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“Taehyung, don’t be ridiculous.”


The boy huffs, arms crossed over his chest. “I’m not! No tea, no shade, there is a literal god walking the sands of our beach, riding the waves of our sea.” Taehyung says, his hands making expressive gestures. Yoongi rolls his eyes. 


“He can’t be that good looking,” he says, pushing away from the counter to check up on the pastries he put in the oven. “Especially not if you’re the one preaching it. You think any guy under 25 is  good looking’ .”


“I don’t think you’re good looking.”


“I know you’re staring at my ass, Kim.”


The giggle confirms it, paired with Taehyung’s sudden silence. Yoongi only sighs; Taehyung is an open person about who he is and isn’t attracted to, which threw Yoongi for a loop when he first met him three years ago. Now, he doesn’t care. Though he does take a little bit of pride in the fact that he’s in the ‘attracted to’ list. After all, Kim Taehyung is a god in his own right. 


Living on the coast year-round meant the sun kissed Taehyung’s skin as if they were lovers. His hair — recently dyed a peachy red, but naturally dark — was silky smooth and looked amazing both down and pushed back with a bandana (which Yoongi normally hated but learned to love like when it came to him). Plump lips and dazzling eyes made Taehyung even harder not to stare at, and the abs adorning his torso (that only actually appeared when he flexed) made Yoongi feel as if he worked next to a man straight out of Men’s Health all the time. 


In short, where Taehyung might’ve been mistaken for a Gucci model, Yoongi probably looked like a Walmart poster boy. Why Taehyung might’ve been even slightly attracted to him, Yoongi did not know. 


What he did know was that this newcomer probably wasn’t anything much, by Taehyung's standards. Cute? Strong possibility. Godly? He’ll bet against it.


Sitting back on his stool behind the counter, Yoongi slides a cookie over to his co-worker. “You’re not gonna try to bone the kid, are you?” Yoongi asks, taking a bite of his own snack. He makes a mental note to put a bill in the register before they leave. 


Taehyung grins and Yoongi wants to kill him. Or himself. “You bet,” the younger answers with a wink, tongue poking out to lick at his bottom lip. “There’s no way I’m gonna pass up fresh meat. Protein is important!” Taehyung laughs at himself, in turn earning a smack from Yoongi. 


“You surf. You don’t need protein.”


“Leave me and my chicken breast alone!”


Yoongi rolls his eyes and smacks Taehyung again, evidently not for the last time that day. 




(The last time actually ends up being when they’re on the couch and Taehyung yells at him, “Fuck me like you mean it!” He’s never really cared about what the neighbours might think. 


The swell of Taehyung’s ass and the demand in itself makes it too hard for Yoongi to resist. Taehyung moans lewdly at the stinging sensation, pushing back onto Yoongi’s dick as he picks up the pace even more. “See? Wasn’t so hard, right , sugar?” Taehyung teases him. Yoongi tugs at his flaming hair so that he’s practically looking at him upside down. 


“You’re a little bitch, you know that?” Yoongi hisses through grit teeth as his hips slam back and forth, hitting flesh each time. 


Taehyung only grins at him before Yoongi lets go. “I’ve known it my whole fucking life. Now make me see stars.”


Yoongi does as he’s told.)




Taehyung and Yoongi aren’t exclusive, so when Seokjin comes into the shop and greets the younger with a kiss, he can’t say he’s surprised. Even if his stomach twists a little. 


He’s not jealous. He just doesn’t want Taehyung to get herpes. At least, that’s what he tells himself. 


“Hey, Yoongi,” Seokjin says afterwards, sending Yoongi one of his infamous heart catching smiles. Yoongi scrunches his nose and averts his eyes. 


It’s nothing against Seokjin, really. They’re in the same friend group. He just hates that stupid smile of his. It’s the one he uses to pick up girls all the time, and the mere sight of it is enough to make Yoongi barf. 


“Charming as ever.” Seokjin continues, unperturbed. “Anyway, do you guys still have those fins I bought last time? One of mine broke off.”


Taehyung gets up and guides Seokjin to the Fin Wall, both of them talking in gentle voices. Yoongi scowls as he watches them. Why does he have such pretty friends? 


He takes a moment to look over the shop, the same one he walks into nearly every day, every summer and practically just as much during the school year, too. The Shack isn’t a big place, but it has everything it needs to keep it afloat. They sell all types of surf gear ranging from fins to wax to leashes (all of which that can be found on the walls) as well as wet suits, bikinis, rash guards and snacks (most of these are sold in split sections down the middle). It’s a nice little place, one that’s always made Yoongi feel at ease. Maybe it’s the way the sun filters through the windows that bathes everything in gold, or how close it is to the ocean that he feels as if he’s in it. Whatever the case, the Shack is like a second home to him. It’s where he met Taehyung and Hoseok, where he bought his first wet suit with his own money, where he fell for—


Okay, well, he has room for more experiences in this place. 


The bell of the door chiming draws his attention out of his own head and he instantly places a softened up version of his neutral face on. “Welcome to the Shack. If it’s surfboard related you can find it on the walls.” He says, the lines coming out smoothly after all the time he’s spent saying them. 


The kid in front of him looks mildly startled before an easy smile settles on his face. “Ah, thanks, one question though: can I find your number on the wall, too?”


Yoongi is so dumbstruck by the attempt at flirting that he finds himself laughing before he’s even processed what the kid said. “Do I look surf related to you?” He questions, eyebrow raised as if in a challenge. 


Chuckling, the customer raises two hands, backing slowly from the counter. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to mistake you for some good ol’ board wax.”


With a snort Yoongi turns away, only to make eye contact with a panicked Taehyung. He seems to be mouthing something but Yoongi can’t make it out — his lip reading skills are less than efficient. Taehyung rolls his eyes when Yoongi doesn’t look any less confused, instead pulling out his phone. He taps on it for all of five seconds, before a ping goes off, from Yoongi’s pocket. 


coworker #1

that’s him!!!!!!!’nn

that’s the guy iwas talking abt!!!!



Yoongi’s eyes widen in realization, and his gaze locks with Taehyung. He starts pointing not-so-discreetly in the customer’s direction before making the motion of giving someone a blowjob. Disgusted, Yoongi looks away, choosing instead to study the newcomer. 


He will admit that, as he predicted, the kid is cute. What he’s surprised by is the fact that he’s actually attractive. Dark bangs lay softly against his forehead, right above these big doe eyes that make him look extremely young. Though his face is similar to that of a baby’s, his body is that of someone who must train a lot more than what should be considered legal. His thighs are a sight to behold and even his six pack can be spotted beneath his wetsuit. What the fuck. 


He’s fucked. 


Panicked, Yoongi turns back to Taehyung, who’s making a gesture that screams I told you so! Yoongi hates him. That makes three beautiful people walking on his beach. This is totally, utterly, unfair and extremely bad for Yoongi’s health. And probably his dick, too. 


“How much?” 


The sound of the Hot New Guy’s voice pulls him out of his own head and into a coughing fit. Hot New Guy seems to find this amusing and Yoongi honestly wishes someone would kill him right now. “You good?” Hot New Guy asks, and fuck, even his voice is attractive. What the fuck


“Fine.” Yoongi says matter of factly, trying to appear more composed than he actually is. “That’ll be six fifty. If you want you can get another for half the price.”


Hot New Guy is making insanely direct eye contact with him and Yoongi is really struggling to not look away. He read in a book once that breaking eye contact makes you look weak. He is anything but weak. He’s the fucking alpha male. 


“Hm,” Hot New Guy breaks first, feigning trying to think hard about whether or not he should. “As I see it, I have two options here: buy another for half the price and get your number for free, or be forced to come back here when I inevitably need more wax. And get your number. But that’s a long, long time away… You know how long it takes to run out of board wax, probably.”


“You’re persistent,” Yoongi remarks, tapping his fingers against the counter. He himself has two options: play the long game or the short game. The short game ensures showing off to Taehyung that he got his number first whereas… Well, there's no contest, really. 


“Tell you what,” he decides, leaning in precariously as if telling a secret. Hot New Guy does the same, eyes twinkling with something Yoongi sees in Taehyung’s own often; something commonly known as mischief . “Give me your name and get an extra wax. Maybe then I’ll consider giving you my number.”


The ‘maybe’ isn’t really a maybe and they both know it, which is probably why Hot New Guy grins and backs away. Yoongi is definitely not thinking about how nice his smile is. Definitely… not. “I see. Do you have any recommendations?”


Yoongi only shrugs, bemused smile making his lip curl as he rests his head on his palm. “Not particularly. Although ‘Nameless New Guy’ seems to be popular.” It's a good thing he remembers to omit the ‘Hot’. That would’ve been embarrassing. 


He gets a laugh for that one and yeah, okay, Yoongi is absolutely thinking about how lovely it sounds. “Really? I’d expect ‘Yoongi’ to be a complete hit,” the guy jokes, randomly swiping a red container off the wall without even looking at it. He almost asks how he knows his name before remembering that he wears a name tag. “But I guess ‘Jeongguk’s pretty good, too.”


“Jeongguk, huh?” Yoongi says, ringing up the wax when he sets them on the counter. “Cute. It suits you.”


“Well, I’d hope so, it is my name after all.” 


He rolls his eyes but there’s still a smile dancing on his lips. “That’ll be nine seventy-five, Jeongguk.” 


The kid hands over a ten dollar bill while Yoongi puts the containers in a small bag. “Thank you for coming to the Shack, we hope to see you again.” He bids adieu with the lame farewell their boss came up with. 


Jeongguk stays right where he is. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” He asks, tone slightly teasing as he pulls out his phone. 


For comedic effect, Yoongi widens his eyes and cups his hand over his cheek. “Oh, almost forgot the most important part!” He grabs Jeongguk’s change and the bill, then quickly scribbles ten digits on the back before handing it over. “Here’s your change and receipt. Wax is non-refundable though.”


If Yoongi shivers a little when Jeongguk’s fingers brush against his hand as he grabs the slip, no one has to know. “Thanks, Yoongi. Hopefully I’ll see you around.” The kid has the audacity to wink at him before basically strutting out the door and Yoongi truly thinks this is what it’s like to die and come back to life. 


He’s so fucked.


“Holy shit, Yoongi,” Taehyung slams his hands down on the counter, face coming suspiciously close to Yoongi’s own. “You just smiled at the new God of Huntington Beach. Are we in a parallel universe? Is this the end of life as we know it?”


Yoongi wonders if there will ever come a day where he doesn’t roll his eyes at Taehyung’s antics. “Don’t be dramatic, Tae,” he says, sitting back on his stool with his arms crossed over his chest and a smirk making its way onto his face. “All I did was give him my number.”


“What the fuck , Yoon! I spotted him first!”


“I made a move first.” 


“Seokjin!” Taehyung pouts petulantly, turning towards the elder. Yoongi’s mildly surprised to find he hasn’t left, instead silently watching the duo bicker. “Tell him that’s not fair!” 


Seokjin’s clearly trying hard not to laugh at the younger, turning to Yoongi with a small smile. “That’s not fair, Yoongi.” He repeats, though it lacks the usual reprimanding tone Seokjin has when someone’s misbehaving. 




“What do you want me to do, Tae? Get my number back?”


“No! Yes! Ugh! I hate you. Sleep on the couch tonight.” 


Both Seokjin and Yoongi burst into laughter, one because Taehyung is ridiculous and the other because there’s no way Taehyung would make him sleep on the couch. Taehyung may be angry now, but Yoongi surmises that a blowjob will probably make him feel better later. 


There’s the tinny ping sound of Yoongi's phone going off, and Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow with suspicion. “That better not be him.” 


Yoongi checks his phone to see that it is, indeed, from Jeongguk. Maybe he’ll need to bottom tonight to make up for this, too. 



when do you get off work?


“You owe me a beer.” 


“Fuck you.” 


He only laughs and types out a response to the kid. (Is kid even appropriate? How old is Jeongguk?)



two hours 

you’re a quick one 



everywhere except in bed 


“Holy shit,” Taehyung breathes right next to his ear, making Yoongi jump by how close he is. When did he even get there? And where did Seokjin go? “He’s too much. My heart can’t handle it. I need him in my ass, like, right now.”


“Gross,” Yoongi mumbles.



did you have something in mind? 



how’s dinner? what do you like? 


“I can’t tell if this is a hookup or a date,” Taehyung says softly before pressing feather-light kisses against Yoongi’s ear, jaw and neck. 


“I’m good with either if you won’t be there,” he retorts, but his voice sounds too breathy for it to sound like an actual insult. 


“I’ll make you regret that later.”


“You can try. But we’re at work now, so sit the fuck down. We do have cameras, you know.”


Taehyung pouts again but follows through anyway. “Why do you never indulge my exhibitionist kink,” he whines, pinching the inner part of Yoongi’s thigh through his basketball shorts. Yoongi inhales shakily and slaps his hands away, before remembering that he actually has to answer Jeongguk. 



there’s a place nearby that has lamb skewers

do you know it? 



i love that restaurant!

is 8 okay? 





“So?” Taehyung asks once Yoongi pockets his phone. He doesn’t attempt to conceal the excitement in his voice. “Final decision?”


“We’re going out for lamb skewers,” Yoongi says, trying to tamper his own anxiousness. “You’re not invited, by the way.” He tacks on as an afterthought. Lord knows Taehyung would’ve invited himself otherwise. 


“Asshole.” He’s predictable. 


“You’re fucking it later so don’t complain.”


“How much later will that be anyway?”  Taehyung already sounds impatient, which only makes Yoongi antsier. Stupid Taehyung and his godlike sex drive. 


He shrugs, fiddling with some of the displays next to the cash register. “Dunno. Maybe around ten? Eleven?”


“Ugh,” Taehyung groans, gliding his hand across his neck in a cutthroat motion and letting his tongue hang out. “I need to get a boyfriend already. How can I let you get one before me? I’m exceptionally cooler.” 


Yoongi shrugs again. “If you get a boyfriend you won’t be able to hit this anymore. I think that’s a loss for you.” 


Taehyung snorts and Yoongi tries not to take offence. “As if it wouldn’t be for you, too. We might as well just go poly,” he bites back, before seeming to get an idea. “Wait. Hey, wait, that’s not a bad idea.”


“What the fuck are you talking about.” 


Grasping Yoongi’s shoulders tightly and leaning in so close their noses almost touch, Taehyung seems to actually be vibrating with how excited he is. “What if we just both go for Jeongguk? Think he’d be down for a threesome with the two hottest guys in Huntington?” 


“You’re fucking crazy,” Yoongi says, but there’s a smile creeping up into his cheeks (alongside his blush from being called hot ). “How d’you expect to pull this off?”


“We just gotta let it happen, Yoongs,” Taehyung backs off, a tilt to his lip in what Yoongi likes to call his fuckboy smile. It’s one of Yoongi’s personal favourites. “And trust me, it will. I can feel it in the tide.” 


“You’re fucking crazy, Kim.”


“Don’t you love it, Min?”


(Not to be that person, but Yoongi really fucking does.)




The restaurant isn’t that crowded considering the time, which Yoongi is thankful for. Crowds aren’t really Yoongi’s thing, and he’d much rather be able to actually hear Jeongguk’s voice while they’re here. 


Speaking of, Yoongi can’t seem to spot him, so he can only deduce that he’s the first to arrive. He thinks this might be a good thing, giving himself more time to mentally prepare for Jeongguk’s arrival. He doesn’t want to start tripping over himself now. 


“Welcome to Saffron Grill, table for one?” The waitress asks when he walks up to the podium. She’s pretty, Yoongi thinks, with blood red hair and eyes that shine brightly in the nicely lit restaurant. Sooyoung, her name tag reads. Her vibe is vaguely Taehyung-esque and Yoongi finds himself thinking about a boy who’s made a home too deeply inside of him, for just a moment. 


“Two, actually,” he corrects following a cough, trying to look — not at her. Tonight isn’t about Taehyung. Tonight is about Jeongguk and the fact that he’s the first person to pique his interest since–well, Taehyung. “I’m waiting for someone. They should be here soon.” 


She nods and grabs two menus from the shelf. “Right this way then.” She says, her voice sweet and soft. More like Jeongguk than Taehyung, then. Fuck. He needs to stop doing this. 


His phone pings as soon as he’s seated, and Yoongi knows it’s Taehyung before even glancing at it. 


coworker #1 


are there any fireworks yet????

are the flames of love burning???



fuck off

i just got here 

and he isn’t here yet 


coworker #1

invited you but is the last to arrive…



don’t be salty just cause you’re stuck in the apartment by yourself tae 


coworker #1

i hope you choke on your dinner

have fun xx 


Yoongi rolls his eyes and sets his phone down just in time for Jeongguk to walk in. He calls his name out loud enough for him to hear but not so much that it’s disturbing to the other customers. Spotting him, he breaks out into a smile and walks over. Yoongi tries not to focus on how his eyes and nose scrunch or how the simple action seems to make the whole room brighter. He especially doesn’t focus on how good Jeongguk looks dressed in some simple dark jeans, a graphic tee and a leather jacket, nor the fact that it’s totally his type. 


Not at all. 


“Hey!” Jeongguk greets warmly, taking the seat across. “Have you been here long?” 


“Not really, only five minutes,” Yoongi assures him, taking in the way he seems to unwind, shoulders sagging with relief.


“I’m glad I’m not late then, that would look pretty bad after all I went through to try and get you here,” he laughs and fuck, Yoongi’s heart is doing that beat-skip-beat thing again. 


“Oh yeah, because spending an extra three dollars is so much work.”


“I’m in college and I surf. Money is hard to come by.” 


Yoongi hums thoughtfully, understanding the sentiment. “College, huh?”


Before he can continue, a waitress walks over to their table. “What’ll you two be having tonight?”


Without a glance at the menu, he and Jeongguk say in perfect sync, “Lamb skewers.” This causes them to fall into a fit of giggles (more on Jeongguk’s end since Yoongi doesn’t giggle ). “We’ll get two beers along with that,” he tacks on. 


She smiles sweetly at them, collecting the menus before walking away. “I’m only 20, just so you know.” Jeongguk says once she’s gone.  


Shrugging, Yoongi rests his hands on the table. “She doesn’t need to know that. And I promise, I won’t get you drunk,” he says with a wink, making Jeongguk let out a little laugh. He mentally pats himself on the back for that one, even if he only actually ordered them for himself so he could loosen up. “So, what are you studying?”


“I’m studying marine mammal training,” Jeongguk seems to brighten at the thought of it which makes Yoongi feel just a little bit alight himself. “I love animals and the ocean. It was kind of… I don’t know. Perfect?” 


“That’s really cool,” Yoongi says, adoring smile settling high on his cheeks. “You sound like you love it.”


“Definitely. I can’t imagine anything better.” There’s a muted smile on Jeongguk’s face that Yoongi fights the urge to capture on camera. He’s seen many beautiful things in his life, and he thinks this may just be in the top five. How did he end up here. “What are you studying, Yoongi?”


“Film. I’m pretty sure I was born to keep memoirs of beautiful things.” Yoongi says. The words sound odd on his tongue, not usually one for describing his major so sentimentally , but something about Jeongguk brings him a little bit out of his depth. Maybe it’s the slight part of his hair or the way he glances over Yoongi’s face as if trying to spot the secrets within his freckles. He isn’t really sure. 


“Holy shit,” Jeongguk gapes a little at him, front teeth peeking out and making him look like a bunny. Cute. “That’s… shit. That’s deep.”


Yoongi stifles a laugh. “You’re a man of many words, Jeongguk.”


The boy seems to blush but Yoongi can’t tell with the way the sunset bleeds reds and pinks and oranges onto his face. “Honestly, not really. That’s not my area of expertise.” 


“I think it’s cute,” Yoongi’s always been one for honesty. Why stop now? “But, in general, I think you’re cute.”


Okay, he should stop now. Although—oh, wow. He’s pretty sure the sunset can’t make Jeongguk’s entire face red. Holy shit. 


The night carries on smoothly from that point, and Yoongi is transfixed with the way Jeongguk does all these little things that make him feel so– comfortable. How he nibbles thoughtfully on the skewers when Yoongi speaks, and how he never lets his eyes stray too far away from Yoongi himself. Jeongguk does all these things , these seemingly small and passive things, but Yoongi–over the course of two hours–realizes that they’re all very Jeongguk. 


Whoever he thought the kid was when he walked into the shop earlier that day was not really the same person. Jeongguk himself was kind of shy, needing prompting to open up himself but doing so with vigor once he got the green light. He was also so very childlike in a way that made Yoongi feel himself go soft. 


Needless to say, Yoongi thinks that he’s beautiful. Not in the way that a model or something may be, but in the way people find art alluring, stunning, breathtaking. Jeongguk is breathtaking, and Yoongi has only known him for two hours. 


He feels like a dead man walking. Cause of death: Jeon Jeongguk being too good for this cruel world.  


“I had a really great time tonight,” Yoongi says, soft in the dark, illuminated only by the street light in front of the apartment building. “Thank you for inviting me.” 


“It was my pleasure,” Jeongguk looks so good like this, standing right in front of him with his hands in his leather jacket and a small curl to his lip. “Although next time I’m not letting you convince me into splitting the bill.”


“Next time?”


The lack of light doesn’t hinder from showing the blush that creeps from Jeongguk’s ears to his neck and Yoongi feels his heart squeeze. “I-If you want there to be, obviously.” 


Yoongi laughs softly and takes a step forward, into Jeongguk’s space. Going onto his tiptoes (because stupid Jeongguk is taller than him), he places a soft kiss on the boy’s cheek. “Goodnight, Jeongguk.” He says, before turning and walking into the building without waiting for a response. 


The action makes him giddy and he feels like one of those girls in the k-dramas his mom likes to watch. He feels so happy, all after just one night. 


“Damn,” Taehyung comments with a low whistle once he seats himself on the couch inside the apartment. “Did Jeongguk cast some kind of spell on you or something?”


“Nope,” Yoongi says, a gentle smile on his face. “He was just… I don’t know. I really want to film him, though.” 


Taehyung makes an appreciative hum, crawling over the couch cushion to lean in close to Yoongi’s face. His eyes look all over him and Yoongi feels like he’s being analyzed, but this is typical Taehyung behaviour. “You must’ve had a really good time. I’m glad.” He says finally, smiling at the elder and resting his head on his chest. 


Without thinking, Yoongi’s fingers start to run through the strands of his hair while his other hand finds purchase on Taehyung’s waist. “I did. I think you’ll really like him, too.”


“Are you sure you want to share him? I mean, he’s got you all… glow-y and shit.” 


He pauses for a moment, contemplating the question. “We’re not sharing him,” he starts, choosing his words carefully. “We’re trying to start a relationship with him. I think you’ll like him, and I think he’ll like you, too. Even though he doesn’t really know you exist.”






“He doesn’t know I exist yet . But that’s okay! Good things take time.”


“Sure, Tae. If you say so.”


It’s silent for a while after that, the two sat on their old brown couch watching reruns of Reply 1994. Yoongi is teetering on the edge of sleep when Taehyung shoots up, hands pushing down heavily on his chest. He gets the breath knocked out of him, and it doesn’t help when Taehyung inches close to him, their noses brushing just slightly. “Wait,” Taehyung breathes softly, eyes flickering between Yoongi’s eyes and his lips. (He’s briefly reminded of that Taeyang song but this is just not the time.)


“Did he kiss you?” 


The question is not even close to what Yoongi might’ve been expecting and he finds himself too stunned to answer. Seeing this, Taehyung takes matters into his own hands. 


In this case, that means kissing Yoongi.


See, this he’s actually good at, his body automatically responding to Taehyung and kissing him back. Taehyung licks almost obscenely at his bottom lip, and he’s just about to open his mouth to take this somewhere else, when Taehyung pulls away. “You taste the same. He didn’t kiss you.” 


Yoongi is more than a little frustrated at the lack of contact. Using his shoulders as leverage, he pushes Taehyung down and practically into the couch. Yoongi thinks Taehyung looks good like this: beneath him, peachy red hair fanned out around his head, mouth dropped into an o , eyes as big as the moon looking up at Yoongi with something like curiosity and something a little darker (and something so bright it’s almost blinding). 


“He didn’t kiss me. I kissed him–on the cheek, mind you,” he tells him, finally. “Now, how the hell are you gonna kiss me like that and not fuck me?”


And if Yoongi thought he looked good before, he looks best like this: with a tender smile and hooded eyes that fail to conceal his fondness lust, hands holding Yoongi’s cheeks so gently that he feels like Taehyung might be a cloud. 


This, Yoongi thinks, is everything he’s ever wanted and everything he’s afraid of.


This, Yoongi knows, is love .


And somehow, in a distant future, Jeongguk falls perfectly in between them, and makes them whole. 




The morning is warm as always in Huntington and Jeongguk loves it so much more than LA. The eccentric city was always too boisterous for him, but this is perfect. Not to mention the fact that the boys beaches are beautiful and giving. 


The sand is soft and pleasantly hot from being under the scorching sun, just the way Jeongguk likes it. He closes his eyes, inhales deeply, takes in the comforting smell of sea salt and the sound of the tide coming in and going back out again. 


The picture is perfect and yet, Jeongguk feels as if something is missing.


He opens his eyes and turns to the left to find nothing there; he turns right and finds a boy with red hair crouched over his surf bag. 


“Wh–What are you doing?” He manages (barely) to stutter out after staring for a full minute while the stranger seems to… examine his surf bag. What the fuck. 


“You should really get a new bag,” the stranger says instead of answering, the deep timbre of his voice striking a chord within Jeongguk like the key of a piano. “It’s gonna break any time soon. The seams are hanging on by a literal thread.”


“Who are you?” He asks this time, watching the boy (man?) stand to his full height and dusts off his sandals. Jeongguk realizes they’re about the same height, though the other seems more slender. 


The stranger turns around, finally, and for the second time that week Jeongguk feels his heart jump because this man is, in the simplest of terms, beautiful .


The red of his hair compliments his golden skin so well he looks almost like a God. Despite the heat he’s dressed in slightly flared pants and a black v-neck that dips too low for Jeongguk’s pubescent brain to process so early in the morning. He looks comfortable, in his element, and completely in control. He’s hot.


“—if you’d like to pick one out.”


Jeongguk didn’t realize he wasn’t paying attention, much too focused on the way the stranger’s lips moved to notice the sounds coming out of them. Shit. He feels like a fifteen year old again. “I—sorry, what?”


The (incredibly attractive) stranger chuckles and shoves his left hand in his pocket, using the other to point at the bag. “You need a new one. I work right over there if you want to buy a bag. We can go now if you’d like to pick one out.”


“Um,” Jeongguk stammers, a little overwhelmed and trying to wrap his head around the fact that this man sculpted from God’s very own hands is offering to help him. “Yes. Sure. I’ll, uh, buy one.” 


It’s almost like a punch in the gut when the stranger grins warmly at him, and Jeongguk wonders if this is what it feels like to just bluntly stare at the sun. His smile is so boxy and bright. Fuck. He’d be perfectly okay with dying right at this moment.“Cool! Follow me, new kid.” 


“Wait!” Jeongguk exclaims just as he’s about to start walking away. The stranger stops and turns his head to look at Jeongguk over his shoulder. This shouldn’t look as beautiful as it does. All he’s doing is looking at me! Holy shit. He’s looking at me. “What–what’s your name?”


This seems to almost excite the stranger, with the coy way he smiles, lip curled up high. “Kim Taehyung. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other, Jeongguk.” 


Huntington might just be the best decision he’s ever made. 




They’re back at the shop Jeongguk visited a week ago, to his surprise. “You work here?” Jeongguk questions once they walk in. They’re the only ones in there at the moment since they probably don’t open this early to begin with. 


“Yep,” Taehyung says. “Have for the past five years. My uncle owns the place, so.” 




There’s silence for a minute as Taehyung leads Jeongguk over to the side opposite the board wax he looked at previously. There’s about a dozen bags of various brands and colours on display, but Jeongguk feels almost dizzy just by being in Taehyung’s presence. Other than Yoongi, he’s probably the most beautiful person he’s ever seen in his life. And he grew up with Jimin of all people. 


Fuck. He doesn’t know how he’s going to make it out of here alive. 


“Do you need any help?” Taehyung asks and– wow , okay, he is much closer than Jeongguk remembers him being, breath breezing softly over the skin of Jeongguk’s shoulder. 


Jeongguk locks eyes with him. Bad decision. “N-no,” he tries to say but is ultimately betrayed by his voice cracking. He clears his throat and looks away. Is he seriously reverting back into a hormonal teenager? “Um, no, thank you. I’m just—I’m going to, um, get this one.” 


He makes to grab a red and black bag when Taehyung catches his wrist. He glances back at the other (Is Taehyung a fucking witch? Why the fuck can’t he look away?) who has a brow raised at him. “Are you sure? It seems smaller than the one you currently use.” 


Taehyung’s hand feels like it’s going to burn his arm off and Jeongguk is perfectly fine with that. “I, ah, bought my bag too big last time,” he says distractedly. Why does Taehyung have this effect on him? “So. This one should be. Um. Fine.”


At this, Taehyung giggles (it’s the greatest thing he’s ever heard aside from Yoongi moaning at how good the food was) and takes his hand away. Jeongguk doesn’t know if this makes him happy or if he longs for the touch of his pretty fingers against his skin again. “You’re cute,” Taehyung says, stepping out of Jeongguk’s space and letting a lazy smirk settle on his face. He tilts his head and looks Jeongguk up and down, making him squirm. “I’m glad you came to Huntington. Yoongi and I get tired of seeing the same old people all the time.”


Jeongguk’s brain seems to hit the brakes too fast. Gray hair and a gummy smile flash through his head at max speed. “Yoo—?”


“So how d’you like it here? Where are you from, anyway?” Taehyung carries on without giving Jeongguk time to process. He grabs the bag from Jeongguk and walks behind the counter, leaving the boy to catch up. “I’m guessing somewhere not that far from here, but who knows. People of all sorts come to Huntington, especially in summer.”


“I’m from LA but—Yoongi?” Okay. Maybe he could’ve phrased that better. He’s having a hard time keeping up with Taehyung. 


“LA? I never would’ve guessed,” Taehyung hums softly, passing the tag under the scanner. “What about Yoongi? That’ll be $60. Want a donut? On the house!”


Jeongguk fishes the money out of his wallet and sets it on the counter. There goes any attempt at a somewhat-decent dinner for the next three days. “Just—How do you know him? Are you guys close?” Taehyung’s ass is high in the air as he reaches to grab a pastry and Jeongguk is totally having trouble focusing. It’s so fucking round. How is it so fucking round? “Can you–um–”


“Speak up, honey,” Taehyung chides, standing up straight and sliding him a donut on a napkin. Jeongguk takes a bite shamefully as Taehyung collects the money. “Yoongi and I work together and…” he trails off, as if searching for an answer that will satisfy Jeongguk. “I guess we’re close? We live together ‘n all. Been through shit.” Taehyung pauses and seems to analyze Jeongguk’s face for — something. “I think we could be just as close, you know.”


His tone hasn’t changed but Jeongguk senses a darker meaning behind his words. He doesn’t want to get his hopes up, though. “I think so too.” 


Taehyung grins, almost cat-like, and comes around to stand next to Jeongguk. He feels the weight of Taehyung’s fingers as they pull on the belt loop of his shorts and tug him closer. “How about we start right now?” He asks, but it doesn’t really sound like a question. 


Holy shit. He’s so close to me. Are his lips really that pink? They look so soft. Oh my God. Should—


“Taehyung, how many times do I have to tell you that we have cameras in here?”


Jeongguk is so startled by the sound of Yoongi’s voice that he nearly trips backwards and knocks over a display stand. “Shit, Yoongi, I–”


He doesn’t get to finish, interrupted by Taehyung moving away from him and walking up to Yoongi. Jeongguk feels like he’s deflating. “Sugar, I wanna have fun with Jeongguk, too. You guys got to go on a date .” He sounds like he’s pouting and Jeongguk is so lost . “Why can’t you let me live my exhibitionist life?”




Yoongi sighs and pushes past Taehyung, dropping his backpack behind the counter. “That doesn’t mean you can try to fucking blow him in the shop, Tae. Your exhibition kink can chill. And don’t call me sugar in public.” Yoongi rolls his eyes and turns to Jeongguk.  “I’m sorry about him. He didn’t force himself on you or anything, did he?”


He croaks out a no, still reeling from everything that’s happened in the past minute. “I’m sorry, Yoongi, I didn’t know if—if you would be okay with that, I, ah—”


For the nth time that day, Jeongguk is stopped mid-sentence, this time by a wave of Yoongi's hand. “It’s honestly completely cool with me. I live with him. I know how he is.” Jeongguk thinks that there’s something more Yoongi is trying to say but the elder keeps his mouth shut. “Anyway, since Taehyung here seems to be feeling a little left out, I have a proposition for you.”


Jeongguk raises an eyebrow at him. “Oh? What kind of proposition?”


“Yeah, sugar,” Taehyung says, bouncing up next to Jeongguk and gripping his bicep. Jeongguk might flex a little. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “What kind of proposition?”


“Shut up, you dickwad,” Yoongi spits at Taehyung though there’s no malice behind his words. “How about—and don’t feel obligated to agree, Jeongguk—how about we all go on. Like. A date. For Taehyung’s sake, obviously.”


Date… Date?


The information is slow to settle in and Jeongguk looks from Yoongi to Taehyung, eyes wide and blush high. Taehyung watches him with his mouth dropped into an o . Almost mechanically, they both look back at Yoongi and say, “Did you just ask us out?”


Yoongi blinks at them and winces. “Creepy. I hope you don’t do that a lot. But yeah, I did. I guess.” He says, looking down and picking at a thread on his shirt. Jeongguk thinks he’s really, really cute. 


“I mean…” Taehyung starts, and Jeongguk glances back at him to find him gnawing his bottom lip. It’s strangely endearing for something so simple. “I’m down if you are, Gukkie.”


“G-Gukkie?” He chokes out, blush hitting him with full force from his ears to his chest.  Would this be a bad time to kiss Taehyung? Or Yoongi? Or both? “I—I’d love to. Oh my God. Fuck, yeah.” 


They both grin at him and Jeongguk feels like a star that’s fallen directly between the sun and the moon.      




The screen crackles with static and Jeongguk pauses in the middle of his sentence. “Jimin? Can you hear me?”


“Yep,” Jimin answers from the other line and the pixels adjust themselves again. Jeongguk can kind of make out his brown hair again. “Sorry. The connection here is shit, as always.” 


“I don’t understand why you won’t move to a location with better WiFi,” Jeongguk says with a huff, adjusting the screen of his laptop a little. “How do you even live like this?”


Jimin rolls his eyes and waves a hand at him. “I’m fine. For now, at least. I was actually kind of thinking of something.”


“Oh?” Jeongguk raises an eyebrow in curiosity. “What exactly?”


The other boy hums, the sound high and soothing. “I might move in with you and Joonie, maybe.” 


He says it calmly but Jeongguk can (kind of) make out a large smile breaking onto his soft features. “So then you’d come join us down here? Holy shit! Do it!” 


Jimin laughs and Jeongguk wishes he could hear it in real life rather than from his laptop speakers. Despite the fact that they talk every day, Jeongguk misses him a lot. “Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet, Guk. There’s a lot of details to work out.”


“Still,” Jeongguk says, softer this time. “I miss you. And this place is so great, I want you to enjoy it with me.”


There’s silence, and then a sniffle. “Fuck you, Jeon. What the fuck. You’re getting me all emotional and shit you bitch.” Jimin says through a laugh and some more sniffling. 


“Fuck, okay, moving on,” the brunet says after a minute. “Tell me more about those guys you met.”


The thought of them is enough to send Jeongguk into a frenzy. He isn’t sure what it is that has him feeling so… attracted, to Yoongi and Taehyung, but he isn’t complaining about it either. “I don’t really know how to describe them,” he starts, chewing on his bottom lip out of habit. “Like, I went on a date with Yoongi, right? And he’s super sweet, really funny, too. Not to mention the fact that he’s so fucking cute. Oh my God, I really wanted to kiss him.” 


“Gay. I’m loving this.” 


“Fuck off. So there’s Yoongi, right, and he seems perfectly normal. Super chill, witty and just, like, pretty. But then I meet Taehyung and—shit. First of all, he’s probably the most good-looking guy I have ever laid eyes on. I’m also, like, 90% sure he wants to smash, which is so weird because he looks like a God and I’m literally a coconut. But at the same time he’s just so? Cute? Oh, and I’m pretty sure him and Yoongi are kind of a thing, but like, not? I don’t know. I’m really confused, but I really like them both. And I have no clue what to wear for our date on Thursday.”


“Date? With which one?”




Through the mutilated pixels on the screen, Jeongguk thinks Jimin is gaping at him. “ What? You got to Huntington, like, a month ago, and you’ve already got not one but two potential boyfriends?” Jeongguk nods. “What the fuck, Guk. I knew polyamory was alive but this is… holy shit.”


Jeongguk nods furiously. “Dude, I know. But I’m… I dunno. I kind of really want to pursue it? I’ve never thought about anyone like this, ever. Not even him. But now I am for two people who are both interested in me? What kind of miracle is that?” 


“Just make sure you’re careful, too,” Jimin warns. “Maybe they’re a modern age Bonnie and Clyde, plotting to kill you. Or rob you.”


He rolls his eyes. “Doubtful. Faces like theirs are way too memorable. They’d get caught for being too beautiful.”


“Wow, I’m getting really gay vibes over here.”


“Seriously, Jimin, fuck off. Now help me pick out an outfit because I have no clue what the fuck I’m doing.”




He checks his outfit in the mirror one last time, bringing up a hand to brush his hair back. Jimin had yelled at him not to wear a white tee, blue jeans or your ugly ass Timbs, which had left Jeongguk with fewer options than he initially thought. Thankfully, he found a pair of black overalls in the deep depths of his closet, and with Jimin’s approval paired it with a white long sleeve to go underneath. Round-framed black glasses sit low on his nose and his gauges look striking on his ears. He doesn’t usually think this of himself, but Jeongguk finds he looks really good. 


With a final sigh and a mutter of “don’t be nervous, just be yourself” ,  he kicks on his Vans and heads out to meet Yoongi and Taehyung at the café. Jeongguk’s expecting it to be one of those as-seen-on-tumblr coffee dates, which he isn’t really opposed to, per se. It isn’t what he thought Taehyung would go for, though, considering how exuberant he is. Then again, he still has a lot to learn about Taehyung. 


Even though it’s only been a few days since they had all seen each other, they’ve already begun to text one another non-stop. Jeongguk finds himself scrolling through messages in their “lovers group chat” (as deemed by Taehyung) while he sits on the bus. Thinking about them makes him feel giddy, and his leg bounces with anticipation. Despite the fact that he knows he will, he’s anxious to see them again. 


There’s something about Yoongi and Taehyung that makes him feel electric, all wired up. As if he’s constantly on the edge of something great. It’s a little terrifying — after all, he’s never done this before — but it’s exhilarating, too. Jeongguk kind of (really) digs it. 


Jeongguk glances outside and realizes he’s almost there; he doesn’t actually know the place they’re going to, only that it’s a “kind of coffee shop”, and Yoongi had given him directions. He rings the bell and looks down one last time at his phone to confirm the location, when he gets a text.


bimbo jimin

have fun guk!!! be safe!!!

use protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He pockets his phone with a snicker, refusing to acknowledge the texts because, frankly, Jimin’s an idiot. An idiot that he loves, though. 


He spots the place easily enough and is a little surprised. This coffee shop isn’t really a coffee shop at all; it looks like what he imagined the art course he never enrolled into would’ve been like, had it also sold Starbucks. 


Jeongguk’s a bit surprised, to say the least. 


Shyly, he walks in, and instantly is hit with the smells of paint fumes and dark roast. It’s an odd combination and kind of makes his nose itch, but he’ll survive. The inside is a little less shocking, but it still leaves an impression on Jeongguk. The colour theme of the shop seems to be browns and blues, with hints of green mostly amplified by all the plants that are around. Tables are scattered everywhere, and there’s a row of white shelves along the eastern wall displaying mugs, plates, and other items made from ceramics. They’re all painted different colours, and Jeongguk realizes this must be one of those cafés where you can paint different small household items and whatnot. He feels himself get a little excited at the thought; he’s never been to one of these places before, but he hasn’t even done anything and already hopes to come back. 


He bites his lip as he tries to spot Taehyung’s red hair or Yoongi’s gray locks. It’s kind of crowded, but he thinks they stand out amongst other people due to the fact that they don’t exactly have the most normal of hair colours. Neither one of those ends up being the identifying factor though, not when Taehyung’s laughter fills the place with warmth. 


They’re located in a corner next to the window, closer to the back of the place. Plants of all sorts hang down from the wall behind them, and Jeongguk thinks that if this were a movie, he would step through the wall and end up in a forest or something. The thought of it is cool, but it’s pushed to the back of his mind when Jeongguk is consumed with the need to see Yoongi and Taehyung. 


Walking briskly towards them, Jeongguk sees Yoongi smile at something Taehyung’s saying fondly and Jeongguk’s heart both swells and shrivels. He doesn’t know what kind of relationship they have — though, Yoongi had confirmed via text that they have casual sex, nothing else really . Jeongguk doesn’t really believe him, but that’s okay. He’ll make them fall in love with each other if he must; after all, he doesn’t want to have one without the other, and it doesn’t seem like they would want it any other way. 


Because Taehyung’s back is to him, Yoongi spots him first. “Hey, Jeongguk,” he says, smiling sweetly up at the younger. Taehyung turns and Jeongguk is hit by just how gorgeous he is when he grins at him, pearly whites on display. He returns their smiles and slides into the third seat in between them. 


“Hi,” he says softly, blushing underneath both their stares. Yoongi’s eyes are looking him up and down which makes him squirm, whereas Taehyung looks… like he maybe, kind of wants to kiss him? “Sorry I’m always late.” 


“It’s okay, Guk,” Taehyung says, reaching out to rest a hand on top of Jeongguk’s leg. His eyes flicker down briefly, something flashing in them that Jeongguk can’t really identify. “I mean, if you’re only late because you’re taking your time to look this good, then by all means — take as long as you want.”


“Agreed.” Yoongi adds, and Jeongguk looks down to hide the flush of his cheeks. 


He hears Yoongi snicker at him and pale fingers move to brush his hair back. “You’re so cute,” Yoongi hums. “Do you not get complimented often?” 


Jeongguk lifts his head a little while shaking it. “I’m not really, um, talkative with a lot of people? And Jimin tells me I have a mean look on my face a lot.”


Taehyung pouts and Jeongguk notices for the that his hand has been on his knee this whole time, fingers rubbing slow circles through the material. The touch is comforting. “You? Mean? Sounds like a different universe,” he says before turning towards Yoongi. “He’s just a baby.” 


“I’m not a baby,” Jeongguk huffs, poking his tongue into his cheek and crossing his arms. “You’re not even that much older than me.” 


“You can be our baby, then,” Taehyung retorts with a wink. Jeongguk can’t refute him on that one, because he (kind of really) wants to be. 


Yoongi clicks his tongue then, gaining their attention. “I think this date needs to go well, first, so why don’t we get on with it?” He says and points towards one of the shelves that holds unpainted mugs and such. “Why don’t we go pick something out? You guys can pick for me though, I’ll get us coffee.” 


“Okay!” Taehyung chirps, grabbing Jeongguk’s hand as he stands. “C’mon Gukkie. We need to pick out paints too!” 


Taehyung’s hand is warm and large and wraps around Jeongguk’s so nicely. He really hopes his palms aren’t as sweaty as he thinks. That would be super embarrassing. 


He lets Taehyung pull him over to the shelves. Jeongguk has to crane his neck up a little to see some of the options at the top, but he decides he doesn’t want them anyway. 


“I think I’m going to do this one,” Taehyung says, grabbing a bowl near the bottom. “It’ll be perfect for ramen, dontcha think?”


Jeongguk grins and nods. “Definitely,” he says, before turning back to the shelves. He thinks back to his own apartment, and wonders what he might need when he remembers. “I should probably do this one since I broke a plate the other day.” He grabs a circular one that isn’t too big and fits comfortably in his free hand. 


“How’d you do that?” Taehyung asks, grabbing a mug presumably for Yoongi while Jeongguk reaches for a paint set. He puts the mug inside of the bowl so it’s easier to hold, never once letting go of Jeongguk’s hand. 


His stomach feels like a million butterflies are being released at once. 


“I, uh, got spooked…”


Taehyung raises an eyebrow at him. “By what?”


He ducks his head, eyes trained on his shoes as they walk back towards their table. “My reflection.”


The redhead makes a noise that sounds like a cross between a laugh and aw. He squeezes Jeongguk’s hand and his eyes go soft. “You’re adorable, oh my God.” 


“Stop, it’s embarrassing,” Jeongguk pouts at him, sitting back down. 


“What's embarrassing?” Yoongi asks, returning then with two iced coffees, a chocolate chip frap and a platter of snacks. Jeongguk hides his face behind his hands. 


Taehyung laughs and tells Yoongi the story, in turn causing Yoongi to laugh too. Jeongguk thinks it would be nice if they weren’t laughing at something that happened to him. 


“Guys, please,” he pleads, bringing out the puppy dog eyes. Yoongi rolls his eyes and Taehyung coos, but they let it drop. It’s a small victory, although Jeongguk’s dignity feels tattered. “Can we start painting now?” 


“Go ahead, petal,” Taehyung says, smile soft and endearing. Jeongguk grins and grabs for the blue paint, the image of what he wants to create slowly taking shape in his mind. 


Painting is fun and goes by quicker than he thought. Yoongi and Taehyung seem to be really into their work, which Jeongguk thinks is really, really cute. Taehyung pokes his tongue out between his lips and Yoongi’s eyes never go far from his mug, unless he’s looking at one of his dates. Jeongguk’s heart swells. 


He doesn’t ask what they’re painting, but he tries to take a peek at Taehyung’s. “Ah,” the redhead chides, turning away from him with a small smirk. “No peeking. You’ll see when it’s done and usable.” He huffs, but let’s it go. 


After handing their creations to the workers at the café (because they need to be dried in a very “specific way”, apparently), the trio head out for lunch. Yoongi says that there’s a diner a few minutes away that doesn’t serve classic, shitty food from a 90s movie.


Walking with them, Jeongguk feels oddly at peace. Other than the fact that it feels like his heart might jump out of his chest, he feels… happy. Like this is something he’s waited for, for a really long time. 


The sidewalk isn’t very big so their fingers brush every so often, and Jeongguk really wants to hold their hands. He’s too nervous to make the first move though, so he lets out a squeak when they both reach for his at the same time. “If you wanted to hold hands you could’ve just said so.” Yoongi tells him, his teasing smirk making Jeongguk blush. 


They walk like that, hand-in-hand, until they get to the diner, and Jeongguk wonders if people think they look weird. Three dudes, holding hands? It might not be the oddest thing you’d see on this side of town, but it isn’t normal either. 


“Is something wrong?” Taehyung asks him just before they walk in. 


Jeongguk looks up, from where he’d been staring at their linked hands, and feels Yoongi squeeze his in silent reassurance. It makes him smile, and he tells them, “Everything is perfect.” 


Taehyung seems caught off guard, with the way his mouth drops open and a light pink blush creeps onto his cheeks. “You’re really fucking cute, y’know that?” 


“So I’ve been told.” He answers with a wink, before pulling his hands away to push open the door. Jeongguk is pretty sure one, if not both of them, stare at his ass when he walks into the diner. 


It’s a cute place, Jeongguk thinks, very much a lookalike to the ones usually seen in movies; this one looks particularly like the hangout from Footloose, which is both cringey yet appealing. There’s lots of chatter — what Jeongguk assumes to be from both regulars and unplanned lunch trips — and the atmosphere makes him relax. Yoongi’s got good taste. 


Speaking of which. “Order whatever you want, bun,” Yoongi says when Taehyung and he finally join Jeongguk, sitting opposite him in the booth he picked. They stare at him with something like fire burning behind their eyes and it makes Jeongguk shiver. There’s so much he wants to do with them… but patience is a virtue, and he hates making the first move. 


(That time with Yoongi was an exception; how could he pass up something as pretty as him? Plus, look where it got him! Anxiety can go fuck itself.)


Lunch ends up being a greater time than he expected. He plays footsie with Taehyung under the table and Yoongi tells stories about weird customers they’ve had. “One time, some guy came in high as a kite, and he tried to buy acid from us — after he tried to sell it to us. It was fucking crazy.” Yoongi talks animatedly, shoving fries into his mouth between sentences. He gets so into it that he doesn’t even comment when Taehyung and Jeongguk slip their own from his plate. 


“Wow,” Jeongguk says around a mouthful of his burger. “Who knew working at a surf shop meant living a hashtag wild life?” 


“Shut up and eat your food.” 


Jeongguk grins, and dives right back in. 


This, he could get used to. 


(This, he really wants to get used to.)






“What do you want, you gay asshole?”


Jeongguk plops himself down on Namjoon’s old brown couch with a sigh. The aforementioned lets out a sigh and plucks his glasses off, setting them on the table. “I,” Jeongguk starts, staring at the ceiling, “really fucking love dick. Cock is absolutely mind-blowing.”


“Oh my God,” Namjoon shrieks, bringing a hand to his mouth. “You got into their bed already? What the fuck, Jeon!”


“I didn’t say that,” Jeongguk tuts, shaking his head. “I’m just saying that before today, before the last week and two days, I had never been more proud to be gay. You and Jimin must be so happy, shit.” 


Namjoon rolls his eyes and relaxes back into his chair. “We’re not happy because we’re gay, you perv. We’re happy because we have each other.” Jeongguk waves a hand dismissively and Namjoon sighs again. “So, then? How was it?”


“I don’t have a big enough vocabulary to explain just how amazing it was, nor can I explain how I feel knowing that out of all the guys in Huntington, these two want me. Me! How crazy is that?” Jeongguk gushes, sliding onto his back to elongate himself on the couch. The material scratches at his neck, but he ignores it. “Like, holy shit, Joon. They’re not complete douchebags or dicks who just want me for my dick. I don’t think. They’re so— invested , I guess. As if they actually care about me.” His voice trails at the end a little, and Namjoon notices the hesitancy in his voice. “They do… care about me, right?” 


(Remember when he said anxiety can go fuck itself? Yeah, well, consider this its revenge.)


Getting up from his seat, Namjoon moves to sit on the arm of the couch where Jeongguk can see him. “I don’t think they would’ve taken time out of their day to spend with you if they didn’t,” he reassures the younger. “Have a little faith in yourself, Jeongguk. You’re a great guy, you’ve got an amazing bod—fuck, you could probably bone any person on this beach.” 


“How do you know that?” Jeongguk asks. 


Namjoon only smiles and pats his knee. “Because I know you, idiot. And they’re not—look, this isn’t the same as Yugyeom, okay?” Jeongguk nods grimly, forcing away all thoughts of his unrequited love interest from months ago. Namjoon knows him well enough to know how he feels on the matter, and tries to pick up where they left off. “Moving on; tell me all the details. Did you kiss them? Cop a feel or something?” 


“Ew, Joon. That’s sounds like something a pervert would say.”


“You fucking—fuck you. Get out of my apartment.”


Jeongguk laughs, high and loud, coming right from his belly. “I share a lease with you. Although, I guess that’ll change once Jimin moves in.”


“That’s not decided yet,” Namjoon reminds him with a pointed finger. “It’s just an idea right now.”


“A great idea, mind you.”


“You do realize that we’re just gonna have sex all the time if he does move in, right?”


“You’re basically telling me that I’m going to have to hear you go, oh, Jimin! Spank me harder! I love your thick–“


Namjoon slams the door to his bedroom shut, and Jeongguk bursts into laughter. If there was one way to end a conversation with the elder, it was by talking about his activities with his boyfriend. 


His laughter fills the silence for a while before everything goes still again. Jeongguk lets himself drown in thoughts of Yoongi, of Taehyung, of Yoongi and Taehyung. 


He really likes them. Probably more than he liked Yugyeom, and he knew Yugyeom for months. It kind of scares him, knowing there are people out there that make him feel so… on, all the time. People he wants to please in ways different from presenting a first place trophy to your parents. 


But Jeongguk knows not everything is as perfect as he said it was. He’s not sure about Taehyung’s feelings on the matter, but he’s almost certain Yoongi loves him more than he’s letting on—and more than he himself might believe. Jeongguk isn’t an expert on love, but he’s seen his parents, and he’s seen Jimin and Namjoon. The way Yoongi looks at Taehyung (and, he supposes, at himself) is fairly close to that. 


It’s just casual sex, nothing else really. 


No, it’s not, Jeongguk thinks to himself. He sighs and brings his arm up to cover his eyes. You just don’t want to admit that it isn’t, but why?


His phone buzzing brings him out of whatever psychoanalysis he was thinking up. He pulls it out of his pocket and is surprised to see that it’s Taehyung calling him. 


“Hey,” he answers, absentmindedly rubbing a piece of thread between two of his fingers. “Calling so soon, Tae? I just saw you.”


“Hm, that’s true. I’d say I just wanted to hear your voice again, but honestly speaking, Yoongi told me to call.”


Jeongguk’s eyebrows furrow. “Why’s that? Couldn’t he have just called me himself? Not that I don’t love hearing your voice, though.”


Taehyung chuckles down the other line, making Jeongguk smile. He likes it when Taehyung is happy. “Thanks. He’s in the shower though, so he told me to get a head start on it. Anyway, we wanted to ask you something.”


“What is it?” Jeongguk feels his heart rate pick up and wills himself to relax. No point getting excited before he knows what they’re asking.


“Our friends are hosting a party this weekend—a dude named Hoseok and his fuckbuddy, Seokjin. Wanna come with?”


The fuckbuddy part kind of catches him off guard and Jeongguk almost chokes at the bluntness before composing himself. “Is everyone in this town gay and Korean?” He mumbles and Taehyung laughs heartily from the other line before choking out a no. “I’m down, babe. Hey—is it okay if I invite a friend, too?” He adds the last part, thinking of how much Jimin would appreciate coming down to spend time with Namjoon. Plus, he knows how horny they both get when drunk. They deserve this. 


“That’s fine, Guk. Babe, though? Basic.”


He blushes. “Shut up, Tae. It just slipped out.” 


“You can do better than that, petal.”


Taehyung hangs up then, and Jeongguk is feeling a lot at once; joy, satisfaction—






“Okay, do I look hot as fuck, or do I look hot as fuck?”


Taehyung spins, hands held out to the side as if exaggerating his point. His black, silk dress shirt tucked into a pair of jet black jeans has him feeling like a fucking meal. No, a buffet. 


Yoongi glances up from his phone for a second before going back to typing. “You look delicious, Tae,” he comments. 


The younger pouts and moves to lay down half on top of him, half on top of the mattress. It’s not comfortable, but Yoongi’s attention is more important than comfort. “You didn’t even look, rude ass,” Taehyung says, irritated. “What’s more important on your phone than how good I look right now?”


“See for yourself.” 


Taehyung huffs and turns his attention to Yoongi’s screen, which is open on his chat with Jeongguk. (Taehyung realizes that Yoongi has changed his contact name from jeongguk to bun with a heart and bunny emoji. If he recalls correctly, he’s still just coworker #1 . He tries to ignore the way his own heart lodges in his throat.)


Past texts of Yoongi asking to see his outfit, there’s a picture sent from Jeongguk. He’s standing in front of a mirror in what Taehyung presumes is his bedroom (which is super messy in typical teenage boy fashion) and has a little peace sign held out. His breath catches a little when he sees what Jeongguk is wearing because— wow. Is this the same kid they took to paint ceramics just days before? Because it sure as hell doesn’t look like it. 


Jeongguk is wearing leather pants that seem to strain against the muscles that are his thighs. A sheer black top with— holy shit are those fishnets for sleeves? Taehyung might just die before they even get a chance to see him. 


bun ❤️

do i look okay???



drop dead gorgeous, petal


Taehyung locks the phone after sending the text, tossing it back on the bed. “So you’re basically saying Jeongguk looks hotter than me.”


“Taehyung—I did not say that, oh my God.” Yoongi groans, flipping onto his back and holding Taehyung’s cheeks between his hands. His fingers are cold as always and Taehyung shivers, but not in a bad way. “Don’t forget that I’ve been... beside you all this time.” 


He catches the break between his words, and how Yoongi almost seems to say something else. He knows what Yoongi wants to say, if he’s being honest, but Taehyung allows himself to be blind for now. 


Eyes closed, he kisses Yoongi, more gently than usual and less sex-driven. It’s slow, more lips than tongue: more feeling than need. Taehyung never initiates kisses like these, and he knows he probably shouldn’t lest he hurt Yoongi, but for now he thinks this is what he needs. What they both need.


It’s a little painful, but it could be worse. 


“We should go,” Taehyung mumbles when they pull apart, breaths hot against each other’s faces. Yoongi’s eyes stay closed while Taehyung searches his face before he gives a nod. Taehyung wants him to open his eyes, to be enamoured by the dark brown he finds swallowing him up constantly. 


“Yeah, okay,” is all that Yoongi says. 


He doesn’t look at Taehyung when he wiggles out from under him, and Taehyung can’t help but feel like he did something wrong. 


He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. Boys are too difficult for him sometimes. 


Yoongi already has the car up and running by the time that he gets downstairs. Some R&B song he doesn’t recognize plays low, but he turns it up so neither of them feel the pressure of talking about what the fuck just happened. 


The drive is silent and filled with an unspoken tension that makes Taehyung rattle. He tries not to focus on that though, and stares outside his window in hopes of trying not to focus on it. 


Huntington Beach comes alive at this time—when all the kids are out and about, looking for some fun. It reminds him of San Junipero and himself. Taehyung finds he feels for them; feels the same way. He wonders if Jeongguk and Yoongi do, too. 


flower gukkie

just left!!! 


Speak of the Devil and he shall appear. Taehyung smiles to himself though; Jeongguk is so cute. 



okay! text when you get there :]


flower gukkie

will do~


Locking his phone, Taehyung goes back to staring out the window, watching the city he knows so well pass him by. He thinks of Jeongguk, how lucky they were to meet him and have their interest be mutual. He thinks of Yoongi, and how pleased he looks with having Jeongguk around; how much he seems to come out of himself. 


Jeongguk did that in two weeks. It took Taehyung over a month. 


He frowns, but pushes away the thought before it spreads like a cancer. It doesn’t matter. Some people will just… click immediately. And plus, Taehyung enjoyed his challenge of getting to know Yoongi, to open him up piece by piece (and hole by hole). It was worth it in the end. He and Yoongi have something between them that can’t be explained simply with a look or a gesture. But he doesn’t know what to call it exactly, either. 


They aren’t completely exclusive. That much is true given by how often they each have sex with someone else. But they always come back to one another at the end of the day, so how does that change now with Jeongguk involved?


The both of them really like Jeongguk, from what Taehyung can tell. The younger brings them together in a way Taehyung never would’ve imagined. Hell—three weeks ago he could have never seen himself going on a date with Yoongi, much less him and another person. It’s foreign to him, everything that’s going on, but he isn’t against it in any way, either. In fact, Taehyung finds himself almost excited for the future. 


Something about Jeongguk just might fill up whatever gap is between him and Yoongi. Maybe he shouldn’t be betting it all on one kid who’s come into their lives like a fucking wrecking ball, but his gut is never wrong. 


Whereas Taehyung would probably only have made an ‘if we’re still single by 40’ pact with Yoongi, Jeongguk makes him question if that’s all they’ve ever been. A few months back, Taehyung might’ve argued differently, but things have changed since then. Taehyung isn’t blind to it, even if Yoongi thinks he’s doing a great job at hiding it. 


So maybe, just maybe, he’ll give it a shot. 


“Text Jeongguk,” Yoongi says, bringing Taehyung out of his own thoughts. He looks through the windshield and sees Seokjin’s house, which already looks full with people. The music is blaring and there’s cups strewn all over the lawn, but everyone looks as if they’re having fun. He can’t wait to join in. 


Taehyung does as told, shooting off a quick we’re here text before locking his phone. He and Yoongi climb out of the car and walk up the steps, into the white-painted beach house. It’s even louder inside than outside, and the pungent smell of alcohol and weed is everywhere. 


Yoongi wrinkles his nose and readjusts his leather jacket, walking further inside. Taehyung follows him, mostly because Yoongi is easy to lose and harder to find in places like this. Plus, it’ll give him a chance to scout for their friends. 


Just as he thought, they find Hoseok behind the bar, serving up drinks as per usual. His hair is a nice blonde and his hands move faster than Taehyung can see. Bartender habits die hard. “Well, would ya look who it is!” He yells, which really isn’t necessary because his normal voice is louder than the music any day. “How’s my favourite bromo no homo couple doing?”


“You’re an idiot,” Yoongi says with a snort, leaning against the counter that separates them. Taehyung stays close enough to participate but not enough to touch Yoongi. He isn’t really sure where the elder is at yet. “Give us some drinks, yeah?”


“Course,” Hoseok grins, fixing up two cups for them. He already knows what they like, having known each other for so long. “When’s your boytoy getting here?”


“He’s not our boytoy,” Yoongi quips, taking the drink that’s offered to him. He glances in it before handing it over to Taehyung. “And he should be here soon. Tae?”


There’s no new texts, but Jeongguk did read his message. “On his way,” he informs, taking a slow sip from the red liquid. 


The blonde nods and pours beer into a cup that’s almost shoved into his face. “Make sure to introduce me to ’im. Oh, and you said he’s bringin’ friends, right? Seokjin wants to meet them, too.”


“Where is Seokjin?” Taehyung asks, glancing around again but not spotting the infamous pink haired man. 


“Dunno. Check downstairs, all the games are being played down there.”


They nod and thank him for the drinks before walking off to find Seokjin. The place is pretty packed though, so Taehyung gently takes Yoongi’s hand and guides them to the stairs. Yoongi doesn’t resist or pull away, so he guesses it's a good sign.  


They find Seokjin exactly where Hoseok said he would be, sitting in a ring with half a dozen people Taehyung only half recognizes. He sees Jaehwan and Hakyeon, and he thinks that's Michael throwing back a drink, but it's hard for him to tell since the colour of his hair is different from when they last met. 


Seokjin spots them a few seconds later, a pretty grin making its way high onto his reddened cheeks. “Yoongi, Tae! You made it!” He says excitedly, pulling them both into a tight, tipsy hug. “Wanna play?” 


“No thanks,” Yoongi says. Taehyung watches as he scouts over the people in the room, knowing that he's mentally calculating how drunk they are and how much he doesn't want to get involved. Yoongi’s easy to figure out once you know him. “We’re waiting for someone. I don't wanna scare him.” 


“Oh yeah!” Seokjin exclaims loudly with the reminder. “Jeongguk, right? The pretty one you fought over with Tae?” Yoongi nods and Seokjin’s eyes go wide. “Wow! Taehyung, you're not still upset are you?”


Taehyung smiles, friendly but guarded. He isn't a fan of dealing with intoxicated people when he's sober. “Nope. We worked it out, hyung, I told you.” 


It doesn't look like Seokjin remembers but he tries to feign it anyway. “Ah… Right…” He says almost distantly. Yoongi lets out a low snort and Taehyung nudges him in the side a little. “Well, you know where the bar and the bedrooms are! Have fun, okay? And introduce me to Jeongguk when he gets here!”


The look on Yoongi’s face is almost priceless and Taehyung laughs. “Will do, hyung,” he says, before dragging Yoongi back upstairs. 


He feels his phone vibrate and he almost goes weak in the knees from how excited he is. Just as he suspected, Jeongguk has texted him, saying that he and his friends are here. Taehyung responds by saying they'll come meet them outside. He tells Yoongi this, and together they exit the loud house and step out into the fresh air. 


Yoongi spots Jeongguk and two other guys leaning against a black car, talking amongst themselves. “Wow,” Yoongi whistles under his breath. “He looks better in real life.” 


“I really wish you'd say stuff like that about me,” Taehyung says without thinking too much, before letting go of Yoongi’s hand and heading towards the three arrivals. 


He doesn't turn to witness Yoongi’s reaction, but he doesn't imagine that it's one he wants to see anyway. He doesn't know why he did that; it's out of character. Despite all appearances between the two of them, Taehyung is usually the one who doesn't care much for what other people think of him, whereas Yoongi does. So why does it bother him all of a sudden?


(Why did he need to fuck everything up all of a sudden?)


He isn't sure, and he's too sober to think about it any longer. 


“Jeongguk!” He calls when he's within hearing range. Jeongguk tears his eyes away from the taller of the two he was talking to, catching Taehyung’s gaze immediately. A smile breaks out onto his face that spreads warmth throughout Taehyung's stomach and he jogs over to meet him halfway. 


“Tae!” Jeongguk says with the same enthusiasm. They stand in front of each other for a few seconds, not touching but just observing one another. Jeongguk looks him up and down and his doe eyes go even wider. “You look hot, shit.” 


Taehyung smirks and pulls Jeongguk into him by the fishnet sleeves of his shirt. “You don't look bad yourself, petal,” he whispers, placing a soft kiss on Jeongguk’s jaw. The younger shivers a little and Taehyung swells with pride. 


“Hey, bun,” Taehyung hears Yoongi say from behind them. Jeongguk pulls away from him to smile at Yoongi, moving to give the older a hug. “Wanna introduce us to your friends?”


Excitedly, Jeongguk pulls them over to the two boys still standing next to the car. The taller one with glasses and green hair (that he somehow manages to pull off, what the fuck) introduces himself as Namjoon, while the shorter brunet welcomes them with a big smile and a, “Hi, I’m Jimin!” Taehyung likes them right away. 


He can feel Yoongi's eyes on him when they all walk into the house, Taehyung steering the newcomers towards the bar to introduce them to Hoseok. He ignores him though, choosing instead to debate with Jeongguk over which drinks are better. (He votes vodka, while Jeongguk seems to be more of a whiskey kind of guy. They come to a consensus when they revel in how awful beer is.) 


“Boys, this is Hoseok,” Taehyung says when the blonde catches a break from serving drinks. “Hoseok, this is Jeongguk, Namjoon and Jimin.” 


“Hi!” Hoseok smiles brightly at them, preparing drinks for them all. “What d’you like? I’ve got basically everything.” 


They take their turns ordering and chatting a bit with Hoseok, who seems to fit right in with them. Taehyung feels content watching them all, happy that his friend group is getting along so well with Jeongguk’s. Maybe this will work out perfectly. 


There's a tug on his sleeve, and Taehyung turns only to meet eyes with Yoongi. He looks like he’s thinking hard, and Taehyung doesn't doubt that it has something to do with what he said earlier. Maybe this won’t work out so perfectly. 


“Can we talk?” Yoongi asks, leaning in only so he can be heard without shouting. 


Taehyung pulls his arm away and wraps the one further from Yoongi around Jeongguk’s pretty waist. “Not now,” he says, eyes hardened. Yoongi rolls his eyes but backs off, slinking off into the crowd and out of Taehyung’s sight. 


Movement brings Taehyung back to where he is, Jeongguk turning so he can face him while Namjoon and Jimin talk to Hoseok for a while longer. “Oh?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed as he looks around. “Where did Yoongi go?” 


“He’s just partying,” Taehyung lies, tightening his grip on Jeongguk’s waist. “Just like we should be. C’mon.” 


He drags them away from the bar and into the bigger part of the house being used as a makeshift dance floor. He dances alongside Jeongguk to five, six songs, letting the younger do as he wishes during each one. Jeongguk is a phenomenal dancer, he learns, and he briefly wonders what else he could do with those legs. 


Fortunately enough, they take a break as another song starts up. “Let's go get something to drink,” Taehyung tells him, grabbing his hand and pulling him outside to where he knows there's a cooler. 


The night is cool and nearly makes his sweat freeze to his body. He grabs two sodas for himself and Jeongguk, pulling him along so they can sit on the sand. “Are you having a good time?” He asks once they've relaxed, studying the younger curiously. 


Jeongguk hums and flexes his toes in the sand. “I am,” he starts, and Taehyung can feel a but coming. “But I wish Yoongi was around. I haven't seen him for a while now…” 


Guilt swims in his gut and Taehyung forces himself to look away. “Don’t worry, Guk, he—”


“He, what?” Yoongi’s voice is suddenly very close as he comes and takes a seat on Jeongguk’s other side. Taehyung is caught off guard for a moment and locks eyes with Yoongi, but he quickly turns away. “Hey. Are you having fun, bun?”


Oblivious to the tension that's skyrocketed, Jeongguk smiles and nods. “Taehyung danced with me for a really long time, and whoever’s playing the music has good taste. Also, Hoseok makes fantastic drinks. I like him!”


Yoongi makes a thoughtful sound. Out of the corner of his eye, Taehyung can see him smiling at the younger. “That's good. I like Namjoon and Jimin, too, by the way. They're very entertaining.”


“Have you been with them the whole time?” Jeongguk asks, taking a sip from his Cola. Yoongi shrugs and says something, but Taehyung has stopped listening. 


He stares out at the ocean, a million thoughts swirling around at an almost rapid pace. Guilt hangs over him like a cloud, and he feels responsible for whatever tension is between he and Yoongi right now. He knows he should acknowledge it and try to explain, but it's—it's not easy. Taehyung has never been easy. 


He is a coward. 


“—inside and hang with your friends, I need to talk to Tae.” 


Jeongguk obediently follows what Yoongi asks of him, brushing off his pants and sliding his shoes back on. “Don't be long, okay? I wanna dance with you!” He calls, before jogging back into the house with a smile. Taehyung finds his purity infatuating. 


Then, it's only him and Yoongi. They're silent for a few minutes, letting the sounds of the waves crashing and the music from the house fill up the emptiness. “So?” Taehyung says finally, unable to bear it. He fucking hates this. “Did you need to say something to me?”


“Can you stop that?” Yoongi snaps at him, cutting him a look that Taehyung doesn't want to meet. “I hate it when you're all defensive and shit. I don't know what you expect me to do.”


“Sorry if I’m inconveniencing you,” Taehyung huffs with an eye roll. “Wasn't exactly my intention.”


“So what was your intention then? Starting a fight?”


“Obviously not!” He nearly yells, glaring at Yoongi. There's anger filling up his stomach now, and Taehyung is thinking that he definitely doesn't want to be part of this conversation. He hates fighting with Yoongi more than anything. “I don't know, okay? I don't fucking know. Maybe I just wanted you to pay attention to me.” 


Yoongi frowns, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “I pay attention to you all the goddamn time, Taehyung. Me being a little distracted is no reason for you to be this upset.”


Taehyung shakes his head. This is pointless. If he himself doesn't get it, how is he supposed to make Yoongi understand? “You weren't just ‘a little distracted’. We’ve got this—this thing with Jeongguk now, and all of a sudden the both of us revolve around him and not each other. I like him just as much as you do, don't get me wrong. But I’m not going to prioritize either of you over the other. And that's…” He pauses, takes a deep breath, tries to think of the words that have been scratching at his throat all night. “That's what it feels like you're doing. You're picking him over me. I can’t blame you for it, because I know I’m far from great and even further from what you need, but still. It’s not as if it doesn't hurt me.”


There's silence again once he finishes, and Taehyung lets out a heavy breath, turning away from Yoongi. He hadn’t realized all this was piling up inside of him, but now that it's out he almost feels worse. 


He senses Yoongi moving closer to him, closing the gap that Jeongguk had left. “Tae…”


“It’s fine,” he cuts him off, staring out at the dark waters. “I don't need you to tell me what I already know.” 


“You know shit-all.” Yoongi says, fierce enough to make Taehyung look at him again. He looks pained, like he’s caught between two things that just don't make sense. It's valid, Taehyung presumes, but it doesn't help. “I’m not… I didn't mean to make it seem that way. I wouldn't pick anyone over you, ever. You… You’re incredible, Taehyung. More so than you ever give yourself credit for. And now we've got Jeongguk, who's just as incredible in his own way.” Yoongi takes a breath and rests one of his hands on Taehyung’s thigh tentatively. Taehyung lets him, and he goes on. “I’m new to this, okay? I don't know what to do, just as much as you don't. I’m sorry, if you feel like you're–you're  being sidelined. But that's not true. I…”


A burst of anxiety rushes through him and Taehyung wants to crawl out of his skin. “Don't,” he says softly, not able to to hold Yoongi's gaze anymore, instead staring sadly at the hand on his lap. “Please don't say what I think you're going to say. It's not—I can’t. Not right now.” 


He doesn't need to look at Yoongi to see the hurt that passes over his features. Taehyung feels so, so awful. “Okay. If you say so,” Yoongi pulls his hand away and stands, grains of sand falling off of him like a slow landslide. “Just know that I do, and that I can wait.” He pauses, and Taehyung’s sure he's going to walk back into the house, back to Jeongguk—but he doesn't. “Can we… Forget about this, for the rest of the night? For Jeongguk, at least?” Yoongi asks. Taehyung wants to tell him no, that he wants to wallow in all of these feelings that are hitting him too hard and all at once, but instead he nods and let's Yoongi pull him up. 


“Yoongi?” Taehyung says his name so gently, like Yoongi will break if he's too loud. “I’m sorry.” 


Yoongi shakes his head and steps into Taehyung’s space, kissing him chastely. “Don't be. It's not your fault,” he reminds Taehyung, before moving away and holding a hand out for him to take. “Come on, then. Let's see how much teasing Jeongguk can endure.” 


They're not even remotely okay, but Taehyung takes his hand anyway. He’s known Yoongi for three years now. They come as a package deal, no matter what. 




Back inside, Jeongguk seems to have found Seokjin. The two of them are joined by Namjoon and Jimin, though they're making out sloppily instead of participating in whatever conversation is supposedly going on. Taehyung lets Yoongi pull him over, and they sit down next to Jeongguk, who is significantly more drunk now than he was when he left them.  


“Seokjin!” Jeongguk exclaims when they’re seated next to him. “Here they are! They're my—my what? My boyfriends? Wait, I don't think so… But they kiss me! Isn't that nice?”


“Super nice,” Seokjin says with a giggle. “You know what's better? The sex. Taehyung has the best dick in the world, after Hoseok, of course. Hot damn, if he wasn't so attached to Yoongi, I’d steal him for m’self.”


Jeongguk’s eyes are as wide as saucers when he looks at Taehyung, who’s relaxed against the couch with a smug look on his face. “Is your dick really that bomb?” He tries to whisper, but alcohol does funny things to his perception of—well, everything. “Is it, Yoongi?”


Yoongi shrugs and smirks, placing his hand back on Taehyung’s thigh like it had been before, but this time in a completely different context. “Dunno, bun. If you weren't drunk I’d help you find out.”


“Noooo,” Jeongguk whines, lips pulled into a pout. “I wanna know! That's not fair!”


Raising an eyebrow in surprise, Taehyung and Yoongi exchange a look. Neither he nor Yoongi wants to do anything with Jeongguk if he isn't sober enough to give proper consent, but both of them have rules. “No whining, petal, or else you'll get in trouble,” Taehyung warns. This only seems to spur Jeongguk on further, as he proceeds to crawl onto both their laps (which Taehyung doesn't understand how he does, but he manages).


“You're being mean,” Jeongguk somehow manages to put the pout into his voice and Taehyung is having a really hard time keeping himself in check. Yoongi pinches his thigh with a sharp look and a small shake of his head. 


“And you need to get to bed,” Taehyung ultimately decides, running a hand through Jeongguk’s hair. “Let's go home, okay?”


“Will you show me when we get there?”


Yoongi and Taehyung haul the boy up to his feet, arms around his shoulders and waist. “We’ll see, okay?” Yoongi answers, which seems to satisfy Jeongguk enough. 


Before they go, Taehyung nudges Namjoon with his foot. He pulls away from Jimin, who chooses to bury himself in the crook of Namjoon’s neck. “We’re taking Guk home with us, and I’ll have him text you in the morning.” Namjoon nods before Jimin is pulling at his shirt to ring him back into a ferocious looking kiss. 


Together, Yoongi and Taehyung manage to get Jeongguk strapped in the backseat. He’s giggling all cute like, and Taehyung watches fondly as Yoongi presses a sweet kiss to his temple before climbing into the driver’s seat. 


“Drunk Jeongguk is pretty adorable,” Yoongi comments once they're on the road back to their apartment. “It's too bad, though. I wanted to tease him more.”


Taehyung shrugs, glancing at the younger who seems to have fallen asleep. “I think we’ll have lots of time for that, sugar.”


When Yoongi reaches for his hand, Taehyung grabs onto his first. 




The next morning, Taehyung is woken by the smell of pancakes. 


At first, he’s extremely confused; Yoongi doesn't really know how to cook breakfast items, always more of a dinner guy himself. So he’s ruled out, unless there's actually a fire going on and his brain is trying to suppress the threat of immediate danger. 


Whatever the case, it's enough to rouse him from his sleep. Groggily, he makes his way to the kitchen, rubbing at his eyes with his hand to get the gunk out of them. The sight that welcomes him is anything but what he was expecting. 


Jeongguk is standing at the stove, still wearing the clothes he borrowed from them (a pair of Taehyung’s shorts and one of Yoongi’s thinner sweaters). He’s in the midst of flipping over a pancake, concentration etched cutely into his features with the way his eyebrows furrow and his mouth purses. Taehyung leans against the doorway to just admire him because, admittedly, this is a sight he could get used to. 


“Whatcha doin’?” He asks eventually, just as Jeongguk it setting a finished pancake on a plate. He jumps a little in surprise, but manages not to drop it. 


When he spots Taehyung, his cheeks go a little pink and Taehyung wants to kiss him more than anything at this moment. “Wanted to do something nice for you guys, since you let me stay here,” Jeongguk says softly. Taehyung melts, going over to him and hugging the younger from the back. 


“You're so cute, petal,” he coos, pressing a kiss onto Jeongguk’s neck. He giggles and squirms a little, which Taehyung finds even more adorable. “Thank you for breakfast, even though you didn't have to.”


At this moment, Yoongi emerges from the bathroom, still looking as if he only just woke up. “I brushed my teeth, can we eat now?” He says, taking a seat at their small table. “Good morning, angel.”


“Morning,” Taehyung calls back, unwrapping himself from Jeongguk to go and brush his teeth. He comes back afterwards to fetch plates and forks. He sets three of each on the table as Jeongguk brings the food over: pancakes, toast, fruit and sausage. Taehyung might marry him right now. 


Yoongi almost starts drooling as he looks at it all, and Taehyung laughs at him. “You don't get to laugh, Tae. The last time you tried to make breakfast, you almost gave us food poisoning.”


He brushes him off with a wave of his hand as Jeongguk laughs. “I’ll cook breakfast for you whenever you want,” Guk tells them with a smile. 


Exchanging a look between them, they turn towards the boy. “How about being our boyfriend first?” Yoongi asks him. 


This seems to catch Jeongguk off guard and he looks from Yoongi to Taehyung and back again. “R-really?”  He stutters out, and Taehyung has to hold himself back from pinching his cheeks. “I mean–uh, I… I’d love to be your boyfriend.” 


They each take one of Jeongguk’s hands, Taehyung caressing the back soothingly. “You’re all ours now, petal,” he says, moving in close to kiss Jeongguk’s forehead. The younger squeaks, and then smiles all pretty and soft when Yoongi does the same. “Let’s eat, yeah?”


Taehyung and Yoongi aren’t exactly okay, but with Jeongguk in the middle, Taehyung hopes that they can be. 






Hearing his name, Yoongi looks up from the book he was reading, towards where Taehyung and Jeongguk are playing in the sand. It’s been about a month since they became official, and today was Jeongguk’s turn to choose what they did for the day. He had chosen beach day, which meant sandcastles & surfing. Or reading, in Yoongi’s case (as well as staring at how beautiful his two boyfriends are). 


Jeongguk is gesturing towards the sand castle they’ve built with the help of many toys Taehyung forgot he had. Yoongi has to admit that it’s pretty impressive, considering how shit Taehyung is with tools. “Isn’t it cool?”


“Super!” Yoongi calls out with a grin. Jeongguk beams as if he’s trying to outshine the sun, and gets back to work, like his sandcastle needs more perfecting. 


For a brief moment, Yoongi locks eyes with Taehyung. They haven’t really talked about what happened at the party, and Yoongi knows for a fact Taehyung doesn’t want to, even if it’s hurting him. So Yoongi has left it alone for now, but it’s hard pretending he doesn’t feel— so much.


Despite how well they work as a trio, and how well they each work with Jeongguk, Yoongi and Taehyung are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their feelings for each other don’t meet in the middle, and the pressure of knowing that makes them both feel like they want to run for the hills. They’re like an imbalanced chemical formula that only keeps from exploding when you add Jeongguk to the mix, but Yoongi knows all too well good things don’t last forever. 


Whatever pretenses he and Taehyung are putting up to shield Jeongguk will crumble eventually, and he’s positive they won’t go down quietly. 


“Let’s go surf, Yoongi,” Jeongguk says, reaching for his board. “I want to see you kill it on the waves of life!”


“I’ll just end up killing myself,” Yoongi grumbles, but marks his page anyway and makes his way towards them. Taehyung hands him his surfboard and Yoongi takes it thankfully, but without much of a look towards him. It hurts him a lot, to look at Taehyung, especially when he’s like this—gold skin out for the sun to bathe in light, hair fluttering in the wind as if this is a movie. Yoongi is too far down the rabbit hole and Taehyung is too scared to follow him in for him to feel like this. 


He’s about to turn away when Taehyung grabs at his arm, gently enough not to hurt but still noticeable. “I know this isn’t what you want, but I don’t want you to run away. This is all I can give you for now,” Taehyung’s voice is low to keep Jeongguk from hearing, but Yoongi hears him loud and clear. A part of him appreciates it because it helps him breathe a little easier, but the other part wishes Taehyung didn’t know. 


Things were easier when he didn’t know. 


All he can do is nod and smile before turning away. Jeongguk is already standing in the shallow water, watching them with a curious look on his face. Yoongi tries to play off the conversation as not looking all that serious, which makes Jeongguk’s face soften. “You’re such slowpokes,” Jeongguk says when they meet him. Yoongi rolls his eyes and Taehyung nudges Jeongguk with his board. 


“Show us what you got, petal,” Taehyung encourages him nodding towards the ocean. Jeongguk grins and starts wadding in, the other two following close behind. “Let’s see you put those abs to work!”


Jeongguk laughs and Yoongi feels everything inside him threaten to burst in an explosion of flower petals and butterflies. Gross. 


“You’ve got abs too, Taehyung,” Jeongguk says with a very telling look towards Taehyung's torso. 


“Mine don’t count. They’re from, like, Yoongi making me do all the heavy lifting all the time.”


“Seriously?” Yoongi scoffs, flicking water at Taehyung from where he sits on top of his board. “You do shit-all ninety-nine percent of the time. You don’t even lift!”


“Hey! Those bags of rice are really fucking heavy! They’re literally eight kilos each and you make us buy them in bulk.”


“You’re an idiot.”


“You’re both idiots,” Jeongguk comments before paddling further out. Yoongi and Taehyung fall into silence as they watch him prepare to ride the incoming wave, breaths held tightly in their throats. 


There’s nothing for them to worry about because Jeongguk is absolutely flawless in everything he does. He stands at the last possible moment and glides almost effortlessly throughout the whole thing. He even waves and blows them a kiss, which they pretend to fight over. It’s light and wonderful and Yoongi feels so, so in love. 


He startles himself with the realization, but Yoongi always falls hard and fast. With Jeongguk getting all wrapped up in their lives, there’s no doubt within him that he loves the both of them so much. It’s kind of scary, and he wants to keep it to himself for now, but he finds a strange sense of comfort in the notion. 


“So? I'm pretty good right?” Jeongguk asks once he’s swam back over. He’s dripping wet from head to toe, the sun behind him making it look as if he’s literally glowing. There’s a grin on his face that Yoongi finds himself returning. It’s kind of hard for him not to smile when Jeongguk is involved. 


“Eh,” Taehyung shrugs, sliding down so he’s lying on his stomach on top of his board. “You’re alright. I’ll show you some real surfing.” 


Jeongguk rolls his eyes but paddles over to take Taehyung’s spot next to Yoongi. They watch as Taehyung waits for the perfect wave. Yoongi finds himself getting excited; Taehyung’s no amateur, even if he doesn’t show off his skills all that often. He wonders if he’s only doing this to impress them, which makes him feel tingly all over. Ugh. 


“No way,” Jeongguk says when Taehyung paddles further left. The telltale signs of a barrel are starting to form, and Yoongi watches amusedly as Jeongguk’s jaw drops with surprise. “No way! There’s no fucking way he’s gonna get in on that, is he?”


Yoongi smirks and nods over at Taehyung. “Just watch.” 


Sometimes Yoongi thinks of what would happen if Taehyung had given up everything to surf like his dad had. He certainly has the talent, and he’s one of the hardest workers Yoongi has ever known. He easily could’ve made a name for himself within the surfing community, but for some reason, Taehyung decided to study to be an aquatic veterinarian. 


Why does he love two guys who want to help marine animals? Is this some kind of fetish? 


He shakes his head in an attempt to focus back on what’s going on. Taehyung’s about ready to do a backside and Jeongguk is completely flipping his shit. “Oh, fuck! He’s—he can do that? I’ve never seen a backside in real life, only on TV in surf competitions. This is insane!” 


“He’s just that good,” Yoongi says with a shrug of nonchalance. Jeongguk is gaping as Taehyung completes the trick perfectly, and follows it up with a short aerial before he wipes out. It’s probably the greatest thing Yoongi has ever seen in his entire life. 


“What the fuck!” Jeongguk cries as soon as Taehyung’s swam back over to them. His hair is falling into his eyes, (Yoongi really should take him to get a haircut) but he’s grinning even as Jeongguk riddles him with playful punches. “You didn’t tell me you were some kind of surf god! I look like an idiot now. My floater was so… meh.”


Taehyung coos, scratching at the back of Jeongguk neck the way they both know he likes. “Sorry, petal, but your cockiness was cute while it lasted.” Jeongguk pouts but it’s quickly dissolved after a quick kiss from Taehyung. The redhead pulls away and nods towards Yoongi, gesturing over the horizon. “You’re up, sugar.” 


He scowls but lies down on his board. “I should’ve gone before you. You showed me up, angel.”


He doesn’t need to look back to see Taehyung roll his eyes. “As if!” He hears him call over the sound of the water. 


If he’s honest, Jeongguk picked a perfect day to go down to the beach. The waves are high and large, the perfect kind for surfing. The sun is still high in the sky despite it nearing evening, and the water calms him in all it’s serenity. Yoongi thinks this next one is gonna be just good enough for him to do a tail slide, which is all he’s really got the energy for right now—even if, frankly, it’s harder than a floater. Can you blame him for wanting to impress his boyfriends, too?


Time passes slowly when you’re cruising on the ocean, Yoongi always finds. It feels like it takes hours for him to break the fins off the lid of wave, even if it’s only seconds. The slipperiness of the board makes it hard to keep his footing, but he manages to switch feet just fine. He must look so fucking cool right now. Eat it, skateboarders!


He lets himself fall into the water when his run is over, letting the current push him back towards his boyfriends. He loves that word. Boyfriends. He's feeling tingly again.


“I hate you both,” is the first thing Yoongi hears when he finally makes it back to them. “I’m giving up surfing. I’m gonna go into something stupid like architecture or archeology or anthropology.”


“You're just naming careers that start with A. Actually, I’m surprised you even know what anthropology is.”


“Okay, you know what? You can make me look like a loser on the waves, but you are not allowed to insult my three remaining brain cells, Taehyung.”


“Sor— stop, what are you doing. Jeongguk. Jeongguk! I’m sorry! Guk — ah! Stop, I’m sorry!”


There's a loud splash and a scream that Yoongi hears distantly below the water. With a roll of his eyes he sits up on his board, and looks down to see Jeongguk pretty much holding Taehyung in a chokehold. 


Just typical Sunday afternoon antics.


Eventually the two younger ones come up, Jeongguk looking smug and Taehyung gasping for air while rubbing at his neck. “You asshole. I’m never gonna suck your dick.” Taehyung threatens, while they all paddle back to shore. 


Jeongguk has the decency to look mildly hurt. “Wait, no! I've literally waited so fucking long. Do you know how many times Yoongi has sent me your nudes to mess with me? Do you?”


“Yoongi sends you my nudes?”


“He's lying.”


“What the fuck, I am not!”


He kind of feels bad for teasing the younger, so Yoongi takes Jeongguk by the hand and pulls him towards the large blanket they brought. He holds out a red towel and tosses the purple one towards Taehyung. “We’re just kidding, bun,” Yoongi says while drying Jeongguk’s hair. Jeongguk huffs.  “Why are you in such a rush to get your dick wet anyway?”


The younger scowls, but the way his nose scrunches only makes him look cuter. “I’m 20 years old, Yoongi. Why wouldn't I want to get my dick wet? Especially when I’m dating the fucking Timothée Chalamet and Alex Turner of Huntington.”


Taehyung snorts from where he's situated himself on the blanket. “Are you comparing us to average looking white males?”


“Yes. Except, you're hotter. Maybe. Alex Turner…”


There's a sandwich covered in plastic wrap launched at Jeongguk's head just as Yoongi ducks a little to dry his abs (which is totally for Jeongguk’s sake and not his own pleasure). “Fuck you, petal.” 


“That's what I want you to do!”


A thought comes to Yoongi at that moment, and he stills his drying. Jeongguk doesn't seem to notice, having gone back to bickering with Taehyung. 


He looks around quickly to see if there's anyone else on the beach, but finds it mostly devoid of people. It's kind of weird, but, YOLO. 


Slowly but carefully, Yoongi moves the hand not holding the towel to run down Jeongguk’s torso. He feels the boy tense up slightly, but for the most part he pays him no mind. Yoongi continues his slow trek until he gets to the waistband of Jeongguk’s board shorts, and starts rubbing at the area of skin right above. After a few moments, he slips his fingers past the waistband, which finally seems to get Jeongguk’s attention. Taehyung has noticed too, with the way he keeps his eyes locked on Yoongi’s wrist. 


“Um,” Jeongguk starts, unsure, “What are you doing?”


“You keep complaining about how you wanna play with the big boys,” Yoongi says, pulling his hand out quickly when Taehyung drags Jeongguk down onto the blanket. “I'm just trying to help you out.”


Either Jeongguk is really sunburnt or he's trying to become a tomato — his face is so red. “I mean, yeah, b-but we’re in public? Wh-what if someone sees?” 


“Shh,” Taehyung says softly, holding Jeongguk around his middle with his chest pressed to the boy’s back. “Don't worry about that. We won't do much, and if you wanna go home, we can, okay?”


Yoongi watches Jeongguk’s expression carefully as he sits in front of him, hands holding onto his thighs without applying too much pressure. “We don't have to do anything you don't want to, and we’re not gonna do a whole lot,” he explains. “Are you okay with that?”


He hesitates a little, but eventually Jeongguk nods. Taehyung grins and turns his head so they can kiss, which seems to help Jeongguk relax almost immediately. With a little encouragement, Yoongi manages to slide his trunks down enough just to get Jeongguk’s dick out. Mysteriously, he's already half hard, which inflates Yoongi’s ego a tiny bit. 


With slow strokes, Yoongi pumps Jeongguk while Taehyung sucks a hickey into his neck. Jeongguk’s cock is fairly big though — almost as big as Taehyung’s — so Yoongi changes his position so that way he’s lying on his stomach. One of Jeongguk’s hands makes its way into his hair as Yoongi places his lips just on the tip of his dick. Yoongi pauses, because he loves teasing Jeongguk, and gives it the slightest of licks. Jeongguk’s hips jerk up excitedly, but he’s almost instantly shut down when Taehyung presses them back down with the hand that isn’t occupied with the younger’s nipples. 


“Yoongi,” Jeongguk groans, voice high and whiny. “Please, please – do something.” 


“You’re so impatient,” Yoongi tsks. “Is that any way to ask for something?”


“Where are your manners, baby boy?” Taehyung taunts, pulling at Jeongguk’s swollen nipple. The younger mewls, back arching underneath Taehyung’s touch. 


His head falls back onto Taehyung’s shoulder and he peeks just one eye open to look at Yoongi. “Please suck me off? Pretty please?”


Well, he did use the magic word. 


With renewed vigour, Yoongi swallows Jeongguk’s dick almost completely whole. The younger’s hips jerk sporadically, but Taehyung manages to keep him in place. Yoongi glides his tongue along the underside and uses his hand to wrap around the base of Jeongguk’s cock, wanting to drag this out even the littlest bit longer so Jeongguk won’t complain so much. The boy groans, pulling at Yoongi’s hair with one hand while the other holds onto Taehyung’s neck. 


He never imagined he’d be in a situation like this; on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of California, sucking one of his boyfriend’s dicks right out in the open while his other boyfriend kept him in check. Fifteen year-old Yoongi would be practically creaming at the thought. 


“Ah, Yoongi,” Jeongguk mewls, cock twitching inside of Yoongi’s hot mouth. “I’m – I’m not gonna, hngh, last l-long.” 


He glances up at Jeongguk from underneath his eyelashes; takes in his sweaty form, the way his mouth drops when Taehyung bites his nipple, and how flushed his cheeks are. Yoongi thinks they look beautiful. 


Taehyung looks like sunset and Jeongguk feels like a daydream. Some things, these things, them —can’t be captured on film, but must be felt in the flesh. 


He pulls off and starts jerking Jeongguk off, using one hand to pump him and the other to tug lightly at Taehyung’s hair. “Do you wanna come, Gukkie? Wanna come right here where anyone could see you?”


Jeongguk thrashes a little beneath their hold, a soft cry ripped from his throat. “Yes, I do! Please, let me come, please.”


Taehyung sits up and licks his lips, looking at Yoongi expectantly. “What do you think, sugar? He’s been a good boy, hasn’t he?”


“I have,” it sounds like Jeongguk’s about to cry and Yoongi’s heart does about a million jumps. “Please, Yoongi.” 


And he must be in such a good mood — spending time with your boyfriends usually does that — so Yoongi takes Jeongguk back into his mouth. He sucks until Jeongguk comes down his throat with a cry, hips jerking before slowly coming down. Taehyung leans forward expectantly, and Yoongi captures his lips in a kiss; lets Taehyung lick the remnants of Jeongguk from his mouth. 


“You did so well, petal,” Taehyung reassures him softly after he pulls away, fingers running through Jeongguk’s hair while Yoongi cleans him up a little. “Are you happy now?”


He must be too tired to speak, so Jeongguk just nods slowly and puckers his lips. Taehyung rolls his eyes and kisses him. Yoongi’s heart: beat at a normal pace challenge: failed. 


“Come on,” he says after a few minutes, holding a hand out for one of them to take, “let’s go home.”


Surprisingly enough, Taehyung grabs first. 




boyfriend #1

guk wants ice cream but he’s not gonna tell u tht 

pls buy him some for me!! 

i can’t believe my uncle is makin me work td 

this is homophobic 



can you Please shut up

im on a DATE


boyfriend #1 





clearly they aren’t doing much for you 

if you’re stuck at work while im here with ♡him♡


boyfriend #1 

have fun on the couch tnight! 

fuck u! ♡♡♡



currently buying him ice cream


boyfriend #1


u can sleep at the foot of the bed but ur on thin fuckign ice



perhaps i l*ve you


He pockets his phone before he can panic over whatever Taehyung answers to that, choosing instead to focus all his attention on Jeongguk. The aforementioned is licking excitedly at the scoop of rocky road Yoongi bought him, his cheeks getting stickier with each lick. Yoongi doesn't understand how he manages to make such a mess. 


He grabs some tissues from the stand as they leave, heading in no particular direction. Jeongguk had been bored back at his apartment, and since Taehyung was working at The Shack today, Yoongi had suggested they go out for a walk together. They’d been around most places that were near the apartment Jeongguk was living in, Yoongi pointing out anything recognizable. He also told Jeongguk different stories he had associated with each location, like:


“See that weird looking palm tree? The one next to the big rock?”


“Mhm. Let me guess, that’s where you fell in love with Taehyung.”


“First of all, fuck you, I’m not in love with him. Second of all, that’s literally been your only guess this entire time.” 


“I’m thinking that at some point I’ll be right.” 


“Whatever. Point is, that’s where I dared Hoseok – the bartender, from the party? – to strip down and yell that he was a “glory gay”. He almost got arrested for that.” 


“I think… I’m dating a psychopath.” 


They’re having a lot of fun, Yoongi promises. 


They end up walking along the pier, hands held together as they stare at the water. Yoongi can hear children running around along the beach near them, but having Jeongguk around makes everything shift out of focus. He’s distracting, to say the least. 


“Yoongi,” Jeongguk says suddenly, looking down at the older. He hums in acknowledgement and pulls them towards a bench. Jeongguk bites his lip and fiddles with the hem of his beige tee. 


“What is it?” Yoongi asks when Jeongguk continues to stay silent. The younger regards him quizzically, before kissing him quickly. 


Jeongguk smiles when he pulls away, shy and soft. “I’m sorry I just — can you tell me? For real?” He pauses, seems to fight with himself, and Yoongi just watches in a surprised silence. “What does Taehyung mean to you?”


It shocks him for a moment, having never received a question like that from anyone other than himself. And truth be told, Yoongi doesn’t know for sure. 


So what exactly is he supposed to tell Jeongguk? 


“Taehyung is my friend,” he manages to get out, after a minute or two of pondering. “And my boyfriend. He’s someone I’ve spent a lot of time with. He’s…”


“Someone you’re in love with?”


Well, Yoongi can only deny him for so long. 


“Yeah,” he sighs, turns away from Jeongguk in favour of staring at his feet. He should really get these boots replaced. “Yeah. I love him. So what?” 


He cant see him but Yoongi can feel the frown on Jeongguk’s face. “What do you mean so what? Does he know? Have you told him? If you had, wouldn't this weird tension around you guys like… not be around? I’m so confused. You guys are confusing.”


Memories from Hoseok and Seokjin’s party surface to the forefront of his mind. It hurts a little, but Yoongi thinks it might do him some good to talk about it. 


“He knows but I haven’t told him.” Yoongi explains. Jeongguk looks possibly more confused than before, which really shouldn’t look that cute on him. “He can read me like an open book. He just doesn’t want me to say it.” 


“Why not?”


“Because he's a coward.” 


It slips out before Yoongi can process it, but lying to Jeongguk would’ve felt worse. 


Taehyung has his fair share of problems, just like most people. Him not wanting Yoongi to tell him yet — and not being able to tell Yoongi, because he hopes Taehyung feels the same despite it all — is a consequence of those problems. 


And Yoongi understands, to a degree, of course. He’s been there. Felt unloved, unwanted, like he meant nothing to no one. But ironically enough, Taehyung is the one that changed all that. 


Yoongi is forced to wonder why he can’t do the same. 


Beside him, Jeongguk seems to squirm a little. “That doesn’t seem like a good thing.” Yoongi shrugs, and rubs a hand through his hair. This is tiring him out. “Does he… does he love you, too?”


The question hangs in the air for a moment, and it weighs heavy on Yoongi. 


There will always be uncertainties in life, he knows this. Some are just harder on the heart than others. Taehyung’s feelings for him are just another one of them. 


“I hope that he does, Guk.” 


“Does… could he love me?”


It hits him like a whip to hear Jeongguk ask something like that, and Yoongi immediately reaches for his hands again. “Bun, I don’t know about how he feels towards me, but I don’t want you to think you’re in the same boat. You bring out something better in Taehyung that I haven’t seen in a while. Don’t doubt yourself, or him, because of me, okay?” The words are rushing out before he can really think about them, and although he looks sad, Jeongguk seems satisfied with that answer. 


“Okay then,” the younger says, letting out a heavy breath from his nose. “Could we go visit Taehyung for a while? I’m sure he’s lonely.” 


Yoongi nods and kisses him, short and sweet, before they head off hand-in-hand to join with their third part. 


In spite of everything that’s happened and is happening, Taehyung is the third piece to them and that will never change. Maybe he and Yoongi still have a few things to work on, but he is sure that with time, they can make it work. 


So Yoongi hopes, hopes, hopes. 



It’s a Saturday night, and Jeongguk is on his way over to their place. Yoongi is proceeding in the action of freaking the fuck out. 


Taehyung had run up to him just hours before and nearly screamed in his face, “Guk is coming over to Netflix and chill!” And, well… in this day and age, everyone knows what that means. 


Yoongi had gone to buy more lube, condoms and alcohol (because Jeongguk always complained about how he could never buy any without shoulder tapping someone) while Taehyung tried to figure out what kind of snacks Jeongguk wanted (because Jeongguk is also a bit of a baby and loves to munch on stuff). 


It’s not that they had planned for tonight to be The Night, but the youngest of the trio had started complaining more and more often since the incident at the beach. Yoongi felt like he was going to go mad. “What else can you do with your mouth?” was one of Jeongguk’s favourite tactics to try and rile him up, but he always fought back by simply kissing him and returning to whatever activity they had up for the day. 


Taehyung, on the other hand, was always a little meaner. He would give Yoongi blowjobs or let Yoongi fuck him right before Jeongguk was supposed to come over, the stench of sex pungent in the air. Every single time he would give the youngest a sheepish smile, whilst Jeongguk felt utterly and completely betrayed. It was fun to watch, even if Yoongi felt a little bad. 


But he also knew that he and Taehyung wanted to be certain that Jeongguk was in this for real. Waiting this long was only to make sure Jeongguk had time to back out if he so wanted. After all, it’s not like he’s done this before. Whereas Taehyung and Yoongi have had their fair share of experiences, this is all pretty new for Jeongguk. 


“Did you find a movie?” He asks Taehyung as he brings over a platter of nachos from the kitchen. 


“Is Deadpool good? It’s basically action and soft porn.” 


“Sure, even though he’s probably seen it.” 


“But everybody loves Deadpool!”


“...Okay, valid.” 




They’re well enough into the movie when Jeongguk feels a hand come down to rest on his thigh. He doesn’t really pay much attention to it at first; it’s warm and makes him snuggle further into the couch. Taehyung and Yoongi are on either side of him, seemingly fully engrossed in the movie. 


Another arm comes around and rests itself on his shoulders, slender fingers playing with the piercings along his ear. It makes Jeongguk shiver — his ears have always been a little sensitive. He cranes his neck into the touch, eyes closed and head moving to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder. “That tickles,” he murmurs just as someone’s — Taehyung’s — lips meet his own.


Alarms start going off in Jeongguk’s head as he slowly begins to process what exactly is happening. The hand Yoongi put on his thigh is slowly making its way upwards while its owner has moved on to sucking a hickey into his neck. It’s a lot of sensations for him to take in all at once but Jeongguk feels so — comfortable.  


“Sorry for teasing you so much, petal,” Taehyung whispers in between a kiss. “We just didn’t wanna rush you.”


“Or do something you weren’t ready for.”


Jeongguk feels like he’s floating and on fire at the same time. “What made you decide that I was?” He manages to ask through the haze. 


“Mostly the fact that you didn’t burn down the house when we went to visit my uncle the other day.”


He giggles, breath fanning onto Taehyung’s face. “You guys are assholes.” He doesn’t mean that, obviously; he’s known from the moment they met that they were unlike anyone he’s ever known. 


Taehyung grins back at him before leaning down and kissing him again. “Maybe, but we’re assholes who are about to show you one hell of a good time.”


And, well. Jeongguk can’t fight him on that. 


Yoongi grabs his hand and hoists him up off the couch, Taehyung quick to follow as they head off to their bedroom. Jeongguk feels like there’s electricity running through his veins and every touch is a spark. 


He’s pushed onto the bed and Taehyung is quick to grab a spot next to him, though without touching him. “What do you want to do, bun?” Yoongi asks as he crawls up to sit on his thighs. Jeongguk places his hands on top of Yoongi’s legs just so he has something to hold on to, rather than desperately twisting the bed sheets. “You’ve got a lot more options when there’s two of us here for you.”


“Um…” he trails, because he really doesn’t know where to start. “Maybe… anything? I mean — wait, that sounds kind of arrogant, I just — I don’t care? As long as… you’re both here…”


“Baby boy you’re so cute,” Taehyung coos as a blush spreads over Jeongguk’s face. He hears an aww come from Yoongi too, and God he wants to just die. Is sex supposed to be this embarrassing? Or is he just an idiot? Fuck, he sounds like a virgin. “How about I give you some options, yeah? Then you can decide whatever you want.”


Slowly, he nods his head. It’s not like he’s ever been in a threesome before and Pornhub isn’t a good place to base his knowledge...


“Option one is to take turns fucking you—“


“I never said I was a bottom!”


“Well, you’re not topping me, petal,” Taehyung retorts easily, his smile smug yet determined. “Not today, anyway.”


“Not to mention that you reek of bottom energy right now,” Yoongi points out, rocking his hips forward just to mess with him.


Jeongguk tenses but doesn’t argue back. He can’t really say they’re wrong. “Or we could do a train, so I’ll fuck you and you can fuck Yoongi,” Taehyung continues, one of his hands moving beneath Jeongguk’s shirt and running over his chest. Why does he still have a shirt on anyway? “Or two of us could fuck one person, but that seems like a bit much for the first time. So?”


“Jesus, let him think, Tae.”


“Hey! I know we’re trying to sugarcoat this and shit for his sake but it’s still just sex. As long as he picks what he wants, we’ll make him happy, right?”


He can’t quite say that Taehyung is wrong, as it’s in his nature to be blunt. Though it does lead him to making a decision. 


“Yoongi…” he starts, and is quickly returned to being the center of their attention. “Could you, um… S-suck Taehyung off?”


The redhead blinks, but a smirk is quick to follow his stunned look. “What, do you wanna see what you’ve been missing out on?”


He blushes again, turning his face away but nodding nonetheless. So what if he does? 


“B-but!” He says it a little too loudly given the fact that it’s only the three of them, but that doesn’t stop him. “Can I, uh… eat you out at the same time?” 


He thinks he’s asking Yoongi for a lot, but the eldest just smiles and kisses him hard. “Whatever you want, bun.” 


This is everything he wants, Jeongguk thinks, as they all strip and get back on the bed. Taehyung kisses him before going to lean up against the headboard, followed by Yoongi, who then settles himself between his legs. Jeongguk places himself behind Yoongi so that he can just see Taehyung’s face over Yoongi’s head, because he’s really curious as to what kind of faces he can get out of him. He wants to know if he’ll be able to make him make those faces, too. 


He can hear it when Yoongi takes Taehyung into his mouth; the pop sound and the way Taehyung moans giving it away. He watches them as he spreads some lube over his fingers, rubbing them together so it’s not too cold. Carefully, Jeongguk positions himself behind Yoongi and shoves half of his finger in just as Yoongi goes back down on Taehyung. 


It’s almost hard to hear, but there’s an evident groan from Yoongi that only serves to accentuate Taehyung’s pleasure. Jeongguk was expecting a good reaction, but it worked out better than he thought it would. Slowly, he begins to move his finger in time with Yoongi, switching it out only minutes later so he can push his tongue in when the eldest goes down again. 


Now, he’s not one to brag, but Jeongguk takes a lot of pride in his rimming skills. Tonight is just more proof as to why, as Taehyung has to grab Yoongi’s head to make sure he keeps going. 


“Shit, petal,” he groans, hips bucking up into Yoongi’s throat. “I’m gonna need you to do me next if you’ve got Yoongi like this.”


“Don’t you wanna fuck me first?” 


This makes Taehyung go almost completely still, and even though there isn’t much light in the room, Jeongguk can see just how dark Taehyung’s eyes get. “You’re right. Get over here.”


Something in his tone is reminiscent of that first day they met, but it’s much darker and much more compelling. Jeongguk can’t help but follow the order, leaving Yoongi to whine and pull off of Taehyung. “No fair,” he pouts, leaning back on his heels as Jeongguk stops next to him. “You literally just cockblockeed the best rimming off my life.”


“Sorry, sugar, but it’s time to give Jeongguk the best fucking of his life,” Taehyung says, eyes never breaking contact from Jeongguk’s own. “Why don't you pay him back and stretch him out, yeah?”


Yoongi looks like he wants to complain but pushes Jeongguk down anyway. “You left me high and dry, bun,” Yoongi says as he spreads lube over his fingers. Almost distantly, Jeongguk can hear the telltale ripping of a condom being opened. “Now Taehyung is stealing you all for himself. This is so unfair .”


Jeongguk never imagined Yoongi to be so bratty, but he can’t say he’s mad about it. “Sorry, babe. How can I make it better?”


“Hm,” Yoongi hums as he pushes a finger inside. Jeongguk feels his hips lift involuntarily, but Taehyung’s hand comes out of nowhere to hold him down. “I could sit on your face while Taehyung fucks you. That okay?”


He thinks he might come right then and there. “Yes, fuck— yes.” Is all he can get out before a moan rips itself from his throat. Yoongi is pushing two fingers inside at such an excruciatingly beautiful pace he can feel his head spinning. “Please, Yoongi.”


“At least you can still use your manners,” Taehyung says, flicking at one of his nipples and nearly making Jeongguk scream. He’s absurdly sensitive there and Taehyung knows it. “Speaking of which, Yoongi and I use uncle as our safe word, or we pinch each other. That okay with you, petal?”


“Yeah,” Jeongguk answers almost awkwardly. How kinky are they that they need safewords? He’s a little stunned, to say the least. 


Taehyung and Yoongi don’t seem to notice though, as the latter pulls his fingers out and wipes them on the sheets. Moving a pillow farther down the bed, Jeongguk scoots down so his head isn’t tilted at such an angle. Yoongi climbs up his body and kisses him, right as Taehyung starts aligning himself with his hole. “You ready, petal?”


He barely has time to nod his head yes before Taehyung is pushing himself in, slow but with purpose and picking up speed. Jeongguk is no poet, but he thinks he sees every star in the universe as Taehyung pushes him to his limit. 


(It probably doesn’t help that he’s practically being suffocated by Yoongi, but whatever.)


“You look so pretty,” Taehyung pants from above him. “All laid out for us like this. So pretty , our Jeonggukkie.”


Yoongi joins him, whispers of you’re doing so well, just like that, making me feel so good floating through the air between moans. Jeongguk almost feels like crying; he feels so adored, feels so proud that he can make them feel just as good as he does. 


It’s hard to describe everything he feels for them. He hasn’t known them long enough to feel confident with the word love, and this feels less like making love and yet not like hookup, but it’s—good. It’s so, so good that he has no complaints; not even when Yoongi reaches over to toy with his dick and Taehyung asks him to come for them. 


Not even when Taehyung is leaning forward to suck hickeys into Yoongi’s neck, or when Yoongi is rubbing over his slit in a way that makes his entire body shake. 


“Come for us, baby boy.”


Jeongguk is completely at their mercy.


His entire body feels weak afterwards, Taehyung having pulled out and Yoongi moving to lie next to him. The former emerges from the bathroom with a warm towel, cleaning both Jeongguk and the bed’s headboard. (He hadn’t realized it at the time, being too fucked out to even stay conscious at one point, but Taehyung had fucked Yoongi, too. How much stamina did these two have? The thought kind of scared Jeongguk.)


“Did you have fun, bun?” Yoongi asks him, hand slowly running up and down his chest. He keeps flicking at Jeongguk’s nipple just to mess with him, but he’s too tired to tell him off for it.


“The most,” he replies, voice almost embarrassingly hoarse. “We’re gonna do that again, right?”


Taehyung slides in next to him then, throwing a leg over both his and Yoongi’s bodies. “As much as you want, petal,” he answers before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. “Except right now. So tired.”


“Agreed,” Yoongi says, snuggling even closer towards Jeongguk despite the fact that there isn’t even an inch of space between them. “Can you make breakfast again, Guk?”


He barely manages to hum out a yes before he’s fast asleep, right in between the two people he adores the most. 




The next morning, Jeongguk feels like he’s floating as he flips chocolate chip pancakes. His ass hurts like hell, but he’s not complaining in the slightest. He can’t remember the last time he felt like this.


“You look like you’re glowing.” Taehyung points out as he sips on a cup of tea. Yoongi is in the shower and Jeongguk has been contemplating whether or not it would be weird if he joined him. He’s still leaning more towards yes. “Was I that amazing last night?”


He pretends to think for a moment, furrowing his brow as he places the last pancake on a plate and turns off the stove. “Hm, I think it might just be the lighting? Are you sure you’re not the one that’s glowing?”


Taehyung rolls his eyes and places his cup down. With his hands now free, he grabs Jeongguk’s slim waist to bring their bodies almost completely flush against one another. “You’re more of a brat than Yoongi is, y’know.” the elder comments. Jeongguk is doing everything he can to keep from kissing him right now; he refuses to succumb to the god that is Kim Taehyung. 


“It’d be a shame if you had to teach me a lesson, wouldn’t it?”


“It’d also be a pain if you two fucked before we even had breakfast.” Jeongguk jumps when he hears Yoongi’s voice, nearly knocking over the pan he had just been using. “Can we eat first before you get horny?”


Jeongguk can feel the redness creeping up his neck as he nods and grabs the platter of pancakes. Next to him, Taehyung stifles a giggle and grabs three more plates for each of them. 


“I’m kind of old you know,” Yoongi says as he takes some of the stack and places it on his plate. “I don’t have the stamina the two of you do.”


“No one said we have to do it together every time,” Taehyung comments as he drowns his pancakes in sticky syrup. A silence falls on the two of them then, and Jeongguk feels exceptionally out of place for some reason. Like he’s intruding on a secret he wasn’t supposed to know, but he can’t figure it out to begin with. 


But Namjoon has always told him that communication is key and something has been bothering him for a while; from before they even became a couple. He wants them to all go forward together. This stagnant place that Taehyung and Yoongi are in will only hinder them further if they don’t deal with it now.


So, why not now?


“Why are the two of you like this?” Jeongguk asks, without a trace of accusation in his voice. He knows, at the very least, that if he doesn’t do this right they might break. That’s the last thing he wants. “What are you so afraid of? Yoongi would never hurt you, Tae. And I’m sure Taehyung only wants the best for you, too, Yoongi, so why is it so hard for you to love each other?”


For a moment, the silence crushes them.


He can hear the blood rushing in his ears and see the way the both of them are avoiding his gaze. Everything about it hurts him, and he almost wants to take it back, to return to when everything wasn’t in the open.


But they need this, Jeongguk thinks. He needs this. Or else he doesn’t think they’ll ever really be together.  


And then, quiet as a mouse—


“I don’t want to lose you by loving you.”


He’s always had many facial expressions, but fear is not one Jeongguk ever wanted to see on Taehyung’s face. It’s heartbreaking, just how vulnerable and scared he looks, that Jeongguk wants to stop everything and hold him close. 


Taehyung takes a deep breath, a nervous chuckle worming its way out of his throat. “That sounds so fucking ridiculous I—fuck. I just feel like… Everything I want to have I lose. I wanted to have a mom that was home before I was and instead ended up with none at all. I wanted a dad that could raise me and got shoved onto another family member so he could fuck around. I wanted even Seokjin at one point but became just another booty call. So I’m sorry, Yoongi, that I wanted you to the point that I thought I couldn’t have you. Not the way either of us wanted. But I don’t know what to do anymore.” 


Jeongguk can feel the wetness of his cheeks and sees the same reflected on Taehyung’s own. Yoongi looks like he’s trying his best to keep himself together, but the way he’s gripping onto Jeongguk’s knee underneath the table is proof enough that it hurts him, too. 


Just like Taehyung, Jeongguk doesn’t know what to do. 


“I never expected you to have all the answers, Taehyung,” Yoongi says, but he sounds like he’s walking on a tightrope, ever so close to falling off. “I never—I never wanted you to go through all of this alone, either.”


“I only know how to do things alone.”


“Then why didn’t you let me teach you otherwise?”


“Because what if you stopped loving me when you saw it all?” Taehyung sounds as if he’s crying out, knuckles white where they’re grabbing at his sweatpants. Jeongguk wants to reach out and touch him but he’s– scared. “What if you didn’t want me anymore when you realized that I was more fucked up than you wanted? How could I know any better?” 


And Jeongguk feels his heart breaking, breaking, breaking. 


“Then why didn’t you let me try?” Yoongi, too, seems as if he’s right there with him. Jeongguk places his hand on top of the elder’s, as reassurance, as a keep going. “You don't always have to decide everything, Taehyung. I decided to love you long ago, even when you left me alone at parties because you need to be you. Even when I watched you fuck our friends and pretend that was all you wanted. Why don’t you understand the fact that I love you? Not this idealistic version of you. Just you. It always has been you.” 


“You can’t—”


“He’s not lying, Taehyung,” Jeongguk interrupts, words spilling out before he can even process it. “It’s—Yoongi looks at you sometimes like you’re the entire universe. Like everything he could ever want is right there. And I get it, cause—Taehyung you're—”


“Everything,” Yoongi finishes. “The both of you, are everything. It’s stupid as fuck but I wouldn’t even be here without you, Tae. You saved me once, so why can’t you let us save you now?”


Their hearts burn and break and come together. 




It takes some time, but slowly, they find a way to make it all work. 


None of them would ever say they fixed Taehyung; Jeongguk likes to say they helped him upgrade into an ever better boyfriend. (He gets hit and called a dweeb for this, and yet his lips are still bruised a darling red.)


Nothing is ever so simple that from that morning on they are perfect. They fight, and Jeongguk sometimes gets jealous of the fact that Yoongi and Taehyung have loved each other for far longer than they’ve loved him. However, he’s disgustingly easy, so all it takes is a “but I love you just as much now” to make him happy again. 


And things are—complicated, but they’re good. It’s hard to explain to his parents that he doesn’t just have one (superb, amazing, wonderful) boyfriend, but two (beautiful, ethereal, adoring) boy friends. It’s also completely terrifying for him when he meets Taehyung’s uncle for the first time, as well as when he meets Yoongi’s brother, but his incredible charm and good looks smooth things over. (“You tripped both times.” “You don't need to remind me!”)


But Jeongguk is so, so happy. He doesn’t think he’s ever been this content in his entire life—doesn’t think he ever will be. He doesn’t know how he got so lucky, but he does know that nothing could ever make him give them up. Taehyung, Yoongi, Jeongguk—the three of them fit together better than any peas in a pod. 


“I can literally see how hard you’re thinking right now.” 


Jeongguk blushes but smiles at his boyfriend nonetheless and gives his hand a big squeeze. “Just… thinking about how lucky I am to have you, I guess.”


And Taehyung is—as beautiful as always, without ever trying to be. He grins brightly back at the younger boy before turning his head to the sky. They’re lying in the grass, in a park a few minutes away from where Yoongi is making some final decisions regarding an apartment they found. Which is crazy to think about; he’ll be living with the two people he loves the most. He can’t process how they managed to make it this far.


But the important thing is that they did, together, somehow. 


“I think that I’m the lucky one,” Taehyung says, voice feather soft, his face turned towards the clear blue sky. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t called me out like that. I probably would’ve continued to pretend I felt nothing and saw nothing, even though that wasn’t true. And I think that would’ve hurt you a lot too.”


“It did hurt,” he points out, but there’s no accusation in his voice. “I feel like I didn’t know you that well at the time, so I think that it hurt more, actually. Because I wanted to, and I wanted to understand you, but also understand why you always acted colder to Yoongi when all he ever gave you was warmth. Oh my God, that sounds stupid.”


Taehyung laughs, a beautiful melody Jeongguk could play on repeat for as long as time would allow and then some. “It does, but I get what you mean. And I still feel really bad about that.”


Jeongguk pouts and rolls over so half of his chest is on top of Taehyung’s and he’s forced to look him in the eye. “Don’t feel bad for not knowing any better, Tae. Just do all that you can to make it up to him. And to me! You have no idea how tiring it was watching you dance around each other like that.” Taehyung laughs again and nods, attempting to raise his head up for a kiss only for Jeongguk to pull back. “You have to promise me, okay?”


“I promise, petal.” 


“Good. Because, you know, when you left us to go make up with your dad and figure your shit out, I missed you a lot! And I don’t want to do that again. Don’t ever want you to feel like you can’t ask me for the world ever again. You should know by now I’d work my ass off to give it to you.”


“Well I can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy watching you try to do that.”


“You are so —ugh, whatever. Going back to your dad...” He hesitates, but forces himself to keep going because being honest is their thing now. “Can we meet him soon?” It’s a question that’s been on his mind for a while, but one he’s been nervous to ask. After all, he isn’t his dad’s biggest fan, but if he’s important to Taehyung then he’s important to Jeongguk.


He seems to think for a minute before shaking his head. “I wouldn’t say soon, exactly. But in due time. We’re still figuring out how to be, like, father and son again.”


“Well that makes me happy at least,” Jeongguk says, before laying his head down on Taehyung’s chest. “I only want you to be happy.”


“God, you’re cute,” Taehyung ruffles a hand through Jeongguk’s hair and plants a kiss on his forehead. “Thank you for believing in me.”




“Do you two plan on getting up anytime soon?” Yoongi sounds as if he’s trying to act annoyed, but the smile on his face gives him away. 


“Nope!” Taehyung giggles, wrapping his arms tightly around Jeonguk’s middle. “Join us or leave us!” 


And, more than anything, Jeongguk knows Yoongi would never choose the latter. In the wake of everything, they are all the same. 


Whenever he reaches out, there are two hands waiting there for him to grab onto. 



Taehyung is, for the first time in a long time, happy.


He thinks that, for most of his life, he was just distracted from the sadness and emptiness inside of him. He was so full of darkness that all he knew how to do was consume the light. He rebelled, did stupid teenager shit, hit rock bottom and then fell in love. But Taehyung’s version of love was never any good, nor was it much competition for everything Yoongi gave to him.


He wonders, often, how his love for Yoongi got so twisted and tangled. Did he really think he was so undeserving of something good? Did he really think that Yoongi only wanted him for his body, despite everything they had been through? He was so naïve it was almost laughable.


But Taehyung is so, so glad he knows better now. He doesn’t have to hesitate anymore when he wants to hold Yoongi or Jeongguk close, nor does he worry that they’ll up and leave him. He doesn’t need constant verbal reassurance; it’s the way they know his schedule as if it’s their own, the way they steal his clothes and send him selfies in them, the way they’re always at home waiting for him.


It’s the way home is less of a place now and more of a feeling that comes about only when he’s with them. It’s the way they touch him, like he’s a masterpiece they don’t want to taint, and the way they look at him like he planted every star in the sky just for them. Even though that should be impossible. 


Yoongi and Jeongguk make him feel as if he’s worth everything, but all he wants is to prove to them that he’s worthy of their love. 


So damn it if he won’t give it his all to try.



“That’s the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever had. Let’s do it.”



It’s a Friday night—specifically, the night of Yoongi’s screening of his newest documentary. Taehyung and Jeongguk have both seen it already (re: sat with Yoongi as he agonized over timing, cuts, colourings and the score), but seeing the final product on the big screen brings forth a feeling that makes it feel like the first time. 


The three of them watch, bewildered along with the rest of the crowd, as Yoongi displays in vivid colours the fall of the coral reef. A majority of the film feels so sad Taehyung’s eyes brim with tears, wishing he could do something to save it, but knowing this film is saving it in itself. He’s always so amazed with Yoongi’s work. 


There’s this thing that he does, where he doesn’t really put himself in his own movies, but you can tell that he touched them. That he carved them with his own hands as if it were a sculpture. And in that same way that sculptors can make flesh look soft, Yoongi can make watching a film feel like you’re standing within the scene. Everything is so tender, so filled to the brim with love and passion that Taehyung practically aches at the thought of having to see its end. 


And then is reminded that this ending is a little different. 


“Immediate action is needed if we wish to save this incredible product of nature,” Yoongi’s voice comes through the speakers as the camera zooms out of the water. “There are five major ways in which we could aid the coral reef, and all it takes is our collective effort.


“The first is to plant trees. Trees reduce runoff into oceans, which can damage coral reefs. The second is to reduce your carbon footprint. Even the littlest things help. The third is to use less water in your daily routine. The fourth is to use an organic fertilizer to avoid chemicals running into the ecosystem. And the fifth is to marry us, Jeon Jeongguk.”


Taehyung is already on a knee right next to Yoongi by the time Jeongguk rips his eyes away from the screen, mouth parted in shock. “What the fuck,” he whispers. “What the fuck.”


“I love you,” Yoongi says, a soft smile on his face as he grabs one of Jeongguk’s hands. 


“—And I came up with the idea,” Taehyung interjects, pulling out the smooth velvet box that has sat quietly in his suit pocket all night. 


Yoongi rolls his eyes but chuckles nonetheless. “It was. So what’ll it be, Jeon Jeongguk? Will you marry us?”


“Will it really save the coral reefs?”




“Then duh!”


It’s the simplest thing the three of them have ever done, and it makes Taehyung feel alive. Like he can finally breathe again. As if this is what he’s been waiting for his entire life. 


He dives in head first as he falls, falls, falls in love all over again.