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Code Silver

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Wolf began moving the bodies of the fallen SWAT officers out of the way. One groaned in pain, a swift blow to the head from Wolf’s new friend the crowbar sorted that out, the groggy SWAT member gave some sort of guttural gurgle and sort of passed. Wolf was indifferent. Dallas entered the break room and knelt down to Angie’s position, his gun trained on the feisty nurse.
“You. You’re a nurse yeah?” said Dallas, the question obvious but required.
“Yes”, she replied, defensively.
“Right, you can make yourself useful. We need samples of this guy’s blood.”
“Stop asking questions. We have the guns, get to it. Unless you want five-five-six in your backbone.” Dallas handed her a phlebotomy kit as he removed her cuffs, heading towards the room they’d cordoned off to join the company of the blood-splattered Wolf.
Dallas lifted the ball of his palm to his mouth. “What’s the ETA on the next assault, Bain?”
“Another two minutes. Looks like SWAT and Tasers.”
“Shouldn’t be too bad.” boasted Chains. “What’s she doing?”
“Vial’s filling nice and quickly.” said Wolf, watching the claret fill up the receptacle.
“And Stiles?”
“He in’t’ moving anytime soon.” said Hoxton.
“Okay. Find those centrifuges, make sure they’re set up. You guys have got your test strips on you, right?”
“Yeah” came the gang’s reply.
“Right, good, get to it. Wolf, you stay with Nurse Thompson.”

Dallas, Hoxton and Chains dispersed, looking around the ICU. Wolf retained his watchful eye over his charge as she continued to draw vials of blood. The third one was drawn and Wolf returned the young lady to the break room, Derek embracing Angie as they sat on the cold laminated floor. Head below chest height, under the table, Derek lamented the notion he’d once entertained, that that he’d left those days behind with the dissolution of Delphi.

Chains checked the heavy centrifuge over and gave it a test whirl. It was in full working order. “Got one set up over here.”
Dallas and Hoxton confirmed they had a centrifuge set up, and made their way to the ICU, but a familiar crackling stopped them in their tracks.

“Yeah, you got another assault wave coming your way. SWAT and Tasers, as I thought.”


Hoxton pointed at the SWAT officer’s midsection and pulled the trigger. The shotgun flew upwards as an almighty roar cracked out of its barrel. The SWAT officer’s midsection was turned into gore. In retrospect, the way he handled that encounter was more like an excecution. Hoxton didn’t think about it for much longer though, as behind him, a high pitched whine rang out. “Oh, fu-”. Hoxton failed to finish his curse as shortly after a prick to his back, his body racked with convulsions as he fell to the ground, his whole body feeling like he was on fire. He was being tased, and it was never anything Hoxton could get used to. He flailed and flopped on the ground. Hoxton, racked with pain, began to feel his conciousness slipping, before he heard a distinct hoarse roar.
Wolf full-on home-run hit the Taser around the head. There was a sickening crack and the Taser fell to the floor. He withdrew the shock probes from Hoxton and helped him up. Hoxton escaped to the nearest wall to get his bearings back, meanwhile Wolf looked at the Taser, who sort of gurgled. Wolf took this as a sign of defiance and jammed the crowbar into the Taser’s torso. “Helvete, fan, fan!” exclaimed Wolf in distressed Swedish, retrieving his crowbar.

Dallas was having issues himself. The centrifuges were of poor quality, and though they’d managed to confirm one sample, finding another was proving to be increasingly difficult. Dallas worked on the one in the break room, and as it gave a low battery warning Dallas smacked the table. He opened a communication line with Bain. “The centrifuges in this place are shit. How are we supposed to isolate the virus sample?”
“Shit? How?”
“They’re low on battery and always seem to fail!”
“Damn. They really cut back on the budget for replacements this quarter. Not only that, but they don’t allow storing extra batteries or battery packs on site. Yes, I know. Health and Safety. In a hospital.”
“What about mains power?”
“They’ve seen to that. You’ve seen Die Hard. ‘You ask for Miracles, Theo’”
“I give you the F B fuckin’ I. Lights are on but mains is dead, I’m guessing?”
“Pretty much. Oh, hold on, hold on. It seems that they’ve employed an in-house research specialist. State of the art kit. At the bottom of the hospital. They had fire exits down there but they’re chained up and used as storage holes because they’re not up to code. Which means-”
“Yeah. Get some blood and get the whole outfit down there. I’ll try and arrange you guys a way out.”
“On it. Come on, Dr. Stiles, it’s time for us to visit the laboratory.” Dallas bent down and roughly grabbed the young doctor by the arm. Derek, despondent, looked at the floor as he was lead out of the ICU.
“Nurse Thompson. Get as much blood as you can. We’re moving.”
“No.” said Angie, defiantly and worriedly.
“Excuse me?”
“I’ve been drawing blood from this patient for the past five minutes. I’ve already taken far more than I really should, but you wouldn’t let me stop! He needs a transfusion now or he’s not going to make it!” She broke into tears as the end of her sentence broke into a sob.
Dallas, unperturbed, turned to face Angie through his mask. He shoved Derek into Chains’ arms.
“Nurse, I’m sorry, but I’m pretty damn sure that thanks to us, ol’ Patient Zero here ain’t far from buying the farm. Now his death will be a loss, but we have to move, or we won’t be able to find a cure for this debilitating illness.”
“I sincerely doubt your intentions are that altruistic.”
“Will it, won’t it, it’s just business ma’am. I don’t think you’ve got the time to debate though, I do have a handgun, and he’s all I’m interested in. It would be a shame, though I’m sure the legendary Dr. Stiles is ready for a crash course in phlebotomy.”
Angie considered impaling herself upon the spear in front of her in order to spite her captors, but what it would do to Derek would be far worse. Cognizant of the cold metal pointed at her, she resumed her duties. The patient gurgled, roared horsely, and then seemed as if all life had drained from him. Angie placed the kit into a pouch at her hip. Working with bioterrorists, again, this time with masks and guns. Zip ties were placed around her wrists and she was lead out by Wolf as Dallas took point and Hoxton took up the rear. They made their way out through the front of the ICU doors. Derek looked left, down the corridor, to see the waiting room littered with patient’s families and staff alike, prone, with their hands tied behind their backs. They were lead down a fire exit.