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Some Bonds Are Forever (But Others Are Meant to Be Broken)

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Sookie was exhausted by the time she settled into her chair upon the Anubis Air. When she had returned to the suite she shared with Bill was already dead for the day and packed in his travel coffin. Now, barely 2 hours later, their plane was about to take off. Sookie couldn’t help but sigh when she unclasped her heels and wiggled her newly freed toes. Simple pleasures in life, she thought to herself as she remembered Gran saying the same thing. Sookie was just shutting her eyes when she was jolted back awake by the blip of a text on her phone. When she saw the name ‘Eric’ flash on her screen she felt a burst of fear. Surely Godric was still... She nearly dropped the phone in her haste to open it.

Eric: I owe you more than I can ever repay. Name anything, and it’s yours.

The relief swept through her quickly, followed by confusion. It was 2 hours past dawn, why was the Viking still awake? Before she could even think about replying, another text came in.

Eric: Should there be any emergency, all you have to do is send out your fear and I will come.

Aww that was kinda nice, even if Sookie was still pissed about the bond existin’ in the first place.

Eric: Even if it’s a sexual emergency.

Asshole pig!!

Eric: Especially if it’s a sexual emergency ;)

Sookie was gonna kill him when she saw him next. Her angry reply was interrupted by another text.

Eric: Godric wishes to offer his help as well, should you need it. His number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Though don’t expect him to to do anything more complicated than make calls.

A soft laugh escaped Sookie, as she imagined the ancient but young looking vampire frowning at his phone. It made a cute picture. Dammit, Eric had distracted her from her anger and now it wasn’t as strong. It’s not like there’s a point to reprimanding Eric for that kind of talk, Sookie thought, it’ll hardly stop him.

Sookie quickly imputed Godric’s number in her phone, then tucked her legs up. Maybe now she can finally get some sleep.

Sookie felt so safe curled in his arms. Nothing had ever felt as right as this, Sookie thought sleepily.

“Good morning lover.” His voice was soft as he spoke into her neck, his accent strong.

Sookie turned around in his embrace. “Eric” she murmured happily, before moving to kiss. Their tongues were occupied till their were interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door opening.

“Eric. Sookie. I have prepared breakfast if you are hungry.” Godric smiled softly as he looked at his childe and the girl. Sookie knew she should feel some shame over the vampire seeing her naked and nearly sexin’, but for some reason she felt none.

“I say we eat here.” Eric’s leer left no room for interpretation. “Master, will you join us?”

Sookie felt no surprise, only a rising swell of excitement.

And that was when she woke up.

Hours later, Sookie rushes from her ruined house with Bill, more angry than she has ever felt before. How dare that THING ruin her Gran’s beautiful house and desecrate her memory by filling it with filth. They’re driving through town, Bill still puking out that black gooey throw-up. Ew. Bill tries to claim everything is okay, but Gran didn’t raise no idiot, and Sookie knows better than that.

“No you are not all right. NONE of this is alright. I’m calling Eric.” Unfortunately, naming Eric brings to mind the dream from the night before.

“I will not turn to Eric,” Bill denies stubbornly.

Ignoring Bill’s idiotic stubbornness, Sookie continues on with her plan. “I’ve got to get you to Dr.Ludwig”. Eric and Godric had promised to help Sookie when she needed it. She would call on them now. Sookie ignored the part of herself that longed for the safety and security she had felt with the two in her dream.

“Sook-eh what happened back there? What did you do to her?” Bill changed the subject, but Sookie was not deterred. She pulled over so she could use her phone, but before Bill could protest, her phone was ringing.

“This is Sookie.” She had answered in a rush, and missed seeing who was listed on the caller ID.

“Sookie.” Eric’s voice rumbled lightly, his accent sending sparks right to her groin. “I felt your distress. You’re still angry, even now. What has happened.”

A vampire’s hearing was good enough that they did not need to be next to the phone. Bill angrily replied before Sookie had a chance. “We do not need your help, Viking. Get lost.”

“Don’t be foolish, young one.” Godric’s voice was soft, but carried across the phone speakers as easily as it had on the hotel roof at dawn. Sookie felt a curl of warmth in her heart. Godric was still here. Everything else may have gone wrong, but Godric was with Eric and Sookie had helped make that come true. She desperately needed that reminder that God was looking after them. “If Miss Stackhouse is in danger, the more protection, the better.”

“Call me Sookie. I call you by your first name after all.” This conversations could use a bit more Southern niceties.

“I have no other name little one, but very well.” Sookie could tell by Godric’s tone of voice that he was smiling. She had known the ancient vampire barely a few days, how could she already tell his emotions by his voice? “Now, what has troubled you so much that it woke my childe from rest?”

“Oh, you were sleeping? I’m sorry for interrupting your rest Godric.” She wouldn’t apologize for waking Eric when it was his fault that her emotions reached him at all. It had been a hard few days. But wait… if they had been sleeping, why was Godric right there with Eric? Had they been sleeping together? Sookie felt her cheeks heating up, her mind flashing back to her dream once again.

“It is no trouble Sookie. As vampires we cannot truly sleep. What has happened?” The former sheriff repeated his question.

“None of your business.” Bill interjected again.

“Bill! Don’t be rude to Godric. He’s been nothing but kind to us.” Everything had gone to hell in a hand basket, but with everything that happened at her house, Gran was on the mind. And Sookie’s grandmother would not have let anyone be rude to a kind God-loving soul like Godric. “Some creature has taken over the town, taken over my house. She has people hyponotized somehow and wants to do some creepy-as ritual at the house. It’s the bull-headed beast that attacked me before. I could feel it in my back.”

“That thing owes Pam a new pair of shoes.” Eric’s voice was aloof, but Sookie has the sense he was more concerned than he was letting on.

“Bull-headed you say? And controlling others? Hmm…” Godric paused. “A maenad, most likely.”

“They’re still around?” The Viking vampire sounded incredulous.

“Yes, my childe. Unlike us, they are truly immortal. But they usually do not bother people like this. If the local authority pays them tribute, they leave.”

“Me?” Sookie could practically hear the pout in the tall vampire’s voice.

“No, in this case it would be the Queen.” From the way Godric said her name, Sookie could tell the ancient vampire didn’t think much of the monarch. It was the first time Sookie had heard of vampire royalty. Bill never spoke much of vampire society. “From what I have heard of her, Sophie-Ann likely denied the maenad tribute and it is causing trouble in her land as punishment.”

“I wouldn’t expect her to help clean up,” Eric said dryly. “The Queen never lifts a finger unless there’s something in it for her.”

“You’re dangerously close to treason there, Eric” Bill ground out, obviously annoyed that no one was listening to him and ending the call.

“Not really,” Sookie couldn’t see Eric of course, but she imagined he was smirking. “I think you’ll find our Queen would quite happily accept that description.”

“I have dealt with maenads before,” Godric interjected, bringing the conversation back on topic, thank the lord. “Eric and I will be over shortly. Where can we find you?”

“Absolutely not.” “We’ll be at Lafayette’s.” Bill and Sookie spoke at the same time.


“Bill, you yourself said you have no idea what this creature is. Do you really wanna turn away the help of someone whose fought with one before?” Sookie thought it was perfectly reasonable, even though she didn’t particularly want to see Eric. Because you’re mad at him or because you’re worried you’ll jump his bones? Sookie squashed the thought viciously. “Eric, you know where Lafayette lives, I suspect?” Her tone was steely as she was reminded of what her friend had suffered at the hands of the bar owner and his childe.

“I do. We’ll be there within the hour.”

Bill opened his mouth, probably to protest, but ended up throwing up out the window again.

“Sook-eh, give me your wrist so I can heal.” Sookie moved to do so, but stopped at the angry voice still coming through the phone. She had thought Eric had hung up.

“That is no way to request blood from a human friend, let alone a lover.” Godric’s voice was curt. It made him sound all fierce and commanding. Yummy, some part of Sookie’s mind whispered. “If her position as yours is not enough for you to treat her properly, then let me make this clear. Sookie is my ally and friend.” Aww. “Use your tongue respectfully or I will tear it out.” Yikes.

Eric said something in Swedish. “Just so,” Godric murmured in response. Sookie wondered what the tall vampire had said.

Bill gritted his teeth. Sookie felt Godric has a point, and wasn’t in the most charitable mood towards her boyfriend right now. “I have True Blood in the back.” She popped out of the car and walked around to the trunk before there was a chance to respond.

She thrust the blood at Bill, and started the car back up again. “Eric, Godric, we’re on our way to Lafayette’s.” Her voice was sweeter when saying the oleer vampire’s name. “See you soon.” Sookie said the last bit mainly to annoy her lover. She ended the call, and shifted the car into gear. This bitch thinks she can mess with my house? With Gran’s house? I don’t think so.

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Sookie hadn’t made it two steps into the house before being swept into Lala’s arms. The woman clung to him in return, so happy to be back with someone she could trust completely. It had been trying, her stay in Dallas. Sookie had spent most of with Eric, who was wily and manipulative at the best of times, Jessica, whom Sookie still couldn’t get a good reading on, and Bill, whom Sookie was starting to harbor some major doubts about. Being here in Lafayette’s arms, Sookie realized how safe she felt, and how little she had experienced that feeling recently. Jason had been there in the last day, but as much as she loved her brother, Sookie knew he was no help in the mind games of vampires and their secret society. Jason may be finally getting a little more mature, but Sookie wouldn’t bet on him growin’ a brain anytime soon. 

Sookie mentally fortified herself before she left Lala’s embrace. “How is she?” Like the man in front of her, Tara was one of her oldest and truest friends, even if they had been arguing lately. Sookie was so worried for her. She gained strength from where her and Lafayette’s hands were still intertwined.

Her friend grimaced. “Not good.”

Bill came up to the doorway. “Lafayette,” he greeted. “May I come in?” Sookie looked at her boyfriend and wondered how he could be so courteous one minute after being so rude the minute before. Was it just stress and pain? Or was the gruff Bill the real one?

Lafayette visibly hesitated. After what he had experienced at Fangtasia at the hands of vampires, Sookie wasn’t surprised. Bill snarled, fangs out. “Or perhaps you’d like to talk about the vampire blood I smell?”

“What!” Sookie was shocked. “Lala, why?” She was still holding his hands and the answer flashed through her mind. “What? Why would Eric want you selling vampire blood?”

A sudden crash pulled Sookie’s attention to the porch again. There, barely visible in the moonlight, was Eric, crouched and bent, with Godric’s foot pressing the blonde’s face into the wood. “Master,” Eric gasped. Godric was glaring down at his progeny, fangs visible in his snarl. The rest of the viking’s words were in rapid Swedish, but Sookie could hear the begging tone. The southerner was still surprised at how different Eric was with his maker.

As Eric spoke, Godric visibly softened and cradled his childe’s face in his palm. The elder’s words were soft but Sookie could hear the hint of reproach in his voice. Eric clung to his maker’s hand. Sookie found that the vulnerability she had seen in Eric in Dallas, and again here, really made her realize that the Viking vampire was not just a scary, manipulative, but hot being, but a fully dimensional person who was just as capable of love as anyone else.

As if reading each other’s minds, Eric and Godric moved as one. Sookie wondered if they were communicating along their bond somehow. Eric rOwens to tower over his maker as he did everyone else and Godric turned to face Sookie, sliding his hands into his pockets. “Good evening Sookie. I hope you are as well as you can be, under the circumstances.”

Sookie smiled. “Hello Godric. I ain’t feelin great, but it’s better now you’re here.”

“Sookie?” Lala was looking at her, and she could see the fear and betrayal in his face. “Did you call them here?”

“Mr. Reynolds.” Lafayette turned to Godric, watching him warily. “My name is Godric. I am sorry for the distress my childe has caused you, but you will come to no harm from me or my progeny this night.” Sookie noticed he didn’t say he was sorry for what had actually happened to Lafayette, only his distress in response. Nor did she fail to notice how he said ‘this night’. “I owe Miss. Stackhouse a great debt. We called her and when we found out what is troubling your town, we offered our help.” Godric’s words and soothing tone seemed to be calming Lafayette. Sookie thought that Godric did look rather adorable and non-threatening. And while normally Lala was sharp as a tack, Sookie wasn’t surprised he hadn’t realized what being Eric’s maker said about Godric.

“Well, polite and sexy, mmmhmmm.” Sookie laughed, that was her friend alright. “You may come right on in.” Bill cleared his throat. Whoops, in all the drama, Sookie had forgotten he was still stuck outside the threshold. “You can come in too.” Lafayette sounded resigned. Sookie could sympathize, one vampire could be too much sometimes, let alone three of them.

Just then Tara wiggled the gag out of her mouth and began screaming. Sookie jumped and was surprised when Godric appeared next to her in a burst of vampire speed and settled a hand on her arm. “Let us see what we can do, Miss. Stackhouse.”

Sookie couldn’t help but grin at him. Even among this hell her town had become, seeing Godric alive filled her with happiness. Eric stalked past them and stared down at Tara, ignoring the way Lettie May jumped out his way, marking a cross with her hand. Tara was chanting in an odd language and Eric looked distinctly unimpressed. “Enough with the nonsense.”

“Get the fuck out of here, fanger. All of you, get the fuck out!” Sookie was relieved to see what was closer to normal Tara. She moved forward to stand in front of Tara, and steeled herself when Tara’s black eyes turned towards her. “You too, cunt.” Tara was still struggling against her bonds.

“Enough.” Godric’s voice commanded the room. He moved to stand behind the possessed woman and placed his hands down against her shoulders, stilling her movements. “Even if you were to get your arms and legs free, there is no escape. Let us help you.”

“Help me? Fuck you! I don’t need no one’s help,” Tara snarled and made a mistake. She looked up and met the ancient vampire’s gaze.

“Miss Thornton you will listen to me.” Godric’s voice was nearly hypnotizing to Sookie, and it wasn’t even her he was glamouring. “Stop fighting us.” His thumb stoked the side of Tara’s neck, a surprisingly gentle action. “Eric, assist me. Sookie, you must reach for her mind. The maenad’s influence will attempt to fight you. Push past it.” The blondes did as they were commanded. Eric moved above his maker, his chest to Godric’s back, and the two oldest vampires in Louisiana joined their voices together as they commanded Tara’s compliance. Sookie spared a thought to the nice picture the two men made, before focusing on Tara.

“Tara.” Sookie placed her hands on Tara, her fingers overlapping with Godric’s where they remained. Sookie reached. For so many years all Sookie wanted was for her powers to go away. She spent so much energy on trying not to read those around her. Especially her loved ones. But these past weeks had given Sookie practice in intentionally usin’ her disability. And so she dug her fingers in and pushed. At first there was only darkness. Not the peaceful emptiness that was a vampire mind, but a twisting, writhing thing that squirmed beneath her mental touch. It disgusted the southern belle and Sookie wanted to pull away. But this was Tara, Sookie’s best friend from childhood, who had stood by her through everything, from middle school bullies to vampire boyfriends. And no one and nothing was gonna stop Sookie from saving her friend. She tuned everything else out, the nervous foot taping of Lettie Mae, the murmured commands of Erica and Godric, and cut through the tangled mess, ignored the feeling it of the sticky mental tentacles oozing around her mental probe. Tara. Tara. Tara. Sookie pushed forward with her feelings for Tara. The love, trust, companionship… all of these she threw at the darkness. Tara.

And she had it. There was a spark of light and Sookie reached for it with all she had. Tara. And the black shattered.

Sookie felt herself being ejected from Tara’s mind and reacted instinctively, throwing all of herself back into her powers, pulling from the light she had used against the maenad. She wouldn’t lose Tara. And Sookie flew back in.

But it wasn’t Tara’s mind she reached this time.

Scenes flashed through Sookie’s mind. Bloody, terrible scenes. Ripped necks, gouged eyes, scattered pieces of flesh… Sookie had thought she had learned violence these past months, but it was nothing compared to what she saw now. But gore wasn’t all there was. Sookie looked down upon a blond Viking man. Dirty skin and chapped lips. Sookie could see in his eyes that the man was dying.

It was Eric.

Sookie couldn’t recognize the words exchanged, a language long lost, but she felt a warmth in her heart that she knew didn’t belong to her. And centuries danced across her eyes of the two men. And Sookie could tell it wasn’t just Godric’s memories she was seeing, but his childe’s as well. And Sookie finally understood what exactly lied between the blond vampire and his maker. Father. Brother. Son. Lover. Those were just words. Love, devotion, lust. Equally inadequate at describing what she felt coursing between the two.

And Sookie woke up, gasping on the floor, as Tara clung to her and cried. “Sookie! I’m sorry! Wake up. Please wake up!” Sookie tried to reply, but her throat felt scratched and raw, as if she had been screaming. She had enough strength to hug Tara back though, at which point the black girl cried all the harder.

“Welcome back Sookie.” Godric peered down at her with that slight smile to his lips, Eric feigning indifference behind him. But the Viking’s eyes tracked across her body, not in the way he usually did (leering at her curves) but checking for injuries. And Sookie realized that they had no idea she had just been in their heads. Shuddered breaths were all Sookie could manage, as she tried to push down the bloody and tender memories. But she had to. Sookie wasn’t an idiot. Her telepathy was useful against humans. The instant she let on she could reach a vampire mind, Sookie would be in the ground faster than you could butter toast.

Bill was kneeling at her side, and lifted Sookie to his side. Tara moved to hug her mother and cousin, all of them exchanging apologies and words of love. Sookie curled into Bill, enjoying the comfort of the familiar body. “Sook-eh, are you alright?” Sookie nodded into his chest. “You need to be more careful. That was impulsive and foolish.” And the comfort was gone. Why did he have to be so condescending? What else was could Sookie have done, but give everything? It was Tara. Sookie reared up and glared at her boyfriend. Her voice was gravely and it hurt to speak. “I was careful as I could be. But there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Tara.”

“Sookie!” and she had an armful of her best friend again. “What have I done? I’m crazy,” Tara sobbed. Sookie pulled her friend closer. “I’m so crazy.”

“No, it wasn’t you Tara.”

“I—I ate someone’s—someone’s heart, Sookie!” Ew! And Sookie was filled with rage. Bad enough that MaryAnn was fucking with her town, with gran’s house… but to hurt Sookie’s Tara…? This bitch is going down, Sookie thought viciously. When Eric let out a loud laugh, Sookie realized she had said it out loud.

“I am so in, hooker. Let’s gut this bitch.” Lafayette stepped towards her.

“Yeah, she’s going down!” Tara wiped her tears away.

“Of course,” Bill stated.

“Our assistance is yours, Sookie.” Godric’s words filled Sookie with strength. She knew now exactly what kind of savagery the gentle appearing boy and his progeny were capable of. And Sookie wished all that and worse upon the monster terrorizing her town.