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Code Silver

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The lights went off. Chains stood up, put his hand in his pocket and clenched his hand around the cold metal of a silenced Beretta M3. With the limited light of the window, he trained the sight of the gun on the heads of his would-be aggressors and pulled. The weapon kicked back in his hands, the underpressured ammo lightening the load, but all the same the weapon sprang hollowly and caught one guard in the forehead. Without missing a beat he then angled his weapon at the other guard. With both down Chains felt his way out of the room. Poor bastards, but it was part of the money.


Elsewhere, similar sounds were ripping through the air. Clover, sensing her chance, ran to a locker at the other end of the ICU. Within the area a guard was on the internal line barking through the phone. “Code Silver! There’s a Code Silver in the ICU! Unknown number of assailants, at least 3!” The guard made a yelp as Clover dug the silenced weapon into the guard’s back, and then she closed her finger around the trigger, holding his shoulder she shot up the length of his spine, dealing immense internal damage and leaving him for dead. The phone hung there as the alarm was sounded. Clover spotted a heavy duffel bag in the corner.


She opened it quickly and threw the duffel bag inside to the ground, landing with a heavy clank. She returned the handset to the base, her part in the heist concluded, she used the precious seconds left before power was restored to make her escape with the rest of the ICU as the alarms rang.


Scuppering back to the break room with Angie under tow, neither Derek nor Angie knew what was going on.

“What do we do?”, whispered Dr. Stiles.

“Uh… the alarm’s gone off, so the police are going to be here soon. Dammit I knew they were trouble! I should have said something!”

“You think the shooters are those four doctors?”

“Yeah, they have to be.”

“Where are Victor and the others?”
“They went down to the other floors to get research resources. It’s just us now.”

“Dammit, and I don’t suppose they’ll let us make an escape.”

“They won’t. Only way out is through the ICU doors. They’ll have them covered if this is their work.”


Assembling at the bag that Clover had thrown down, they rooted through the bag to find their kit. A professionally made mask for each of them, several workhorse carbines and enough ammo to hold off enough boys in blue to make their escape and precious much more. Chains took special notice of something that looked like a pirate’s weapon, but much wider. “Aww shit, he listened to me.” guffawed Chains.

“What did you get?” asked Dallas, as if talking to a pet that ate something off the floor.
“GL40, just like I asked.”

“What? In a skyscraper? You wanna bring the building down with us?”
“It’ll only be for… extenuating circumstances.”

There was a shriek of joy from the more unhinged heister. Despite his useful rifle, he’d taken a liking to a crowbar that was part of the kit for some bizarre reason – both the unknown reason why it was a part of the kit and why Wolf took a liking to it.


“Yup, as I figured. They had SWAT on standby not minutes away. Turning off the power was like kicking their nest. The CDC wanted to keep things hush and avoid a scuffle, but definitely wanted a backup plan in case of some opportunists like that bioterrorism organization were about. What was its name… Delphine? The point is it shouldn’t be long before Pennsylvania’s finest make their appearance and they’re not responding to a house call. In fact… yeah – you got first responders coming up the stairs.”

Coil whine signified the lights were about to turn on, and that the police were about to break down the door to the ICU and visit violence on the group that had put the fear of death into the rest of the floor. The lights switched on as they took up their positions against the rising tide. As the ICU doors swung open, several SWAT responders filed through in well-planned formation. The footfalls got louder as they got closer.


Chains nodded at Dallas. They swung around the wall. “MOTHERFUCKER!” yelled Chains, as him and Dallas squeezed the trigger of their carbines like they had done so many times before. The rifle climbed in their hands manageably. They focused their aim on the mass centers of their blue targets. Rifle fire and noise rebounded off the walls. The SWAT first responders fell, injured or dead.


“That’s the first lot!” shouted Dallas, returning his rifle to a position across his chest.

Chains looked left and then right down either end of the hall.“Where are the VIP’s? They can’t have left the ICU!”

Bain piped up. “They’re in the break room! I have them on CCTV! Remember, don’t hurt them!” Hoxton headed towards the break room. Bain continued. “Money may be money, but we will have a publicity shitstorm the likes of which you have never seen on our hands if any harm befalls Dr. Stiles. That being said he’s our ticket out of here if things go bad. Don’t turn him over, whatever you do.”

Hoxton piped up. “Oh great. Fucking babysitting duty.” he said, with equal parts resignation and venom.


Hoxton stormed into the break room. “Is anyone in here? Hands up!”

Derek and Angie held their breath under the table. Fortunately Derek and Angie were skinny enough that it was a usable hiding place. Hoxton patrolled the room, looking for them. Angie looked out. With Hoxton looking in a locker for them, Angie signalled Derek to walk out. She got up from the floor and felt something cold and metal jam into her head. She thought she had hit her head on the table but it was actually a bit quicker than what she had thought.

“There’s an M4 Carbine pointed right at your head, love. Now I’m not the biggest fan of your Yanks’ guns but I don’t think I want to argue with this one.”

“D-don’t shoot!” she said, rising to her feet, arms raised.

Hoxton kept the barrel trained on her head as she rose but relaxed his posture, keeping close to the blonde nurse. “Now don’t worry love. Here’s what’s gonna happen. You and your boyfriend here are gonna-”
With her fully stood up, Angie used Hoxton’s relaxed posture against him. She grabbed his gun and attempted to twist it out of his hands. Hoxton clenched on hard as he fell to the floor.


Angie fumbled with the gun while on top of Hoxton, trying to keep it away from Stiles while trying to wrestle it off Hoxton. Hoxton let go of the grip and went to his side holster but Angie saw and grabbed his hand before he could grab his sidearm. As Angie fought Hoxton on two fronts there were footfalls behind her. “ANGIE LOOK OUT!” Something thin-ish, long and very hard found itself pounded into her back, knocking the wind out of her. Wolf knocked her on her front with his crowbar, enough to wind her but not seriously injure her.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell. Thanks mate.” he said, rubbing his back.


“You too.” said Wolf to Derek. Derek emerged from the table, angry and upset.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ANGIE?” he spat through gritted teeth.

“Just what needed to be done. Told you we weren’t gonna kill you.”

Even with two sets of guns trained on him, Derek ran at Wolf, and Hoxton was all but willing to eat a hostage charge, but Wolf sidestepped Stiles’s mad dash and floored the doctor without so much as a bump. Wolf went on to apply plastic cuffs to the both of them.

Hoxton, incensed, snapped at the two. “Right, here’s what the both of you are gonna do. You’re gonna stay here, be good boys and girls for mum and dad, and when we’re done entertaining our guests we’re going to leave. Now grow up, stop being a hero and start thinking about how you’re going to survive the NEXT TEN FUCKING MINUTES.” He shut the break room door with an almighty thud.

Hoxton raised the ball of his hand to his mouth. “Bain, you could have told me she studied Aikido.”

“I didn’t think she’d have the balls to try it on you.”

“Ugh. Fiery little twat. Can see why he likes her.”



Far away in Angeles Bay, Sidney Kasal talked to a woman with bob cut blonde hair and a preference for brilliant white suits.

“Well it’s a little bit unorthodox. I’m afraid Dr. Stiles is out of town right now. He’s caught up in a small situation with the CDC.”

“Oh really?”

“He was originally there, along with Nurse Thompson and Doctor Niguel for a symposium on how GUILT Research has changed our perception of modern medicine, but someone took ill at the hotel and Stiles delivered them there. As it turns out, they then got a very interesting case.”

“Oh you don’t have to explain yourself Director. I’m well aware of the legendary Dr. Stiles’s big heart.”
The phone rang. There would have been nothing special about that, except this was important business and Director Kasal had specifically asked not to be disturbed unless it was important; and Director Kasal’s secretary was very good at her job.

He picked up the phone.

“Director Kasal, this is Gareth Murdoch, the ward head of Mercy Hospital ICU. I managed to get out but Derek and Angie, they didn’t get out.”

“What? Get out? Did the virus go airborne?”

“No, There’s a hostage situation sir, armed men, gunfire. I think they’re there for whatever virus we found.”

“… My god. Have the local police responded?”

“Yes sir. They sent in a SWAT team. They haven’t replied in a while, sir. Look, I’d love to give you more information but I’ve got my own team to take care of.”

“Dammit. Thank you for letting me know Dr. Murdoch.”

Director Kasal lowered the phone to the receiver with resignation.

“Something wrong?”

He threw his anger out to the rest of the room. “Argh, Stiles and Thompson are hostages in a code silver situation!”