrown-"

"Guys, please stop arguing-"

"Oh yeah, you wanna finish that sentence, Yoongi-ah? Start acting your age instead of like a emotional 14 year old going through their rebel phase."

"Like you're any better, you fucking lab rat." Yoongi spit

That was the final straw. Jin usually didn't lose his patience but when he was not pretty.

Seokjin jumped from his position in between the humans legs and pounced on Yoongi, hissing and swiping his claws at him at speeds Namjoon has never seen. Yoongi headbutt Jin, stunning the other feline for a second before he sunk his claws into his abdomen and slashed. Jin screeched loudly in pain before sinking his teeth into Yoongi's neck.

The human seemed alarmed at the sudden heated fight that had started between the two and immediately scurried towards them.

"Hey, you two! Break it up! You are both too old for this-" the girl yelled in English and picked up both cats and held them under her arms, which she seemed to be struggling with since they were both squirming under her arms

She stomped over to the guest bedroom, with Namjoon following behind her, and placed Yoongi in there before shutting the door. She went over to her bedroom and placed Jin on the floor before also shutting the door on him too.

"Grumps and Mr. Handsome, you are both on time out right now." She spoke again in english, loud enough for them to hear

Namjoon always wondered if she noticed that she switched between English and Korean when she was at home.

"Huh? Wait- Namjoon what is she saying?! H-hey! Let me out, please!! I promise I'll be good! I want more belly rubs!" Jin whined and Namjoon couldn't help but snicker at his desperation

The human sighed in exasperation before turning around and noticing Namjoon staring at her intently from the ground.

"I swear, you're the only good cat out of this bunch." the girl spoke in Korean again with a small smile on her face

Namjoon's heart skipped a beat at her words and he preened with pride.


No, no, no.

He wasn't going to sink into this hole again.

He wasn't supposed to be the one to seek out affection or attention. No. He was their leader. He couldn't be seen melting under the touch of some human girl, he was smart, strategic and-

"Come with me, Moonie . I'll give you pets and rubs too since I was pampering Mr. Handsome for so long." the girl chuckled and strolled back to the living room

He hesitantly followed the girl where she resumed her position. The sun was shining on her smooth chocolate skin and her eyes sparkled in the light. Namjoon laid on his stomach and directed his attention outside when his heart started beating erratically in his chest. The girl slowly brought her hand down to his head and scratched gentle behind his ears. Soon enough, soft purrs erupted from Namjoon's throat and he closed his eyes in relaxation.

'I guess some affection once in a while isn't so bad...' Namjoon thought