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In a Blink of The Eye

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Peter’s arm around his hips is mocking in its familiarity. He always does this, clings tighter after they’ve broken up. Pulls out his parade of pet names, all darling and sweetheart, kisses him on the cheek pointedly before the delighted eyes of their many guests. Peter is either easily caught up in the euphoric loneliness of another failed marriage, or he’s a laughably poor actor.

Or he could just want Elias back. But that’s far from the point of any of this.

He’d been utterly pathetic, that’s why Elias is doing this for him. Practically begged Elias not to leave him right before his annual family reunion. Should have made him beg, honestly, it would have been entertaining if not gratifying, but Elias has always been tragically overindulgent. And Peter was telling the truth, his family did like Elias far better than him, and returning to them empty handed would make for a miserable evening. Deserved, after the way he’d treated Elias, but a cruel fate nonetheless. Elias has always been popular with in-laws. He likes to think it’s because he’s a good listener.

So he divorced Peter, and yet here he is. Adorning his arm. Smiling at his cousins. Laughing politely at his father’s dry commentary on the menace of social media. His soft heart is going to get him in real trouble one of these days.

“You don’t need to pull such a sour face every time no one is looking at us,” Peter says, and Elias is glad there’s humor in his voice, because if Peter wasn’t having a good time, Elias couldn’t resent him for it.

“Oh really. So you suggest I enjoy you forcing yourself on me at every opportunity? Your family will remember we’re together even if you’re not actively swallowing my tongue, you know.”

“You enjoyed it two days ago.”

“We were married two days ago,” Elias hisses from between his teeth, still in control enough to make sure no one is within earshot.

“Oh my love, I didn’t realize you were such a prude. Doesn’t it make it feel more exciting, not waiting til we tie the knot?”

Elias fixes Peter with his coldest stare. Peter responds with a lopsided grin. He slides a hand around the back of Elias’ neck and tugs him closer.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry.”

“Well that explains why you seem to constantly be making me that way.”

Peter reaches out and snags a spring roll off a passing hors d'oeuvres platter. His eyes sparkle with laughter as he brushes it against Elias’ lips. Elias keeps his mouth firmly closed, uninterested in whatever game Peter is playing. But Peter doesn’t let up, pushing the spring roll more insistently into Elias’ mouth, pulling at his lips with the edge of it. Out of the corner of his eye, Elias sees Peter’s mother watching them with a critical gaze.

Elias sighs through his nose, closes his eyes, and opens his mouth to let Peter feed him. When Peter’s fingers linger past his lips he closes around them and sucks gently, opening his eyes to lock his gaze with Peter’s own.

“You’re too good to me,” says Peter, barely above a whisper. Elias hums in agreement. He is too good to him. But Peter’s fingers tastes like sweet and sour sauce, and his eyes are bright and warm, and he truly is a terrible actor, but only at pretending not to love Elias.