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Bobby Flay Saves the Day

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Bobby Flay grinned as he was pronounced the winner of the competition on his show, Beat Bobby Flay. His opponent was a thirty-one-year-old chef named Sarah Danner., a young chef born and raised in Pennsylvania before moving with her husband to NYC to open a Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. Her signature dish had been Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup. He won by making his own noodles. Sarah had so many flavors in her dish and so much going on that she hadn't had time to execute the dish properly.

Bobby reached over and hugged her, seeing the tears in her eyes. She was still young, still had a lot to learn. Regardless, she was still an amazing chef. Wrapping his arms around her is when he heard it, the cursing and loud shouts coming from the loft above.

"You've got to be kidding me! She should've won! What the FUCK is wrong with you people?"

Bobby felt the girl in his arms tense, heard her shaky breath in, felt her press herself into his embrace tighter. He heard what sounded like a whimper come from the smaller girl. He glanced over to security and motioned with his eyes to deal with the guy above.

The cameras had already stopped filming at the outburst of the man. Bobby pulled back from the embrace, leaned forward, trying to look Sarah in the eye. Seeing the tears streaming down her face, Bobby brushed them away with his thumb.

Speaking softly, he said "You did great. You're a great chef. You just got a little carried away, went a little overboard. It happens to the best of us. Okay?"

Sarah nodded, but Bobby could tell that that did nothing to ease whatever was going on inside her head. Still, eventually she managed to pull herself together, Bobby went over with her what was expected of her during the rest of the shooting, and they managed to finish filming without incident.

Bobby went into the back area where he had seen Sarah go and found her talking to the same guy from earlier. It hit him that this guy was her husband, her very intense husband.

"What the hell were you doing out there? You acted like an amateur! You couldn't win one competition! You're a loser. Nothing but a losing piece of shit!"

Bobby couldn't believe what he was hearing from this jerk! She was great. He had tasted her dish, it was a bit much, but still very good! He knew with a few more years of experience, that she would do great things in the food industry.

"Hey, Sarah! You did great today. You should be proud of yourself!" Bobby walked over, acting like he just got there.

"Thank you, sir," Sarah said softly, looking down at her feet as her husband backed up a step.

Bobby looked over at the man, carefully inspecting him. The guy was tall, 6' 2", 6'4" maybe. He was very muscular, like he worked out a lot, or had a physically demanding job. His long hair and goatee are not what freaked Bobby out. No, it was his eyes. His eyes were wide open, a look of rage in them. Bobby forced himself to not back up at the look her husband was giving him. Instead, he planted a smile on his face, walked up to the guy, and held his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Bobby Flay. You must Sarah's husband?"

"Uh, yes, hi. I'm Marcus, Marcus Danner. Nice to meet you." Marcus shook Bobby's hand firmly. A little too firmly maybe.

"Very nice to meet you. You should be very proud of your wife." Bobby told him, glancing at Sarah who had yet to look up.

"Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Hey, I'm sorry about earlier. I get a little carried when it comes to her winning. I just know how talented she is."

"Oh, hey, don't worry about it. Your wife's got skill. A few more years of experience and she'll be able to beat me in a heartbeat." Bobby grinned and winked at Sarah, who had finally started to look up. However, she blushed a deep red and quickly looked back down.

"Listen, why don't I take the two of you out to eat? To celebrate a job well done tonight?" Bobby asked, turning his attention back to Marcus.

Obviously, the look he had given Sarah had not gone unnoticed by Marcus, cause the look he had already been aiming at Bobby magnified ten-fold.

Bobby forced himself to remain calm and keep the smile on his face, looking straight back at Marcus Danner.

"I think we'll pass. We have an early day at the restaurant tomorrow. Thanks though." Marcus told him before grabbing Sarah by the arm and practically dragging her out of the building before anything else could be said.

Bobby had a bad feeling about the whole situation. But what could he do? He'd just met the two of them that day. Forcing himself to shrug off the feelings, Bobby went in search of Ted Allen and Robert Irvine, the two hosts of today's episode. Maybe they would feel like going out.