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PromptDon't say that! Not you! || Friendship Group: The Crazy Doc Gang

Beam let himself into to Kit's dorm after he'd gotten a text from him that the door was open. He froze midway out of toeing out of his sneakers. "Uh, Kit." Beam said dumb founded at the sheer amount of red cardboard boxes, with the Kit-Kat logo on them, stacked on the floor and Kit's desk. He kept his grip on the bags of take out that he'd picked up for their study group.

"What's with all the boxes?"

"Uh..." Kit started but stopped forcefully moving his homework off the table to make room for the food.

"Our campus moon started receiving a certain type of chocolate gift after that interview he did during our vacation." Pha grinned all teeth watching Kit get all riled up.

"So you decided to-" Beam started trying to hold back the laughter that was starting to rise up his throat.

"Buy every box of from all three convenience stores near the campus? Yes, he did." Pha interrupted as Kit shot him his signature dagger glare.

"It was a petty move, Kitty." Pha mocked Kit who was sitting across from him blushing at the low table. Beam bit his bottom lip as he walked over to the table setting the bags down.

"You don't get to say that, asshole." Kit bit out as he reached for the food "Not when you found out that N'Park was going to be working with N'Yo in Spring Solstice Event and you made it so N'Yo couldn't get make it in time."

"I didn't hear him complaining?" Pha smugly grinned.

"Could he if he wanted too?" Kit sassed back.

"Uh, I thought we were forbidden to talk about that." Beam cut in before Pha said something rather unpleasant "Why don't we eat and get to studying?"

"Yeah." Both answered in unison.

They had already finished eating and had started working on their homework when Beam could no longer contain himself. He turned his phone on silent mode and sent a picture of the room to Forth. He was texting his boyfriend as he spoke up, "So, Kit, what are you going to do when Ming finds out about this."

"How would he-" Kit started but stopped when his phone started ringing. The ringtone let them know that it was Ming. His deadly glare was now focused on Beam "You asshole!" Beam laughed as he quickly dodged the pen being thrown at him.


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Prompt: I would like to say I baked this with love but it was with hatred || Pairing: Ming x Kit

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

"Have you spoken to Ming yet?" Beam suddenly asked over the phone as Kit stepped into the elevator up from the parking deck of his apartment complex.

"No, I'm almost home though." Kit answered, "Did something happen?"

"Uh..." Beam stalled "Forth mentioned on his lunch break that Ming might be upset."


"Well, I gotta go. Forth's back with dinner." Beam replied before hanging up "Text me if we still are going to meet for dinner tomorrow." 

"Talk to you then." Kit replied stuffing his phone in pocket.

Chocolate was the first thing that he smelled when he stepped into Ming's and his apartment. Kit's brow furrowed in confusion as he toed out of his shoes. He could hear Ming from the kitchen fussing. He quietly sat his briefcase beside the couch before laying his jacket on the arm. At first, he thought that Ming was on the phone venting to Yo but found Ming's phone and airpods on the hallway table.

Kit peeped his head into the kitchen and had to bite his bottom lip to contain his laughter. Their kitchen was a disaster area with flour, chocolate, and icing everywhere. Pans stacked high in the sink. There were several cooling trays filled with cupcakes shaped liked mini succulents on the other side of the island. His boyfriend in that state should have been alarming but Kit found it enduring. Ming was standing at their island grumbling. He was wearing a powder pink apron with a bunny and strawberry print over top of his black t shirt and dark grey sweatpants. A normal sight honestly if it hadn't been for flour hand prints all over his apron and the icing on his face.

"That ass..." Ming muttered carefully crafting spines for the green cactus cake he was making.

"Someone I know?" Kit asked deciding to make his presence known while walking into the kitchen.

Ming's lips parted like he was about to answer him but he decided against it. He served Kit a tight-lipped smile before returning to decorate some more spines. "How was work?"

"Work was good but I can tell," Kit paused while walking over to the island gesturing at the cooling cupcakes "you had a bad day. Want to talk about it?" Ming was about to answer him when he realized that Kit was reaching to eat one of the cupcakes.

"Don't." Ming warned "I would like to say that I baked them with love but I made with hatred."

"Ahh," Kit said immediately setting the cupcake back down "chocolate tabasco recipe?"

"Yes." Ming answered looking at him sheepishly.

"Are all of them?" Kit asked with a raised brow.

"Yes." Ming lowly answered blushing while refocusing on the cake intently. Kit chuckled rounding the island to step up behind his boyfriend. He didn't care about the flour getting on his dress shirt. He wrapped his arms around Ming's waist before resting his head between Ming's shoulder blades.

"Talk to me, babe." Kit requested in a soft tone with the added endearment that he knew Ming would given to his request for.

It took a few minutes for Ming to cave. The younger man released a sigh setting down the funnel of icing on the counter. Ming gently tapped his hand on top of Kit's intertwined hands resting on his stomach to get him to release him. Kit let go of him slowly after standing straighter.

"Ai-Lynn and I made sure that our calculations where correct before we submitted them into P'Roy last week for the new production line." Ming explained leaning against the island facing Kit. He crossed his arms as he talked "However, one of the workers almost got injured today. Thankfully but still. It wouldn't have happened if P'Kade didn't go up behind us and modified the request. We didn't catch onto him till after he ensured that we got reprimanded. The ass got away with it."

Kit understood now why Ming was so upset. P'Kade hated Ming. Ming had been hired directly after graduation. During one of the college's engineering expo's they'd seen Ming's project and caught their interest. Fast forward to now, a team leader position opened up, and P'Kade had thought he was going to get the job. However, the man was an arrogant ass that failed to bring unity to the team. The higher ups had seen that and could see that Ming would be the better fit. It didn't help that Ming is six years his junior and only three years out of college. Ming had tried to make sure that P'Kade felt like he was an important member of the team still, and the result was P'Kade being passive aggressive. This today though was too much.

Kit didn't need to ask what Ming was going to do. His boyfriend was smart and he was going to make sure that P'Kade no longer access to do this to the team again. A new question though popped into his head, "What are you going to do with all these treats? Surely, not all of these are for P'Kade?"

"Isn't P'Kengkla and P'Bright coming back from vacation this week?" Ming asked quickly turning away from Kit lifting the icing funnel to finish the cake. Kit grinned at his mischievous wolf. Of course, P'Kade wouldn't be the only reason for thirty-six cupcakes and possibly the two tier cake he was working on of his revenge recipe. So, Ming had been listening to Beam and him at dinner with Forth and Beam last week.

"So I am to assume that two dozen of these delicious succulents are to go to them?"

"That'd be correct." Ming finally looking over his shoulder to give him a smile.

"Is the cake...?" Kit questioned leaving it open ended for Ming.

"It's just a regular double chocolate cake. I'm making it for the production team as an apology and also for P'Kade's send off for his long weekend." Ming answered.

"Ah," Kit chuckled. Ming was going to trick P'Kade with the cake first then surprise him with the cupcakes "Hurry up with the cake. After you wash up, I'll take you out to dinner. We can clean this up when we get back."

"Okay." Ming perked up some more like an overgrown puppy.  Kit shook his head as he walked out of the kitchen to change out of his work clothes.

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“Thank you so much, P’Lilly.” Yo smiled thinly shaking the realtors hand. He was embarrassed that this was the fourth time that Pha hadn’t shown up for their appointments. They’d gone through six listings today. Pha had seemed thrilled about moving into a condo together. But now that Yo had all their ducks in a row he couldn’t get Pha to actually make it to see any of them. In fact he seemed like he didn’t want too anymore.


Yo sat back down after P’Lilly had left. He sighed and let the waitress get him another tea. He checked his phone even though he knew Pha hadn’t tried to get in touch. The clock said it was half past four. Yo was paying the bill when his boyfriend finally called. 


“Yo, I’m-“ Pha began but Yo cut him off. 


“I can’t do this alone! This is for both of us.” Yo replied trying to keep the harshness out of his tone but failed with the disappointment “If you don’t want to do this then just tell me. You don’t have to pretend-“


“Baby, it’s not that I just-“ Pha cut him off this time “step outside.” 


“What?” Yo asked confused. 


“I’m not having this conversation over the phone. Come outside, I’ll take you home.”  Pha responded. Yo sighed loudly before hanging up and heading out of the restaurant. Sure enough there was Pha waiting for him. Yo quietly got into Pha‘s audi. 


Pha had been ready to talk but Yo didn’t want too. He’d stayed silent staring out the window. Pha frowned as looked over at Yo. He’d wanted to surprise Yo with the house tomorrow but it seemed his stupidity has cost him that. He quickly made his way to the house. 


They were almost to the house when Yo finally shifted in his seat towards him. He looked around with a confused expression. “This is not the way home.”


“It is for us.” Pha said lowly trying to suppress his smile as Yo tried to place where he was. 




“You’ll see.” Pha answered hoping that this wasn’t a mistake too. 


Yo’s eyes widened as they came to a stop at the gate. Pha rolled down the window and typed in the code for the gate to open. 


“Who’s house is this?” Yo asked. 


“Come with me.” Pha said parking his car in the car port and turning it off. Yo unbuckled his seatbelt and dazedly followed after Pha. 


“Pha.” Yo said in a warning tone finally recognizing the house as he approached the front door. It was the one he’d first picked out before they’d started looking for condos. 


“This is our house, baby. I was going to surprise you. This was supposed be the seventh place she took you today.” Pha said tapping the key code to unlock the door “But the bank took a bit longer and P’Jane had another appointment.” 


Pha took hold of Yo’s hand guiding him inside. The house was stunning and every bit what they wanted to make a home. Pha watched the range of emotions as Yo soaked up the information that this was their house. 


“I thought-“ Yo started but Pha stopped him by wrapping his arms around him from behind.


“I’m sorry I made you feel like I didn’t want this.” Pha interrupted him.


“It’s a good thing that your so handsome because you are terrible at surprises.” Yo chuckled finally after a while. Then Yo finally  leaned back into him. Pha smiled knowing that Yo had forgiven him.  


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Prompt: nothing is wrong with you|| Pairing: Ming x Kit

“You can go on back, Mr. Intochar. He is in room seven.” The nurse at the reception desk said buzzing the door to let him in the back. Kit nodded giving the nurse a thin smile.

He walked down the hallway to room seven of the dentist office. He wanted to be angry but he understood why Ming hadn’t said anything. This week Pha, Beam, and him were bogged down with exams and labs. Thankfully, Yo had more sense and had texted him letting him know that the surgery was happening today. He needed to work on letting Ming know he could lean on him more.

“He’s not woken up yet. Doctor said it will take him a few to wake up.” Yo said as Kit entered the room. Sure enough in the dental chair was Ming sleeping. His usually sharp cheeks swollen due to his wisdom teeth being removed.

“Thanks for letting me know.”

“Don’t be too upset with him. I’m sure he would have said something but the office called this morning and said he could fit him in today. The doctor said the surgery went well.”  Yo responded as the nurse came in holding a pharmacy bag.

“Mr. Intochar?” The nurse inquired looking between them.

“That’s me.” Kit answered and she handed him the bag, “These are his pain pills and extra strips for his jaws. Make sure no solids. Water and soft foods only until he can manage. We don’t want the stitches to come undone. Once he wakes up you’re free to take him.” She informed Kit before quickly taking her leave "He might be a little disorented from the anesthesia. If something appears to be wrong please let us know."

“Thanks.” Kit said to her retreating back. Ming suddenly shifted in the chair. “se…vg…lim” Ming mumbled incoherently in his sleep that had Yo and Kit sharing a look of amusement.

“What did he say?” Yo asked laughing.

“I don’t know.” Kit chuckled “Sometimes he says stuff in his sleep especially after we visit his grandmother’s.”

“Sevgilim.” Ming mumbled again this time his face twisting into a frown.

“Ah, I know this one.” Kit said as he carefully sat the bag down and made his way over to Ming. He leaned over moving Ming’s bangs from his face before gently tapping the side of Ming’s temple. This made Ming wake up from whatever dream he’d been in. Ming blinked several times trying to get his vision to stop being blurry.

“Hey,” Kit said softly, “there is nothing wrong with you. The doctor said the surgery was good.”

“Sevgilim?” Ming questioned again.


“Sen güzelsin sevgilim.” Ming stated reaching up to touch Kit’s face except the hand missed by a few inches off to the side. Yo bit his lip to keep himself from laughing. Kit smiled licking his lips before reaching up for Ming’s hand bringing it back down.

“I know,” Kit humored him and helped him sit up “and we can talk about it on the ride home, okay?” Ming nodded in response this time allowing Yo and Kit to help him leave.

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Prompt: just shut up! || Pairing: Ming x Kit

“"Didn't you say P'Kit was coming today?" Ruth asked him through the headset. The two of them in theater scene playing C.O.D: Zombies. Since, there are no classes today for him. Ming had opted for some relaxing clothes of soft grey sweatpants and a black worn vest. He was lounging on the couch waiting for his Kit-kat to get out of class when Ruth texted him and asked him to join her in playing.

"Yeah." Ming replied checking the time really quick on his phone. As a matter of fact, his boyfriend should have been here almost an hour ago.

"Maybe their Auntie kept them later today?" Ruth offered.

"After this roun- he’s here. I’m cutting the headset." Ming said cutting his mic and tossing the headset on the bean bag beside the couch when he heard Kit's voice coming through the door.

"You know what just shut up. I didn't ask for your opinion." Kit yelled into his phone while coming through the door. Ming watched as Kit angrily kicked his shoes off after closing the door. Kit all but slammed his phone on the coffee table beside the bag of chips and Ming’s opened pack of a kit-kat bar the sticks already broken apart. “Don’t stop.” Kit ordered as he as he plopped himself in Ming’s lap.

Ming restarted the game while he allowed Kit to do what wanted to get comfortable. He knew that Kit would start talking when he was ready. Kit sighed loudly and leaned his head back against Ming’s chest.

“I-“ Kit started when his phone started ringing on the table. Ming could see that the caller id read Pha and felt Kit tense up. Kit flipped the phone face down after turning the sound switch off. Before settling back against Ming, Kit grabbed one of the kit-kat pieces taking a bite. He finished one and then went for another. This time he bit half before lifting the other half to Ming’s lips. Ming took it easily between his lips.

“We aren’t going to the bar tonight.” Kit finally said opening up.

“Okay.” Ming replied. He already guessed that but he wasn’t about to make Kit talk about an argument between the crazy doc gang.

“I’m staying here till Monday.”

“Okay.” Ming grinned. It was a rarity that Kit would stay so long due to their schedules and he’d take every moment that he could get.

“Glad we have that out of the way.” Kit said getting another chocolate bar breaking it in half feeding one half to Ming “What do you want to do for dinner?”

“There is that new restaurant downtown we can go to.”

“Sounds good.” Kit replied smiling fondly watching his boyfriend play his game “We’ll go in a bit.”



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Yo's head snapped up immediately as Pha came through his dorm room. He'd taken his contacts out and was sporting his glasses. He'd just gotten comfortable on his bed reading the latest volume of One Piece. When he heard the door open. Pha stepped through looking non-too-happy expression on his face. 


Pha sighed toeing out of his shoes before shuffling over to the bed. He crawled over laying on top of Yo resting his head on his boyfriend's stomach. 




"Hey." Pha parroted back sadly. 


"You okay?" Yo asked setting his manga on his chest before reaching to comb his fingers through Pha's hair.  Pha exhaled loudly turning to hide his face as he said something. Yo laughed feeling tickled by Pha's breath. "Stop, sit up, I can't make out what your saying."


Pha turned his head to the side sighing. He didn't want to tell Yo that his joke about what happened between Kit and Ming at Light's Out this past weekend turned into a pretty ugly argument. Kit stormed off and Beam called him out for being a jerk before leaving too. 


"Does it have something to do with why we aren't going to the bar tonight?" 


"Yes, I might have said something I shouldn't have to Kit."  Pha confessed looking up to see Yo with a non-amused expression on his face. Yo light flicked Pha's forehead. Pha flinched back.




"Don't hey me." Yo said pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose before lightly pushing "Apologize to Kit."


"I tried earlier."


"Try harder." 


Pha sighed again rolling off of Yo to the other side of the bed. He fished out his phone to call Kit. The phone went straight to voicemail. He bit his bottom lip thinking. If he was here with Yo it only made sense that he'd go to Ming's dorm. This time Pha called Ming. 




Across town, Ming got up to go the restroom letting Kit order for them. The waitress had just left when Kit felt Ming's phone vibrating on the table. He looked to see the caller id. His eyes narrowed seeing that it was Pha. 


"Don't you dare call my boyfriend when you know I'm mad at you." Kit bit out lowly trying to not cause a scene at the restaurant. The tables were close to each other. He wanted to reach through the phone and choke his friend. 


"Well I wouldn't have to if you would-OOUCH Yo!" Pha half sassed, half complained "All I wanted to do was apologize. I don't want to fight!" 


"Whatever," Kit replied and Pha knew that he was rolling his eyes. "I'm hanging up and don't call Ming again."


"Don't, Kit, I'm sorry." Pha rushed "I only meant to joke about you two getting caught. I'm sorry for everything that I said."


Kit didn't say a word thinking about what had happened when Ming arrived back at the table. He had a puzzled look on his face when he saw that Kit was on his phone. The look went away though as he realized who Kit was talking too.


"I still don't want to talk to you till, Monday."


"That's fair. See ya on Monday." Pha replied feeling better now. 


"See ya." Kit said ending the call. He handed the phone back to Ming. 




In Yo's room, Pha grinned as he tossed his phone on the night stand after texting Beam that him and Kit were good. Pha rolled over to face Yo. Yo had gone back to reading his manga. Pha smiled at the sight. His boyfriend is adorable especially with the glasses. 


“See, it wasn’t that hard.” Yo teased as Pha sat up. 


"So for good behavior I can have a reward?" Pha asked crawling over him. 


"Reward?" Yo playfully questioned his brow raised with an amused smile. Yo put his manga down as Pha leaned in closer "I didn't know I was dating an engineer."


"Installment then." Pha grinned mischeviously while moving his manga to the safety of Yo’s nightstand. 

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Kit couldn't help but look over the top of his book. He was camped out at the head of the bed failing at having gotten lost in his book. Instead, he was watching his boyfriend racking his brain at the foot of his bed .Ming was sprawled out having just showered and was in his comfy clothes focused on his calculus. His notes were spread out almost to up Kit's knees on the other side of the bed. Earlier, while Ming was in the shower he'd sneaked a peek at the papers only to find a chaos of organization that only his boyfriend could understand.

"Ming-" Kit started lowering his book to his lap.

"Hmm?" Ming said looking up from his homework. Kit was about to say something when Ming's phone started ringing. The tone let them know that it was Ming's grandmother. "Hold that thought." Ming grinned getting off the bed to grab his phone off the desk. He greeted her and took the call outside onto the patio. Kit chuckled as he heard Ming speaking Turkish to his grandmother through the open door. Kit didn't know how long the call would be so he decided he would try to focus on his book. Ming wasn't outside for long. When he came back inside though he put his phone on the wireless charger on Kit's night stand.

"What were you going to say earlier?" Ming asked laying back down on the bed to work on his homework.

"It was nothing. Don't worry about it." Kit replied staying focused on his book.

A quiet silence took over as they did their respective things until Ming broke the silence. "Sevgilim," Ming asked  raising his hand out towards Kit,"pass me the paper with red triangle in the top right corner?"

"What did you call me?" Kit asked finding the paper easily and passing it to Ming. He was curious ever since the day trip at the beach Ming had started calling him that. The previous two times he'd called him that Kit hadn't gotten the chance to talk to him about it because Ming had claimed he hadn't remembered.

"Beloved." Ming answered him refusing to look up. Kit could see the tips of Ming's ears turning red. He smiled fondly liking the sound of his new nickname. It was a perfect fit for how Ming's mind works. Plus a warm feeling he was accustomed to spread across his chest.

"I like it." Kit said when Ming finally looked up to gauge Kit's reaction. The smile and blush that spread across Ming's face was one that Kit would hold close in his heart. He knew he'd made the right choice in choosing to be with Ming. 

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The crack of thunder is what woke him. Ming and he were going to go out today but then it started storming. It hadn’t stopped so they’d decided to head back to Ming’s dorm because it was closer. Two hours later they’d eaten some delicious pizza from their favorite place and climbed onto Ming’s bed to binge watch several episodes of The Untamed. N’Ruth had recommended it to Ming the other night they’d all gone to the billiards bar.

Kit doesn’t remember when he fell asleep, but he’d fallen asleep cuddled up to Ming’s side facing him. Somewhere during that time Ming had fallen asleep too turning off the television. Kit smiled fondly as he watched his boyfriend sleep. The dim light from outside coming through the thin curtains illuminating Ming’s handsome face. Kit lightly traced Ming’s face with his fingertips. Kit knew the feeling in his chest wasn’t an ache of something missing but contentment. Ming gave him that and he hoped did the same for him.

“Hey.” Ming mumbled trying wake up. Kit chuckled softly finding his bleary expression adorable.

“I love you.” Kit confessed in response. Ming’s eyes widened at the confession fully waking him up. He’d thought the sight of him trying to wake up was cute. However, Ming being speechless and a blush spreading across his face topped it. Kit chuckled as he leaned in closing the distance between them to press a soft kiss to his lips. Ming was frozen for only a moment before kissing him back. Kit could feel the smile on his lover’s lips as they kissed. Ming felt Kit’s hand slip down from his jaw to his chest loosely grasping at his vest. He briefly broke their kiss to roll the older man onto his back.


“I love you, too.” Ming said replied hovering over Kit. He couldn’t but grin from Kit’s confession. He knows that Kit loves him, but it always helps to sink in when the person you love says it. Kit couldn’t help but return the smile Ming was giving him. This was the special smile that Ming had that made him want to do anything the younger man wanted. He didn’t need to guess what he’d want when Ming leaned down kissing him hungrily.

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"Yo said they'd be waiting for us." Pha said shoving his phone in his pocket to the others. They'd arrived almost to canteen spotting the two easily where they were sitting near the larger tables to accommodate everyone. To get to them they had to walk up a set of stairs. A wall of green hedges kept them hidden till you go to the top of the staircase.

"No, absolutely not." Yo said so sharply causing all three of the crazy doc gang and the head hazer of engineering to stop and exchange looks. They'd never heard him speak to anyone like that. They were hidden from the two. All four of them carefully walked up to peek over the hedges.

To their surprise, it was Ming that was sitting across from him. He had an expression of exasperation on his face with his arms crossed. "Yes." Ming replied firmly. The two of them in a glaring match.

"No," Yo repeated again.


"I said no and you can't make me." Yo replied with his eyes narrowing.

"Oh yes I can." Ming pushed back this time frustrated and uncrossing an arm to lovely point at him "January 27th and I'm talking specifically about that twenty-seventh."

All four boys watched as the anger swiftly vanished from the science moon's face. It was like a flick of a switch with the change in his reaction. Yo's eyes widened followed by the deepest blush they'd all ever seen. His mouth making some goldfish gaping motions before he quickly shut his mouth. He gulped,"You promised to not talk about that ever."

"Yeah that is until you told my Kit-Kat," Ming retorted back, "about my memory box."

"Don't you even!" Yo's lowly said with an offended tone trying not to cause a scene "I know for a fact you got a reward for that!" By now all four of them had dropped their heads to continue to eavesdrop without getting caught. All four of them leaning against the wall. Kit was the one now blushing and pointedly not making eye contact with anyone of them. Both Beam and Pha playfully elbowing their friend.

"That's so not the point and you know it." Ming countered sensing that he was close to winning this argument, "You weren't supposed to tell my secret. Now to keep yours, you're going to have do this for me."

"Gah!" Yo groaned loudly before shaking off the annoyance from having to argue with his best friend. He pointed at Ming, "But, this is the only time you can use that damn box against me."

"Thank you." Ming happily responded. The two of them fist bumping to seal their deal. Their argument completely over. The other four guys decided now was their time to make their appearance known stepped up the staircase.

"There you guys are." Yo greeted them with his normal cheery tone and smile. Ming gave Kit his hundred kilowatt smile making him think that his engineer had something in store later. He decided not to comment on it right now and just enjoyed being their with him for lunch. The four older boys deciding not to ask about what happened by mutual looks between each other. It wasn't until they had left and was in Auntie's evening class that the soon tone doctors talked about it.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this one. We've gotten a crazy doc fight and now we have on if our two younger boys arguing. January 27th is Ben's, the actor who plays Pha in 2Moons2, real life birthday. I chose his because the books to my knowledge don't provide us with that information. Have a happy Thursday!!!


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Ming watched Kit from where he was lounging near the edge of the bed. Kit was tidying up his room even though he didn't need too. Though he did like that Kit knew where he kept his things organized. He knew that he was doing it to keep from yelling at him. Kit had every right to be upset though. There had been a huge fight between the junior batches of geography and engineering before their respective hazers got a hold of them. Apparently quiet a few of them had to be taken the regular clinic and the student volunteer clinic on campus. Ming waited for Kit pass him at the right time before reaching up to pull his boyfriend into a back hug.

"Mingkwan." Kit said in a warning tone even though his hand went to rest on top of Ming's intertwined ones around his waist. Ming didn't say a word. He just rest his head in the groove between Kit's shoulder and neck. The two of them staying like that not speaking until Kit released a heavy sigh. Ming couldn't help but smile thinly as Kit finally let himself relax into their embrace. He knew that it was best to talk now. Earlier would have just turned into an argument. They both hadn't wanted that.

"I am sorry." Ming apologized "I should have used Mae's phone to tell you I'd left campus after mine died."

"I was so worried." Kit confessed, "Forth couldn't find you and some of them were hurt pretty badly -" Kit stopped himself suddenly and Ming untangled one of his hands to reach up to guide Kit's face up to look at him.

"I am sorry for making you worry." Ming apologized this time looking him in the eyes before leaning down to kiss him softly. The one kiss turned into another before Kit broke their kiss to turn in his arms to face him. Kit wrapped his arm around him pulling him close. His face tucked into Ming's neck. 



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Normally, Ming would be more than thrilled that his KitKat was being handsy with him. In fact, that's why he'd worn the jeans and the black leather jacket that Kit bought him tonight. His boyfriend would never come out and say he liked it, but his reactions spoke volumes especially to Ming's ego. However, he knows that one of the causes is that Kit had one too many shots with Beam and Pha tonight at the bar. So, he needed to get Kit inside his dorm room and into the shower to get him a little less tipsy. If he was lucky he could talk him into eating something. 


"Come on, Kitkat, be good and let's get you inside." Ming said cheekily checking his jacket pockets for the keycard to get inside. The dorm rooms getting an upgrade after a stalking incident.


"I don't want be good." Kit half slurred as he took hold the leather lapels of Ming's jacket pulling him in a for a kiss. 


He'd meant to stop the kiss just as quickly as it started, but how is he supposed to reject a hungry kiss like that from his Kitkat? His hands roamed down the curves of Kit's body to lift him up. Kit wrapped his legs around his waist and arms quickly moved around Ming's neck to stabilize himself. Using the door to help him secure Kit in his one arm he finally found the key card in his pocket. As he swiped the card he heard the sound of another door opening. Thankfully, Kit was too focused on Ming's lips and his hands weaving into Ming's hair to notice. Ming secured his hold of Kit before moving them inside. 


Ming couldn't have been more grateful for Kit moving the dorm room around to where his desk was beside the door. He used his foot close the door as he sat Kit down on the desk. He'd hope that Kit would untangle his legs but his boyfriend only tightened his hold.  


"Kitkat.." Ming whispered against his boyfriend's lips as they parted for air, "I need-"


"You." Kit finished for him. 


Ming paused searching Kit's face. If there was even the slightest bit of hesitation he was going to stop this now. Even if it meant a very unhappy KitKat for the night. He asked,"Are you sure?"




"Good." Ming replied before claiming his lips into another kiss. This time, to Kit's delight, Ming's lips had been parted enough for him to explore every inch of his boyfriend's mouth with his tongue. He used to whole body to flex back up onto Ming. Ming adapted quickly to keep them from falling backwards. He walked them to the bed carefully laying Kit down. 


A few very happy hours later with Kit showered and blissfully asleep. He’d not gotten him to eat anything but at least the rest was done. Ming had finally cleaned up the mess they’d made and got into bed as carefully as possible not to wake his boyfriend. He thought he’d failed when he felt Kit shift closer to him. Ming wrapped his arm around him smiling as he watched Kit sleep. 

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"It looks like it's going to be a long night. Are you sure you don't want to come?" Pha's silky smooth voice asked through his airpods as Yo headed into his dorm building.

"No, I'm exhausted from labs." Yo replied fishing his keys out of his pocket as he stepped onto the landing for his dorm room floor, "I'll just order some take out and stay at home." 

"Okay, baby." Pha gave in with a sigh that made Yo smile, "I've got my keys. I'll see you later."

"See you." Yo said letting Pha end the call for him. He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as he walked into his room. He shut the door behind him hearing the auto lock click into place as he took his shoes off. Happily, he tossed his bag on the bed glad to be rid of the heavy weight off his shoulders. Yo texted Pha letting him know he'd made it back to his dorm room safely.



Yo blushed as he quickly switched to his take out app. He ordered his dinner and some thing for Pha for later just in case he skips eating with the others. Yo checked the time before padding off to his bathroom for a shower before the food comes.

Thirty minutes later, Yo was blowing drying his hair when he heard a knock on his door. It had been loud and precise. So, he assumed that it was his food.

"Just leave it on the door." Yo called continuing to dry his hair. Once he was done, he headed towards the door  to get his food when his phone went off. Yo turned on his heels to grabbing one of his airpods off his desk to answer the phone. His actual phone on his nightstand charging. 

"Hey, I gotta tell you something." Ming greeted him when he answered. Yo could hear shuffling sounds as if Ming was making a hasty retreat.

"What?" Yo asked obliging him as he sat down on the edge of his bed.

"I was just at SunRain Cafe and Tor was there with Yolanda. Looking rather cozy." Ming confessed "While I was waiting for KitKats dinner. I think he was there asking her out."


"Yep and judging by the change in status on Facebook. I'm thinking she said yes!"

"Finally!" Yo laughed then trailed off "Those two - " A heavy knock on his door confused him. The delivery guy had already come and Pha wouldn't be in till later.


"Delivery!" Came through the door followed by a text from the delivery app from the driver.

"My dinner is here." Yo answered in a concerned tone getting up.

"Well crazy go get your food. Why do you sound so confused?"

"I thought it came earlier and thought the guy left it on the door."

"You left your food out on the door?" Ming asked laughing at him.

"You called! I got distracted." Yo joked defensively looking through peephole to see if there was someone there. Sure enough a man his age was standing in the hallway in a red and white vest with the take out companies logo.Yo hurried unlocked the door. 

"I'm so sorry." Yo apologized..

"It's okay man." The guy smiled handing him the bag. Before leaving the guy pointedly looked down near Yo's feet saying,"Nice flowers."

Yo followed the guy's gaze to see there was a beautifully arranged bouquet of blue colored anemones. A card sticking out the top of it with his name.

"Thanks." Yo said giving the guy a tight lipped smile. He bent down taking the arrangement with him inside too. He shut the door with his elbow.

"Did he say flowers?" Ming's  questioned "Are you still getting those?"

"Yeah, I get one of these at least once a month since we did that instagram live. This one is different though. It has a note." Yo answered reaching for the thick creamy beige paper stock envelope with his name beautiful written in calligraphy.

"What does it say?" Ming asked. Yo could hear Ming arriving at the study room at the library because everyone welcomed him. Yo opened the envelope and pulled out the card that was made from the same heavy luxurious paper. The front of the card had a beautifully drawn flower garden of blue anemones blooming in the spring. He opened it up reading the inscription. The same stunning calligraphy inside that was on the envelope.

"The journey of love is an arduous trek. My love grows for you my love you better watch what you leave on your neck or you might make me upset." Yo read out loud instantly bringing his hand up to his neck just over his pulse pressure where Pha had marked him the other night. Yo tossed the card on the low table feeling disgusted and slightly frightened. He didn't understand why someone would send that to him.

"That's creepy, Yo." Ming replied and Yo couldn't have agreed more.  He was speechless with his mind still trying to process the card. Through his confusion he could hear Pha talking to Ming and Ming explaining what happened.

"P'Pha is coming to get you" Ming explained "Just stay on the phone with me till he gets there, okay?"

"Okay." Yo replied shaking himself before deciding to go ahead and get dressed for Pha to pick him up. He also gathered up what he wanted to take to Pha's because he was going to be staying with him till he gets some answers from the security of the building.

Chapter Text

"Let's take a quick break." Pha said after looking over to find Yo asleep with his head in his arms beside him. He reached over gently rubbing Yo's hair causing him to stir. Bleary eyes open and a soft smile spreads on his face.


"Yeah, I agree." Beam grinned looking down to Forth- who was sprawled on the bench with his head in Beam's lap.  "twenty minutes?" Forth looked up at him with a mischievous smile. 


"Twenty minutes." Kit repeated kicking Beam's leg while glaring at him. Beam winked at him as he got up with Forth. Pha and Yo shuffling out as well. Kit rolled his eyes looking over at Ming. He was working hard on his physics homework. To him it just looked like a mess of numbers. He guessed that's how Ming probably felt about his organ studies. 


Kit propped his head in his hand as he looked his boyfriend over. He'd invited Ming to join them despite it being his day off. Ming had agreed telling him it was better than staying alone in his room. The engineer came dressed in a black graphic t-shirt and jeans with his converses. His leather jacket on the other side of Kit on the bench. He looked good making Kit's heart do it's happy dance in his chest when he'd arrived earlier. The calls and lunches hadn't been enough these past two weeks. Ming's blasted S.O.T.U.S. gatherings keeping him out till late. 


Feeling eyes on him he turned his head towards Kit then looked around to see everyone else gone. He blinked slightly confused taking his headphones out. "Where did everyone go?"


"Taking a quick break." 




Yeah, oh. Kit thought his gaze dropping down to Ming's lips. He could see that they were moving but all his brain could think about is how his boyfriend hadn't kissed him in over two weeks. Wasn't that a shame considering he was so close now? 


"Kitkat?" Ming called his name breaking through his thoughts. His gaze snapping up to meet Ming's eyes.




"I asked you if wanted to stretch your legs?"


"No, do you?" Kit asked.


"No, but if you want a snack I have some kit-kat's in the front smaller pocket of my book bag." Ming answered a smile forming on his lips as he watched Kit's gaze drop back down to his lips, "Can you get me one?"


"S-sure." Kit stuttered nodding as he moved Ming's leather jacket off the man's book bag. He turned unzipping the pocket and reaching inside. He felt the bars easily. "They aren't in here."


"Are you sure?" Ming asked knowing full well they were in there. He had made sure to pack them because he knows how much that Kit actually likes the candy.  Ming slid down the bench closer to Kit knowing immediately what Kit was doing.


"Yes." Kit answered turning to find Ming's face a few inches from his. Ming raised up a hand to cup Kit's chin guiding him into a chaste kiss. His hand dropping back to the the table the moment their lips touched. 


"You know that you can just kiss me whenever you want,right?" Ming asked after they parted. Kit gave him a thin smile turning completely moving his left leg on the other side of the bench so he could straddle it to be closer to Ming. He leaned in pressing several teasingly light kisses to Ming's lips. The kisses getting longer between each other that Ming took advantage by leaning forward to cup his boyfriend's face to deepen the kiss as he tried to get Kit to lay back. Kit grasped the front of his shirt as let Ming gently guide him backwards. 


Kit felt the soft leather of Ming's jacket behind his head and his back on the bench with Ming above him. Ming swept his tongue over Kit's bottom lip. Kit parted his lips enough to let him inside as his hands made their way into Ming's hair. The two of them lost in the moment forgetting that the others had actually left the door open. They didn't hear Yo and Pha returning to the room.


"No ones in here, P'Pha." Yo's voice said making them both freeze and separate, "They probably went for snacks."


"Since they aren't back yet why don't we give them an extra fifteen minutes and go get you some pink milk?" Pha asked. His voice further away than Yo's. He must have stopped before reaching the windows of the room or else Kit was sure that Pha would have seen them with his ogre height.


"Sure." Yo's voice said trailing away followed by the closing click of the study room door. 


The two of them sharing look before laughing. Ming leaned his head on Kit's shoulder. Kit gently patted Ming's head.  Ming went to sit up but Kit stopped him but grabbing his shirt. 


"What?" Ming asked wide eyed.


"He said we have an extra fifteen minutes." Kit answered pulling him back down to continue what their friends had interrupted. 



Chapter Text




Yo lowered his manga so that he could peek over the top. He'd taken residence in the bean bag chair by the bookcase across from the bed so that he could watch him. An all too familiar task from the past before he'd agreed to date Pha. Pha had just grinned at him. The soon-to-be doctor was at his desk working on his homework. He was leaning forward with his head propped in his hand while the other hand busy writing notes from the chapter. 


Honestly, Yo was a bit disappointed. He'd hoped that when Pha had asked him to stay with him tonight instead of at his place that they'd be doing...not this. As much as he loved watching Pha that wasn't the only thing he could do with him now. He much rather be tangled in the -


Yo's eyes widened and a blush rose to his cheek as he realized where his thoughts were going. He immediately raised his book back up hiding his face. Then another thought popped into his head. Pha was shameless in his desire for him. Why was he denying that for himself? He looked over at the wall clock seeing that it was after ten. Pha had been up since six this morning. Did he really need to be doing that right now? 


Nope. Yo mentally decided. He looked down realizing that he was still in his jeans and One Piece t-shirt. An idea popped into his head. A smile spread across his face knowing what he was going to do to turn this night around. He quietly as he could got off the bean bag and set his manga on the nightstand. Yo grabbed what he needed before heading to the bathroom. 


Pha had heard Yo go to the bathroom but he'd gotten lost in his homework. He hadn't realized just how long his boyfriend had been in there till the door opened up. The smell of his shampoo and soap wafting out. He was about to look up when he saw the passing of bare sun kissed thighs. He full body turned to watch Yo walked to his bed. Yo being clad in Pha's pastel pink long sleeved shirt that comes down to just above Yo's thighs. Seeing him crawl on the bed he was able to see Yo had his heather grey boxers on underneath.


"What are you doing?" Pha asked swallowing hard as Yo plopped down on the bed a crossed the bed before reaching for his manga.


"Isn't obvious?" Yo answered him without looking over at him. 


"Yo.' Pha said in a warning tone. His eyes tracing his boyfriend's legs that are now making a scissoring motion as the younger man reads. 


"Pha." Yo says in return with a smile spreading across his face. His plan working perfectly with Pha using that tone.


"I need to finish this."


"Then finish it." Yo pauses deliberately switching to the sweet tone that Pha can't resist to say his offer "Or you could come cuddle with me here."


He's almost tempted to look up to gauge Pha's reaction, but he doesn't have to wait long. The sound of Pha's desk chair sliding back followed up with the bed dipping lets him know Pha's choice.



Chapter Text

"Will you stop complaining?" Kit asked annoyed that he's had to spend the last few minutes trapped in his chair with Beam beside of him. The teacher had paired them up for their project and Beam had gotten stuck with Kengkla. He loved his best friend but the guy could complain like no ones business. Now, Kit know's he has somewhat of a good reason. Kengkla Jumlongkul is not a friendly guy but he knows what he is doing. "It's not like he's that bad."

"Only because he likes you." Beam retorted "I've seen that smile he gives you when your talking to him in class."

"Don't say stupid shit." Kit snapped slapping his shoulder.

"Ouch, kitty!" Beam complained glaring at him while he rubbed his arm.

"You deserved it." Pha replied between texting on his phone.

"I'm going to get some lunch." Kit stated heading out to the lobby before either of them could say anything else. He walked through the double doors into the lobby when he came to a full body stop. There leaning against the wall just inside of the glass doors stood Ming.

The sun landing on his face just right. Golden lens sunglasses hiding his eyes from him. He remembered that today was Ming's day off from classes so he was dressed down. Ming had on the black baseball jacket with a gold threaded jaguar embroidered on it over a white t-shirt. He'd paired it with his black skinny jeans and converses. Ming looked relaxed with his hands in his jacket pockets.

Kit's heart started beating fast from the sight and as if his boyfriend could hear his heart in his chest Ming turned his head to see him standing there. A smile spread across his face while pushing himself off the wall. Ming sauntered over taking his sunglasses off his face.

"Hey, P'Kit." Ming greeted him with a smirk. He loved to see his Kitkat in such a state when he saw him. "I came to see if you have eaten lunch yet."

"No." Kit replied.

But I am about too. Kit ended the thought as his eyes dropped down Ming's lips the moment he'd opened his mouth. Ming looked like a whole damn meal to Kit and he wasn't about to waste it. Taking a page out of his shameless friend's books he let his other brain take over. Kit intertwined his hand with Ming's guiding him through one of the double doors that lead to a hallway of study rooms.

"Uh, P-" Ming started as Kit shut and locked the door. He didn't get the chance to continue as Kit pounced on him. He quickly closed the gap between them pulling him down into a hungry kiss by the collars of his jacket. Ming was shocked at first but recovered quickly responding just as passionately.

He didn't realize that they'd even been moving until the edge of the couch hit the back of his knees. Kit used his hands that had trailed up to his boyfriend's shoulders to make him sit. Ming couldn't help but grin as Kit made himself more than comfortable in his lap. He had no problem being the lunch his boyfriend craved. Especially, when being fed the moan from Kit as he gripped his hips bringing him flush against him. Nope, he didn't have a problem at all.



Chapter Text

Pha frowned as he looked down at his phone. He hadn't heard anything from Yo since he texted him telling him that he'd decided to go to lunch with the girls*. It wasn't like him to be like that. Pha had even checked Yo's and the girl's Instagram accounts to see if they posted something. The only one had was Yolanda with one photo of them all at the café. He could see that Yo hadn't read any his line messages.

"You okay?" Kit asked from the front passenger seat. He'd looked back to see that Pha was frowning.

"Yeah, I just wish that Yo would answer my messages."

"He's probably just busy with the fairy gang. He'll call you soon." Beam replied looking back at him through the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, your right." Pha said looking one more time before shoving his phone down in his pocket. They were a few hours away from the hotel that they'd be staying at. The crazy doctor gang had volunteered to be the medical students to go to the engineering csr activity. A new requirement after Forth having gotten hurt at the last one. P'Kongpob had taken it seriously and reached out to their respective deans to get volunteers from the medical faculty.

"Just wake me up when we get there, okay?" Pha pouted while closing his eyes making himself comfortable in the back seat. Kit and Beam both telling him in unison they would before letting the car fall back into silence.

Pha woke to the sound of his name and the sharp jab that he knew came from Kit. His best friend had fingers like daggers. "Damn it, Kit." Pha said waking up rubbing his shoulder.

"I called your name several times." Kit replied rolling his eyes "Anyways, we are here. Come on. Forth told Beam they were still waiting on a few people to arrive before we head out for dinner."

"Okay." Pha stated as he got out. He stretched for a few moments before grabbing his bags with Kit and Beam. They checked in easily despite the number of students that had come. Pha checked his phone as they waited for their floors in the elevator. He frowned when he saw that Yo still hadn't answered him. He was about to ask Ming about Yo when the doors opened and Kit ushered Ming out. Pha decided that he would call him once he got to the room like he told Yo he would last night.

"Pha this is your floor." Forth said getting his attention.

"Oh, thanks man." Pha replied gathering his suitcase.

"Have a nice night - ouch." Forth called after him before Pha heard Beam smack his arm.

"See you at dinner Pha." Beam said to him.

"Okay." Pha laughed heading to his room not looking back. He took his phone out of his pocket deciding to just call Yo now as he maneuvered his suitcase to open the door. It wasn't until he closed the door that he realized two things. The first being sound of something vibrating and someone had left their shoes in the shoe cubby. He quickly turned around seeing a phone on the nightstand with the screen light up. He left his suit case beside the door walking over to the night stand to see that the caller id read his name along with a picture of himself.

Pha ended the call taking in the room. It was clear now why Yo hadn't answered any texts or updated his socials. Yo had been here longer than just a few hours. The bed was partially unmade, and his homework spread across the desk. He sat his phone down on the nightstand beside Yo's noticing that the balcony door was open as the wind caught the curtain ruffling it. On the chaise at the foot of the bed is Yo's suitcase open with his clothes shuffled around inside.

A smile spreading across his face as he realized what his boy had done. When Pha had opted to stay at his own room last night Yo must have left then to beat him down here for a surprise. He padded out onto the balcony finding Yo leaning against the railing. The evening rays giving Yo's skin a glow that spoke volumes to Pha's appetite for his boyfriend. Yo wore the pastel pink low cut v neck t-shirt with strawberry cake cat design that showed off his collar bones and he paired it with the tan cotton shorts that showed off his lovely legs.

"Surprise, P'Pha." Yo greeted him that small sweet voice he knows that Pha can't resist. He turned around to lean with his back and elbows against the railing. Honestly, any of the frustration he felt earlier was gone from seeing him like this.

"I love it." Pha replied closing the distance between them. He  lifted his hand to tilt Yo's chin up to bring him into a kiss. He watched Yo's eyes flutter shut as their lips met softly. Pha smiled fondly as he broke their kiss to press another butterfly kiss to Yo's nose. Yo wrapped his arms around his waist. 


Chapter Text

Buzz. Buzz.

Kit sighed loudly as he stopped working on his homework. He didn’t have to look to know who it is. Across from him on the wall of Yo’s dorm room shows that it’s after midnight. The only one who’d call him this late is his boyfriend. Kit had specifically told Ming not to try anything tonight because he had to study for the exam at the end of the week. Pha, Beam, and him would have normally gone to Pha’s room but Yo had a fever this morning. So, naturally Pha refused to leave him alone for the night. So they’d ended up in Yo’s room tonight studying. The poor first year up on his bed trying to sleep while they studied at his low table. 

He reached over answering the phone. “You know that I am studying tonight brat.” He greeted the moment the call connected.

“Harsh, kitty.” Beam joked earning a glare from Kit.

“Take that on the balcony.” Pha ordered as he padded back over from where he’d been checking on the sleeping Yo in bed. Kit nodded while taking a quick look over Yo. Yo only shifted his legs while his eyes stayed shut. He got up quietly stepping out onto Yo’s balcony shutting the door behind him.

“If you’re dr-“ Kit starts but stops as he hears a voice. Ming’s must have accidentally called him when he put his phone in his pocket. He could hear the muffled sounds of the bar that Ming had told him he was going to.

“You’ve been quiet for a while now, Ming.” Said the familiar voice of N’Pond. His tone having the mischievous tilt.

“About?” Ming questioned.

“Dude, you’re dating one of the doctors of the crazy doc gang. Spill!” another guy said that Kit didn’t recognize.

“No, what we do is our business, Sharp.” Ming replied with an annoyed tone.

“Oh come on! Plus it's P'Kit!”

“Stop badgering him!” N’Ruth ordered which was followed by the sound of two clanking beer bottles. Kit guessed that it had been N'Ruth and Ming, “Geeze, no wonder Ai-Mint broke up with you!” The chorus of burns and laughter followed.

Kit decided to hang up after the topic changed to Sharp and how he would be forever single because of his behavior. Kit chuckled for a moment before going silent thinking about how Ming had handled Sharp’s questioning. He was honestly touched by the level of respect that Ming gives their relationship. This being one of many times he's witnessed it. His mind replaying it with a smile before he got an idea. Then he started texting Ming. 

Kit shoved his phone in his pocket purposely ignoring the new messages he knew was Ming. He went inside careful to close the door as quietly as possible. He went back over to the low table where Beam and Pha were not talking about their studies. "I am going to head out." Kit whispered gathering his stuff. 

"Really? One call from the kid and off you go? He's got that smooth of a  tongue?" Beam whispered back playfully with a grin on his face. 

"Yes, he does." Kit respond bluntly without thinking as he made sure that he had all his stuff. Pha and Beam share a look of surprise. Normally, it would have taken some more teasing and a very red faced Kit before he'd confess something like that.  He quickly got up heading to the door realizing what he'd said. "See ya." Kit whispered loudly over his shoulder as he slipped out the door to his own room. 

Chapter Text

Ming combed his fingers through Kit's still damp hair from their shower earlier. He knew from his boyfriends breathing that he was asleep. So, he let his thoughts linger back to the phone call he'd walked in on earlier between his Kitkat and P'Coach.

Kit was already in his dorm room waiting for him because his SOTUS gathering was going to be a late one that ended around eight. The meeting ended earlier so he'd grabbed them some dinner. He'd just come through the door kicking off his shoes when he heard Kit's voice coming through the cracked door of the balcony. 

"Phi, there was nothing embarrassing about the interview." Kit said sharply "I watched it myself before they posted it."

"YOU LET THEM DO THAT?" the all too familiar screaming baritone voice of P'Coach - Kit's other old brother. The one that was having the hardest time wrapping his head around that his brother was dating Ming. Ming sat their dinner on the low table before sitting down on the couch. He was going to wait for Kit to finish his call. He really wanted to jump in but this is family. He'd be the support Kit needed. 

"He was respectfully honest and even if he had said my name, Phi, he is my boyfriend. I will never hide him. What kind of man would that make me if I did?" Kit snapped back pride and hurt evident in his voice. Ming couldn't stop the fond smile that spread across his face. He didn't need Kit to tell him that he cared because Kit showed it constantly. It was the small things he does like giving him advice when Ming needs it, the support when times are low, and the belief in their relationship.

"What did you just say?" Kit bit out pulling Ming out of his mushy thoughts. Ming couldn't hear P'Coach's response because it was so low. He'd obviously realized his mistake. Ming could tell by Kit's tone that there was no way for P'Coach to salvage the call. 

"Oh, no, Phi there is no reason to take it back." Kit seethed "Next weekend won't be awkward because I no.. we won't be there." 

Kit hung up the phone turning around. Ming watched him start texting someone as walked inside and by the buzzing in his back pocket he knows who it wa. 

"Hey, you're back." Kit forcing a thin smile on his face, "When did you get back?"

"Since you said interview." Ming answered honestly. Kit released a sigh that took the fake smile off his face. He plopped down on the couch beside of Ming deflating. Ming waited patiently knowing that Kit would open up to him when he was ready. 

"I'm sorry."

"About what?" Ming said adjusting his arm so that it wrapped around Kit's shoulders bringing him close. Kit rested his head on Ming's shoulder. 

"Having to hear that."

"We can't please everyone. What we can do is the best we can in making sure that we are doing right by ourselves. Plus, you did tell me that your family's traditional values are important and we are breaking that mold. Just remember he loves you. He doesn't have to love me." Ming said kissing the top of Kit's head.

"It'd make it easier." Kit snorted.

"Yeah well they all can't be Granny." Ming said slightly nudging him with his hand.

"You're right." Kit chuckled before looking up at Ming. He didn't know how to say how deeply that he already felt for Ming. The brat just kept worming his way deeper into his heart. A soft smile on Ming's lips made the heat pooling in his chest from love spread all over him. He leaned up cupping his boyfriend's jaw kissing him gently.

"More." Kit breathed against his lips when they parted for air. Ming's reply to kiss him back just as gently shifting to urge Kit to lay back. Kit complied easily hands taking hold of his tie pulling him along with him not break their kiss. 

"Stop abusing that one brain cell you have left." Kit sleepily grumbled as he tightened his arm laying around Ming's waist bring him back to the present. His bedroom in darkness except from the moonlight coming from under his curtains. 

"I thought you were asleep?" Ming questioned honestly wondered how his boyfriend had the energy to be up. He had the delicious pleasure of turning that more into thoroughly wrecking his boyfriend on the couch. The shower that followed had been just as appetizing. 

"Your heart beat sped up." Kit mumbled "Now, go to sleep."

"Yes, Kitkat." Ming smiled. 

Chapter Text

Yo sighed in relief as he stepped out of his classroom. Stretching as he walked over to his friends. The fairy gang talking about the exam that'd just taken and where to go for a reward for not dying during the test. Yo really wanted to try the new boba shop nearby but the girl's sounded like they wanted to get some ice cream. He was about to suggest they go to the Sweet Haus*  when his phone started vibrating. He grinned seeing that it was Ming.

"I'll be right back." Yo said to the girl's as he turned around to go towards the staircase. They'd have to go that way anyways to go to the parking lot. He was just about to answer the phone when he walked into something hard. He looked up to find that it was none other than Park. Yo barely could hold back the look of disappointment on his face. 

"I'm sorry." Yo apologized as he took two steps back. He didn't like being close to him. Park always made him uncomfortable. The guy hadn't taken the hint that Yo wasn't interested in him. 

"No worries." Park grinned "I just finished my exam. How about you?" 

"Yes, we did. We were going to have some ice cream to celebrate!" said the sickening sweet voice of E'Jenny. He realized that his friends were now flanking him to ogle Park. Yo rolled his eyes at her tone. He never understood why they like him so much, but they are his friends and he doesn't want them to be sad because of him.

"Want to join us?"  E'Jenny offered batting her eyes. Yo noticed Park's gaze slip from Jenny's face over to his and down to his lips before looking back up to answer Jenny. He was about to when Ming's voice stopped him. 

"There are my lovely ladies!" Ming flirted loudly as he stepped up to them. Ming was dressed down with a simple black t-shirt and jeans. His comment making the gang swoon. Yo rolled his eyes. "I tried calling Yo to see if you all wanted to join me in going to the new boba shop? My treat!"

"Yes!" They all practically shouted before being shushed by their classmates leaving their rooms. 

"Then let's go." Ming said hooking an arm around Yo's shoulder tugging him along purposely not looking or speaking to Park. 

"Thanks." Yo said in a low voice as they went down the stairs. 

"Don't worry man, I'll always look out for you." Ming replied with an easy grin but inside he was already planning what he can do to help his friend next. 


Chapter Text

Yo grabbed the small tub of cherry garcia out of his mini fridge. His treat for having that test today. It had been hard but Yo was confident that he'd done well. He padded over to the couch and plopped down. He pushed play to watch the latest episode of Hotel de Luna. He wished Pha was here but he was still in America visiting his mother. She'd called Pha telling him that she wanted to see him and that she wanted to talk to him face to face. Yo had wanted to go but  he had four exams between his biology and business classes. Pha promised they'd go together next time.

He had just taken his first bite when he heard the knock at the door. He was about to let it go when he heard the knock again and with a sigh he got up. He kept on eating his ice cream as he answered the door.

Yo blinked in confusion. There on his door step stood Pha. He's in the navy pea coat Yo facetimed him with a few days ago. He must have just gotten in.

"You're home." Yo said around the spoon in his mouth. Pha smiled warmly taking in the sight of his boyfriend. He looks soft and inviting. Yo's hair is messy air dry and wearing one of his soft heather grey henleys. He looks like he is drowning in it. His sweats clinging to his lanky legs.

"Are you going to let me in?" Pha grinned taking a step forward making Yo step back to let him in. Pha slipped inside letting his bag fall beside the door.

"You were supposed to be back Tuesday." Yo said taking the spoon out of his mouth and shutting the door. Pha toed out of his shoes and took off his coat tossing it on the back Yo's armchair. He turned around to face Yo taking the spoon and tub of ice cream putting them on Yo's desk.

"I missed you." Pha replied stepping into his space gently lifting Yo's chin to press a soft kiss to his lips. He could taste the sweetness of the ice cream.

"What about your mom? Won't she be sad you left early?" Yo asked pressing a palm to Pha's chest pushing him back a bit. 

"She's fine. I promise." Pha answered easily leaning back into him smiling "Didn't you miss me?"

"No." Yo teased.

"Not even a little bit?" Pha mumbled against Yo's lips.

"Not even a little." Yo laughed just long enough for Pha to start kissing him again.

Chapter Text

Ming woke up to the sound of Yo panicking from what sounded from his bathroom. Ming went to sit up and immediately laid back down. His head felt like someone had tried to pry it open with a rusty spoon. He honestly should have asked the faeries what they were mixing last night. He'd somehow got talked into staying at Yo's with the fairy gang. They were supposed to watch some show called Hotel de Luna but ended up drinking Yolanda's special daiquiris.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes slowly. Thankfully, Yo's curtains were thick enough not to let his room be so bright. He took in the sight of the room. It looked like a party gone wrong had happened. There are clothes, towels, used glasses, a few beer bottles all over the place, and was that cake? the tv was still on with Netflix asking if they still was watching. He was reaching for his phone on the nightstand when Yo yelled from the bathroom.

"Oh my god!" 

"Stop yelling! It's too early for that. What's wrong?" Ming complained as he tried again to sit up slowly. The pain in his head was still there but not as bad. He slowly made his way from the bed to the bathroom. Ming froze in the doorway when he saw Yo leaning against the sink starting wide eyed at his phone. The shorter guy was in a long sleeved maroon shirt that obviously is Pha's because he looked like he was swimming in it. His hair is what made him freeze because usual chestnut brown mop of hair was now ombre with metallic pink tips. It looked cute but he wondered how he'd done it. The night before a laughing blur in his mind.

"Is it your hair?"

"No, I found the Colorsmash* cans in the trash. It will come out in a few days." Yo grimaced showing Ming  his phone. "This is why I think we are in trouble."

Ming took the phone seeing that Yo had it opened his instagram account specifically to a picture of him and Yo. He's got a drunk smile on his face and Yo's got his new hair with a glitter heart on his cheek leaning in like he's going to kiss Ming's cheek. Yolanda, Jenny, Jessica, and Mon are behind them doing bunny ears and cutesy faces. It was posted six hours ago with #bestnightever! and #fairyparty! He was about to laugh till he saw that both Kit and Pha had liked the picture ten minutes ago. No comments though. Yeah, they were in trouble. They'd both promised not to have any #fairyparties with them not being in town. The last time him and Yo had a fairy party it had not been fun with their boyfriends upset with them.

"Is there anything else?"  Ming said as he scrolled through the feed. The only other picture is one of Yo taking one of himself with one of the glittery daiquiris. Ming went over to the girl's and theirs was filled with selfies. Ming had disabled his instagram when he became campus moon. So he didn't have to worry about that.

"Not that I could find. You did drunk tweet about the episodes and about the cake?" Yo answered him. The two of them looking out the room at the cake that was on it's top beside of the trashcan instead of in it. The both of them laughing until both their phones started ringing with their boyfriend's ringtones.



Chapter Text

Beam was reaching for his tea when he noticed that Kit wasn't even paying attention to his notes. Kit was looking off into the distance with his chin being propped up on his hand. His free hand that's supposed to be writing is drumming his pencil against the notebook. A slow smile spreading across his face.

Beam nudged Pha before gesturing with his eyebrows for him to look at Kit. Pha was confused at first but then his lips ticked upward catching on. Kit had been dazed like this for a couple of days now.

"Kitty can you hand me the notes on chapter fifty-seven?" Beam asked grinning when Kit didn't answer.

"Kit?" Pha prodded with his foot underneath. They were sitting outside in the medical canteen. The day being beautiful with a good breeze.

"Ye-yes?" Kit stuttered realizing that he'd been daydreaming again.

"You're doing it again." Beam laughed "You've been distracted lately with that smile on your face."

"What's on your mind?" Pha asked shoulder bumping Beam.

"A certain campus moon?" Beam teased.

"Oh shut up the both you." Kit sighed rolling his eyes and looking down to see that all he'd managed to do is scribble the word sevgilim in random places. He quickly moved on to another page before Beam or Pha could see it. He didn't want the endless teasing. To his utter horror, he wasn't fast enough and Beam was able to see it taking the notebook from him.

"Sevgilim?" Beam questioned butchering the pronunciation. To be honest , Kit does too but he loves hearing Ming say it "What's that?"

"None of your business!" Kit snaps grabbing the paper back and gathering his stuff. A blush spreading across his face.

"Oh come on Kitty!" Beam cackled as Kit sent him a gaze filled with daggers. Kit was turning around to leave when he bumps into Ming. From the even louder laughing and cat calling at Ming coming from behind him by his two asshole best friends, he knows that the day is only going to get more embarrassing.


Chapter Text

"Just go!" Yo said in a tone that Ming hadn't heard in a very long time. He was coming to visit Kit when he stepped into the outer lobby of the Kit and Yo's dorm building. Pha and Yo were standing by the door. Ming watched as Yo stepped backwards when Pha tried to catch his arm to go inside. He gave Pha a sharp glare before going inside.

Ming sighed as he watched Pha walk over to the couch to sit down. Pha visibly deflated leaning cradling his hands in his palms. His elbows resting on his knees. Pha ran his fingers through his hair. Ming sent Kit a quick text telling him that he'd be up in a minute. Ming knew he should probably have Kit come down, but maybe he could help.

"On a scale of one to last year's Songkran how stupid were you?"

"How much of that did you hear?"

"Just him telling you to leave." Ming answered honestly.

"A solid eight if I am honest." Pha confessed sitting up "I shouldn't have said anything about E'Ram but I've seen some of the posts he's making online."

Ah, he was worried about it happening again Ming thought. He understood where Pha was coming from but also knows that the other more hidden reason is that Ram is just like Pha except he is in Yo's business faculty. He's easier to hang out with and all the problems that come from dating Pha float away or at least in Pha's brain. Ming knows the truth though. There will never be anyone else other than Phana Kongthanin in Yo's heart. The guy has his best friend hook line and sinker for the rest of his life. But he's a hundred percent sure that Pha's jealousy is what Yo noticed not the fact that Ram's behaving similarly to Park.

"No one is perfect, P, especially went dating. You should tell Yo about your concern about P'Ram." Ming replied "However, I'd start with an apology then show him the posts."

Ming felt the phone in his hand vibrate. He checked to see that it was a text from Kit telling him to come inside. Ming stood up and patted Pha's shoulder, "Besides he can't stay mad at you for long. He's probably already debating whether or not to come back down here to see if you're still here."

"Thanks."  Pha said nodding a thin smile on his face before reaching for his own phone in his pocket. Ming guessed it was either to get in touch with Yo or text Kit and Beam. He hoped that Pha would take his advice. 


Chapter Text

Kit was leaning against the door frame of bathroom of Ming's dorm room. His arms crossed as he watched Ming failing at focusing at his schematics. Clearly there was something wrong with him and his odd behavior had gone on for too long. Ming is tactile all the time. He mentally kicked himself for letting Ming get this physically distant from him these past two weeks. Kit had dismissed the first time because they'd been with their friends. The second time was more noticeable because he sat across from him at their favorite cafe instead of beside of him. Kit kept brushing it off as other things until now. The most telling that something was up was that when Kit offered for him to join him in the shower he'd declined.

He had no idea what was going on in that beautiful head of his because Ming had the same capacity as him to keep things to himself. Kit had been picking apart his brain the better part of two weeks trying to remember what had started this while in his shower. The only moments he could think of that something might have been done was either the lunch with his siblings or the night Ming had gone out with his friends while he'd studied for his exam. Kit was leaning closer to Ming's friend's because P'Coach behaved like his normal self. He'd told Ming to come to his girlfriend's barbecue party for her birthday next month. So, something must be going on within his friend's group. He was truly curious what exactly could have been said that made his boyfriend become distant. But it didn't take much to figure out that it had been about Ming's clingy nature.

"Come to bed." Kit stated as he pushed himself off the door frame walking towards the bed "You can work on that tomorrow."

"You go on ahead. I want to finish this." Ming replied without looking over his shoulder. Kit's eyes narrowed watching Ming's back tense up. 

"Mingkwan, is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine." Ming replied in a tone that sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than Kit. 

"Really?" Kit questioned walking over to his boyfriend quickly spinning him around in his desk chair.

"Ye..yes." Ming stuttered in surprise. He could see that Kit had made use of his black over sized supreme shirt. The hem coming down just above his boxers hem. Ming's gaze shifting from confusion to desire. Kit smirked at that until he saw Ming trying to resist. 

Oh, hell no Kit thought as he climbed easily into Ming's lap. Ming grasped Kit's hips thankful that he'd gotten a good chair that didn't topple easily. Kit used the new angle to his advantage cupping his boyfriend's face kissing him passionately. 

"Good, then come to bed with me." Kit breathed against his lips as he parted the kiss for air. His hands slide into Ming's hair before leaning back down to capture his lips again. He smiled feeling Ming's hand slipping under him to make sure he was secure before lifting them both up.


Chapter Text

Yo tilted his head as he saw Ming walking towards their picnic table. A frown sweeping across his face as he noticed that his best friend didn't look so good. Normally, Ming is practically buzzing with energy and gives off this aura that attracts both men and women. Today, Ming looks like death rolled over. His hair in a hand combed mess, bags under his eyes, looking a bit pale, and he is moving sluggishly. He was dressed down in an old comfy graphic t-shirt and ripped jeans with his sneakers.

"You look like hell." Yo commented once Ming arrived. Beside of Yo, Pha looked up from where he'd been reading a chapter about burns. He too made a face at seeing Ming in this state, and to his credit he didn't say anything.

"I feel like it." Ming replied honestly with a tired gravel to his tone.

"Well you look it." Yo replied.

"Well I feel it." Ming returned running his hand through his hair.

"You should be in bed. Why are you here?"

"I told Tor I would-" Ming started but was interrupted by Kit.

"What are you doing here? I told you to stay in bed. How are the meds supposed to work if you're out being stupid?" Kit scolded as he stepped up to the table. He had a frown on his face at seeing Ming there with them.

"Kitkat, I -"

"No," Kit interrupted him again "Unless it's about your parents get up right now. I'm taking you back home."

Ming sighed but followed his boyfriend's instructions. He would text Tor and let him know that he can't come. Ming likes to stand by his word but he didn't ask to be sick. Besides, right now his boyfriend is worried and he didn't want  Kit to get actually angry with him. So with a pout on his lips he gets up following Kit as the older man gestured in frustration for him to turn around. Yo smiled fondly knowing that his best friend is good hands. For all of Kit's anger he does care about his best friend.

By home, Kit had actually meant Ming's dorm room this time. Kit had ushered him back into his bathroom to take a quick shower and get back into his comfortable clothes - a well worn black vest and roomy sweat pants. Kit cranked up the air conditioner and made him get back into bed. 

"I am staying here with you for today to make sure you don't get anymore stupid ideas." Kit firmly stated as he made himself at home on the other side of the bed. Ming smiled thinly wrapping an arm over Kit's waist. Kit looked over at him to see that the medicine he'd made Ming taken earlier lulling him back to sleep. Less than a half an hour later while Kit was reading the chapters assigned for tomorrow he heard the soft snoring of his boyfriend.


Chapter Text

Yo should be happy that him and Pha are no longer the focus of conversation because Yolanda revealed that she is currently dating Tor - one of Ming's batch mates from sotus. However, he's a bit concerned about Ming. His best friend who would be normally in the middle of the gossip session is sitting quietly in front of him shoveling his tiramisu around his plate. Yo know's that it isn't the cake because this is one of Ming's favorite cafe's and he loves the tiramisu here. He orders it every time him and Kit come here. Ming starts to smile and is that a blush forming on his face?

"We are going to go outside to that new POP stall." Cake said as the girls stood up "We will be right back."

"Hey, what happened last night?" Yo asked nudging Ming's foot to get his attention as soon as the girls were outside.

"Huh." Ming replied with a confusion expression "what did you say?"

"I asked what happened last night after P
Kit picked you up from the club?" Yo repeated but added on the end to narrow down what he was asking about for Ming. His right brow raising at the look on Ming's face.

"Uh....yeah...nothing." Ming answered and this time Yo was sure it was a blush because his normally shameless best friend's ears were tinging red. "He just took me home."

"You know that I can tell you're lying right?"

"I'm not lying."

"Your ears are red." Yo chuckled "You want to try that again?"

Ming smiled fixing his posture. "I'm not telling. 
Just know that I enjoyed what happened." Ming offered finally taking a bite of his cake.

"No fair." Yo teased "I tell you things."

"Shameless." Ming laughed teasing him back. This time Yo blushed because Ming had gotten him to spill about Yo's birthday weekend. Yo tossed his napkin at his best friend. The concern gone. What ever happened must have been more than just good for Ming to be all tight lipped about it.


Chapter Text


Kit winced in the hallway hearing the sound of metal clashing with metal from the kitchen in their villa. They'd come on a much needed vacation with Pha, Yo, Forth, and Beam. It's only their second day into the trip and Ming's work place called. That was back this morning, He'd taken the call outside and Kit could only watch from their dinning table as Ming's face twisted into a frown. The call hadn't lasted long but the result was that Ming had been quiet and moody.

He was thankful when the other four had opted to go out for the day instead of staying in. Kit had talked, not that it was difficult, Ming into cuddling on the couch to watch the new episodes of some drama Hotel de Luna that Yo and the fairy gang had gotten swept up in during their last fairy party. It seemed like it was going good but then one of his co-workers called. He dragged Ming back to their room to take a nap and he'd turned off Ming's phone.  If anyone wanted to get a hold of Ming then they'd have to call Kit.

He'd woken up alone in their bed and the smell of something delicious coming from the kitchen. Kit checked his phone to see that Pha had called and texted saying that they'd be home for dinner. There had a been a thumbs up reply letting Kit know that Ming had seen the message. He glanced at the clock seeing that it was near the time they said they would be home.  That's how he found himself now standing in the hallway listening to his boyfriend cook. No music playing but the sounds of his grumbling and the yummy smell of dinner being made. It would be Ming's apology for the day. Not that he needed too. They all understood that P'Kade was Ming's version of P'Klengkla. 

"Hey." Kit said announcing himself stepping inside. The room is large with a full kitchen and island. The dinning room table on the other side in front of the floor to ceiling glass wall that gives them a view of the patio and the ocean. He noticed that the table was already set with a few dishes already on the table.

"Hey." Ming replied "Did you sleep well?"

"Did you?" Kit asked padding over to where Ming was standing. He was stirring some honey chicken around the skillet. Ming offered him a bite. Kit ate it with a smile. Ming's cooking always making his stomach growl.

"I did. Thank you."

"Do yo want to talk about earlier?"

"No, it doesn't matter and I shouldn't have let it get to me." Ming replied "I am sorry for being this way today."

"Don't worry about it." Kit replied nodding as he turned around to push himself up to be sitting on the clean side counter beside Ming "Besides, when the guys get here and eat this they're going to forget about it."

Ming chuckled as Kit opened his mouth- a silent request for another bite. He easily obliged. Kit moaned happily. The day may have been somber but the rest of their time here offered more happiness. Especially if Ming kept cooking. They are right about that saying that a way to the heart is through the stomach. Kit thought as he watched Ming continue cooking.


Chapter Text

The sudden feeling of being cold is what stirred Kit from his sleep. He’d gotten home from a late shift feeling dead on his feet. Ming had ushered him to the bathroom to take a proper shower and eat something before sending him to bed promising that he’d be there in a few minutes. However, the cold sheets his hand palms when reaching out for his human furnace of a boyfriend lets him know that Ming’s not come to bed yet. Kit lifted his head to check the electronic clock on Ming’s nightstand that reads that it’s half past eleven. His gaze shifts to the soft light from the hallway pouring into the room. Kit groans before sliding out bed.

The wooden floor is chilly under his bare feet as goes to look for him. Kit runs his hand sleepily through his air-dried locks seeing that the light is coming from Ming’s office. The music is still lightly playing which makes Kit think at first that he is still awake. A tired smile spreads across his face as he finds Ming sprawled out on his back asleep on the plush leather couch. A file on his chest with some of the papers having slipped out fallen to the floor beside him.  Kit pads across the room kneeling beside the couch gathering up the papers putting them back into the file before setting it on the glass coffee table.

“Babe?” Kit calls him as he gently nudges Ming. He chuckles lowly when Ming doesn’t respond. They’ve both been working hard and he decides instead of waking him up that he’ll just join him. The couch is big enough and they’ve slept on it before. He uses the remote on the coffee table to turn off the lamp and the bluetooth. Standing up he grabs the throw blanket off the armchair before crawling on top of his boyfriend. It takes him only a few moments to get comfortable with the blanket over them.  Kit pressed soft kisses to Ming’s jaw and neck to try to stir him a bit to let him snuggle into his neck.

“Kitkat.” Ming said in his sleep as he turned his head enough to give Kit the room he needed. A warm arm wrapped around him as he was easily lulled back to sleep with Ming’s warmth and the sound of his even breathing.  

Chapter Text

"Can you grab the cheddar salt, Yo? I forgot it on the counter?" E'Mon asked as Yo stood up to go grab his charger as the movie started.  His phone finally died from playing his game while they were downstairs getting their snacks for the movie. He really didn't want to watch The Countdown but Jenny, Mon, and Yolanda were so excited to see it. He didn't want to be the buzzkill and tell them that he didn't like scary movies. Honestly, he didn't like being scared at all and this ominous opening sequence was already causing goosebumps. 

"Sure." Yo nodded as he got up thankful for the perfect excuse not to have see the woman die horribly. He quickly made his way downstairs. He grabbed his portable charger box and cable from the dinning room table where he had left his backpack. Yo plugged his phone up then laid it on the table to charge while he went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Yo found the salt shaker easily on the white counter top with it's red and white popcorn box shaped design. "This is cute." Yo muttered picking it up.

"Just like you." Pha said with a happy tone causing Yo to so not jump. He nearly dropped the glass shaker.  His heart feeling like it was about to jump right out of his chest. He turned around to see his boyfriend leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.  His arms crossed over his chest with a playful smirk on his face.  He was a mixture of annoyed and curious as to why his boyfriend was here. Tonight was supposed to be a night of just him and the girls. Plus, this is E'Mon's condo.

"What are you doing here?" Yo asked as Pha pushed himself off the door frame uncrossing his arms "How did you get in?"

"I was worried when you stopped messaging me and the front door was unlocked. I did knocked though but no one answered." Pha answered with a shrug as he walked over to him.

"Oh, I'm sorry for-" Yo started but stopped when he heard the sound of Yolanda and Jenny calling for him. Yo's eyes widened as a blush spread across his cheeks. As much as he loved that Pha was here he didn't want to explain it to the girls. They'd be squealing and Pha would never be able to leave. So quickly, he grabbed Pha tugging him into the walk-in pantry closing the door behind them as quietly as possible. 

Yo ushered Pha up against one of the shelves trying to hide them in case they got near the double fogged glass pantry doors. His arms on either side of him keeping the taller man in place. They shared a look of understanding to keep quiet as the girls entered the kitchen.

"A'Yo?" Yolanda called for him.

"Where did he go?" Jenny asked when Yo didn't answer Yolanda. "He left the salt here?"

"The bathroom probably. Let's go back." Yolanda replied.

Yo let out a soft sigh of relief as he heard them shuffling out of the kitchen. He turned his head to look up at Pha. He'd expected to still see that smirk from earlier on face but what he saw in those beautiful brown eyes was a desire. Yo swallowed watching as Pha's eyes trailed down to throat before rising to meet his eyes again. The no that Yo mouthed went ignored as Pha leaned down to kiss him softly. 

Yo could feel the smile spreading across Pha's lips as his brain began to check out like it always did when his boyfriend was kissing him. He moved his hands to wrap around Pha's neck and accidentally knocked off a cake mix box off the shelf. The sound had both of them freezing. They could hear someone coming back into the kitchen. 

"Did you hear that?" Jenny's voice said awfully close to the pantry. 

"Hear what?" Yolanda asked.

"I thought I heard a noise." 

"Really? It's probably just one of the cats. Come on before we miss the good parts. You know that E'Mon doesn't like to pause movies." Yolanda stated.

"Okay." Jenny replied.

"You should go." Yo whispered even still they'd finally heard the two clambering up the stairs "We can do this later."

"I will but I want my goodbye kiss first. " He leaned back down pressing their foreheads together before kissing him again. 

Chapter Text

Pha chuckled as he leaned against the railing of the balcony attached to Kit's dorm room. The location they'd selected to study for the exam and lab for this Friday. Lukewarm air shifted his hair in the breeze as he looked down at his phone. He'd gotten the notification that Yo was posting on his private Instagram (a necessity after the whole Park mess). Through the feed he could see a series of pictures tagged as #fairygathering. He stopped on a picture of Yo grinning happily while holding a martini glass filled with sparkly pink liquor. Pha shook his head.

"Hey, are you ready?" Beam asked sticking his head out to check on his best friend.

"Yeah." Pha nodded quickly liking the picture before he shoved the phone in his pocket. It was going to be a long night and he was grateful that Yo wasn't alone tonight.


It was the adorable drunken giggle that woke Pha from where he'd already gone to bed. Yo had texted him earlier saying they'd gone to the twin's room a floor below Pha's to watch a movie. He cracked an eye open to see Yo trying to rather wobbly get his sneakers off. 

"Stupid shoe." Yo grumbled finally getting his shoes off and making his way towards the bed. Pha made sure to school his face to as if he was sleeping wondering what his boyfriend would do next.

Pha felt the dip in the bed as Yo crawled up the bed. His boyfriend's familiar weight settling on top of of him. Yo's arms on either side of his head with lithe fingers combing into his hair. He felt Yo's cool hand brush the bangs that fallen over his face away. Pha couldn't help but smile at the sweet gesture. 

Pha's eyes snapped open at the soft press of lips against his own. He froze for only a moment before responding back letting his eyes close.  Yo's hands gripping his hair tilting Pha's head back. He could still taste the raspberry mixed with chocolate as their kiss deepened. While Pha's own hands gripped Yo's jean clad hips. 

"You're smiles taste the best." Yo breathed against Pha's lips when they parted for much needed air. 

"Oh?" Pha teased letting his hands roam up Yo's back under his cotton t-shirt. He already knew the answer. "So you've tasted other smiles?"

"Just the only that's ever mattered." Yo answered kissing him again feeling Pha's smile widen at his words.  



Chapter Text

"I immediately regret this decision." Kit groaned from behind his sunglasses. He was cold, no coffee in his system, it is brighter than the damn sun, and he ached all over. Not the good kind of ache that came from a night with his engineering wolf. No, this was from him working hard the day before with the supplies for the stall only to not get enough sleep. This was torture at its finest and it was all Pha's fault. His stupid best friend had gotten into an argument with Krey and had made a bet with the man that their stall would be the one that would get the most pledges during the fall festival. The pledges would help the local children's hospital assist the families in their care. He hadn't thought nothing of it because it wasn't something out of the ordinary for Pha to do something to do them. However, now that he was here looking down at the concept he wished he wasn't here. 

"Yeah, you're not the only one." Beam complained in agreement with him sporting his own sunglasses.

"Come on, it won't be that bad." Pha stated with way too much positivity for his liking. Their stall space empty with the supplies organized on the ground. 

"The only way it's not going to be that bad is if you can magically make some coffee appear." Kit grumbled.

"Did someone say coffee?" came the familiar voice of their delivery guy, Jai. The young man approached them with a tray of coffee and brown bag that had SunRain's logo on it. 

"Thanks, Jai." Pha replied taking the tray and bag from him in exchange for giving him a tip. 

"You're welcome." Jai stated before taking off.

"This better be my usual." Kit bit out accepting the coffee Pha handed him. 

"You'll enjoy it even if it isn't." Pha grinned earning himself a rather sharp glare from Kit. Kit didn't say a word when it is his usual that Ming gets him. The smirk Pha has on his face tells him he doesn't need to though. 

Chapter Text

If Kit was honest with himself. He never thought that this is how he would be spending their first New Year’s together in their apartment. He’d thought they’d be celebrating the new year with their best friends. However, Ming accidentally breaking his leg had seen to them not doing that. Instead, they had opted to stay in and just have the evening to themselves. The snow and ice wouldn’t be good for him and the other’s had agreed to do their own thing this year. 

The two of them had decided to stay in their pajamas for the day.  Kit an over sized t-shirt with his sweats. To be more comfortable Ming had opted for his boxers and vest. Then they decided watch a marathon of Star Wars after having lunch. Right, now they are on a brief pause watching the Attack of the Clones. 

“Babe, do we have any magic dust left for the popcorn?” Ming asked from the living room. 

Kit chuckled stirred from his thoughts. His eyes glancing at the open face spice rack on the wall. Since going to that pizza place* when they went to America. Ming’s been obsessed with the powder going on his pizza or more recently popcorn. He liked it too. So it wasn’t that bad for being a mixture of Italian seasonings, Parmesan and Romano cheese.

“Yes, we do.” Kit called out to him as he leaned off the island to grab the glass shaker off of the rack. The microwave beeped just in time. He refilled their popcorn bowl and sprinkled the powder all over. Then grabbing a fresh bottle of coke for Ming and another beer for him he went back to the living room. He sat Ming’s coke on the coffee table before giving him the bowl of popcorn. 

“Thank you.” Ming grinned happily eating a handful of kernels. He scooted forward letting Kit move behind him. Once his boyfriend was once again comfortable he leaned back against his chest. 

“You’re welcome.” Kit chuckled opening his bottle as Ming started playing the movie again. As, Obi-Wan Kenobi is trying to reach Anakin, his watch vibrated letting him know that it was finally midnight. He smiled looking down to see Ming watching the movie happily. Kit couldn’t help but think that even though this wasn’t what how he thought this new year would be spent he was grateful for it. He had the man that he loved with him in the home that they’ve picked out together. He pressed a kiss to the top of Ming’s head. 

Ming smiled looking up at him who expectantly tilted his head. Kit pressed a soft kiss against his lips tasting the powdered popcorn. 

“Happy New Year year.” Ming said to him when they parted.

“Happy New Year.” Kit replied giving him another kiss.