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The Secret TimeLady

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"ALRIGHT NOW SHUT UP NICOLE!" Rose yelled back.
"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Mum yelled at us.
"YES, MUM!" We yelled back.
"Nicole. hey Nicole." Rose whispered.
"Rose you better stop shaking me or so help me god," I said.
"Ok, but I wanted to see if you wanted to come to work with me?" rose asked.
"Sure why not," i replied.
I got up and decided to wear my black jeans, grey Beatles shirt, and a black hoodie over it.
"Ok, Rose I'm ready to go," I said.
"Great let's go." She said
~time skip cause I don't know~
"So why are we in the basement of your shop Rose?" I asked confused.
"Because I got to give the lottery money to Wilson," Rose said.
"Oh well, you can always give it to me," I said innocently.
"Nic I ain't that stupid." Said Rose.
"I was only kidding," I replied.
"Shut up nic."
"Oi you yelled so I thought it fair," i said.
"Oh, qu-"
"What was that?" i asked.
"No Idea," replied Rose.
"How do you not know you work here," I said
"Well maybe it's Wilson," she replied
"Fine let's go see," I replied.
"WILSON!" We both yelled.
"Um, Rose is that mannequin walking towards us?" I asked
"Of course not it must be students." She replied
"I'm not so sure Rose," I said while we were being backed up against a pipe.
The mannequins started to raise their hands as if they were gonna karate chop us.
"HOLY SHIT ROSE ITS GONNA KARATE-CHOP US!" I yelled but just then some man grabbed my hand and said "RUN"!


I grabbed Rose while I was being dragged away and we ran into an elevator and right when it was about to close a mannequin stuck its arm in the door. But the man grabbed it and yanked it off. He threw it at Rose while I yelled " HA I KNEW IT WAS A MANNEQUIN!


"It is not nic now shut up, it's students and you sir just took his arm." rose said.
"It's plastic and how do you suppose it's students?" The man asked.
"Well to get that many people to dress up and act silly it's got to be students." rose replied.
"Oh that makes sense well done." the man told her.
"Thanks." rose said unsure.
"But they're not students," I said while the man gave me a curious look.
"Whatever but once Wilson finds them he's calling the police." rose told us.
"Who's Wilson?" The man asked
"He's the chief electrician," Rose replied
"Wilsons dead." the man said while turning to face the elevator doors.
"Wait a minute what do you mean he's dead?" rose asked.
"Well Rose I think dead means tha-" I was cut off
"Shut up nic this is no time for sarcasm," Rose said right when the elevator doors opened.
"That ain't funny that's sick."
"Rose I don't think he was being funny," I told her.
"Mind your eyes." the man said before creating sparks from the elevator buttons.
"Who's that lot down there then?" Rose asked.
"Rose it's obvious their plastic mannequins," I told her.
"Yes thank you, see she gets it." The man said while smiling at me.
"They're plastic, living plastic creatures, they're being controlled by a relay device on the roof that will be a great big problem if I didn't have this." The man said while holding up a bomb.
I looked at it and asked, "can I set it off I've always wanted to blow up this store I don't like it."
The man gave me a curious look and asked, "why would you want to blow this shop up?"
"As I said I don't like this shop," I said with a smile.
"Sorry but no don't want you getting hurt," he replied.
"Fair enough," I replied.
"Now then go on and have your beans on toast and don't tell anyone about this cause if you do you'll get them all killed." He said directing it towards Rose more than me before he shut the door.
Rose looked at me as we were about to walk away he came back out the door and said, "I'm the Doctor by the way what's your names?"
"I'm Rose." Rose responded.
The doctor looked at me and I replied with "wouldn't you like to know?"
"Very much yes." The doctor replied with a smile.
"Tell you what, if you can find me again I'll tell you," i said with a smirk.
"Deal." The doctor said with a smile
"Nice to meet you both, run for your life's." He said then shut the door again.
I looked at Rose and said, "shall we?" She nodded and we ran.
While running we heard the explosion and watched for a bit then ran again. While I was running I saw a 1950's police telephone box and thought, what's that doing in this era, while looking back at the building that just exploded.