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Bakugou hears his phone go off for the sixth time in 10 minutes and wants to smack his head against a wall. He was holed up in his room for a reason. Finals were next week and there’s no way he’s letting Deku get a better score than him.

When he opens the texts he sees that Eijirou has sent him six different pictures of cats. All kinds of cats in every size and color. ‘Not this again,' Bakugou thinks to himself with a groan.

He barely has time to start typing out a reply before he sees a call coming through, “What the hell do you want, Ei?”

“Oh, hey, babe! Did you get my messages?”

“Yeah, I got your messages. All six of them.”

“Aren’t they cute, Kat? Wouldn’t it be the best thing to come home to a cute little face like that?” Kirishima whines.

“No. I already come home to yours, Shitty Hair.”

“That was somehow rude and sweet at the same time, Kat. Look at you.”

Bakugou snorts, “My fucking specialty. You’re welcome.”

Kirishima starts to say something but Bakugou interrupts him before he can finish, “I’m busy, Ei. We aren’t getting a cat. Stop asking. Love you, bye,” and then he hangs up the phone.



Bakugou isn’t sure how he ended up here, but two days later he finds himself standing in the middle of a large room lined with kennel after kennel. With arms crossed he stares at Kirishima who is sitting on the floor of one of the kennels with kittens crawling all over him. Its absolutely not cute how they make Kirishima coo, eyes wide and awestruck.

“Kat, look at this one!” Kirishima says, gesturing towards the small black kitten climbing it’s way up his arm and sitting on his shoulder.

“Yeah, real fucking cute how he’s clawing up your arm and shirt. Tch.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes and moves onto the next few kennels, just looking at all of the available cats, not paying all that much attention. He was just here to humor Kirishima. They weren’t actually getting a damn cat.

And they weren’t getting a cat. Bakugou stood firm in that. He was circling back around the building to meet back up with Kirishima. The building was huge and they’d split up occasionally to check things out on their own.

He hasn’t seen Kirishima yet and he’s coming up on the last room. He almost decides to just head out to the office instead, assuming that he finished early and decided to wait for him there.

That’s when he notices a door off to the side near the back of the room, almost completely hidden away. He can’t see much through the door, but that’s definitely his boyfriend’s bright red hair.

He walks closer, a shout on the tip of his tongue, but as he got closer the shout died in his throat. The sight that greeted him may have melted his heart. Only a little bit though.

It turns out that the room Kirishima is in is a little sun room for the cats to hang out and lounge around in. Kirishima is sitting cross-legged against one of the walls. In his lap is the fluffiest cat Bakugou has ever seen. The long white fur broken up with gray across it’s back and face.

Bakugou watches as Kirishima leans down a little closer to the cat and brushes his nose against theirs, whispering something about kitten kisses. He stops, leaning back and makes eye contact with Bakugou as he does. That’s when the kitten bops Kirishima on the face with one of their little paws and meows when Kirishima looks down at him, head tilted to the side.

Bakugou snorts.

“I think the fucking cat wants your attention.”

Kirishima just laughs in reply and picks it up, cuddling it close to his chest, “You’re the cutest girl around, don’t worry, you can have all of my attention,” he coos.

Bakugou sits down next to Kirishima and holds his arms out, waiting for his boyfriend to pass the cat over.

‘We are not getting a cat,’ he thinks to himself, but looking down at the small ball of fluff falling asleep in his arms the argument sounds weaker, even to himself.

They stay there for about 30 more minutes when Kirishima stands up, kitten in his arms and a dejected look on his face, “Okay, Buttercup…we have to go,” he holds the kitten up in front of his face here, “someone WILL adopt you. You’re the cutest and sweetest girl. Don’t you worry,” he finishes, his voice wobbling a tiny bit.

“Come on, idiot. We got stuff we gotta do,” Bakugou says, taking the cat and placing it on one of the cat towers, “And Buttercup is a dumb name anyway. We can’t have a cat named Buttercup, Ei.”

Kirishima follows him out into the main lobby and is halfway out the entrance when he before he realizes that Bakugou isn’t next to him anymore. He turns around and sees Bakugou talking to the woman working the front desk.

“We want to get that cat with the dumb name. Buttercup or whatever.”

“You want to adopt Buttercup? You sure don’t sound happy very happy about it,” the woman laughed.

Kirishima was confused, walking back to the desk and standing next to Bakugou, “What’s going on, babe?”

Bakugou ignores him.

“Yeah, we want the cat, that’s what I just said,” he gestures with his thumb towards Kirishima, “Hair-for-Brains’ face over here lit up and he got all doe-eyed while he was holding her. I don’t want to deal with him moping for the next two weeks.”

Bakugou gets half a second before Kirishima is throwing his arms around him, “Kat, oh man, we’re really getting a cat?”

“Shut up. I’m just sick of the whining.”

‘Fuck, we’re getting a damn cat,’ Bakugou thinks.




After filling out all of the paperwork and Buttercup is officially theirs, they decide they should probably stop at a store and get supplies.

Bakugou didn’t realize that when they decided to stop at a store that Kirishima was going to bring the cat in with him.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m taking Buttercup in with us? We can’t leave her out in the car and she gets a say in what we get her, babe.”

“You’re messing with me, right? And stop calling her Buttercup. We’re changing her name.”

“No! To both of those things. Her name is Buttercup and she gets to pick out whatever she wants.”

“You’re so dumb. Why do I love you? Fucking hell.”

Kirishima threw his head back and laughed, pulling Buttercup against his chest as he did, “Come on, girl. Daddy’s just mad because he knows you’re cute. He’ll come around.”

As they browse the store and pick up essentials Kirishima stops in front of the section of collars and starts looking through them, his hands free now because Buttercup decided she wanted to hang out on Bakugou’s shoulders.

Bakugou was grumbling about this of course.

“I don’t see why you can’t just take her back. I didn’t sign up for this.”

“She looks so happy though! I mean I can’t blame her. I also enjoy your shoulders, man.”

Kirishima smirks when Bakugou turns around and walks down to the other end of the aisle mumbling complaints under his breath.

He picks out a black collar with a pretty pink bow on it before following after Bakugou to pay for their things and head home.




They get home and put Buttercup in their room, giving her some time to adjust to her new home without overwhelming her. Kirishima goes in to sit with her sometimes but he mostly just stays out in the living room while Bakugou cooks their dinner.

When Netflix asks if he’s still watching whatever show he’d put on he decides it’s probably time to go check on Bakugou and see if he needed help with anything. Not that he’d let Kirishima anywhere near the food itself.

Kirishima is leaning against the counter watching Bakugou move effortlessly around the kitchen for a few minutes before he notices he’s no longer alone. Bakugou never falters in anything he does, always moving with absolute confidence and executing tasks flawlessly. It’s no different now as he chops up different vegetables and adds them to the pan and fries up the meat alongside it, the smells coming from the pans making Kirishima's mouth water just a little.

When Bakugou does finally notice he has company he sends a small smile Kirishima’s way, walking over and offering a small piece of meat out to him, “Try this for me, babe?”

“Mmmm. I don’t know how you do it, man, but it’s perfect like always.”

He emphasizes his point with a quick peck on the lips. And another one. He pulls away but Bakugou just wraps his arms around his waist and pulls him back in, kissing him again and letting it linger this time. Soft lips moving together in a slow and easy manner. They’ve been here a million times and they’ll be here a million more. Kirishima smiles into the kiss.

“Thanks for dinner, Kat…and for letting me get Buttercup. You’re the best and I love you.”

“Shuddup,” Bakugou smacks his ass lightly, “I didn’t do shit. The cat’s kind of fucking cute I guess. I love you too, Ei. Now let’s eat.”

After dinner the two of them clean up the kitchen together and head to bed. As soon as they are in the room they notice a lack of Buttercup anywhere in sight. She wasn’t under the bed, wasn’t in the dresser, and when Kirishima checked the bathroom she wasn’t in there either.

Kirishima is panicking a little. They just got her, how has he already managed to mess this up? What are they going to do? Thoughts keep racing through his mind. Then he notices Bakugou staring into their closet.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

Kirishima moves to stand behind him, peeking over his shoulder, and there’s Buttercup, “Now that’s just adorable, babe!”

The kitten managed to pull a bunch of Bakugou’s shirts and sweaters off of their hangers and has burrowed herself in them. She’s fast a sleep and letting out little snores every now and then.

“It’s not cute! Now my things are covered in cat fur, Ei!”

“Poor baby, being thwarted by this sweet angel,” Kirishima snorts.

Bakugou walks towards the bed, mumbling unkind words under his breath while climbing into bed. Kirishima leans down to pick up Buttercup and snuggle her close to his chest, “It’s okay, girl. His sweaters are soft I don’t blame you for snuggling up in them. Been there, trust me,” he half-whispers to her.

He sets her down at the foot of their bed and climbs in himself, setting an alarm for the morning. It’s not long before he’s dead to the world.




His alarm goes off in the morning and he sits up, rubbing at his eyes groggily and shuts his alarm off before it wakes Bakugou up. He looks over to the other side of the bed and sees Buttercup curled up right on Bakugou’s chest. The purrs coming from her are loud and steady. He grabs his phone and snaps a picture, setting it as his wallpaper before he starts getting around for the day.

After a quick shower and breakfast he’s just about ready to head out. He stops back in their bedroom to say goodbye and he can’t help the soft ‘aww' that leaves his mouth. Buttercup has moved from the center of Bakugou’s chest and is trying to wrap her self around his head. She’s also licking his nose and cheeks causing him to scrunch his face up adorably and attempt to turn the other way. She’s persistent though and Bakugou seems to give up quickly. He walks over and places his own kiss in the center of his boyfriend’s forehead and whispers a goodbye.




One day, Kirishima gets a call from Bakugou that he was sent home early from work because he felt like crap. He gets home and immediately heads for the kitchen to put some soup on the stove and pour Bakugou a glass of 7-Up because for some reason that’s the only thing he’ll drink when he’s sick.

He steps into the living room with glass in hand and heads for the pile of blankets on the couch. Buttercup chirps when she sees Kirishima but doesn’t move from her current spot. She just continues her kneading of Bakugou’s chest and the happy purrs coming out of her mouth. He sets the glass down on the end table and picks Buttercup up.

“Alright, you. Let’s give the poor guy some space. You can come sit with me over here. I know, I’m the worst,” he coos, “just so you know, I was the one that wanted you, okay? Just remember that.”




A couple weeks later he’s out with Mina helping her pick out stuff for around her new apartment. He’s in the middle of inspecting some weird kitchen gadget when he feels his phone vibrate a couple times. He pulls it out of his pocket and sees quite a few snaps from Kaminari who is over at their place hanging out with Sero and Bakugou and getting up to who knows what.

He opens the first one and its just a selfie of Kaminari in their bathroom making some dumb face. The next one is a picture of Bakugou though. It’s a picture of him looking up and glaring with his arms crossed while Buttercup tries to climb up right on top of his head. Kirishima can’t help but giggle.

The next one that comes through is a video of Bakugou walking to the kitchen, their cat right on his tail meowing away at him as he walks. When Bakugou stops in front of one of the cupboards Buttercup hops up onto the counter and stare at him as he gets whatever he’s looking for.

The caption reads, “It’s been like this since I got here, bro. Think you might have some competition!”

The rest of the time he’s out he continues to receive a never ending stream of pictures just like that. Bakugou’s complaining and looks annoyed in most of them, but every now and then he looks at one and sees the fond look on his face. Kirishima knows his boyfriend is soft for their baby girl.

He knows Bakugou loves her with his whole heart, there’s no hiding it, but he’s okay with letting him think he has the whole world fooled for a little longer.

And boy does Buttercup love Bakugou right back. When people tease him about that he just smiles and laughs along with them.

After all, it’s not like he can really blame her because Bakugou’s his favorite person too, you know? He can handle being second favorite as long as Bakugou knows how loved he is. Always.