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Detective Ledian

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“Dust everywhere, no fingerprints, what could this all lead to..”


Marinette opened the door to find Tikki rummaging the drawers in the false childhood room. “What are doing?” she demanded. She just left the Pokemon in the living room for a few minutes just to take a quick shower only to find that she’s disappeared.


“I’m searching for the joint, trying to jog my memory with anything I can find…” Tikki gave a quick glance at Marinette. “Is this your room by the way? It seems a bit… kid like for you.”


“No” she said quickly. Tikki continued. “So was Bridgette married, did she have any children. Or kid relatives?” Marinette shook her head. “ No,” she threw the towel wrapped around her head on the bed. “Bridgette wanted to make me feel at home in case I ever came here, so she tried to assemble to my former childhood bedroom.” Tikki on the bed, staring at the red and black spotted bed frame. “ So that mean’t your childhood bed was a Ledian bed.”


“It was a coincidence," she stated, trying her best to fix the mess  inside the drawers Tikki made. This place wasn't touched in ages but she still didn't want to be rude in any way." I didn’t know she owned a pokemon. She probably did though.” she mumbled the last part. Tikki leaned close to her. “What that’s? I can’t hear you. Can you repeat it again please?” When she received a blank look she stated, “I have never been so flattered and creeped out at the same time, Honestly, though, I don’t want to feel about this? Anyway, are you going to turn into anything, like a lampshade?” she replied jokily.


Marinette gave a sweet smile. “ I might.” Tikki shook her arms and head. “Wait, wait, wait. These cards, posters, they are mean something.” Don’t you dare. She then replied in a sing-song tone. “You like pokemon~” Ugh. She did it anyway. What did she expect? “No.” Marinette said deadpanned. Tikki hummed. “Yes, yes you do.”


Marinette had a dead face look. “That’s was before the cousin moved here and engrossed herself with her work and was more interested in Pokemon that visiting her own family.” “Uh-huh blame this on your cousin.” the Ledian grabbed a nearby photo. “Okay, what about these people? I saw photos of these two love birds all over the apartment. They obviously know Bridgette. They might know me and they could be a leader.” Marinette stared at the photo. It depicts a wedding by the best suit and the white gown, smiling at their day. She chuckled dryly. “No, they do not,” she carefully took the photo out of the bug’s hands before turning away. “Those are my parents, they passed away when I was just a kid.” she mumbled quietly, staring at the picture. The Ledian antenne’s wilted a bit, wincing over the girl’s reaction. It was obviously a heavy topic for her..


She. She..didn’t know….


“I’m sorry,’ she stated quietly. What else could she say, she doesn’t have any memories of them, just going with what she has another house. Still, how could she be so careless? Judging by all the photos she saw around the house, they seemed all happy. But then again, not every picture is worth a thousand words. “I..I didn’t realize." Marinette was already at the door way, placing the photo on the nearby counter befroe looking at the Ledian, a wistful look in her eyes. She took a couple of moments to compose herself, eyes darting anywhere but near the photo before continuing. "Tomorrow we gonna get answers. I don't know how but we'll see. For now, I guess.. Good Night. Whenever or not you sleep." She grabbed the towel, gave Tikki a quick nod before heading off and closing the door, leaving  a concerned , guilt-ridden bug staring at the door.




A white hallway with many windows showing each room, almost as if it was in a sci-fi movie.....


There was large sphere in the middle of a room....


Something  was in there... Just waiting for the right moment...


A hand clasped itself over her stomach... she was in something...


In a moving vehicle?...


Something was shot at the vehicle... she knew...


It was so loud, it jolted her forward....


Darkness... followed by loud crashing noise.. blurry figures moving?..


Pain struck  everywhere... someone else was here...


Strength to look up...


Someone...or..something.. was staring back at her....


A hand stretched towards her....




"LEDIAN!" Tikki stood straight up, scanning her surroundings. She was in a room, a kids room? There were posters depicting well known mythical pokemon like Reshiram and Zekrom, along with upcoming battles, a couple of trophies on the shelves and counter tops. Turning around.. she was on a Ledian bed? Events from yesterday came rushing back. Oh right. She forgot...again...she was technically in her apartment. 


She rubbed her head with her third arm. "There goes that same dream again." Granted, it was more like broken fragments of momeries. she didn't know exactly when they began happening but whenever she slept, they came and went like that and to this day, she still had no idea that they mean't. She knew it might mean't something to her past but what? Unfortunately, she realized that her attempts to go back to sleep were fruitless by so she jumped off the bed and made her way to the door. 


Carefully opening it so it doesn't creak, she walked down the all to the living room. She was still surprised that the human hasn't woken up by her screeches, but then again humans can be heavy sleepers. She envies that ability, wishing that she could have peaceful dreams. Scanning her room, she stared carefully opening any drawers she could get her hands on, peering inside. She had to start somewhere and that child's room didn't have much information on her past. So maybe this room would have answers...


A grumble noise came. She quickly went into a fighting stance before realizing the sound was from her own stomach. Oh. She's hungry. she wonders if the girls' got any munchies for her to snack on while she works. If she doesn't, then she can always go to the Hi-Hat Cafe. She'll just have to ask that owner dude's Komala to let her out every now and then..


She shook her head. Focus. She can go later but right now she has a mystery to solve.


Alright... she placed her lower hands on her hips while pumping her right fist forward, determined. Time to get to work.


Right after she gets cookies. Can't start without a snack.


Marinette woke up, she forgot for a second where she was. This wasn't her room... Memories came flooding back.


Oh. Right.


With a sigh, she got out and prepared herself for these turn of events. She was thankful she packed enough clothes to last about a month. Pulling out a white and pink hoodie with a cherry blossom symbol on the middle, she got out her gray shorts and black leggings while she wore simple black tennis shoes with the well known pokeball logo in hot pink. Adjusting her hair into a bun, she took a glance at the mirror, striking a few poses.


...Not bad, she looks like a regular look at human that just got out of bed.


Walking out,s he began to head towards the living room.


Then her foot knocked a stack of papers and they fluttered everywhere before spilling all over the floor.


"GAH, my clues!" Tikki shouted. Marinette looked at her new surroundings. Paper was scattered everywhere, strings were attached from the ceiling, and there were near empty plates of crumbs and paper cups. "W-what, what is all this?" she took another moment to take it all in.


Tikki looked up before stating, "Hard Work. That is what this is. And btw, we can't go to the cops. Not until we know who to trust. So, be a dear and help put my clues back in order,would ya? she began picking up pieces of paper."


"These are not clues! This is like the work of finding a serial killer." Mari talked-yelled before couching down and helping pick up papers. What another choice didn't she have? It's looks like a paper tornado stuck the place.


"There almost clues." Tikki said matter-of-factly, who began walking around and peering into any stray cups, sometimes grabbing one before tossing it aside. "What's does that even mean?" the girl replied tiredly. "I'm trying to re jog my memory, retrace my steps, that sort of stuff, ya know?" all while moving around to avoid anything in her way. She sometimes touched the strings as she began to climb on drawers, picking up what appeared to be a small vial. "That's when I found this!" Tikki exclaimed happily, holding out the vial in her upper left hand.


Marinette stared at her. "I'm sorry. I'm confused. You're talking about...what?" she pointed to the vial. Tikki nodded. "Yeah, and look at this." she pointed her right hand to something underneath her feet. "This R stuff... I think this is what you're cousin was working on."


"r" Mari questioned. Tikki nodded vigorously before handing the vial to her. Upon closer examination, Mari noticed the R em belled at the black trim of the faded peuple cylinder vial. She leaned it a bit more closely to her nose and gagged, pulling her face away with quick speed.


  "According to what I was able to gather, R makes Pokemon" Tikki pointed to herself-" like me, go completely wild. Like berserk. We lose our minds and it's not even our fault. So why would someone want that, I don't know but it must mena it's bad news." she began to pace back and forth, aware Mari was listening," So Bridgette found a break in the case, which forced our shadowy monarchy to send out higher goons in order to Kepler everything," she paused before quickly turning on the desk lamp and aiming the light towards Mari, who shielded her eyes, "hush-hush" Tikki stated dramatically. 


Ignoring Mari, she continued. "So the best way of finding your cuz is that we should follow her footsteps. Then when we get close enough to solving the case, it will force the de facto leader to reveal himself. Or herself." she quickly lifted the lamp towards Mari's face again. "Or Themselves!" Mari closed here eyes and used her right arm to shed her face. "Can-can you stop doing that?"


Tikki turned the lamp off and walked towards the edge of the desk she was on top of. "So how are we going to solve this?"- sh gasped happily when she saw some half-eaten cookies on. Grabbing one, she finished her statement. " More answers have to be in this room"  she chomped on the cookie.


Mari looked around, waving her arms a bit. 'This- this isn't even a room! It's has gotta be considered a fire hazard now!" Mari paced a bit avoiding where she stepped, "Its nothing but junk and papers and.." her eyes wandered down to a newspaper, the main headline stating the 10 anniversary of Ryme City and the festival that's gonna happen a few days from now. On one corner, it stated that scientist and archaeologists were recovering more architects relating to the Ancient Mew while the another explains a upcoming fashion show.


"Newspapers..." Mari mumbled to herself, picking it up. Tikki started at her, intrigued. "What-ca got there, kiddo?" Stilling holding the paper in her left hand, she looked up at the Ledian. "I-I literally met someone yesterday. He was working as an intern for a news company." she paused, before adding " He might know about this."


Tikki grinned. " Yeah, we're getting somewhere! Do you remember which news station he was working at?" 


Mari nodded, looking thoughtful. "I think ....I might a hutch." Tikki smiled, it's not visible but one coud tell judging how her mouth widen a bit. "Well, a hutch is better than nothing. We gonna go there and press him." she hopped down the counter, adding, "That's a metaphor." 


"Yeah, I know what a metaphor is." Mari accidentally knocked over a empty cup a she waked towards the door.


" I was drinking that." Another cup. "I was also- you know what? Just step anywhere. It's only my life's work.' In front of the door was another desk where the drawers were open. Tikki began to hop on each one before she was on the flat surface and turned to Mari. Who in return gave her a look. "Nope, sorry I'm not doing that." She carefully  grabbed Tikki and placed her down onto the ground, before grabbing a pink polka doted purse and keys. she opened the door and beckoned Tikki to step outside.


Tikki sighed but compiled, walking on her cherry red feet. When she was outside, she looked at Mari who closed the door behind her and began walking off. Tikki trailed behind her.


"Fine, I'll walk. I'm only gonna get a 100,000 steps this hour."