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Detective Ledian

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4 weeks ago….

Life. It was suppose to be wonderful. There was so much meaning but not a single explanation to what it truly is.


Where does it belong in this cruel, strange world?


Strange for it has never experienced enough to understand it's place....


Cruel because of what these.. monsters..were doing...


Most importantly, where would it go when this is all over? If it can get out, that is.


It was just like the last time...


It was cold. It felt bubbles from the freezing liquid surrounding it's body  in its circular prison. Like always, many blurry figures walked around, talking of how they succeeded in extracting its DNA from it’s body, how it’s working, how much more progress they were making. It was painful to hear from this tiny prison, only enough space to move their arms and legs if it weren’t already in extracting pain.


The outside voices...they sound distressed all of a sudden, loud blaring noises echoing the room. It faintly recalls a red-bug like type shadow that quickly runs inside a car with another figure but not like the blurry figures outside…. Outside…


It opened its eyes,sensing that they were already leaving.


They’re outside.


The red one must have done her job for it felt capable of trying to muster enough strength without getting shocked, enough to leave, enough enough enoughenoughtoescapeenoughtobefree… it’s recalled a voice saying “We’re losing power in the!...” then the sound of something shattering, loudly.


It was hot now. So hot. All it sees is red.Need to leave..


It was faintly aware of explosions surrounding it, releasing flames that are everything in sight before bursting out of the ceiling, debris and puffs of smoke scattering everywhere.


 Scanning it's surroundings. Where are they? Wherearetheywherearethey...


There it is. Out of the distance, a lone car driving away from this isolated location of mountains and forest towards the bright lights of what appeared to be a city in the faraway distance. It can make it. Without wasting time, it launched its towards the vehicle, putting itself to the test. The car is accelerating, trying to escape for what’s coming….


They’re weren’t fast enough.


It’s happened so quickly. 


Something shot at the back tires, flipping the vehicle over as it approached the bridge that led to the city. The last sound that echoed through the vast greenery were tires screeching followed by something crashing on impact.


Then everything went quiet. 

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Marinette winced at the bright light glaring at her, the bullet train jolting her wake from her restless slumber. There’s no way she going back to sleep now. Pushing back in her earbuds, faintly listening to Jagged Stone's latest album, she pulled out a worn out newspaper from her opened backpack, as she reread the headlines on the front page.


Local Detective Dies In Car Crash.


It went on to explain the details of what appeared to have happened, the facts surrounding the incident, the name…


Shoving it back in her backpack, she looked towards her screen in front of her as the automatic feminine voice echoed through the speakers.


Thank you for traveling with us. Please sit back and watch this short informational video welcoming you to Ryme City.


"Throughout history, Pokemon have been with us, living in the wild...'


The lady went on explaining that the train was about to enter Ryme City, a place where Pokemon and humans live in harmony, with no battles and no pokeballs. The video showed clips of Pokemon from Charmander running through the woods to Squirtle floating in water in the wild where they are caught and trained to use their abilities for good, then switching over to a battle happening between a lady that looked eerily like her if she was older with a Greninja and Sneasel alongside battling with her before moving on to the founder and creator of who changed the world...


She scoffed as she turned towards the window, watching as the scenery changed quickly, sometimes the trees and land merging with each other in blurs and blobs of colors as she noticed her destination consisted mostly of skyscrapers that radiated a futuristic glow. Seriously, who the heck designed this city?  Then again, she was at least thankful that she was away from many people back at her hometown at the Kalos region.


Marinette jolted as the train pulled to a stop. The chime of that robotic lady voice stating they are arriving to their destination.


"This inspired him to build Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokemon can work together side by side. Unlike other regions where Pokemon live in the wild or captured and carried in Pokeballs, here we live and work together, creating a stronger, more harmonious world."


She stared at the window before collecting her luggage and walking out of the station, ready to face what the world was throwing at her. After all, she dealt with everything that stood in her way but even that she was still a bit shocked when she was greeted by a jumbo-tron screen in what she thought was the middle of the city presenting a man with a business suit and stern gaze underneath glasses.


Marinette jolted as the train pulled to a stop. The chime of that robotic lady voice stating they are arriving to their destination.


"This inspired him to build Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokemon can work together side by side. Unlike other regions where Pokemon live in the wild or captured and carried in Pokeballs, here we live and work together, creating a stronger, more harmonious world."


She rolls her eyes for collecting her luggage and walking out of the station, ready to face what the world was throwing at her. After all, she dealt with everything that stood in her way but even that she was still a bit shocked when she was greeted by a jumbo-tron screen in what she thought was the middle of the city presenting a man with a business suit and stern gaze underneath glasses.


“ From all of our citizens, I am Gabriel Agreste and welcome to Ryme City.”


The moment she steeped off and walked out of the train stations, gosh was by a sight. 


Scanning her surroundings, this place lived up to its name. Skyscrapers were everywhere, gigantic signs with neon lights and distinctive pictures covering them. Some had Pokemon related names such as PokePuffs that had a realistic model of a Sweet Puff, Machamp Gym having the silhouette of Machamp in a heroic pose , alongside posters and billboards displayed many advertisements, especially those of Gabriel.


Of course, this man also has his own fashion line. But I admit, his designs are cool. He was actually an inspiration for being to be drawn in fashion. But I’m not really into that anymore…


But what she noticed the most was that this place was filled with people. And pokemon. Walking, perching themselves on people's shoulders, all just right next to humans. All chattering their calls, everywhere she looked everyone was about on their merry way, enjoying their day. Walking towards her location, she noticed that no one carried pokeballs, which held up to a stronger community Ryme City was suppose to be where both kinds live together. Huh. This place really did live up to it's expectations. 


Everywhere she looked, there were people and Pokemon either standing or walking together or being free and roaming about in the city. Flying types from Pidegots to Rufflets soared in the air before perching on streetlights and mailboxes  while Emolgas landed anywhere they felt like. The streets bustled with life as a Machamp was directing traffic of buses, taxis, and differents cars while a Snorlax was sleeping on the bike lane.


Marinette looked at the Pancham and Treeko climbing on sticks of bamboo gardens that were centered in certain parts of where she was walking as their human partners conversant with each other, some holding their pokemon partners, sometimes other items. A couple of Panchams landed on a nearby Pangoro, squeaking happily.


Floettes, Flabebes, and Comfey drifted in the air, sometimes they landed on trees that were scattered around alongside the occasional Braivary.


“Fighting fires wouldn’t be possible without their Squirtle partners…”




Marinette glanced a screen that displayed firefighters and a couple of Squirtle shooting water at small flames with headlines exclaiming how they just saved the day again. All around she found people and pokemon working together, walking together, and just doing there own things.


  She had to admit, This place was breathtaking . This place felt like… a new world. But of course, not everywhere’s perfect. Soon or later, there needs to be flaws somewhere. Besides, has much as Marinette wanted to explore her new surroundings, there were more important things to do.


Locating the address, she found herself staring at a multi-complex apartment building. It appeared to be Lolita inspired, with smooth granite and a sharp iron and brick fence surrounding the place. She would’ve enter, if it wasn’t for the fact that she felt like she was being watched.


Ignoring her neck hair bristling, she slowly turned to where she felt being stared at and noticed someone poking their head behind a dumpster across the street. Or rather some Pokemon. It had white and brown fur, while on its head appeared to be beret-shaped while it’s tail was leaking out some sort of fluid resembling paint. She knew what kind of Pokemon that was. Smeargle, the Painter Pokemon. But why was it staring at her? 


It appeared to realize that she was watching it because it’s turned on its heel and ran behind the dumpster. Shrugging it off as a wild Pokemon that just happened to like looking at people for inspiration, she entered through door, ignoring the jingling of Chimecho inspired bells from opening it. 


An elderly man that she thinks is the owner of this place was behind the counter in front of her, snoring alongside a Komala that hugging it’s log tightly. Not wishing to disturb them, she began walking up the stairs next to the left counter that led to the apartments. She didn’t get very far.




She turned to find the same Smeargle staring at her, inside the same room. (How did it open the door anyway with making the bells chime?) How did she know, she just knew. Still, Marinette felt annoyed rather than scared.


She motioned for it to go away. “So, are you going to annoy me? Or try to rob me? No offense, but I’m way bigger than you.  Now, scram please.”


The Smeargle tilted its head, as if it didn’t understand. “ Smeargle. Smear.” it answered.


“Smeargle, I told you not to run off like that!”


A frazzled boy with red hair probably around her age entered, slamming the door behind him. Not surprisingly, the old man still didn’t rise up from that noise while the Komala scrunched it’s face like a paper ball turning rolling off the counter and landing log-first on the ground before drifting off again, a soft look on its face.


“Oops, my bad.” the red-haired turned to her, “ You’ll have to forgive Smeargle. He tends to run off sometimes, trying to get inspiration for his drawings. Anyway, I should get going…” he paused, before staring back at her and jumping slightly. Marinette swore his hair reacted as well, spiking out before returning to normal, most covering his right eye.




She bristled slightly at the way he shouted before giving him a look mixed of confusion and wariness. “ How do you know my name,” she hissed, “Also, who are you again?”


The boy calmed down, obviously embarrassed by his reddening face. “ Oh, right, sorry. Sorry. I’m Nathan. Nathaniel Kurtzberg. We had class together in for like, many years. we went our separate ways... I now work as an intern at... ” He must be saying more stuff but he was mumbling a lot so all she got out was Nathan, class, and something about working as an intern at some fancy news place. She was more surprised that he was capable of remembering her than she was capable of remembering her old classmates. Then again, she didn’t really hang out with others, preferring to focus on her own stuff, so it makes sense. 


Still wary, she attempted to steer the conversation away. “So, does your Smeargle do that a lot? Stare at people till they et the creeps?” She was at least thankful her aunt never owned any pokemon. Just taking a shower with wandering curious eyes gave her the chills.


Nathaniel looked startled. “Huh?! No! n-no not always, I mean, he usually never does that towards strangers. Unless you have something that interests him. So, if you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you have.. Well a partner?”


Marinette stared. When she kept staring, Nathaniel shook his head furiously, waving his hands about. “Nononono! It’s not like in a bad way, it’s just that, well, I kinda remember you wanting to have a Pokemon partner when you were younger. You talked about that a lot and well…” raising a hand for silence, she stopped him from babbling even more. 


“Things changed, I don’t need Pokemon partner. Sorry, but I... realized I wasn’t really interested in having one and things didn’t really worked out.. So yeah…”  she internally winced over how blunt and stiff that came out. Why do people keep asking me that? It’s my choice, I don’t want a pokemon. Period


Nathan paused. “Oh, well, alright..” he shifted awkwardly. “Anyway, I guess..think we should be going now. Sorry to bother you. Perhaps we may see each other again...Argh, if  you want!” He waved his hands before covering his face then turning to his friend. “ Come on Smeargle, let’s go.”


"Smeargle. Smeargle."   Both walked out of the doors but not before Smeargle gave her one last look before the following his human partner. Marinette watched for a bit, just confused over what the heck just happened before shrugging it off and heading up the stairs, somehow not shaking off the feeling that this was not the last time she'll bump into that boy and his heavily-interested-in-her-for-some-weird-reason Smeargle. 

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It was easy finding her cousin’s door, her aunt having written it on paper before she left. She was impressed to say that her family that she didn't even know she had have come around and took care of this place, paying the taxes and debts, cleaning carefully so nothing would be misplaced, just in care that…. Marinette already gave up her hope years ago. Taking a deep breath, she unlocked the door with the spare keys that her aunt gave her when she visited the station.


She took in everything as she stepped inside.


Something caught her the corner of her vision as she walked over to the wall where several certificates hanged, all rewards or promotions.


Bridgette Cheng

Mystic Reward.


Bridgette Cheng

Ryme City Police Department Diploma.


Those were some that she could list off. She didn't know much but the fact they were framed alongside posters obviously meant they were important.


In front of her appeared to be the living room and the kitchen combined, with many papers stacked everywhere on the coffee table in the center of the room to multiple mini drawers and tables surrounding it. A bookcase was on the right side of the room while a desk with a swirl chair and office supplies such as a desk lamp and mail that was brought inside was near the kitchen counter.The kitchen itself was small, barely enough room for two people. Walking in from the open corner, Marinette found many top and bottom mini drawers, a mini fridge facing her behind the wall that separated the main room from the others.


A sofa with decorative pillows was buried in paper stacks and looking behind the door near it’s left corner was a small television on a mini bookcase. She went to the hallway that was next to the entrance door, as she walked towards her right to the closest door that was a bit ajar. She felt her heart drop a bit when she took a peek. 


This was.. her room. It obviously hadn’t been touched in a while. A queen sized bed stood in the middle of the room. The multi color flower bed sheets were smoothed out and remade, while the matching standard and euro pillows were neatly replaced to where they could’ve been. This was a typical bedroom, with a closet to the left, drawers to the right of the bed while a mini drawer with a lamp was on both sides besides the bed.


Something that didn’t fit in the room caught her eye. It was a gold envelope with what was possibly a card inside. Unlike the rest of the envelopes and paper related items, this one stood isolated on top of the drawer. Feeling drawn to it, Marinette opened it up and the card for better examination. On the front cover was decorative cursive.


Happy Birthday 


She found herself doing a step take. What? But.. her birthday was a only in a few weeks ... How could she.. She opened the card. Inside was a message.


To my favorite cousin,


Dear Marinette, 


I know I can’t turn back time  and this won’t make up for everything but I wanted to be ahead of myself. I’ll always had a place for you to stay if you ever come to visit. My door will always be open for you.


Love, Bridgette


Something fluttered to the floor. Picking it up, she realized it was one express ticket from Vaniville Town all the to Ryme City.






“Bridgette will pick you up at the station when you arrive.”


“I..I don’t want to go..”




“Can I just stay here? I can help around the bakery.This place is my home Auntie. I want to stay here with you.”






 She felt familiar feelings threatening to rise back up. She turned her head towards the door, where a closed door was staring back at her. Opening it, she couldn't help but try to swallow back that lump in her throat.


This was Marinette’s room or rather an attempt to mimic her room back home. There were many differences to her original room but it still felt like she back home in Kalos. Despite being smaller, this not-her-room was in hues of pink, white, and black, with polka dots and cherry blossoms patterns on the bed sheets. There were fabrics and sewing supplies from threads to knitting materials neatly lined on a pink desk. To fit the child inside who loved Pokemon, there were many posters that covered the room from former upcoming battles to competitions to all of her favorite Pokemon plastered about on the walls.


Her eyes caste to a poster placed above the Ledian like bed frame. Kalos Pokemon League. 


Oh. Oh, no.


She remembered that day, where Bridgette had promised her that she would take her to the stadium so that they would watch the tournaments together but of course, due to work, her cousin had to reluctantly cancel on their plans. She still can hear the last conversation playing in her mind.






"But... but we both have been looking forward to this..."


"I know Maribug, but Felix just discovered what could been a breakthrough through this case we're working on. I know promised you that we'll go together but this mission is important for me. I have to stop the bad guys from doing more harm. I'm really sorry Mari."


"Whatever, you're busy, I get it."


"Mari... I have to go now but I promise I'll make it up to you when I get back."


"Whatever, I don't care anymore."


Marinette watched from her circular window as Bridgette entered her car parked in front of her parents bakery. She knew that her cousin's job was very important but she felt too upset to talk to her anymore. Now, she regretted now saying goodbye or telling her to be careful and come back home safe like she always did.

But she didn't know. Not until a police car drove up the front door. Not until she hear from beneath the trapdoor that led up to her attic bedroom that she heard her aunt sobbing and the police officers muttering their apologizes and counsels. That Bridgette had been in a car accident and was considered decreased. 


The realizations came crashing down as waves of emotions down upon her.


Bridgette Cheng was no longer with them.






A crashing sound came from the living room.


Jolting herself out of her thoughts, Marinette wiped her eyes as she cautiously approached the hallway. Has someone broken in? How? The door was locked....The windows. She didn't check the windows. 


Something scurried past one of the drawers, as she made out a silhouette thanks to the thin streaks of light the shutters produced from the illuminating signs of the city. Whatever was in here wasn't a stealthy thief as the figure accidentally knocking over a mini lamp. It fell with a clunk.


"Ouch, sorry, my bad. That's..going to probably to leave a mark. Gonna be in so much pain in the morning."


Ok, ok so someone's definitely in  here. She wasn't gonna take any chances! Her fighting skills were terrible! She not's going in without any protection! Grabbing a stray jar that laid on top of a drawer next to the door ( Seriously, how many drawers did her cousin have?) Lifting it in her hand, she forme dher free hand into a fist as she quietly stepped into the room, praying herself that they won't know they're not alone.


Whoever they are?


" Wh.who.whoever you are..come out and show your face!" she struggled not to crack her voice. " I have a.. weapon...and I'm not afraid to use it!" She wave the jar around threateningly. 


Something shuffled behind another mini drawer and poked their head out. Or rather its head out. She looked down. Staring back at her with blue irises was a red and black bug like Pokemon. A Ledian, she concluded as the said Ledian appeared to roll it's eyes. She thought she heard a "Oh, gosh." but she was the only one in this room.. shrugging it off, she continued staring at her unexpected guest.


"H-hey there little one. How did anyway? she asked hesitantly. 


The Ledian held their head in their upper hands of their four arms before staring back at her and opened their mouth as if to say something.


Literally .


" IMMM NOT GOOING TOO HURT YOU. NOW PLEASE DROPP THAT JAR OR I WILL.. ihonestly dontwontwhaticando butit wontbe pretty." they said, stretching out their words to elaborate slowly as if talking to an extraterrestrial being while hurrying along at the end. 


Marinette dropped the jar, too much in shock to bother that loud shattering of glass. The Ledian watched as it broke into a million pieces before looking up to the wide mouth human, a mixture of confusion and concern written in her humanoid like face. after a few seconds of awkward silence have passed, the human snapped out of their trace.


"D-Did y-you just talk?!



Chapter Text

D-Did y-you just talk?!


Marinette could only stare dumbly, mouth hung open.


Th-this! This is impossible! Sh-she must- be dreaming. Cause it is impossible! Pokemon can’t talk to humans shejusthallunciatingthatsrightsheknewsheshouldhavegottenmoresleep…


The Ledian blinked before realization hits them. “Whoa. Did you just understand me?” 


The human clasped her hands to her cheeks. "N-no. No No No..."


"That's some heavy eye contact you're giving me. So you heard me. OH MY GOSH YOU CAN HEAR ME!"




"I been so lonely!" the ledian whimpered, making a frowny face,mouth quivering and eyes shining with happy tears.


"ST-STOP TALKING! THIS-THIS IS NOT REAL! YOU'RE A HALLUCINATION!" the girl? it seemed, screamed back at her like a Misdreavus, waving her hands in front of her quickly.


Still she couldn't help herself. "You're a hallucination. This can't really be real." She chuckled dryly. "But I seen others things.


 The girl stared back at her before standing up straight. "I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up." Then she did something concerning.


She slapped herself. Hard in the face.


Marinette groaned in pain as she held her right hand onto her cherry-marked cheek, her free hand grabbing the corner of a nearby chair. "Oeeeuchhh. ooookkkkay thhhisss isss nottt a dream then, I think.. I'm goonna bee sick...."


Ledian looked on in concern, before clasping all her four hands together. "Ok... so kid, pretty sure's there a trash can nearby.. so if you're gonna throw up, then do it. I won't watch. I promise. But when you're done, I need to ask you a few questions. I need your help, soo, uhh, done your... stuffff  and then, we can talk." The Five-Star pokemon said this as if it was the most reason explanation in the world. She swore why no one else was knocking n the door, concerned for their neighbor or at least telling her to quiet down. That would've been rude.


Mari stared at it for a while. She rolled her eyes hard enough that they probably touched her skull before collapsing on the floor. The bug looked down at the unconscious leap of flesh.


"Something tells me that's gonna leave a mark...."





Marinette fluttered her eyes, struggling over the turn of events. She was dreaming, she must've been! That is the most logical explanation! But why was she on the floor again?...


"Oh good! You're awake! How before you freak again, I need to ask you a few questions..."


She turned her head to find herself face-to-face with the speaker, who was standing on the coffee table. She internally screamed. If she screamed again, something tells her she's not going to go anywhere. This wasn't a dream then...


She groaned. "Did I hit myself too hard?" Shaking, she manage to grab hold of the coffee table before turning to examine the intruder. It looked like a regular Ledian expect it had plaid deerstalker hat that detectives used in those oldie movies. "So, this... is real?"


"Yep, kid so now that you're awake, I have a few questions I need to ask you..." before being cut off by Marinette.


"Wha? No,no,no had questions that need to be answered! H-how can talk?! Why can you talk?! Can anyone else understand you?!"


"Woah, sorry down kiddo. One question at a time. Believe me. By the time I finally arrived here, it took me forever to get someone's attention. All they heard from me is Ledian, Ledian. Like pet me and scratch me and point your grubby fingers at me.  So anyway, introductions clear, who are you and how did you get in here?" the ledian said, holding her four fists in punching postions.


Marinette immediately stood up, raising her hands in a defensive postions, protecting her face. " This is my cousin's place! But that doesn't explain how you got in and how I can understand you!"


Ledian paused, taking in her words before lowering her hands, her face in a surprised look.


"Y-you're Brid-bridgette's kid?"


Marinette eyes widened. "H-how did you her name?..." 


Ledian's upper arms reached for her hat as she took it off, flipping it over to the inside, where something was written in neat, tiny print on the center.


If found please return to 

Bridgette Cheng & Tikki

Ryme City

1774 Rue Gotlib  



Tikki? She looked at the bug as realization dawned on her " You-you're Bridgette's pokemon partner."


Ledian-Tikki- looked at with a confirmed and awestruck look on her insect face.


"Do-do you want to go get cookies? Yeah, let's get cookies. I could use some cookies. I know a place." Without waiting for Marinette's respond, she hopped at the end of the table and began walking-not flew-towards the door. Wanting more information and not really having a choice, Marinette followed, mind still tolling the drastic turn of events.


What was more surprising, this ledian likes cookies?!




This place turned out to be the cafe that was across the street. Hi Hat Cafe. Opened 24 hours each day, it's exterior had an neon-futuristic like look, with large glowing letters depicting the name. Outside was a stand alone menu, describing what was on sale.


Inside it had a classic cafe look. there were those cushion tables with a view to the buildings next door, an open door to the kitchen. There were posters everywhere, most were advertisements about upcoming battles and Lost Pokemon and where to call their partners. 


Marinette watched the Ledian snarf down chocolate chip cookies with wide eyes, like she hadn't had food in days. Which was probably true. Tikki didn't look up but opened her mouth to speak.


"So *much* there was was *so good* when I woke up, I was in the middle of nowhere *yum* with a major case of the forgetsies. *crunching* My only clue to what I think is my past was this hat I had on *delicious* took me awhile, asked around, that kind of stuff..*yummy* Crumbs spilled out of her mouth and onto the bar table they were sitting on. Awkwardly diverting her eyes, Marinette scanned her surroundings, feeling a bit self-conscious that a random Pokemon was ranting her life story to her. Thankfully, there weren't many customers. Some lady was snoozing at the end of a table booth, her Jigglypuff puffing its face out in frustration as it realized she fell asleep to its song. A couple with a Arcanine were busy chowing down on pancakes while a woman with dyed hair and tattoos running on her arms was eating noodles with her Purrloin. 


"...So I made my way to the apartment. took awhile, since people are so insensitive sometimes and then that's where I found you. That Komala was very polite, it helped me in the apartment door. And the front doors. Seriously, how can it open doors?! Anyway back to the point, maybe Bridgette got in too deep.."


"Deep in what?" "Oh, you know, mixed up with the wrong crowd, that sort of thing. Happens to the best of us..." Mari noticed the barista from inside the bar staring at her strangely, overhearing her conversation to the talking bug that kept up with tweets and chrips. Probably because people don't ask questions that are expected to be answered in people language. Mari gave an awkward grin that she swore covered her entire face before pulling out her phone. 


"...the debts pile and the walls close in, right becomes wrong, wrong becomes wrong,.." Tikki noticed Marinette holding the phone to her ear. " Wait, who's calling you. Who are you calling?"


"Nobody." Mari whispered-shouted.


Tikki raised her invisible eyebrows. " Wait, I'm confused. Are you hearing other voices besides mine?"


 "I'm just wondering how on Arceus am I able to understand you?"  She desperately attempted to avoid the odd gaze the tattoo lady and her Purrlion were giving her. She gave a quick yet polite, awkward wave before turning her attention to Tikki.


Tikki chuckled, pushing the empty plate away. "Oh, that I am unable to help kid. like I said, I'm pretty sure I have amnesia. So I'm just as lost as you are."


Mari breathed in with her teeth. " So from I have, you're a talking Ledian with no memories of who you were and you have a serious addiction for cookies." 


"These are just choices, I can stop whenever I want," Tikki turned to the barista's Froslass. " Another batch, warmed up please, double up on the chocolate chips. Please and Thank you." The Froslass gave a nod. "Look, I'm a great detective, but even I can't solve my own mystery if I don't have any memories."


Mari gave her a tight, slightly strained smile. "So how do you know you are a detective?" she whispered, phone close to her ear.


Tikki gave a soft laugh. "That, I just know, I can feel it in my jellies." She watched the human shake here head in exasperation. "Wh-what is that?" The detective bug raised her upper arms, giving the slightly frustrated girl a bewildered look. "Jellies. You know, it's that thing that you feel when you really believe in something, despite what people constantly tell you, especially when everything is going wrong and so  that's why I need to find Bridgette. She may be a key to my past."


Marinette took a deep breath. She honestly had no idea that Bridgette actually owned a pokemon, Bridgette never mentioned one to her but then again she stopped calling and sending letters often after the incident. Marinette wished she tried a bit harder before chastising herself for thinking that way. she was young back then and didn't know how to deal with those problems. But for now, how was she going to tell the truth to this amnesiac Ledian who just arrived into this crazy mess???


"Um," the Froslass came by, placing a plate of warm cookies in front of Tikki, who muttered "Thanks." with the Froslass making a noise of it's own name. " I hate to break this to you... but Bridgette's dead." She flinched the moment half-chewed crumbs made contact to her face, trying not to make a scene, placing down her phone and trying her best not to scream in frustration.


"Whaaaaaaat! That can't be right!" Tikki gave her a shocked look, her bug mouth hanging open and blue eyes widening with this new info.


" Yeah, the police announced it weeks ago Which means you were lost for four weeks exactly. Where exactly were you anyway?" Marinette asked, wiping the soggy cookies bits off with a napkin. Tikki shook her head, muttering before looking back at her. " No,no, this can't be right."


"Sorry, I don't want to admit it but you were wrong. Like I said, the police-" she was interrupted by chuckling. Tikki spoke. "Just because the cops said she was dead-" ignoring Marinette saying "It means she's legally dead." as she climbed on top of the table before coming face to face at the human girl.


"Did they find the body?" Marinette paused at that. She didn't really understand police reports or anything police related, along with that she stopped listening to the reports that came in with attempts to understand the incident, with eventually the police gave up the case and declaring her decreased. She came to the terms that her cousin is dead a long time ago but now this... Tikki kept talking.


"Oh, I didn't think so, also did any of those reports mentioned that I'm dead? Cause if I'm still alive, that must mean Bridgette's alive as well. She's currently must be MIA- missing in action- which is still a chance that she is still out there. Case closed. But still technically open until I solve it."


Marinette was too exhausted by these turns of events. "Ok, solve what now?" She thought at least agreeing, she could go home and take a shower, while still reeling from this conversation. Her thoughts were interrupted when Tikki spoke. " Solve the case. I have theories. The first one: Someone faked Bridgette's death and force the news or the cops to state that she's dead. I have others but the first one is a real contender."


Marinette sucked air between her teeth before shaking her head. First she had to deal with a talking ledian and now that her cousin might be alive?! She would be happy about "her cousin is still alive" part but the talking pokemon.. this was just too much.


"No, no, no, we're done, I'm done, sorry but you need to find someone else, this is just too crazy." Ignoring Tikki's protests of "Oh,no we are not done." she left tips for the barista before heading out. She still should've know that Tikki followed her. "W-wait a minute. Where are you going? Hold up a sec! We're gonna need each other!"  Marinette swiftly turned on her heel and point a finger at her.


"NO! We don't! I don't need a pokemon! Period. Got it?" Tikki didn't falter at that. "Well, at least let me help your solve the case of your cousin, cause if your cousin's still out there, we need to find her and I refuse to hesitate to help those in need. That's a detective's job and I'm probably the best thing close to a detective." Mari internally growled, frustrated at the Ledian's understandings of hints. Why can't people just drop conversations that she feel uncomfortable with? Do they actually want to see her reach her boiling point? 


She glared at the bug. "No offense, but I'm sure this is probably going to be offense, but I a detective- or anyone on this mater- should've have figured it out that I'm not here to find my cousin and reopen the case, but rather that I'm here to say goodbye. You don't think I at least tried to find out what happened? i'm here to wrap things up and end things.." she was again cut off by Tikki.


"Hey, hey, wait. Marinette, just listen to me please. This is not a goodbye story. This is the beginning. Look," she blocked Marinette's path when she began attempting to walk away. "-you can talk to humans. I can talk to Pokemon." They continued with the walking away only to be blocked by Tikki. "We can talk to each other." Tikki said, stretching out the last syllables of the those two words. Marinette stepped over her and tried to walk off while Tikki climbed on a taxi that was parked next to the apartment. "Look, something brought us together and that something is called destiny." Again, ignoring Marinette's protest of "It's not Destiny!" She stated, "This must be faith. And there must be  hope that Bridgette is still alive. Come on, please kid, we won't know unless we try."


Marinette looked in front of her, refusing to look at the pokemon staring at her back. As much as she hated to admit it, when she was younger she still clinged on to hope and though it faded away over time, it never truly went away. But she refused to admit it in front of others. Now, that feeling returned in full force. She looked away when Tikki's voice rose up again. "Ohhhh, you feel it. You feel it right? You feel it in your jellies. Don't you?" She can feel the bug's excitement laced around those words. Slowly she turned, shaking her head. "There's nothing in my jellies. that's not a word." she replied deadpan. Tikki ignored it, giving her a starry, confirmed look in her sapphire eyes. "We're gonna do this. You and me."


Marinette breathed in deeply, pulling her neck up before staring at the sky, giving a look of "Arceus help me please." before raising her hands up in frustration. " I can't belie-" before sighing reluctantly and turning to the Ledian, pointing at her. "I will meet you here tomorrow morning. got it?" She watched the bug's eyes lit up, the biggest grin on her face. "Great!" Tikki said, before sliding off the taxi and began walking. Towards the apartment door.


The human gave her a confused look. "Wait, wh-where are you going?"


The ledian gave her a duh look. "To my apartment." she stated simply.


"What? What do you mean your apartment?"


"Huh?" the ledian turned back to her. "Oh, right where are my manners, you can sleep wherever you want but I call dibs on the couch. Also, would you be a dear and open the doors for me? I could do it myself but my hands don't have any fingers." She resumed walking, not waiting for Marinette response. She groaned softly  but walked over and complied. Since she is Bridgette's pokemon, she might as well try and care of her, despite having no skills on Pokemon care whatsoever. "What am I doing?" she muttered to herself. Tikki giggled as she stepped inside and made her way to the stairs. "I just invited someone to my apartment. I mean, Bridgette and my apartment. I not sure if we did this before, but I like this. I'm not that kind of Pokemon."


Marinette covered her face in exasperation and grumbled quietly before following the bug.


What in Arceus was she getting herself into?




Chapter Text

“Dust everywhere, no fingerprints, what could this all lead to..”


Marinette opened the door to find Tikki rummaging the drawers in the false childhood room. “What are doing?” she demanded. She just left the Pokemon in the living room for a few minutes just to take a quick shower only to find that she’s disappeared.


“I’m searching for the joint, trying to jog my memory with anything I can find…” Tikki gave a quick glance at Marinette. “Is this your room by the way? It seems a bit… kid like for you.”


“No” she said quickly. Tikki continued. “So was Bridgette married, did she have any children. Or kid relatives?” Marinette shook her head. “ No,” she threw the towel wrapped around her head on the bed. “Bridgette wanted to make me feel at home in case I ever came here, so she tried to assemble to my former childhood bedroom.” Tikki on the bed, staring at the red and black spotted bed frame. “ So that mean’t your childhood bed was a Ledian bed.”


“It was a coincidence," she stated, trying her best to fix the mess  inside the drawers Tikki made. This place wasn't touched in ages but she still didn't want to be rude in any way." I didn’t know she owned a pokemon. She probably did though.” she mumbled the last part. Tikki leaned close to her. “What that’s? I can’t hear you. Can you repeat it again please?” When she received a blank look she stated, “I have never been so flattered and creeped out at the same time, Honestly, though, I don’t want to feel about this? Anyway, are you going to turn into anything, like a lampshade?” she replied jokily.


Marinette gave a sweet smile. “ I might.” Tikki shook her arms and head. “Wait, wait, wait. These cards, posters, they are mean something.” Don’t you dare. She then replied in a sing-song tone. “You like pokemon~” Ugh. She did it anyway. What did she expect? “No.” Marinette said deadpanned. Tikki hummed. “Yes, yes you do.”


Marinette had a dead face look. “That’s was before the cousin moved here and engrossed herself with her work and was more interested in Pokemon that visiting her own family.” “Uh-huh blame this on your cousin.” the Ledian grabbed a nearby photo. “Okay, what about these people? I saw photos of these two love birds all over the apartment. They obviously know Bridgette. They might know me and they could be a leader.” Marinette stared at the photo. It depicts a wedding by the best suit and the white gown, smiling at their day. She chuckled dryly. “No, they do not,” she carefully took the photo out of the bug’s hands before turning away. “Those are my parents, they passed away when I was just a kid.” she mumbled quietly, staring at the picture. The Ledian antenne’s wilted a bit, wincing over the girl’s reaction. It was obviously a heavy topic for her..


She. She..didn’t know….


“I’m sorry,’ she stated quietly. What else could she say, she doesn’t have any memories of them, just going with what she has another house. Still, how could she be so careless? Judging by all the photos she saw around the house, they seemed all happy. But then again, not every picture is worth a thousand words. “I..I didn’t realize." Marinette was already at the door way, placing the photo on the nearby counter befroe looking at the Ledian, a wistful look in her eyes. She took a couple of moments to compose herself, eyes darting anywhere but near the photo before continuing. "Tomorrow we gonna get answers. I don't know how but we'll see. For now, I guess.. Good Night. Whenever or not you sleep." She grabbed the towel, gave Tikki a quick nod before heading off and closing the door, leaving  a concerned , guilt-ridden bug staring at the door.




A white hallway with many windows showing each room, almost as if it was in a sci-fi movie.....


There was large sphere in the middle of a room....


Something  was in there... Just waiting for the right moment...


A hand clasped itself over her stomach... she was in something...


In a moving vehicle?...


Something was shot at the vehicle... she knew...


It was so loud, it jolted her forward....


Darkness... followed by loud crashing noise.. blurry figures moving?..


Pain struck  everywhere... someone else was here...


Strength to look up...


Someone...or..something.. was staring back at her....


A hand stretched towards her....




"LEDIAN!" Tikki stood straight up, scanning her surroundings. She was in a room, a kids room? There were posters depicting well known mythical pokemon like Reshiram and Zekrom, along with upcoming battles, a couple of trophies on the shelves and counter tops. Turning around.. she was on a Ledian bed? Events from yesterday came rushing back. Oh right. She forgot...again...she was technically in her apartment. 


She rubbed her head with her third arm. "There goes that same dream again." Granted, it was more like broken fragments of momeries. she didn't know exactly when they began happening but whenever she slept, they came and went like that and to this day, she still had no idea that they mean't. She knew it might mean't something to her past but what? Unfortunately, she realized that her attempts to go back to sleep were fruitless by so she jumped off the bed and made her way to the door. 


Carefully opening it so it doesn't creak, she walked down the all to the living room. She was still surprised that the human hasn't woken up by her screeches, but then again humans can be heavy sleepers. She envies that ability, wishing that she could have peaceful dreams. Scanning her room, she stared carefully opening any drawers she could get her hands on, peering inside. She had to start somewhere and that child's room didn't have much information on her past. So maybe this room would have answers...


A grumble noise came. She quickly went into a fighting stance before realizing the sound was from her own stomach. Oh. She's hungry. she wonders if the girls' got any munchies for her to snack on while she works. If she doesn't, then she can always go to the Hi-Hat Cafe. She'll just have to ask that owner dude's Komala to let her out every now and then..


She shook her head. Focus. She can go later but right now she has a mystery to solve.


Alright... she placed her lower hands on her hips while pumping her right fist forward, determined. Time to get to work.


Right after she gets cookies. Can't start without a snack.


Marinette woke up, she forgot for a second where she was. This wasn't her room... Memories came flooding back.


Oh. Right.


With a sigh, she got out and prepared herself for these turn of events. She was thankful she packed enough clothes to last about a month. Pulling out a white and pink hoodie with a cherry blossom symbol on the middle, she got out her gray shorts and simple black tennis shoes with the well known pokeball logo in hot pink. Adjusting her hair into a bun, she took a glance at the mirror.


...Not bad, she looks like a regular look at human that just got out of bed.