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A Kiss Challenge

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The festival was in full swing, students roamed the school grounds in their casual wear, passersby that walked by the school were drawn in by the sounds of music, laughing and the smell of hot food. The trio was lucky, having finished their shifts at both their homeroom and club stalls, taking their time to roam around the school for the rest of the day.


It was interesting to see what other clubs had come up with for their festival stalls, since it only comes around once a year and everyone was eager to show off the creativity of the members and smart ideas that popped up around every corner of the school. The boys were enticed by the smells of hot food and the colourful stands which is what kept them walking even when their legs got tired.


"Where are we going to head next? We've gone through most of this part of the school, so we could head back outside and check out what's left," Kazuki pulled up the map on his phone of all stall locations, the trio had covered most of the school but there were still a few spots they needed to see.


"We gotta go visit the photography club 'cause they have the photo booth set up and we should take some cool photos so we can look like retards for fun" Enta mused a few ideas for their next location, the others slightly laughed, humoring the idea since high school wouldn't last forever and it might be nice to have some memories that will last a lifetime.


The three boys walked out of the front doors of the school, the sound of the light music club playing and the cheers of other students filled the air. Atmosphere was lively and bright, children roamed the pathways and there were plenty of people that had come to support the school.


Passing by many stalls on their way out of the school and around the grounds, nothing was too interesting so the boys didn't stop to look at anything in particular. Continuing to walk around the school and weave in and out of the crowds of people, since the weekend had yielded tonnes of people coming down to the school.


Out of the corner of his eye, Toi spotted a suspiciously bright poster, emanating pink and red tones and was covered in bright stickers. He turned his head and slowed his walking for a moment, seeing the bright words printed on the sheet along with the literature club's signature photos of it's members. Trying his hardest to not look incredibly suspicious to his friends.




The Literature Club challenges you! Our challenge is simple, just kiss for the longest with your special somebody! The only rule is that you have to stay connected for the longest!

Special prizes are up for grabs for the top three couples!

Use of the booth is only 500 yen! Do you have what it takes?

We'll see you there!


Toi had a plan, pulling out his phone to look at the festival map. Nonchalantly trying to direct their group in the direction of the literature club, slowly moving in the direction of the booth to see if Kazuki and Enta would follow without a second thought. Pushing ahead of the group slightly as to become the mental group leader of 'follow this person', strafing over and turning around the side of the school as well as weaving through the crowds.


The other boys followed instinctively behind, the two of them too oblivious and dense to realise where Toi was taking them, or they were just busy focusing on something else. But he had a plan for the two, he could win easy free shit if they chose to play along.


Pulling around a corner, Toi made direct eye contact with a stall that was covered in bright colours, book pages and a lot of glitter. For a literature club, it seemed as if reading or writing was the one thing they didn't do. Assuming that since they were a club about books then they would have a stall that actually related to books, but no, it seemed as if literature was not their primary focus.


"Alright you two, I need easy almost free shit, so I got some shit for you to do" Toi reached and latched onto the wrists of his two friends, who had their heads shoot up to see what they were actually standing in front of. Both Enta and Kazuki were off focusing on something else, probably each other or their phones but Toi couldn't have cared less.


"W-wait a minute! You're not making us go in there or something! Hell to the no!" Enta's voice was laced with nervousness and slightly cracking. Trying to pull his wrist away from Toi as he shakily glanced around, seeing a small crowd start to gather around them. Swallowing thickly in his throat as he watched other people's eyes started to be drawn to him.


"Y-yeah, I mean... Everyone's kinda looking at us..." Kazuki tried shrinking in on himself and kept his voice small, slightly gesturing over to the literature club girls, phones out and eyes wide open, one of them was even drooling and it was kind of disgusting.


"Look, it's easy, there were 14 couples that went before you, with the longest time being one minute and thirty-seven seconds, it's not that long, all you have to do it beat it and win me some shit." Toi reached back around to a sheet of paper that was pinned up to the booth, pieces of paper were blue-tacked to the front of the booth, easy for swapping around when the leaders changed, pointing directly to the top score. 


"Well... All we have to do is kiss for a second over a minute and thirty-seven seconds, right? And we have to stay fully connected? So no pulling back for breaths? It'll just be a lot of nose breathing, but... I guess it wouldn't be too bad, we wouldn't really want to disappoint the masses either... " Kazuki nervously rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand, it was true, with a small crowd making more people curious, it caused a large mass of people to be standing around the three boys.


"Exactly, that literally it, I'll be watching the clock, so when you're allowed to stop, I'll tell you." Toi reached back to the box and dropped a coin into it, already having prepared to start. He watched as the literature club girls were all watching from behind their phones, faces red and eyes wide, the ones that had glasses  had them slipping down their faces, not even bothering to push them back up.


Toi went and and pushed the two boys straight into the booth, not even bothering to look back to the crowd that was now surrounding where the literature club was set up. One of the girls held a stopwatch, looking into the booth to see when the boy's lips made contact, her finger hovering over the start button.


Kazuki and Enta's lips connected, it was awkward and slow at first, but after about ten seconds, the two boys had more fervor and passion in their kiss. Stopwatch counting every single second that passed, ticking away as the audience watched, but not in silence, hollers and cheers ran over the crowd. Toi swore he could hear the phone cameras clicking.


The more time ticked by, the less Kazuki and Enta gave a damn about the people watching. Pushing right into each other, breathing heavily through their noses as to keep connected for as long as they could. Enta didn't know when he had hiked his leg over Kazuki's thigh, but he did, elevating himself and giving him more space to push down into their make-out session.


"This- This is good material! Chiyo, make sure you get every angle of this stuff!" One of the literature girls had called out to another, running around the booth with their phones flickering at different angles. Toi wasn't even sure if they had any kind of dignity, visibly showing that they were casually creeping on two people making out, but then again, so was the rest of the crowd. 


"Okay you tards, your time is up, you don't have to do anymore." Toi's eyes flicked down to the stopwatch, one minute and thirty-seven seconds having passed, which would mean they now held the top spot. But his words seemed to not reach their eyes, or register in their heads. The two kept going with a heavy pace of contact, and Toi swore he could see Enta's hand start to run up Kazuki's chest for a moment, but then remembering that they were in a very public place. 


What seemed like another minute had passed, Toi was almost impressed at how hard and long the couple had decided to go. He would've wondered what the hell they were doing until Enta unhooked his leg off of Kazuki and dropped back to the floor, the two pulled away slowly, sucking in large breaths and staring deeply into each other's eyes. The crowed erupted into cheers and the literature club girls had their noses almost bleeding from how red their faces were going.


"That's two minutes and forty-five seconds! Putting them in first place!" The girl holding the stopwatch yelled out across the crowd, Toi was quite impressed, he didn't think anyone was going to catch up to them anytime soon since you would get pretty bored after a minute, at least not for these two. 


"Damn, I've gotta say though, I'm pretty impressed. See? It wasn't that bad." Toi motioned towards the two boys, both very red in the face and gasping out for bigger breaths to fill their lungs. Both looking to the side to smile at Toi, too out of breath to say any words. 


It was at that moment when the couple realised how many people were looking at them, most with some kind of device out. It was then that Kazuki and Enta practically pushed themselves off of each other while nervously sweating and rubbing the backs of their necks. The wave of embarrassment that hadn't hit them before came falling down on them at full force.


"You guys are in first by the way, so if anything you should be proud. The crowd is pretty impressed with you guys too, I'd say you're pretty much a school power couple now." Toi flashed his phone out, showing off someone's social media page that already had photos of the two boys on it. Seemed like there wouldn't be much to stop the spreading of the news now, since Toi was pretty sure he was the only one who actually knew that Kazuki and Enta were together, but he supposed it wasn't a secret anymore.




"Oh my god... I can't believe we actually did that..." Kazuki sat outside the school with his head in his hands, face still red and his heart still pounding madly in his chest. Not having accepted properly what had just happened.


"I'm sure you'll live with it" Toi slightly laughed at the hilarity of seeing his two friends so flustered, with most people that had a working phone having already know about what happened.


But Toi thought it was a good way to get their secret relationship thing off of their chests.