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It's Cold Alone

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He couldn't deny that his whole body ached. That fight had taken out a lot from both Deku and him. Deku had gotten stronger, and it was time for Bakugou to accept that.


 After the strong scolding they got from Eraserhead, they quickly went to their respective dorms not wanting any more lectures. Bakugou dropped himself on the bed and sighed. Even though he was exhausted and just wanted to rest, he stared at the ceiling eyes wide open and thoughts racing a thousand miles a minute.


With a tsk, he blindly reached for his phone and turned it on. The screen said it was going to be midnight soon. Everyone would most certainly be asleep. After what happened with All Might and Deku, for the first time in a while, Bakugou didn't want to be alone right now.  Being comforted by All Might reminded Bakugou how touch deprived he really was. He also really needed some sleep, and would welcome any possible distraction. The only one that could possibly be awake is Deku, and he would gladly die before going to him.


Bakugou stood up slowly, then walked into the bright hallways of the dorms. He was exhausted, sore, and if anyone caught him outside his room right now he really wouldn’t know how to react. The only clear thought in his head at the moment was Kirishima. After all the emotions and insecurities that were revealed in that fight, Bakugou needed someone that would see him as an equal and would meet him where he was.


Coincidentally, Kirishima’s room was next door so Bakugou didn’t need to do much walking. While standing in front of Kirishima's door, he thought of knocking, but went straight for the handle instead. As expected of Kirishima, it wasn't locked. "Dumbass" he muttered to himself. He slowly padded into the cramped room, trying to avoid the exercise equipment and other belongings Kirishima had thrown around his living space.


He waited until his eyes adjusted a bit to the darkness, then went to Kirishima's bed. Bakugou quietly walked over until he was right next to it. A wave of hesitation flooded him and doubt took over.

 "What if he thinks this is weird" Bakugou thought “or that I'm weak and pathetic.” Even though he knew Kirishima would never say anything like that to him, he couldn’t help but overthink. So, before he started overthinking himself into oblivion, he nudged at Kirishima's shoulder with his hand. He didn't stir at first so Bakugou nudged him again, calling his name until he came to.


When Kirishima opened his eyes, he didn't react as Bakugou expected him to. A bit shocked, yes, but still calm and relaxed. Kirishima didn't even seem all that surprised that Bakugou just happened to show up in his room.


"Oh, it's you" Kirishima said simply. Bakugou must have been more shocked because Kirishima just laughed at his confused expression. Kirishima raised himself on his elbows a bit, then rubbed at his eyes. "You doing alrigh- wow, why are you wearing bandages?" Bakugou looked away, suddenly feeling a bit ashamed of the whole ordeal. "I… I got into a fight." Kirishima prompted him to continue "…with Deku" Bakugou finished. Kirishima sighed and rubbed at his neck. He patted one side of his bed, inviting Bakugou to sit.


"Again? You know what, I don’t really wanna know" he yawned. "Are you going to tell me why you're here?" Bakugou was thankful it was dark as soon as he felt his face grow warmer.


"I-uh. I couldn't sleep and, well. I kinda wantedtoseeyou." He mumbled the last part embarrassedly, and looked away when Kirishima laughed.


 "I see,. Well, do you want to talk about anything?" Bakugou shook his head, and Kirishima nodded. “I get that. I’m going back to sleep, man. You should too by the way, you seem beat” Kirishima finished with a yawn.


"Yeah," Bakugou agreed, biting his lip. He stood up, ready to go back to his own dorm until a hand grabbed at his wrist.


"Dummy" Kirishima said "you mentioned you couldn't sleep, right? Going back to your room won't help so-" he coughed then ducked his head. His voice was lower now "so why don't you stay with me?" Bakugou didn't trust himself to speak. His face was definitely red now and he just hoped that Kirishima only saw him nodding.


Kirishima moved to one side of the bed then raised the covers, inviting Bakugou in. Bakugou slowly got accommodated, relishing in the warmth provided by the covers. He found himself staring at the ceiling again.


"Is this weird?" Bakugou murmured.


"Not unless you make it weird" Kirishima yawned.




"You sure you don't want to talk about that fight?" Kirishima asked again, but Bakugou just shook his head no. He wouldn't even know where to start really. "I think I'm ready to go to sleep" he said instead.


Bakugou got on his side, his back to Kirishima. He heard a soft sigh coming from the boy next to him. He noticed how the bed dipped as Kirishima moved around, probably getting comfortable.


Bakugou’s breath hitched at the sudden touch. He felt as Kirishima's arm slowly moved to circle his waist. His shirt had ridden up when he was finding a good spot under the covers, leaving his stomach uncovered. It left him feeling goose bumps rise in the area where Kirishima had touched him.


"What-what are you doing you dumbass?!" he couldn't help the remark. This was a new territory of intimacy for him, but Kirishima just tightened his hold on him.


"I am kinda sleepy, not gonna lie. Definitely not thinking all that clearly, but you seem like you need a hug and this is the best I can offer all things considered. Just… let me care for you. Yeah?" Kirishima's voice was low and soft. Laced with something Bakugou wasn't sure he could place, but left him feeling warm and safe.


Bakugou swallowed "That- that’s fine" he said gruffly.


"Good" Kirishima responded, then pulled Bakugou closer until he was flushed against Kirishima's chest. The warmth of another body spread through Bakugou and, after the shock of the situation had worn off, subsequently relaxed him.


"Goodnight, Bakugou" Kirishima said sleepily.


"Goodnight, dumbass.”