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The Wolf Within

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All Taehyung can see is darkness.  It surrounds him and he has no idea where he is, walking aimlessly for a way out.


As he continues to go through the dark abyss, a fiery red wolf appears in front of him, almost appearing out of nowhere.


“Who are you,” is what he asks in the echo of the darkness.  


The wolf only stares at him, a hint of curiosity in it’s brown eyes.


Taehyung tries to get closer to the majestic creature, who seems strangely familiar to him, but suddenly there’s a bloodcurdling scream that brings him out of the darkness, the wolf disappearing along with it.


His eyes shoot open, Taehyung quickly sitting up to find himself in an area he’s all too familiar with these past months. 


He’s in the forest again, surrounded by thick trees and the rustling sound of the leaves as the wind passes through them in greeting.


It’s a chilly early morning, but his bare skin still feels hot from the transformation that took place as soon as he woke up.  He tries to recollect what happened to him, but it's blank as always.


“Taehyung?” a sweet voice calls out to him.


He looks for the voice and turns around to see an exhausted, disheveled Jungkook looking at him with relief.  But that look is soon replaced with horror as Jungkook runs to him.


“What happened to you!?” he yells out in a panic, leaving Taehyung confused.


It is then that Taehyung takes a good look at himself and notices that he’s covered in blood.  He’s also got a number of cuts and bruises on him that he doesn’t remember getting, but the wounds he has doesn’t match up with the amount of blood that seems to be dripping from his mouth down to his chest.


His guardian assess his wounds and comes to the conclusion that the blood had to come from something else other than Taehyung himself.  He looks at Jungkook worriedly, but not because of the blood, but because he is worried for his mate’s well being.


Taehyung bows his head in guilt, knowing full well as to why Jungkook looks as tired as he is.


“I’m sorry.”


Jungkook is taken aback by his apology, but his look of surprise softens.  The were goes to unfold the blanket he had in his hand and goes to wrap Taehyung’s naked body in it, pulling him in a tight embrace.


“Don’t be,” his mate comforts.  “We’ll figure this out, I promise.”


Taehyung sure hopes so.












They’re in the research facility, Jin checking Taehyung’s vitals as Jungkook sits on a chair nearby, trying his hardest not to fall asleep.


It’s still early in the morning and Taehyung didn’t really have the heart to wake up his father or Namjoon again with the same problem that’s been happening over the past six months.


He still can’t believe it’s already been that long since he revealed his true status and the whole kidnapping incident that lead to him becoming a shapeshifter. 


However, unlike the first time where Taehyung remembers shifting, he’s been having these incidents where he’s shapeshifted without any knowledge of it, finding himself in the forest not too far from where the Kim pack resides.  


It had been frightening the first time it happened.  One moment he’s sleeping in a bed next to his loving mate and then the next, he’s alone, butt naked in the forest with no recollection of how he got there in the first place.


This recent one had been the fourth time it’s happened since then and Jungkook is usually the one who’s been finding him, causing him to be more exhausted than usual.  But as he recalls what happened earlier, something comes into mind.


“I saw a wolf in a dream,” he suddenly says, remembering the dream he had before he woke up in the forest.  “A red fiery wolf.”


Jungkook sits up at this and there’s a look of curiosity that flashes on Jin’s face at this information.


Throughout all of the shapeshifting incidents, Taehyung’s dreams were just full of darkness, blank even.  Nothing happened in them for him to remember. But for the first time, he saw something. He saw a wolf.


“I’ve been reading about all the information I could find on shapeshifters,” Jin starts out, finishing his writing on the clipboard before putting it down.  “And I found something that could finally answer your unconscious shapeshifting. Your vision being the big enough proof that it’s the very reason why it’s happening.”


Jungkook comes up to the bed, wrapping an arm around Taehyung’s shoulders and giving it a comforting rub as they look at Jin for the answer they need to this problem.


“Can you tell me about when you first shapeshifted Taehyung?” Jin asks, eyes focused on him.  “Like did you really feel like you were in control?”


At the question, Taehyung looks at the other were in confusion, but nonetheless he thinks back to the first time he shifted.  It had been a spur of the moment when it happened, but honestly as he thinks about it, he did feel strange. Although he was conscious, he felt fuzzy.  


It was almost like he was being controlled by instinct than acting on his own accord.


He voices this to Jin, who hums in thought, putting his hands into the pockets of his white coat.


“It seems your inner wolf has decided to appear,” Jin finally responds after a moment in thought.  “He’s the reason that this is happening.”


They both stare at Jin as if he grew two heads, taking a moment to fully realize what he just said.


“Inner wolf?”


Jin then goes on to explain the phenomenon of the “inner wolf” and how every were has one.  However, they don’t become aware of this “inner wolf” unless they have the ability to shapeshift.  Shapeshifting is what calls upon the “inner wolf” inviting them to fully become apart of you so that you may use them to shapeshift.


“If you want him to stop, you have to tame your inner wolf Taehyung,” the researcher finally advises him.


“But how do I tame him?” he can only question, fiddling the blanket in his fingers nervously. “This is the first time I’ve seen him since the whole shapeshifting started.”


Jin goes and walks over to the messenger bag he carries with him, rummaging through it before pulling out a thin, worn out book.  As he goes through the pages, he stops at one and hands it to Taehyung.


The writing is scratchy and it’s a little hard to read, but he can understand enough to learn that other than sleep, meditation is a way to meet up with the inner wolf in order to tame it.


“Will this really make his wolf stop?” Jungkook asks after reading the page with Taehyung.


Unfortunately, Jin only gives a slight shrug of his shoulders.


“It’s hard to say,” the older man admits.  “Taehyung is the first shapeshifter we’ve had in awhile.  The only one too.  So we can’t really know for sure.”


Taehyung can see how Jungkook deflates a little at this and he feels upset at the fact that he’s the reason for that.  He knows that Jungkook is hoping, wanting to find a sure way for this to stop.  It’s not because he finds it annoying, but because he’s worried that something will happen to him during these unconscious shifts. 


He knows his mate trusts him to take care of himself, but he’s not so sure when the “inner wolf” is in control.  The fact that Taehyung was covered in blood and cuts this morning only deepened the worry that Jungkook was struggling with already.


“It wouldn’t hurt to try,” Taehyung urges in order to bring hope back into his mate’s eyes.  “It’s recorded in this book, so it’s gotta work.”


And just like he’d hope, Jungkook’s eyes seem to light up at that, agreeing to Taehyung’s determination with a firm kiss to the side of his head.


“Don’t worry too much about it,” Jin decides to end with an assuring smile and a wave of his hand.  “I already know you’re stressed enough as it is, so please take care of yourselves.”


Jin then goes over to give them comforting hugs and heads out to leave.


“Oh and about the whole blood incident,” the were suddenly says as he abruptly stops by the door.  “Your inner wolf most likely went out to hunt for food, so it’s nothing to worry about.”


With that, he bids them farewell and leaves.


As Jungkook brings him close to his chest, his heartbeat soothing Taehyung from the stress, he can only hope that with this knowledge, they can finally bring this to an end.












“Are you okay?”


Taehyung shakes away from his thoughts, looking over to see his worried best friend looking at him.


He’s quick to assure the beta that nothing is wrong, questioning as to why Jimin would feel the need to ask that.


“Well it’s because you’ve been arranging that centerpiece for ten straight minutes already.”


Having been already caught in a lie, Taehyung sighs and slumps back into the chair.  Jimin comes over from folding the napkins to sit next to him, putting a hand on top of his own.


“What’s wrong Taehyung?” Jimin asks him in concern.  “Are you stressed because of the wedding?”


At the mention of the wedding, he looks around at the reception set up, appreciating the beauty that’s being created out of his family garden.


After Taehyung was finally able to call himself an omega to the world, it meant that Jungkook and him could mate with no problems.


It was a night of passion.  Mixed up in the sheets of Taehyung’s bed as Jungkook whispered sweet words to him.  Their lips leaving galaxies on each other's skin, the most important one being on their necks which marked their forever.


Taehyung unconsciously goes to touch his mated mark as he remembers that night he and Jungkook became one.  The night where their scents merged together to create a new one that they only shared. The night where they finally became mates.


The next day after that, Taehyung’s father was delighted.  In fact, he was the whole reason the wedding was happening in the first place because originally Jungkook and him weren’t gonna make a big deal out of it, already considering themselves as married through the mate mark.  But Byunhee insisted on the celebration, so here they are, setting up the wedding reception to appease his father’s wishes.


That’s why when Taehyung first began to shapeshift unconsciously, they thought that maybe he was stressed about the wedding.  But now that he knows that a “certain being” is the cause for this, he’s more stressed about that than the wedding itself.


He relays to Jimin what he learned a few days earlier from Jin, his best friend having already been aware that Taehyung was having a shapeshifting problem.


“So in order for it to stop, you have to tame this inner wolf,” Jimin asks to clarify.


Taehyung nods.


“Well if that’s the case, I don’t mind finishing everything here for you.”


He gives Jimin a disapproving look, against the idea of the were taking on the work he's supposed to do for his own wedding.


“I really don’t mind Tae,” the were assures him with a sweet smile, pushing him to leave.  “Especially if it’ll help ease your stress. So please go rest.”


Taehyung tries again to argue against it, but Jimin only insists that he can do it.  He then gives his friend an apologetic look, giving him a hug and thanking him.


“Anything for you Tae, you deserve this.”


He gives Jimin an appreciative smile and gets up to go get a well deserved nap…Or at least that’s what he was going to do until his brother barges through the door with a scared look, the color practically drained on his face like he saw a ghost.  Yoongi is not that far behind him, sporting the same worried look.


“Namjoon?” Taehyung calls out in alarm, going over to his panicked brother to see what’s wrong.


He’s never seen his brother look so disturbed before and it’s starting to scare him.


“Taehyung, you need to come with me,” Namjoon quickly tells him.  “The Yang pack leader came.”


The Yang pack?  Taehyung recognizes the pack name but wonders why their pack leader came of all packs.  They’re not really in close relations with this pack at all in order to warrant a visit from their pack leader.


Namjoon then says his name again in an almost pained whisper, like he can’t believe he’s saying it.


What he tells him next is what causes Taehyung’s stomach to drop, his face mirroring the look on his brother’s own.


“They’re accusing you of murder.”












“Taehyung would never hurt anybody, much less murder someone!” Jungkook yells out angrily as Taehyung is placed into a cell, his father’s face is grim as he locks the cell himself.


They’re at a prison under Byunhee’s rule.  The Yang pack had originally demanded to have Taehyung under arrest at their own quarters, but Byunhee would only agree to the trial unless his son was held at his own prison quarters.


Jungkook can’t believe this is happening right now.  Apparently the Yang pack leader came to the Kim pack and told Byunhee that Taehyung had murdered a member of his pack while in his shapeshifter form.


It was a female were named Yang Hyunmi.  She was found in the same forest that Taehyung woke up in, her body littered with wounds of claw marks and fatal bites.


When he was told about this, Jungkook regretfully remembered his mate being covered in blood that morning.  He could tell Taehyung was remembering it too because the older were threw up in disgust as it came into light that is could’ve been Hyunmi’s blood.


But the thing that he can’t believe the most, the thing that’s making him doubt everything that was told to him was the fact that the were that was killed was an omega like Taehyung himself.  


Did he really kill her?  It can’t be! No way! How could that even happen?  It’s unheard of!


The worst part is that Taehyung can’t remember any of it and it’s killing him on the inside so much that it’s left him in a state of shock in the cell, practically unmoving from where he's slumped one the floor, staring at the wall.


“I know,” Byunhee replies quietly.  “But we have no proof that he didn’t do it.  Especially if Taehyung can’t remember what happened during that time he shapeshifted.”


Byunhee comes over and places his hands on his shoulders, his body shaking in frustration as he feels the tears build up in his eyes.


“I know you’re upset Jungkook.  Do you think I’m not either?”


He looks away from Byunhee’s sad eyes, gazing over helplessly at his mate who has been locked in a dark cell for something he knows Taehyung could never do.


But he can’t say the same thing for the wolf who was in control of his mate at the time.  Jungkook doesn’t know what happened and he curses himself for not being awake when Taehyung shapeshifted.


He was exhausted over the whole wedding that he was in a deep enough sleep for Taehyung to slip away again.  Would he have been able to stop this mess if he had been awake?


He doesn’t know.


Jungkook grits his teeth in anger, fists clenching hard enough to draw blood.


“What we can do now for Taehyung is prove his innocence at the trial,” Byunhee states firmly, looking over at his unresponsive son.  “Until then, he’ll have to stay here.”


The tears begin to spill down Jungkook’s face, slowly going over and falling to his knees near the cell bars.  He grabs the bars with both hands, smearing his blood against them.


It is then that Taehyung notices him, broken from his state of shock as the scent of Jungkook’s blood brings him back.


A painful whine erupts from his mate’s throat as he crawls over to Jungkook, hands enveloping over his own.


Jungkook wishes so badly that he could kiss Taehyung, hug him and tell him that everything will be alright.


But it’s not.  


It’s far from it.


As he looks into Taehyung’s eyes, he makes a vow to get him out of there.  He will prove his mate’s innocence if it’s the last thing that he does.


And he won’t stop until he has Taehyung in his arms again.












Taehyung is in darkness again when he meets the wolf.  The creature looking at him with the same stare as last time.


But instead of greeting it warmly in order to tame it in the way he’s supposed to, he can only feel the overwhelming anger as he remembers the death of a were that is now on his hands.


“How could you do it!?” he screams at the creature at the top of his lungs.  “She’s just like us! How could you kill her!? What’s wrong with you!?”


The wolf’s ears press against its head at Taehyung’s yell, a whine escaping it’s throat.  But Taehyung’s rage fuels him and ignores the possibility of upsetting the wolf.


“I hate you!" he declares with venom in his voice, waving his hands threateningly.  "Get out of here and never come back!”


Finally upset with Taehyung's actions, the wolf runs away, his tail hanging between his legs as he disappears into the darkness.


Now Taehyung is left all alone in the dark as a sense of emptiness overwhelms him, along with a sadness that was never there before.











“I wasn’t even aware that the Yang pack had an omega,” Namjoon admits, pulling out Yang Hyunmi’s file that he managed to get. “But then again, omegas are so rare that there’s no way we could’ve known.”


Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi were at the great library where the records of all known werewolf packs resided.  It’s also a place where they can try to find more information about shapeshifters, something that Jin tipped them about in order to prove Taehyung wouldn’t attack an innocent person.


According to Jin, the likelihood of Taehyung’s inner wolf attacking someone is something that shouldn’t have happened unless he was provoked, something that Taehyung’s wounds from that day is starting to paint.


Jungkook looks over Hyunmi’s file, to which it does state in bold letters of her rank being that of an omega.  As he reads through her file, he can feel the dread seeping through him.  Her file has no record of violence.  No crimes.  Nothing.


She’s an innocent were who would have no reason to provoke Taehyung in his shapeshifter form.


“There’s no way she wouldn’t have known it was Taehyung if she was an omega,” Yoongi states grimly from beside him.  “It’s not everyday you see a red wolf like him.”


It’s a good thing that they decided to get a study room, confined in a space of silence and away from prying eyes because Jungkook couldn’t hold out the frustration bubbling up through his veins, exploding at the very spot.


“But there has to be a reason!” he yells out, fist slamming against the table.


Yoongi puts a hand over his clenched fist, a silent command to tell him to cool it.  He takes a couple of seconds to compose himself before he closes Hyunmi’s file, pushing it away like it had burned him.


As it slides across the table, Namjoon takes the chance to go through the files himself, making sure he didn’t overlook anything.


Jungkook puts his head in his hands, lost as to what to do.  All of the details of Hyunmi’s death are all adding up and they’re all pointing to Taehyung.


Yoongi’s right about the small chance about her not knowing Taehyung because every were saw Taehyung’s shapeshifter transformation that day on the broadcast.  She’s also an omega, meaning she could’ve looked up to his mate as an omega who transcended the stereotypes of the wolf hierarchy.  So there’s not a single reason as to why she would provoke him.


“Something seems fishy about the Yang pack if I’m being honest,” Namjoon suddenly says after he’s finished reading the file, arms crossed.


Jungkook looks at the were for his statement, Yoongi asking why Namjoon thinks that.


“Father never really liked them.”  Namjoon leans back against his chair, chin jutting out to show his own distaste over the thought of this Yang pack.  “And from past meetings, they never really seemed like the most pleasant of packs.”


Jungkook thinks back to those meetings and tries to recall the leader of the pack, Yang Jeungsuk.  The were was creepy to say the least, a weird aura around him and a face that didn’t look trustworthy.


But he never really caused trouble and the Yang pack seemed to respect the Kim pack too.  However, if he thinks deeply, they were the type of pack that cared about the wolf hierarchy a lot.  


Jungkook recalls a time where a Yang pack member had beaten a beta during one of those meetings because “a beta shouldn’t aim for something unreachable like an alpha’s rightful place.”


And now that he really thinks about it, they would be the type of weres Taehyung would’ve hated because they thought of alpha’s as the superiors of all statuses.


It could be a motive as to why they’re targeting Taehyung.  They could hate the fact that his mate could be considered more superior than them, a pack full of alphas.  


The respect they would’ve had for the Kim pack would have melted as soon as Taehyung’s true status as an omega was revealed.


That would most likely get under their skin in the worst possible way.  Enough to feel the need to destroy the very thing that’s crushing what they believed in for so long.


Jungkook theorizes his thoughts to the other two weres with him, both of them agreeing of the possibility.


They now have a possible motive, but regretfully what they don’t have is evidence.  And with the looks of how everything is going as of yet, it’s only going to go downhill from here.


And Jungkook doesn’t have a clue on how to stop his world from crumbling.












Taehyung is visited again by his mate.  They sit across from each other, holding hands as the metal bars of the prison separate them from doing anything more than that.


He can only think back to the last encounter with his inner wolf, remembering the sadness and emptiness he felt when he scared it off.


It’s been days since then and he hasn’t had another dream with the wolf as they’ve just gone back to being empty black voids in his memory.


“I think I messed up,” Taehyung decides to tell Jungkook, informing him as to what happened with his wolf.  “I don’t think he’s coming back.”


Jungkook looks at him sadly, his usual sparkly brown eyes clouded with exhaustion and worry.  He squeezes his hand in an attempt to make him feel better, but it does little to relieve the overwhelming sense of guilt and regret he’s feeling, the rage that overcame him now gone.


“I was just overwhelmed with everything,” he admits, tears in his eyes.  “I just couldn’t help the rage that came over me.”


His mate brings his hands up to cradle his cheeks, his thumbs brushing the fresh tears that have fallen over them.


“I know sweetie,” Jungkook coos out in a hushed tone. “No one can blame you for being angry.”


Taehyung shakes his head dismissively. “I shouldn’t have yelled at him Jungkook.  Now he’s never coming back.”


“Don’t say that,” Jungkook scolds him gently.  “If there’s one thing that I understand about inner wolves is that they’re a piece of you.  And if he’s just like you, he’ll forgive you.  Just give him time.”


Taehyung’s tears fall again, his sobs echoing out through his cell.


“I just wish you could hold me right now.”


A look of longing flashes through Jungkook’s gaze, sadness etched into his delicate features as he voices the same wish.


For now, he brings the palm of his hand to his lips and gives it a warm, but comforting kiss with a promise to properly hold him again one day.












An objection echoes out in the courtroom and Jungkook sits up in alert when he sees the source of the word.  It’s a were that was sitting silently in the back of the courtroom who raised the objection.


Taehyung’s trial was being held today, but due to the lack of clear evidence, the judge was about to suspend the proceedings of the trial.  Jungkook was relieved, to say the least, when he heard that they would be able to investigate more, but that all went through the window once the objection was raised by this very were.


Everyone watches with baited breath as this were, covered in a long coat which hides his body, walks quickly over to the stand.


“I was there!” the were confesses.  “I was there when Hyunmi was murdered!”


Jungkook’s blood runs cold at those words.  


The whole reason that Taehyung’s case was going to be suspended for the time being was because no one truly knew what happened that day.  It was their saving grace to buy time since Taehyung himself couldn’t remember what happened.


But a witness?  Jungkook doesn’t know what to think as the whole courtroom begins to erupt in a discussion about what’s happening.  He looks over to Taehyung and sees that his mate has gone completely rigid, looking like he’s trying his best to look as small as possible.  His heart aches at the sight and he wishes nothing more than to go over and comfort the were.


Taehyung is a strong were at heart, but with something like this where he can’t remember what happened, he knows that the other can only feel helpless because he can’t defend himself of the actions that could’ve happened while his inner wolf was in control.


It doesn’t help that the knowledge about shapeshifters are so limited, so at this very moment, Taehyung is beginning to look like a threat to every were.


The judge bangs his gavel, the loud sound ceasing the discussion in the courtroom as he commands an order of silence.  He decides to let this were testify, the chance of having answers to this case intriguing him.


The were reveals himself to be Yang Hyunmi’s mate.  He informs the court that the only reason he didn’t come to testify earlier was because he feared to look into the eyes of the monster that mauled his mate in front of him.


Jungkook’s hands clench the fabric of his pants at that accusation, at the edge of his seat as he listens to the horrible tale that the were relays to them.


Hyunmi and her mate were out for a walk into the forest in the late night, something that seemed odd at first but became clear when the were confessed that his wife had trouble sleeping at night and that a walk through nature helped ease her nerves.  This was also confirmed by Yang pack members who were in the courtroom with them.


“And suddenly,” the were then points at Taehyung, hand shaking.  “He came and attacked us for no reason!”


The room erupts again in a flurry of words at that statement, the judge calling for order again to cease the chatter.


This is all speculation, Jungkook thinks.  He can’t really prove what he saw that night.  There’s no way!  The judge voices what Jungkook is thinking and the next thing that the were says causes his throat to tighten up, hands clammy.


“I have proof,” the were calmly states, removing the long coat that hid his body.


Jungkook is horrified to see that the were’s right arm had been chewed off, markings to where the stump ends revealing bite marks that would only come from a shapeshifter’s fangs.  In fact, it looks exactly like the marks that Taehyung had left when he attacked his kidnapper all those months ago.


He feels sick, a foreboding feeling in his stomach as he watches the moment everything begins to unfold, the judge agreeing that this is undeniable proof that Taehyung attacked them as there is no other shapeshifter other than him.  He’s about to yell out that it can’t be true but Namjoon stops him, grabbing his arm to prevent him from acting out.


The Kim heir’s face is remorseful as he looks at Jungkook, a silent plea to not act out as he would only make things look worse.  That no one would believe him because he’s Taehyung’s mate and that his love for his mate would be blinding him from the truth.  So he can only watch, feeling completely powerless as the judge comes to a decision.


“This court sees no reason to further prolong with the trial,” the judge states firmly.  “This case has become extremely clear, I see no room for misinterpretation of the facts. With this witness and the defendant’s lack of evidence to prove their innocence, there isn’t any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant.”


Jungkook looks on, his heart in his throat as he notices that his mate’s head is hanging low.  But from where he’s at, he can see it as clear as day, the shame and acceptance on his mate’s face.  Whatever was left of Jungkook’s heart breaks to pieces.


“This court finds the defendant, Kim Taehyung, guilty for the murder of Yang Hyunmi.  And by the law of werewolves, you are hereby sentenced to death by the Yang pack.”


The slam of the gavel seals his fate.


“This court is adjourned.”












He's alone in the training room, working out his frustrations on the punching bag.  He punches it over and over and over again until his fists ache, knuckles threatening to tear.


He can remember a time when Taehyung did this to alleviate what he was feeling.  A way to release the storm of emotions that he held deep into his heart until Jungkook came and confronted him.


Taehyung.  The name causes his heart to clench in pain, his fists hitting the punching bag even harder than before.


When Taehyung could finally call himself an omega, Jungkook was over the moon that he could finally call the were his.  The night that they officially mated, was a night that Jungkook could never forget because they became something new, creating a scent that became their own comforting scent. 


A scent that now only brings Jungkook agony as he breathes in every breath that he makes.


They were supposed to get married.  They were supposed to have their happy ending.


But now?  In a few days, his mate will forever be ripped apart from him, sentenced to death by werewolf law.


It’s devastating and Jungkook doesn’t know what to do.


He feels like a failure.  He’s Taehyung’s guardian, yet he failed to do his job to always be by the were’s side.  He’s supposed to be a prodigy of the Jeon pack, expected to be the best guardian to the were he was assigned to...But now he’s at risk of losing that were because of his carelessness.


He’s a failure of a guardian...and a failure as a mate as well.


The disappointment that fills his veins, drives him to punch harder.  He ends up punching too hard as his fist goes straight through the punching bag, the sand seeping through it.  


He pants hard, the shared scent invading his senses and causing a tenseness to form behind his eyes.  He squeezes them shut in attempt to stop the dam from breaking, but opens them again once he feels a hand go over the fist that had gone through the punching bag.


“Did you get it out of your system?” Yoongi quietly asks in a hushed whisper, like he’s afraid he’ll spook Jungkook.


He knows that tone that Yoongi is using on him, recognizing it as a tone he’s all too familiar with after growing up with the older were for so long.  


It’s the tone he would use when Jungkook would hurt himself.  A tone that was used when Jungkook was upset with himself or sad about something.  A tone that he would only use when Yoongi knew he was in a vulnerable state.


A tone that Jungkook cannot bear to hear right now because it only confirms that something is very wrong and it’s Jungkook’s own fault that it’s happening.


“No, I haven’t,” he replies in a tone that sounds foreign because of how harsh it was, pushing Yoongi’s touch away.  “So leave me alone.”


The older were is having none of it, grabbing Jungkook’s shoulders and forcing him to look at the other.


“Stop trying to keep it in,” Yoongi commands sternly.  “It’s not wrong for you to cry Jungkook, so just let it out.”


He refuses to look at the elder in the eyes, afraid that if he does, the dam in his head would break.  He doesn’t deserve to cry.  He’s a failure who deserves to suffer the consequences of his incompetence.


“You always tell Taehyung to not hold in his feelings, so why should you be the one to not follow your own advice?”


He can’t really hear Yoongi through the ringing in his ears, his thoughts overwhelming him.


Yoongi would have never let this happened to Namjoon if he were in his place.  He would’ve done better. He’s better than Jungkook could ever be because he’s a failure.


When the elder realizes what he’s doing right now, when he sees that blank look in his eyes, Yoongi brings Jungkook into a crushing embrace, holding him firmly but also gently like he’s the most fragile piece of glass that could break at any second.


“It’s not your fault,” Yoongi tells him.  “Stop punishing yourself because it’s not your fault.  No were would have known this would happen. Not me...and especially not you.”


The dam finally breaks, the hot tears escaping his eyes as his body begins to tremor with the sobs that make it past his lips.  They both fall to the ground, Jungkook holding onto Yoongi like he’s the last thing that will keep him sane.


“I c-can’t lose him Yoongi,” Jungkook confesses his fear through the sobs of his sorrow, drowning in his tears.  “I d-don’t know what I would do without him. I l-love him so much.”


Yoongi murmurs comforting words to him, hand threading through his black hair to soothe the heartbroken were in his arms.


“We were s-supposed to spend f-forever together.”


The older were’s hold on him tightens at those words, pulling back after a moment to look at him.


“You will Jungkook,” Yoongi professes to him, eyes filled with resolve that Jungkook has never seen burn so intensely before.


“I’ll be the one to go through hell and back first if it means you two will never have to.”












Taehyung sits alone in his cell, knees brought up to his chest as he waits for his fate.  He’s already accepted his guilt.


They’ve all called him a sinner and he’s learnt to accept the undeniably truth that he really did murder that girl.


He’s disgusted with himself.


His inner wolf hasn’t appeared anymore after that incident and he can’t help but think Jungkook was wrong about everything.  That maybe deep down, Taehyung is nothing but a beast who preys on the weak.


He hates weres who did that more than anything.  How ironic to think he would become the very thing he hated for so long.


Even though there’s proof of his wrongdoing, he can’t help but have that sliver of hope that they’re wrong, that he didn’t do it.  But it’s just him being selfish, his conscious wishing to be free of the shame that’s overwhelmed him right now.


He can’t even remember what happened and that’s what’s eating at him the most.  It's like he's forgetting in order to feel like he didn't do anything wrong when he did.


But if there’s one regret in his life….it’s that he wishes he could’ve been a better mate to Jungkook.  Taehyung touches his mated mark as he thinks of the were he considers his whole world.  How ashamed he feels that Jungkook has to be associated with a beast like him.  He feels deep shame that they can’t change the fact that the other were can’t break free from that association because he’s bound to him due to their mated mark.


But is it selfish for him to think that he doesn’t regret being Jungkook’s mate?  Is it selfish for him to still love Jungkook like he does and how he can’t think of being with anyone else other than him?


He wishes he could kiss Jungkook one last time before he dies...but that’s a wish that will never be granted because devils can’t ask angels to save them from the pits of hell.


Taehyung wallows deep in his conflicted mess of emotions that he doesn’t notice the door to cell open.  He finally takes notice once the creak of the door is loud enough to bring him back to reality.


He’s dumbfounded when he sees his father and Jungkook by the door.  But Taehyung then can’t help the way his body automatically moves, running into the arms of the were he craved the most, pushing his thoughts of selfishness to the back of his head as he thanked whatever god for this opportunity to be back into his mates arms again.  Jungkook is quick to do the same, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s small frame and holding him so close like he’ll disappear, lips pressed firmly to his forehead.


“What are you doing here?” Taehyung questions the both of them, finally having the rationality to think as to why they would be here in the first place since his execution date isn’t until a few days from now.


“We’re getting you out of here,” his father declares to him.  “Quick, we don’t have much time before they find out what I’m doing.”


Taehyung looks at his father in shock, wondering why he’s doing this when he’s already been proven guilty for his crimes.  He voices his wonder to them both as his father begins to usher them out of his cell.


“I know you didn’t do it,” Byunhee says without hesitation.  “You’re my son Taehyung. I know that without a doubt that you would never murder anyone, evidence be damned.”


Byunhee leads them to a hidden passageway in the prison quarters that were used as a means of escape in case inmates were let loose.


“That’s why I need you two to head over to the family cottage in the mountains, hidden away so that we can be given enough time to prove your innocence.”


Touched by his father's undying trust in him, Taehyung leaves Jungkook’s arms to hug him, a bit distraught as he thinks about what could happen to his father for letting him escape.


“They can imprison me.  Execute me even.  I don't care because I am already a were who has lived out his time,” Byunhee tells him as holds his son close.  “But you and Namjoon are the future Taehyung.  And I won’t let anyone destroy that." 


Byunhee lets go, looking at him with purpose.  "So until then, leave this matter to your brother and I.”


With those words Byunhee pushes Jungkook and Taehyung to leave.  His father bidding them farewell and a soft “I love you” to his son before he closes the entrance, the last sight Taehyung has of his father before he is whisked away by Jungkook into the depths of the passageway.











It’s snowing in the mountains.


With the help of Jimin and Hoseok, Jungkook and him were able to successfully make it to the mountains to the small family cottage the Kim pack owned.


The hike up through the snowy planes to make it to the top was tough, but it was enough to prove to Taehyung that it would be hard for pursuers to follow them.


Nobody but the Kim pack knew of this cottage, so Taehyung could safely hide with the others until his innocence was proven.


It’s quiet as they settle in the cottage, Taehyung receding into his assigned room with Jungkook as the were talks with Jimin and Hoseok about the situation.


Although worried that Jimin and Hoseok were now involved with the situation, his best friend was quick to tell him that Taehyung was family to him and that anyone who messed with his family would feel his wrath.


He was warmed by his friend’s words, but he can’t help but feel scared that everyone is going to get hurt because of him.


In his room, he tries to close his eyes, hoping to reconnect with his inner wolf to no avail.  Without his inner wolf, he cannot shapeshift anymore, which means that he can’t protect those he cares about and the fear of being incapable is what scares him the most.


Taehyung cannot bear the thought of his loved ones perishing because of him and he can’t protect them from such a fate.  They’re going to get hurt.  Jungkook’s going to get hurt.


It’s the very thought of his mate getting hurt that the tears fall down his face, Taehyung crying silently to himself in his room.


When he enters the room, Jungkook catches him as he cries, a distressed look on his face as he goes over to join him on the bed, bringing him close.  It’s been so long since he and Jungkook were together, so long since he’s been able to touch him like this.  So he allows himself to be greedy, hugging back and holding onto his mate like he’s been starved of affection.


Taehyung is surprised when he feels the first set of tears fall on his face, looking up to see Jungkook crying.  In fact, this is the first time he’s seen Jungkook cry in all of the time they spent together.  It’s so alarming to see his mate cry that he cradles his face into the palms of his hands.


“I’m so sorry Taehyung,” Jungkook apologizes in a pained whimper.  “I’m so sorry for everything.”


He’s confused.  Why is Jungkook apologizing for his mistakes?  Why is he apologizing when he’s the one who messed up?


“I’m a failure who couldn’t protect you,” the younger were adds on, his heart vulnerable.   “You needed me and I felt so helpless that I couldn’t save you…And I’m so afraid that I still won’t be able to protect you.  That they’ll take you away from me and I’ll never see you again.”


As Jungkook reveals the fears and thoughts of losing Taehyung, he can't help but feel guilty for ever accepting his fate and resigning to death.  He never considered how Jungkook himself would feel if he died.  He would just assume that Jungkook would think he was some sort of beast that deserved to be put down.


But he was wrong.  As he looks at the suffering in Jungkook’s features, as he feels the wet tears drip onto his skin, he realizes that if he were gone, Jungkook would be devastated.


The thought of his mate being in agonizing pain at his death causes Taehyung’s heart to clench. 


He no longer wants to die.  He wants to live.  Not for the sake of himself, but for the sake of the were who is holding him like he’s the most precious thing to him.


He presses a kiss to Jungkook’s mated mark that he made that night where they no longer had any worries.  He wants to be selfish, he wants to be with Jungkook forever.


Jungkook pulls him into a tender kiss, his feelings transcending through his lips as Taehyung shares the same fears and worries that Jungkook is feeling.


He doesn’t want to lose Jungkook either, he wants to protect him too.


He wants to fight for his future with his mate.  He selfishly wants that forever even if he is a sinner.


For once this devil wants to fly with the angels too.












Jungkook wakes up to the smell of smoke in the air.  The smoke is covering the room and he can faintly see a bright light through the crack beneath the door.


He covers his mouth with his sleeve, coughing as the smoke threatens to choke him while he shakes Taehyung awake.


“What’s happening?” Taehyung mumbles out, slowly becoming aware of the situation.


At that question, Jimin and Hoseok barge through the door and Jungkook can see flames licking and blazing through the hallway.


“The house is on fire!” Hoseok coughs out, holding a dizzy Jimin close,


Taehyung is quick to run over to his best friend and Jungkook can only assume that Jimin is suffering from smoke inhalation.


He wonders how and when the flames engulfed the house and how long they been in here for.  


But there’s no time to think now, his main task being to get Taehyung out of the house unharmed.  He and Hoseok share a silent agreement between gazes as Jungkook goes over and carries Taehyung, Hoseok doing the same to Jimin.


They take their chances through the hallway that has been overcome by the raging fires.  Jungkook hisses in pain when the heat of the fire burns him, but he does his best to protect his mate who’s clinging to him for his life.


They run towards the back door which thankfully hasn’t been blocked by the falling debris of burnt wood.  When they make it outside, it’s dark, with the burning cottage being the only source of light.


It’s also freezing, the howling cold winds being a stark contrast against the harsh hot flames in the house.  But he doesn’t care right now. What he cares about is getting Taehyung out of here.


“Jungkook look out!” Hoseok warns out.


He had been so focused on keeping Taehyung safe that he failed to notice that they’re surrounded by a familiar bunch of men.  Jungkook gets hit, the force of the attackers kick causing him to let go of Taehyung, the were falling a few feet away from him.


As he’s pushed into the snow, he gets a good glimpse of the pack around them.


It’s the Yang pack….And their leader Yang Jeungsuk is with them as well.


“You see boys?” the were says knowingly.  “Just weed them out with a little smoke and they’ll come running.”


The other weres with him laugh in a way that’s almost too evil.  How did they find out about this place?  Had they been following them?


Hoseok yelps from behind him, Jungkook looking over to see that another were has him pinned down like him, Jimin unconscious on the side as another member of their pack steps on him like a piece of gum.


Jungkook growls at their actions, rage filling him.  But the feeling of rage ceases when he hears a pained grunt from Taehyung, ripping his gaze off their friends as he looks over to see the leader stepping on his mate.


“Stop!” Jungkook immediately yells out.  “Leave him alone!”


The leader chuckles at Jungkook’s command, retaliating by stepping harshly on Taehyung’s back again, knocking the breath out of him.


“Sorry little guardian,” Jeungsuk apologizes with no sincerity.  “But I have business with this one.”


Jungkook eyes go wide when he sees the knife in Jeungsuk’s hand, the were crouching down to pull at Taehyung’s red locks to expose his neck  


“Don’t you remember the law that was placed?  The judge said so himself.”  Jeungsuk brings the blade of the knife close to Taehyung’s neck, the sharpness causing it to pierce through his mate’s skin, blood trickling down.  “I have the right to kill him for killing my own.”


Jungkook begins to desperately thrash against the hold the were above him has, trying hard to break free and protect his mate.  His eyes begin to water and he begs for Jeungsuk to not kill his mate.


No No No.


He can’t lose him.


He can’t!


No don’t kill him please!


It is then that something inside Jungkook snaps.


It’s almost as if time slows down.  He feels like he’s burning. His skin is hot.  Seeing the fear in his Taehyung’s eyes makes the desperation fuel him to get up.  The need to protect his mate overtaking him as he uses all of his strength to get up.


Get up.


Those words echo through his mind like a prayer, pushing him and giving him strength.


“Don’t touch him,” Jungkook growls out deep within his chest.  The sound is enough for Jeungsuk to look at his direction, eyes going wide as every were looks at him.


The were on top of him is getting easier to push as Jungkook gets up.  It’s almost like his bones are moving, that he’s morphing into something different.


Jungkook snarls out an intimidating noise he’s never heard himself make before and it’s almost like he can see a wolf in his mind.


But he doesn’t worry about that as he focuses on what’s in front of him.  His body moving to attack the one who dared to spill his mate's blood.












Taehyung had closed his eyes shut, waiting for the pain of the knife cutting through his throat and letting his blood spill to paint the snow a sickly red.


But his eyes shoot open when he hears Jungkook’s growl, something he had never heard before.  He watches in awe as his mate begins to shift, his body morphing and fur growing rapidly on bare skin.


He almost can’t believe it and it’s strange seeing the phenomenon happen to someone other than him.  When the transformation had finally taken place, he is greeted by the appearance of a sleek black wolf, beautiful and so majestic. The snarl that leaves its lips chills Taehyung’s very core as his mate throws off the were on top of him and goes after the Yang leader.


Jungkook snaps his jaw on Jeungsuk’s shoulder, the were moving fast enough from getting his head chomped off.  The black wolf pulls the leader off Taehyung’s back and it's only when Jeungsuk's pain yells start echoing through the area does the other weres, who were too shocked by Jungkook’s transformation, decides to finally move.


One of the weres jump onto Jungkook’s back, wrapping their arms around his neck in an attempt to snap his neck.  But his mate is faster as he thrashes violently, moving swiftly to grab the were and fling him across the snowy planes into a tree nearby.  Once he’s effectively taken down one were, another goes straight after Jungkook and it’s almost unfair to see how outnumbered the wolf is.  But his mate doesn’t give up, growling as he fights to stay alive, fighting for Taehyung’s life.


Fighting to protect them.


Taehyung feels practically useless, troubled by the fact that he can’t help Jungkook.  He becomes distressed when Jungkook let’s out a pained whine when a were effectively hits him in the snout, disorientating him.


He the watches in horror as Jeungsuk takes this moment of weakness to use the knife and stab his mate in the shoulder, a pain howl erupting after the sound of flesh being pierced.


“Jungkook!” Taehyung cries out, arm reaching out for his wounded mate.


No!  Please...I can’t watch this!


His vision is blurry.  He can't see.


The moment he yells for Jungkook is when his vision goes dark, a familiar darkness surrounding him.


A sad whine causes him to turn around and see the red wolf he has been desperately been trying to get into contact again.


“It’s you,” Taehyung breathes out in disbelief.  “But why?”


His inner wolf replies back with a whine and Taehyung thinks back to the time he first shifted.


Why did he shift in the first place?


Another whine.  It’s like his inner wolf is trying to remind him of something.  Something important.


“And when I’m done with you.  I’ll make sure that your little mate will share the same painful death as you.”


Something in him clicks as he remembers the rage he felt at those words.  The need to protect his mate from someone who would dare lay a finger on him.


Taehyung comes to realize the common thing that brought him and his inner wolf together that first time he shapeshifted.  The same reason that his inner wolf was called again despite his poor efforts in trying to call forth the being himself.  That just like him, his inner wolf loves Jungkook as much as he does.  That it would do anything to protect him.


Tears cloud his vision as it registers through his mind that Jungkook was right about his inner wolf all along.  That it is just like him.


He can only cry out apologizes to the wolf.  Feeling the guilt of ever accusing it of murdering an innocent were.  For thinking that it would hurt an omega like itself.


His inner wolf bows its head in understanding, forgiving Taehyung for yelling at him earlier.


The wolf comes close, nearing Taehyung as its eyes ask for permission to come closer.  Taehyung offers his hand, the back of it facing the wolf’s nose, giving the wolf access to scent Taehyung.  His inner wolf hesitates at first, but once he gets a whiff of his hand, it presses close to it, whining for affection.


Taehyung brings it close, hugging the wolf and petting it, apologizing for ever thinking it was a bad being.  It feels warm and the emptiness that he had first felt when he scared off his inner wolf is gone.  


He feels complete.


When everything begins to come together, Taehyung’s mind clears as he begins to remember, his inner wolf guiding him through the memories and to the answers he’s been desperately looking for.












Taehyung is in the forest, enjoying the smells and the sounds of the night.  The crickets sing soft tunes and the wind blows against his fur, calming him into a state of serenity. 


But far off in the distance, his ear twitches at a certain sound.  It sounds like crying.  It sounds like an omega pleading for help.


His instinct causes him to run through the trees, towards the sound.  When he makes it to the source, a horrible sight greets him.


The omega who called out for help is on the ground, being tortured by a few other weres that surround her torn body.


“Please s-stop!” the omega yells out in agony, blood oozing from the claw marks on her skin.  “I-I don’t want to die!”


“Shut up you little bitch!” the were above her says, going down to harshly bite the thigh of her leg, relishing in the scream that she makes.  “This is what you get for disobeying me Hyunmi.  A worthless omega like you is supposed to follow and obey their alphas, you hear me?”


Another were next to her takes the opportunity to dig his claws into her stomach, the omega coughing out blood as her organs begin to fill up her insides with blood.


“Don’t think for a second you can try and change who you are, you fucking whore!”


They bite at her flesh again, ripping skin and eliciting the most blood curdling screams that Taehyung has ever heard from her, it pains him to his very core to hear such sounds.


“P-Please, it hurts!”


Taehyung has had enough, he growls deeply, not even giving the weres a chance to even register his presence as he pounces on them, grabbing her main attacker on the arm and ripping it off.


The perpetrator yells, grabbing at the area where Taehyung tore his arm off, curling up in pain as he screams.


The weres attack him in retaliation, scratching him and hitting him hard enough where it hurts.  But he doesn’t mind the pain and fights back, snarling as he’s able to fend them off, injuring some of them in the process.


Taehyung protects the omega’s body, the female were looking at him in shock.  The other weres begin to back up when they realize they’re no match for him, but he can see the hatred in their eyes as they begin to get a good look at him.  


“Hey isn’t that the Kim pack’s son?” a were questions, holding his ribs that Taehyung probably cracked,


“Yeah, the omega," another scoffs.  "I’d recognize that fiery coat anywhere”


Taehyung takes their chatter as an opportunity to run, grabbing the injured omega as gently as he can and running away from her captors.


The weres yell out in surprise at the sudden movement, flustered as they try to catch up to him.


But he’s too fast for them and gets away at a far enough distance.  It’s when the omega begins to whimper, whispering out for a name he can’t quite catch, that he stops and puts her down.  The metallic taste of her blood on his tongue. 


She’s pale as snow, her body covered in awful, life threatening wounds.  Unfortunately, he can already smell the scent of death surrounding her and Taehyung can only whine in regret for not being able to come to her aid faster.


He noses at her, trying to tell her that he was sorry,  She seems to be able to tell what he’s trying to say, raising her hand weakly to pet his snout.


“T-Thank you,” she struggles to say, her breath labored as blood pours out of her mouth.  “F-For the first time…” She coughs and covers Taehyung in her blood. “I g-got to feel what it’s like...t-to be s-saved.”


She breathes shakily, her hand weakly falling to the ground as her tired eyes begin to close, the light fading from them.


Taehyung can hear the weres catching up to him, but he doesn’t want to leave the omega behind.


“Go.  G-Get out of here,” she pleads, understanding Taehyung’s hesitance. 


He presses a snout to her face, bidding her a sorrowful farewell.  Her eyes become misty at the affection from a total stranger, a smile gracing her lips as she thanks him again.  


And it’s with a smile on her face that she passes and Taehyung runs away before the weres can catch up to him.












Taehyung is brought back to reality, not even a second passing from when he blacked out as he watches Jungkook back away from Jeungsuk, whimpering in pain.


He looks at the face of the leader, smiling as if he had won and Taehyung feels enraged as he recognizes him as one of Hyumi’s torturers that night in the forest.


How dare he?


Taehyung begins to grit his teeth, the feeling of the transformation taking place as his inner wolf guides him through the motions.  He wants revenge.  He wants them to feel the same hurt that the poor omega had to experience that night.


He also wants payback.  Make them suffer for having the gaul to lay a hand on his mate, hurting him.


Taehyung catches Jeungsuk off guard as he rams him, flinging him in the air and chomping on his side.


Jeungsuk coughs out blood due to Taehyung’s fangs penetrating the skin of his stomach, puncturing it.  He gives him no time to recover either as he flings him across the snow, landing pitifully a few feet away from them.


Taehyung takes his attention away from the were and decides to go and focus on his mate who has whined at the sight of him.  He goes over to Jungkook, rubbing his snout lovingly against Jungkook’s own as the other were returns the gesture.


Are you okay?


He tries to convey to his mate, looking at his wound in distress.  Jungkook nuzzles against him in reply, looking better despite the knife sticking against his flesh.


I am now that you’re here.


“Kill them!” yells out an enraged Jeungsuk, finally getting his bearings after getting attacked by Taehyung, furious that he’s gotten injured.  No longer is the leader calm and collected. “Kill them all!”


Worried for Hoseok and Jimin’s safety, Taehyung looks over to where they were at.  He’s relieved to see Hoseok near Jimin’s side, his best friend conscious again as they face back to back, ready to fight off whoever dare tries to go at them.


Hoseok must’ve escaped when Jungkook and Taehyung shapeshifted, using the distraction to kick off his attacker and punch the one on top of Jimin.


Knowing that his friends alright, Taehyung looks back to his mate who is reflecting the same resolve in his own eyes.  The remaining weres surround them as the couple prepare to fight back.


Let’s end this.


Carnage ensues after that.  Limbs being ripped, holes being punctured into flesh.  The snow around them soon becomes red as the intense sound of fighting surrounds them.


In the end, they are victorious when they are the last weres standing, the remaining members of the Yang pack on the floor, unmoving but still alive.  Taehyung and Jungkook were merciful by keeping them alive.  But they made sure that they felt every last piece of pain that they inflicted on them.


The last conscious member being the leader himself, he can only sit there, dumbfounded that this has happened.  The were can't move either as Taehyung's attack on him had caused him to land awkwardly on his legs, breaking them.


Taehyung hears a yell from far away and turns around to see his father, Namjoon, Yoongi and an unfamiliar female running up to them.  Despite their exhaustion of trying to climb up the mountain, they look stunned at the results of the carnage that had just happened and are especially flabbergasted at seeing two shapeshifters.  But despite their forms, his family recognizes both him and Jungkook.


Namjoon is the first to run up to him and hug him, shivering in relief at seeing his brother alive and well.  Yoongi doing the same to Jungkook.


Taehyung’s father is brimming with pride as he approaches and judging by their carefree expressions, he can tell that they have successfully proven his innocence.


How they did it though?  Taehyung only finds that out when he hears Jeungsuk’s angry words directed at the female were following them.


“Naeun!  What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”


The name sounds familiar and it takes Taehyung to remember it as the name that Hyunmi was whimpering out before she died.


“I’m here to finally take you down,” Nauen responds back, defiant as she stares back at her leader.  She then turns to look behind them, the authorities joining their side.  


The officers move to arrest all of the fallen Yang pack members, medical staff coming to aid Hoseok and Jimin.


Jungkook and Taehyung take this moment to shift back to normal, the medical staff coming to give them blankets and going to tend to Jungkook’s wound.


When his mate is patched up, they watch as authorities take Jeungsuk not towards the police car like his pack members, but towards Jungkook and him.  It’s only when they push him down, baring his neck that he understands what they’re doing.


The law of werewolves.  If found guilty, you are punished by death, killed by the one you have wronged.


Taehyung glares down at the man who tried to accuse him of murder when he was the one who helped aid in Hyunmi’s torture.  The man who made him doubt himself.  The only thing he has to say to this piece of scum is why.  Why did he do it?


“It’s a disgrace for an omega to be ruling alphas,” Jeungsuk seethes through gritted teeth.  “The Kim pack was a disgrace for letting something so unnatural happen.”


He notices that his brother, father and Yoongi have come to join them, wanting to hear for themselves why Jeungsuk did what he did.  He can see the displeasure on everyone’s face, but on Jungkook, he sees an overwhelming amount of hatred, a want for revenge.


“Everything would’ve been perfect if you didn’t come out as a low life omega.  Then Hyunmi wouldn’t have had to die.” Jeungsuk only stares at Taehyung, his hatred for him evident.  Hating the fact that Taehyung was the one who ruined everything for him.


“She would’ve kept being a good little bitch, obeying her alphas like she should’ve.”


Jeungsuk loses whatever sanity he had left, laughing crazily to himself.




Taehyung looks away in disgust, no longer wanting to her the nonsense coming from the were’s mouth.  He looks at Jungkook, his mate’s gaze trained on him as if asking for his permission.


“Do it.”


Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to pounce on the leader at the light command, Taehyung walking away, listening to the sound of flesh tearing apart and the pained screams of a were who was never really worth any of his time.


He stops for a moment to look at the sky, the snow falling.  He closes his eyes, peace finally making its way back into his life as he realizes that it’s finally over.












He comes to learn that Nauen is Hyunmi’s true mate, the alpha’s mixed scent reminding him of the smell Hyunmi had before death shrouded it.


Nauen reveals that Hyunmi was taken from her, forced to marry the were who claimed to be her husband at the trial.  Because Nauen was that of a lesser branch of the Yang pack, they wanted Hyunmi to be mated to someone who was that of a main branch in order to give them more power.


The lore of the omega bringing great luck being the very reason why Nauen and Hyunmi were separated.


“He never loved her,” Nauen sobs out through tears.  “He would beat her if she did something wrong...Forced himself on her and doing more horrible things to her that she couldn’t even tell me about.  Treated her like she was some sort of object that he possessed and could do whatever he pleased to do with.”


Taehyung leans over the table to take the alpha’s hand into his own, trying his best to comfort her in any way that he can.


“She couldn’t even fight back because all of the pack thought he was in the right,” she admits with a sniff.  “That an omega had to obey her alpha.”


Nauen wipes her tears with her free hand, bringing her gaze to look far off in the distance of the nearby window.


“I just felt so helpless.”


Taehyung heart aches, empathetic as he thinks about what it would’ve been like if Jungkook was in that position, the thought of not being able to do anything.  It’s terrible.


“But then she saw you.”


Taehyung looks up to see Nauen’s gaze on him, admiration in her eyes.


“When she saw you rebel against the hierarchy, proving that an omega was able to do more than what their status was assumed to be...I saw a light in her that I hadn’t seen in a long time ever since she was torn away from me.”


Nauen tearfully continues to tell Taehyung of how during the final months of abuse, Hyunmi got sick of it.  And that for the first time in her life, she decided to rebel against the alpha that claimed to own her.


“She wanted to come back to me,” the alpha states sorrowfully as she remembers her last moments with her lover.  “We promised to run away together.”


Her face scrunches up in pain, grief stricken as she remembers the promise that never happened.  The last bit of hope on Hyunmi’s face that she saw for the last time.


“I knew that they were the ones who killed her,” Nauen confesses, face cold and deprived of emotion.  “But I couldn’t say anything because they threatened to kill me.”


There’s a slight pause in her words, taking a moment as she relives the fear she had experienced, along with the guilt of keeping quiet.


“But when you were sentenced to death,” Nauen starts out.  “I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.”


She brings her hands to enclose Taehyung’s own, squeezing it as she looks at him with sincerity.


“The pain that I felt when I lost’s painful.  So painful that I can still feel it fresh in my heart,” the tears begin to spill again from her eyes, puffy from her crying.  “I couldn’t let another were experience that pain.  Even if it killed me….I had to tell the truth.”


Taehyung thinks back to what Yoongi and Namjoon had told him.  That Nauen had come running up to them, disheveled and bleeding as she begged them to help her.  That she knew the truth,


In the end, it was Nauen who revealed everything to the authorities, proving Taehyung’s innocence.  He thanks her again for her bravery, so thankful that she did what she did. He knows full well that she’ll become an even greater leader to the Yang pack than Jeungsuk ever was.


“I have one thing to ask,” she finally requests quietly, a sorrowful look on her face.




He gives her a moment to compose herself as she thinks about what she’s about to ask.


“Did she suffer?” she finally says, looking at him expectantly for an answer to the question that has been eating at her ever since she lost Hyunmi.  “Did she die s-sad?”


Taehyung remembers his last moments with Hyunmi, the look of peace on her face.  He shakes his head.


“No,” he assures her.  “She passed with a smile on her face.”


Nauen cries, thanking Taehyung over and over again.  He goes over and gives her a hug, hoping that with his words, she knows that Hyunmi died knowing what it was like to be cared for again.


That she died peacefully.












They’re surrounded by a different array of flowers, birds flying above and tweeting sweetly as if throwing their own congratulations.  The sun shining on them, it’s warmth blessing this happy occasion.


They both look like ethereal beings dressed up in white, almost like angels who flew down to earth for a visit.  Jungkook looks stunning and Taehyung can’t take his eyes away from him, thankful that he has such a beautiful mate to call his.


Taehyung giggles as Jungkook wraps his arms around his midsection, kissing him on the cheek, sharing the same sentiment that he was feeling earlier.


The crowd claps for them, happy faces on his family and friends as they look at him and his husband.  Jimin looks like he’s seconds away from crying for the third time during the reception, Hoseok holding a tissue box for Jimin to grab and cry into, a smile that could even rival the sun on his lips.  Namjoon and Yoongi look on at them warmly, softened gazes as they smile brightly.  He can even see Jin, who took a lot of the food from the buffet and is currently having the time of his life eating, giving him and Jungkook a thumbs up.


His father then grabs everyone’s attention, tapping on his glass to make an announcement.


“You don’t know how delighted I am to see my son so happy,” Byunhee says with a bright grin.  “And I am pleased to say how grateful I am to have a son-in-law like Jungkook, who will no doubt protect him until the ends of time.  A great pleasure to accept him into my family.”


His husband hugs him tighter at that, Taehyung looking over to see the beautiful bunny smile on his face, matching his own boxy grin.


“They’ve been through a lot.  Situations that threatened to pull them apart," Byunhee looks down solemnly as he remembers those tough times.  "But like the strong weres that they are, they fought.  They fought hard for this future that they’re having right now and won that battle.”


The crowd cheers at that, knowing full well of the battle that made them both stronger.  A battle that has made them known to the world as the first ever, shapeshifter couple in a long time.


“Here is to their happiness,” his father concludes, raising his glass for a cheers.


As the clank of glasses resound throughout the garden, Taehyung looks around at the celebration happening.  He’s never been more grateful for being able to experience this moment, has never been more happy to be alive.


He then looks at his husband, Jungkook, whose gaze has never left Taehyung’s face.  They nuzzle their foreheads together and as Taehyung closes his eyes, he can see their inner wolves brushing and curling against each other lovingly.


As they pull back to look at each other again, Jungkook brings a hand to cradle his cheek, his face flushing at their close proximity.


“I love you Taehyung,” Jungkook professes.  “More than anything in this world.”


Taehyung smiles, arms going to wrap around Jungkook’s neck as they become encased in their own bubble, not minding the cheers happening at their open affection for one another.


“I love you too.”


Jungkook’s face shows his happiness and love as he leans in, Taehyung meeting him halfway as they come together in a kiss that is both so gentle and passionate that it makes his toes curl.


As they both pull back, they look at each other once again, smiling big.  Taehyung can’t wait to spend forever with his Jungkook.


They found their happy ending and they’re going to cherish it forever.