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To Choose: A Poem

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Adoration was the sword
On which he always chose to die.
Beyond every smiled utterance
He could see the simple lie:

They hadn't chosen, but still he was
And so they had to choose
To sing the praises to get ahead
It didn't matter whose.

"I love you" were the words
They always often said.
To themselves they muttered it
While writhing in his bed.

But one day, suddenly, there she was
An ocean in her eyes.
The only one who understood
What their duty buys.

Because the only choice he ever had
Among those pretty lies
Was which to bring into his bed
To be their empty prize.

The choice she had was none at all
And yet she always chose
A higher path than he could see
With more sorrows than he knows.

Two worlds, one touch, a breath
Was all that passed between
But in that moment he had felt
More love than he had seen

His gaze on her, so full of awe
He was in her smile, frozen
Because only when with that girl
Would his choice be Chosen.