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Unlike the others

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"Wooseok! I didn't expect you to actually come!" Wooseok doesn't need to turn around to know its Donghyun who is basically screaming right next to his ear so he's able to listen to him over the loud music that is being blasted through all the speakers surrounding the room.


The younger's arms are wrapped around him in a back hug so Wooseok places his hands on top of his, giving them a slight squeeze before Donghyun lets go and steps back, quickly taking his wrist in his hand and pulling him to turn around and follow him in the direction of the table he and their friends are sitting at.


"Oh! You came?" Is Jungmo's silly question. Minhee who is sitting next to him rolls his eyes but a smile blooms on his face.


"No, he's just a collective hallucination we all are having." Wooseok chuckles as he watches Jungmo turn towards Minhee and pushes him by the shoulder with a pout on his lips.


Donghyun pulls Wooseok to sit down next to him, his eyes still shining under the colorful lights as he looks at him, awed Wooseok was truly there with them.


Why were they so surprised? Well, Wooseok didn't enjoy going clubbing unlike the majority of the people his age. It is not that he didn't like dancing because he did or that he didn't enjoy drinking with his friends and have a good time in general.


To put it simply, Wooseok doesn't like how loud and crowded clubs are, he prefers to stay inside the apartment he shares with Yein. He could be laying on his comfortable bed wearing his worn down clothes instead of the tight pair of skinny black jeans that matches the navy blue button-up he's waring, his glasses back home as he is wearing his contacts instead and feeling his skin a little itchy thanks to the makeup Yein put on him, the younger being firm on 'dolling' him up.


His friends go back to the conversation they were having before Donghyun saw him and fetched him. Wooseok listens to them and eventually joins them, throwing his head back laughing moving a hand up to his face when Donghyun makes a teasing comment jabbing at Jungmo's latest obsession with collecting some fluffy keyrings that were too expensive.


"The price is worth it!" Jungmo tries to defend himself but Donghyun just gives him a cheeky grin.


"You do know they sell bags filled with pompoms for a much cheaper price right? Just glue on yourself the eyes and the keyring and that's it, spray some perfume in them I don't know." Minhee says joining on teasing the beta. Jungmo looks at Wooseok as if expecting him to take his side but the older just shrugs, there is no way he can defend him on this one.


Suddenly a glass filled with a bright blue liquid is placed in front of him. Wooseok turns to the side and up to meet the waiter's eyes, raising an eyebrow in question. The girl leans close enough so they are on the same eye level and lifts a thin finger to the right, towards the bar where an honestly attractive but older male lifts his drink towards them.


"From the gentleman over there," She backs away, a customer-friendly smile on her bright pink lips. "He's an alpha." She adds before turning on her heels and walking back towards the bar.


Wooseok meets the stranger's eyes, gives him a smirk before taking the blue lagoon. Instead of taking the drink to his lips like the other male must be expecting, Wooseok moves his hand forward to the middle of their table to the bucket that still has a few cans of beer on it alongside the ice used to keep them cold.


Then he tilts the glass on his hand, the blue alcoholic drink spilling into the bucket until the last drop, the stranger's eyes widening and his mouth falling open. Wooseok fakes a kind smile before putting the glass back on the table and turning back towards his friends who are trying their best to hold back from laughing.


Wooseok lets out a giggle himself and reaches inside the bucket to take a can of beer, popping it open as his friends finally burst into laughter.


"So, when are we hitting the dance floor?" Wooseok asks after he takes a big gulp of his drink, Jungmo basically jumping to his feet and rushing around the table, his hand finding Wooseok's and pulling him to follow him, a bright smile on his handsome face. Minhee and Donghyun following them only a few steps behind.


A couple of other alphas try to get too close but a glare from Wooseok is thankfully enough to keep them away more often than not and when its not enough Jungmo steps in, placing his hands on Wooseok's waist and pulling him close to his chest, intimately nuzzling his neck, breathing in Wooseok's sweet honeysuckle scent and scenting him with his minty and fresh scent, tricking the alphas into thinking they must be mates.


Jungmo doesn't only do this with him but also with Minhee and Donghyun, the three omegas trusting him enough to do so. He still catches the way that Minhee sometimes tenses, baring his neck for Jungmo something he is still uncomfortable doing.


This is another reason why he didn't enjoy clubbing. The alphas that behaved like vultures, their eyes on him that stared at him as if he were a piece of meat or a toy for them to claim for themselves.


There was no way Wooseok could trust an alpha.



"Gosh he's so pretty." A boy, probably a freshman, whispers as Wooseok walks past him and his friend on his way to his class. "Too bad he's so feisty." Wooseok glances over his shoulder, his eyes cold making the beta flinch. The boy standing with him, another beta, pats his friend's back.


So yeah, Wooseok has quiet the reputation on campus.


He earned it since his first semester, when an alpha who was two years his senior thought it was a good idea to wrap an arm around his shoulders on the cafeteria. Wooseok had pushed his arm away and even turned to face him, his pink lips pushed back enough for his sharp -not as sharp as an alpha's or a beta's but still sharper than most omega's- canines to be shown.


People whispered his name and a couple of adjectives alongside it wherever he went but he couldn't care less, it was mostly done by alphas who couldn't get their head around an omega acting up against them.


Wooseok had actually become something like an idol for omegas, especially male ones. Some even developing puppy crushes on him, like Donghyun who did a very bad job of hiding it.


Its not that Wooseok resented being an omega, back when he presented after his first heat at the tender age of 13 he had received nothing but support from his parents, his omega mother teaching him about everything he needed to know. His beta father had even bought and put together himself an armoire for his bedroom for Wooseok to use as his nest.


Wooseok's friends that presented as alphas were always nice to him and the only change in their behaviour was how protective they became, Sooil sometimes taking an extra coat for him to wear when they hanged out together, his strong alpha scent enough to keep other alphas from looking twice in his direction and Minsoo always walked him home after school.


What made Wooseok so hostile towards alphas was when in high school he kept finding himself in positions that made him scared and anxious, when a stronger and bigger than him alpha cornered him against a wall in the school's hallway and the other omegas and betas didn't dare to step in, his friends somehow always arriving on time and taking care of it.


He didn't like feeling so weak, hated praying someone would help him.


He finally gathered the courage to stand against an alpha when in their last year of high school, Sooil and Minsoo not around to help anymore, Wooseok entered Yein's classroom to pick him up and found his friend looking all kinds of uncomfortable as a trio of alphas Wooseok himself had troubles with before, were looming over his friend.


Wooseok had rushed to stand in front of Yein, a snarl on his lips and a growl he didn't knew he was cabaple of making crawling up his throat. His knees were shaking and he knew the other boys would soon smell the fear in him but he stood firm and glared at them, ordering them in a cold voice to leave them alone.


The alphas were shocked and thankfully left them alone, word spreading like wildfire thanks to the beta that had seen everything from the doorway and no one bothered him or Yein for the rest of the year.


Wooseok knew not all alphas were possesive and aggresive assholes -Sooil and Minsoo being the only exceptions he personally knows of- but he still couldn't trust any of them, no when he always sees the predatory glint in their eyes when they look at him.


That's why he's dreading the class he is walking into. It was barely two weeks into the semester so he shouldn't be dreading a class so early but last Friday before dismissing them, professor Haeyoon had told them she would be assgining the pairs for the rest of the course.


Why didn't he study English before? He should have joined his friends at their english academy back in high school or taken this class earlier but he kept pushing it back and now he had no option if he wanted to graduate so he had to take this intensive english course.


He sits on his usual seat, on the up front row and right next to the window. Wooseok is a few minutes early, just a handful of other students sitting on their seats. He feels someone staring at him and he turns to the right, meeting Sejin's eyes.


Sejin gives him a smile and a little wave that Wooseok reciprocates. Sejin is also an omega and Wooseok sometimes talks with him, he hopes they end up paired together.


More than anything he prays he doesn't get paired with one of the alphas, the odds are in his favor with only four alphas being in this class, the majority of the students being betas and omegas something Wooseok was thankful for.


A few minutes pass by and a handful of students hurry inside with professor Haeyoon closely behind them, a small smile on her red lips, her brown hair that is cut and styled in a perfect bop bouncing with her steps, the noise her heels make somehow louder than the chairs being pulled back.


She waits until everyone is seated before clearing her throat. "Good morning everyone!" A couple of students greet her back, accent heavy on their voices but her smile just becomes brighter. "Fist I need to apologize to all of you, I have a personal appointment so I won't be able to teach today's class. I'm going to announce the pairs and give you your first assgiment that you need to turn in tomorrow, okay?" A chorus of 'yes' makes her nod to herself and open the folder she holds against her chest.


Wooseok frowns when Sejin's name is called followed by a name that isn't his. Too bad. The pairs keep getting announced and he grows more nervous as his name isn't called.


"Kim Wooseok," Wooseok sits up straigher, professor Haeyoon's eyes glancing up from where she's reading the pairs and meets his big eyes, a glint that confuses him on her warm brown eyes. She then glances behind him, Wooseok's stomach dropping because he knows who she is looking at, her smile broadening showing her pearly white teeth. "Lee Jinhyuk."


Wooseok doens't know how he is able to stop the groan that tried to escape him or how he doesn't just slam his head on the desk. Professor Haeyoon may look like an angel but she clearly was a devil in desguise.


Why else would she pair Wooseok with Lee Jinhyuk?

An alpha.



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Once professor Haeyoon dismisses them and leaves the classroom the pairs move to sit together. Wooseok though stays still, not even glancing back to where his partner is seated.


Jinhyuk, a business student that is from Wooseok's generation, is one of the most popular alphas on campus, you have to be living under a rock to not know who he is. His 'pack' is wide and includes not only students from all majors and generations but also omegas, betas, and even fellow alphas.


The chair next to his is pulled back, Wooseok glancing up to face Jinhyuk who has an amicable smile on his thin lips. He's tall, really fucking tall, he towers over Wooseok with not only his height but his broad shoulders.


Wooseok's body tenses in reaction, the instinct to either snarl or cower back one he barely wins over. Jinhyuk sits down next to him, leaving a respectable space between them that instead of making Wooseok relax just makes him warier.


The alphas that pretend to be nice and unoffensive to get close to him have been too many, that trick doesn't work on him.


"Nice to officially meet you, Wooseok." Jinhyuk says with a toothy grin on his face, Wooseok's eyes glancing at his sharp canines for a moment before he looks back up into Jinhyuk's dark eyes. "I'm Jinhyuk, your partner but you already know that."


Wooseok detects the hint of amusement on the alpha's voice but he fails to find what is so funny. The other male is hinting at Wooseok's reputation that is never seen as something positive by his kind. Not that he cares.


He turns away from him to his binder and opens it on the section he has assigned for this class, skimming through the few pages he has filled already until he reaches a blank one. Professor Haeyoon had said they could turn their assignments in a lined paper. Wooseok takes the pen he had left next to his binder and turns his head to look at his partner with a blank expression on his face.


"Are you going to do this or not?" Jinhyuk's smile drops a little, Wooseok seeing how the corners of his lips twitch. The older -because yeah Wooseok knows he is younger than Lee Jinhyuk, it was useless information but he had it for some reason- reaches for his backpack he had placed on the floor next to his seat and takes out a blue pen and small baby blue notebook, there's a small sun drawn with golden marker on the cover.


Wooseok glances up at Jinhyuk's hair. It's dyed an electric blue and in a comma style. Ok so Jinhyuk likes blue, another useless piece of information that Wooseok hopes his brain doesn't retain for long.


Without another word exchanged they get to work. Both boys switching between writing down and looking towards each other. Their first assignment was to write five sentences to describe each other's physical appearance, something pretty basic but it was Haeyoon's idea to get a better understanding of the class's general English level.


The first thing he writes down is 'He is tall' Wooseok stopping himself from adding a 'really' to the sentence, feeling too bitter to point it out.


'Jinhyuk has blue hair' He doesn't attempt to add it's dyed, not knowing the translation for it. Wooseok remembering the older's smile writes something else.


'Has sharp teeth' is something obvious with Jinhyuk being an alpha but even taking that into consideration, his teeth were sharper than the average one. He can't help but wonder if that plays a part in him being such a popular alpha.


Jinhyuk has not looked at him for a few moments too long, his hand moving over the paper as he writes. Wooseok takes the chance to stare at him, trying to notice another detail he can write.


The alpha's skin looks smooth and Wooseok can't find a single blemish, not even a hint of dark circles so he turns to his work again and writes 'He has perfect skin'.


Jinhyuk looks up at the same time Wooseok does, their eyes meeting. Wooseok curses internally when he glances away first, knowing it was something primal inside of him that forced him to do it, to not look at an alpha on their eyes, a submissive reaction. So he glances back into Jinhyuk's dark eyes refusing to look away first.


His eyes are shaped like almonds, his irises are a dark brown with a shine in them that reminds Wooseok of obsidian. Jinhyuk gives him a smile before looking away and writing something down on his notebook, the smile staying on his thin lips.


Wooseok writes one last sentence 'He has shiny black eyes'. He takes the page out and hands it to Jinhyuk who takes it tilting his head to the side. "She said five sentences were enough right? So there you go, I'm leaving now."


Jinhyuk opens his mouth as if to say something but Wooseok doesn't give him a chance, he takes his binder, pushes his pen into one of the pockets of his jeans and reaches down for his backpack before leaving the classroom.


Wooseok really wishes he had studied English before.



Yein yelps from the living area when Wooseok slams the door shut behind him, definitely with more strength than needed but he can't bring himself to care. He kicks his shoes off and storms inside, ignoring how concerned his friend calls his name.


Wooseok enters his bedroom not bothering to close the door knowing Yein will follow after him, he drops his backpack by his bed before walking towards the door on the right wall next to his dresser and opening it walking inside the small closet room, his nest.


He closes the door behind him much calmer than the apartment's door, already feeling some of the tension leaving his body. He turns the fairy lights that hang from the ceiling and down the walls on before he gets on his knees and crawls to the middle of the small room.


Wooseok wraps himself with his favorite blanket out from the three he has, an old and worn out purple blanket. He leans back against the pile of soft pillows that he has collected through the years, their colors varying from pure white to pastel yellows and pinks, a couple of bright red cushions that match his dyed hair contrasting with the soft color scheme much like his favorite blanket does.


He takes in a couple deep breathes, his own scent all he can smell, the sweet mix of honey and something fruity, a hint of citrus being noticeable only in his nest. Wooseok closes his eyes and before he can count to ten Yein gently knocks on his door.


"Come in," Yein opens the door only enough for him to enter, closing it silently behind him. Wooseok shifts to make space for him and his friend crawl into it, opening his arms for Wooseok to lay almost on top of him.


Wooseok breathes a little easier when Yein's arms wrap around him, he places his head on top of his friend's chest, his ear right over where his heart is and hearing it beating helps Wooseok relax even more. Yein's sweet vanilla scent is barely detectable with Wooseok's overpowering it on the room but the sniff he catches of it makes the older sigh.


After what must have been at least twenty minutes Yein asks him in a soft voice if he wants to talk about what happened, Wooseok humming against him before nodding once.


"Professor Haeyoon paired me with Lee Jinhyuk for the rest of the semester," Wooseok can't stop the way Jinhyuk's name comes out of his mouth like a curse. "The whole semester Yein! Its a Monday to Friday class!" No matter what he won't admit the whine in his voice.


Something ugly crawls up his chest and wraps itself around his heart, squeezing tighter and tighter with each breath he takes. Wooseok knows Jinhyuk has not done anything to make him feel uncomfortable but that doesn't mean he can let his guard down, he won't.


"Relax Wooshinie," The nickname brings Wooseok back to their childhood days, none of them can remember where it came from, not even Sooil who was the one to call him that the first time, days when everything was simpler because they were just kids, nothing to differentiate them and class them into different kinds and positions, no expectations of how they should behave with each other. "Everything will be alright, don't stress yourself out. If he ever tries something funny you will bite his head off and I'm sure he must know."


Yein's melodic giggle brings a smile to Wooseok's lips. He nuzzles his friend's chest and the arms around him pull him a little closer. Wooseok yawns, Yein moving one hand up to brush Wooseok's red hair making the sudden sleepiness too powerful for him to fight and so he falls asleep.



Wooseok arrives early to class as always, stopping on the doorway when he sees the seat next to his is taken by none other than his partner. A quick glance around the classroom shows that most of their classmates are also sitting with their partners so he shouldn't feel this bothered.


Jinhyuk glances up when Wooseok is a few steps away, that friendly smile of his forming in his face but Wooseok can't find it in himself to reply in kind. "Good morning partner," Jinhyuk's pronunciation is funny but understandable.


Wooseok gives him a single nod as a greeting and sits down, next to him, knowing that taking another seat would be going overboard. He opens his backpack and takes out his pen and binder.


"Here, I read yours so you should read mine too," Jinhyuk says as he places their homework on top of Wooseok's binder.


He doesn't care to read it though and he turns to face him to tell him that but stops when his eyes meet Jinhyuk's. The older's smile reaches his eyes, the glint in them leaving Wooseok silent because he can't find it in himself to de curt unless he wants to feel like he's kicking a puppy.


So Wooseok lets out a small sigh and turns back to their homework, reaching for it. There was no need for a presentation sheet -professor Haeyoon said at the beginning of the course she didn't like wasting paper so unless it was an important assignment she didn't want them making presentation sheets- so the first page was his own work, their names and their pair number were written by Jinhyuk on the top left corner, he turns the page to find Jinhyuk's under it.


'Wooseok has red hair' At least his first sentence was not about his height.


'Wooseok is more small than me' 'Wooseok turns to face Jinhyuk who is staring at him watching his reaction. "Everyone is smaller than you," He points out with a frown on his face but Jinhyuk shrugs, his smile becoming a little broader. "It's 'smaller' not 'more small' by the way." That does make the smile on his lips drop and Wooseok smirks at him before reaching inside the front pocket of his backpack and taking out his correction fluid to cover his partner's mistake and handing the paper to him.


Jinhyuk takes it, writes down the correction Wooseok had made and hands it back to him, the tips of his ears having flushed red at some point.


'He has pale skin' Jinhyuk's skin tone is a few tones darker than his. More healthy-looking than Wooseok's pale skin that made it seem as if he never saw the sun.


'Wooseok is pretty' It is not the first time someone points it out, Wooseok is fully aware his face above average on the beauty standard, plenty of times people have tried to scout him on the streets -entertainment and model agencies- but he still sends a quick sideways glance towards Jinhyuk.


'Wooseok has big and beautiful eyes'


Professor Haeyoon enters right at that moment so Wooseok hands Jinhyuk back their homework, mumbling under his breath that he will be the one to take it to her when she asks for it, the older thankfully not complaining.

Wooseok's mood sours, cursing his treacherous heart for fluttering against his chest. He can't allow a compliment about his eyes make him feel things.


Especially not for an alpha.



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Wooseok is definitely sure that professor Haeyoon is a devil in disguise, behind that sweet and seemingly innocent smile of hers she was evil.


That's the only reason she could think of that project she had just announced and judging by the groans and whines a handful of other students make, he knows he's not the only one that thinks like that.


But she just claps her hands thrice in that way of hers that somehow is able to make everyone go quiet. "Now now class, it's not something hard to do," Her big eyes move from face to face until they stop in Wooseok's for a moment longer than with the rest. "I'm sure you're going to fondly look back on this once the semester is done!"


She dismisses the class before they can start complaining again and the classroom becomes loud with the way the students start grumbling amongst each other once again, some finding the situation amusing but Wooseok is not one of them.


He turns to face Jinhyuk who turns to him at the same time. This time when their eyes meet Wooseok doesn't look away, already prepared to stop the instinct that tells him to not look directly at an alpha's eyes.


"So, what should our first topic be?" Jinhyuk asks, tilting his head to the side, Wooseok's eyes glancing for a moment at the unmarked skin before he looks back into Jinhyuk's dark eyes.


Wooseok lets out a sigh before he shrugs. Professor Haeyoon had the brilliant idea to ask of them to prepare a topic to have a conversation off in front of the class, of course in English.




Every single Friday for the rest of the semester or until professor Haeyoon decided was enough Wooseok would have to stand in front of the whole class, facing Jinhyuk -more like having to look up at him, curse Jinhyuk's height, why did he have to be so tall?- and recite from memory a previously prepared conversation.


The supposed purpose of the project was to make them get to know each other while also improving their English skills but Wooseok was sure the real purpose was to torture him.


Jinhyuk stands up and slips one of his arms through one of the shoulder straps of his backpack, reaching inside the right pocket of his jeans to take his phone out -that, of course, had a vibrant blue phone case- swiping his unlocking pattern and after a couple of taps on the screen, he hands it to Wooseok.


The younger stares at the device with clear distaste.


"I have to go to class right now so I can't stay to decide on a topic, give me your number and we can talk about it later." Wooseok stands up, hating how Jinhyuk towers above him even when he is also standing but at least he doesn't feel as smaller than when he remains sitting.


He takes Jinhyuk's phone and types in his number before handing it back to him. Jinhyuk's fingers brushing against his and Wooseok retreats his hand a tad bit faster than normal but neither boy makes a mention of it.


Wooseok expects Jinhyuk to turn around and walk away but he doesn't, instead, he looks down at his phone, his thumb pressing down on the screen a couple of times and then Wooseok feels his phone vibrate inside his pocket.


The alpha stares at him as Wooseok takes his phone out, a grin blooming on his face when Wooseok glances down to see he's being called by an unknown number. Jinhyuk turns his phone to show him the screen confirming he's the one calling him.


Wooseok declines the call but that just makes Jinhyuk chuckle. "Talk to you later partner!" And after saying that he turns on his heels and walks out, stopping once on the doorway to glance back and wave at him with that bright toothy smile on his face before continuing on his way out not showing any reaction to Wooseok not reciprocating any of his gestures.



"Why are you texting someone called 'English'?" Wooseok glances to the side to find Jungmo's face a few centimeters away from his own. Before Wooseok can explain Yein lets out a groan in front of him and the older turns his attention to him in time to see how he rolls his eyes.


"That's Lee Jinhyuk, his English partner." Jungmo's eyes widen and he sits down next to Wooseok, placing his tray down in front of him. He turns to look at Wooseok and he can read the concern in his eyes. "He will be ok Jungmo, don't worry about him," Yein says while reaching with his chopsticks to take a piece of radish from Jungmo's plate and popping it into his mouth, the younger not even noticing it with how he keeps looking at Wooseok.


Jungmo doesn't look too convinced by Yein's words but before he can say anything, Minhee sits down next to him and the beta turns his attention to him, quickly asking the younger boy about how his day had been so far.


Wooseok shares a look with Yein as Minhee and Jungmo start talking. They have an ongoing bet about when will Jungmo confess to Minhee. Yein bets it will take another semester while Wooseok thinks it's about time he does it.


His phone vibrates on his hand and he looks down to see he's getting a call by none other than 'English'. Wooseok hesitates for a moment before sighing and accepting the call, he had been texting him moments before so declining the call would be too much.


"Hi!" Wooseok flinches away from his phone, Jinhyuk's heavily accented greeting louder than he expected. His friends look at him confused but he waves his hand at them in a 'don't mind me' gesture. "I'm at the cafeteria, can I sit with you? We can get work done faster face to face."


Wooseok sits up straighter and glances around the room, looking for a tall boy with electric blue hair should be easy but for some reason, he can't find him.


"I'm sitting with a couple of friends Wooseok," Wooseok's face heats up in embarrassment, the amusement in Jinhyuk's voice so clear he can imagine the smile on his face. "You can say no, by the way, I don't want to intrude." He sounds honest like he truly would be ok with Wooseok rejecting his request.


He does have a point. Wooseok has never been big on texting and while still not being much of a talker he does talk more in person. "You're right it will be faster that way, you can come." His friends look even more confused at his words. Jinhyuk tells him he'll go then and hangs up.


"What was that about?" Minhee asks but Wooseok's eyes are still glancing around the cafeteria, unable to stop himself from feeling on edge when he finds Jinhyuk standing up from a table on the other side of the room.


"Jinhyuk is coming here so we can work on our project, we need to prepare a conversation about our hobbies for this Friday. I hope that is ok with you?" Their eyes widen and their mouths fall open but none make a noise, Wooseok squirming on his seat.


"You, Kim Wooseok, allowing Lee Jinhyuk, an alpha, to sit down with you out of class?" Yein asks completely incredulous. Wooseok is about to point out Sooil and Minsoo have joined them before but he stops when he notices Jinhyuk is but a meter away.


Jinhyuk sits down right in front of him, next to Yein who is staring at him as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The alpha gives Wooseok's friends a little bow, that friendly smile on his thin lips as he introduces himself and they all introduce themselves.


Wooseok is not ready for when Jinhyuk turns his complete attention to him, his smile broadening and his dark eyes shining as he looks at him. "So, you said you like reading right? What is your favorite genre?" Jinhyuk sounds truly curious as if he was not asking for the assignment's sake.


The redhead looks away from Jinhyuk's eyes but not because of a primal instinct to submit to the alpha in front of him but because he doesn't know what to do when Jinhyuk looks at him with that sparkle in his eyes.


"We need to write this down to translate it later," Wooseok mumbles reaching for his backpack to take out his binder, Jinhyuk moving Wooseok's tray with the empty plates away so he can place his binder on the freed space. Wooseok glances at his friends that have remained quiet looking at them. "You go back to what you were doing."


Jinhyuk and he spent the next 20 something minutes talking, Wooseok writing down the main points of their conversation before Jinhyuk stands up when Yein points out the time to Wooseok, the redhead needing to go to the other side of campus for his next class.


"This should be enough for this week's topic, see you tomorrow." Wooseok says to Jinhyuk, not waiting for a response before turning his attention to his friends and biding them goodbye with a much warmer tone before he turns around and hurries out the cafeteria.


He tries to convince himself he's hurrying because he doesn't have much time to make it to his class and not because he wants to get away from Jinhyuk who had somehow made him forget he had been talking to an alpha.



Wooseok stops by the school's library before going on his way back home, he needs to pick up a book to start working on another assignment he had been procrastinating on.


He's reading the book spines looking for the book that professor Seokhoon had mentioned when he hears someone talk on the other side of the bookshelf. Wooseok would have ignored them had he not heard his name.


"Hey did you hear that Wooseok was talking with Jinhyuk at the cafeteria today?" He can't recognize the voice but Wooseok is not surprised about it.


"What? Don't you mean he snapped at him or something?" Wooseok rolls his eyes. He doesn't go around snapping at every alpha he comes across, just the ones that try their luck with him.


"No!" He cringes at how loud the other male whispers if it still could be called that. "They were sitting together and talking. No snarling, no growling not even glaring."


"Jinhyuk has domesticated that bitch? Woah he should get a medal I never thought this day would come."


Wooseok's blood boils, he feels how his lips move back in a snarl and he doesn't bother stopping the growl that crawls up his chest. The two gossiping males on the other side of the bookshelf yelp before they rush away, their steps hurried and Wooseok barely stop himself from going after them.


He closes his eyes and slowly counts to ten, taking in deep breaths to calm himself down. A dark cloud is trying to envelop him inside of his mind, voices inside his mind whispering about how he must indeed have come off like that to the other students, he had let his guard down in front of Jinhyuk, had forgotten the other male was an alpha.


But Jinhyuk has not done anything to make Wooseok uncomfortable so far.


The older had kept a respectable distance between them when inside the classroom the last two days, asked for his permission first before going to sit with him and there was no hint of dominance in his body language when talking with him.


Nothing to indicate that he wanted Wooseok to submit to him like so many alphas have tried before.


But even then, the fact remains that Jinhyuk is an alpha. If Wooseok were to let his guard down any further Jinhyuk may take the chance to assert his dominance.


Wooseok will not give him such an opportunity.



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Yein helps him translate their dialogue, the younger having already finished his English studies back in high school and being the second-best English speaker he knew of -Mogu has a native level of fluency but he knew the beta was busy with his assignments- so they are able to finish it that night. Wooseok paying for the pizza they order for dinner.


He knows Yein knows something happened that had made him upset but since Wooseok had not run to his nest like last time he didn't make any questions and just kept an eye on him.


Wooseok takes a photo of their scrip and sends it to Jinhyuk, the older replying a few minutes later with a couple of surprised stickers and telling him he should not have done all the work by himself but Wooseok just tells him to not worry about it, he could always take care of next week's.


He stays up late all night working on professor Seokhoon's assignment because it's one he can't half-ass, not if he wants to get a passing grade. Wooseok regrets having not gotten around to it before as the hours pass by and he realizes he will end up struggling to stay awake on his classes.



Wooseok is far too early, the class before English having ended up only 20 minutes into the class because professor Seoham forgot to grab the USB where he stores the material he needs to teach the class properly.


There's, of course, no one inside the classroom. The moment he sits down on his seat he yawns, his eyes prickling with tears that he brushes away before they can escape his eyes. The day has been a little colder than usual but that just makes him more drowsy.


Wooseok lays his head on top of his arms and closes his eyes. He might as well take the chance to take a brief nap, he's sure he will wake up when the classroom becomes louder as his classmates enter.



His dream doesn't make sense, they rarely do. One moment he's strolling in a park with Yein and Minsoo, their conversation nonsense from what he's able to catch, and the other he's dancing in a club with Jungmo pressed against his back forcing a random alpha's stare away from him.


Then he finds himself alone and cold in a dark forest. Wooseok can hear people talking around him but they're so far away he can't make out what they say. The scenario is not a stranger for him, he has had nightmares that start like this many times before and his dream self feels his chest getting heavier and heavier as the voices come closer.


Wooseok feels a whimper starting to form in his chest but before it can crawl up, a warmness envelopes him and with it comes a smell that makes him relax, the tension easing off his body, the voices disappearing.


He curls up on the ground but not because he's scared, on the contrary, its because he doesn't feel like he needs to bolt out the place anymore. Wooseok sniffs the air around him trying to put a name to the comforting smell. It's woody and reminds Wooseok of Sooil but at the same time it's so different, it's more subtle than his friend's scent.


There's a hint of another scent, a citric one that brings him back memories of sitting on the living room of his parent's home as they watch TV together, a blanket around him and his fingers busy peeling a juicy mandarin.




He looks around, the voice that calls his name slightly familiar but he can't put a name to it. His name is called again and this time a hand is placed on his shoulder, Wooseok flinching away from the touch.


Everything is too bright when he opens his eyes so he closes them again, moving his hands towards his face as he sits back. The hand on his shoulder disappears.


Wooseok rolls his shoulders back and that is when he notices a weight that had not been there before so he moves his hands away from his face to glance at his shoulder.


A black coat that doesn't belong to him. He looks to his right, his big eyes meeting Jinhyuk's, a small smile on the older's face. "You looked cold." He whispers as an explanation, his voice softer than Wooseok has heard it in the past two days. Wooseok glances to the front of the classroom to find professor Haeyoon writing on the blackboard.


Wooseok takes off the coat, his nose catching a sniff of its smell as he pushes it to Jinhyuk's side, the same comforting scent he had smelled in his dream.


Jinhyuk's scent.


"Thank you." He mumbles under his breath, Jinhyuk's smile turning brighter as he tells him it was nothing. Wooseok moves his right hand to his face, covering his flushing cheek in an attempt to hide it from Jinhyuk's sight.


He spends the rest of the class too aware of how he can still detect Jinhyuk's scent on his clothes.


Wooseok wonders if he could skip the next couple of classes to go back home and change his clothes. Maybe also take a shower. His eyes start becoming heavy again and he decides he should just skip the rest of the day, the idea of sleeping in his nest that smells only of him sounding like heaven right now.


He will need to ask Yein to turn in his assignment for him before doing any of that though.



When professor Haeyoon dismisses them, Wooseok hurriedly puts away his stuff and stands up, he can feel Jinhyuk's eyes on him but he ignores him. He's set on not allowing him to get closer, they are just partners for this class, nothing more and he wants it to stay that way.


"Hey Wooseok," Wooseok curses internally when he glances at the alpha as he was making his way around the desk. Jinhyuk is looking at him, a frown on his face and his stare heavy.


Jinhyuk stands up, once again just slipping one arm through one of the shoulder straps of his backpack letting it hang from just one shoulder. Wooseok tilts his face only enough to keep their eye contact as Jinhyuk takes one step closer to him, refusing to look away.


Then Jinhyuk's hands are cupping his face, his touch feather-light allowing Wooseok to step back if he wanted.


But for some reason, he stays still.


Jinhyuk's thumbs carefully brush right under his eyes. "Are you ok? Did you even sleep last night?" Wooseok doesn't understand why Jinhyuk sounds so honestly worried for him and he guesses Jinhyuk can read his thoughts, the disbelief blatant in his eyes. "I don't think you're the kind of person to just fall asleep alone in a classroom."


"He isn't," Both Jinhyuk and him turn to the side where Sejin is standing, his eyes also looking at Wooseok with worry in them. Jinhyuk's hands finally move back, Wooseok's face suddenly feeling cold. A natural reaction taking into consideration the cold weather and how warm the alpha's hands were. "Did you pull an all-nighter doing Seokhoon's assignment?"


Wooseok can't believe he had forgotten Sejin is also taking that class, both have the same major and are of the same generation. "Uh yeah, I did." He tries to give the other omega a smile but he knows he makes a weak attempt that neither Sejin or Jinhyuk believe.


"You should go back home and sleep, you're basically half-dead at this point and won't learn anything anyway. Give me your work I'll turn it in for you." Sejin extends his hand to him, his tone making it clear he's not going to accept anything but for Wooseok to do as he says. Jinhyuk looks surprised at the smaller male, clearly not having expected this situation.


Wooseok lets out a sigh and nods before slipping an arm out the shoulder strap of his backpack and to pull it to his chest so he can open it and take the folder with his assignment, Sejin taking it out of his grasp before Wooseok could hand it to him.


"Now go rest, see you tomorrow," Sejin turns to Jinhyuk, tilting his head up to face him properly without hesitation. "Could you make sure he gets home?" Jinhyuk nods his head, his dark eyes serious as he accepts his mission but Wooseok protests that he doesn't need to do that, Jinhyuk has his own classes to attend to. "I can contact Sooil then because if he knows you're going around in your current state he won't let you go home alone."


Wooseok stops himself from whining like a child. Trust Sooil to know everyone on his major, why did Wooseok have to pick the same major as his friend? He had basically signed up for Sooil keeping tabs on him.


As if to threaten Wooseok, Sejin takes his phone out his pocket, his big eyes looking straight into his.


"I don't need someone to babysit me, Sejin." Is what Wooseok grumbles. He appreciates Sejin caring for him but he hates being treated like a weak little thing. He's not about to pass out -ok it may feel like he is but he is not going to actually do that!- so he really doesn't need someone to accompany him back home.


"I'll accompany him, don't worry Sejin." Wooseok turns to glare at Jinhyuk but the older is not even looking at him, instead, he's giving Sejin that sunny smile of his. Sejin gives the alpha a smile back and thanks him, sliding his phone back into his pocket and waving at them before turning around and leaving, only a couple of other students remaining inside the classroom.


Wooseok is still glaring when Jinhyuk glances at him, he's about to give him a piece of his mind when Jinhyuk opens his mouth first. "Don't worry, I will just walk you out of campus ok? Just text me when you're home." Wooseok's eyes widen, not having expected Jinhyuk to have taken his side on this, to respect his wish.


He feels relieved.


When they exit the building Wooseok shivers. He really had not expected the day to turn so cold and he blames having forgotten his coat on his lack of sleep. His trip back home is not that long so he doesn't think he'll get frostbite or anything.


"Oh!" Jinhyuk exclaims next to him, his thin lips forming a circle shape before he closes them and reaches for his backpack as he stops walking, Wooseok stopping a couple of steps ahead and turning back to look at him confused.


Seconds after, he takes out a navy blue scarf and without any hesitation closes the distance between them, leaving but a step between them and he wraps it around Wooseok's neck, covering the lower half of Wooseok's face while also making sure his neck is properly protected from the cold being careful to not accidentally brush his fingers against the skin.


The scarf smells so strongly of Jinhyuk's scent and Wooseok knows later he will deny how it soothes him. The omega once again feels confused about why he's allowing him to do as he wishes like back inside the classroom when he cupped his face.


Wooseok is just going to blame it on how tired he is. He can't find the energy to fight seemingly innocent gestures from the alpha.


Jinhyuk reaches inside his backpack once again and takes out a pair of black knitted gloves, gently putting them on Wooseok's hands. He gives him a smile, the beaming kind that Wooseok's tired state finds enjoying being on the receiving end of.


"I would offer you my coat too but you won't accept that, right?" Wooseok chuckles before nodding his head once. Jinhyuk acknowledging that doing something like that would be pulling his boundaries makes him feel funny. "Make sure to check out the weather forecast next time, I can't have my English partner getting sick on me."


Wooseok rolls his eyes and continues walking, reaching up with one gloved hand to pull on the scarf so he can hide his reddening face. The woody and citric scent becoming stronger as he covers the tip of his nose with the soft material.


Jinhyuk easily walks next to him, matching his pacing with the omega's and filling the silence for both of them. Wooseok listens as Jinhyuk goes on about this game he thinks Wooseok would enjoy, offering to lend it to him the next day.


The younger finds himself ignoring the voice inside of his mind as he replies he would like to try out the game, Jinhyuk's smile broadening revealing his white teeth, his sharp canines still making something inside of Wooseok want to put up his defenses.


But as the alpha's scent is all he can smell and his smile accompanied by his dark eyes that look at him without any of the characteristic predatory glint in them that Wooseok is used to getting from other alphas, Wooseok finds himself letting his guard down.


He really needs to sleep.



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Wooseok drops his backpack by the end of his bed before he takes off Jinhyuk's gloves and scarf, placing them on top of his desk that is still a mess with a couple of books, an array of pens and sheets filled with notes and random scribbles.


His clothes and his very own skin still are impregnated with Jinhyuk's scent so the option of going into his nest is immediately discarded. Wooseok doesn't want to mix Jinhyuk's scent into his nest.


But the idea of taking a shower sounds like a hassle right now. He had fallen asleep on the bus but the high schooler omega who was seated next to him shook him awake on a stop worried he had missed his. Thankfully there were still a couple more stops before his.


Wooseok takes out his phone and sends Jinhyuk a brief text.


'I'm home'


He doesn't want to change his clothes risking getting Jinhyuk's scent into them too so he decides to just sleep as he is dressed. Wooseok places his phone next to his pillow and lays down, sleep coming easily to him and pulling him under.



Wooseok wakes up around 5 pm, his stomach growling and still feeling tired but he knows he should stop sleeping for now so he can go to bed early and fix his ruined sleeping schedule. He hears Yein talking with familiar voices on the living area, a smile growing on his lips without him realizing.


He opens his bedroom door and sees Yein laying on the couch, his head placed on Minsoo's thighs, the alpha's fingers brushing the omega's hair. Sooil is sitting next to Minsoo with his arm thrown around his shoulders.


"Seok!" Sooil is the first to notice him, a smile forming on his handsome face. Minsoo and Yein turn to him. "Good to have you back on the land of the living." Wooseok rolls his eyes and walks towards the kitchen only lifting a hand to give them a small wave. "Be a dear and bring me another can of soda!"


"Come for it yourself." Wooseok grumbles, not a tinge of true annoyance on his voice to be found but he always plays like this with his friends. Sooil whines some more about 'How cruel lil Wooseokie is to him' before Wooseok hears who he guesses must have been Yein slapping Sooil's thigh and the older stands up.


He is looking through the fridge for something to eat when he feels Sooil's familiar presence behind him as the alpha reaches inside for his drink. Wooseok expects Sooil to go back to their friends but instead, Sooil stays right behind him.


Wooseok grabs a plastic container with leftover fried rice and steps back to close the fridge, his back pressing against Sooil's chest. "What are you doing? Move." He pushes his friend back with an elbow, a grunt leaving Sooil not having expected the aggression.


Before he can walk towards the microwave to reheat his food, Sooil grabs his shoulder and turns him around, bending down enough for his face to be centimeters away from Wooseok's neck. The only alphas that could get away with this are Sooil and Minsoo, Wooseok knows if any other alpha or even a beta tried this he would have already kneeled them on their crotch or stomach.


Sooil's hand falls on his waist keeping him in place as he sniffs him, the warm air he breathes out tickling Wooseok. "Don't get your snot on me." He jokes his hand that is not holding the plastic containers reaching towards Sooil's chest as if he were going to push him away but keeping it there.


The alpha leans back, his eyes wider than usual as he looks down at him. Wooseok tilts his head to the side confused for a moment before he realizes what is going on and he pushes Sooil away, turning around and walking towards the microwave before Sooil can see the way his face is heating up.


"Don't say anything Sooil or I swear-"


"Guys! Wooseok smells of another alpha!" Wooseok curses under his breath as his friend basically screams towards their friends, both males loudly expressing their surprise and confusion.


Minsoo and Yein rush into the kitchen but Wooseok refuses to turn around and instead stares at his food inside the microwave, the timer counting down the seconds for him to take it out.


Suddenly he feels Yein's familiar arms wrap around his middle, his small nose brushing the back of Wooseok's neck as he sniffs him, a shiver running down Wooseok's back. Yein steps back before Wooseok could do anything to him. Not that he would either way.


"Yep, definitely an alpha!" Yein confirms too loudly considering how small their kitchen is. Minsoo and Sooil start asking Yein questions without giving the omega a chance to answer any of them. 'Have you met him?' 'Why didn't we know of this?' 'Is he handsome?' 'Is he good?' 'Do we need to scare him just in case?'


"Jinhyuk, my English partner, lent me his scarf that's all! I forgot my coat and it was really cold today so can you stop gushing like a bunch of teenage girls?" Wooseok says, his voice loud enough to be heard above his friend's nonstop speaking, glancing over his shoulder to look at each of them in their eyes.


The microwave beeps and Wooseok turns back to it, taking his meal out carefully to not get burned. Yein hands him a plate and chopsticks, Wooseok thanking him in a small voice.


"Jinhyuk as in Lee Jinhyuk?" Wooseok barely glances at his friend before he continues, a small smile growing on his face. "He's a good guy." The look that Minsoo gives him for some reason makes Wooseok look away. "Gyujin is friends with him and he has never said anything negative about him."


"But its Gyujin, he never talks bad about anyone." Sooil points out, a protective glint in his eyes that Wooseok has grown so accustomed to since the day he presented as an omega and Sooil took it upon himself to protect him.


"He complains all the time about Hwanhee and Dongyeol." Everyone turns to Yein with blank expressions, the omega shrugging with a smile on his face. "I was just saying."


"Anyways, I'm surprised you accepted a scarf from him and also didn't immediately shower," Wooseok replies that had been his intention but he was too tired and he was going to shower after he was done eating anyways.


Also, it had been really cold so excuse him for not wanting to risk getting sick.


Thankfully the topic is dropped and they go back to the living area. Sooil grumbling once about how he's not used to Wooseok smelling of another alpha but by the tone in his voice he knows he's just teasing him and for that Wooseok digs his elbow on his side.



Wooseok is practicing his lines under his breath as he waits for class to start. Yein had helped him once again, pointing out the words that Wooseok made mistakes with and the ones where he needed to work harder on, also praising him when he pronounced something well.


He turns to the doorway when Jinhyuk walks in, his height and electric blue hair making him stand out amongst the other students that walk inside before him.


Jinhyuk grins at him when their eyes meet across the classroom, Wooseok feeling how the corners of his lips start curving upwards before he presses his lips into a line.


The alpha sits down next to him, barely glancing at his neatly folded scarf with his gloves on top that Wooseok had placed on the older's side of the desk. "Good morning Wooseok, are you ready for today?" He sounds too excited taking into consideration they will have to stand in front of the whole class and speak in their broken and accented English in the next hour.


Wooseok nods his head once and Jinhyuk's smile broadens asking if he wants to practice together before professor Haeyoon gets there. The omega nods again and Jinhyuk moves on his chair so he can face him properly.



"You're such a weeb." Wooseok whispers after class is dismissed and Jinhyuk hurries to open his backpack and hand him a Nintendo 3Ds with a charger for it. He had already forgotten agreeing to this the day before, he doesn't even remember the videogame's name.


Jinhyuk lets out a laugh as he zips his backpack closed again with his scarf and gloves inside of it and for once putting it on properly. "I've been told that before but you agreed to give it a try so I would not be so quick to call me out on it." There's a tilt in his voice that Wooseok can only interpret as teasing.


Wooseok rolls his eyes but his lips betray him as he smiles.


Instead of walking away he waits for Jinhyuk to stand next to him before taking a step towards the exit of the classroom, glancing up at him as he asks him to repeat what the videogame is about.


Jinhyuk beams at him as he goes on about the general plot, moving his hands as he speaks, his dark eyes shining with enthusiasm and being careful to not spoil anything to him, and they leave the building side by side.


Neither male pays attention to the heads that turn twice in their direction as they walk through campus instead they focus on each other and their conversation.


Their next topic is decided before they part ways to go to their respective buildings for their next class.





"Everyone is going to know you're also a weeb now Wooseok." Hwanhee barely stands up and moves in time to evade Wooseok's fist, a loud laugh leaving his lips. Jinhyuk chuckles next to him and the omega turns to glare at him, the alpha giving him an apologetic smile that doesn't reach his eyes.


They are sitting together on a couch in a common room of one of their university's dorm buildings, the TV screen in front of them playing a random anime that Wooseok had never even heard of before.


Why was he there though? Well, Jinhyuk had insisted he needed to check for himself if Wooseok was as good as he proclaimed to be at Super Smash Bros so they settled on dropping by Gyujin's dorm where the younger had a copy of the game and a Gamecube.


Jinhyuk had beaten him. Embarrassingly quick.


So when Wooseok got bored of playing -no, he was not sulking, no matter how much Hwanhee insisted he was.- Jinhyuk decided to show him an anime he had been watching.


"Hwanhee help me bring some snacks." Gyujin says as he stands up from where he had been sitting on Jinhyuk's other side, the younger beta whining but he still follows Gyujin on their way to the kitchen area leaving Wooseok and Jinhyuk alone.


It was a Tuesday, only 8 days since he officially met Lee Jinhyuk when they were paired together for their English class.


Yet Wooseok found himself at ease with the alpha. Enough for his nerves to not stand on edge as they sit side by side much closer than they do in class because of how Hwanhee and Gyujin had been occupying most of the space by their sides.


He can't blame it on a sleepy and tired state, he's wide awake and rested and he is not forgetting that Jinhyuk is an alpha and he is an omega either but the older still hasn't tried to assert his dominance even once.


So Wooseok finds himself letting his guard down, allowing the other male to slowly but surely become a part of his life as something more than a partner for a class.


Jinhyuk was popular for a reason, he was friendly with everyone even to him who was well known to keep alphas away. Wooseok guesses having a new alpha friend after so many years wouldn't hurt.