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You Matter To Me

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You woke to a sore back, puffy eyes, raw throat, and an ache in your SOUL. Only one of those was the consequence of sleeping on the couch, the rest were caused by the reasons why you were sleeping on the couch. Not even your own, either. Hell, you’d feel better if it was your own couch. You carefully untangled yourself from the thin throw blanket you snuggled with before sneaking to the bathroom.

After splashing your face with cold water, you debated sneaking out before they woke up. There would be way too many questions that you didn’t want to answer if they did wake up before you were gone. It was still early enough that you might be able to get out before even the earliest of risers woke up. First, however, you wanted to clean up the little mess you made of the couch. You didn’t regularly drink, but you did last night, and there were a few cans on the table. Before you could start your quick cleaning, a heavy hand dropping on your shoulder pulled a squeak from your lips.

“HUMAN. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?” Edge’s voice was still loud, even if it was five-thirty in the morning. You spun around, hands rising up, forcing a smile on your face. He had gone to sleep before you had left, along with Blue and Papyrus as they all had set sleep schedules. Maybe you could lie to him? Sneak out before the others woke up? You opened your mouth, a lie ready on your lips, but his eye sockets narrowed, and your voice died in your throat. His eyes were already roaming around downstairs. The blanket on the couch, your puffy eyes, the cans. “HMPF. YOU WILL HELP ME WITH BREAKFAST FOR THE OTHERS SINCE YOU MADE THIS MESS,” he gestured vaguely to the couch. You quickly gathered up the cans under his watchful stare.

“I…sure but-“ you started, but your throat was still sore. It hurt worse than if you had allowed yourself to openly sob…but you didn’t want to wake the skeletons who were all sleeping when you snuck back into their house last night.


You didn’t bother talking, just nodded softly. Edge’s eye sockets narrowed again, but he turned to start the kettle. As he did that, you checked the cupboards for inspiration to make the others breakfast. Most likely Edge would have an idea already and would refuse to do anything else, but you didn’t want to just stand around and let your mind wander. The two of you were silent, and when you pulled down a loaf of bread and glanced over at him, he was studying you. Immediately, he straightened stiffly and looked back at the tea options. “WE ARE ALL OUT OF SEA TEA,” he said, and you resisted the urge to sigh thankfully. Sea Tea was the worst, way too salty. “DO YOU WANT EARL GREY OR ANY OF THESE OTHER PITIFUL HUMAN TEAS?”

You gestured to one of the teas that you knew you enjoyed. He nodded. As he prepped the tea, you placed the loaf of bread on the counter. “French toast?” you murmured, voice soft because of the soreness.


That was…short and easy? You thought he’d immediately take control and suggest something else. It usually was at least a ten minute battle of wits with him when it came to things like this. He gave up way too quickly…your eyes were drilling holes into at his back as he poured the hot water into a cup for you.

“Edge?” you hummed, and he turned around to look at you expectantly. You tilted your head slightly.

“WELL? WHAT IS IT?” he demanded when you didn’t say anything further. You tapped your throat, and he grumbled before handing you the tea. “I LOATHE ADMITTING IT, BUT I HAVE NOT MADE FRENCH TOAST BEFORE.”

You blew lightly on the tea before taking a tentative sip. The temperature was hot…but, really you weren’t feeling much right now. You quickly took a long drink of it, causing Edge to regard you coolly. He definitely knew something was up now. He had often complained that you were too weak when it came to temperatures. If you were cold or hot, you complained usually.

“It’s easy,” you said, voice a bit louder but still soft as there were still monsters sleeping. Your throat was soothed as you taught Edge, and then Papyrus and Blue when they came a few moments later, how to make French Toast. When Blue asked what you were doing here so early, you simply said ‘making breakfast’ with a gentle smile. Edge had given you a sharp look when you still refused to answer the question. It wasn’t often you darted around issues. Especially towards Edge or Red, they preferred directness…and you blowing him or any others off like this?

Well, you hoped you’d be off to home before they could bring it up again.

Soon, the four of you had made plenty of French Toast for the six skeleton monsters and you. They each went to wake their respective brothers as you tidied the kitchen a bit more. You drank a bit more of your tea, staring at the ground blankly.

Red was the first one out of his room, and he didn’t even notice you as he shuffled into the dining room. You didn’t often see Red without his signature jacket or baseball shorts, but there he was in a loose tee-shirt with a nerdy pun on it and pyjama pants with crossbones on them. He grabbed the back of the chair at the head of the table, yanked it out roughly before he slouched down into it. His eye sockets blinked slowly as he scratched at his cheek, grumpily.

That was when he noticed you sipping your tea at the kitchen counter, and a red flush covered his face. “…hey…doll, what’re ya doin here? Boss didn't say nuthin’ bout ya…” he grumbled, looking like he was trying to push aside his morning grumps to be semi-pleasant to you. You walked over and sat down at the spot near him, leaning your head on your fist.

“I made breakfast,” you said simply, sipping at your tea. You ignored him as his eye sockets narrowed and scrutinized you for a moment, the grumpiness returned full force when you dropped your gaze to the mug.

“tch…fine…don't tell me,” he grumbled slouching even further. “s’not like I care anyway.”

You offered him a small smile, even if you weren’t feeling it. You didn’t want to be the reason he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.“Not fully awake there, sweetheart?”

His face flushed at the nickname her typically gave to you, and he grumbled as his brother walked in and smacked him upside the head. “SIT UP FOR ASGORES SAKE, BROTHER.”

Red grumbled and sat straighter, but didn’t hide his glare aimed at his brother who merely pulled out the chair across from you and settled down. The two exchanged a look but didn’t say anything further, and your eyes flicked over to the door. What excuse would let you hightail it out of here sooner?

It didn’t take long for the others to enter the dining room. Stretch’s and Sans’ reaction were the same as Red, with significantly less grumpiness. They regarded you curiously, but neither of them said anything as they plopped down in their usual spots. Thankfully, no one brought up your presence or appearance during breakfast. Although you were wearing the same clothes as last night…but the guys had never commented on your clothing before. You had worn the same shirt for three days before when you were stressed during your final semester of university.

Besides, all of them were in various states of wakefulness and dress. Red and Stretch were both in their pyjamas still, while Sans was in the same thing he always wore but his hoodie was zipped up, and he kept nodding off as he ate until the breakfast pun-war occurred. You were able to lift your tea as Edge slammed his fist on the table, saving yourself from getting warm tea all over yourself.

Thankfully, the three pun masters knew when to quit and stopped before the table was flipped, and the conversation was pulled into a different direction. They began going over their schedules for the day. There was the Ambassador meeting down at city hall discussing new bylaws, but you zoned out of that relatively quickly. Not because you didn’t care about monster politics, but because it was too early for your brain to process and it wasn’t in the best state to deal with that anyway.

Thankfully, the conversation hadn’t turned towards you…yet, but from the looks, all the brothers were giving you, you knew they were going to bring it up sooner or later. Maybe it was time to get out before they did?

“SO, ARE YOU READY TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU STAYED THE NIGHT ON OUR COUCH? OR WILL YOU KEEP DEFLECTING LIKE THE LAZY IDIOTS?” Edge asked, interrupting a conversation between Blue and Red. The two instantly stopped talking, attention being drawn to you.

“you stayed the night, hun?” Stretch asked, leaning forward so he could look at you better, “coulda told me, i would’ve taken the couch.”

“heh…or ya coulda joined me in my bed,” Red winked at you.



You had frozen when Blue had said ‘DATEMATE.’ Nope. Nope. You immediately stood up, chair pushing back. “I…I should go!” you said, forcing cheer onto your face. “I should get home! I didn’t think I could get home safely last night. I drank too much,” you lied.

“uhuh,” Stretch hummed, before shrugging, “ill walk you home.”

“You don’t have to,” you said quickly, almost too quickly. Stretch’s brow bone rose, and you saw his smile tense. Shit. The others were regarding you with curious suspicion.

“i wanna smoke anyways,” he stood up, jerking his head towards the door. “come on, hun.”

You knew he wouldn’t let you go alone, he always knew when anyone was lying. Your heart was pounding in your chest as you nodded curtly and then looked at the others.

“Sorry for crashing on your couch without asking, I’ll see you guys later,” you said and walked around the table, but Edge’s hand shot out to stop you. It was a firm grip, not meant to hurt, but to keep you still.

“DO NOT THINK THAT YOU HAVE ESCAPED THE QUESTION, HUMAN,” Edge said, eye sockets narrowed up at you.

“Didn’t think you cared that much, Edge,” you said, trying to force your tone to sound like a tease but it came out too flat. His grip tightened slightly, but then he let go.


“Magic,” you lied, with a wink and jazz hands, “see you guys later.”

Stretch placed a hand on your back between your shoulder blades and guided you to the front door.

The moment the door closed behind the two of you, he lit a dog treat and took a deep breath before exhaling slowly. His eye lights shifted over to you lazily before he gestured towards the road. You knew he would wait until the two of you were a decent distance from the house before he questioned you.

You had known the skeleton monsters for years now, ever since you had started dating Frisk in university. The skelebros, as you affectionately referred to them collectively, had even remained your friends even after the two of you ended your relationship amicably. You were introduced to the whole motley crew of skeletons during a Gfytmas/Christmas party that Toriel had invited you and Frisk to. 

Surprisingly, at least to Frisk, you got along the best with Edge and Red. You knew where you stood with them at all times, they weren’t afraid to tell you when you were stupid, and you weren’t scared to talk back to them. Hell, fights with those two were quick and straight to the point. ‘You did this wrong, I’m angry, fuck you, okay I’m good.’ You couldn’t think of one time where you felt bitter feelings lingering after the fight, because everything was out in the open with them.

Although, with Stretch, he was the kind of guy you could tell anything to. Mostly because he knew the instant you were trying to hide something. It was his sixth sense. He always told you he could ‘feel it in his bones’ with a wink whenever you asked him how he always seemed to known. You knew that he was holding his fair share of secrets and trauma to himself…and you had offered to listen but he still just brushed it off saying that he would and then never did.

However, that wasn’t to say you weren’t close to the others either. You, Blue, and Papyrus attended a self-defence class since monsters weren’t allowed to use their magic against humans and you wanted to be safe. You’d garden with Papyrus during the spring and summer. Red let you help when he was tinkering around in the garage because you were honestly in love with learning new things. Edge and you didn’t have an ‘activity’ to do together, but you still enjoyed his company. You went to every one of Sans’ comedy shows to support him. They were some of your best friends…and they were all so different but so similar. Currently, the most similar aspect that you were worried about was the fact that…well…

They all hated your ex.

“so,” Stretch exhaled the smoke through his nasal bone and draped his arm around your shoulders. “why’re you avoiding our questions and lying to us? i know you left for your home…i was smoking on the balcony when you did.”

You stopped dead in your tracks, nearly getting yanked forward by his arm but thankfully he stopped almost immediately. He didn’t drop his arm and watched you quietly. For a moment you were panicking trying to think of an excuse…but none came.

Besides…they’d figure it out eventually. Might as well be from you.

“I…he…” you started before pressing the heel of your palms into your eyes. Stretch was probably the least likely to freak out…maybe Sans too but…

“what did he do?” Stretch asked, stepping closer his arm tightening around your shoulders slightly, “did he hurt you?”

You clenched your fists tightly, trying to ease the pressure in your chest by inhaling deeply. It didn’t work, and as you exhaled, it turned into a half-sob. His hand began to gently rub circles into your arm. “hey, hun, if he hurt you, i ain’t taken you back there. ill take you back to my place.”

You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around his chest. He gently patted your back, humming soothingly. However, as calm as he was trying to be, you felt the tension in his form this close. The angry thrum of his magic against you. The sharp feeling of vertigo jerked you from his arms as you blinked away tears. Instead of the street, you were standing in the middle of a very messy bedroom. Bookshelves lined the room, with books practically pouring out of them…a tornado in the corner was filled with books, papers, pens, and a package of suckers.

It wasn’t the first time one of the skeleton brothers used their shortcuts, but they usually distracted you a lot better than just hugging you.

“i can get one of the others if you’d rather…” Stretch murmured switching the cigarette for a sucker. You slowly shook your head, and he gently shoved your shoulders. You lost balance, not really expecting to be pushed and landed heavily in a beanbag chair. You slowly started to sink into it as he dropped down beside you, “what happened?”

Tears prickled at your eyes now that you two were both staring up at his ceiling instead of at each other you felt a lot less…confronted. He didn’t ask again, and the two of you just sat in silence, staring at the popcorn ceiling. There were a few knicks and gouges taken out of it that you trained your gaze on.

Anything to keep your mind off the pain in your chest.

“I got home,” you whispered, and your tears instantly started to overflow. You found his hand and squeezed it. He gave a comforting squeeze in return. “Y’know how you guys offered me to stay the night because the marathon was gunna run late? But I said no?” your voice was barely audible, but you felt the words start bubbling up, and soon you couldn’t stop yourself from spilling everything out. “When I got home…I-I heard noises upstairs, and at first, I thought he was just…yknow, masturbating so I didn’t think anything of it. But then I heard a woman’s voice that I knew. I should’ve just left, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was so fucking angry but empty at the same time and I just…” your hand clenched his harder, and he sat up, but wasn’t looking at you. He placed his other hand over the top of your joined hands and gently rubbed your knuckles. “He was fucking my sister.”

Stretch’s head snapped to you, but you couldn’t really see him past the tears overflowing. Your body wracked with sobs, and he immediately pulled you into a hug. The numbness that you had forced over your heart evaporated, and you felt the full impact of his betrayal. The more you sobbed, the more you thought about all the times he said he loved you, all the times he held you, all the times you two were together. It hurt. It felt like a weight was settled on top of your chest, pushing and pressing down on you until it felt like you were going to explode from the tension and pain. You wanted to be numb again. You didn’t want to feel this.

Eventually, your sobs lessened. Your tears dried. Your chest felt even the tiniest bit lighter. Only then did Stretch pull away from the embrace.

“do you want me to tell the others?” he asked after a stretch of silence. “’'m not sure how to handle this, to be honest…” he rubbed his neck, gaze on the floor. “nyeheh kind of want to kill the asshole but...what do you want me to do? what do you want to do?”

You know he was joking about the killing part, and you took his hand in your own. “I...want to get my things,” you said softly, throat sore from sobbing again. “I want to kick his ass and my sister’s ass. I want to cry. I want to…hurt something or myself or anything…I want to just not feel like this,” you threaded one of your hands into your hair tightly until it hurt slightly. Stretch gently urged your hand from your hair and pulled you from the bean bag.

“no hurting yourself, honey, or anyone else…what we can do is go get your stuff,” he said, guiding you to the door after releasing your hands. You hesitated, you felt your emotions beginning to build upon each other. Enhancing each negative emotion until it felt like you were about to burst.

“Why?” you asked.

Stretch looked back at you, calmly waiting for you to clarify the question.

“You don’t need to help me, you know,” you said softly, you stared down at his shins. “I can do this myself.”

A beat went by where he didn’t say anything, he only spoke when you met his gaze. “tibia honest, i know you’ve got the backbone to deal with this yourself, honey, but you don't gotta.”

You huffed a weak laugh at his bone puns. It was refreshing, he hadn’t whipped a pun out since breakfast, and even then they were interjected amongst other jokesters.

The real question was, should you let him help? You were confident that your ex would be at work, so you could go in, get your shit, and send him a text saying that you grabbed your things and you wouldn’t be sleeping there anymore. Honestly, there would be no point in having anyone come with you…but at the same time you didn’t want to be alone. You had never felt so alone in your life; even with Stretch standing in front of you…you couldn’t imagine what it would feel like if you left this house without someone else.

“Alright,” you murmured, and his grin widened.

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You had given Stretch the go-ahead to tell his family about your ex while you called Frisk before you went over to your- no, to your exes place to retrieve your things. Unfortunately, most of the furniture was his as he purchased the house before you two were even a thing; you just moved in with him. However...even it some of it was yours, you didn’t know how you’d get it out or where you’d put it...

Honestly, you’d probably be living in your car until you could find a place to live...

Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes at the prospect. You wouldn’t – no, you couldn’t impose on any of your friends by asking them if you could crash on their couch. You wanted to deal with by yourself because...well, it wasn’t their problem. Stretch offering to help you get your things was already making you feel guilty.

Hell, you crashed on their couch without asking them because you didn’t want them to worry about, here you were, crying in Stretch’s room while faced with the prospect of homelessness.

It was only when your tears stopped pouring that you took a deep, calming breath, you hit the call button. Frisk rarely ever talked except in the presence of a select few. If they answered the phone that meant they were somewhere alone, which was good. Really good. Still, your heart raced in your chest as the phone rang. Half hoping they didn’t answer, and half hoping they would.

“Hey,” came their short answer. Their voice was distant, and you could hear the quiet white noise of the car. They were using their blue tooth as they were driving then.

“H-Hey...bud,” you winced as your voice cracked.

“What happened?” they asked calmly, but firmly.

“I...uh...” you started, but you couldn’t force the words out, staring at the swirling trash tornado in the corner of Stretch’s room. You clamped your mouth together, “I...I’m...uh...I don’t...”

“What happened?” Frisk asked once again, their voice tighter this time.

“I...he...I caught him...cheating on me,” your voice broke, and you immediately pressed a hand over your face as your body started shaking. Damnit. You curled in on yourself, trying to keep yourself from sobbing into the phone.

“Where are you?” Frisk asked softly, their voice calm and soothing.

“Skelebros...” you choked out.

“Okay,” came their simple reply before the phone disconnected. You clutched it to your chest as you sobbed quietly into your other hand. You heard Red’s angry shouts from downstairs a second later, and then something breaking. Guilt clung to your chest. You shouldn’t have come here last night. You shouldn’t have gotten the skeletons involved.

The front door slammed open and then silence. Not two seconds later, you heard someone taking the stairs two at a time before Stretch’s door flew open.

“That bastard,” Frisk growled to themself quietly before striding over to you. “Hey,” they cooed, dropping into a crouch in front of you, rubbing your arms.

“How’d you get here so fast?” you asked, voice thick with unshed tears as you pulled them into a hug. Frisk held you tightly, gently rubbing your back now instead.

“I was heading over here anyways...look, you can stay with me and MK till you find a place for yourself,” they offered.

“I...If that’s okay with MK too,” you murmured softly, and you heard Frisk snort.

“As if it wouldn’t be,” they laughed gently, “ you want me to kick Chad’s ass?”

You choked out a laugh, “You couldn’t hurt a fly.”

“that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo,” Sans spoke up from the doorway. You glanced up to see him, Papyrus, Edge, and Blue standing just outside the room. You swallowed thickly and wiped at your tearstained face. It was fine having one or two people see you in this state, but nearly all of them? No. You felt your face heating up and irritation bubbling in your stomach — irritation at yourself.

“What was that crashing noise?” you asked, looking over Frisk to the others. The guilt that had taken a temporary back seat came forth full force. You knew that Red had done something...but you hoped it was only minimal damage.


You shot to your feet, knocking Frisk onto their ass. “What?”

“Ah,” Frisk said, looking up at you, “That’s a problem.”

“You think?” you grabbed at their arm to help haul them to their feet. You were just glad that Red hadn’t decided to take Edge with him as well. One brother alone could do a lot of damage, but the two of them were a force to be reckoned with. Shit. You really didn’t need to get sued by your ex because your friends thrashed his house.“Red better not have done anything! Oh god. Stretch better not do anything either.”

Frisk turned around, and Sans sighed heavily. “ok.”

Before you could ask what he was talking about, he strode over to the two of you and grabbed both of your arms.

The world tilted, and you felt the sudden need to sit down, but when your vision cleared, you were standing in front of your, his house. It wasn’t your home anymore. It would never be again. Frisk placed their hands on their hips and stared up at the house, watching for a moment before looking back at you. No shouting? Is that a good sign? Or does that mean that they went somewhere else? Did...they better not have gone to his work. Did they even know where he worked? You really hoped not.

You pulled out your keys and trudged up the steps. Your heart was pounding as you remembered how naive you were last night walking up the same steps to the front door. How you had unlocked the door and quietly entered, hoping not to wake your ex. You had told him that you might not be home. Yet, he was confident enough to fuck your own sister even though there was still the chance that you would come home.

As you opened the door, you recoiled slightly in surprise.

Stretch was smothering Red with a throw pillow.

They both were frozen now, but you had defiantly heard Stretch telling Red to shut up and Red snarling when you opened the door.

Frisk peered over your head and then snorted and walked in; you vaguely heard them mutter something about ‘Honey mustard?’ Your cat instantly stopped hissing at the two skeletons on top of the fridge to dart up the stairs at the appearance of new people. Frisk held out their hand and Stretch reluctantly put the pillow in their hand.

“get the fuck offa me ya fucking overgrown carrot!” Red snarled, writhing beneath Stretch.

“only if you stop screaming and trying to destroy shit,” Stretch replied.

“Stretch, Red, enough,” you snapped running a hand through your hair. “I...just let’s get my shit and get out of here.”

Stretch, somewhat reluctantly, stood up. Red instantly leapt to his feet, knocking the taller monster onto his ass. Any other moment, you would’ve giggled at their antics...but right now you just felt exhausted. You wanted to get some of your shit and then go and wallow at Frisk’s apartment with them and MK. The dino monster always had a way of making everything seem like it was going to be okay.

“yer just gunna let that fuckin’ cheatin’ sunva bitch get away with this?” Red snapped at you, “ya gotta do something to get back at’im!”

“No...I don’t want anything to do with him anymore...” you murmured, walking past the rest of the monsters and heading up the stairs. Before you made it to the top, Red ported in front of you, looking down at you with rage. You couldn’t tell if he was mad at you or not...but your brain was whispering that he was angry at you...and it was making your chest feel heavier.

“what the hell?? why aren’t cha ANGRY!!!” Red demanded, his hands clenched tightly in fists as he stared at you.

“What’s the point?” you asked back, noticing how your voice sounded just as defeated as you did. You couldn’t even meet Red’s eyes for fuck's sake.  With each moment you were in this house, you felt heavier and more empty. Everywhere you looked, you remembered him, and you didn’t want to. You didn’t want to remember the time you got sick, and he helped you upstairs to lay you in the bed, bringing you whatever you needed. You didn’t want to remember when he woke you up with breakfast on your birthday. You didn’t want to remember cuddling on the couch watching stupid movies. You didn’t want to remember any of it. The sooner you were out, the sooner you could forget. When Red didn’t answer, you sighed softly, “Why do you care, Red? You didn’t like the guy’re probably happy...”

When you looked back up...he was gone.

Frisk placed a hand on your shoulder. You shrugged it off and headed down the hall to your bedroom.

You winced when you saw everything, exactly how you left it last night — sheets half off the bed. You saw a bra that wasn’t yours just underneath the sheets. The room was dark and empty.

For a moment, you just stood there, staring at the empty bed.

Frisk leaned against the door frame, entering your peripherals. They didn’t say anything, just stared into the room with their neutral face of displeasure. You didn’t want to have to tell them what your ex had done...they had introduced you to him. You knew that, even without them saying anything, they felt guilty about this. That was why they were there for you. They had been there for you throughout the entire relationship. They’d be there when it ended.

“what’s yours from downstairs, kid,” Sans asked, interrupting your silent assessment.

“I’ll show you,” Frisk offered, pushing away from the doorframe. “Stretch.”

You glanced over as the two switched positions.

Frisk and Sans headed downstairs while Stretch followed you into your bedroom. You saw the disbelieving anger on Stretch’s face as he examined the bedroom before it faded into his regular poker face. You noticed him subtly kick the bra further under the bed, and flashed him a weak smile.

The two of you piled your clothes into your suitcases. Thankfully, when you had moved in with Chad, you had purged your closet considering you were sharing a closet with him, and you hadn’t exactly been the biggest fan of shopping, to begin with. As for your things? There was a lot of small objects that were yours, most of the consoles were yours, but you didn’t have a lot of sentimentality to most of your things besides the consoles and games. Your ex could deal with the rest of your shit that you left behind. You’d let him know that when you texted him after this was all over.

Stretch held up an old orange dress of yours to himself, and grinned his usual shit-eating ‘i’m going to tell a joke’ grin. You paused to examine the dress held up against him. “why did the tomato blush?”

“Why?” you asked, returning to your task at hand, which was scooping your socks from the drawer and dumping them into your empty laundry basket. It was the only laundry basket because you and Chad had shared, but you bought it. He can go fuck himself and buy another one once he discovered it was gone. Asshole.

“he saw the salad dress-ing,” he quipped. You couldn’t help the disbelieving half-scoff half-laugh at his joke, and you saw his face soften. Content that he had made you laugh. You paused and gave him a hesitant smile.

“Thanks...Paps...” you murmured softly. His fingers hesitated as he went to zip up the full suitcase on the bed. It wasn’t often you used his actual name instead of his nickname, and you saw him glance over at you in surprise before he straightened. A faint tangerine blush dusted his cheekbones.

“s’nothin’,” he mumbled as he picked up your suitcase and placed it on the floor. For a moment neither of you spoke as you dumped more of your undergarments into the laundry basket. Then he scratched at his head and stepped forward. “, about what you said to red...don’t know why i’m defending the guy, but he cares that you’re hurt. the others do too. if your relationship had ended any other way? we woulda supported you differently, more drinks and celebrations...” he said, hand extended towards you slightly as if he was going to touch you, but it dropped to his side.

You tensed slightly, hands stalling halfway in pushing the drawer closed. You were always bad when it came to thinking people cared about you...which is why it hurt so much that your ex did what he did. You had finally started believing that he did. You chewed at the inside of your lip, and you slowly nodded your head. But you didn’t say anything. There were only two people you had actually talked about it with. Frisk and...him. People you were in relationships with.

Stretch picked up your other suitcase. “i’ll let the others know we're done up here, kay?”

Another nod, and you watched as he left the room.

The moment he was gone, you shook your head and grabbed your laundry basket. You placed it beside the top of the stairs and headed into the bathroom. You grabbed everything you could and tossed it into your travel bathroom bag and then tossed everything else atop the underwear in the laundry basket. You refused to let your mind wander because that was not productive. All you wanted to do was get your things and get out now.

You’ll let yourself worry about how you spoke to Red later.

You took the towels that you had bought out of the bathroom (because you’re allowed to be petty and honestly he only had one towel when you moved in which had been kinda musty smelling (so you threw it out)).

You climbed down the stairs with your laundry basket to see the three break from what looked like a meeting in your- Chad’s living room. Frisk clapped their hands together.

“I can’t have cats in my apartment,” they said guiltily, glancing over at Egg who was perched on her cat tree. Content to watch the relative strangers in her house from up high.

“Oh,” your heart dropped in your chest as you looked over at the fluffy white ball of sweetness. “I...”

You felt tears well up in your eyes. You had gotten her when she was a kitten after university. You walked over to Egg and picked her up, she let out a content mewl, bumping her head against your chin, and started purring like a monster truck. Happy that her human was paying attention to her and not the weird creatures in her house.

“which is why, if you want, you can stay at our place till ya find your own,” Sans said, his ever-present grin widening a bit. “that way you and the q-tip can stay together.”

Your mouth opened and then snapped shut. You glanced over at Stretch, but his lazy grin didn’t betray anything. Did he convince Sans? Or was it Frisk? Frisk normally had a greater sway over the shorter skeleton...but Stretch was the one to offer you to stay at their house before. You didn’t want to impose on the skeletons more than you already have. For god sakes, you had broken into their house, cried your semi-drunk self to sleep, woke up, made breakfast, and then darted out of the house like your ass was on fire, just to appear in Stretch’s room sobbing like a child until your best friend burst into the house and then teleported to your exes. That was too much for them to deal with already! Let alone having a cat in the house! God, you could already see Edge’s reaction to Egg. really didn’t want to get separated from Egg. You had told your ex when you started dating him that if it ever came down to it and it was either him or your cat, you’d choose your cat.

“I...just a few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a place that will let me have her,” you said, reluctant to accept the offer. If it was Frisk? That was different, they lived with MK, and you knew that MK loved Egg and had such positivity that he would be over-excited that you would be visiting for a couple of weeks. The skelebros house had six full-grown monsters running around; it was already overcrowded.

egg-cellent,” Stretch grinned, turning to look down at the blue-hoodied skeleton, “i’ll get her to drive us back to the house if ya wanna pop over and get the others ready.”

“i’ll let the yolks back home bout the spe-shell guest,” Sans responded his grin wide as well. You couldn’t stop the giggle that came past your lips at their puns about your cat’s name. He winked at you, proud that he had gotten you to laugh as well. In a blink, he was gone.

Frisk shook their head, an amused grin on their face before they jerked their thumb towards the garage door. You didn’t live too far from the skelebros house, so you rarely drove to their place, which was the only reason why your car was still in the garage. You grabbed your keys from where you had tossed them absentmindedly when you entered and handed them to your old friend.

“Hey, Stretch, in the closet there is a carrier for Egg, can you grab it?” you asked, making sure to start rubbing your cats head so her eyes closed. Her purring rammed up to a fighter jet. Just in case she decided to try to bolt at the sight of the carrier. Stretch complied, and with minimal fight, you were able to close her inside the carrier. “Are…you sure that the others are cool with her?”

“red or edge might not have positive felines about her at first but,” he shrugged, “sans will do the thing and get them listening.”

“The thing?” you asked as he lifted the carrier to peer in at Egg.

“oh, yea, the thing,” he said, looking down at you and then his eye lights went out. You jerked back slightly in surprise. When he spoke, it was a weak attempt to mimic Sans baritone voice, “mess with the cat and you’ll have a b a d t i m e.”

Frisk snorted so hard from behind you that it startled you. You glanced back as they walked over, taking the carrier from Stretch. “That was terrible. It’s more like. ‘mess with the cat, and you’ll have a b a d t i m e.’”

You had forgotten how good Frisk was at mimicking others voices. There was still that faint sound of their own voice beneath it, but if you weren’t paying attention, you could’ve sworn that it wasn’t them speaking. Of course, that only applied to people they knew really well.

Stretch’s eye lights widened a bit at the obviously new realized talent “could you-“

“No,” Frisk said simply, their face returning to their neutral face of displeasure before carrying Egg out to the car.

“come on, it’ll be funny,” Stretch called, grabbing the laundry basket and one of the suitcases. You chuckled, picking up one of the boxes of your things. At least…at least they were able to distract you from the thoughts gnawing at the back of your head. For now.

Chapter Text

“you get one of the spare rooms,” Stretch explained, bumping open the door to the house with his foot. His arms occupied with your suitcase and full laundry basket. You had another bag in one arm, and Egg’s carrier in the other as you followed him in. She was meowing indignantly from being shoved in her crate for the drive over.

Edge emerged from the kitchen and stopped when he saw you. His sharp gaze followed you as you kicked off your shoes by the front door. You immediately dropped your gaze...did he know what you said to his brother? Is he going to get mad at you? Hopefully’t know if you could deal with anyone yelling at you right now.

“Why do you have spare rooms? How many rooms do you have?” you asked, trying to keep your voice above the murmur that it wanted to drop to. Edge watched you shuffle past him but didn’t say anything, and you didn’t look up at him to see how he was looking at you. The front door closed behind him as he left, and you released a soft sigh. What was worse? Edge yelling at you or not saying anything?

“other…cousins moved out a while ago…did you ever meet them?” Stretch asked, but it sounded more like he was talking to himself as he was currently trying to shuffle down the short hallway without bumping any of your things against the wall. You wondered why he didn’t just use a ‘shortcut’ to drop your things off, but you didn’t know enough about magic to ask.

“Not that I can remember,” you admitted, there had been so many times when you were inundated with people that Frisk knew that you weren’t sure if you had actually met the two skeletons that used to live in the house. Or the very few times you’d gotten incredibly drunk, but that was another thing you had to cut out. You weren’t going to become a drunk because you were single, alone, and would be homeless if it weren’t for the skeletons.

Oh. Great. A reminder that you could very quickly be homeless.

“oh well,” Stretch mumbled, “the closet has leftover hangers in it…i think…if not well we can get ya some, hun.”

Frisk slipped past Stretch who was trying to crack open the door without putting anything down, and the three of you shuffled into the room. You placed Egg’s carrier down on the bed, sticking your fingers through the carrier and smiling softly while she rubbed her cheek against it. “You’re a guest in this home, behave,” you told her softly before opening the carrier. You’d ask one of the tidier skeletons where they would like Egg’s litter box, but for now, you’d keep it in your room. Egg wouldn’t be content once she was used to the new place to stay in your room, but you wouldn’t subject your temporary roommates to her litter box without their approval.

Egg slowly crept from the carrier, ears flicking around as she eyed her new surroundings. She hopped off the bed and started to rub herself over everything she could find while meowing about the latest changes. You loved that she was so chill about life.

Frisk snorted, and you could see a quip coming, but then their smartwatch vibrated and they visibly paled. A feat not easily accomplished, there wasn’t much that scared or threw Frisk off their groove.

“I GOTTA GO!” they said, voice louder than you had ever heard it. “I’m going to be late to the meeting, Stretch, I will let you use my mimic ability ONE time if you shortcut me? Please?”


Your teeth clenched together in anger. You hadn’t noticed before, but they were in their ambassador suit, your mind had been way too focused on other things to process that. How selfish were you? Your emotions could’ve waited. They were talking this morning about the meeting, and you should’ve put two and two together and waited to tell Frisk about what happened until after the meeting. Guilt jolted through you, and you smacked their arm, you were so selfish.

“What were you thinking coming here when you have a meeting??” you demanded, crossing your arms. You weren’t more important than their job, you never had been.

Stretch had lazily moved over to Frisk and took their arm, but Frisk managed to blurt out, “like my best friend’s ex needed an ass-kicking but that’s for later! I’ll text you after! BY-“ before the two of them poofed from existence.

There was one point where the skeletons had been more…reserved with their magic use. Their ‘shortcuts’ were never in front of you, and if you ever were invited to use a shortcut they distracted the shit out of you so that you didn’t notice until after that you were in a different place. Though, you could count the number of times that happened on one hand.

However…now you were alone. The house was quiet. You faintly remembered that Edge had been in his Royal Ambassador suit when he was heading out of the kitchen, which meant that he wasn’t home anymore. Neither would Blue or Papyrus, as they were ambassadors for their individual monster cultures.

Red was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Sans…so you wondered if Sans had stopped by to inform the others of the development and then went to find Red. Or perhaps Sans was in the study? Maybe you should go and check? But you didn’t know the house well enough to be sure which room upstairs was the study.

You hoped it was the former…Red could sometimes be volatile if he were left with his own thoughts. Anxiety or anger was the likely outcome to your words…and guilt clung to your chest. You sent him a text immediately, but you got no response. Left on read. Hopefully, you were just overthinking the effect of your words on him, and he was just fuming silently at Grillby’s.

Looking down, you saw the meagre items of your life strewn about the room and tears started to come again. Your mind slipped away from Red towards your current state.

What were you going to do?

The house was under his name, and even if it was under yours, you couldn’t afford the house by yourself with your salary. Apartments in the city were expensive, and it would be even harder to find one you could afford that also allowed pets. You’d need to work on your budget and figure out what to cut out to afford to live by yourself in an apartment. Maybe you could get a second job? Maybe at Muffet’s or Grillby’s? They both ran their establishments alone…so perhaps if you begged you could get a job at one of their locations. Would they let a human work for them? Maybe, since you knew the skeletons and Frisk.

The aspect that you were dreading the most was that you would need to tell your father and step-mother what happened…and you didn’t want to. Your step-mother had always been of the mind that her daughter was never in the wrong. How was she going to take this? Blame you? Say that there must’ve been a mistake that it wasn’t her daughter? It didn’t matter, really, what their opinion was…but you would have to tell them that you weren’t dating your ex anymore.

Maybe it would be easier to just tell your father that the two of you just couldn’t work anymore, and you had left Chad…

The feeling in your chest grew heavier, and you inhaled deeply.

If you sat here worrying about everything, you’d never get anything done.  You’d deal with what you could and had to at this moment. Right now? It was Sunday, and unfortunately, that meant that a lot of what you had to do, you couldn’t. The post office was closed so you couldn’t contact them to forward your mail to the skeletons house temporarily. You knew a lot of larger apartment complex’s closed their offices on Sunday from when you had initially been looking for apartments after getting out of university.

So, for now, you’d have to do things that seemed pointless in the grand scheme of things. One of which was unpacking and making the spare room a bit more comfortable for you.

You pulled out your favourite blanket and fluffed it out over the top of the comforter, and tossed your pillow on top. If there was one thing you knew, it was that you slept much better when you had your own pillow and blanket. Small things…but you felt like you would be having trouble sleeping for the next while.

The front door opened and closed before Stretch called out, “m’back.”

“Welcome back,” you called, and stared at your suitcase and then at the closet.

“ya dont gotta unpack everything now,” he said, his voice suddenly right behind you.

You jumped only a little.

“sorry,” he apologized, placing a steadying hand on your back, but then gestured towards the closet, “its not going anywhere.”

You nodded. You knew that…and you didn’t want to become too comfortable here. If things went your way, you’d be moving into an apartment within a month. If that was the case…you shouldn’t unpack! Maybe…just the stuff in your laundry basket, it was mostly clothing you normally folded anyways. Besides, you didn’t really want your underwear just sitting out for the guys to see if they came into the spare room for whatever reason.

“imma heat up some leftovers, want some?” Stretch asked, and you turned to see him picking Egg up from the floor. He stared at her, holding her beneath her front legs. One of her paws reached out and gently pressed against his cheekbone. You saw his eye lights widen slightly and then he moved her closer. Egg took the opportunity to lean forward and nuzzle against his face.

“Sure, thanks,” you said, realizing you hadn’t responded and were just staring at the scene with awe.

He got up, repositioning Egg so she was draped around his neck and then he shuffled from the room. You couldn’t stop the smile that crept onto your face at the sight. You were so worried Egg wouldn’t get along with any of them…but here she was, draped across Stretch’s shoulders like she didn’t have a care in the world.

Once he was out of the room, you felt your phone vibrate, and you instantly yanked it out. Did Red text you back??

No. It was a reminder for your phone bill.

Your chest clenched, and you sat on the edge of your borrowed bed. It wasn’t like Red to just…vanish like that. You would’ve expected him to continue shouting at you, trying to get you mad at your ex, trying to get you to feel something that wasn’t sadness.

You stared at your phone for a few moments before opening your messages and navigated to your ex’s conversation. You resolutely ignored the previous messages, knowing that you’d just be kicking yourself for not noticing what he was up to sooner. There was also an endless cascade of texts and calls from him that you didn’t read…knowing what they’d say. Instead, your fingers hovered over the keyboard, trying to think of what to say. Maybe you should just…phone him? No. Then there was the chance he’d answer the call even if he were at work.

You 9:21 AM: In case it wasn’t obvious last night, we’re over.

You 9:21 AM: I took everything that I wanted to keep. I don’t care what you do with the shit I left behind.

After that, you called your boss. He picked up at his standard two rings. “What can I do for ya?” he asked, cheerfully.

Swallowing the sudden burst of tears, you took a deep breath, “Hey…uh…I know this is…weird, but can…can I take tomorrow off?”

There was a brief moment of silence, “Are you okay? Did something happen? You don’t have to tell me, it’s none of my business but…you sound choked up. Is everything with your Dad okay?”

You pressed the heel of your hand against your eye, “I…my…me and my boyfriend broke up because…uh-I just need an extra day to get things in order. He…I’m staying with some friends, but I need to find an apartment and get some things together. Uh…I totally get it if I can’t…but…I’m kinda…not great right now?”

“Sounds like a bad breakup,” he said, voice full of sympathy. “I get it. No. Take the day off. You rarely call in! Let me know if I can do anything to help! I know a great lawyer for situations like this, because sometimes you’re entitled to more than you think.”

You smiled softly, “Thanks…I’ll let you know? But…thanks for letting me take the day off. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Seriously. No need to make it up to me either,” he said, firmly with no room for argument. “I’ll see you in a couple days.”

After exchanging goodbyes, you hung up and rubbed at your face roughly. You’d start to look for apartments after you eat some…brunch? Didn’t you just eat breakfast? Why was Stretch already eating again?

Speaking of, you left the spare room to find the tall skeleton.

“if you ate eggs would you be a cannibal?” his voice drifted from the kitchen, and you peered in seeing him munching on a taco with Egg sitting on the counter in front of him. You watched as he fed Egg a piece of beef.

“No cats on the counter! Don’t teach him bad habits,” you scolded Stretch, picking Egg up to a displeased mew, and plopped her on your shoulder.

“there was an egg on the counter, not a cat,” he teased, handing you a taco. You accepted it with a gentle smile and took a bite. “so…uh its just us for a bit, sans’ll be back in a bit but what do you say we order the unhealthiest, most delicious junk food we can get, veg out on the couch, and binge some like shitty romcoms? i read that's what humans do…when they break up?” Stretch was usually a fairly confident guy, at least outward, but he was busy picking apart the last taco on the plate instead of looking at you. His eye lights flicked to you and then back down to the plate.

You feel tears pricking at the corner of your eyes, “only the really bad romcoms, none of the sappy ones…not that I could see you watching a sappy romcom.”

“hey, i might taco bout it a lot, but i'm a real sappy skeleton,” he said, audibly winking at you. That gets a giggle out of you, which seems to delight him as he pulls out his phone. “muffet’s?”


Chapter Text

I love her! Can’t you see that!”

Stretch lazily pointed at the screen, “isn’t that the guy who kept ignoring her when she was super stressed cus of her work shit?”

You nodded, reaching over and grabbing a handful of popcorn. “But don’t you know, if you say you love someone it trumps every shitty thing you did?”

Stretch was silent for a moment, then he snorted, “humans.”

“Hey, I think this is a shitty movie! Don’t lump me in with these...idiots,” you waved a hand towards the screen. The two of you had barely been silent since the movie began, and it was probably the worst romcom you had ever watched. Honestly, you were starting to wonder if any of the writers had ever been in a relationship at all.

You pulled the blanket closer to you and wriggled into a more comfortable position. Stretch was using your lap as his pillow, saying that he could place the food on his chest so you could easily access it. You were strangely okay with the physical contact...and, okay, maybe you had rested your hand against his skull because you wanted to see how it felt. There was just something so...natural about being like this with Stretch.

When Sans came in closer to the end of the movie, you thought that you might’ve been guilty that you were practically cuddling with Stretch, but you didn’t. If Sans had any opinion about it, he didn’t say...not that you thought he would anyways. Sans had flopped down onto the sectional and promptly fell asleep stating that the two of you had the worst taste in movies. You watched as Egg abandoned your side, as she decided that Sans’ chest was the best spot for a nap, and you could hear her engine-like purrs over the movie.

Eventually, you had moved onto something less romantically inclined, aka watching vine compilations until the others came home. Which led to the three of you quoting vines for the rest of the night, to the exasperation of everyone else.

Now, you were lying on your back in the spare room unable to fall asleep, even with Egg purring against your side. You were gently petting her side absentmindedly, knowing she’d move if she got fed up with your physical love. So far so good, her little paws occasionally pressed into your side, and her purring would ramp up.

Your ex had started texting you shortly after the others had returned, which was around when he usually got back from work. You had turned your phone to silent, but the texts kept coming. You were scrolling through all his texts reading the various different ways he said ‘it was a mistake’ or ‘it was a one-time thing’ and you wanted to call bullshit.

You couldn’t stand to look at it anymore, but since he wasn’t texting you anymore, you turned your phone to vibrate.

Instead, you watched cute animal videos on mute as you waited for the one person you wanted to text you back.

Eventually, you dropped your phone onto the bed and stroked Egg’s head lightly, enticing more loud purrs. At least she was a constant in your life, and she loved you unconditionally. You shifted her onto your chest, and after a soft complaint, she settled, tucking her head against your jaw. Tears glistened in your eyes, but you simply blinked them away. The purring started letting you drift off, but before you could fully fall asleep you jerked back awake for no goddamn reason.

With a sigh, you checked your phone for the five hundredth time and sent yet another text to Red asking if he was okay. You hadn’t heard back from him, and when you asked Edge before he went to bed, he simply said his brother was doing what he normally did when he was upset. Which just worsened the anxious feeling in your chest. Thankfully, Edge didn’t seem too concerned by his brother's absence. If he did, then you knew your anxiety would’ve exploded.

You were the one to make Red runoff, and you really didn’t want anything to happen because of that.

When your phone finally buzzed, you jumped slightly but quickly brought it up to your face. The light temporarily blinded you, so you had to squint to read the text.

BigRed 11:24 PM: where are ya

You 11:24 PM: One of the spare rooms

A heartbeat went by, and then there was a gentle knock on the door before Red entered. He honestly didn’t look as shitty as you thought he would after ‘doing what he normally did when upset.’ There was a new mustard stain on his shirt, but besides that, he didn’t look drunk. Then again, Red rarely got drunk enough that you had to be concerned about him. Where he came from, understanding that shitfaced meant he was a target to those who hated his brother.

You reached over to turn on the lamp before you sat up. Egg mewed her displeasure before getting up, stretching, and repositioning herself on the other pillow on the bed.

Red was glaring a hole into the ground as he gently closed the door.

“I know you’re angry at me-“ you started, but his eyes snapped up to you so fast you cut yourself off.

“i ain’t mad at cha,” he grumbled, “m’mad at myself…” his hands shoved deeper into his pockets. His eye lights glanced to the side, and you knew he was getting ready to shortcut the hell out of the room. Then he sighed heavily and slouched further, almost curling in on himself. “d’ya really believe that i’d be happy yer hurting?”

Your mouth opened to speak, but you snapped it shut before you could say anything. Instead, you gently shook your head. “I didn’t…mean it like that Red…”

“how’dja mean it?” he asked, eyes returning back to look at the carpet.

“I…” you paused, looking at him, “Red…you’re not normally the kind to talk about this kinda stuff like this…what’s wrong?”

He grumbled to himself, “m’goin’ to therapy…asshole says i gotta talk shit through more instead’a jumpin’ to conclusions like i normally do.”

That made your eyebrows raise, you didn’t know that. Then again, it wasn’t your business if any of your friends were going to therapy. You dropped your gaze to your hands. “If you’re uncomfortable…we could just-“

“we ain’t skippin’ the talk,” Red spat out, and then strode over to your bed and sat heavily by your knees. “look…i might be an asshole but i do care about’cha. i…uh…your…my…friend…”

You saw the struggle in his face. You reached out and placed your hand on his shoulder gently. “I shouldn’t have said that to you…I was upset, but that doesn’t…uh, really excuse it?”

He snorted, “m’not upset with you…don’t gotta apologize, sweetheart.”

“No. I do. Uh..” you scratched your cheek, “Stretch…kinda scolded me? For saying that to you?”

Red snorted, shifting so he was facing you instead of away. His femur rested against your thigh. “stretch?”

“Well, he more told me that you care about me,” you explained, fiddling with a stray thread on the blanket. “I…uh…kinda realized that I was being selfish today and-“

Red barked out a laugh, but it was sharp and humorless. “what the hell are ya talkin’ bout?”

“I mean, I broke into your guys’ house, imposing on your guys’ morning. Then I phoned Frisk who nearly was late for the ambassadors meeting because of me. Then-“ you were cut off when he placed a hand on your knee.

“sweetheart, y’ain’t selfish. yer…uh,” he started, but then sweat beaded along his skull, “yer…”

You could see panic building in his skull as more magical sweat beginning to build. His gaze started sliding to the side as if debating if he could shortcut away from you quick enough. You quickly grabbed his hand, “Red. It’s okay.”

After a moment of staring at you with wide eye lights, he seemed to calm down. Quiet chuckling coming from him as he dropped his gaze to the bed. “this whole talkin’ bout emotions is…not…id rather you be yellin’ at me.”

“You don’t deserve my anger, Red,” you squeezed his hand again. “I…don’t think I could even get angry right now? I’m...” you hesitated, knowing that he didn’t do emotions well. He just demonstrated that. It got him anxious. Where he grew up in the Underground, you knew it wasn’t good. Emotions were viewed as weaknesses, caring for someone could end them getting killed to get to you. “You’re one of my best friends, Red.”

You saw a spike of anxiety dart through him, but he squeezed your hand back. “hehe…s-same ta ya…s’why m’here.”

They were always there for you. When you and Frisk broke up, as mutual as it was, still hurt. You had informed one of the brothers and you were invited over for a game night without Frisk because you had told them you would understand if they didn’t ask you to hang out anymore. They had been there for you when your mother died a few months after that. When you were fired from your job, illegally, they were there for you.

Now they were there for you again.

You couldn’t stop the tears, as much as you tried. They welled up hot and stinging as you tried to remove your hand from Red’s, but he tightened it slightly. “uh…sweetheart, why…why are ya cryin?”

When you tried to speak, it just came out as a blubbering mess. Unable to get your hand from his grip, you used your other hand to wipe at your eyes.

What the hell did you do to deserve friends like these? Who would drop everything just to help you? Who the hell were you? They were all important; they were ambassadors for fuck's sake!

Finally, your hand was released, and you covered your face with both hands, managing to get out a weak “m’s-s-s-orrryyy,” as you tried to get yourself to stop crying. You felt the weight by your legs disappear, and for a startling moment you were scared he had left you, but then arms wrapped around your shoulders and drew you into a bony chest.

“hey….uh, it’s…okay?” his words were strained, but you twisted in his grip. You clung to the back of his jacket and buried your face into the fur lining. It smelt like mustard, which was just as comforting as you thought it would be. His fingers hesitantly started stroking your hair, and he began to mutter stupid comforting words that you swore he got from a cheesy romance novel.

Still, you felt yourself calming down, and then Egg let out a grumpy meow as Red shifted onto the bed with you again. When you finally pulled away from him, the two of you were lying side by side on the bed.

“i’d kill the bastard if it would make ya feel better,” Red grumbled, with just enough lightness to his tone that you figured he was only half-joking. You wiped at your face and sent him an exasperated look. He grinned, tilting his head perfectly, so the light glinted off of it in an almost menacing way. You couldn’t help but let out a soft huff of a laugh.

“Do you practice that?” you asked, shifting your head, so it wasn’t entirely in the fur lining of the hood. His grin softened, and he gently squeezed you closer to him.

“just for ya,” he said with a wink. “’d’ja get into the house this morning? pretty sure we locked the door.”

“Magic,” you said again, which just got you a look.

“com’on, wont tell anyone else.”

After a moment of debating, you leaned closer to him and whispered, “I know how to pick a lock.”

“how in the hell d’ya know that?” he asked, sounding genuinely surprised. You smiled and pretended to zip your lips, lock it, and throw away the key. “fine…keep yer secrets.”

You giggled at that. It was actually…really boring. You knew a kid in high school whose father worked as a locksmith. The two of you fell quiet, you cuddled up to Red’s side, and him gently running his fingers down your arm. Egg eventually hopped over your side and settled herself onto Red’s chest and started up her purring. Turning into a little cat loaf. You kissed the side of her head, and she pressed her little cute ass face into yours and nuzzled you.

“well if that ain’t the cutest thing,” Red mumbled, and you peered up to see him faintly blushing, but looking more relaxed than…than…well ever? You smiled at that.

Your phone vibrated beneath your hip, and you lifted yourself up slightly to retrieve it. Red’s fingers were gently stroking your arm as you read the text.

Chad 12:01 AM: Come back bby I miss you

Chad 12:01 AM: I swear it was a one time thing

Chad 12:01 AM: [img_010291]

Red reached over and tapped the download button before you could tell him not to. A very unflattering picture of your ex’s dick loaded, and Red plucked the phone from your hands. For once you were thankful someone snatched your phone from your hands, you really...really did not want to see that. Never again.

“that’s what he was packin?” Red said, eyes squinting dramatically.

You snorted at that, “I wasn’t with him for his dick.”

“what were ya with him for then? ain’t his personality,” Red grumbled and you grabbed the phone back as he started to type out a message back to Chad. You deleted the message without reading it, and placed it out of his reach.

You sighed, cuddling back into Red’s side. “He wasn’t…all bad…but now? Stars, what was I thinking?” you mumbled sadly, “I mean, he’s been texting me all day telling me how it was a mistake as if he tripped and somehow his dick got in her? Like??? How does that make sense??”

“yeah, who th’hell does he think he is?” Red snorted. “has he even apologized?”

“NO!” you blurted out, “He hasn’t! Who the hell does that? Like, is he thinking ‘I really fucking betrayed my girlfriend and completely shattered the trust between us. A fucking dick pic will fix this!’”

“not even a good one, either.”

“Does he think his dick is some sort of special gift that makes everything better? It’s not!” your voice raised again, and you felt anger starting to bubble in your chest. “How the hell did I date him with how self-centered he is? Was I wearing rose-coloured glasses or was he really good at hiding it? How the hell did he trick Frisk into thinking he was okay?” the slight anger was starting to fade, “I mean Frisk didn’t set us up, but they normally have better judgment of character than that… or…was I an idiot or something? I mean-”

“nah, sweetheart, he’s the idiot,” Red interrupted, squeezing you a bit more. “losing a doll like you.”

“Yeah!” you shouted, and then instantly slapped a hand over your mouth. Red snickered.

“hell yeah, sweetcheeks!!” he said, his own voice raising, “tell me how ya really feel about the asshole!”

A giddiness rolled through you, replacing the anger instantly, “Fuck him! I’m a fucking catch and he’s the loser who decided to betray me!” you flopped onto your back, “I don’t need him in my life!”

“ya dont need nobody, yer a fucking badass!” Red poked your side, causing you to let out a startled yelp and jerked slightly, but you were still smiling. He rolled onto his side, displacing Egg rudely. Who let out a rather comically mrow before darting off the bed. You gave Red a weak glare, but after supporting his skull with a fist, he grinned down at you. You couldn’t help but grin back at him, before rolling towards him and pulling him into a hug.

“Thanks, Sans,” you murmured, before placing a chaste kiss against his cheekbone. When you pull away his entire skull is lit up red like a Christmas tree. You grinned even bigger at the sight, and he sat up quickly. Egg hissed at the sudden movement but settled back down quickly at your feet. You hadn’t even realized she jumped back onto the bed.

“i…uh…should let ya sleep,” he blurted out, voice louder than normal. He swung his legs off the side of the bed. “now that…uh…yer feelin’ better.”

Before you could say anything, he disappeared.

Red appeared in his room. His entire face still bright red. You…kissed his cheek. His fingers shakingly lifted and touched the spot where your soft lips met his bone. He’d seen you give some of the other skeletons friendly smooches…but you never did to him. Probably cus of his sometimes lewd advances during the stretch of time between when you and Frisk had broken up and when you started dating…Brad? Mike? Chad? Whatever the fuck his name was.

He removed his jacket and then flopped onto his mattress. His SOUL was singing in his chest, and he placed his hand over it.


If the others didn’t grow the bones to tell you they were your SOULmates…he’d do it himself.

Having you in his arms…everything had clicked. You were his, and he was yours.

Well, you were his…and his brothers, and the other assholes.

If you never wanted to be with him in a romantic sense…he’d deal with it…but he needed to tell you what you were to him.

If you gave him more kisses, more touches, more cuddles…

The smile he fell asleep with was sweeter than ever before.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Red was back to his normal self. Bad flirting attempts and all. Though, this time none of the others told him to quit it, and neither did you. It was just who he was, and...well, you didn’t mind when people you knew complimented you or told you bad pick up lines. There was no reason for him to not to anymore. Before you didn’t like it because...well honestly, the few times that your boyfriend hung out with you and the skeletons it made Chad super pissed and quite a few times the two of them had nearly come to blows.

Then again, hindsight was 20-20.

You were sure the more you analyzed your relationship with him, the more you’d find things you weren’t okay with.

So, you didn’t.

Instead, after a majority of the skeletons had headed out for their day jobs, you had driven yourself to a clinic to get tested for STI’s. Chad might be trying to convince you that he had only been with your step-sister, but you weren’t going to risk it. Even if he had, you didn’t know if your step-sister hadn’t been sleeping with other people either.

If you had anything, you were going to kill them both.

Not really, but you’d kick both of their asses.

Or just…be really fucking mad.

It took up a majority of the day, mostly because you had chickened out initially and sat in Muffet’s for almost two hours before talking yourself into actually going. You could do it by yourself…and it didn’t hurt that Red had pumped you up last night.

ya dont need nobody, yer a fucking badass!

You rewarded yourself with a burger and fries from Grillby’s before commandeering one of his booths to do some apartment searching. You had wanted to do it the first thing that morning, but you decided that getting tested was pretty important as well. It was at the top of your list, really. Everything else could come second.

Unfortunately, you quickly figured out that for every one decent apartment there was at least twenty shitty ones.

Too expensive.

Cats not allowed.

Shady area that you really didn’t want to live in.

Ex cetera, ex cetera.

It was exhausting, honestly. Especially when you found an apartment that you could afford from the listed rent, and it allowed cats…just to figure out that the rent didn’t include utilities, or didn’t include an additional fee when you actually read more into it.

You did manage to schedule a few viewings for some apartments after a few hours of searching….and a few mugs of coffee that Grillby had brought over to your table. He’d heard your plight and sympathized, finding a place he could afford on the surface was a nightmare in the big city.

Someone slid into the booth across from you and you saw the familiar smile of Sans, or Classic as the others called him. You grinned back at him.

 “Don’t you work today?” you asked, taking the opportunity to not focus on your potential homelessness.

“yeah, im on break,” he winked at you before snatching a couple of your fries and popped them into his mouth.  “what’re you doing here?”

“Apartment searching,” you said, gesturing towards the screen. Sans moved over to your side of the booth and you shifted over so he could see your screen better. His eye sockets semi-squinting. After a moment he leaned back and took an unhealthy swig of straight ketchup without needing to open his mouth.

“s’anti-monster,” he muttered gesturing towards the ad.

You furrowed your brow, re-reading the description. “How do you know?”

“when black n’ mutt were trying to get an apartment when they moved out they were quoted triple that,” Sans explained, with a shrug.

“ugh,” you groaned sinking slightly into the booth and rubbed at your eyes. How many other places would be anti-monster? You had a few other monster friends excluding the skeleton brothers, and you knew you’d be inviting them all over at some point or another. There were some landlords who would find any reason to increase your rent if they figured out you were a ‘monster sympathizer’. You switched over to the window where you had the apartments you were going to see and turned your laptop towards him. “What about these?”

He scratched at his jaw before leaning closer to you, even if he didn’t need to, and quickly browsed through them. Thankfully, only one additional listing had been unfair to his cousins. You assumed this ‘Black n’ Mutt’ were his cousins at least. Well…’cousins’.

“If I can’t find a place, I might have to get a second job…” you grumbled as he turned the laptop back towards you. “Know any good part-time gigs?” you joked, and he grinned down at you.

“might know a place or two. you good at stacking?” he asked, elbowing your shoulder lightly before downing the rest of his ketchup. “but, don’t worry. brew can find a good place.”

You smiled as he tapped a phalange against the side of your mug of coffee and winked at you.

Bean looking all day but thanks for the vote of confidence, Sans,” you said stretching lightly.

That was all it took to start a pun-off with the blue-hoodied skeleton. Not that you were much competition, you honestly wondered if Sans just spent all night committing puns to memory. Him and a few of the others. Eventually, he had to head back to work and headed out with a quick goodbye to Grillby and the other patrons.

You gave up looking for apartments and turned your attention to looking for cheap furniture. Most of the apartments that were cheap didn’t come with any furniture, and even if you wanted to fight your ex to split the furniture you had no place to store it yet.

You had been saving up to go on a vacation next year with Chad, but that was obviously not happening anymore, so you had extra money to spend on furniture. The most important thing you needed was a mattress. Even if the entire apartment was empty save the few items you brought and a mattress, you’d be fine. Everything else you could save up to afford later.

After a while, you sighed and cleaned up. Grillby waved at you as you headed out of his bar.

Once you popped by the post office to get your mail forwarded to the skeletons house, you headed back.

A few of the skeletons were home already. Blue and Papyrus greeted you cheerfully as they raked the front yard from the fallen leaves. You stopped by to see how they’re work was but Blue shooed you into the house because apparently you weren’t appropriately dressed enough for the cool day. Stretch was lounging in the living room as you past it and he called out a lazy ‘welcome home’.

It was strange being welcomed when you got home, when you lived with Chad he always got home later than you.

Was it because he was working…or other reasons?

God. You were going to doubt every single thing he did now, weren’t you? Oh well. It was over…but it still didn’t hurt any less.

You tossed your things away and let Egg out from your room. If no one was home, you felt better that she was in locked in your room. The skeletons house was nearly a mansion in its size and she was a mischieve maker when she was alone. That reminded you that you didn’t have a scratching post for her as you had left the cat tower with your ex.

A bit of self directed anger was starting to bubble in your stomach.

The sound of dishes being clanked around in the kitchen provided a distraction from your inner thoughts. That must be Edge preparing to start dinner, and you first thought was to go help him. You weren’t really a guest, so it was the least you could do. Besides…out of all the skeletons, Edge probably was able to cook the least.

Edge was wearing his apron, the one that said ‘Eat it or Starve’, and examining a recipe for dinner. His brow was furrowed slightly, and his fingers were lightly tapping out a beat on the counter. Once you leaned against the counter, his eye lights flicked over to you. “WOULD YOU LIKE SOMETHING?”

“Do you need help with dinner?” you asked.

“I SUPPOSE. ONLY IF YOU DO NOT GET IN THE WAY,” he gestured towards the cupboard, “PUT ON AN APRON.”

You did as you were told, grabbing the first one you could which was a cute pink frilly thing that said ‘Kiss the Cook Skeleton’ on it. Edge turned around and stared down at you as you tied it around your waist. He cleared his throat and turned back around. “NORMALLY I WILL MAKE LASANGA, BUT I AM OPEN TO IDEAS. AS LONG AS IT ISN’T SPAGETTI, TACOS, OR BURRITOS.”

After a bit of debate, and looking in the cupboards, the two of you decided to attempt making baked stuffed pasta shells with a recipe that Edge found online. The two of you got to work, falling into companionable silence. It was nice cooking with Edge, you actually couldn’t really believe you hadn’t cooked with any of the skeletons before. Well, at least with Edge, Papyrus, and Blue. The others didn’t cook as far as you were aware.

Your phone kept ringing in your pocket so you took it out and set it on the counter, hoping that it would stop eventually. Unfortunately, that just pissed Edge off. He glared over at your phone with the heat of a thousand suns, as if just the glare alone would get it to stop going off.

It did…briefly.

And then started again.

“OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. TURN THE STARS DAMN THING OFF!” he snapped, trying to reach around you to grab the phone. You pushed his arm away lightly, and earned a scowl.

“I’m actually waiting for a call from an apartment, they said they’d be phoning before five. I can turn it to vibrate but then I’ll have to keep going over to check it whenever it goes off,” you sighed, “I’m as annoyed as you are, Edge. Trust me.”

“I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT,” he scoffed, before turning his glare back at the phone. “WHO IS CALLING YOU SO MUCH THEN?”

You gave him a look, and took the pasta off the stove top to drain. “Who do you think?” you said drily, “If he’s not calling he’s texting and-“

Your ringing stopped mid-call and you peered over your shoulder to see Edge holding it to his skull. You could faintly hear Chad talking on the other end but you weren’t able to make out what he was saying. Whatever it was, Edge did not seem amused by it…not that you could ever see Edge being amused by your ex. Unless he was doing something extra pathetic. You quickly abandoned the pasta in the drainer and tried to grab the phone from Edge but he just placed a hand on your shoulder and kept you at a distance.

“ARE YOU FINISHED?” Edge asked finally, and you heard the indignant sputtering of surprise from Chad. “GOOD. DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE CALLED TEN TIMES IN THE PAST THIRTY MINUTES? DO YOU KNOW ABSOLOUTELY PATHETIC AND INFURITATING YOU ARE? I HAVE STAYED MY HAND IN THIS SITUATION HUMAN, YOU SHOULD THANK THE STARS THAT AT LEAST ONE OF US RESPECTS THE DECISIONS OF YOUR EX-DATEMATE OR YOU WOULD FEEL THE WRATH OF THE TERRIBLE AND GREAT EDGE. AND-“ Edge quieted for a moment as your ex interrupted him, and then Edge laughed. Which was not good. It was not a good laugh. A sharp biting one that made your brows furrow. What had Chad said? “I KNOW PLENTY ABOUT THE HUMAN LAWS, YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING WALNUT.” You mouthed walnut at him, shaking your head in confusion but he continued ignoring you.


He hung up, and then handed the phone back to you.

“Walnut?” you asked immediately, tucking the phone into your pocket, hopefully the next call you would get was from the apartment manager.


Before he could even resume your phone went off and he whirled around, glaring at your butt. However, it was a different ringtone so you knew it wasn’t him, and as you pulled out your phone you grinned at Edge. “Whoa, what did my ass do to you?” you asked as you shook your phone and pointed out of the kitchen. Before he could form a response that wasn’t sputtering and a bright red blush, you hurried from the room answering the call.

It was a short call….and it left you disappointed. You had hoped they were calling to inform you that you were chosen for the apartment, but you were called just to inform you that another applicant had been chosen instead. They offered you a more expensive apartment but you declined, thanking them for letting you know that you didn’t get the apartment.

Damnit! That was such a promising apartment too! You rubbed your face roughly.

Okay. Okay. Calm down. It had only been two days. If you just kept trying, you’d find one eventually that was cat-friendly and wouldn’t find a way to bump up the rent or evict you because you had monster friends. You took a deep calming breath before you headed back into the kitchen.

Edge was in the process of stuffing the large pasta shells and after washing your hands you slid beside him to finish assisting him with the meal.

“Hey…uh, thanks for dealing with Chad,” you muttered quietly, “You didn’t have to and that was pretty annoying that he just kept calling even though I told him to not do that unless he had something useful to say…”


“Hm?” you glanced up at him, but he didn’t meet your gaze. His focus fully on putting the stuffing in the shells.

“HE DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING USEFUL TO SAY. A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT. WHY HAVEN’T YOU BLOCKED HIS NUMBER?” he asked, only then looking down at you to search your face as if the answer would be written on your face.

“Just in case he does have something important to say,” you murmur, “Like an apology? Or to tell me that I got mail to the house by accident? I don’t want bills to go there and he not tell me and I get debt collectors because I didn’t get the bill.”

That seemed to quell his anger slightly, and soon all of the shells were stuffed and Edge slid the dish into the oven to bake. You took off the apron and hung it back where it belonged.

“WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A ROUND OF CHESS WHILE WE WAIT FOR DINNER, SWEETHEAR-“ his jaw snapped shut and you turned around. Did…he just call you…sweetheart? Your mouth dropped open and you saw an even more pronounced blush light up his face as he resolutely looked away from you.

“Sweetheart?” you asked, gently. “Edge…is Red rubbing off on you?”

“NO!!” he spat out, stiffly taking off his own apron and ignoring your gaze. “IT WAS A SLIP OF THE TONGUE.”

“You don’t have a tongue.”

“I KNOW THAT. I WOULD NEVER CALL YOU…THAT INTENTIONALLY. I JUST HEAR THAT INSUFFERABLE LOUT CALL YOU IT TOO MUCH,” he raged, stiff and looking anywhere but you. You smiled warily. He was embarrassed.

“Well, I didn’t hate that you called me it,” you reassured him, and his head whipped towards you.

“OF COURSE!” he said, his blush fading slightly as he puffed up, hands going to his hips. “BECAUSE IT WAS ME WHO SAID IT. NOT THAT I WILL EVER SAY IT AGAIN.”

“Say what again? Oh! Did you still want to play that round of chess? I haven’t played in a while, so I could really use some tips,” you said, smiling innocently up to him. It wasn’t often that Edge got embarrassed, the last time was when he had done something for you without you needing to ask and he got teased by the other skeletons until he stormed from the room. You weren’t going to tease him for a ‘slip of the tongue’, not when he was so uncomfortable by it.

“PREPARE TO LOSE!” Edge said, his relief almost palpable as he guided you from the room to where their chessboard was set up.

Chapter Text

“ANY LUCK TODAY?” Papyrus asked as he emptied the freshly popped popcorn into three separate bowls.

You sighed softly, “Unfortunately, no...if I didn’t have Egg it wouldn’t be a problem.”


That made you giggle, “I’m glad you tolerate her and she isn’t chewing on anyone.” The tall skeleton shot you a grin before returning his attention back down to preparing snacks for movie night. “I have found a couple...but the commute to work would take me like forty-five minutes with good traffic if I drove.”


“Ah...thank you, Paps,” you smiled gently, “I...don’t want to impose, so if I overstay let me know?”

“IMPOSSIBLE. BUT IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER, IF SUCH AN EVENT DOES HAPPEN (WHICH IT WILL NOT BECAUSE WE ENJOY YOUR COMPANY TOO MUCH), I WILL TELL YOU,” he promises with a dashing grin before taking a step back to examine the snacks and goods for the movie night. After determining that the two of you had prepared enough, the two of you gathered up as many bowls and plates of snacks and headed into the entertainment room.

It took a couple of trips and Blue quickly offering to help before all the food, drinks, and condiments were laid out on the coffee table in front of the sectional.

“So, what’ve we decided?” you asked after tossing Red a bottle of mustard, he winked at you before taking a deep swig of the yellow condiment.

“they’re still debating between napastaton and mettaton,” Stretch informed you, and then patted the sectional beside him. When you didn’t move, the patting grew more insistent and his eye sockets began flicking between you and the spot. You grinned, but didn’t move, watching as he added another hand. Blue sat down, leaving enough space between you and his brother, before joining his brother in patting the sectional. With a dramatic sigh, you headed over and swatted away their hands before plopping down.

“Why not both, one movie from Napstaton and one from Mettaton?” you suggested, honestly, you didn’t realize that Napstaton made movies; you thought he was a DJ. It was a good suggestion...but then Edge and Papyrus started arguing over which Mettaton movie to watch while Blue selected one of his favourite movies and put it in.

Sans shuffled into the room with an armful of blankets, which Papyrus helped him dole out. You wrapped the big fluffy blanket around you until all that was visibly was one hand and your head. The hand was only because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to snack on your hard work.

Egg meandered into the room, getting a glare from Edge, who muttered ‘Demon Spawn’ under his breath and resolutely turned his attention back to the screen. Of course, what does your stupidly sweet cat do? Marches right over to the one skeleton who wouldn’t want her on his lap and plops herself down after rubbing against his crossed arms. The glare your cat got did not dissuade her. But, he didn’t do anything to get the cat to leave his lap.

Napstaton...really shouldn’t be in the movie industry, you realized. His acting was worse than Mettaton’s and that was saying something. Stretch had fallen asleep with an arm thrown over the back of the couch, and his head lolled towards you, within ten minutes of the opening sequence. It was so bad but there was still an amusing factor to it. You glanced over at Edge, who hadn’t shooed Egg off his lap, and then took in the rest of the skeletons. Papyrus and Blue were both watching intently, while Red and Sans looked one step away from joining Stretch in slumber. Red passed out probably the moment your eyes landed on him as well, which you didn’t know if he did because he knew you were looking or if he was actually tired.

The doorbell and everyone’s heads (those who were awake at least) swivelled to look in the direction of the door.

Egg skittered away to find some place to hide, drawing your attention away from the door. Still not used to the new doorbell.

Papyrus jumped up, “I WILL GET IT, YOU LAZY BONES!”

You knew that if it was the Mettaton movie he would’ve paused the movie, but he was out the door before anyone could suggest pausing it for him. After a moment, the others attentions drifted back to the movie. You felt Stretch stiffen ever so slightly beside you, and your curiosity spiked. It wasn’t really your business who was at the door; however, it wasn’t your house.

Still, when you didn’t hear Papyrus’ voice, or see him returning, you stood up and shook off your blanket. You were a curious person at nature, and you also had to use the washroom. The perfect excuse for being nosy.

“where’re you going?” Stretch asked, suspiciously fully awake when he had been ‘sleeping’ a few moments ago.

“To the washroom,” you gestured towards the door.

None of them tried to stop you, but you saw Sans’ hand reaching out towards you as you past. It missed your wrist when you purposefully lifted your hand up to cover a semi-fake yawn.

Now, why would Sans try to touch you out of the blue like that? Why did Stretch ask where you were going instead of asking if you wanted them to pause the movie? Why did he stiffen when Papyrus answered the door? Why couldn’t you hear Papyrus’ voice?

If it was boring, then you’d just head into the washroom, do your business, and then head back into the entertainment room. Regardless, you would figure out what had the others on edge.

As you stepped out from the hallway, your eyes immediately locked onto Papyrus’ back. He was talking quietly, as you had suspected. Not his usual boisterous voice that on a good day you could hear from nearly anywhere in the house if you listened.

“Hey, Paps, everything okay?” you called, resting your hand on the bathroom door knob.

The moment you spoke, someone ducked under Papyrus’ arm and entered the house. You paled at the sight of your ex staring at you with thinly veiled irritation.

“I knew you were here,” he grumbled, casting a glare at Papyrus.

“I NEVER SAID SHE WASN’T,” Papyrus clarified, his voice immediately returning to the loud volume now, placing his hands on his hips. “I MERELY SAID THAT IF SHE WANTED YOU TO KNOW WHERE SHE WAS, SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU.”

“What do you want?” you forced out, suddenly glad you had grabbed the bathroom door handle. Your hand tightened around it as you forced yourself to take relaxing breaths.

“You’ve been ignoring my texts and phone calls...and I wanted to talk to you about what happened,” he said, crossing his arms and looking every bit of a petulant child as he could. Your eyes flicked over to Papyrus, who was staring at the back of Chad’s head as if he was trying to figure out one of his puzzles. Your gaze shifted to the hallway and saw a brief flash of colour before it was empty once again. Why they bothered to teleport away, you didn’t know.

“I...guess?” you muttered, and then gestured behind him. “But...we’ll talk outside. They didn’t particularly like you before,” you released the door handle. Papyrus only stepped aside once you crossed the room. He placed a hand on your head as you waited for Chad to exit the house first.


You honestly didn’t know if that was a clever threat towards Chad, or just a vote of confidence towards your ability to talk through conversations. Perhaps both! You smiled weakly up at him before you stepped out of the house and gently closed the door.

“Why’d you block my number?” Chad asked immediately, and you frowned slightly. When did you block his number? Did Edge do that when he threatened to involve the authorities? Oh hoped that Edge didn’t call over the monster didn’t want this to escalate that much right now. You’d have to ask Edge if he did that later, it wasn’t that you were really upset with him, but he should’ve asked you first if it was okay rather than just going ahead and doing it. That crossed a boundary.

“I was getting a little tired of constantly being messaged,” you retorted, crossing your arms. There was no reason to throw Edge under the bus, and honestly, if Chad thought you did it? Well, hopefully he got the message better that you really didn’t want to talk to him.

You couldn’t even really look at him, eyes drifting towards the yard instead.

“Look,” he said, taking a step towards you which you matched by taking two steps back. You didn’t care to see his reaction. He let out a sigh that might’ve sounded regretful if you knew he didn’t regret what he did. If he did, maybe he would’ve apologized by now. “I meant what I said. It was a mistake. I shouldn’t have done that. I-I regret it.”

“You only regret it because you got caught,” you spat out before you could stop yourself.

It was all he needed before words started spewing forth. He was spouting a bunch of bullshit about how it’s not his fault, at all. “If you think about it, it’s your fault because you never wanted to have sex. You knew I have a sex addiction, and you weren’t doing anything to help me out! I mean, I help you with your mental health problems.

You bit your cheek to stop from lashing out, you knew the moment you did he’d twist it around and say that you were being irrational which would make you even angrier. Did you want to scream at him? Slam your knee into his crotch? Storm back into the house and slam the door hard enough that it would break the glass? Yes. Would that be inconsiderate of your housemates? Yes. Did you want your housemates involved in this? No.

So, you took a deep breath, and instead said, “Maybe you should look into getting some professional help for your sex ‘addiction’ because it’s clearly causing issues with your personal relationships. I know a good therapist if you’d like.”

Chad visibly recoiled at that, and you finally met his gaze. The disbelief and then angry in his eyes just made you defensive and your bit your cheek harder. Nope. Keep it quiet and calm. This wasn’t anyones business besides yours and Chad. Don’t cause a scene.

“This isn’t my fault,” he shot back, “It’s yours.”

“How?” you asked through your teeth. You felt tears pricking at the corner of your eyes. Oh no. You were not crying in front of him for whatever reason. Hell no. He did not get to see how he affected you. He didn’t get to know how much you were hurting right now. He didn’t have the fucking right. You blinked rapidly and the tears faded slightly.

“I told you! I don’t need a therapist for this, and nothing would’ve happened if you had just been more willing to have sex more often. I don’t fucking get why you’re so mad? I respected it when you said no!” he gestured towards you. Your eyebrows flew up at him. “Besides, come on, who is going to be with you if it isn’t me? No one wants to date someone who’s fucked two guys-“

“Don’t refer to Frisk as a ‘guy’ they don’t like that,” you interrupted sharply, your anger flaring, “and you fucking know that.”

Chad rolled his eyes at you and you clenched your hands together tightly. “Sorry, who has fucked two ‘people’,” he emphasised the word almost sarcastically and your blood felt hot. Near boiling. Just...deep breaths. Remember, you don’t want to worry the others or piss off the neighbours by shouting so late at night...not that the neighbours would hear that well. Your gaze glanced over to the side of the property., you wouldn’t cause the skeletons distress.

“Come on. I still want to be with you...and if you promise to have more sex with me you won’t ever have to worry about me cheating on you again. I love you after all, all of you,” his voice was soft, but the words? You swallowed the biting words you wanted to say.


“No?” Chad asked, laughter in his voice. “Why not? It was one little mistake.”

“Little?” your voice rose and the amusement died instantly on his face. “You cheated on me with my sister, and you think that it was my fault because you can’t keep your dick in your pants? Ho-“

“It is! But it doesn’t matter! Because I love you, doesn’t that mean anything to you? Please...just understand,” he snapped his voice taking on a betrayed tone, matched with a fairly believably regrettable grimace. “Please...I’d do anything to make this right.”



You gestured towards him, “Apologize to me.”

“I...I’m sorry?” he said glancing around as if trying to find a ‘trick’ to what you had asked. All the anger sapped out of you at that, replaced with just dejected acceptance.

There wasn’t a trick.

It was just a request.

That he obviously failed. Big Time.

“Of course...” you muttered, before glancing over at the door. You could see the skeletons standing in their foyer, pointedly not looking at the door...but you knew they could hear everything. “ you have something to actually say or can you leave? The bros don’t like you and I’m already inconveniencing them by living here while I find a new apartment,” you said, rubbing at your arm.

“You’re living here?” he blurted out, arm jerking out towards the door. “That was fast...were you fucking one of them?”

“What kind of fucked up logic is that? They’re my friends and they offered to help me out. Besides, I would never cheat on a significant other,” you snapped back jabbing him in the chest with a finger, “You huge sack of shit.”

“I bet it was that Red fucker, always getting touchy with you. Bet he finally couldn’t handle the rejection anymore and-“

You slapped him. Hard.

“Don’t talk like that about him!” you snarled, “Don’t talk about any of them like that. Get the hell out of here before I make good on Edge’s threat and call the cops on you for harassment.”

“If you think I’m leaving with you, you’re stupider than I thought!” Chad snapped back grabbing your arm. You let out a startled yelp as his fingernails dug into your sensitive underarm.

Before you could really process what was happening, bones shot up around Chad let out a surprised yelp but he couldn’t jump away due to the bones behind him as well. The door opened and Papyrus stepped out.

“Let Her Go,” Papyrus said, his voice even and low.

It sent a shiver down your back...he’d never, ever spoken like that before. Chad’s fingers immediately released you as he stared at Papyrus in shock. “Thi-This doesn’t involve you, freak.”


Papyrus dropped only one side of the bone cage. Chad stared at Papyrus, eyes wide and then they flickered over to you and then back immediately. “Uh...I-“


Chad spun around and immediately bumped into Red.

Whose eye lights were gone.

“ya better hope we don’t run into each other, capiche?” Red snarled quietly. Chad slowly nodded, before slowly edging around Red’s form and hightailing it down the path to his car. You watched as he got into the car. When you turned around, Papyrus scooped you into his arms.


“Papyrus, I’m fine,” you insisted, but didn’t fight more than that. It...had been a long time since anyone had picked you up, and after that? Well, you really wanted the contact. It made you feel less alone, and your heart was still beating heavily in your chest from Chad grabbing you.

Papyrus gently placed you on the counter before darting over to the pantry, a moment of rustling, and then he was back in front of you handing you a small monster candy. You unwrapped it and popped it into your mouth immediately. The sensation of eating monster food never ceased to amaze you, it was like eating cotton candy. Dissolving in your mouth to nothing.

“NOW! LET’S FINISH WATCHING NAPASTATON SO WE CAN WATCH THE REAL TALENT THAT’S METATON!” Papyrus said, picking you back up off the counter and spinning around. The others were lingering around the archway to the kitchen, various levels of veiled anger displayed on their faces. “I DONT THINK IT WILL BE GOOD TO DWELL ON THAT HUMAN’S UNFORTUNATE VISIT TONIGHT.”

There were a few grumbles but Blue quickly perked up and was ushering the group back towards the entertainment room in order to continue watching Napstaton’s movie. Papyrus grinned after them and you patted his shoulder lightly, making him look down at you.

“Thanks, Paps,” you shifted slightly, urging his head closer to you so you could plant a quick kiss to his cheek bone. A light dusting of orange covered his face and he ‘NYEH’d’ before hurrying after the others, a huge grin on his face.

Chapter Text

Three quick, consecutive knocks on your door pulled you out of the blissful semi-slumber you’d been drifting in. It pulled a groan from you as you rolled onto your back and rubbed at your eyes. “..yeah?”

Blue called your name cheerfully from the other side, quiet enough to be respectful, but loud enough that you could hear him through the door. “Want To Go Jogging With Me?”

“hu?” you grunted, flopping your arm around until it found your phone hidden beneath a pillow. Six am.  “hnngg....Blue,” you groaned rolling onto your stomach and mumbling into your pillow about the ungodly hour.

“Can I Come In?” Blue asked next, tapping on the door, forcing you to wake up a bit more. You grunted something that honestly could’ve been taken either way. You didn’t care. The door creaked open and you heard him slip in before closing the door softly behind him. “I Miss Passing You During My Morning Jog! So, The Other Day While I Was At Work I Realized That We Could Just Go Jogging Together! We Don’t Have To If You Don’t Want, But I Thought I’d Offer.”

Slowly, you rolled onto your side, huffed, and then pushed yourself into a sitting position. Blue was standing at the foot of your bed, dressed in his usual morning workout outfit. Blue shorts, a white muscle shirt with the words ‘Work out now, tacos later’ printed in blue, and a sweat band around his skull. You stared at him sleepily for a moment and then nodded.

“Gi’me moment,” you rubbed your face, and when you glanced back up you saw his eye lights shifting quickly back to their normal large round orbs, and a faint blue blush across his cheeks. “whu?” you hummed shoving the blankets away from you and swinging your legs to the floor. When he didn’t answer you bit back a yawn and then leapt to your feet. It startled him and you rubbed your face roughly and then turned towards him. “Okay, shoo. Need’a dress.”

“OKAY!” he said, grinning and hurrying from your room, making sure to close the door quietly behind him.

You found that if you...leapt out of bed in the morning without second-guessing the need to get out of bed, you actually got out of bed. There had been too many mornings, especially lately, where you found it hard to get out of bed. Well, if you didn’t have to feed Egg in the probably wouldn’t leave your room on your days off. Just wallow in your bed while searching urgently for an apartment.

Heh...there you were thinking of the room as ‘yours’ and the bed as ‘yours’...when they weren’t. You glanced around and then sighed. You...probably should start going back to therapy. Thankfully, your health insurance covered therapy sessions! Or else you really, really, wouldn’t be able to afford it, rent, Egg, and all your other various bills.

Speaking of Egg. She was still sprawled on a spare pillow, tummy exposed to the world, little paw beans flopped outward. You smiled, at least the sight of your little Egg never allowed you to dwell on bad things for long. She kept you going through a lot of stuff. So, you didn’t allow yourself to dwell to heavily on your thoughts and yanked out your workout clothes.

 Blue was waiting by the front door for you when you emerged from your room. He was practically vibrating with excitement, handing you a nice cold water bottle. After stretching your muscles to make sure you didn’t get a cramp, you gestured towards the door.

At first, Blue attempted to engage you in conversation but you quickly found yourself out of breath. Guess that’s what happens when you haven’t jogged for the past month and a bit. Even so, you enjoyed his company and his chatter greatly helped distract you during the period of time before your runners high kicked in.

Why didn’t he run with Edge or Papyrus? You knew that they also went for morning jogs. Did Edge just jog earlier in the morning? Or did they just enjoy their lonesome morning jogs? Maybe you’d ask one of the others to go jogging with you if Blue found you too slow or a boring jogging companion. He seemed to be able to easily keep pace with you, barely breaking a sweat.

Eventually, the two of you slowed to a stop at the park.

You were panting and a sweating mess, but you were laughing at a story Blue had finished telling you.  He worked security, and sometimes people did strange things when they thought no one was looking. Of course, you were also thinking of all the times you danced to the music in a store when you thought no one was looking...or when you tripped and ate shit in the middle of a department store. The idea that someone had actually seen it was making you cringe inwardly.


He put his hands on his hips and studied you closely. You nodded, “Only as much as my body can handle. Don’t worry,” you waved a hand at him to try to dismiss his worries. It seemed to quell his concern and he took a sip of his water while examining the other inhabitants of the park. You guzzled your own water down before wiping at your forehead with the hem of your tank top.

“Ugh. I feel so gross,” you laughingly declared, you were drenched.

Blue’s gaze returned to you, and he reached over, brushing his fingers against your forehead and tucked a loose, very sweaty, piece of hair behind your ear. “HUH,” he said, head tilting, “THAT’S FUNNY.”

“What?” you asked, reaching up and touching your face, “Do I have something on my face?”

“Oh No. It’s Just That, To Me, You Feel Perfect.”

“Oh, I-“ you stopped, and processed what he said. If your face could, it would’ve flushed darker than it currently was. “Hehehe, what? No??? I’m gross and sweaty?” you couldn’t meet his gaze, fiddling with your water bottle, “I’m far from perfect too, I’m not normally this tired by this point. I’ve been slacking. Imperfect and sweaty.”

Blue grinned a devilish grin before reaching forwards and squishing your cheeks with both of his hands. “NOPE~! YOU STILL FEEL PERFECT!”

You couldn’t help but start giggling as he squished your cheeks, but you smacked his hands away, and rubbed at your cheeks. “Oh my god, Blue,” you huffed out. His eye lights shifted to his little stars and you continued to giggle, he was an adorable dork. You thought he was done teasing you when he drank more of his water but the moment one of your hands abandoned your water bottle, he intertwined his own fingers with yours.

He let out a gasp, and you met his gaze finally. “What?”


You frowned slightly, repeating your previous question. He grinned, “Your Hand In Mine.”

“Oh my fucking god, you little flirt! Your worse than Red!” you gasped, feeling your cheeks burning again. What was it with skeletons and flirting with you? What was so neat about you? At least with Red, you were about 65% sure that he was just flirting because that was who he was. Not because he was actually interested in you.

However, your comment made Blue gasp and give you the most offended look you’ve ever seen him direct at you. “I AM NOT LIKE RED! I DO NOT MAKE UNSAVOURY COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR BEHIND OR INVITE YOU TO SALACIOUS AFFAIRS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! THAT’S FOR AFTER THE THIRD DATE.”

You blinked in surprise. “ this a date?”

“Not Unless You Wish It To Be. I Would Never Rush You Into A Relationship When You Were Just Betrayed By Your Last Datemate. You’re Important To Me. When You Are Ready…I Do Wish To Date You,” he admitted. You searched his face and saw that he was 100% serious. Your stomach did a little flip at the utter adoration in his gaze; his eyes still the little stars.

“Oh...oh shit...uh, I don’t know?” you managed to squeak out. It had only been a month since your boyfriend cheated on weren’t sure if you would be ready to trust someone again like that for a while. Even if it was Blue, who invested himself completely in everything he did. “I...don’t know?” you repeated again, dropping your gaze.

Blue lifted your still intertwined hands and gently pressed your knuckles to his teeth, “You Do Not Need To Know. Do You Know What You Need To Know Right Now?”

“No?” you said, unsure.

“IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE JOG BACK TO THE HOUSE OR IF YOU’D RATHER WE WALK. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU’VE JOGGED SINCE MOVING IN WITH US. I WOULD HATE TO PUSH YOU PAST YOUR LIMITS!” he said, eyes returning back to their large blue orbs, and his tone returning to his normal boisterous level.

You were thankful for the conversation change. It wasn’t that you were upset to learn that he was interested in you like that, but you felt awkward and didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t like...well...that you couldn’t see yourself with Blue. If you were completely honest with yourself, you had a crush on the skeletons ever since you broke up with Frisk. They just never really showed any true interest in you before so you didn’t want to ruin your friendship. Hell, if one of them had asked you out before Chad had, you would’ve eagerly said yes.

Now? The idea of getting into another relationship was scary. Even if it was with someone you already trusted so much. It made your stomach twist with fear and your blood turn to ice. You didn’t know if you could truly trust someone with your heart and SOUL anytime soon, and you didn’t want to get into a relationship if you couldn’t trust your partner. Most importantly? You couldn’t stand to hurt Blue if you couldn’t handle a relationship.

“I’d rather walk,” you admitted with a thankful smile. He returned the smile.

At least he wasn’t pushy about it, demanding to know why you didn’t know. What you didn’t know. Or try to get you to go on an actual date when it was clear that you weren’t ready for that.

It wasn’t until the two of you were back out of the park did you realize you were still holding onto Blue’s hand. You released it, blushing and being unable to look at him again. He didn’t seem offended or upset that you let go of his hand.

The conversation returned to work-related stories, which was a safe conversation topic, and the slight awkwardness you felt knowing he liked you faded. It was still Blue. You didn’t know how long he had liked you, but it didn’t matter. Hell, even if Red admitted he liked you like that as well, it wouldn’t change how you felt about him. He was still Red.

Well, unless they started acting like they owned you or something stupid because they admitted they had feelings for you. You knew a few guys like that in high school, which always pissed you off.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK PAPYRUS MADE FOR BREAKFAST?”  Blue asked as the two of you turned onto the street the brother’s home was on.

“Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll taste great,” you said, and your stomach rumbled in hunger. Maybe you should’ve eaten some fruit before you left? Oh well, you’d get back to the house, shower, and then pig out on breakfast. Blue commented on what he hoped was for breakfast as he opened the gate to the front yard and allowed you to enter first.

Halfway up the walk, you felt nausea building. Oops. Probably should’ve worked up to jogging as long as you did. Hopefully, it would clear after a shower and breakfast, if it didn’t you’d take something to quell the nausea. You really hoped it was related to exercise and you weren’t coming down with something. You had enough to worry about without getting sick.

Blue opened the door and hurried towards the kitchen, calling out a greeting to the skeletons within. You lingered by the door, weakly stretching.

Papyrus called your name, leaning slightly so he could see you from the kitchen, “I MADE YOUR FAVOURITE BREAKFAST!”

You smiled, “Aw! Thanks! I’ll go take a sho-“


You darted towards the bathroom, hand covering your mouth and slammed it open. Sans jumped in surprise, but you darted past him and vomited into the toilet. Oh god. It burned. Vomiting up nothing but water and stomach acid was the worst.

You vaguely heard Edge shouting at Blue about pushing you too much on the run because you were more delicate, and Blue shouting back about pacing you.

A hand rather awkwardly, but gently, patted your back. You leaned back, flushing the toilet and glanced up at Sans.

“Sorry,” you muttered weakly.

“ ok?”

“,” you chuckled, once again weakly. “Sorry I burst in here.”

He shrugged, then helped you to your feet, “i was just brushing my teeth.”

You cupped your hand under the water and quickly rinsed the taste of bile from your mouth. You spotted a comb that wasn’t yours and stared at it before slowly looking back at Sans. “With...a comb?”

He shook his head, “nah. thats my second part of my morning routine.”

When he picked it up and dragged it over his skull you snorted and covered your face. “Oh my god. What the hell.”

“this doesn’t just happen,” he said, gesturing at his body before tucking the comb into his pocket. You dropped your hand, shaking your head.  What a dork.

“ really ok?”

You nodded, the nausea was almost completely gone. “Yeah...I  just got a bit nauseous. Totally fine.”

It didn’t seem to fully convince him, but he shrugged and headed from the bathroom. You followed after him, hearing Edge and Blue’s shouting match getting loudly. Stretch and Red were sleepily standing next to their brothers; ready to intervene if the fight grew too...destructive. Papyrus was standing in the center, his hands up and trying to talk in between the argument.

“Edge,” you said, “It’s my fault, totally not Blue’s. You’re right, humans are weird delicate creatures, I’ve been super stressed lately...and I might be coming down with a bug. I should’ve listened to my body better, but I didn’t. You don’t gotta yell at him. Now, I’m going to go shower and go back to bed...can you guys keep it down? Please?”

Edge didn’t say anything, just crossed his arms and glowered at Blue. You smiled weakly at Papyrus, “Thanks for making me breakfast, but I don’t think I can handle something that filling right now. I’ll eat it for lunch?”


“I will, thanks,” you smiled before turning and heading towards the bathroom. You really hoped this went away soon. Why couldn't your life just be simply sailing?

Chapter Text

You didn’t really know what you had expected when Sans had caught you after dinner and asked you to go someplace with him, claiming that the last time you really left the house was either to work, jog, or go apartment hunting. Nothing ‘fun’ or ‘lazy’. At first, you had wanted to decline and just curl up in your room with a book Stretch had lent you, cuddling Egg...but there was something about Sans’ entire demeanor that made you rethink that.

It was a surprise when he led you out of the house to his small scooter instead of just short-cutting you wherever the two of you were going. However, you soon figured out why.

The ride led the two of you out of the city, and lasted until the sun was set and the sky was slowly darkening from oranges to purples. Only then did Sans pull off of the small side road and parked. You climbed off and stretched lightly, staring up at the sparkling stars high above. It was always amazing to look up at the sky in the country...and in the future you wanted to live somewhere where you could just...see this every day. The city was convenient...but this was beautiful.

Sans appeared at your side with some blankets tucked under on arm, a picnic basket in one hand, and something tucked under his other arm. It was long, and covered in a dark protective cloth.

“Stargazing?” you guessed, the telescope that was set up on the upstairs balcony had been missing when you got home earlier. That was probably the long object. You held your hands out towards him, silently offering to carry something as he replied. He shifted the blankets into your grasp.

“yup. was going out tonight to do this anyways, thought i’d invite ya,” he said, shrugging with a large grin. You smiled back at him, and then gestured with your whole body.

“Lead the way!” you cheered.

His grin seemed to get wider and he led you along a path that was just bright enough still to walk on without needing a flashlight. It was as if he timed it perfectly, so that when the two of you crested the tops of the forest below, it was dark.

You fluffed out a blanket to lay on as he got to work setting up the telescope. You were giddy as you plopped down on the blanket and stared up at the sparkling sky. This...was going to be a great night. You could tell.

Sans sat down beside you and leaned back on his hands. Head tilted up to just watch the stars. Neither of you spoke as you watched the stars glitter above. You could sit and just stare up at the vastness of space for ever, searching for those few key constellations that you knew off the top of your head. Eventually, your gaze shifted to your companion.

It...was strange. He was probably the one skeleton you knew the least, but you had never felt uncomfortable around him. Ever. He just knew how to read a room and get people to relax around him. Frisk had always talked Sans up before you had even met the shorter skeleton as that could be it. Frisk had told you that down in the Underground, he was one of the few monsters who never acted aggressively towards you once they found out Frisk was a human.

There was something in the back of your head that had always whispered that Frisk was lying...that you didn’t have the whole picture. It wasn’t until a few months before the two of you broke up that Frisk had finally told you everything.

Maybe you should feel threatened by the skeleton sitting beside you who Frisk had nightmares about still sometimes...but you really couldn’t.

“what’s up? you seem outer it,” he punned, looking down at you with a wink. You snorted.

“That was...bad, Sans,” you said with a light huff of laugh, “I’m just thinking about stuff. Sorry.”

“nah. no need to apologize, you were just staring at the wrong thing,” he teased, gesturing up at the sky. You flushed lightly.

“Sorry,” you returned your gaze up to the sky. He made a noise that sort of sounded like ‘forguddabouit’, and the two of you fell into silence once more. Eventually, he shifted towards the telescope and started to search for a planet, and you sat up to rummage through the picnic basket. Sweet! Salty chips. You’d been craving the shit out of salty food lately. Maybe because you were exercising more often? You heard that you could get cravings for salt when you exercised due to excess sweating.

You munched happily as you and Sans started chatting about life, things happening at the house, and of course...there was no shortage of space related puns. Most of them were the bottom-barrel type puns that you huffed out laughs and grinned at, but there were a few good ones littered amongst them all that had you laughing more heartily.

“Hey, Sans. How does an astronaut say sorry on the moon?” you asked, grinning slyly in hope that he hadn’t heard the joke before.

“How?” he asked, the edges of his grin growing wider.


He snickered before he leaned away from the telescope and gestured towards it. You scooted closer and after gently touching the eyepiece to make sure there was no prank waiting for you, you peered at what he had found.

It was bright but still fairly tiny through the telescope, but you...weren’t all that well versed in planets or stars to be able to guess what you were looking at, so you asked.

“i think it’s uranus,” he said, eye sockets crinkling slightly in thought. You would’ve thought it was a crude joke, but he seemed to be truly contemplating the sky.

“Thought you would’ve memorized all the planets and what they looked like by now,” you said, with a light teasing tone as you peered through it again. You felt more than saw him shrug his shoulders.

“this old thing isn’t exactly cutting edge technology. i had to replace parts of it after i got it out of the dump back in waterfall, so i have no idea if it’s even working properly,” Sans admitted, shrugging again.

You leaned back and glanced over at him. That...was probably the first time he’d really volunteered information about himself. If you ever wanted to know more about him, it was usually through questions or talking to Papyrus. He wasn’t even looking at you, just staring up at the sky with a content look on his face.

“Why don’t you buy a new one?” you asked, rubbing your arms lightly as a gust of wind chilled you. Sans’ eye lights flicked over to you before he flopped onto his back and lazily reached over for one of the extra blankets. After some flailing he managed to inch his phalanges close enough to catch the blanket and yank it towards himself. He then sat up and unfolded the blanket before draping it over your shoulders. You smiled warmly at him. “Thanks.”

“no for your question? i dunno. just...there always seems to be more important things to buy. a house. vehicles. food. furniture that gets broken,” he shrugged his shoulders and shoved his hands into the pockets of his sweater. “plus, paps has been hinting at what he wants for gyftmas this year which is more important to me than a telescope that i use maybe once a month if the weather permits.”

You frowned slightly. That was...sad. When was the last time Sans spent money on himself because he wanted something? You knew he was attached to his jacket, but was that out of nostalgia and comfort or the simple fact that he didn’t think he was worth spending the money on? Of course, you knew it wasn’t because they were poor and he was budgeting their money...but...looking at him you really wondered if he just...didn’t value himself.

A sharp icy feeling lodged itself in your chest at the thought and you rubbed lightly at your sternum to try to ease the feeling.

Sans sighed softly, glancing over at you again and giving you a slightly bigger smile. “’nuff about that though. how’s apartment hunting going?”

Your mood plummeted even further and you pulled the blanket tighter around you. “Shitty.”

You saw him wince sympathetically and gave you an almost apologetic look, “...yeah?”

“Yeah...and the closer it gets to the end of the year, the more expensive everything seems to be! Plus, all the cat-friendly apartments seem to be on the market for all of two seconds before they’re taken,” you grumbled, pulling your knees in closer to your chest and glaring up at the sky. Then you sighed, “At this rate, I’ll never find an apartment I can afford. I might have to get a second job.”

“you could just...move in permanently with us,” Sans suggested, reaching past you and snatching up the bag of chips by your side.

“No, I couldn’t. I’d be imposing,” you instantly shot down the idea, and started reaching for the chips. Sans pulled the bag out of your reach as he shoved a handful into his mouth. You grumbled at that, and reached a bit more before giving up with a huff.

“nah, imposing means we don’t want ya or you’re forcing yourself on us. you really aren’t,” Sans said, mouth already empty of the chips he just stuffed in. The wonders of magic. No need the chew or digest food when it was all just broken down by magic. “you’d pay rent, but it’d be super cheap. six roommates makes for a pretty cheap living situation.”

That gave you pause. If you were paying to stay there, that was different. You’d just be another roommate to them rather than a stupid freeloader which you, unfortunately, currently were.

“we got the space,” he punned with a wink, and you huffed out a laugh. “and your already living with us. wont change too much, yknow?”

You nodded slowly at the offer. “I’ll...think about it. I just...” you hesitated trying to put your words in a way that you’d hoped he’d get it. It was hard though, monsters were, typically, very kind and compassionate. You didn’t want to take advantage of their hospitality and compassion, but you didn’t want to tell them that you felt like you were when in fact you weren’t? Ugh. You couldn’t find the right words in your head to tell him. Instead, you just looked at him and hoped that your expression would get through to him and he’d understand what you were trying to say.

Sans’ eye lights searched your face briefly before shrugging his shoulders and leaning back towards the telescope. As he began to search the sky for something else to view, he said, “independence is a big thing for humans, gotta prove you can make it on your own. frisk went through that same thing when they were finished high school. i, personally, don’t get it...because just cus you can survive on your own doesn’t mean you gotta.  if frisk had that mentally when they were in the underground...things woulda been much different,” Sans voice got quieter near the end.

You examined the back of his skull, and you sighed softly. “A lot of things would’ve been different if Frisk didn’t do what they did,” you reached behind him and snatched the chips. As you glanced back up at the sky, your eyes widened slightly, “A shooting star!”

It was gone in an instant, so by the time Sans glanced up he had missed it. “aw, shoot, i missed it,” he said, looking over at you and winking. You giggled at that and adjusted the blanket around your shoulders. Sans leaned back, hands supporting him as he abandoned the telescope in favour of looking for more meteors zipping across the dark sky. You followed his lead and accidentally placed your hand on top of his.

“Oh, sorr-“ you started, but he shifted his hand before you could finish and placed it on top of yours before giving it a gentle squeeze.

“s’fine,” he said, his face dusted with blue magic. You felt your own face heat up at the sight...but you didn’t move your hand from his. In fact, you found yourself leaning gently against him as you returned your gaze back up towards the sky. Face still burning as you noted that his was still flushed.

You’d never seen Sans blush before...he was always unfazed by everything it seemed.

The night seemed to last forever as the two of you chatted quietly. Eventually, Sans brought out a thermos full of hot chocolate that apparently Grillby had prepared. You wondered since when Grillby made hot chocolate, and Sans told you that Grillby doesn’t just make stuff for anyone. You gotta be great friends with him to get off-menu items.

“Like a ketchup bottle?” you teased as you sipped the warm chocolaty drink and hummed happily. Fall had hit and you knew you wouldn’t be able to stay out too much longer before you started to feel the cold even through the blanket and your jacket.

Unfortunately, that happened sooner rather than later, as you began to stifle yawns with your hand, and felt your eyelids beginning to grow heavy. You admitted that you were too tired to stay up too much longer, and the two of you packed up.

The small hike back to his scooter was harder in the darkness with only the light of your phone it guide the way but the two of you made it. Tucking all the items back within the safety of the seat storage. He climbed on and you settled in behind him.

“Maybe we should go to the planetarium one of these days,” you offered through a yawn, “I haven’t been in the longest time. Have you ever been?”

“no...but...i’d like to,” he said, voice quiet, “uh...i’d really like that.”

“Good. It’s a date.”

He seemed to sputter out a response that you barely heard as he started up the scooter. You just smiled against his back. The skeletons were such dorks.

Chapter Text

Lunch with your parents. Not exactly your idea of fun...but it was more or less a necessary evil. Of course,  through it all you felt nauseous, but you kept that fact to yourself. You couldn’t cancel or they’d get on your case about it. Plus, you didn’t want to worry any of the skeletons. They had already been freaked out when you had gotten randomly sick after jogging with Blue a few weeks ago.

Apparently, your step-sister had told her mother what had happened with her and Chad, and now you were sitting out in public listen to your step-mother and father go back and forth about the entire situation. Not exactly how you wanted to spend the time with them.

“She’s just...very free with her emotions,” your step-mother defended, “It’s not her fault that Chad wanted her. Honestly, dear, you should keep your man on a leash.”

You tensed hearing her titter at her ‘joke’. That was the stupidest fucking thing, you shouldn’t have to ‘keep him on a leash’. You shouldn’t have to worry about your significant other cheating on you at all. But, you knew that your father would be furious if you talked back to his wife, so you just laughed awkwardly and sipped at your water, praying that the waiter came back so that you could ask for a cheque and leave without your step-mother getting defensive.

“Have you found a place to stay yet?” your father asked, his voice oddly flat for the question.

“Cat-friendly apartments are really had to find, but the Serif brothers are letting me stay at their house until I can find a place,” you explained giving a small shake of your head. Although the subject was still not a ‘happy’ one, you were still grateful for any sort of change in conversation. Even if it was still about you. You’d much rather they talk about themselves, because then you didn’t feel like you were being judged by either of them.

Sometimes you wondered why you ever attempted to reconnect with your father after your mother passed away. Well, it wasn’t so much why you did reconnect, but why you still tried to keep the father-daughter relationship alive. You’d stopped talking to him once you turned eighteen, but he’d shown up to the funeral and you had forgotten about why your mother left him and how he didn’t even bother try to talk to you once you stopped communicating. It was as if the years fell away and you were his little girl again who was done being so strong, and he was once again your supportive father once again who helped you.

“Why don’t you just forgive Chad and move back in with him?” your step-mother asked, “It was a mistake, and Anna said she’s not interested in being with him anymore.”

You clenched your jaw tight and you took a deep breath. “I’d rather not.”

“Oh, come on! You two were practically engaged!” she tittered out a laugh, “Men make stupid mistakes all the time! I think these two months have been punishment enough for him.”

Practically engaged? Stupid mistake? felt your restraint wearing thin. If it wasn’t for the waiter coming back with the cheques at that very moment, you would’ve torn her a new one. This wasn’t the place you wanted to get into an argument with your step-mother, too public and you couldn’t scream at her like you wanted. So, you breathed out a sigh of relief, slapped down some cash and stood up. “I gotta get going, I’ll see you later,” you said before kissing your father’s cheek and giving them both as warm of a smile as you could muster before fleeing from the restaurant.

You slammed the car door shut and you pressed your face into your hands and let out an angry yell. How fucking dare she? Who the fuck would say that to someone who had been cheated on? That it was a mistake, but you should forgive them anyways? Fuck no! There was no way you were ever going to forgive someone who couldn’t even be bothered to give you a proper apology. There was no way you were going to forgive someone who hurt you so badly. Who put you through all this stress...just because you had ‘practically been engaged.’ You didn’t care if you had been married to him with five fucking children. You would’ve kicked his ass and told him that he better get a better job to pay you child support.

The nausea swelled up again and you leaned your forehead against the steering wheel and took deep breaths. Fuck. This was getting annoying.

Maybe you should go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with you? You couldn’t afford to get sick right now.

Not right now.

Why was everything so hard?

Your phone pinged with a new message, but you ignored it as you waited for  the feeling of nausea to pass. Once it did, you turned on your air conditioning in hopes that the cool air would help. Then, you picked up your phone and saw you had a message from Chara. You smiled.

Chara 1:15 PM: Two more weeks of this stupid trip. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Frisk is a way better Ambassador than meeeeeeee why can’t they just do all this political shit. I’m horrible with humans. They’re so selfish and gross.

You 1:19 PM: Says the kid who just said that you’d rather Frisk do all the hard work.

You 1:19 PM: But I agree humans are awful. I have just decided. ESM decided that I should get back together with Chad.

As you waited for her response, you navigated to your calendar to check when Chara was supposed to land and when you assumed you could see her. You weren’t as close to her as you were to Frisk, but the two of you did try to hang out frequently. Which was always strange to your father, you were still friends with your ex and their twin. Though, you knew that Frisk and Chara weren’t actually twins...but you honestly couldn’t remember why or how you knew that? You think Frisk told you something about it. Just like you knew that the skeletons weren’t cousins. Another weird thing that if you thought about too hard you’d get a headache.

Chara: 1:20 PM: What happened with Chad?

You paled slightly. Shit. You didn’t tell her? You scrolled back through the messages. You...hadn’t. You hadn’t even mentioned that you were living with the skeletons. Sure, you talked about them more but you hadn’t said ‘Chad cheated on me so I’m living with the skeletons right now.’

You 1:20 PM: woops. Uh...Chad cheated on me with Anna...totally thought I told you.

You 1:20 PM: I’m living with the skeles for now, and Egg’s with me so I’m all good.

Chara 1:20 PM: Hmmm...wonder if my diplomatic immunity would let me get away with kicking his ass off a bridge.

You 1:20 PM: chara no

Chara 1:21 PM: chara yes

You stifled a giggle and returned to looking at your calendar. Two months since you had broken up with Chad. Two months of living with the skeletons. It was almost surreal that so much time had passed. Hell, Chara had been away for six months at this point travelling to different countries, kingdoms, ect, to help facilitate the monster integration.

What else happened two months ago...?

Then suddenly something in your mind whispered a reminder to you. Your stomach dropped. While whispering ‘don’t panic’ you quickly opened up another app.

Your period app.

Two months without one.

Okay. Calm down. It could be stress. Stress totally makes things stop working, right? Right.

You stared at your phone for longer.

No. Don’t even think about what it could mean.

You couldn’t be.

Panic clenched your chest and you threw your phone at your passenger seat. Maybe...maybe if you just ignored it, nothing would happen. Right?




Fuck. You couldn’t.

If you were, you needed to know.

You drove to the nearest pharmacy and hurried over to the pregnancy tests. You grabbed a handful from different brands and hurried to the self-check out. There was no way you were going through the manned check outs and having to make small talk with the clerk. No. Way. What would you say if they asked? “Hahaha, yeah, I might be pregnant with my cheating ex-boyfriend’s baby!“ No. No way. Nope.

Your hands were shaking as you scanned the items and shoved them into the plastic bags. You felt tense and your body was shaking as you paid for them and darted back to your car. Shit. Okay. Get back to the house, and pray that none of the skeletons were home. You really didn’t want to explain to them what was going on. You didn’t even want to acknowledge it verbally in case that somehow willed it into existence.

You practically skidded to a stop in the driveway and just stared at the house. There was no evidence anyone was home, but that didn’t mean anything. You didn’t have a garage door opener, even if Sans kept saying that he has been meaning to give you one. Not that you minded, it might be a bit irritating during the winter to wipe your car from snow, but you’d live.

Right now, you really wished for one so you could see who was home.

Some skeletons, like Edge, were less snoopy and wouldn’t ask you what you bought, but Blue or Papyrus would and if you lied to them Stretch would become snoopy and you didn’t want to deal with that. Hopefully, if you were lucky, no one would be inside. They should all be at their jobs, but you honestly didn’t know their routines well enough. Sans seemed to work whenever he wanted at odd jobs.


With a deep breath, you grabbed your abandoned phone, bag, and the dreaded plastic bag, and headed towards the house.

So far, so good. The front door was locked, which usually meant no one was home. Sans, Red, or Stretch sometimes just teleported into the house and didn’t bother unlocking the door, however, so you couldn’t rule out that one of them was home. But, they generally wouldn’t bother you until you were sitting in a main area like the entertainment room or the living room.

You were sneaking into the house like that day two months ago, but this time you weren’t sure if there were any skeletons in the house. Still, you felt a bit foolish as you slowly shut the door behind you and listened.

They were skeletons. The shortest of them weighed like 20 lbs, and the tallest like 30 lbs. They barely made any noise when they moved normally! Why would it change just because you were nervous?

Thankfully, no one came crawling out of the hardwood.

It’d be just your luck if you had to explain what you were going to do to any of them.

Once you confirmed they weren’t going to suddenly spring up from behind the couch, you practically sprinted to the bathroom and slammed the door behind you. With trembling fingers you pulled the boxes from the bag and proceeded to take them all. Better safe than sorry. After washing your hands, you set up the timer and sat on the toilet and waited. Your heart beat heavily in your chest and you felt the tight grip of anxiety squeezing your ribs.

Blue’s voice called out your name as you heard the front door open, followed by a quieter call of ‘hey’ from Sans. You managed to call out ‘hey’ in response, and return to staring anywhere but the tests. This wasn’t happening. You couldn’t accept the fact that you could very well be pregnant. You didn’t want to...and you really didn’t want anyone around when you figured it out.

The timer went off and you jolted in surprise.

You had to look.

But you didn’t want to.

You didn’t know how long you stayed in the bathroom, and you heard the door open and close a few times. The quiet house became filled with voices as everyone debated dinner and chatted about the day.  Eventually you heard a gentle knock on the door.

“hey...uh...dunno bout human bathroom habits, but you’ve been in there a okay?” Stretch’s voice drifted in through the door. You swallowed thickly, glancing at the door and then over at the tests.

“Uh...y-yeah,” you managed to choke out, “Totally okay.”

He didn’t respond at first and you heard a soft thump as if he was leaning against the door. Then he sighed, “okay...bros starting dinner. you good enough to eat?”

You picked up your phone from the counter and bite back a gasp at the time. You’d been waiting for a good couple hours. You’d gotten home two hours ago. It seemed honestly like only a few minutes went by...a couple of anxiety induced minutes.

“Uh...should be,” you muttered, and you heard a grunt.

“should be?” Stretch asked, voice sounding a bit strained. Then it quieted, “if ya need to talk, honey...”

“Th-Thanks...but...I’m good,” you lied, knowing full well that he would pick up instantly that you were lying. You just...didn’t want to deal with another person right now.

“alright...dinner is in an hour...lemme know if you need anything.”

You didn’t hear him leave, but you had a feeling he simply teleported. You dropped your face into your hands and let out a shaky breath. You really couldn’t linger in the bathroom any longer. They’d get super worried if they weren’t already. You had just lied to Stretch and you’d been in the bathroom for two hours.

You prayed to every god you knew off the top of your head before standing up and looking down at your five tests.




No. No.


You immediately doubled over, hand on your mouth as you stifled a sob.

No! You couldn’t be!


You couldn’t be this fucking unlucky!

Your body was shaking and you couldn’t see through the thick, hot tears that burned down your face. You couldn’t be pregnant. You couldn’t be. This was...impossible! It had to be. These tests were all false positives. You couldn’t be pregnant!

Your hands pressed against your mouth as you tried to keep your sobs quiet. Keep this to yourself. This was your problem.

Oh god. You were pregnant.

You didn’t have a home.

You didn’t have a significant other.

You were alone.

All alone.


Oh god. No.

Fuck no.

This couldn’t happen.

You couldn’t find a one-bedroom apartment that was cat-friendly in your fucking price range, how were you going to find a two-bedroom? You’d need to get a second job.

Even if you had considered moving in permanently with the brothers couldn’t now. You couldn’t be like ‘cool I’ll live here, by the way I’m going to have a baby too.’

You couldn’t do that to them.

You barely felt okay accepting when it was just you and Egg.

No. No. No.

How were you going to survive?


You couldn’t hold yourself upright anymore and you dropped to the floor with a heavy thud. Your sobs were becoming too loud to cover up with your hands and you curled around yourself. What were you going to do. You were alone. Your father wouldn’t help you. You refused to go to Chad for help. You wanted your mother. She had always known what to do. She would've come to your side the moment you called her. She would've soothed away your fears and helped you through this. If she was still alive. But she wasn't and you were all fucking alone. 

You wanted your mother.

How were you supposed to be a mother when your own mother couldn't help you through it? 

Why did life love kicking you while you were down?

Why did everything wrong happen to you!

Why couldn't things go right for once in your goddamn life!

You wanted your mother.

You wanted your mommy.

“WHAT’S WRONG? ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU INJURED? ARE YOU NAKED? CAN WE COME IN?” Blue’s panicked voice cut through the door, but it just made you cry even harder.

You couldn’t answer as much as you tried. Your voice just was drowned out by your sobs.

The skeletons’ voices rose in argument before you felt something bump against your foot. You couldn’t even see through your tears when you glanced up, but you saw a flash of red before hands started patting you.

“fuck...where are ya hurt?” Red demanded, hands touching your arms and legs before patting your head. Trying to find someplace where you flinched. You shook your head and tried to explain but it came out a garbled mess as you gestured towards the counter. He glanced over and saw the tests. You tried to wipe at your eyes but the tears just wouldn’t stop pooling.

It was starting to hurt to breathe.

“ya gotta tell me what’s wrong!” Red snapped, voice rising with his confusion. You flinched at the tone, but then he pulled you into a hug. “c’mon, sweetheart, i don’t fucking know.”

You clung to him, pressing your face into his jacket and sobbed even harder.

You felt the tension in his body racket up, but he didn’t let you go. Just stroked your hair until you calmed down slightly. Ever so slightly. Then he pulled back and unlocked the bathroom door.

Instantly four other skeletons were scrambling into the bathroom to see what had happened, their voices and presence instantly overwhelmed you and you felt your hysteric sobs double once again.

hey,” Sans’ voice cut through the din. “give her space.

There was a tense moment where no one moved, and no one spoke.

You continued to sob into your hands.

The others were practically thrown from the bathroom, and Sans stepped into the doorway. “go get toriel and frisk. n o w.

The door shut, leaving you alone in the bathroom with Sans.

He turned around and sat down beside you, pulling you into a side hug. You awkwardly twisted, trying to get closer, and pressed your face into his chest, allowing yourself to continue sobbing. He didn’t ask what happened. He didn’t demand to know. He just allowed you to sob and cling to him.

“let’s...get you somewhere more comfortable,” Sans suggested after a while. An ache in your tailbone pulsed at his suggestion, how long had you been sitting on the floor? You nodded weakly against him and he gently helped you to your feet. The change in elevation caused your head to swim and then he was shifting you backwards. Through your heavy, tear filled eyes, you realized he had already teleported you to your bedroom. The edge of the bed bumped into the back of your calves, and you wasted no time sitting down and wiping roughly at your face.

“Thanks,” you managed to huff out, your voice scratchy from sobbing, and you felt exhausted. Sans gave your shoulder a gentle nudge and when you didn’t move, he nudged it again but this a bit more firmly. The force caused you to slump onto your back and then Sans was hoisting your feet off the floor and half-tossing, half placing them onto the bed.

“just so i can tell the others, you’re not injured, right?” Sans finally asked you, eye lights drifting quickly over your body. You shook your head. A sigh left him, and he slumped slightly, “good...good...uh-let’s...uh get you tucked in.”

He grabbed your extra throw blanket from the bottom of the bed and fluffed it out over top of you. Then he was shifting your pillows around until you were thoroughly snuggled. “tori and frisk will be here soon...we-uh...we don’t know much about humans? so...i can call stretch n’get him back if you don’t want tori or frisk here.”

You didn’t want anyone to see you right now. Especially Frisk. couldn’t stand the thought of being alone either, so you just shrugged weakly.

“okay...” Sans hummed, glancing towards the door and then back at you. “you need anything, just let us know.i’ll get the others to give you space.“

Sans turned to leave, and before you could really process what you were doing, your hand reached weakily towards him and caught his sleeve before he could turn away.

“Don’t leave me,” you whimpered, fresh tears starting to conceal your vision again. You saw his eye lights glance towards the door and then back at you before he gave you the gentlest smile you had probably ever seen San give anyone that wasn’t his brother.

“alright, scoot over,” he said flicking his fingers towards you. You huffed but relented, shifting over and patting your bed. He laid down and nestled himself into the pillows. “i’m here for ya, kiddo.”


The word brought fresh tears to your eyes. You hadn’t been a kid for a long time, and now you were going to have your own. The thoughts swirled in your head as your body curled into a ball and buried itself in the small nest Sans had built, your hand still curled around his sleeve. All you wanted to do was...not think. Not acknowledge the fear inside of you...or the child. fell asleep.

Chapter Text

You barely got a wink of sleep before you heard a commotion in the living room. Your eyes were thick and heavy with sleep and tears, and your throat was burning from sobbing. Sans was scrolling through his phone on your bed beside you, thumb poised over his screen as he stared at the door. You shifted slightly to allow you to look at the door as well, before peering up at him. He turned his attention down towards you and giving you a slightly bigger smile than his norm.

“tori and frisk are here,” he said softly, patting your knee gently.

A noise that could’ve been taken as a confirmation grunted out of you as you curled up tighten under the blankets. As if you could just curl up into a tiny ball and disappear completely. Sans still hadn’t asked what was really wrong, just confirmed that you weren’t injured. Now that your head had cleared a bit from the panic, you remembered Red's panic as he patted you down. How tiny his eye lights had been and the sweat dripping down his skull. The others were just as panicked but there was a haze in your memory from when they all entered, it had been too overwhelming for your panicking mind to retain.

Still, there was one thing you did had worried your boys unnecessarily. 

Your boys?

You ignored that thought immediately, as guilt settled in your stomach. If you had just...mentioned it to one of them this whole thing probably would've been handled better. Less shouting. Less panicking. With a sigh, you squeezed Sans' hand before reluctantly releasing it. When had you shifted your grip from his sleeve to his hand? Sans' hand twitched towards yours before shoving into his pocket just as the door to your bedroom opened and Toriel entered quickly. You guiltily realized that you hadn't seen her in a while, there wasn't as much of a reason after you stopped dating her child. Guilt kept piling on your shoulders and you swore it became a physical weight on your back as you slumped slightly, eyes dropping to the ground. A pathetic sniffle escaped you as fresh tears started pooling in your eyes. She took in your face and hurried over to the bed, sitting down on the opposite side that Sans was perched on. One of her large fluffy hands picked up the hand that held Sans’ a few moments ago and the other reached up and brushed back some stray hairs that had stuck to your tear-stained face.

“Oh, my child, what happened?” she asked, voice impossibly soft and motherly. My child. Fuck. That hit you in a spot that you hadn't felt since your mother had been alive. You couldn’t help but choke out another sob at that and curl up tighter. Why couldn’t your mother be here for you? Why did you feel so alone even surrounded by so many people who cared about you? Your body shook with another sob, and Toriel made a soft noise. A soothing noise. Her large hands gently shifted you from your curled ball and into a firm embrace. It was all it took to make you uncurl and you clung to her dress and buried your face into her shoulder. A loud cry left you and you didn't care that you felt like a child, or that you probably sounded like one. You were lost right now.

She gently stroked your hair, then your back, and then back to your hair, as you cried into her shoulder. Soft, supportive words soothed your anguish.

Eventually, either because you had no more tears to shed or her motions and words had soothed them, you stopped crying.

You slowly leaned away from her, and wiped at your cheeks, snuffling pathetically.

“Sorry,” you apologized immediately, eyes focusing on your hands resting in your lap.

“There is nothing to apologize for, it seemed as if you needed that,” she said with a soft smile, voice still gentle and motherly. “I do not sense any what is the matter?”

The thought of voicing it made your stomach flip uncomfortably and made your throat tighten. Your eyes glanced over at Sans and finally noticed that Frisk was in the room as well...and the other skeletons had piled in by the door. The two that really drew your attention were the Fell brothers. They were on edge and looked ready for a fight. Red was sweating and kept glancing around the room, hands loose at his sides (a thing you rarely saw they were always stuffed in his jacket). Edge was standing slightly turned towards the door, and the tensest you had ever seen him, eye lights flickering between you and the door to the room. Your mind clung to that. Would he attack if someone spooked him? You really hoped that Egg didn’t choose that moment to dart into your room.

Where was Egg anyways?

Frisk sat down on your bed and placed a hand on your shin, muttering your name. “What happened?”

You glanced at them and then down back your hands once again. Frisk’s hand tightened ever so slightly. “Was it Chad?”

You grimaced instantly and Frisk’s hand left your leg.

“Red,” Frisk’s voice was...dark, and your head whipped up. For a moment, just a small moment, you swore Frisk’s iris’ flashed red. Sans grabbed their arm immediately, and you didn’t miss how his eye lights blinked out completely. There were no words exchanged between the two, but then Frisk yanked their arm away from Sans and crossed their arm. You missed Stretch grabbing onto Red’s shoulder, and Red yanking it away sharply. You also missed how tense the air was between the two of them.

“H-He didn’t hurt me!” you said immediately, hands grabbing onto Sans’ hoodie. “’s just...” you couldn’t voice it. You just...couldn’t. You tried, but every time your mouth opened the words got caught. As if they refused to leave you, no matter how much you felt like you should. Sans patted your thigh. “I...the bathroom,” you gestured weakly.

Frisk’s head tilted confusion replacing their anger, and they made eye contact with Toriel before turning and leaving the room. You waited, staring down at the bedding before you heard a muffled, "You're pregnant?!" and then Frisk stormed back into the room holding one of the tests. “That son of  a- Red. He works at-”

“Frisk!” you scolded immediately, your anger at yourself overriding your overwhelming guilt and despair about the future. The anger flared in response to Frisk’s anger, and it consumed you immediately, “No kicking anyone’s ass! No telling Red or any of the other skeletons where he works either. I don’t need to have to deal with Chad being all pissy about getting his ass kicked, alright? I already have to worry about bills, Egg, and rent! Now I have to worry about a child too! And!!!! I don’t even know if I should keep it or not because I don’t know if I’m even able to be a good mother or not! I don’t know the first fucking thing about parenthood! So! I don’t need you getting all huffy about it because I’m already fucking furious and I hate myself and I really don’t need this right now!”

You were crying again, and Sans’ arm immediately wrapped around your shoulders and pulled you into a side hug. One of Toriel’s hands gently picked yours up, giving them a gentle squeeze. Frisk looked stunned as they dropped their gaze to the ground, and fell quiet. The anger suddenly zapped out of you and you sagged against Sans, wiping your cheek with your shoulder.

“Red, Sans, And I Have All Raised Babybones Before. It Can Be Hard At Times, But We All Did It! You Can Do It,” Blue said, voice gentle and warm. You saw Sans nodding in your peripheral, and he gave your shoulders a gentle squeeze.

“wait a fucking moment,” Red blurted out, stepping forward, “how’re ya pregnant?”

Your attention shifted to the skeletons and realized they all looked vaguely confused. Why...were they confused? Did they not get how babies were made? You were fairly certain they would? Especially the older brothers??


They probably didn’t know how human children were made?

“Uh...w-when a woman and a man have” you gestured vaguely to your stomach, dropping your gaze to the bed.

“heh...we get that part,” Sans said a bit awkwardly, and your eyes flicked up to meet his. The eye lights were back. “just...don’t you need to want to have a baby...yknow? to have one?”

Your eyebrows flew up, “No?”

“Monsters are all about intent,” Toriel spoke up softly, “but humans are made of stuff. Intent doesn’t mean much to biology.”

You nodded slowly. “Biology fucking sucks.”

She gave you a look but didn’t reprimand your language use for once. Instead, she gave you a gentle smile, “If you choose to raise the child, I will be here to help you with them. I may not know too much about human babies but I have raised two human children in my life.”

Fuck. You were probably dehydrated at this point, but still, tears swam in your vision. You sniffled and shifted away from Sans to hug Toriel unprompted. She stroked your back.

“I don’t even know if I can afford to raise a baby,” you hiccupped, “I don’t know what to do...”

Frisk spoke up almost immediately, “I’ll raise the baby with you. MK won’t mind...he’d probably be stoked to have a little baby around...”

You pulled back from Toriel and looked over at them in surprise. Guilt shot through you and you immediately shook your head, “no...I couldn’t ask that of you.”

Frisk snorted, “You’re not asking. I’m offering.”


“No. I messed up by introducing you to Chad. I owe you.”

Anger flared again, and Sans took your hand, but you barely noticed that. You were unable to stop yourself from snapping, “Owe me? What the actual flying fuck, Frisk?”

Frisk’s face crumpled slightly as they attempted to find the right words, “I’m just saying that you need-“

“I don’t need you to pity me,” your voice rose, and you felt like you were suffocating again, “I need you to stop fucking treating me as if you know better than I do! You don’t owe me shit! You told me Chad’s name, that’s it!”

Toriel stood up then, “We need to all to step away from this conversation before someone says something they regret. Perhaps relocating to the living room will help clear the air a bit?”

Frisk did something you had never seen them do before. They ignored Toriel. “It doesn’t matter! I still introduced you to him. Now you’re pregnant, you were almost homeless if it wasn’t for the skeletons, and-“

“Listen to Toriel,” you interrupted sharply, “Because I really don’t have the patience right now for this argument.”

“Then don’t argue!” Frisk said as if it was the simplest thing, “I can help you raise the child and-“

You huffed angrily, “Listen to yourself, Frisk! This isn’t the Underground, you can’t just fix everyone’s problem with your DETERMINATION! This is my problem, NOT yours.”

You were incredibly unaware of three skeleton’s tensing at the shift in your fight. However, you did notice the way Frisk’s eyes widening excitement. Their hands shifted in front of them and they stared down at something that you couldn’t see. “I can fix this! I can R-“

“Don’t you fucking dare!” you snarled realization slamming into you as Sans got to his feet, “Don’t you fucking dare RESET because of this! Sometimes you gotta live with your fucking mistakes. Besides, you promised Sans that you’d never do that again!”

“RESET?” Papyrus questioned, “RESET WHAT?”

f r i s k.”











You barely got a wink of sleep before you heard a commotion in the living room. Your eyes were thick and heavy with sleep and tears, and your throat was burning from sobbing. Sans was sitting on your bed beside you, thumb poised over his screen. There was something...weirdly familiar about this situation. But...different. Neither of you glanced at the door. His eye lights were gone, and you slowly sat up and rubbed at your tears.

Instead of frustrated misery, you just felt the lingering remnants of anger fading away like a forgotten memory.

Sans stood up, squeezing your hand. “i’ll grab tori for’re not alone. if you want to keep the baby? we’ll lend you a hand.” Another squeeze of your hand before he let go and teleported from the room.

How...did he know?

Oh...right the tests on the counter.

You scrubbed at your face with both hands. If you want to keep the baby...did you? You...didn’t know what kind of mother you would be. There was a part of you that considered having a child, but that was always down the road. When you were older, married, and stable. It was always that distant thing that you never truly considered or thought about except randomly when you saw a cute toddler video or when your father asked you when you were going to give him grandchildren. Always randomly brought up, but never lingered on.

There was a part of you that recoiled from the were content with Egg. A child was something completely different...and you’d be a single mother. When you got to a point where you wanted to date again, a child seriously reduced the dating pool for you...unfortunately. Any wistful ideas of going on a date with Blue went out the window. Besides, you already had a hard enough time opening up to people emotionally, throw a child in and you could already imagine yourself tossing up more walls to protect not only yourself but an infant.

All those thoughts swirled in your head, growing more and more daunting until you forced yourself to think about this logically.

In the end, you had three options before you.

You could end it. You’d be without that extra stress. Chad would never know. Your father and step-mother would never know.

You could put the baby up for adoption. But then you’d worry that the child wasn’t getting the proper emotional and physical care and love they heard horror stories of the foster care system. could raise the child yourself. Blue, Red, and Sans all raised their own brothers, and they had been much younger than you when they did it. Your own mother raised you by herself since you were young. This part was starting to grow on you in the back of your mind...especially as you thought of your own mother. So strong but so human at the same time.

Your mind began to wander toward memories of your mother when you were younger.

You heard something a kin to a fight before there was a soft knock on your door. Toriel peeked her head in and gave you a gentle smile. She stepped inside and came to sit next to you. “Sans told us what happened...are you alright?”

All you could do was shrug weakly, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Your best, that’s all that anyone can ask of you,” Toriel responded easily, before pulling you into a hug. You hugged her back as tightly as you could, and she patted your back. “Being a mother is tough work...but you’re not alone. I will help you where I can, and I’m sure the skeletons will be there for you as they always are! Half of them raised the other half, if you have forgotten. I...have heard that humans have alternative options to having the child. I personally cannot fathom why, but I understand that they are there...and I will not judge you for choosing to not keep the child.”

You shook your head lightly and pulled away, wiping at the weak tears that had slipped from your eyes. “I don’t know...I just...I don’t know...”

“That’s alright,” Toriel insisted, “I’m here for you.”

The door opened and Blue walked in with Red. For a moment you were confused as to why they came in together, that was a rare sight to behold. Toriel turned slightly to look at the skeletons before returning her gaze on your with a warm, motherly smile. “There is nothing that I can heal...but! If I may borrow your kitchen, I will make you something delicious. That is the closest I can do to help soothe you right now,” she said, almost apologetically.

You wiped at your eyes more and nodded, “Thanks, Tori...c-can I help?”

The smile widened, “Of course, my child. I will go and get started, but I think these two wish to speak with you first.”

Another nod and Toriel left the room. Red strode over and sat heavily on your bed, staring at the floor as Blue walked up to the end of the bed. You knew that if Blue wasn’t there he’d be really telling you what was on his mind…which meant that he thought his thoughts were too private for another person to hear. So, they were soft and private words. Without hesitation, you taped his back with your knee and you felt him stiffen for a quick moment and then relax.

Blue was about to speak but then Stretch and Papyrus wandered in.

“edge wants to talk to you,” Stretch said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. Red huffed, grumbled something under his breath about too many damn skeletons, and then disappeared. You couldn’t bring yourself to agree with him...even if you wanted to speak with Red. Stretch strode over to stand just behind his brother, “so...hey, we talked while you were in here with uh...Queen Toriel...and-“

“YOU CAN MOVE IN HERE PERMANENTLY!” Blue declared placing his hands on his hips and grinning at you.


“Paps...” you sighed, “I know you don’t think I’m imposing but...”

“but nothin’,” Stretch shook his head, “listen. sans told us a while back about his offer to you to live here and you said you’d think about it. ignore that little voice in your head telling you that you’re gunna just be in the way or whatever, and look at it as if sans is a landlord looking for an extra tenant. you get a room and a bathroom to yourself,” he held up one finger, “we’ll get you a garage door opener so you can park in the garage,” another finger popped up, “we don’t care that you have a cat,” another finger, “we’re more than okay with having a baby bones in the house,” a fourth finger, “and you won’t find a cheaper apartment with all of that included.”

“I’ll think about moving in...but about the uh...b-baby... I don’t know if I will keep it-them?” you mumbled, wrapping your arms around your stomach and shrinking back into the pillow nest behind you. Stretch and Blue shared a look while Papyrus frowned. Then he sat down on the bed and patted your knee. “I just...feel alone and I don’t know why, even with you guys it’s just...I can’t help but feel like I’m all alone.”

“You’re Not Alone, You’ve Got All Six Of Us. Along With Toriel, And Frisk, And Chara When She Gets Back.” Papyrus insisted, “Whatever You Want. We’re Here.”

Blue nodded sagely, “You Matter To Us. We’re Here To Listen...And We Won’t Judge.”

Your eyes flicked over to Stretch. Frisk had said something about him being a Judge in the Underground and you were suddenly worried about him actually ‘Judging’ you. However, he just wriggled his five fingers at you with a gentle smile. “yeah, this house is a judgement free zone.”

Blue gave him a withering look to the pun that you only half got.


“OH! ME TOO!” Blue said, sitting down on the foot of your bed and grinning at you, “AND MY OFFER FOR A DATE STILL STANDS.”

You couldn’t help but blush when he winked at you, and then tears started prickling at the corner of your eyes and Blue’s face fell slightly. He said your name worriedly, and you opened up your arms unable to stop the tiny hiccup of a sob that came out of your mouth. Blue smiled softly and shifted across the bed to envelop you into a hug. Stretch lazily flopped onto the pillows beside you, leaning his shoulder against yours. Another set of arms wrapped around you and Papyrus’ skull rested against the top of your head.

You were utterly surrounded by supportive skeletons.

You’d always been metaphorically surrounded by them, they were always so supportive. How did you manage to get friends like these? Even when life had tripped you, kicked you, and spat on you, they still were able to make you feel like everything was going to be okay. They were there for you.

“Thank you,” you hiccupped against Blue’s shoulder, his arms tightened slightly.

“No Thanks Needed,” he murmured against your ear.

“yeah, plus...if you keep the baby, can you imagine all the Dad jokes this house can be filled with?” Stretch said, grinning at you, “I can see it now.”

“NO! YOU WILL NOT CORRUPT THE BABYBONES WITH YOUR HORRIBLE PUNS AND JOKES!” Blue immediately scolded, giving his brother a firm enough push away from you that Stretch nearly fell off the bed.

“I DO NOT THINK I CAN STAND ANY MORE AWFUL JOKES COMING FROM THOSE THREE,” Papyrus lamented, and shook his head...but you saw that he was smiling.

You couldn’t help but snort, “Stretch, you already tell enough bad dad jokes, and you’re not even a dad.”

“no, i don’t,” Stretch denied, leaning back against you, “my jokes are amazing.”

“Yes! You told one earlier today!” you shot back.

“hm? can’t recall. wanna jog my memory?” he asked, slipping an arm over your shoulder, eyes practically twinkling in encouragement. Blue immediately crossed his arms.

“DON’T FALL FOR IT!” he begged, looking over at you with pleading eyes.

“I won’t, besides, I don’t think even Stretch’s mind would jog,” you teased, and Stretch grinned as Blue chortled. Without hesitation, Stretch immediately launched into a string of exercise-related puns that had you giggling in amusement and both Papyrus and Blue getting more and more exasperated. You got so distracted by Stretch’s overuse of puns that you didn’t notice Papyrus' arm sneaking underneath your knees until you were lifted right off the bed and into his arms and Blue was tumbling off where he had been half-perched on your lap from the hug.

You yelped and grabbed onto Papyrus’s sweater.

“TORIEL IS WAITING FOR YOU!” Papyrus reminded you with a large grin, “WE MUSTN’T MAKE HER WAIT. TO THE KITCHEN!”

“Papyrus- Wait! I can walk-“

But he was already zipping out the door and towards the kitchen. You huffed out a laugh.

Stretch was right. This was the best place you’d ever find...and now? You couldn’t ever imagine leaving to live somewhere else. On the worst days, they could brighten your mood so fast. Hell, even when they were fighting amongst each other, they found ways to resolve it quickly and it usually ended with Sans, Red, or Stretch punning until even the most reluctant of skeletons was either laughing or groaning at the jokes.

Maybe...maybe you needed to have a more optimistic outlook? Just for once, you could try to see this as the start of something good instead of the end of something.

As Papyrus placed you down, you smiled up at him fondly and a soft dusting of orange blush covered his cheekbones. Yeah...optimism would win here. After Toriel left, you’d talk to Sans about living here permanently, and setting up an automatic withdrawal for your rent starting at your next paycheck. You’d do some more research into the whole pregnancy thing...but for now? You decided that you wanted to keep the child. Not because anyone else wanted you to...but because you wanted to.

You refused to allow Chad to continue to bring you down.

You refused to allow life to keep kicking your ass.

This was your life and you had a kick-ass support group in your friends who would never let you fall any further than you had already. You knew you’d do the same for them given the chance...because loved this ragtag bunch of skeletons.