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Operation Hospital Honeymoon

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Sonny stared intently at his husband sleeping soundly, watching his chest rise and fall with every breath. Relief cascading continuously over Sonny that Will didn’t die, that watching Will flatline and the paddles jolting his lifeless body wasn’t in vain. Every now and then he would touch Will’s hand or brush his hair away from his face to anchor himself to reality, to reaffirm, “this is real” he whispers.

Will stirred and his eyes fluttered open and he murmured “hheeyy”
“Hey there beautiful, how you doing?” Sonny asked while smiling
Will pulled Sonny towards him and planted a soft kiss on his lips, he began to smile and as they parted he answered “much better” and Will tapped the anchor that was still attached to his hospital gown whilst staring lovingly into his husbands eyes .

The silence was broken by Will’s stomach growling
“Sorry” Will whispered apologetically.
“Don’t be, you missed dinner, you were sleeping so soundly I wanted to wake you in case… well if you…”
“Sonny, the machines would blast alarms and bells if I even skip a heartbeat, I’m alive” Will said smiling and reaching his hand out for Sonny’s. He knew Sonny was going to be very protective for a while, that was a reason why if he had died; he was calm with the knowledge that Ari would be looked after by her dad.

“So what you fancy?” Sonny enquired, lacing his fingers with Will’s.
“You” Will answered and smiled causing Sonny to roll his eyes at the mushiness but secretly loved Will like this. Before Sonny could reply Williams’s stomach rumbled once more loud and long, Sonny laughed.

“I think your stomach wants something else”
“It’s late, not sure I will get anything.”
“You leave that to me.” Sonny rose, kissed Will’s cheek and headed out scrolling through his contacts for a number.

After some time had passed, Sonny waited by the lift until the delivery person came through and handed him their order
“Thanks, sorry it’s so late” Sonny handed him an extra $20 tip, the delivery guy smiled and left.

Sonny made his way back into Will’s room, who was staring at his IPad.
“Are you still working on your article about Caroline?”
“Yeah, just the last few edits and checking, would you give it a read through?”

Sonny pulled the tray on wheels across the bed and planted the take out on it
“Of course, but Will I am sure it will be great, like all the articles you do” He replied kissing Will’s temple.

With eyes closed, Will smiled and slightly blushed at the kind words of Sonny, the smell coming from the take out caused his stomach once more to rumble.

“I adore you, but can we eat? What you get?”
“Well I know it’s not our usual takeout, but it was the quickest thing to get here” Sonny pulled out the foiled wrapped foods and let Will unwrap his like presents on Christmas morning.
“Tacos, corn on the cob and… a tub of?”
“Pozote, I thought you could start with that in case you weren’t up for solid foods”
Will smiles tenderly at his husband “Sonny, you’ve taken care of me so much, how am I ever going to repay you?”

Sonny scrapped his chair along the floor getting closer to Will and responded “Continue to love me and be my husband that’s the best repayment ever.”
Will pulled playfully on Sonny’s shirt drawing him nearer and whispered “Husbands for life” and kissed gently at the corner of Sonny’s mouth.

“Husbands for life” Sonny replied and sat back to enjoy his taco whilst glancing through Will’s article. As Sonny took a bite of his taco and continued reading he made mixed noises of agreement and enjoyment from his food, Will was taking the opportunity to enjoy his, having chosen the taco over his soup, savouring the aroma and the taste tingling on his tongue.

Will glancing at Sonny and back to his food for a moment his mind wandered to a memory



Sonny held Will’s hand as they walked along the Chicago Street one evening, cars beeped and chugged along.

“Will I am so sorry, I don’t know why they didn’t have out reservation, I wanted it to be so special.”
Sonny slipped his hand away from Will’s ashamed and rushed ahead back in the direction of their hotel.

Will loosened his tie and unbuttoned his top button before rushing after Sonny and holding him by his shoulders when he caught him
“Hey, hey, no don’t do that, the sentiment and gesture was there, I loved it and love you. Look we can eat anywhere and I will still have a good time because I am with you okay?” Will said using his right hand to lift up Sonny’s chin for them to make eye contact and Will saw the small pout he wore.

“Sonny Kiriakis, I adore you.” And he lent forward and kissed Sonny, Sonny’s pout soon changed to a smile as he deepened the kiss with Will, wrapping one arm around his waist and pulling him closer whilst the other rested in its favourite spot, half way on Will’s check and the rest nestled in Wills blonde hair.

A few minutes pass and they break free and decide to look for somewhere else to eat. They had reached the periphery of Grant Park and there sat a food truck selling Mexican cuisine.
“There you go, we can have tacos and enjoy the parks view.”
“Really? You want tacos?”
“Sonny I don’t need fancy, yeah once in a while is nice, but so is comfort… come on.” Will said smiling and pulling Sonny along to the truck.

…………………………………………………………..End Flashback…………………………………………………………………………

Will back in the hospital bed took his last bite of this taco and reminisced walking through the park with their tacos and finding the large fountain to sit by. A large smile grew on his face and a light chuckle escaped, which caused Sonny to look up from the article and watched bemused at Will.

“You okay there hun?” Sonny asked
Will gazed at Sonny and apologized “Sorry, I well… can you remember Chicago?”
“Chicago? Which time?”
“Grant Park and tacos”
“Oh yeah, I hated that lakeside restaurant didn’t have our reservation, messed up my surprise for you.”
“But we had a good night in the end, that fountain, those tacos, this really amazing man I got to spend my evening and night with. At the time I was imagining so many places we would visit together, God Sonny I am so sorry I messed that up for us.

Will’s emotions and demeanour quickly changed and he pushed the tray away and turned himself away from Sonny, pulling at his sheets closer to him.

Sonny concerned at how quick Will’s reaction happened he closes the IPad and clambers onto the bed. He leans over to William’s ear and whispers
“Hey, hey, don’t go there.” He pulled at Wills shoulder, who turned himself over and they lay face to face and brushed Wills cheek.

“My love, we’ve combatted so much since then, yeah we lost time, but look where we are.”
“The hospital?”
Sonny swatted Will lightly “Will, I mean where WE are, married, we are back where we should be, your valentines card conveyed it. We’ve swerved a few times, but the road has led us back to one another and Will if we need to swerve again, this time it will be together.”

Will nodded unable to speak, Sonny caressed Will’s cheek knowing his husband so well, and he knows this will play on his mind a lot.
“Stop thinking about it, you hear me, no more beating yourself up for the past, we have a future and a holiday with our daughter to plan. Watching you flat-line and they unable to resuscitate took me back to when you got shot.”

“I know that feeling, you getting stabbed, Sonny I know I can’t change things and I will be forever sorry for hurting you, hurting us, but you are right. I am so grateful to be alive for one thing, but that I am able to show you my love.”

Will leans forward and peppers Sonny with kisses, Sonny pulls at the bed covers away from Will and swiftly unties his gown as their passion intensifies revealing Wills bare chest.
“You are gorgeous”
“For someone who was shocked several times and died” Will quipped
“Shhhh, stop killing the mood” Sonny said and flicked his tongue along his jugular vein
“Okay, okay, my bad”

Just as Will began unbuttoning Sonny’s shirt and pulling it from his trousers, Wills room door opens and a nurse comes in and gasps loudly as she stumbles upon Will and Sonny making out

“Oh, hi, errr sorry, I need to take Mr Horton’s vitals.”
Sonny pulls back breathless and gasps “Oh God, sorry, we errr… well… sorry.”
He shuffles off the bed and begins to button his shirt closed and tucked back into his trousers as the nurse comes and takes Wills temperature and blood pressure.

“Your heart rate is a little high, but that may be due to your errr… well your husband.”
Both Sonny and Will blush and the nurse smiles “I’m done, so I will leave you to it, just a tip, your room has a dimmer switch, gives you a bit more time not to get caught in the act.” She laughs slightly as she leaves the men whose blush had increased.

“Oh god we are teenagers” Will said
“And that is my cue to go”
“Awww Sonny”
“I’ll be back tomorrow with another surprise”
“Ohhhh I am intrigued, kiss goodbye?”
Sonny smiles and is the one to pepper kisses on Will “Get some rest and I will see you tomorrow.”
“I love you”
“Love you too my husband.” Sonny responds as he leaves Will for the night.

Sonny finds the nurse who interrupted them “Hey sorry for earlier, I was wondering if you could help me, I have a plan I want to surprise Will, but not sure.”
“Sure, I’m off my shift in 10; I can meet you by the coffee stand if that’s okay.”
“Brilliant, thank you.”
Sonny took a seat and pulled his phone out and began to make a checklist while he waited for the nurse smiling each time a new idea came to him.

“Operation honeymoon in hospital is a go.”
Sonny said out loud and laughed to himself.


To be continued…

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Sonny shook out the tablecloth and lay it on the makeshift table and began to place the cutlery and plates down. He was so grateful to the nurse to have helped find a room that would be unused.

The room was having a new oxygen line fitted and would be out of action for the next week which was perfect for Sonny’s plan.

He hung the string lights and candles to give them some light and with a few tips from the nurse, unlocked the wheels and moved the bed that was situated in the room against one wall and locked in place and lay a comforter over it, for some later snuggling.

He pulled the containers out of the foil lined bag holding the warmth to make the room complete, now to go get the missing piece… his husband.


Will lay curled up asleep in a ball in his bed, his mind raced through what could seem like a nightmare. It seemed to have been a recurring nightmare he had when he was ill… watching his own funeral from the side-lines, except there was no tears, no how much they missed him, in fact it was celebrations, party poppers, alcohol, Sonny talking to random men that he had never seen before and Ari running to Gabi to point and ask, “Is that my new daddy?”.

During this nightmare, Sonny came into his hospital room with a bag and saw Will murmuring and looking quite distressed, he dropped the bag on the chair and was next to Will noticing he was asleep and he began to whisper to Will not to pull him too quickly out of it

“Hey, Will, shhhhh it’s okay, wake up I’m here”
Sonny’s voice echoed into Will’s subconscious and into his nightmare, Sonny looking directly at him, baring his teeth in his smile as he pointed at one of the men
“No, no, don’t, please, Sonny” Will spluttered

Sonny a little taken aback shook Will harder “Will, wake up, I’m here.” Only then did Will’s eyes began to blink rapidly open, remembering where he was and half turning to see his husband standing over him with a worried expression coating his face.

Will without thinking lunged at Sonny and wrapped his arms around his neck tightly, holding him so close unwilling for him to leave, Sonny placed his around Will’s waist and held him back, feeling that Will was not going to say anything of what he saw.

“Don’t leave me” Will whispered, All Sonny could do was raise his one arm and place his hand on the back of Will’s head and reply “Never”. Sonny began to move back but could fee Will restrict and hold him firmer.

“Hey, darling what’s wrong.” Sonny asked, William refusing to answer just gripping longer onto his husband. “Will, my love, I’m not going anywhere without you, but your surprise is going to get cold at this rate.”

Will leaned his head back and enquired “Surprise?”
“Yeah, a surprise, I have your fancy mode of transportation outside and look, I knew you may not want to stay in that gown, so brought you some sweat pants and t-shirt.” Will’s eyes glistened as a giant smile rose up on his face

“Oh, god yes, please, gimme gimme” Will mimicked a child wanting to grab things as Sonny smiled and chuckled to himself, hoping he would eventually be able to find out what unnerved Will so much later.

“okay okay, here you go” Sonny handed the bag to Will who unzipped it swiftly and pulled out his sweats before flinging the bed sheet away from him and pulling off the gown as quick as he could which caught Sonny off guard and his mouth gapped slightly staring at his husband who was in nothing but his boxers. Sonny also noticed that Will was looking a little thin, ribs showing that he didn’t remember seeing there before.

By the time Will slipped on the sweats and looked to Sonny, he was in a sort of trance staring at Will, who began to feel a little self-conscious but also happy that Sonny was still attracted to him, making his fears from his nightmare less worrisome.

“You like what you see Mister?” Will chimed as he slinked himself towards his husband still shirtless and the sweats and boxers had slipped down his hips, even making Will realise he had lost weight from the recent ordeal.

“I will never stop liking what I see Mister H-K.” Sonny replied and signalled for Will to come closer and he was rewarded with several chaste kisses.

“hmmm, William stop stop, come on, as much as I would love to continue this, which I am sure we will later, there is food and its getting cold.”

“Food?” Will questioned
“Yeah, get ya top on and I can escort you to my surprise.” Sonny said smiling with a cheeky wink which made Will chuckle slightly.

Will pulled his arms through his top and slipped his feet into the soft trainers that Sonny had also brought and unsteadily walked to the door. Sonny opened the door and directed the wheelchair for Will.

“I wish I didn’t need this” Will whispered
“Just keep on at the physio to build your strength up and by end of the week I bet you will be running out of here” Sonny replied kissing the top of Will’s head as he began to wheel him to the location.


“Close your eyes” Sonny said as he stopped Will in front of the door
“Really?” Will asked
“Please?” Sonny said as he leaned against the closed door with his hand on the handle.
“sure, why not.” Will closed his eyes and smiled

Sonny waved his hands in front of Will to make sure he wasn’t looking and so opened the door and stepped behind Will’s chair and spoke “Okay keep them closed, we are on the move”

Sonny wheeled Will into the room and to the side of the table and locked the wheels. Sonny came around and stood in front waiting to offer his hand to Will

“You can open them now” Sonny expressed and Will opened his eyes blinked a couple of times and looked around the room at the lights and then the table set out for dinner with candles as well

Will couldn’t fathom how he had managed to be this lucky, emotion from the nightmare, his recent ordeal and the overwhelming love he had for Sonny right now became too much and he began to cry, using his t-shirt to wipe them quickly away he looked up to Sonny, placed his feet on the floor and lunged once more into Sonny’s arms.

Sonny staggered a little not ready for the full force of his husband to come barrelling at him and he held him tightly “Will, you are scaring me, this is the second time this night that you look like this”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bring everything down…” he sniffles “you have done this amazing, sweet, loving gesture for me and I am a blubbering wreck.”

“Will you know you can tell me everything and I think right now you need to tell me what is going on”

Will leaned back and said, “can we eat first and then I will, I promise” Sonny nods and then whilst moving the wheelchair away, pulls back the chair “Your seat, my love” and ushers Will to take a seat at the table.

Will takes his seat and whispers a thankyou as he looks at the tubs of food “can I look?”

“Sure, go ahead” Sonny said as he opened the bottle and started to pour to glasses out of water.

As Will opened the tubs the aromas began to waft and make his stomach come alive with rumbles, he clearly was hungry “Crispy prawns, shredded pork and garlic and Szechuan beef …. Aww Sonny my favourites…. What about the carrots?”
“I’ll take your carrots.”
“Aww you’re too kind, that’s the only downside to take out, no matter how many times I ask”
“Well we will have to make our own when we get out”
“No, when! You know you will be getting out, anyway what is your aversion to carrots, have you always disliked them.”
“think so, Rafe when he used to cook for us and the other kids, he used to make a separate stir fry for me without them… can I dig in?”

“Glad to see you have an appetite and sure go ahead” Sonny said whilst taking his own seat and they shared out the food and lifted their glasses as Sonny gave a toast.
“To the start of our honeymoon.” They clinked their glasses and took a sip
“Sorry we are not having a proper honeymoon”
“Hey, don’t start going down that dark hole again, just look at it this way, he hit up Mexico yesterday and in a blink, we are in China, who knows where we will be tomorrow, all from the comfort of one place, beats losing out luggage and going through passport control”
“We lost our luggage one time, which to be honest we didn’t really need to take anything we didn’t leave the room for the whole holiday, except to try that thing in the sauna”
“Yes, let’s not be reminded of that mini disaster with the Sauna, the look on that guy’s face” which brought loud laughs from both.

“But there won’t be enough room for the both of us”
“How will you know if you don’t try.”

Sonny sat on the examination bed with his arms open wide enticing Will to come join him. He had noted it was a little smaller than the bed that was Wills temporary accommodation, but he still thought they could cuddle on it.

Will kicked off his shoes whilst sitting on the edge of the bed and swung his legs up onto the bed, and he faced Sonny whose back was now pressed against the wall. Will raised his hand up to Sonny’s cheek and stared into his eyes and sighed.

They lay there together for a while in silence, enjoying being in each other’s arms before Will drew in a breath and said, “I keep dreaming of my funeral.”
Sonny wrapped his arms tighter around Will and nuzzled the back of his neck “shhhh”
“But, it’s not a normal funeral, there is a celebration going on, drinks, music, party poppers”
“You mean like a wake for you”
“No, not a party in my memory, a party because I am gone”
“What Will, that’s, you know that would never happen”
“You are around all these guys and, and, Ari is asking which one will be her daddy next.” Will began to become breathless and tears welling up

“you were pointing at them like I needed to help you chose… Sonny …. I”
“Hey, no stop, just stop, it is most definitely not real, it aint gonna happen… EVER. Do you hear me. Ari loves and adores you, you are her father, her dad, she has had to survive …. We have had to survive without you … not again… we are yours…. I am yours husbands for life.”

Sonny leans towards Will’s ear and whispers “I am forever yours, no one captivates, enthrals or gets me like you do and I wouldn’t have it any other way, William Horton-Kiriakis.”

Will wipes his tears and holds onto Sonny’s arms and the adoring words from his husband “I love you Jackson Horton-Kiriakis, you know that right”
“I do, and I you, close your eyes, rest, we have 20 minutes before your curfew”
Will spluttered slightly “Curfew? Who gave me a curfew?”
“The nurse who helped me organise this, she gave me a time of when they will be around to do your evening checks.
“If I have 20 mins, I want to do more than sleep, I have the night for that.”
“Oh, and what do you have in mind hmmmm?” Sonny teased

Will cautiously rolled himself over and planted a kiss on Sonny and then another and dragged his hand through Sonny’s hair and deepened the kiss. Sonny with one arm wrapped around Will and pulled his body close, whilst the other he used to prop himself up a little.

Sonny was enjoying their time together but he knew if they started they were most definitely going to be late.

“Will, darling, time to go”
“But you said…”
“I know what I said, and you know that 20 minutes is by far nowhere enough time for what your dirty little mind is cooking up in there.”
Will pouts and says, “well if you stop talking then we might”
Sonny sits himself up and nudges at Will, who teeters on the edge of the bed “Fine!”

Will stands and slips his shoes back on, takes a mouthful of now cold Chinese and plops himself back in the wheelchair. Sonny knows he has disappointed Will, but he wraps the blanket up and makes quick work of the tidying, all the way Will sits there pouting at him work, by the end he feels a little guilty he didn’t help.

“When do I see you next?”
“Tomorrow evening, Marlena said she was going to stop by in the day to see you.”
“Oh Good, I have another scan tomorrow as well”
“You do?”
“Just routine they said”

Sonny put the bags on the back of the wheelchair and opened the door, he began wheeling Will out, he stopped and looked back and flicked the lights out which he left there, ready for tomorrows new location … Greece.