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it was now the second day of the altean con and lance had decided to dress up as Soul from Soul Eater. he had just placed his sharp teeth in and was currently fixing his white wig.

the cuban boy was buzzing with excitement as he twirled around his hotel room and hummed a happy tune.

he sat down on the bed and put on his shoes, a large smile on his face. pidge, who was halved screw on her head for their Franken Stein costume from Soul Eater as well, groaned from their place at the mirror.

"will you stop being so excited, we'll see keith soon."

lance blushed at the thought of keith. he had met the boy yesterday and is heart practically exploded. he was so sweet and kind and was just the cutest boy lance had ever seen.

better yet, he had scored said cute boys number!

after the con yesterday, keith had suggested that they should meet up again today. he had asked pidge to come but they declined.

("i don't want to third wheel with the gays," they had said.)

lance stood up from the bed and straightened his clothes out. once he was satisfied and pidge was ready, the two set out and towards the convention.

when they entered the building, the two spent some time together as they weren't meeting other people until later. pidge commented about some people's questions and the two occasionally took pictures with other people.

soon it was time for lance to go meet keith. he said goodbye to pidge and the two separated. lance walked down a corridor and towards the place keith said to meet at.

he had gotten a sneak peak of keith's costume and nearly died of another heart attack. he had dressed up at Luka from the betrayal knows my name and he pulled it off so well.

his heart pounded in his chest when he spotted the boy and walked over to him. he looked even better in person.

keith turned his head towards lance and gave him a bright smile and ran over towards him.

"hey, nice soul costume," keith complimented.

lance blushed. "thanks, i really like your luka costume."

"really?" keith blushed and looked down at his costume. "i didn't think i'd suit it."

"nah, you look great."

both boys were blushing a deep breath and avoided eye contact. if pidge were here they'd be laughing their asses off at their awkwardness.

"well you suit being soul, i've always had a crush on him in the anime," keith winked and giggled when lance blushed even more.

the two set off down the corridor and just started to walk around and talk. lance was having a blast and his crush for keith grew more and more as they spent time together.

the had reached a café within the con and ordered two coffees and sat down at a nearby table.

"i don't think i've ever met anyone who was a fan of my channel and didn't talk about something other than my channel," keith said as the waitress came with their drinks.

lance smiled. "well i do really like your channel but i also want to get to know you more."

keith blushed and smiled softly. e picked up the white coffee cup and sipped his drink. lance did the same with his own.

during this time, lance had noticed that keith liked to tap against things, whether it be the table or his cup, he was always tapping. lance smiled at that.

"well i'm just glad that my videos were able to help you," keith said and smiled kindly at the boy across him.

lance blushed and returned the smile, his heart pounding against his chest. he picked up his drink and took a slow sip.

the two eventually finished their drinks and started to walk around more. they talked and talked about everything, they even bickered every one in a while when they disagreed on a certain topic. they eventually would laugh about it.

but unfortunately the day was coming to an end and soon lance and keith would part ways and the cuban boy would have to wait until tomorrow to see him again.

keith sighed and grabbed onto lance's jacket with his small hand. "i don't want to you go..."

lance's heart swelled at the simple words and smiled softly. he grabbed the hand that was clutching onto his jacket and interlocked their fingers together.

"you'll see me again tomorrow," he said softly and rubbed the back of keith's hand with his thumb.

keith gave a cute pout and stepped closer to the cuban boy. "that's too long."

lance chuckled and could feel his face getting hot. the two boys stared into each other's eyes. lance's red ones and keith's silver ones, both wearing contacts for their characters.

keith sighed once again and reluctantly pulled away, giving lance a small sad smile.

"i'll see you tomorrow soul, looking forward to your next amazing costume."

lance chuckled and blushed. "same with you, luka."

keith giggled and waved at lance before walking off in the opposite direction. lance had a dreamy smile on his face as he went off to go find pidge.

when he found them, they had seen the look on lance's face and groaned out loud, preparing themselves for the gross details about lance and keith's time together.