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worship (in the bedroom)

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seokjin’s broad.

it’s the first thing he’d noticed about the older, when they met for their blind date. his shoulders are wide and strong. jeongguk had immediately pictured them crowding over him from above, warm and encompassing.

it lives up to his imagination, and he arches up into seokjin’s chest with a whine, feeling small and little and safe. it’s good, it’s so good when seokjin braces his arms against the bed right next to jeongguk’s head and jeongguk’s covered completely.

puckering his lips for a kiss, he giggles when seokjin caves with a fondly exasperated sigh, hips still gyrating achingly slow. gasping through a smile, when those hips tilt just right, he sucks a reddening mark into the underside of his partner’s jaw.

not yet boyfriend, and he almost pouts at the thought.

clenching his hole around seokjin’s cock, he knows how tight and hot he must feel, grin pressed into the other’s neck when he’s rewarded with a strangled moan.

“good?” jeongguk goads smugly, twitching when long fingers pinch at his sides lightly.

“you’re a brat,” seokjin tells him—matter-of-fact as he draws back to throw jeongguk’s legs over broad shoulders. he misses the feeling of being ensconced by seokjin, but.

seokjin drives his hips up sharply, and, yeah, this is better.

“oh god.” jeongguk moans wretchedly, almost growls it.

“you called?” seokjin jokes, before laughing squeakily at his own gag. jeongguk kicks at his back petulantly, sucking in his cheeks to hide his own smile.

god hyung,” jeongguk whines, snarling when it only seems to set seokjin off again, “hyung, stop laughing.”

there’s too much laughter for how lame the joke was. jeongguk sighs, staring up at the ceiling when seokjin hunches forward in mirthful tears, head resting on his chest.

“stop laughing, hyung, i’m hard.” he groans, adding a ‘miraculously’ under his breath that the older graciously ignores.

gulping down air, seokjin straightens, hands coming up to wrap around the front of jeongguk’s lower thighs. there’s a few tears caught in eyelashes and they make jeongguk burn with annoyance. it wasn’t even that funny.

“okay, okay. stop trying to murder me with your eyes, it won’t work.” he lets his hips roll, back to the steady pace from before, but this time it’s hitting all the right spots dead on.

“i’ll murder you with my hands.” he fires back, choking on the last word when the pace picks up rapidly to a brutal pounding.

air is knocked clean from his lungs, quiet gasps from both of them creating a melody in the space between. jeongguk mewls when seokjin angles his hips higher for a thrust, that spot in him being jabbed like a fucking gameshow button.

the grip around his thighs releases traveling down to the curve of his waist. seokjin has large hands. not ridiculous like namjoon’s or taehyung’s but large. large enough that they fit around jeongguk’s waist easily enough to make him feel delicate and breakable.

and jin?

well, he fucks jeongguk like he’s trying to break him.

with the grip around his waist he’s essentially being fucked onto seokjin’s length—like a toy. fuck, if that doesn’t make his blood burn and gut twist.

it’s fun having sex with seokjin, all the sassy back-talk and laughter lightens the mood. but when seokjin wants to fuck, wants to wreck and break and ruin, he fucks like a man on a mission. his eyebrows are drawn in from concentration and there’s a crease between them that jeongguk would smooth out if his limbs weren’t numb from the force seokjin’s using to sheathe his cock inside jeongguk’s pliant body.

“j-jin, ji- uh nghh,” he chokes on his tongue when his prostrate is struck, gurgling pitifully.

the man between his legs still looks annoyingly composed—there’s a healthy flush to his face with sweat dripping an alluring path from his temple to his chin—but other than that he looks put together, expression flickering barely with pleasure.

seokjin’s hips pause and jeongguk almost throws a fit. he stares mutinously at the older, glaring when seokjin only gives him a lopsided grin.

strong arms push his legs against his chest. jeongguk hisses at the stretch, muscles cramped from how long they’ve been at it. it’s a miracle he hasn’t come yet, and he’s slightly terrified at how long jin seems to be able to just fuck and fuck and fuck.

on the next drive in, jeongguk wails. it trails off into high, broken keens that oscillate with the way he’s being jerked up the bed from the brutal force of being fucked to an early death.

“gonna. kill me.” jeongguk pants, chest heaving in probably a worrying manner but he’d rather lose at mario kart then get seokjin to slow down.

he’s thrown a “i’ll see you in hell then” before a delightedly amused grin follows it. seokjin smiles like it’s an inside joke but it must be one jeongguk’s not privy to. neither does he really care because his fingers are tingling and his abs are caving in.

“co-comin’.” he bites out, arms trembling but not as much as his legs. jeongguk kind of hates the way his limbs quiver like he’s being electrocuted the closer he gets to his orgasm. it’s not cute, but seokjin’s only ever cooed at him when his legs spasm from how sensitive he is.

what sends him over the edge is a flick of swan-neck fingers to the head of his cock. the pain zips through what feels like every nerve on his goddamn body and he almost sobs with how hard he cums. as it is tears fall from his eyes, shattered whimpers the only sound he can produce.

seokjin politely reduces the speed of his thrusts, just a smooth back and forth that milks his orgasm from every inch of him until he’s left shivering.

jin leans back over him, arms settling next to his head. they meet half way for a kiss that plunders jeongguk’s mouth and his breath and maybe his heart but that’s too cringey even for him.

“i’m gonna fuck your thighs now,” seokjin rasps into his mouth. clamping down on the way his spent cock twitches, jeongguk scrapes his teeth along seokjin’s prominent adam’s apple. can’t help the way he smirks when seokjin hisses, hips kicking into jeongguk’s sore walls.

one hand trails soothing fingers through his sweat damp hair, the other assisting jin’s length as he pulls out.

he digs his two, awkwardly big, front teeth into his bottom lip to keep any embarrassing whines or moans from spilling, hissing in his throat when the fat head catches on his rim.

a disgusting amount of lube is slathered on his thighs, seokjin tossing both of his legs over one shoulder to keep them tight. the flushed head of jin’s cock pushes between the meat of his thighs, pearly precome smearing against the sensitive skin there.

jeongguk watches with one arm thrown over his face, eyes lidded, as the budding precome disperses milky white the closer seokjin gets to his climax. the older is handsome all the time, but with his plump lips open in a silent moan, eyes half-shut in pleasure with lust-blown pupils, hair part messily down his face so strong eyebrows and forehead peaks through. it’s stunning.

ropes of white streak his groin and stomach and jeongguk groans softly when some paints his cock.

quiet pants brush against his legs, the other having pressed the side of his face into jeongguk’s calves.

“you good?” he asks quietly, shaking his legs slightly so seokjin gets the message to let them go. he spreads his legs so they rest on either side of seokjin, picking his torso off the bed with an exhausted grunt. maneuvering his legs so they’re under his butt, jeongguk catches himself with two hands on a toned chest.

seokjin grabs his hands and interlaces their fingers together with a small smile, leaning forward obediently when jeongguk makes soft noises for a kiss.

“i’m good.” seokjin replies.

“we need a shower.” he wrinkles his nose at their soiled state, offering jeongguk a hand once he climbs off the bed. jeongguk takes it, lets himself be guided to the bathroom, overly large and grand with a shower that looks like it’s meant for five people not one.

seokjin’s loaded.

under the relaxing pressure of the shower head, jeongguk sighs to himself as the older cleans him gently, absolutely spoiling him. seokjin has a thing for taking care of his partners apparently, he’s told jeongguk that it satisfies him to see his partners spoiled and pampered.

and, well, jeongguk’s not exactly complaining.

strong fingers dig into his scalp, massaging the shampoo into his roots and he practically purrs at the feeling. almost startles when plush lips press against his own since his eyes are closed, but jeongguk giggles happily into the kiss.

seokjin pushes him back into the spray of water, running his hands through jeongguk’s hair to help rinse out the shampoo.

“conditioner?” the other hovers his hand over a creamy white bottle promising luscious, enriched locks. jeongguk scrunches up his nose and shakes his head, “no, i use jojoba oil.”

“baby’s high maintenance.” seokjin teases, a lone finger tickling under his chin. jeongguk bats it away with a pout, blush dusting his cheeks.

“so what?” he gripes, ducking his face when seokjin goes to kiss him. a hand catches his cheek and he doesn’t fight it.

“nothing,” seokjin promises, kissing his cheek as delicately as a butterfly wing, “i want only the best for my baby.”

at that he buries his face in seokjin’s neck, blushing profusely because he’s embarrassed by how much this sugar daddy seokjin vibe makes him want to melt.

wriggling into his sweatpants and hoodie, jeongguk throws himself on top of seokjin who’s already lounging on the fresh sheets. his outfit of an overly large hoodie and jeans, who even wears jeans at home gross, make him seem small even though he’s bigger than jeongguk. he loves it, it’s like his boyfriend is his personal teddy bear.

wrapping his limbs around seokjin like an octopus, jeongguk snickers at the pained grunt he receives. seokjin’s hand extends for the bottle on the side table, and jeongguk almost knees in him the balls trying to get comfortable.

jeongguk.” he groans in pain, before the bottle flies into his hand.

which– what?

jeongguk scrambles up almost knocking into seokjin’s chin. straddling his partner’s waist he almost breaks his neck from how fast his head whips between seokjin and the bottle. jin’s staring at him equally as wide-eyed, mouth parted in shock.

“that. that never happened.” seokjin chokes out, drawing himself up against the headboard. jeongguk’s still sat in his lap.

“what the fuck!” jeongguk whisper-shouts, eyes threatening to widen to the point of being unnatural.

“whatthefuck whatthefuck whatthefuck whatthefuck.” he chants to himself, eyes staring at the bottle unseeingly. his head might explode right now, that might actually happen.

“okay, baby, look. calm down.” seokjin tries, a palm resting on jeongguk’s back, the other setting down the bottle carefully to the side.

calm down?” his voice goes high and reedy, and seokjin flinches, “you just– you– and– the bottle just– flew what the fuck.

“i can explain.” seokjin starts, ignoring jeongguk’s ‘you fucking better’ deadpan stare, “so, essentially– i’m god.”

“what?” jeongguk squints at him, “you’re a god?”

“kind of.” seokjin hesitates, “i’m more of an avatar.”

“like jesus?” jeongguk hedges, “like you’re a reincarnation of god with a capital ‘g’.”

seokjin shakes head, laughing not unkindly.

“no, you misunderstand. i am god.” seokjin declares proudly.

jeongguk stares at him blankly then with unconcealed shock.

“you’re god? you?”

seokjin’s features assume an indignant, insulted expression, “hey, i don’t like your tone. what do you mean ‘you’ br-”

“wait wait, does this make me religious?” jeongguk stares wide-eyed with horror, cutting seokjin off mid-sentence.

“i don’t wanna be religious.” he moans pitifully.

seokjin scrunches his nose in distaste, “i mean if you ‘believe’ in me i gue-” but he’s cut off once again, this time with a high-pitched shriek.

“wait, fuck! i slept with god. i fucked. god.”

seokjin only winces in reply.




jeongguk settles back onto seokjin’s lap because god, jesus, reincarnation, or a cheap party trick his lap is still comfortable. he had to leave and stress eat some cinnamon toast crunch because this is a lot to take in. jeongguk went on a blind date with god, fucked him, dated him some more, fucked him some more, and. and. almost fell in love with him.

“okay, you need to explain this a little more.”

seokjin tilts his head in agreement.

“there’s only one ‘god’,” he does the air quotes and all, “and that’s me. i’m not the typical god that you find in religions, all i know is that i created this universe because i was curious and, lonely. i think creator would be a more fitting term, i don’t dictate fate and sit there playing sims and all that shit. just make things and then watch them grow naturally as they would.”

seokjin glances at him to make sure he’s following so far, before his gaze drifts back to the window.

“as for me, as in kim seokjin, you can think of me as a tiny section of my original conscious that i decided to put on this earth. so technically i’m both god and also just a small piece of them.”

jeongguk takes a minute to wrap his head around that, still slightly in disbelief even though he saw with his own two eyes that bottle fly into seokjin’s hand.

“can you show me something?” jeongguk asks at last, “anything it doesn’t matter, just something that humans can’t do.”

seokjin hums before taking his hand in between his. he opens jeongguk’s palm and between one blink and the other a baby bunny appears in the curve of his palm. in the next blink it’s gone and instead it’s water that slowly turns into wine.

“you’re not funny.” jeongguk informs him, grinning anyways.

“i’m sure.” seokjin accepts it gracefully, movements unsure as he tugs jeongguk down to kiss him. jeongguk goes happily, because god, or magician, or drug induced hallucination seokjin may be, jeongguk still adores him.

a light weight appears on his head, and when he raises a hand to touch his hair he’s met with flowers sitting prettily on his head.

“how does that work.” he wonders in awe, cradling a delicate calla lily in his hand.

“i just will it to happen,” seokjin shrugs, “kind of like how you create a made-up world in your head and you can control every aspect of it by just willing it to happen because it’s in your head. same thing for me but with life.”

“if i want water to appear in my hands it does, if i want water to turn to wine it happens. or, if i want someone to disappear they would without a trace, and if i want no mark of them to be left behind there wouldn’t be anything for you to find or remember.”

jeongguk’s chest tings with fear and a little sadness.

“would you though?” he asks nervously.

“no.” seokjin laughs quietly, “i don’t have any reason to. if i didn’t get rid of hitler then that should tell you something.”

jeongguk shrugs in acknowledgement, but there’s still a small part of him that’s anxious. call it a remnant of past hurt, call it trauma.

“and. and would you ever—say—change someone’s feelings?” he adds timidly, because really he’s asking ‘have you ever manipulated my feelings’.

“oh,” seokjin sighs airily, “baby, i could never do that to you. i love you, sweetheart. and i do have common decency.” jeongguk’s cheeks burn with shame for thinking seokjin could be that heartless.

“i love you too.” jeongguk mumbles shyly, falling forward into seokjin’s chest. still sticky guilt clings to his lungs so jeongguk vows to never doubt seokjin again without reason.

“i know.” is the response he gets.

“what is this one of your god powers?” he asks petulantly.

seokjin laughs in his face, “no you called me drunk two nights ago and wouldn’t stop telling me how much you loved me. i had to text taehyung to take you home before you started planning our entire wedding.”

“kill me.” jeongguk pleads into his sweater, cheeks a bright red.

“please just spare me of this embarrassment.”

“what you want god to smite you?” seokjin jokes, laughing.

“i’m gonna have to deal with really shitty god jokes aren’t i?” jeongguk grumbles uselessly.

paying him no attention, his boyfriend, because they’re boyfriends now seokjin could deal, starts laughing madly.

“you could say-” he chokes out, “that every time you have sex it’s a heavenly experience. or. or or or. i see jesus every time i come. get it? cause i’m kind of like jesus.”

“shut up.” jeongguk says with despair.





“sometimes i do use it though.” seokjin tells him suddenly from across the table.

jeongguk glances up at him with wide, deer-in-headlights eyes, before looking around the small café for context to his boyfriend’s random segway. he’d been peacefully trying to take a selfie sipping his frappuccino, lips hollowed around the straw like a slut, the whole basic bitch package, to send to taehyung.

“what?” he frowns.

“my ‘god’ powers.” seokjin puts quotations around the words looking nervously between him and the couple sitting about two odd tables away from them.

jeongguk’s alarmed—not that he thinks seokjin’s going to use his abilities to like murder someone—but rather that he’s even bringing it up in the first place. despite his slight cockiness about being a god, jin’s never liked talking about it all that much. jeongguk can only assume how being part-human and part-God could make someone a little mad.

“what do you mean? for what?” it’s not that the older never uses his ‘powers’, in fact he does so regularly around the house for things like pouring himself a cup of water, dicing the onions while he’s cooking, folding the laundry when he’s feeling lazy. or jeongguk’s personal favorite, filling the living full of puppies until jeongguk’s buried in them just because he wants to see jeongguk laugh.

he just never talks about it, never acknowledges it verbally. sadly, the god jokes don’t simmer down though, they’re still as bad as the first day.

“like–” seokjin nods over to the couple he’d been glancing at nervously. abruptly the woman, who’d been leaning forward with obvious interest, dulls and sits back in her seat.

“like her. the relationship is gonna be great for the first five months but he loses his job, turn his anger onto her and alcohol. she won’t leave him and instead commits suicide in another year or so. guy goes mad with guilt and kills himself.”

jeongguk can feel his mouth part in shock.

“now, she’s probably going to go home and think it was kind of a dull date and resolve to put dating on hold and shift her focus to her job and career. she’ll get a promotion in a couple of months. the guy will go home and be upset that he didn’t get the girl but he’ll get over it. he’ll still lose his job in another five months and turn to alcohol but without the physical outlet of beating his girlfriend he starts getting aggressive with his friends who’ll book him into therapy soon enough.”

seokjin taps his fingers against the table rapidly, twitching his legs under the table so spasmodically he accidentally bangs it against the underside.

“you did good, babe.” jeongguk reassures him with a soft smile, settling a hand over jin’s.

seokjin looks up at him, before his gaze falls back on their hands.

“i’ve always debated whether it’s dehumanizing, essentially stripping them of this path of life even though it’s not the best one. i can prevent them from, quite literally, dying, but is it my job, my right, my decision to make? i don’t know but i want to hope that i can be forgiven for manipulating their decisions for this one instance if it gives them a better life.”

jeongguk thinks about it carefully, rubbing his thumb over seokjin’s palm. he brings jin’s hand up to his mouth to kiss softly.

“i think that i can’t tell you if what you did was right or wrong, it’s not my call either. nobody’s. but i can tell you that i’m proud of you for trying to make their life better. in the end i think most people will agree that saving that woman from an abusive relationship and eventual death would be a good thing to do, whether that’s in the regular way of talking to her or in your much more absolute way. in the end you saved both their lives. i don’t think that’s something you should beat yourself up over.”

seokjin pauses his nervous leg jitters to stare at him, before looking back at the couple. the woman clearly isn’t into like she was before. the guy looks a bit disappointed but resigned.

“okay.” jin says at last, lacing their fingers together. he squeezes their hands, but guilt still lingers in his eyes.

“i love you.” jeongguk tells him instead of all the hundred comforting phrases that rest on his tongue, “no matter what, i love you.”

“okay.” seokjin replies, but he’s smiling now—the private, adoring one that jeongguk’s only seen aimed at him.

he doesn’t say i love you too, but he doesn’t have to.





they’re at a party, one of taehyung’s so it’s loud and large and lavish, but jeongguk’s curled up into a ball on top of seokjin’s large frame, enjoying how tiny and smol he feels. specifically spelled that way.

“you doing good, pretty boy?” seokjin asks him, a large hand coming to stroke his back and then settle around his waist. his other hand nurses a cup of some concoction taehyung had shoved into their hands when they’d arrived. seokjin’s barely taken five sips of his, and jeongguk had ditched it the moment taehyung turned his back.

speaking of his best friend, jeongguk hasn’t seen him since they arrived, but he’s not too worried. it’s their thing, jeongguk enjoys the people-watching and atmosphere of parties and taehyung drifts around and shines in the crowd.

before seokjin, taehyung would get tipsy and horny—never drunk—and then they’d escape upstairs or into the bathroom to fuck it out. after seokjin, well, jeongguk wonders if jimin’s as mean to taehyung as he is to his other fucks. not that taehyung wouldn’t love it.

“i’m good.” jeongguk sighs, uncurling enough to tuck his face into seokjin’s neck. the pleasing, warm scent of vanilla and cinnamon from seokjin’s fancy perfume hits him, and he almost gives into the urge to lick seokjin’s neck to see if he tastes just as good.

neither of them care much for socializing, not in parties like these. the main reason they go is to take care of taehyung, something jeongguk’s been doing his whole life, and seokjin’s been more than happy to help with. taehyung wins everyone over so jeongguk’s not surprised.

jimin drifts over to them and hugs seokjin awkwardly over jeongguk’s body. he places a tender kiss on jeongguk’s forehead making him hum cutely.

“jimi.” jeongguk coos at him basking in jimin’s radiant smile. honest to god, sorry seokjin, jeongguk loves jimin so much, he’s the second best person in this world—right behind tony stark. taehyung’s third best but that’s because he won’t call jeongguk baby. seokjin’s fourth best because he will not stop with those goddamn god jokes. pun not intended.

“hi baby.” jimin grins down at him, “just came over to let you know that you and jin hyung can go home now if you want. me and taehyung are going home together.”

“oh thank god.” seokjin groans, a laugh in his voice because of the coincidental god joke.

“taehyung’s not that bad.” jimin looks at him amusedly, eyes crinkling.

“no but the baby’s heavy.” he nods down at jeongguk, who frowns deeply.

“hey!” he squawks half-heartedly in protest since seokjin’s teasing and he did call jeongguk baby.

“alright take your boyfriend home, i’ll take the other one home and hopefully he’ll stop running away from a conversation and let me be his boyfriend.”

jeongguk does this interesting thing where he laughs, covers it up with a fake cough, then manages to make himself actually choke, then starts actually hacking up a lung.

jimin stares at him blankly, “if he runs away any longer, it’ll be your job to smack some sense into him so you shouldn’t be laughing.”

“just handcuff him to the bed,” seokjin offers with a smirk, before glancing down at jeongguk who is already dreading the next words out his mouth, hand reaching up to cover it, “that’s what i do with jeongguk.”

jeongguk screams quietly, cupping his ears as a blush blazes its way across seemingly his entire body.

jimin winces, “tmi.” before turning on his heel and leaving. when jimin’s gone, jeongguk elbows his boyfriend hard in the gut, reveling in the pained, breathless groan. he gets up and glares down at seokjin who only offers him a sheepish smile.

“i could’ve said worse?” jeongguk stares at him in bewilderment.

“you’re not helping your case right now!” jeongguk scolds him quietly, pouting.

“my case for what?” seokjin rolls his eyes as he stands, still rubbing at his abdomen. it would bruise on anybody else but with seokjin he’ll probably get rid of it in a couple of minutes once he loses the fight with his pain tolerance.

“your case on why i shouldn’t make you sleep on the couch and cancel our plans tomorrow.”

seokjin pauses in shrugging on his coat, eyes going wide with worry at the reminder of their plans.

“wait, darling, i’m sorry, i’ll sleep on the couch tonight but please not the plans.

jeongguk quite likes having so much power. their plans for tomorrow weren’t anything too special, but jeongguk did finally indulge in a nice lingerie set with garters and some shiny toys. he’d figured out seokjin’s weakness for garters after he’d offhandedly decided to wear a black one on top of his jeans.

thinking back on it he should probably send taehyung a flower basket. only after seeing taehyung wear his tie as a headband did he decide to say fuck it and wear the garter. kim taehyung is truly the fashion icon.

but the way seokjin had been mindless the entire day, barely focusing on anything but jeongguk’s thighs—he could get used to it.

“but i want twenty kisses as payment.” jeongguk purses his lips at him, pushing him further back into the coat closet so no one can see them.

“only twenty kisses for my pretty boy?” seokjin asks him teasingly.

jeongguk backtracks quickly, “no, wait, i want fifty!” seokjin laughs fondly at him, leaning forward to do just that.

jeongguk holds him back abruptly, “make it a hundred kisses!” seokjin falls against him chuckling quietly, pressing kisses to his face, “stop laughing! i’m being serious hyung!” his boyfriend kisses him quiet.

“you don’t even have to ask, little one, i’ll give you so many kisses you’ll ask me to stop.” seokjin promises him tenderly, cheeks bunching up into his eyes with silent laughter.

“that’s never gonna happen.” jeongguk tells him confidently, looping his arms around seokjin’s neck to bend him down to his level before kissing his laughter right out of his mouth with all of his heart.





jeongguk picks up the ruined garter with a whine, “jin you ripped my favorite pair!”

“i’ll buy you a new one!” seokjin throws over his shoulder, hand combing through his locks trying to set it just right.

“it has to be this exact one.” jeongguk stresses, coming up next to him to drop the lingerie on the dresser, catching seokjin’s eyes through the mirror. seokjin holds his gaze for a couple seconds before cracking a grin—leans sideways to give jeongguk a kiss.

jeongguk’s only wearing a long button down shirt that’s probably jin’s with how it drapes over his shoulders so loosely. next to him his fiancé is in a fully black suit that fits him so impeccably it makes jeongguk want to chain jin to the bed and peel every layer off with his teeth.

but he can’t because there’s a business dinner tonight, which means seokjin has to head to the venue earlier in order to make sure everything’s perfect to the t. jeongguk himself has a suit draped on the front of the closet door, pressed for today. in style with seokjin’s it’s all black—they looked quite spectacular together in the fittings.

right now though, jeongguk is going to sulk in bed with seokjin’s shirt on until it’s time for him to get ready.

he stops seokjin’s hands where they still fuss with his hair, digging his own fingers through the strands to sort them out efficiently.

“can you fuck me tonight after the dinner.” it’s phrased like a question but both of them know jeongguk’s going to get what he wants.

“i fucked you this morning.” the older sounds exasperated, but jeongguk knows he’s hiding a smile.

“you are literally god. i’d be concerned if you don’t have enough stamina to go again.” jeongguk points out, stepping back to appreciate seokjin in all his glory.

“you’re just a slut.” jin dismisses turning to the mirror to assess his appearance for himself.

jeongguk snakes his arms around seokjin’s waist, hooking his chin on his shoulder, “what does that say about you. you’re the one who said yes to marrying me.”

tilting his head to the side, jin smiles crookedly at him, “it just means i have taste.”

pressing his face into the curve of the other’s neck, jeongguk flushes, “flatterer.”

“is it flattery if it’s the truth?” seokjin ponders shallowly, twisting his engagement ring so it’s sitting straight, black diamond gleaming.

“that’s just corny.” jeongguk half-groans, half-laughs, patting his fiancé’s abs once before releasing him.

“i’m corny.” seokjin corrects him, slipping a couple more rings onto his right hand, leaving his left hand bare of anything but jeongguk’s ring.

jeongguk just smiles to himself, glancing down at his own engagement ring which seokjin had given to him with a huff because jeongguk had beat him to proposing. it’s much bigger and flashier than jin’s because despite their personalities, seokjin loves delicate, more modern jewelry, and jeongguk prefers a flashier and more vintage look to his rings.

blue diamond glitters back at him and he rubs a finger over the band.

when he lifts his head up seokjin’s watching him with a meaningful weight to his eyes. jeongguk allows his feet to take him where they want and they carry him straight into seokjin’s arms. right where he belongs.

“love you baby.” seokjin murmurs into his hair, placing a kiss there.

“i love you jinnie.” jeongguk breathes out quietly, face buried into his neck again.

“can’t believe you fell in love with god.” seokjin breaks the peaceful silence, “pretty sure that makes you religious in some manner.”

stop.” jeongguk tries.

“i can’t believe you’re marrying god.” mirth fills seokjin’s tone, “that’s the most religious thing i’ve ever heard. marrying god. oh yeah, i’m so devoted to my religion i married god-”

he elbows seokjin in the gut.

ow! hey you love my jokes. and plus, you’re stuck listening to these jokes for the rest of your life.”

if seokjin is god, no wonder the world was so fucked.

“i will divorce you.”