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Nakuru Takes Charge

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This was getting old.

Nakuru listening to Minami talk about Aizou and Yuujirou was getting painfully old.

She wasn't jealous or anyth-... No, okay, she was, but only a little.

But more than that, she was just tired of Minami being utterly oblivious to the obvious.

Finally, after doing a bit of research, she knocked on her boyfriend's door one fine Sunday afternoon, and when he opened the door, instead of greeting him, Nakuru said these words...

"You need to date Shibasaki and Someya."

Minami simply stared at her in confusion, shock and horror.

"Are you-?! What is-?! Why?! Is this your weird way of telling me you want to break up?!"

Nakuru blinked, unimpressed. "Polyamory," was all she said. Then she shoved her way past Minami and into his house.

"Poly-what?" Minami repeated, shutting the door and turning to look at Nakuru, who was calmly taking off her shoes as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

"Polyamory. The action of dating two or more people consensually." She held up a hand when she could see Minami about to speak. "No, that's not cheating. Consent is the important part here. I am giving you my consent, therefore, assuming those two also consent, it would be a polyamorous relationship. Without full consent from all parties, yes, it would be cheating."

Minami simply blinked. "Why, uh... Why exactly are you giving me this... Consent?"

"Because it's obvious that you want it. Even if you're not aware of it, you are in love with those two. I don't mind you dating them both. I don't mind sharing you." She turned on her heel and walked towards the kitchen. "Do you have any juice?"

Minami followed Nakuru warily. "Uh... Y-yes, we have juice. And. Um. I mean, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not interested in-"

"You are. You shouldn't lie to your girlfriend about these things." Completely accustomed to where things were in the house, Nakuru was already pouring a glass of apple juice for herself by the time Minami made it into the kitchen. "I've heard you talk about them. I've seen some of the looks you give them. Don't lie."

Minami's response was silence.

"I'm entirely monogamous - that is, I only want to date one person at a time. But that doesn't mean I can't give you consent to date multiple people. If that's your concern, you have nothing to worry about." She took a sip of her juice. "That said, I'd like communication. That's a given, right?"

"Ah... Yeah," Minami mumbled.

"Right. And boundaries. This doesn't mean I want you going and dating anyone you want. I know Shibasaki and Someya. I don't want you to date someone I don't know, and even if I do know them, it shouldn't be without telling me first. I'm sure they'd feel the same way once things are official."

Minami shifted nervously. "I'm not... I'm not sure about this."

Nakuru paused, and sat her glass carefully on the counter with a sigh. "Right. I'm always doing this," she mumbled.

He blinked. "Huh?"

"I'm always talking like things I want or expect will be given to me or will be what happens. I'm sorry." She sighed again. "I just wanted you to be happy. I see in your eyes when you look at them that you love them. But that doesn't mean you've accepted it. I just charged in, talking about all this stuff without thinking. I'm sorry."

Minami looked at her for a minute, then shook his head. "No, Naku-chan, that's not it." He reached up, running his hand through his hair. "I mean... Thinking about it, you're right about the part where I'm in love with you and them. You're right about that. But... You're talking like you expect them to be in love with me."

Nakuru didn't respond.

"I'm really happy you're so okay with it, though. My feelings, I mean." He sighed. "I don't know how to bring this subject up with them or anything. And if I did, I don't know how it would affect things - especially if they didn't feel the same." He shifted where he stood, leaning against the refrigerator. "I need to think on that. But it's good to know that you accept me."

Nakuru was silent for a moment more, then sighed, giving an understanding nod. "Of course I do. I love you, too. And if you want some help with asking them out, or just want me to be there for moral support, just let me know."

"Thank you." Minami smiled. "Since you're here, wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure!" The mood immediately changed, and Nakuru rushed to where she knew the big bowls were. "I'll make the popcorn!"