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Gravity's A Bitch

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Brian checked into a motel; finally happy to be out of Barstow. He's foster family the Walker's had been great, but he was never one of them. He thought about finding his real parents, but knew that he was on his on. He always got by on his blonde good looks and charming personality. He headed out to find food and a job in that order. He saw a deli store and pulled in.

He bounced up to the counter and set down.

So Brian smiling said, "What's good here?"

The long brunette smirked and replied, "The Tunas good".

"Sounds good I'll have that with no crust and a coke". the smile never leaving his face. Mia hands over the sandwich and coke quizzing where he was from. Brian chuckled "I'm new in town, and staying at the motel down the way." Mia took to Brian right away, and chatted while he ate. Brian all finished started to stand up to leave but Mia smiled and asked if he was leaving so soon. "I love talking to you Mia but I need to hunt up a job."

"Well I think I can solve that for you. We need someone here because I go back to school next week. It offers pay and food; I just need to run it by my brother."

"That sounds good Mia."Brian rushed.

"Hell be back in 30 min, so take a seat."

Brain heard cars pull up, and for what its worth they were fucking awesome. Brian spots one car that stood out from the others a muscle car. A tall bald guy with muscles popping everywhere got out. Brian had a funny tingly feeling in the pit of his stomach, and then their eyes locked.

Dom and his pack were there for a lunch break, and he still needed to go over applications to cover when Mia went back to school. He noticed a skyline parked by Mia's car. He looked up and locked eyes with a young sufer dude. He felt a sharp clenching in his stomach. He walked into the Deli and turned to Mia with "I need the applications to look over."

"Well Dom Brian here needs a job, and I think he would work out well."replied Mia.

Dom turns to look at Brian and processed to give him the third degree. Mean while Brian answers with a laid back smile. It was settled Brian would train the next week or so till Mia went back, and then he was on his own.

Brian went to head out when he bumped into Vince. Vince snarled, "Watch it."

Brian being a smartass rolled his eyes as he said, "Whatever."

Vince went to grab him, but Dom stepped in and took control. He had Brian follow him around back and told him to sit. Brian doesn't respond well to being bossed popped out with "I'm good."

Doms face tightened with irritation, and made Brian realize it wasnt a request. Dom assumed Brian was a human because he couldn't find a scent on him, so he was willing to cut him some slack.

"I don't know how you did things where your from, but here there is a pecking order. It's me, Vince, letty, leon, Mia, Jesse, and then you. All I ask is show respect, and I'll be fair."

"I'm sorry." rushed out Brian "My smart mouth has gotten me in trouble before. I'll tone it down."

Dom comes back with "Mia is my sister so you break her heart I'll break your neck."

"Dom I like Mia, but as a friend only." Brian said with hes 100 watt smile.

As he went to leave Dom invited Brian to tomorrow's cook out. He needed to get a feel for him, because his wolf was slamming to get out. He'd get Jesse to run a check on him.

Brian passed by Vince and stopped to apologize for his smart mouth, and it wouldn't happen again. Vince gave him once over and growled out "Ya better not buster."

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This afternoon Brian was headed over to Doms for the cookout, so he stopped at a bakery and got a apple pie to take. He parked his car and got out feeling a little nervous. He hadn't ever had a family being in foster care his whole life, and anything remotely family oriented had him ready to bolt. Before he could change his mind Jesse saw him, and called out with excitment.

Hey! Brian Its awesome ya could make it.

Thanks, Brian said with a blush forming.

Mia I didn't know what to bring, so I picked up a apple pie, Brian said with a stunning smile.

Mia happily took the pie with a thanks.

Mia and Brian had become quick friends while he was training. There was a little bump when Mia asked Brian out, but was smoothed over fairly quickly. Brian quickly apologized if he had led her on, and that while he was Bi he was more into guys. Mia laughed and said it was cool, and he was just a big flirt.

Everyone else was at the table but Dom who was working the grill. Brian still had his laid back smile, but if you looked close you could see the tension in his jaw. Vince was very observant and noticed the strain Brian was having on staying relaxed.

Vince being Vince came right out and asked, So buster where are you from?

Um...Barstow man was Brian's nervous reply. prompted Vince.

I don't have one Brian stated as hes eyes became a frosty blue instead of the clear baby blues they usual were.

Brian quickly jumped up to leave, but not before Dom said, Sit down Bri.

Brian slumped back down in the chair with a scowl on his face. He hated talking about his lack of family and he really hated pity. With the silence becoming uncomfortable Jesse piped up about the new mods he was working on for Leon's car. That seemed to deflated any awkwardness hanging in the air. The food was ready and before anyone could properly sit Jesse was grabbing a chicken leg.

House rule you reach for food first you say the prayer Jesse, Dom said as he laughed. Jesse stumbled through the prayer as hest he could and with a prompt from Leon. Brian started to relax again and enjoy watching the family in front of him. He really wanted one for himsel, but knew it just wasn't in the cards for him. Dom went to offer Brian a beer, but hesitated as he asked how old Brian was.

Brian tried to play it off and said, just turned 21 last month.

Vince snorted and , said bullshit.

In reality he had just turned 18 a month ago, but he wasn't going say. Dom studied him and remarked that one beer wouldn't hurt either way. Brian took the beer and slowly drank it knowing it was his first, but didnt want to show it. Everyone started to settle down and clear their plates. Brian pipped up I'll do dishes; cook shouldn't have to clean. He helped take in stuff and put away food. Helping Mia knock out the dishes helped settle his nerves. He felt like Dom had been dissecting his every move. Leon came in the kitchen to fix popcorn and announce it was movie time. Everyone got situated, but the only seat open to Brian was beside Dom. Brian eased down and kept from touching Dom until he relaxed into the movie. Dom could here Brian's heart going a mile a minute, and smirked. He knew the young blonde was keeping something about hes past a secret he just didn't know what.

Brian was getting ready to leave when Dom asked where he was going. Brian laughed driving to my motel room. Dom was all serious when he said, no way in hell your drinking and driving. Brian became stubborn and stiffly told Dom it was one beer, and he was good.

Dom wasn't having it and demanded Brian's keys. Brian not liking anyone bossing him ignored the command, and to walk out the front door. Dom had Brian up against the wall faster than a 10 sec car.

That. Was. Not. A. Suggestion. Brian, Dom hissed out.

Brain tried to placate Dom by saying, look man I can walk home it's not far if your that set against me driving.

Dom eased up a fraction and inquired, why cant you sleep here. Brian sagged into the wall and told Dom he would need a beer if he had to go into it.

Dom let Brian up and said yeah, but he was still going to sleep here. Dom got a couple of coronas, and they headed to the front porch to sit.

Brian chugged half the beer and sighed before he started, I spent three years in juvie when I was 14; if it hadnt been for Rome it would have been alot worse. I had some close calls but between Rome, and him teaching me to fight I made it. I dont like to sleep in new places and when i do I have nightmares. Dom listened with out interrupting knowing what the young man was eluding to. He then went into how he spent two years in Lompoc, so he got it.

You know Bri I'm not going to let anyone or anything hurt you, Dom said quietly.

Dom told Brian to finish hes beer and he'd get him settled. He showed Brian the bathroom, guestroom and handed him some sleep clothes. Dom said goodnight and headed to his room.

Hey, Dom thanks, Brian said before Dom got to his room.

Dom stayed a wake awhile thinking about the buster. He was sure he wasn't 21, but not sure on his exact age either. Somewhere around 3am Dom woke up to screams.


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Dom was out of his bedroom when the screaming started again.

NO.....NO.....ROME.........STOP!, Brian screamed as he thrashed around in his bed.

Dom threw open his door to find Brian in the grip of a nightmare; tears pouring down his face. Loud and silent sobs mixed in the violent thrashing.

Dom tried gently shaking him with no results; Brian's nightmare had to tight of grip. Dom held him to his chest and, kept repeating your safe Brian I got you.

Brian woke with a start to find Dom holding him and, saying soothing words. Brian was so mortified he began to hyperventilate.

Come on Bri just breath. Its ok.

By now the whole house was awake coming to see what the ruckus was.

Jesse understanding the situation better than anyone else quickly went and got Dom A paper lunch bag.

Here Dom have him breath into this. It'll help., exclaimed Jesse.

Dom got Brian breathing easier after a few minutes with the bag. Not wanting to upset him anymore he sent the others back to bed with a quick jerk of his head.

Brian coming back to full awareness was mortified beyond belief.

I'mm sorry Dom. I didn't mean to wwake anyone, cried Brian.

Dom let him know it was ok. They wouldn't press him but, they were here if he needed to talk. Dom kept him in a firm hold while he rubbed his back. Once Brian was back asleep Dom laid him down gently and, covered him up.

The next day Brian came downstairs keeping his head focused on his feet. The others looked at him as he made his way to the kitchen. Each saying good morning in their own way and not commenting on last night. Dom had warned them that unless Brian brought it up to let it go.

Brian being he's usual self of avoid and denie refused to acknowledge his nightmare. He was trying his hardest to get out without breaking down.

Hey, Dom I'm going to head home to get ready for work. Umm thanks for last night, Brian rushed out as he headed for the door.

Brian sit down, comanded Dom. You got time for breakfast and this morning we're gonna get your stuff. Your staying in the spare room. The way Dom spoke the rest of the team knew it was not up for discussion but, Brian wasn't going to rollover so easy.

I dont need charity and I don't need you telling me what to do, Brian said in a clipped voice.

Doms face went rigged with anger; jaws clenched, and eyes hard as steel. The team knew to make a beeline for safety because shit was going to hit the fan. No one back talked Dom and got away with it.

YOU are moving in, this is not charity and, if you ever back talk me again you'll find real quick why it's not a good idea. Now eat breakfast so, we can go.

Brian swallowed and, mumbled out, I'm sorry. I just dont think it's a good idea. I'm broken.

Doms facial expression relaxed some. He didnt know why he needed to protect the younger man but, everything in him was screaming for him to. Dom let Brian know in no uncertain terms he was family and family always had each others back.

They went by the motel and got Brian's duffel bag; which wasn't all that big. Dom narrowed his eyes as he saw all of Brian's belongings. He knew with Brian it was going to be small steps. Dom dropped Brian off at the market and, went to the garage after telling Brian close at 5pm then come to the garage.

Later at the garage.

Hey, Dom....I'm not sure about Brian moving in something feels off. My senses are on overload around him, grunted out Vince.

Dom sighs as he tells Vince that he NEEDS to protect Brian. Anything else is secondary and,that he would deal with it when the time came.

Leon pipped in that Brian didnt smell like wolf but, he didnt smell human either. Dom shook his head that yeah he got that.

Jesse let them know Brian was in foster care his whole life so, there was no telling what his background was.

Brian showed up at the garage like Dom wanted but it was 7pm instead of after he closed the market.

Brian knew Dom wasn't happy about he's tardiness but he needed that time to think. Dom let him know that he should of called if he was running late. No interrogation on where he had been. Brian got to work on a few simple task that Dom had given him. Brian had yet to let them know how much he knew about cars and, that he could race.

Brian was finished by 8ish and was bored while he waited for Dom who was his ride. Brian saw the half finished part on the table and quickly realized it was being put together. So out of boredom he began to put it together so rapped up into what he was doing he never heard Dom come over.

Looking at Brian working Dom knew he had underestimated his knowledge on cars. Brian jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He gave a big toothy grin when he saw it was just Dom.

Didnt know you had much experience with cars was Doms only response.

Yeah man my last home Tanner was alright and taught about cars. It kept me out of trouble.

Dom shook his head agreeing that working on cars could do that. They headed home to find dinner ready and set down with the rest of the group. Dom gave Brian a side ways look as he addressed the group. I caught Brian here putting together hector's engine. Brian laughed out nervously he got bored waiting for Dom. The others looked at him like he had grown two heads.

Jesse was ecstatic. I didnt know you were into cars man.....ever do any racing?

Umm I went to juvie for a few years . I was boosting cars and racing them. Brian was getting agitated with where the conversation was going. Dom could scence that Brian wasn't comfortable talking about his past.

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Several weeks had gone by and everyone had settled into a comfortable routine. Dom had begun to smell a change in Brian's scent that left him so many questions. Then there was Brian's behavior that pushed Doms control to the limit. Brian was so independent and, always wanted control. There was brief moments that Brian would defer to him but, only him. One of the things that really tested him was Brian was a flirt with everyone. Dom was starting to become jealous of the flirting and, that's all it ever was.

That Friday night was a big race that had everyone racing except Brian. He liked racing his team but, until he's car was complete he didnt want to use something else. Jesse was helping him maximize his car's potential and, Dom let him take on working at the garage to fund the mods he wanted to do.

He had a few run ins with some of the racers who wanted to violate his bubble. The team was pretty shocked at Brian's violent response since he normally was so cool. It took a few incidents to let those intrested know Brian didnt tolerate unwanted touching.

The races had finished up and, Brian was really hyped up from the excitement. Several of the cars he had worked on had done well; which meant he was getting a solid reputation as a mechanic.

Everything was winding down and Team Toretto was making their way to their cars. A new guy that lost in the last race to Dom watched the team and spotted Brian. He arrogantly came up behind him and grabbed his ass saying, " Why don't ya come home with me I'll give it to ya good?"

Brian had rode with Vince so, he had been steadily drinking when Dom and Vince weren't looking. He turned and slurred out, "Fuck off."

This new guy grabbed Brian by the hair and back handed him as he hissed, " Oh I will."

It happened so, fast that the team was unprepared and, Brian's usual ferocious response was toned down by the drinking. Leon and letty were the first to get to Brian and, step in. Vince was the first to see Brian's red face and that with the dazed look was all it took to start wailing on the guy.

" Hey Bri you ok?" ,Dom inquired.

"Yeah uumm goood" ,Brian slurred.

Doms eyes narrowed and, focused on Brian.

"Your riding with me buster." ,Dom stated.

Brian knew this was not good so, he didn't say anything just nodded. The rest of the team was still working on calming down Vince after they pulled him off the prick who roughed up Brian.

By the time Dom pulled up to the house the party was in full swing. He took the long way home so, that when he did talk to Brian he would be calm.

Brian sat in the passenger seat and stayed quite; he didnt want to give Dom any reason to be pissed off more than what he was. He could tell Dom was pissed by the way he clenched the steering wheel and, his jaw kept twitching.

"Buster come with me", Dom comanded.

Ah shit Brian thought I'm screwed and, shuffled behind Dom to the garage.

Dom started by showing the charger that he and his dad had built together to keep things relaxed.

"Brian be very sure of your answer; I'm only going to ask once." " Did you drink tonight?"

Brian was leaning up against a tool box when he shrugged and, said" Yeah a little; no big deal."

Dom rushed Brian grabbing him by his neck and yelled, " IT IS A BIG DEAL. YOU ARE NOT 21. IT WAS PUBLIC AND, YOU COULDN'T DEFEND YOURSELF."

Brian immediately got pissed and countered, " Your not the boss of me I can do what I want."

Dom narrowed his eyes and, in a deadly voice said, "Wrong answer Buster."

Dom while holding Brian by the back of neck leaned in and, kissed him brutally. It was violent and meant to punish. He grabbed him by the hip and crushed his hip into Brian's. At that point Brian began to struggle but, steal hindered by the alcohol and shock. Dom tore his mouth off of Brian and hissed," I could fuck you and make you my bitch right now. Your so wasted you couldn't stop me. There is going to be some rules from here on out. Am I understood?" Brian was so drunk and still shocked about what Dom had done and was still doing that he simply nodded his head.

Dom stated the rules.
1. No alcohol unless I say so.
2. You will stop flirting with anyone who has a pulse.
3. You will let me know where you go and with who.
4. No drugs
5. You have to clear it with me who you date.


"Tonight I think 20 swats should do it."

Brian just kept nodding so out of it from everything. He never noticed his or Doms hard on or that he was getting punished. The next time he became aware was when he felt the first swat to his bare backside. It was then he noticed he was over Doms lap in the garage with his bare ass getting spanked.


"Buster you earned this so take it. Your getting 20 and, I want you to count them. Failure to count and I start over."

Brian only had to start over once and that was at 5. He was starting to struggle at 10; Doms hand was not holding back and, hes ass was on fire. But the time he made it to 20(really 25) he had tears running down hes face. Hes face was red from embarrassment and the crying. He tried to wipe his face so, Dom didnt see.

Dom stood him up and allowed for the younger man to get himself together. Looking at him he noticed how young and lost his bri looked. Damn when did he start thinking of Brian as his?

"Hey less go join the party," as he reminded Brian of the rules.

Brian just nodded and, said "Umm ok."

The team knew something went down when they both came in and joined the party. Brian's eyes were puffy and there was bruising on his cheek that was hit by the prick. Dom was stiff but, still acted as he usually does. Mia got Brian a ice pack for his face but, gave the young blonde space. Brian sat in his oversized chair while the party went on around him. Dom kept a eye on him and, noticed Brian's lack of flirting or his excited puppy dog energy.

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The next few days after Brian's first punishment he was more subdued and, didn't say much. He kept going over in his mind how he just let Dom punish him. The only one who ever had that kind of control over him was Rome a friend/protector from juvie. He knows Rome would pissed if he knew how he just backed down to Dom. He kept hashing it out in his mind; letting his anger and indignation build to a point of action. Fuck Dom and his controlling ass. He was the only one home except Mia so, now would be a good time to go surfing.

"Hey, Mia I'm going surfing tell Dom I'll be home for dinner", Brian yelled as he got his board.

"Sure Brian", Mia replied.

Brian spent the afternoon surfing and soaking up the sun. He was so relaxed and realized he wasn't stressed over how Dom would react to anything he did. He was so focused on not breaking the rules or upsetting him; that he wasnt having any fun or enjoying himself.

He was getting ready to head home when he noticed he had 13 missed calls and a handful of texts from Dom.


D. Brian where are you?

D. Call me right now Buster or your going to be in deep shit.

D. Your pissing me off. WHERE ARE YOU?


D. You have 30 min to call or your ass is going to wish
you had.


Oh shit the last text was 40 min ago I'm so screwed. Brian wasn't sure if calling him would help any at this point. Maybe if he called one of the others like Mia or Jesse he could see how bad it was.


B. Hey Jesse I was surfing and just saw Doms text. How bad is it?

J. Man I don't know what you did but, Dom is livid.

B. I went surfing and didnt ask. Then i didn't pick up my phone. Should I call or just come home?

J. I'd call man at least you would be letting him. know you're ok.

B. Thanks.

Brian couldn't face calling Dom due to nerves but, he sent a text telling him he was on his way home and ok. Then he turned off his phone so Dom couldn't call or text him back. He knew Dom could have a temper and Brian didnt mean to push his buttons. He was over 18 dammit and he didnt need a bunch a rules.

By the time Brian pulled up Dom was pissed off because the little shit turned off his phone. He was trying to calm himself down because he would be punishing Brian. He he didnt know if he wanted to hit him or fuck him. He had talked to Vince about he's giving Brian rules and, his punishment. The two together worked that Brian wasn't human and with what Jesse said about him not having parents most likely a were like them. Dom knew he wasn't a Alpha but, he could be a Beta. Dom was hoping he was an Omega because he wanted him in the worst way.


Bri-"I told Mia I was going surfing".



Dom-"You think so well I'm going to burst that bubble". Buster. YOU. DO. WHAT. I. SAY. WHEN. I. SAY". "And now your going to be disciplined for not following the rules. Get upstairs to my room".


Brian didnt want to make things worse but, he couldn't let Dom boss him either. He took a deep breath and told Dom, "No I won't".

The team was discreetly listening in and all of them held their last breath on that last note. All where equally shocked when they heard a distinctive slap.

Brian just stood their holding his cheek and breathing heavy; stunned that Dom just slapped him. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and, in that next moment Dom just threw Brian over hes shoulder and made for his room. Brian still hadn't said anything; it was like that slap froze hes mind and body. Dom tossed Brian onto the bed and slammed the door on his way out.